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Over-seas commander of the Eighty-sixth Division. 





Eighty -SIXTH Division 




Copyright, 1921 


Special acknowledgment for their generous cooperation in the compila- 
tion of this record of the Eighty-sixth Division is made to Major General 
Charles H. Martin, Brigadier General R. C. Davis and Colonel F. C. Bur- 
nett of General Headquarters, American Expeditionary Forces; Colonel 
Charles F. Stodter of the adjutant-general's office; Colonel Roger S. Fitch, 
Lieutenant Colonel Charles E. T. Lull, Lieutenant Colonel Oliver L. Spauld- 
ing, Jr., and Lieutenant Colonel A. F. Dannemiller, of the General Staff; 
Captain William Quayle Setliffe and Richard A. Dale, of the Eighty-sixth 
Division Association, and Miss Ruth Sonnedecker, of the Pictorial Section, 
Historical Branch, War Plans Division, General Staff, without whose assist- 
ance an accurate history of the division could not have been written. The 
thanks of the division also is extended to Mr, Eugene Cour, the Chicago 
Evening American, and the International Film Service, for their generous 
contribution of many photographs. 

J. G, L,, Jr. 
Chicago, January i, jq2j. 


Reproduced by permission from The Black Hawk Howitzer 


In the dark days of 1915 to 1917, when so many of our officers were 
stationed on the Mexican border, facing the trjdng problems which daily 
arose, we had little to kill the long evenings but our "smokes" and our own 
conversation. Many of us were classmates or comrades of from twenty to 
thirty years service, who knew the army and its many vicissitudes and require- 
ments, from every aspect. At least we thought we did. Subsequent accom- 
plishment has shown us that we did not then take into account the fine spirit 
which our draft, or select, army was to develop. 

It was our after-dinner habit to congregate in our adobe huts, or roughly 
thrown together club room, and invariably our thoughts turned to the con- 
flict then going on in Europe. It seemed to us that we must inevitably be 
drawn into it or sacrifice our very honor as a nation, and the discouraging 
questions "Where can we find the necessary army?" "How can an army 
of adequate strength be trained and equipped out of raw material in double 
quick time, with so few officers and non-coms available?" closed every pow- 
wow, and sent us heavy-hearted to bed. 

Be it remembered that our entire regular army, at that time, consisted 
of 4,800 officers and 87,000 men, with 123,000 in the National Guard. To 
be sure, Mr. Bryan had assured us that at the call to arms a million men 
would spring up over night. A fact we never doubted, knowing the patriotism 
of our Americans. A million men would rise — but to arms? Were the arms 
in readiness? Would we dare send our fine Americans forth — an untrained 
mob — to cope with the trained forces of a scientifically military nation? 
To us who had given our entire time to the training of men, it seemed an 
herculean task. We all know how our forebodings were answered. 

The blow fell, and how it was met has become a matter of history. I 
need not dwell upon the fine quality of patriotism which sent men forth 
eager to offer their lives, and gave women the courage to remain at home 
and work, if necessity demanded, or follow the men into the thick of the 
conflict, in order to sustain and comfort them. 

It was my good fortune to be made chief instructor of one of the first 
Student Officers' Training Camps. For three months we toiled indefatigably, 
instructors and candidates alike, and at the close of that camp my vision 
cleared. The high type of the majority of the men we had to deal with was 
an inspiration, a spur to bring forth a man's best efforts. It has been well 
said that, "When in May, 191 7, 40,000 of the finest young men of the country 



reported at the Officers' Training Camps, the future of our army was secure." 
I saw the close of the camp approach with deep regret. On August 15, 191 7, 
I was informed that a commission as brigadier in our new national army had 
fallen to my lot, and that I was ordered to report to Major General Thomas 
H. Barry, who would organize and train the Eighty-sixth Division at Camp 
Grant. Illinois being my native state, it was with deep gratification and for- 
ward-looking purpose that I ventured forth to continue the work of training. 

Well do I remember the 25th of August, 191 7, when the regular officers 
assigned by the War Department to organize the division reported to General 
Barry. They were men who either had served their country long and faith- 
fully in many lands or had recently come into the army after having demon- 
strated that they had the character, education, force and qualities of leader- 
ship to meet the test of battle. It was not wealth, chance, nor political or 
social position, but only their own demonstrated capacity, which gave them 
the posts they held. 

The camp was teeming with activity; a mass of unfinished buildings, 
lumber piles, ditches and dusty roads in a series of ripening corn fields. 
General Barry worked rapidly and efficiently, and by August 28, when the 
one thousand officers, recent graduates from the Fort Sheridan Training 
Camp, who were to train the men, arrived, barracks and messing arrange- 
ments for them had been completed. 

They were not long in doubt. The atmosphere of the place created by 
those one thousand fine leaders soon inspired them. The men vied with one 
another in the arduous training. Camp Grant knew no eight-hour law. 
Often, after retreat or later, were heard the commands of some acknowledged 
leader who had his little squad of eager volunteers repeating the drill of the 

On Saturday afternoon, the one day of the week allowed for recreation, 
it was not unusual to meet groups hiking through the country, bent upon 
developing their powers of endurance. I will not go into details of the long 
period of training, which lasted for over a year, a training necessary for self 
mastery, for the development of obedience, courage, leadership, loyalty and all 
requisites of the successful soldier. In many of our embryo soldiers these 
qualities were dormant in a greater or less degree. Repeatedly was our 
division torn to pieces, in order to furnish men for less fortunate organiza- 
tions. Officers and men alike faced the discouraging situation with great 
pluck. It was the burning desire of every one there to get to the front. To 
look on at the departure of the fortunate ones and continue to put one's best 
into the monotonous training, the drudgery without the inspiration of adven- 
ture, required a particular kind of courage. All realized the necessity for 
this and gave loyally to the cause all that they had and all that they were. 

I think, however, I should speak of the awakened intelligence and 
loyalty of many foreigners in the division — self-styled *'Hell Hounds," for 
instance, from Little Italy in Chicago, who, in the bitter cold of that unusu- 
ally cold winter in northern Illinois, refused to quit their sentry posts. I 


recall, also, those practice marches in the deep snow; the range practice, 
when, with the thermometer eighteen degrees below zero, all-day practice 
was carried on; the fine physical training, especially the boxing contests 
under the leadership of "Dynamite Jack." Later in the spring came the 
long, hard march of the artillery to its camp at Sparta and the marches to 
Byron on Dr. Woodcock's farm where the doctor practiced the men in 
the Black Hawk's war cry. 

The records of the War Department show that no division went to the 
port of embarkation better equipped and better disciplined than the Eighty- 
sixth. That during the long wait on Long Island, from August 22 to Sep- 
tember 9, there should have been only two desertions from those who arrived 
with the division, is truly remarkable. Unfortunately the Eighty-sixth reached 
France too late to be equipped to go into action as a whole. Yet, under other 
divisional standards, a large part of the officers and men got into the final 
fighting in the Meuse-Argonne. Although an unhappy fate played us havoc 
in this final test, nothing can kill the fine spirit that was developed to meet 
that test. 

I received a letter from one of the early colonels of the Eighty-sixth 
Division, a colonel who, on subsequent promotion, commanded not only a 
brigade, but a division as well, saying, "I have often wondered, if in your 
experience with several divisions, you have found any as good as the Eighty- 
sixth?" I can truthfully say I do not believe there was another division 
of our great army which comprised a finer, more upstanding lot of men than 
the Eighty-sixth. Is it to be wondered at, when one considers the historical 
Black Hawk country from which they came, and further, the fact that their 
lessons in warfare were imbibed in a camp taking its name from the greatest 
soldier our state ever produced? 

In closing I desire to pay tribute to the many men and women who 
gave so generously of their time and talents in order to inspire and amuse 
us, especially to Judge Kenesaw M. Landis, who brought his court to us at 
Camp Grant in the spring evenings of 1918. There gathered many of our 
fine men not certain of their citizenship, who received their oaths of allegiance 
like a benediction. It is my earnest hope that those of us who have been 
spared to return, may ever remember that we were 100 per cent American 
and continue to give our best in order to perpetuate the traditions and ideals 
of our Black Hawks. 

So may we best honor our heroic dead and those who will carry the 
marks of their self sacrifice through life. 


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To S. 



The Eighty-sixth Division 

By John G. Little, Jr. 

(Lieutenant, 342nd Infantry) 

WENTY-SEVEN months of service, at home and 
abroad, built for the Eighty-sixth Division, com- 
posed of men from northern IlHnois, from Wiscon- 
sin and from Minnesota, a war record that was a 
credit to its commanders and its country — a record 
which may be cherished with pride by every Black 

Through the Eighty-sixth were trained a total 
of 115,000 men for service in the line. 

Black Hawks were in the ranks of every combat 
division on the front and participated practically in 
every battle fought by American troops. 

''You contributed directly on the battlefield to 

the success of the American Expeditionary Forces 

and justified your pride in the Eighty-sixth Division," wrote General John 

J. Pershing, praising the Black Hawks for their "splendid discipline and 


Although the division was lauded by Newton D. Baker, secretary of 
war, as "invincible in war," and commended by Governor Lowden of Illinois 
as "a superb organization," yet the number of Black Hawks who fell on the 
field of battle was far greater than the rifle strength of an entire division. 
That those brave men could not have fought throughout with their original 
organization, in which they received their army education, is the one regret 
of the Eighty-sixth Division. 

The history of the division may be said to date from July 18, 191 7, 


For whom Camp Grant was named. 

when War Department general or- 
ders named Camp Grant in honor of 
the commander-in-chief of the Union 
forces in the Civil War. The site 
selected for the training of the divi- 
sion was a tract of 3,000 acres of 
fertile land lying between the Rock 
and Kishwaukee Rivers, five miles 
south of Rockford, Illinois. 

The plan of the camp was laid 
out by Edward H. Bennett, a Chi- 
cago architect. On June 18 he was 
asked by the War Department to 
submit plans. The next day he 
drove over the site with difficulty 
in a motor car and that night sent 
his preliminary sketch to Washing- 

Soon thousands of workmen were 
busy under the direction of Major D. 
H. Sawyer, construction quartermas- 
ter, and the great cantonment began 
to rise on what had been parched fields of grain. Camp Grant now was a 
roar of clanging hammers and creaking cranes, and the long streets were 
full of straining teams as the great army of workmen, choking through in- 
cessant clouds of dust, rushed toward completion the new city for men only, 
which was to comprise 1,400 buildings, 25 miles of sewer, 22 miles of water 
pipes, 6 miles of gas mains and 12 miles of hard roads. The first load of lumber 
was dumped at the reservation on June 25. A railroad switch was run in 
next day. Within a month 1,000 carloads of material had been delivered. 
The camp was situated on a 35-foot plateau, with plenty of natural 
fall and a substratum of sand and gravel, making the possibilities of com- 
plete sanitation all that could be asked. The barrack buildings were along 
two main axes, the chief of which ran northwest and southeast, quartering 
the points of the compass for better sunlight and air, as well as accommodat- 
ing the lay of the ground. The minor axis ran due north and south. 

On the banks of the Rock River, in the center of camp, division head- 
quarters were situated. Also in the center of the camp was the civic center, 
consisting of the big Y. M. C. A. and K. C. Auditoriums, the Christian 
Science Welfare House, the library erected by the American Library Asso- 
ciation, the big Redpath amusement tent, which later gave way to the 
Liberty Theater, the Jewish Welfare Hut, the camp store, the post-office 
and the telephone and telegraph office. 

Two battalions of the First Infantry, Illinois National Guard, under 
the command of Major Abel Davis, guarded the government reservation, at 


first camping on the wooded banks of the Rock River, and as work on the 
cantonment progressed, moving into the new barracks. The guardsmen re- 
mained at the camp until the middle of September, when they proceeded 
to Camp Logan, Texas, where they became a part of the Thirty-third Divi- 
sion, Major Davis attaining the rank of colonel and commanding the i32d 
Infantry, the old Second Illinois. 

The organization of the Eighty-sixth Division was directed by the War 
Department on August 3 to comprise the following units: 

Division Headquarters. 

331st Machine Gun Battalion. 

171st Infantry Brigade — 
Brigade Headquarters. 
332nd Machine Gun Battalion. 
341st Infantry. 
342nd Infantry. 

172nd Infantry Brigade — 
Brigade Headquarters. 
333rd Machine Gun Battalion. 
343rd Infantry. 
344th Infantry. 

i6ist Artillery Brigade — 

Brigade Headquarters. 

331st Field Artillery (light). 

332nd Field Artillery (light). 

333rd Field Artillery (heavy). 

311th Trench Mortar Battery. 
311th Engineers. 
311th Field Signal Battalion. 

Division Trains — 
311th Train Headquarters and Military Police. 
311th Ammunition Train. 
311th Supply Train. 
311th Engineer Train. 
311th Sanitary Train. 

In addition to the organization of the division proper, the i6ist Depot 
Brigade was established, to which later incoming recruits were attached 



before being permanently assigned to organizations within the Eighty-sixth 
Division. Surplus officers were attached to the depot brigade, which also 
served to take care of men physically unfit for combatant branches of the 
service and to hold specialists pending their assignment to special services. 
On August 23 Major General Thomas H. Barry, who had been in com- 
mand of the Central Department, with headquarters at Chicago, was directed 
to take command of the division, and on August 27 he issued his first gen- 
eral orders, making his staff, brigade, regimental and other assignments. 


General Barry's original staff consisted of: 

Colonel H. O. S. Heistand, Camp Adjutant. 

Lieutenant Colonel Roger S. Fitch, Chief of Staff. 

Lieutenant Colonel G. N. Kimball, Judge Advocate. 

Lieutenant Colonel James M. Phalen, Division Surgeon. 

Major Charles E. T. Lull, Assistant Chief of Staff, G-2. 

Major Innis P. Swift, Division Adjutant. 

Major Charles Barnett, Division Inspector. 

Major C. C. Burt, Division Quartermaster. 

Major Alexander S. G. Gillespie, Division Ordnance Officer. 

Major Irving Madison, Division Signal Officer. 

Captain R. C. Richardson, Aide-de-Camp. 

■ At the same time the following brigade and regimental assignments 
were made: 

Brigadier General Charles H. Martin — 172nd Infantry Brigade. 

Brigadier General C. LeRoy Irwin — i6ist Artillery Brigade. 

Brigadier General Lyman W. V. Kennon — i6ist Depot Brigade. 

Colonel C. C. Smith — 171 Infantry Brigade. 

Colonel Charles E. Stodter — 342nd Infantry. 

Colonel Charles R. Rowland — 343rd Infantry. 

Colonel B. F. Simmons — 344th Infantry. 

Colonel William R. Lambdin — ^33ist Field Artillery. 

Colonel Philip R. Ward— 333rd Field Artillery. 


First commander of the Eighty-sixth Division. 

Mollett Studios 


Colonel B. H. Dorcy — ^332nd Machine 
Gun Battalion. 

Colonel C. S. Smith — 331st Engineers. 

Colonel S. B. Arnold — Division Trains. 

Lieutenant Colonel C. DeGrasse Catlin 
— 341st Infantry. 

Lieutenant Colonel A. C. Gillem — 333rd 
Machine Gun Battalion. 

Lieutenant Colonel E. L. Gruber — 332nd 
Field Artillery. 

Major A. F. Dannemiller — 331st Ma- 
chine Gun Battalion. 

Colonel Arnold was also as- 
signed as acting commanding officer 
of the 311th Trench Mortar Bat- 

The 171st Infantry Brigade 
originally had been asigned to Colo- 
nel Carl Reichman, whose appoint- 
ment as a brigadier general, however, 
was challenged in the United States 
Senate because of his alleged pro- 
German utterances. He was born in 
Germany, coming to the United States when eleven years of age. Colonel 
Reichman was exonerated by the military affairs committee of the Senate, 
but the accusation hung over the officer's head throughout the training of 
the Eighty-sixth Division at Camp Grant, and it was not until October, 
191 8, with the division in France, that the shadow was lifted and Colonel 
Reichman was sent back to Camp Grant as a brigadier general to take 
command of the i6ist Depot Brigade. 

During the week of the organization of the division staff and field the 
newly commissioned officers of the Reserve Corps and the National Army 
arrived, mostly from Fort Sheridan, where on August 15 they had completed 
a three months' course of the most rigid military training in the history of 
the armies of the world. 

The assignment of the Fort Sheridan officers to their commands in the 
Eighty-sixth Division was made by the companies which had obtained at 
the officers' training camp, in the following numerical order: 

Division Chief of Staff. 

Companies i and 2 — to the 341st Infantry. 
Companies 3 and 4 — to the 342nd Infantry. 
Companies 5 and 6 — to the 343rd Infantry. 
Companies 7 and 8 — to the 344th Infantry. 
Company 9 — to the 331st Machine Gun Battalion. 
First Battery — to the 331st Field Artillery. 
Second Battery — to the 332nd Field Artillery. 
Third Battery— to the 333rd Field Artillery. 



Above, left: Lieutenant Colonel Gordon N. Kimball, Division Judge Advocate; right, Lieutenant Colonel 
(later Colonel) James M. Phalen, Division Surgeon. 

Below, left: Major (later Lieutenant Colonel) Charles C. Burt, Division Quartermaster; right, Major (later 
Lieutenant Colonel) Alexander S. G. Gillespie, Division Ordnance Officer. 


Cavalry Troop — to the 332nd Machine Gun Battahon. 
Engineers — to the 311th Engineers. 

The quartermaster officers were assigned to two provisional companies, 
and statistical, ordnance and signal officers to others pending their per- 
manent assignment or attachment. Thus not only was confusion avoided to 
a great extent in the matter of reporting for duty, but also officers who had 
been associated at the training camp were kept together. 

All of the reserve officers arrived by August 29, those left without berths 
being attached to the depot brigade. 

Next day all the new officers were assembled at division headquarters, 
and were welcomed by General Barry in his never-to-be-forgotten "friendly 
hand on the shoulder" address, in which he pointed out to them the respon- 
sibility that had been 
imposed upon them, and 
urged them not to be dic- 
tatorial in their training 
of the men who soon 
would come to them for 
their first military 
schooling, but to treat 
the poor boy with the 
same kindness and con- 
sideration as the young 
man from the gold coast. 
From the alacrity 
and enthusiasm with 
which the junior officers 
plunged into the great 
task before them, it was 
to be seen at once that 
the Eighty-sixth was to 
be a division worthy of all American army traditions. To the barracks, left 
cluttered up by the workmen, broom and water and scrub brush were applied 
in a manner that would have filled with glee the hearts of the recruits who 
came later could they have witnessed the operation. Drill fields were laid 
out; the necessary extra lumber was procured by any possible means; and 
clothing, cots and bedding were drawn in preparation for the "first 5 per 
cent" of the National Army men. 

Late in the afternoon of September 5 they came, the first consignment 
of 350 men. Their train pulled into the Camp Grant station at 5:35 o'clock, 
ten minutes ahead of time, and they tumbled out singing and yelling. It must 
be admitted that the predominant words of the singing were: 
Hail, hail, the gang's all here; 
What the hell do we care now! 




Great clouds of dust 
swept across the six un- 
lovely square miles of 
Camp Grant. Gathering 
rain clouds hastened the 
dusk. But there was no 
gloom in the hearts of 
the future soldiers. 

A prospective trudge 
of a mile and a half 
through the dust to bar- 
racks brought no whim- 
per. But Lieutenant 
Colonel Fitch, who had 
witnessed the detrain- 
ment from the back of 
his prancing chestnut 
mare, gave the first 

sample of the consideration that was to be the camp policy by shortening 
the distance to a few blocks, giving orders that the men be put back on 
the train and sent in over the siding. Again the train started, pulling up 
near the barracks at a point which henceforth became the "getting off place." 
"When do we eat?" became the cry now, and old military heads nodded 
in approval, for that was the everlasting thought of the doughboy and the 
redleg. After being assigned to barracks, the men were lined up for mess 
at once, and the first supper of short ribs of beef, browned potatoes, stewed 
corn, pickles, bread, syrup, prunes and coffee was a pleasant surprise to 

After mess the selected men received their blankets and bed-sacks, were 
shown how to fill the sacks with straw, and were assigned to their springy 
iron cots on the second floors of the big buildings. When taps sounded at 

II o'clock most of them were ready to turn in and 
they learned for the first time what it means literally 
to "hit the hay." 

Unhappily for some among the 350 who had 
never before been so far from home, the storm that 
had been threatening all evening broke full force 
about midnight, the claps of thunder, wind howling 
round the corners of the wooden buildings, and rain 
pattering loudly upon the tarred roofs accentuating 
the natural strangeness and homesickness accom- 
panying the first night with new bunkies and in 
unaccustomed surroundings, but the selects took it 

'■ bravely. 

A TYPE With reveille, at 5:45 o'clock, they rolled from 




under their snug army 
blankets — albeit with 
some kinks in the back 
from the first night in 
the straw — laughed at 
the terrific downpour 
that had sluiced the can- 
tonment during the 
night, and began to 
change the outward 
forms that distinguish 
the civilian from the 

Immediately after 
morning ''chow" of 
cereal, bacon, bread and 
coffee the change began taking place. Golf caps, derbies, slouches and 
straws disappeared and in their places came the smart sombrero of the 
American soldier. Silk shirts and cotton, collars and ties, went into the 
discard. Feet not always properly clad found an opportunity to spread 
themselves in the Munson last, which every man swore — at first — was too 
large. Hikes later proved that the army knew. 

As the first 350 were getting acquainted with the miracle of army 
blouses and breeches, which fit in spots only at first, the second detach- 
ment of selected men began to arrive, many reaching camp by motor bus 
from the railroad stations in Rockford. The new arrivals were cheered 
by the "veterans" of a day, who seemed to strut a bit in their new uniforms 
for the benefit of their new comrades — which was the proper thing to do. 
But even ahead of these first two detachments of the first quota of 
National Army men ap- 
portioned to Camp 
Grant had come two 
zealously patriotic 
youths who could not 
wait to be called. They 
beat the draft. First 
came J. Bradley Smol- 
len, motion picture 
scenario writer, closely 
upon whose heels fol- 
lowed Tom A. Martin, 
Chicago sporting writer. 
For days this pair of 
eager patriots walked 
about the camp, misfits 




in the midst of a sea of officers. They themselves had not yet achieved the 
standing even of privates. 

Also ahead of the first quota came Spearman Lewis, publicity expert 
of Chicago, at whose suggestion General Barry instituted a press headquar- 
ters for the purpose of accommodating newspaper correspondents, dis- 
seminating news of the camp to "folks back home," and informing the se- 
lected men bound for Camp Grant of the conditions they might expect upon 
entering the army life and how to prepare for them. The writer of this 
division history was put in charge of the press headquarters, assisted by 
Lieutenants Lloyd E. Thrush of the Quartermaster Corps, Eugene Morgan 


of the 341st Infantry, Charles Flanagan and Orion Mather of the 342nd 
Infantry, and Oldham Paisley of the 343rd Infantry. 

The farmhouse just north of General Barry's residence was selected 
as the home of this army 'Tourth Estate"; tables, typewriters, files and 
miscellaneous what-nots that smack of newspaperdom were installed; and 
soon the two-story frame building resembled more a modern newspaper 
office than a farmhouse. Mimeograph machines were provided, which turned 
out "copy" for several hundred newspapers in the wide area from which 
men were drawn for Camp Grant. As the increments of selected men arrived, 
newspaper men among their number were drafted for press headquarters 
until a corps of workers was collecting and grinding out the news of the 

There was no "lid" on legitimate news at Camp Grant. General Barry 
insisted that the game be played "wide open." No censorship was established 
except that which the correspondent imposed upon himself. The newspaper 




Left to right: Tom Martin, Spearman Lewis, Harry Reutlinger, 
Harry Beardsley. 

men were placed on their 
honor and were trusted 
to do nothing calculated 
to "give aid or comfort 
to the enemy," Press 
headqu arters were 
credited by General 
Barry with having done 
much toward the build- 
ing up of the splendid 
morale that ever marked 
the Eighty-sixth Divi- 

Upon the writer's 
return to his regiment, 
Lieutenant Thrush was 
placed in command at 

press headquarters, to be succeeded later by Lieutenant Flanagan, who re- 
mained at that post until the division entrained for a port of embarkation. 
Lieutenant Morgan was promoted to a captaincy. 

By September lo there were 2,000 selected men at Camp Grant. On 
that date these pioneers of the Eighty-sixth Division were assembled just 
north of division headquarters in a great semi-circle about a rise in the 
ground on which a little clump of fir trees stood, and General Barry went 
before them with a direct man-to-man appeal before they had got fairly 
started in the grim work of war. The appearance of the division commander 
was somewhat of an upset of old army traditions. Rank and caste were 
wiped out as he stood before them in the morning sunlight and reached for 
the hearts of these gallant sons of Illinois and Wisconsin who had set their 
determined faces already toward the front in France. 

"As we live together, work together, fight together and — some of us — 
die together, why shouldn't we be friends and comrades?" said the general 
after he had read President Wilson's message to the soldiers of the National 
Army. "And what greater ties can possibly bind men together than living, 
working, fighting and dying together in the greatest and best cause in the 
world's history and for the freedom and equality of mankind the world over? 

"You young men are inspired by the same pure and patriotic motives 
that inspire your officers, the majority of whom have recently started just 
as you are about to start, and most of you will come just as fast and get 
your opportunity to advance just as quickly as they did. Most of you are 
making greater sacrifices than your officers, are entitled to the best there 
is in us, and you'll get it. We shall play no favorites in this camp. 

"So let us all get together, stay together and pull together for the cause 
we have joined hands to defend." 

And here was created the famous spirit of the Eighty-sixth Division. 



Following General Barry's address, the first 2,000 began the grind 
and routine of army life in earnest. For the first week they followed the 
following daily schedule: 

5:45 A. M. — Reveille, first call. 

5 155- -Reveille. 

6 : 00 — Assembly. 

6:00-6:10 — Setting up exercises. 

6:30 — Mess call (breakfast). 

7:10-7:30 — Fatigue. 

7:30-8:00 — School for the soldier. 

8:00-8:30 — School of the squad. 

8:30-9:30 — Interior guard duty. 

9:30-10:00 — Setting up exercises. 
10:00-10:30 — Military courtesy and 

10:30-11:30 — Issuing of clothing and 

11:30 — Recall from drill and fatigue. 
11:40 — Sick call. 
1 1 :45 — First sergeants' call. 
1 2 : 00 — Noon — Mess (dinner) . 

1:00 P. M. — Fatigue. 

1:05 — Drill, first call. 

1 : 1 5 — Assembly. 

1:15-1:45 — Setting up exercises. 

1:45-2:30 — Care of uniform and 

2:30-3:00^ — School of the soldier. 
3 : 00-3 : 45 — Personal hygiene and 

care of the feet. 
3:45-4:15 — Obligations and rights 

of the soldier. 
4:15 — Recall. 

4:25 — Guard Mounting, first call. 
4:35 — Assembly. 
5:00 — Mess (supper). 
5:30 — Retreat, first call. 
5:40 — Assembly. 
9:00 — Tattoo. 
10:45 — Call to quarters. 
1 1 : 00 — Taps. 

The aptitude of the men in mastering the drill work was little short of 
amazing. Promotion had been promised them as rapidly as their ability and 
the progress of their military training warranted, officers' training schools 
in camp already were in contemplation, and during even the first weeks of 
training their instruc- 
tors could see future 
lieutenants and captains 
— even majors — sprout- 
ing before their eyes. 
"Noncoms" of the Regu- 
lar Army who had been 
assigned to the division 
to assist in the instruc- 
tion of the selected men 
were made to look to 
their laurels. 

First announcement 
of the acting corporals 
and sergeants in the vari- 
ous companies added im- 
petus to the training. the first two national army men 

The temporary non-com- Bradley Smollen and Tom A. Martin. 







^^^KmK^^^^% ' ' '^' ^H 




^p ''*^- 



missioned officers realized that they would have to keep on their toes if they 
expected to retain their grades when permanent appointments were made. 
Those whose names did not appear on the first lists redoubled their efforts^ 
determined to be on the next. 

With the coming of the first National Army men came the job of 
policing the territory adjacent to Camp Grant. Rockford was "dry" — at 
least supposedly so — but in other nearby towns liquor was to be had. To 
prevent excursions to these towns, to stamp out "bootlegging" as far as 
possible, and otherwise to preserve order. Captain (later Major) Albert L. 
Denman, who before attending the Fort Sheridan training camp had founded 
and headed Chicago's famous mounted police, was put in command of the 
division's military police, cooperat- 
ing with the civil authorities. Cap- 
tain Denman immediately began a 
round-up of all former Chicago 
policemen among the selected men 
for his force, which may have had 
something to do with the splendid 
conditions that prevailed in the 
Camp Grant area. 

A notable example of the spirit 
that already inspired the men of the 
National Army was given with the 
first of the physical examinations, 
when every regimental infirmary was 
a busy scene. At the same time that 
the examination as to the physical 
fitness of the men was held, a 
typhoid inoculation also was given; 
long lines stood in single file before 
the surgeons to get their first "shot in 
the arm," to be followed a week later 
by para-typhoid inoculations. 

No one who witnessed those first physical examinations could help mar- 
veling at the revolution of thought that they disclosed. Men who had 
struggled to gain exemption and remain out of the National Army now 
fought to remain in it. Not a few shed tears when turned back to civilian 
life. A strapping athlete of twenty-four years who fell short on the eye test 
begged the examining surgeon to overlook his defect; another who was a 
slacker at heart a few weeks before, seeking exemption by professing to have 
tuberculosis, admitted to the examiners that he had lied, and he fairly 
danced with joy when he was pronounced O. K.; a one-eyed man who had 
slipped by the exemption board in Chicago offered to whip any two-eyed or 
three-eyed man either; thus it went in hundreds of instances throughout the 

Commanding the Military Police. 






.^»M^''-^|H '^^^Hj^H 

Lieutenant J. W. Krause and Danny Goodman. 

For several days 
thereafter aching arms 
were the rule, but there 
was apparent a general 
air of relief that the ex- 
aminations were passed. 
As the men now be- 
came more accustomed 
to the new life into 
which they had entered, 
the army discipline grad- 
ually was tightened up. 
This extended to the 
officers, as well, with the 
abolishing by General 
Barry of the swagger 
stick, the nobby short overcoat and all other details of uniform and equip- 
ment not provided for in uniform regulations. 

But the drawing of sharper military lines for both officers and men did 
not mean that it was to be "all work and no play" at Camp Grant. In 
addition to motion pictures and other entertainment furnished through the 
Y. M. C. A. and the vaudeville performances and minstrel shows arranged for 
in the different regiments, a part of the daily drill schedule was set aside for 
games such as "duck on the rock" and "three deep," and all kinds of sports 
were encouraged. This encouragement of manly sports and cheering recrea- 
tion helped both the fighting spirit and the working spirit of the men. 

Coach Lewis Omer of Northwestern University was made cantonment 
athletic director, working in cooperation with Captain (later Major) Orville 
J. Taylor, divisional 
athletic officer. Danny 
Goodman was trans- 
ferred from the First In- 
fantry, Illinois National 
Guard, before that or- 
ganization went to 
Texas, and took charge 
of the camp boxing in- 
struction, to be suc- 
ceeded by Charley 
White, Chicago's fast as- 
pirant for the light- 
weight championship, 
and later by Fred Dyer. 
Through the efforts of 






The central figures are Anton Cermak and Charley White. The 

officers are Lieutenants Spencer (left) and Eddy (right). 

Goodman, White and 
Dyer and under the 
direction of Lieutenant 
(later Captain) John E. 
Eddy, many a clever 
boxer was produced by 
the Eighty-sixth Divi- 
sion, some of whom won 
high honors in competi- 
tions between camps and 
in the A. E. F. bouts. 
One of the first 
noted visitors at Camp 
Grant was the late Colo- 
nel Theodore Roosevelt, 
who late in September, 
after a motor trip of in- 
spection accompanied by 

General Barry, the brigade commanders. Lieutenant Colonel Fitch — who had 
served in the Rough Riders under the Colonel — and an honor escort, delivered 
an address to the men of the division. 

Colonel Roosevelt complimented Major Sawyer upon the splendid con- 
struction work accomplished at Camp Grant, which was the first of the 
National Army cantonments to reach completion, and General Barry upon 
the esprit de corps already manifest and the fact that of all the camps the 

number of objectors 
" conscientious " and 
otherwise, was lowest in 
the Eighty-sixth Divi- 
sion. It should be men- 
tioned here that of the 
number of conscientious 
objectors brought to 
Camp Grant as prisoners 
after they had refused to 
obey the official call of 
their boards, practically 
all ceased objecting and 
expressed a desire to ac- 
cept the War Depart- 
ment's offer to enter the 
National Army without 
further protest. Charges 
were dropped against 
AWAITING COLONEL ROOSEVELT those who reached this 



decision, and very many of them later made exceedingly creditable records. 
Upon cabled instructions from General Pershing that "strict methods 
used at West Point in training new cadets in the elementary principles (dis- 
cipline and military courtesy) should be applied rigorously and completely 
to the forces we are organizing," the military belt of Camp Grant was 
tightened up another couple of holes, non-commissioned officers' schools were 
opened in every company, attendance being compulsory, and the selected 
man set his jaw and plugged night and day without complaint — at least 
without a very audible one. 

New increments now were coming into camp in an almost steady stream. 
Each was met by the veterans with cheers and welcoming cries of: "You'll 
like it!" And most of them learned to do so. 

Putting the "square peg" and "round peg" men in their properly fitting 
openings was already in progress at division headquarters. To meet the 
problem the War Department had established its personnel division. Captain 
Lawrence H. Whiting, former Chicago football star, was assigned as personnel 
officer at Camp Grant, and under his direction were prepared the thousands of 
personnel cards bearing the life history of every man in the division. With 

this record of the soldier's expe- 
rience and training, it became 
possible to put the majority of 
the men where they could be of 
the most service. The system 
in the Eighty-sixth Division was 
perfected by Captain (later 
Major) Robert K. Fast, who 
remained as division personnel 
adjutant until the end of the war. 
With the issuing of the new 
Enfield rifles began the train- 
ing of the division in the art of 
modern warfare. Up to this 
time there had been the school 
of the soldier and of the squad, 
the facings and the manual of 
arms with the old Krags, platoon 
and company drill, and hikes. 
Now the division school of arms 
was opened under command of 
Colonel Guy Palmer and Lieu- 
tenant Colonel Harris Pendel- 
ton, Jr. First the commissioned 
officers and later the non-com- 

THE COLONEL ARRIVES . . , .. a A ^l.oooo ir, 

„, ,, „ ■ .u i A n ...1- missioned attended classes in 

The three officers in the foreground are Generals 

Kennon, Martin and Barry. bombing, musketry, automatic 




<w--if» ■•'>-£ 


^ / \ 


rifle, trench mortar, fortifications and other specialties. Company, battal- 
ion, regimental and even brigade commanders, as well as lieutenants, ser- 
geants and corporals, now went to school again, to learn things never before 
taught the American soldier, such as camouflage, close combat weapons, 
mines, deep gallery shelters and other cover against shell fire, construction 
of listening posts, perception of subterranean sound. Very pistols and signal 
rockets, communication with airplanes, wiring, observation and sniping, and 
countless other subjects incident to the new methods of fighting. 

A division gas school was instituted under Captain (later Major) John 
S. Sweeney, a Chicago physician. Company officers, both commissioned and 
non-commissioned, after attending the gas school, as well as the school of arms, 
in turn gave the courses in which they had been instructed to the men of 
their commands. So thorough was the gas course arranged by Major Sweeney 
that out of the hundreds of officers attending his class only one failed to pass 
the required tests — and he was a colonel. 

In the middle of October began the work upon an actual system of 
trenches. In detachments the men of the division were marched to a rolhng 
stubble field lying across Meridian Highway just east of the cantonment. 
Soon fresh-turned earth ran snakily across the landscape for half a mile. 
Generally the line followed the military crest of a low ridge. Behind it and 
higher, the second and third-line supporting trenches were built and con- 




Division personnel adjutant. 

nected by communicating trenches 
until before long there lay a laby- 
rinth which was the replica of the 
trenches in which already the first 
of the American troops were fighting 
in France and Flanders — where the 
Eighty-sixth hoped soon to be. 

For days and days the work con- 
tinued. Barbed wire entanglements 
were stretched over the length and 
breadth of the system. When com- 
pleted, the firing trenches, communi- 
cations and approaches were named 
after streets of Chicago and other 
cities from which men had been sent 
to Camp Grant, and the dugouts and 
strong points for well known hotels 
and resorts. 

Over this trench system was 
fought battle after battle, was staged 
maneuver after maneuver, under the 

direction of Captc^in Robert Payen and the other officers of the Allied mili- 
tary mission. From Samuelson Road to Cleveland, Meridian Highway to 
Miller, the lines were occupied and evacuated, barraged, stormed, counter- 
attacked, until the sandy parapets and firing steps caved in under the strain. 
Already the men were eager to get into real action and the cry became: 
"Let's Go!" 

But fate had set for the Eighty-sixth a tragic destiny. Hardly had the 
division begun to take really promising form than inroads were cut into its 
ranks for replacements to be sent to regular army and National Guard 
divisions scheduled for early embarkation overseas. Most of the officers and 
men were "rarin' to go," but they wanted to go with the Eighty-sixth. Instead, 
time after time the division was depleted, new increments of men arrived 
and were trained, only to be taken away to sail for France with other 

The first draft upon the Eighty-sixth was for almost 5,400 men to be 
sent to Camp Logan, to fill up the Thirty-third Division, composed of former 
Illinois National Guard regiments. These replacements were drawn from the 
following units: 

341st Infantry 650 

342nd Infantry 1,100 

332nd Machine Gun Battalion. 190 

343rd Infantry 1,110 

344th Infantry 1,110 

333rd Machine Gun Battalion. 190 

331st Field Artillery 90 

332nd Field Artillery 430 

333rd Field Artillery 530 


The first 500 of these men were marched over to the railroad spur on 
October 22nd and started toward Camp Logan. 

"Good luck!" shouted those left behind. "You'll be the first to get over. 
Give 'em hell!" 

And everyone knows what the Thirty-third did in France. 

The remainder of the increment followed shortly. 

This portentous cut into the ranks of the division, the first of a series, 
came as a distinct shock, but it was by no means a discouragement. The men 
of Camp Grant realized that if the war was to be won America must win it, 
and they had made up their minds that the Eighty-sixth Division was going 
to play an important part in that victory. So it was not surprising that they 
entered enthusiastically into the Second Liberty Loan drive. In this cam- 
paign Camp Grant led all the cantonments of the country, winning the praise 
of both the War and Treasury Departments, by subscribing more than 
$2,000,000. This brought the following telegram to General Barry from 
Secretary Baker: 

"Wonderful support accorded the Liberty Loan by the men of your com- 
mand elicits growing commendations from the Treasury Department and 
the executive committee of the Seventh Federal Reserve District. Camp 
Grant leads all other camps in volume of subscription." 

After exciting competitions among companies, battalions, regiments and 
brigades, the drive was wound up with a great Liberty Day celebration on 
October 24, when General Barry ordered all work suspended except guard 
and fatigue duty, and the day was given over to football and basketball 
games, track events and a card of twenty-seven boxing bouts arranged 




by Captain Eddy and Coach Omer, who had been commissioned a captain. 
The government war risk insurance was introduced at Camp Grant by 
Colonel Charles R. Howland of the 343d Infantry, who had represented the 
Eighty-sixth Division at the Washington conference of army and navy men 
to study the law. Upon his return to camp, Colonel Howland first insured 
General Barry, Colonel Heistand and Lieutenant Colonel Fitch for $10,000 
each — the maximum amount of insurance issued — then all the other officers; 
company insurance officers were designated and they explained the act and 
offered the insurance to their men, with the result that soon practically every 
member of the division was insured for from v$S,ooo to $10,000. 

Late in October it was announced that those men who had "put every- 
thing they had" into their work 
were to have their first opportunity 
to win their commissions in a third 
officers' training school, to be opened 
at camp with Lieutenant Colonel 
Edwin A. Hickman as its command- 
ing officer. Three hundred selected 
men were to be admitted to the 
school upon the recommendation of 
their commanding officers, together 
with 163 men from the universities 
of Chicago, Illinois and Wisconsin, 
the Western Military Academy and 
Shattuck School. After the school 
had got well under way Colonel 
Palmer, who had been conducting 
the school of arms, replaced Lieuten- 
ant Colonel Hickman as comman- 

Intelligence schools also were 
established, at which both officers 
and enlisted men were instructed in' 
the German language, patrolling and 
the multitude of other duties of the intelligence section. 

Nor were these the only schools. The first week in November saw the 
introduction of a course entirely new to the American army — singing! The 
officers of the division first were assembled in the Y. M. C. A. auditorium and 
introduced to Arthur Nevin, who had been appointed camp singing director. 
Thereafter singing school became a weekly event for men and officers in every 

The duties of the modern day officers had become indeed complex. 
They had enlisted to fight, said one, and here they had qualified in about 
everything except that. They had taught English to men of all nationalities, 
studied drawing and higher mathematics, sold bonds, written insurance, and 


Commander of the Division School of Arms; 
later commandant of the Third Officers' Training 




attended singing school, 
and he was of the opin- 
ion that it was high time 
they had a chance to be 
soldiers. But both of- 
ficers and men accepted 
their lot, whatever it was, 

First actual firing 
with the new Enfield 

rifles was begun November 12, when the 341st Infantry— the "Wisconsin 
Eagles," so named for the regiment's mascot, a bald eagle presented by citi- 
zens of Milwaukee — marched to the rifle range on the Kishwaukee River three 
miles from camp. The other infantry regiments followed in turn. Particular 
attention now was paid to work on the range, with the result that, consid- 
ering the fact that some of the men never before had held a rifle, remarkable 
accuracy was attained by the division as a whole. The construction of the 
rifle range with from 100 to 1,000 yards filing points, was one of the creditable 
achievements of the 311th Engineers, cooperating with the Thirty-fifth 

There had been hikes, of course, since the arrival of the first 5 per cent, 
but now the really long marches began, the men cooking their own noon meal 
and returning to camp for supper. Many found these long marches very 
strenuous at first, but they rapidly became hardened. 

On November 26 General Barry, with Lieutenant Colonel Fitch and Major 
R. C. Richardson, slipped quietly out of camp, and several days later it became 





m^ - ^ 




generally known that the 
division commander and 
his chief assistants had 
gone to France for a 
course of instruction and 
study on the Western 
front. Brigadier General 
Kennon took command 
of the division, Major 
Lull acting as chief of 

The winter of 
191 7-18 was a most se- 
vere one at Camp Grant, 
blizzard after blizzard 
sweeping down upon the 
cantonment, but it was 
not allowed in any way to interfere with the work. In the teeth of biting 
winds that froze ears, noses, fingers and toes, and in the face of cutting snow 
and sleet, the men were kept at their rigid training, although for weeks the 
mercury remained below zero, at one time reaching 2 7 degrees below. The long 
hikes continued through the snow, and the work on the rifle range went on in 
spite of the cold until after Christmas, when at one time, the snow being 
drifted at places to the very roofs of the barracks and it being practically 
impossible to travel about the cantonment except on snowshoes or skis, outdoor 
training was brought to a halt, but only for a day or two. 

Much suffering was relieved by the Red Cross and various women's 
organizations of Illinois and Wisconsin, who, in response to the needs of the 
situation, gave to the 
boys thousands of knit- 
ted helmets, sweaters, 
wristlets and socks. 

Just before Christ- 
mas the commissioned 
personnel of the division 
was augmented by the 
addition of more than 
400 officers from the sec- 
ond camps, principally 
from Fort Sheridan, led 
by Major Albert A. 
Sprague II of Chicago, 
the ranking officer. Major 
Sprague was attached 
first to the intelligence 




section and later assigned to the 341st Infantry, where he remained until the 
division was broken up after the armistice was signed. The destiny of the 
Eighty-sixth Division after the prescribed sixteen weeks of training became 
a question that began to perplex both officers and men late in January, when 
the end of the training period arrived. Rumors were flying thick and fast. 
Camp Grant was to be abandoned, said some, or the Eighty-sixth was to 
become a replacement division; one report was that the division was to be 
merged with another. 

Division headquarters' answer to these rumors was "Carry on!" 

That order was followed to the 
letter, and there was no further let- 
up in the training. If, indeed, there 
was any change, it was that the work 
was carried on with even greater 
vim and vigor than before. 

Much of the excellence in the 
development of the division during 
the hard winter was due to the in- 
structors from the armies of the 
Allies. France and Great Britain 
had sent to the United States some 
of their ablest officers who had seen 
service on the Western front, and 
the aid they rendered was of the first 
importance. Assisting them were 
both British and French noncommis- 
sioned officers, who were assigned 
to various subjects in about the same 
ratio as their superiors. A signifi- 
cant contribution to the training pro- 
gram, the service they rendered was 
out of all proportion to their num- 
bers. Records are not available to 
show all of the officers and noncom- 
missioned officers of the Allies who, 

at various times, assisted in the training of the Eighty-sixth Division, but the 
following are particularly remembered by both officers and men for their 
splendid work: 

From the French Army 


Close-up view of the targets. 

Captain Robert Payen, Croix de Guerre, ranking member of the French 
mission, who particularized in tactics and the automatic rifle. Captain Payen 
had fought through the battle of the Marne in 1914 and was mentioned twice 
in dispatches. 



Captain Georges LeDu, Croix de Guerre, a graduate of the artillery 
school at Fontainebleau, mentioned three times in dispatches. 

Lieutenant Gaston Bordonneau, Medaille Militaire, Croix de Guerre 
(two palms and two stars), bombing expert. 

Lieutenant Leon Druart, Croix de Guerre, who specialized in liaison. 
He was a veteran of the Moroccan campaign and had fought along the West- 
ern front from Ypres to Verdun. 


Who assisted in the training of the Eighty-sixth Division. 

Assisting the French officers were Sergeants Hergue, Parmentier, Vincent 
and Jutelet. 

From the British Army 

Major Reginald J. Mackay, ranking member of the British mission, 
expert in strategy and tactical maneuvers. 

Major L. C. Benns, machine gun specialist. 

Captain Sidney B. Minch of the Connaught Rangers, one of the ablest 
exponents of bayonet fighting in the British — or any other — army. Although 
a victim of German poison gas, from which he at times suffered extremely, his 
Irish humor and his remarkable energy were ever an inspiration to all mem- 
bers of the division with whom he was associated. 

Captain Walter A. S. Cotton, of the London Regiment, instructor in 
bombing and explosives. 

Lieutenant Wilfred H. Parker, instructor in intelligence service. 




Left to right: Sergeants Bull and Mitchell, Sergeants Major 

Spenser and Barratt. 

The British officers 
were aided by Sergeants 
Major W. P. Spenser and 
W. Barratt and Ser- 
geants Bull and Bread- 

Of the officers of the 
Allies only Captains 
Payen, Minch and Cot- 
ton and Lieutenant Par- 
ker accompanied the di- 
vision to France. 

For the division ma- 
neuvers in the spring 
members of the senior 
officers' mission of the 
Allies arrived as supervi- 
sors and critics. Among 

these were Major C. E. Eckenfelder, commandant of the mission; Majors H. 
de Beaurieux and A. M. Rostand and Captain Bion of France, and Major 
Makin of England. Lieutenant Colonel R. V. K. Applin of the British army 
gave several instructive and interesting talks to the Eighty-sixth officers. The 
camp also was visited by General Trotter of the British army. 

Notwithstanding the miserable weather and the consequent almost per- 
petually menacing conditions underfoot, Camp Grant had been maintained as 
one of the healthiest cantonments in the United States. In the first five 
months of training more than 46,000 men had lived in the military city, and 
its health record far eclipsed that of any civilian American community. Its 

death ratio was less than i in 2,000. There had 
been numerous quarantines, naturally, but these all 
were short-lived and not of a particularly serious 
nature. A threatening spread of spinal meningitis, 
which already had ravaged some camps, was pre- 
vented by quick action by the medical officers. 

As brave a showing as possible with a skeleton 
division, only about half the personnel of which was 
composed of private soldiers, was made for General 
Barry upon his return from France in February. 
For the first time entire brigades were reviewed, 
following which Brigadier Generals Martin and Ken- 
non, together with the commanding officers of all 
regiments and separate organizations in Camp Grant, 
were called into conference with the division com- 
mander, who reviewed the result of his observations 
at the front. This marked the beginning of the 





final intensive training for the Eighty-sixth 

Division. All now had rosy visions of early 

action to spur them on to redoubled efforts. 

fc|., .^^■EHLJHHL. '^ Even floods, caused by the melting snows, 

w/ft^ ii^^K^^H^^HtSfi practically engulfing the cantonment, mak- 

^ ^"^ Mm' 4^^ ing rivers of company streets, lakes of drill 

grounds, failed to dampen the spirit of the 
men. The swollen Kishwaukee River, rag- 
ing high under its burden of broken ice, 
swept the rifle range, causing extensive dam- 
age, bridges and targets being carried away 
by the waters. 

There came more indications that the 
division was to be filled up and sent over- 
seas. Serial numbers were issued to the 
men and stamped on aluminum identifica- 
tion discs. Night training was started, with signal rockets adding realism to 
the work. 

Mobility exercises were ordered by regiments, including the packing of 
barrack bags by every man, collection and loading of every piece of regi- 
mental, battalion, company and personal property, equipment and records, 
a whirlwind clean-up of quarters to remove the last trace of dust and debris, 
packing and lashing of wagon trains and motor trucks, and regimental forma- 
tion for review. 

There was, however, one disquieting phase of the training. Apparently 
the trench work had been abandoned and the division again took up open 
warfare training, which gave rise 
to new rumors that the Eighty- 
sixth was to remain as a training 
unit and might not get overseas 
after all. The motive behind 
this alteration of the training 
schedule is explained in the fol- 
lowing extract from the final re- 
port of General Pershing, as 
published by the War Depart- 

"Recommendations were ca- 
bled to Washington (late in 
1 91 7) emphasizing the impor- 
tance of target practice and mus- 
ketry training, and recommend- 
ing that instruction in open war- 
fare be made the mission of 
troops in the United States, 


Left to right: Lieutenant Gamble, Captain Minch and 
Lieutenant Lathrop. 



while the training in trench warfare so far as necessary be conducted in 
France. Succeeding divisions, whether serving temporarily with the British 
or French, were trained as thus indicated. The assistance of the French 
units was limited to demonstrations, and, in the beginning, French instructors 
taught the use of French arms and assisted in the preparation of elementary 
trench warfare problems." 

Assuming that divisions would arrive with their basic training com- 
pleted in the United States, one month was allotted for the instruction of 
small units from battalions down, a second month of experience in quiet 
sectors by battalions, and a third month for field practice in open warfare 
tactics by division, including artillery. Many divisions, unfortunately, did 
not receive the requisite amount of systematic training before leaving the 
States, and complete preparation of such units for battle was thus 
often seriously delayed. 

Throughout the win- 
ter new increments of re- 
cruits continued to arrive 
weekly at Camp Grant, 
but the drain upon the 
camp for men to fill up 
other divisions preparing 
to sail was apparently 
unceasing. Close upon 
the heels of the 5,400 
sent to Camp Logan in 
November, followed 
2,000 to Camp Pike at 
Little Rock, Arkansas, 
for the Eighty-seventh 
division. In the course 
of the winter several de- 
tachments of 1,000 to 5,000 men each were sent to Atlantic ports for imme- 
diate embarkation for France. These men were called in special War 
Department orders stipulating the needs of the A. E. F. for men experienced 
in certain branches, as, for instance, motor mechanics, chauffeurs, horsemen, 
telephone and telegraph operators, carpenters, dock workers and field hos- 
pital men. 

In February and March approximately 4,000 men were transferred to 
Camp Greene at Charlotte, North Carolina, and assigned to the Fourth Di- 
vision, which sailed for France early in May. In March, also, began the 
second big shipment of troops to Camp Logan — 8,000 men. These filled 
up the Thirty-third Division, which sailed in May, but left the Eighty-sixth 
Division worse than a skeleton. These blows were directed by no means at 
the enlisted personnel alone. Under them began to fall officers, high and low, 
who were shifted to other commands. 




Then the long arm reached to the very top of the division's Hst, and 
on March 20, 191 8, General Barry issued the following general order, his last 
as commander of the Eighty-sixth: 

"In obedience to Paragraph 166, Special Orders No. 61, War Department, 
Washington, D. C, March 14, 191 8, I hereby relinquish command of Camp 
Grant and the Eighty-sixth Division, National Army. 

"I congratulate all connected with the Eighty-sixth Division at Camp 
Grant on the great progress made and efficiency attained in all administra- 
tions, notwithstanding trying conditions of terrain and weather, and the dis- 
organizing effect of the transfer of thousands of enlisted men and officers 
from organization units under War Department orders, which were met 
with true soldierly spirit. 

"I take leave of you all with sincere regret, and wish for you every good 

luck and success where- 
ever you go. 

"Thomas H. Barry, 
"Major General, U. S. 

In a farewell speech 
to his officers General 
Barry predicted a splen- 
did record for the di- 
vision. Silence reigned in 
the big "Y" auditorium 
as the general finished his 
brief talk, put on his cap, 
raised his right hand to 
the visor and said : 

"Officers of the 

Eighty-sixth Division — 

I salute you!" 

As one man the entire audience leaped to its feet in a smart salute. The 

general, tears rolling down his cheeks, strode out a side door. That was the 

last seen of General Barry by the officers at Camp Grant. He left quietly, 

practically alone. 

The War Department's decision that he was not physically fit for service 
in France was the bitterest disappointment of General Barry's career, a crush- 
ing blow from which the grizzled veteran never recovered. He returned to 
Chicago to take command again of the Central Department, but he was a 
changed man; the heart of the "Old Bear" was broken. After the departure 
of the Eighty-sixth for France General Barry was put in command of the 
Department of the East, with headquarters at Governors Island. In June, 
1 91 9, the Distinguished Service Medal was awarded to him by Secretary 
Baker. Four months later he was automatically retired from the service by 
reason of his age, having reached his sixty-fourth birthday. Early on the 




morning of December 30, 
after an illness of three 
weeks at the Walter Reed 
Hospital, Washington, 
D. C, the taps of eternity- 
blew for General Barry. 

Thomas H. Barry 
was born of poor parents 
in the Irish quarter of 
New York, October 13, 
1855. When he finished 
the common schools, 
Robert B. Roosevelt, an 
uncle of Theodore Roose- 
velt, appointed him a 
cadet at West Point. He 
was graduated in 1877 

and detailed to the famous Seventh Cavalry — Custer's regiment. He won 
his first promotion fighting Indians, passed through the grades of major, lieu- 
tenant colonel and colonel, and in the Philippines was made a brigadier 
general for gallantry in action. He commanded the Military Academy at 
West Point in 1910 and was moved to Chicago in 191 6 to command the 
Central Department, which post he left the following year to take command 
of the Eighty-sixth Division and Camp Grant. 

Upon General Barry's departure from Camp Grant, Brigadier General 
Kennon again took the reins of the Eighty-sixth Division without ceremony. 


These were the fighters of the 344th Infantry, whose colonel, Benjamin T. Simmons, is receiving 

from General Martin a silver trophy. 


Commanding the 171st Infantry Brigade, temporarily commanding the Eighty-sixth Division. 



On April 12 Brigadier General Martin, leader of the 172nd Brigade, re- 
ceived his promotion to the rank of major general, and on May i took command 
of the division, General Kennon returning to the 171st Brigade, which he had 
been commanding before he took control of the division. His stay there also 
was brief, for upon examination, he, like General Barry, was found physically 
unfit for overseas service, and late in May he was relieved of command of his 
brigade. Dropping to his Regular Army rank, of colonel, he was then ordered 
to Camp Greene, to command the cantonment. There Colonel Kennon was 
taken ill, and on September 9 — the day his old brigade and division sailed for 
Europe — the "blond giant" breathed his last. 

Lyman W. V. Kennon was born at Providence, Rhode Island, in 1858. 
Graduating from West Point in 
1 88 1, he saw thirty-eight years 
of service in the United States 
Army. It carried him into Cen- 
tral America, Mexico, Cuba, the 
Philippines, Hawaii and several 
European countries. In the 
Philippines he constructed the 
Benguet road. For his conduct 
at the battle of San Juan he was 
commended for bravery. He be- 
came a captain in 1897, a colonel 
in 1 91 2, and a brigadier-general 
in the National Army when the 
United States entered the World 

Major General Charles H. 
Martin's assignment as Camp 
Grant's new chief was recognized 
as a sure sign of real action dur- 
ing every minute of the training 
period. Under this dynamic 
leader there could be nothing else. The period he made an exclamation point, 
with a clenched fistful of asterisks thrown in! 

General Martin was particularly worthy and well qualified to command 
the Eighty-sixth Division. An Illinoisan by birth — he was born at Albion, 
October i, 1863 — he previously had proved himself a commander of keen 
perception and forethought, a rigid disciplinarian with a warm heart beating 
under the stern exterior, a born leader. Graduated from West Point in 1887, 
he had served on the frontier, in the Philippines, and in the Boxer campaign, 
then, after two years on the General Staff at Washington, had accepted com- 
mand of the Third Infantry, Oregon National Guard. In 191 5 he went to 
the Mexican border, where he served until the United States' declaration 
of a state of war with Germany, soon after which he was selected by General 




Pershing to command the 
reserve officers' training 
camp at Leon Springs, 
Texas. When the camp 
was closed he was made 
a brigadier general in the 
National Army and as- 
signed to Camp Grant. 

Upon taking over 
the Eighty-sixth in May, 
191 8, General Martin in- 
s t i t u t e d his "thick- 
s k i n n e d-hard-as-nails" 
system of training. To 
his staff and field officers, 
who welcomed him to the 
command of the division, 
he announced that the 
A FRIENDLY CHAT " Open door " policy 

General Martin in conversation with General Andrews and Lieu-| would mark his entire 
tenant Colonel Pendleton. 


"There will be DISCIPLINE in this division," he declared, ''but it will 
be the discipline built on perfect trust and understanding." 

That was Martin. He left no room for a misunderstanding. He 
wanted "pep," he said; his orders were orders, and "pep" he got. "Pep" 
became the slogan of the division. In the first place, there was no getting 
around it. General Martin did not believe in directing his division from 
division headquarters alone. He was here, there and everywhere about the 
camp. Nd lieutenant drilling his platoon or corporal instructing his squad 
could risk being off his guard for a moment. The sergeant of the guard at 
every regimental guardhouse had to keep his eye peeled constantly, for when 
the general appeared — and often it was quite sudden, the division com- 
mander racing his horse or his car around the corner — the guard had to 
be turned out, rain or shine, holidays included, and turned out in 
a hurry. 

Staff and field officers left their swivel chairs and took to the saddle 
with the general, who followed to the letter the Pershing instructions rela- 
tive to training in open warfare. Weather meant nothing in the life of the 
Eighty-sixth Division, even the higher officers riding for hours every day, 
through pouring rain as well as sunshine. Soon the division had covered 
itself with mud as well as glory, and the French and British officers aiding 
in the instructions, expressing astonishment at the rapid strides made, de- 
clared the organization ready for France. 

It was soon after General Martin took command that the division re- 
ceived the name it so proudly bore through the remainder of the war, the 



Commanding the 172nd Brigade. 



name of Black Hawk, which still lives as a monument in that great organiza- 
tion born of the war — the American Legion. 

And on June 28 the men of the division learned their battle cry, the 
blood-curdling war cry of old Chief Black Hawk that had struck terror to 
the hearts of early settlers in Illinois years before. Returning from the rifle 
range, the four infantry regiments, under command of Brigadier General 
Lincoln C. Andrews, then leader of the 172nd Brigade, were gathered in a 
ring about a great stone promontory, where stood that venerable plainsman 
beloved of every member of the division — Dr. A. J. (/'Old Doc") Woodcock. 
After a brief talk by General Andrews ''Old Doc" let loose the Indian war 
whoop in all its fury — 

"Kia-kiak! Kia-kiak!" 
For a moment there was silence. Then, led by Captain Theodore Feeker 
of the 342nd Infantry at a sign from General Martin, who had accompanied 
Dr. Woodcock to the scene, the soldiers burst forth in the cry, roaring Kia- 
kiak!" and again and again until the hills reverberated. 

After an astonishing 
exhibition of Wild West 
shooting with an old 
frontier cap and ball pis- 
tol, and breaking the 
meanest horse at the re- 
mount station — pro- 
nouncing the brute a kit- 
ten— "Old Doc" called it 
a day and returned to 
the sometime quiet se- 
clusion of his wooded 
estate, Camp Riverside, 
at Byron, which was 
ever open to the Black 
Hawk regiments as a 
camping ground. 

Training in the 
i6ist Artillery Brigade 
kept pace with the work 
in the infantry brigades 
and other organizations 
in spite of lack of equip- 
ment and the necessity 
of leaving Camp Grant 
in order to get practical 
range firing. With 
wooden horses and 
"OLD DOC" WOODCOCK fencepost-barreled guns, 

nBT^i 1 





the artillery-men entered upon their labors with the same enthusiasm and 
determination as if their mounts and equipment were "jake." Not until 
November did the gunners get their first horses — such as they were — but 
every day was crowded with pretty nearly twenty-four hours' worth of in- 
tense work, drill and study, and the brigade was made an efficient, snappy 

Like the other organizations, the artillery brigade lost numerous con- 
signments of men, who were sent to engineer and signal battalions or other 
artillery brigades, until in December there were barely enough men left to 
carry on the usual routine duties. With the arrival of new increments, most 
of the time was utilized in schools for both officers and enlisted men. The 
schooling of the gunners now was conducted under the supervision of Lieu- 
tenant LeDu, French artillery expert assigned to the division. 

In January the first guns arrived — six 3 -inch field pieces. These were 
apportioned two to each regiment, although the 333rd was to have been 
equipped with heavier guns, the French 155 mm. Schneider howitzers. Then, 
in February, came two 4.7s, the French middle-heavy piece, for that 

The artillery brigade was now all primed to commence firing. All it 
lacked was a place to shoot. An effort to establish an artillery range at 
Camp Grant failed on account of insufficient space in the reservation. One 
range — of 5,000 yards — had been tentatively laid out, but this plan eventu- 
ally was abandoned as entirely inadequate. Arrangements then were made 
for the completion of the brigade's training on the government reservation at 
Camp Robinson, Sparta, Wisconsin. 

Early on the morning May 14 Colonel Philip R. Ward led the artil- 
lery brigade, headed by a detachment of the 311th Engineers, along the old 
Black Hawk trail on the first day's march of the 225-mile hike to Sparta. 



Some were on caissons and mounts, others on foot. It was a formidable 
looking outfit, close to 3,000 strong, the column being more than a mile long. 
After a hike of fifteen days under heavy packs and with full field equip- 
ment, passing through the towns of Leyden, Roscoe, Beloit, Janesville, 
Evansville, Brooklyn, Madison, Token Creek, Poynette, Portage, Kilbourn, 
Mauston and Hustler, the brigade reached Sparta on May 28, ''sore but 
satisfied." During the long hike the artillerymen encountered several severe 
rainstorms, one, a real cyclone, at Poynette, leveling the camp. The last 


day's march covered seventeen miles of miserably muddy roads with rain 
falling steadily. 

At Sparta the training took on a new hue, under conditions much more 
auspicious than at Camp Grant. Here an ideal range gave the long sought 
opportunity for the needed target practice, and here the brigade remained 
until ordered to Hoboken for embarkation overseas with the division. 

With General Martin in command the opinion of the camp generally 
was that a stop would be put to the gutting of the division for replacements 
to other camps. This change of policy, however, did not come at once. In 
April 4,500 men were sent to Camp Funston, Kansas, for the Tenth Divi- 
sion; fifty Regular Army officers were transferred as military instructors to 




various schools and colleges throughout the 
country; thirty- four engineer non-commis- 
sioned officers were sent to Camp Laurel, 
Maryland, as instructors, nine officers to 
Camp Meigs, Washington, D. C, for instruc- 
tion in personnel, classification and insur- 
ance, eleven non-commissioned officers to 
Camp Joseph E. Johnston, Jacksonville, 
Florida, for instruction in quartermaster 
school, and forty-nine artillery officers to 
Camp Jackson, Columbia, South Carolina, 
for the Eighty-first Division. In May 128 
graduates of the third officers' training 
school of the field artillery branch went to 
Camp Jackson, ninety-six officers of the 
Depot Brigade to eastern camps (some of 
whom later rejoined the division before it sailed) and fifty enlisted men to 
the engineer officers' training school at Camp Lee, Petersburg, Virginia. At 
Camp Custer, Battle Creek, Michigan, the Eighty-fifth Division was pre- 
paring to go overseas, so in June 2,500 men were sent there. Also in June 
1,081 men were transferred to camp Joseph E. Johnston, and ninety men to 
attend the artillery officers' school at Camp Zachary Taylor, Louisville, 

In addition to the above, approximately 50,000 men were sent to Atlan- 
tic ports for immediate embarkation. These men were sent in detachments 
in response to General Pershing's call for trained workers in various lines 
mentioned previously. In all about 87,000 men were transferred from Camp 
Grant between November, 191 7, and June, 191 8. That staggering figure, 
however, includes approximately 9,000 negro troops foYmed into the 365th 
and 366th Infantry Regiments and a machine gun battalion of the Ninety- 
second Division. 

Late in June it was 
announced that the 
Eighty - sixth Division 
was to be filled up to war 
strength by the transfer 
of 10,000 men from the 
Depot Brigade and the 
arrival of 15,000 recruits 
from Illinois and Minne- 
sota. This news brought 
rejoicing to Camp Grant, 
from division head- 
quarters to the lowliest 
private. As the new men 





came into the division a sweeping 
physical and efficiency examination 
was launched by General Martin to 
weed out of the organization all 
physical and mental misfits. These 
were transferred to a development 
battalion. On July 22 the filling up 
of the division was accomplished. 

Varied activities marked the 
closing months of the division's stay 
at Camp Grant. On May 30, Memo- 
rial Day, some 45,000 men, mostly 
from the Depot Brigade, partici- 
pated in the unveiling of the Eagle 
Monument, the gift to the camp of 
a Rock ford citizen. The fact that 
the monument was constructed of 
wood and plaster made the ceremony 
none the less impressive. 

The fourth officers' training 
school was opened under command 
Later Lieutenant Colonel Willis P. 
hold and squeeze" device 

of Lieutenant Colonel Harry A. Eaton. 
Coleman, inventor of an ingenious and effective 
for teaching the recruit to shoot (an instrument adopted by the War De- 
partment for general use in the army), became commandant of the school. 
The student-officers were speeded through the course, and received their 
commissions just in time to be assigned to various units before the division 
left camp. 

Early in June more realism was added to the maneuvers, becoming 
weekly more extensive. Operating under a hurricane of bullets from the 
newly arrived Browning machine guns and automatic rifles, and with trench 
mortar shells and rifle grenades bursting in a barrage directly ahead of them, 
the men of the division withstood their "baptism of fire" in a thrilling battle 
up the wooded slopes across the river from the rifle range. 

The final maneuver of this war series wound up in the fording of the 
Kishwaukee River, the entire division wading or swimming across the stream 
to the delight of a large group of spectators, including Governor and Mrs. 
Lowden and a number of Chicago society women, who watched from a 

The Eighty-sixth Division received its first German prisoners on June 
II, when 100 tars from captured ships were brought to camp and installed 
in a barbed wire stockade built especially for their housing on the banks of 
the Rock River. The prisoners arrived under guard from Fort McPherson, 
Georgia, and were the center of interest in their natty white uniforms. The 
Germans were put to work at once building the giant boxing arena conceived 



Assistant Chief of Staff, G-i. 

344th Infantry. 

Division Signal Officer. 

311th Engineers. 



by Spearman Lewis, originator of press headquarters. This arena, con- 
structed in a natural amphitheater beside the Rock River, had a seating 
capacity of more than 10,000. 

On June 12 the division lost one of its most popular officers when Colonel 
Simmons, who had commanded the 344th Infantry since the .opening of 
camp, was transferred to the General Staff in Washington. He was suc- 
ceeded as commanding officer of the 344th by Lieutenant Colonel (later 
Colonel) Henry A, Hanigan. 

July Fourth was celebrated with a sport carnival of considerable dimen- 
sions under the direction of Emil Wetten, Mr. Lewis, Major Taylor and Captain 

Eddy. A smashing vic- 
tory for the division's 
boxers and a sweeping 
defeat at baseball were 
the chief results of the 
day's events. The carni- 
val was witnessed by 
more than 100,000 visi- 
tors and a sum of about 
$18,000 was realized, 
above expenses, which 
was turned over to Gen- 
eral Martin for the divi- 
sion athletic fund. Fol- 
lowing a speech by Sec- 
retary Baker of the War 
Department, Camp 
Grant boxers won each 
of the seven bouts on 
the fight program, tech- 
nically knocking out six 
The card was as follows: 


Left to right : Lieutenant Spencer, Lieutenant Eddy, General 

Martin, Major McLaughlin, Mr. Emil C. Wetten. 

Canadians and forcing the last one to quit outright 
Johnnie Ritchie 
Walter Jacobson 
Louis Schultz 

Corporal Malatki (Young Spike Kelly) 
Jule Mulaski 
Eddie McGoorty 
Andre Anderson 


George Taylor 
George Lee 
George Boerckel 
William Mitchell 
Sergeant J. Black 
Homer Bran ford 

The Camp Grant baseball team was defeated by Camp Dodge to the 
tune of 5 to I while a dust storm swept the diamond. Other events of the 
carnival were a broncho bus'ting exhibition, a mule relay race and a pack 




Ten days later France's na- (j 
tional holiday, Bastille Day, was 
observed in a more military man- 
ner. The entire Black Hawk 
Division, minus the artillery bri- 
gade at Sparta, moved in column 
of brigades across Samuelson 
Field past Governor Lowden, 
General Martin and members of 
the French military mission, who 
stood beneath the tricolor and 
the Stars and Stripes, planted 
side by side upon the heights 
overlooking the field. 

The weather was ideal for 
the celebration. Bright sunshine 
broke through the clouds shortly 
after 8 a. m., just as the governor and General Martin drove on the field, 
and shone upon the thousands of infantrymen, machine gunners and mem- 
bers of hospital corps and transport trains massed rank on rank down across 
the flatlands to the low hills almost two miles away. 

At a signal the massed band of 240 pieces crashed into a lively march 
of mingled French and American music, and the division passed in review, 
unit by unit, with the precision and smoothness of clockwork. Brigadier 

General Andrews led the 
review at the head of 
Chicago's "melting pot" 
brigade. He was fol- 
lowed by Colonel Palmer 
at the head of the 171st 
Brigade, composed of 
men from Illinois, Wis- 
consin and Minnesota. 
After them came the ma- 
chine gun battalions, the 
hospital units and the 

After the review the 
division was marched in 
column to the Lewis 
arena, where Governor 
Lowden made his 
o,.,.T.T, ^T, X, .^.^x, memorable "Men of Illi- 


Left to right: Lieutenant Whitehead, Major Ames, General "^^^' ^ ^"^^ ^^^ ^^' 
Parker, Lieutenant Watkins, Lieutenant Morgridge. dreSS, followed by 



Who assumed command of the 171st Infantry Brigade on July 16. 



speeches from Captain Payen for France and others and the playing of the 
French and American national anthems. 

On July 1 6 Brigadier General Francis Le Jeune Parker arrived to take 
command of the 171st Infantry Brigade, and officers fresh from the trenches, 
mostly from the Rainbow Division, came to supervise the final training. 
Orders to go were eagerly awaited. 

Then, on August 8, the long looked for word arrived in the following 
confidential memorandum from the Adjutant General to General Martin, 
sent in broken code: 





. ■ '^. 





"Commanding General, Eighty-sixth Division, Camp Grant, Illinois: 

"Send all units of your division now at Camp Grant to port of embarkation, Hoboken, New 
Jersey, after arranging time of arrival and other details directly with commander of port. Units 
will probably be called upon to entrain about August 20. Do not entrain troops until commander 
of port is ready to receive them. Have inspection made to determine that organizations are sup- 
plied with clothing, equipment and medical supplies, reporting shortages, if any, to commander 
of port. Leave enemy aliens behind. Animals pertaining to above organizations will be turned 
over to commanding officer, auxiliary remount depot. Camp Grant. No detachment will be left 
to care for animals.' 


It was impossible to keep secret news of the arrival of the order. It 
spread through the camp like wildfire and was received generally with grati- 
fication, although a tenseness immediately was noticeable throughout the 
division, for hundreds of Black Hawk "buddies" already had fallen where 
the rest now were to go. The majority of the officers received the word 
with mingled exultation and relief; at last they were reaching the end of 
the gauntlet of reverses through which they had run unflinching for a year. 



But the division did not declare a holi- 
day to rejoice. The men who had not com- 
pleted the rifle course were rushed through, 
and from the target range came a continual 
roar from daybreak to dark. The 400 
students at the fourth training school were 
rushed to graduation, received their com- 
missions as second lieutenants, and were as- 
signed to companies. General Martin or- 
dered a final inspection and examination of 
every enlisted man and officer of the division. 
Now it was work day and night; for 
many there was little sleep, particularly com- 
pany officers, top sergeants and. company 
clerks. There were countless records to be 
completed, accounts to be settled, equipment 
to be drawn, questions to be answered, and 
in many orderly rooms the lights burned 
night after night till dawn. 

Then Camp Grant was closed to visitors 
and the movement toward France was begun. 
The advance party of officers and en- 
listed men selected to precede the division, 
headed by Lieutenant Colonel Lull, Major 
Harry S. Gradle, M. R. C, and Captain A. 
C. H. Snyder, Q. M. C, and consisting of a 
billeting party and two debarkation and en- 
training parties, entrained August 13 for Camp Mills, Long Island, followed 
by an advance school detachment. 

Entrainment of the division was begun August 18 at the Chicago, Bur- 
lington & Quincy Railroad siding in the quartermaster area, units being 
moved by sections, each train accommodating two companies or approxi- 
mately the equivalent. It was a week before the last organization had left 
Camp Grant. Tourist sleepers were employed mostly, with a sprinkling of 
regular Pullmans and now and then an observation car thrown in. Baggage 
cars accompanied each section, and meals were cooked and served aboard 
during the two days' trip to the Atlantic coast, which, compared with those 
to come later on the other side, was indeed a luxurious journey. 

Division headquarters and the majority of the units of the division 
proceeded to Camp Mills; the 171st Infantry Brigade went to Camp Upton. 
The artillery, which entrained at Sparta, was assigned to Camp Mills. 

The men suffered considerable discomfort at Camp Mills from the heat 
and the famous Long Island mosquitoes. Most of the organizations at that 
camp were sheltered in squad tents, a number of which were blown away 
in a rainstorm, and the sanitation there also was not the best. At Camp 

A trainload of Black Hawks on the 
way from Camp Grant to Camp 



Upton the 341st and 342nd Infantry regiments were comfortably housed in 
wooden barracks. 

Upon arrival at the eastern camps the 'ia tri neru mors" — most con- 
tagious of the division's ailments — again set in. All kinds of reports flew 
back and forth. The division was to remain there to send other organiza- 
tions to France; it was to go back to Camp Grant, a mistake having been 
made by the embarkation authorities; it was to go to Siberia; it was — in 
fact, there seemed little any division could possibly do that rumor did not 
have the Eighty-sixth destined to do. The Black Hawks, however, had their 
fling with rumoritis at Grant, and now took all news of future developments 
with a grain of salt. 

The excellence of the Eighty-sixth Division when it sailed is attested by 
the following report of the port inspector, a copy of which was forwarded to 
General Martin with the compliments of the commanding general of the port: 



Office of the Assistant Port Inspector 

Camp Mills, N. Y., September 3, 1918. 


I. Since August 17, 191 8, inspection has been made of the clothing and individual equip- 
ment of the organizations of the Eighty-sixth Division enumerated below: 
(i) Advance billeting and Debarking Detachment. 
-(2) Advance School Detachment. 
(3) Division Headquar- 

ters Troop and Detachment. 



Machine Gun 




Infantry Bri- 

gade Headquarters Detachment. 


343rd Infantry. 


344th Infantry. 



Machine Gun 




Field Signal 




Train Head- 


and Military Police. 



Engineers and 








Mobile Ord- 

nance Repair Shop. 

(14) 3iithSanitary Train . 

(15) Sanitary Squad No. 

(16) Sanitary Squad No. 


(17) 315th Bakery Com- 



Left to right: Captain Hall, Captain Stilwell, Colonel Stodter, 

Captain Darlington and Lieutenant Dyer. 



2. Each one of the organizations named above was ready for its inspection at the time 
designated. Every officer on duty in the inspector's office who has inspected an organization 
of the Eighty-sixth Division has commented upon the excellent discipline of the command and 
the thorough preparation made by it for inspection of its clothing and equipment. 

3. The excellent showing made by all of the organizations of the Eighty-sixth Division thus 
far inspected at Camp Mills is such that I believe you will desire this special report of it, and I 
feel that special report is due the division. 

J. T. Nance, 
Lieutenant Colonel, I. G. D., Assistant to Port Inspector. 

The 171st Infantry Brigade Headquarters, the 341st and 342nd Infantry 
regiments and the 332 nd Machine Gun Battalion, at Camp Upton, received 
similar praise from the port inspector. 


Further commendation of the division was given later in the following 
memorandum from Major General David C. Shanks, who was in command 
of the Port of Embarkation at Hoboken: 


During the long period that I was in command of the Port of Embarkation, Hoboken, N. J., 
many divisions of troops and many separate organizations passed through the port and through 
the Embarkation Camps enroute to service overseas. 

Many of these organizations showed careful training, instruction and a high state of 

The Eighty-sixth Division made an especially fine showing in all of the elements which 
go to show discipline and excellent training. 

The record made by this division in camp at Camp Mills was unusual and was the cause 
of much favorable comment from officers who had occasion to observe the division. 

I do not know of any organization passing through the port which made a better showing 
than the Eighty-sixth Division. 

The Commanding General of the Eighty-sixth Division was Major General C. H. Martin 
and the Chief of Staff was Colonel Roger S. Fitch. 




Left to right: Captain Scobie, Colonel Palmer, 

Major Sweeney, Captain Ogle. 

This memorandum is prepared without re- 
quest or suggestion, either direct or indirect. 
(Signed) David C. Shanks, 

Major General, U. S. A. 

First of the Atlantic transports 
put to sea with the Eighty-sixth Di- 
vision was the Agapenor, saiHng 
September 8 with regimental head- 
quarters, the Second Battalion and 
Headquarters and Supply Compa- 
nies of the 343rd Infantry, The 
greater part of the remainder of the 
division, with the exception of the 
artillery, sailed the next day. Im- 
mediately after breakfast — the 
troops had gone aboard the evening 
before — the camouflaged fleet passed, 
ship by ship, down the Hudson River 
into New York harbor and past the 

Statute of Liberty, then they took up the convoy formation and dropped anchor. 
Below "sub" chasers were darting about everywhere, while airplanes circled 

At 10:15 a. m. the convoy lifted anchor and put to sea, a cruiser and 
a navy "blimp" leading the procession, with "sub" chasers covering the 
flanks. As the convoy steamed out of the three-mile limit, it was joined by 
an American battleship, which brought up the rear, accompanying the trans- 
ports half way across. 

The Black Hawk fleet consisted of the following vessels, in addition to 
the warcraft: 

Empress of Asia — Division Headquarters, Headquarters Troop, 331st 
Machine Gun Battalion, 311th Engineers, 311th Engineer Train. 

Minnekahda — 1 7 1 st 
Infantry Brigade Head- 
quarters, 342 nd Infantry. 
Meg antic — 172nd 
Infantry Brigade Head- 
quarters and the follow- 
ing organizations of the 
344th Infantry: Head- 
quarters Company, Sup- 
ply Company, Machine 
Gun Company and Third 

Nel us— First Bat- 
talion, 341st Infantry. 
Canopic — 341st In- 



At'I^ pI 









Left to right: 

Lieutenants Gerould, Little, Krebbs, and the 



fantry Headquarters; Headquarters Company and Second Battalion of the 
341st Infantry, and Machine Gun Company of the 342nd Infantry. 

Elpenor — Third Battalion and Supply and Machine Gun Companies of 
341st Infantry. 

Northumberland — First and Second Battalions, 344th Infantry. 

Walmar Castle — Advance and billeting parties. 

On September 14 the Olympic sailed with the 332nd and 333rd Machine 
Gun Battalions and the first and third battalions and machine gun company 
of the 343rd Infantry. The first battalion, under Major Thomas Marshall, 
had been on an exhibition tour through Canada and arrived at Camp Upton 


Which carried overseas the 332nd and 333rd Machine Gun Battalions and part of the 343rd Infantry. 

the day the remainder of the infantry troops were preparing to entrain for the 

Another Black Hawk convoy left New York Harbor on September 17, 
consisting of the following: 

Lapland — i6ist Artillery Brigade, Headquarters and 331st Field Artil- 

Empress of Russia — 332nd Field Artillery and 311th Field Signal Bat- 

Metagama — 333rd Field Artillery and 311th Train Headquarters. 

Nestor — Headquarters Field Hospital and Ambulance Section, the four 
ambulance companies and the four field hospital companies. 

Teiresies — Other medical organizations. 

The 311th Ammunition Train embarked on the Rhesus on September 
25 and the 311th Supply Train on the Aquitania on October 2. 




Commanding 332nd Machine Gun Battalion. Commanding 333rd Machine Gun Battalion. 


Commanding Third Battalion, 344th Infantry.^ Commanding 331st Machine Gun Battalion. 




The hazy Irish coast on the morning of September 
20, 1918. 

As records go, the voyage 
acro^ of the major portion of 
the Eighty-sixth Division may be 
chronicled as "uneventful," al- 
though to thousands of Black 
Hawks it was the event of a life- 
time, an event never to be for- 
gotten. Most of these men had 
never before seen the ocean, 
much less sailed it. 

All of the ships in the con- 
voy were British. The troop 
quarters were in the hold, where 
in some vessels bunks had been built, while in others hammocks were swung 
over the mess tables. Into these holds the men were packed so densely that, 
there being little ventilation to begin with, it became at times difficult to 
breathe. The peculiar smell of those holds is a thing that probably will not 
soon pass from the memory of the American soldier. It is a smell in a class 
By itself; there is no other smell anywhere else exactly like it. 

Most of the vessels being freighters, the officers' quarters were usually 
make-shift affairs hastily constructed and in some instances almost as cramped 
as the men's, although the ventilation usually was better. In each troop sec- 
tion, however, one officer was constantly on duty. As the trip progressed 
and many of the officers became victims of mal de mer, it was necessary 
for some of those who were immune to pass more of their time in the hold, 
while many of the men were permitted to sleep on deck when the weather 

On account of the danger of submarine attack the convoy traveled with- 
out lights. Even smoking on deck was prohibited after sundown. Mess, 
such as it was (for those who could eat), band concerts and boxing bouts 
on deck, setting up exercises and daily fire and submarine drills, together 
with watching for porpoises, flying fish, whales and U-boats were the principal 
means of combating monotony. 

Aboard one or two of the transports were Red Cross nurses, and these 
ships were the envy of the fleet. 
The vessels daily changed their 
positions in the convoy, so that 
the boys on most of the less for- 
tunate ships caught aggravating 
glances of dancing on deck and 
heard now and then feminine 
laughter rippling across the 
water — or imagined they did. 

Through the early morning 
haze on September 20 was spied 




the dim green outline of the Irish coast on the right. Then, as the day light- 
ened, the rugged shorts of Scotland to the left could be discerned. 

The American battleship had dropped from sight several days back, and 
as the convoy entered the North or St. Patrick's Channel it was joined by 
British warcraft — only about twenty-four hours late. At the entrance to the 
Firth of Clyde the transports separated, several turning northward up the 
Clyde toward the picturesque Scottish port of Glasgow, while the greater 
number continued southward past the Isle of Man and into the Irish Sea, 
where darkness again overtook them. Dawn found them at anchor in the 
River Mersey awaiting the tide to be drawn to the great docks of Liverpool. 
On the right lay the sleeping towns of New Brighton, Egermont, Seacombe 


*""■ i ^ '..^ % 

W!w- ■_' V'"-'J\l . 



The 342nd Infantry on Brunswick Street, on the way to the docks. 

and Birkenhead, with their green parks and white walks, while over the port 
bow rose the spire of the cathedral above the Liverpool warehouses. 

General Martin, Colonel Fitch and Captains Eddy, Egbert, Spencer and 
Gordon McCormick, the general's personal aides, were the first to go ashore. 
They immediately took train for London, for conferences with Major General 
John Biddle, commander-in-chief of the American forces in England. 

Upon landing, headquarters troop proceeded direct to Southampton, 
thence across the English Channel to prepare the division area in the south 
of France. 

The remainder of the troops marched five or six miles through a drenching 
rain to Knotty Ash, where they received their first introduction to the English 
"rest camp." Slushing through mud ankle deep and worse, the men made 




The U. S. S. Charles, at Southampton, September 27, 1918. 

their way to what once 
were tents but now were 
misshapen, leaky con- 
traptions through which 
the rain trickled unpleas- 
antly. Into these the 
men were packed, about 
two squads to each tent. 
After depositing their 
packs and rifles, they 
were lined up, shovels and 
wheelbarrows were issued 
to them, and they were 
put to work making pass- 
able the streets through 
whic:h they had waded. 

The next day, Sun- 
day, the sun peeped from behind the clouds for a while and the infantrymen 
were marched to a Rugby field nearby, where, after a talk by a British 
colonel, greeting cards from King George were presented to them. As one 
man remarked: *'We also had a message to send to George about his ships 
and grub and rest camps, but no one could be found to deliver it." 

From Knotty Ash the infantry entrained in from two to five days for 
Romsey, to which point the organizations landed at Glasgow had moved. 
Other outfits were quartered at Winall Downs, in Winchester. A hike over 
ten miles of meandering English roads, through picturesque landscapes and 

past quaint old inns, ter- 
minated in the rest camp 
at Southampton, to which 
port some organizations 
of the Eighty-sixth had 
sailed direct. 

In En gland the 
Eighty-sixth suffered a 
vicious body blow dealt 
by the Spanish "flu," 
which at that time was 
beginning to cause havoc 
in the States as well as 
on the other side. Many 
Black Hawks never left 
soil of England. 

The dash across the 
channel was made under 
cover of darkness, most 


Colonel Stodter, Captain Stilwell and Captain Earlington just 

before embarking at Southampton. 



^ ■^"'C'llct ^)fo-<^ ~!y^^^ --st-<^jt*_£56 c-K, (%o-€^yx^ 






of the units of the division landing 
at Havre. From the Grand Quai, up 
the steep winding thoroughfares of 
La Cote, covered with gardens and 
the villas of the wealthy residents, 
the Black Hawks hiked to another 
English rest camp, where the mud 
and the tents were worse even than 
at Knotty Ash or Winall Downs. 
The artillery and the trains, as well 
as several other organizations of the 
division, first touched France at the fortified port of Cherbourg. Here a 
hike was made to another camp at Toulville, similar to the one at Havre. 
''Hommes 40 — chevaux 8." Only those who have come into intimate rela- 
tions with this equipment can know the real significance of that phrase labeling 
the absurd French box-cars in which American troops traveled the length 
and breadth of France. These toy cars — about a third the size of the Ameri- 
can box-cars — were, as the sign assured one, calculated to accommodate forty 
men or eight horses each. Fortunately, few Black Hawks were required to 
travel in these vehicles packed to capacity, but still it often was necessary 
to sleep in relays for lack of space. 

The journey from Havre and Cherbourg was made in long trains of these 
cars, each drawn by a tiny make-believe engine with its comical peanut-stand 
whistle. But even the discomfort of the conveyances did not prevent enjoy- 
ment of this first long journey through the foreign land the Americans had 
come to fight for. Through meadowy marshland, along winding valleys, past 
the quaintest of villages and the oddest of towns, with their centuries-old 

churches of white and 
their queer little stations, 
the Black Hawk trains 
rolled along, stopping at 
a town now and then 
long enough for a bit of 
exercise, a cup of warm 
coffee, or the replenish- 
ing of the water supply. 
During these brief stops 
the Black Hawk made 
his first acquaintance 
with Jacques Bonhomme 
and the Vin twins, Blanc 
and Rouge. 

Presently the wine 
country was reached, the 
trains passing through 




mile after mile of vineyards, the long rows of 
vines hung heavy with their burden of grapes of 
purple and white. After such journeys, rang- 
ing in duration from two to almost four days, 
the Eighty-sixth Division, unit by unit, reached 
its destination in the gorgeous "Garden of 
Bacchus," the wine-growing district of Medoc in 
the department of Gironde. 

Division headquarters were established in 
the town of St, Andre de Cubzac, situated on the 
Dordogne not far from its confluence with the 
Garonne. Here were billeted the headquarters 
troop and the 331st Machine Gun Battalion, 
with Captain Leander J. McCormick of the 
343rd Infantry as town major. 

In the towns surrounding, the infantry, the 
remaining machine gun battalions and the en- 
gineers were billeted. Headquarters of the 171st 
Infantry Brigade were set up at Cubzac-les-Ponts, the 172nd Brigade head- 
quarters at St. Loubes, The 341st Infantry was divided between La Gorge- 
sur-Gironde, St. Gervais and Prignac; the 342nd Infantry scattered over an 
area embracing the towns of Lugon, Cubzac-les-Ponts, St. Romain and Cadil- 
lac; the 343rd Infantry was at St. Loubes; the 344th Infantry at Ambares 
and St. Louis Montf errand. The 332nd Machine Gun Battalion was sta- 
tioned at Asques, the 333rd at St. Eulalie. At Yvrac and Montussan the 311th 
Engineers and the 311th Engineer Train were situated for a while, later mov- 
ing to the camp at Bassens. The 311th Train Headquarters and Military 
Police and the 311th Sanitary Train were quartered at St. Andre de Cubzac, 
division headquarters, and the 311th Ammunition Train at Le Courneau. 

France the i6ist Artil- 
lery Brigade went direct 
to Camp Hunt at Le 
Courneau. The 311th 
Trench Mortar Battery, 
of this brigade, was the 
only Black Hawk organ- 
ization — with the excep- 
tion of the 311th Mobile 
Ordnance Repair Shop, 
which went from Cher- 
bo u r g to Is-sur-Tille, 
Cote d'Or— that did not 
join the division in 
France. The trench mor- A daily scene in st. andre de cubzac 



tar battery spent all of its time at Vitrey and Chauvirey-le-Chatel, in the 
department of Haute Saone. 

Until the Bordeaux country was reached the Black Hawks had wondered 
what hidden meaning was contained in the expression "Sunny France," for 
the France they had seen had been far from that. Now they knew it was 
not all irony, after all. The climate here was ideal, the people most hos- 
pitable. The majority of the billets were quite comfortable, albeit most of 
them were in stables and barns. The men were kept hard at work during 
the day, but there was plenty of diversion. General Headquarters could keep 
them here as long as it wished. And here most of the division remained until 
a few days before the armistice — that is, nominally remained. 


The greater part of the officers, from the colonels down, as well as many 
of the non-commissioned officers, were sent to "finishing schools" at Langres, 
Clamecy and elsewhere, and shortly afterward a majority of the enlisted men 
were taken away as replacement troops and sent to other divisions in the line. 

From the infantry regiments, about October 8 were transferred 9,000 
men. They went principally to the First, Second, Thirty-second and Eighty- 
ninth Divisions, although many joined various other organizations. Twelve 
hundred men were sent from the machine gun battalions on October 20. The 
wrath of the division was aroused at these transfers, seemingly so senseless. 
The reason, however, is given in the following from the final report of General 

"Under the original organization project there were to be two divisions in each corps of 
six divisions which were to be used as reservoirs of replacements. One-half of the artillery 



Harris & Kwing 


Commander-in-Chief of the American Expeditionary Forces in France. 



and other auxiliaries of these two divisions were to be utilized as corps and army troops. They 
were to supply the first demands for replacements from their original strength, after which a 
minimum of 3,000 men per month for each army corps in France was to be forwarded to them 
from the United States. It was estimated that this would give a sufficient reservoir of personnel 
to maintain the fighting strength of combat units, provided the sick and wounded were promptly 
returned to their own units upon recovery. 

"The Thirty-second and Forty-first Divisions were the first to be designated as replace- 
ment and depot divisions of the First Army Corps, but the situation soon became such that the 
Thirty-second Division had to be employed as a combat division. For the same reason all suc- 
ceeding divisions had to be trained for combat, until June 27, when the need for replacements 
made it necessary to designate the Eighty-third as a depot division. 

"By the middle of August we faced a serious shortage of replacements. Divisions had 
arrived in France below strength, and each division diverted from replacements to combat duty 
increased the number of divisions to be supplied and at the same time decreased the supply. 
"On August 16 the War Department was cabled, as follows: 

" 'Attention is especially invited to the very great shortage in arrivals of replacements 
heretofore requested. Situation with reference to replacements is now very acute. Until suffi- 
cient replacements are available in France to keep our proven divisions at full strength, replace- 
ments should by all means be sent in preference to new divisions.' 

"At this time it became necessary to transfer 2,000 men from each of three combat divi- 
sions (the Seventh, Thirty-sixth and Eighty-first) to the First Army, in preparation for the St. 
Mihiel offensive. By the time the Meuse-Argonne offensive was initiated the replacement situa- 
tion had become still more acute. The infantry and machine units of the Eighty-fourth and 
Eighty-sixth Divisions, then in the vicinity of Bordeaux, were utilized as replacements, leaving 
only a cadre of two officers and twenty-five men for each company. To provide immediate 
replacements during the progress of the battles new replacement organizations were formed in the 
zone of operations; at first as battalions and later as regional replacement depots. 
"On October 3, a cable was sent the War Department, reading as follows: 

" 'Over 50,000 of the replacements requested for the months of July, August and Sep- 
tember have not yet arrived. Due to extreme seriousness of the replacement situation, it is 
.necessary to utilize personnel of the Eighty-fourth and Eighty-sixth Divisions for replace- 
ment purposes. Combat divisions are short over 80,000 men. Vitally important that all 
replacements due, including 55,000 requested for October, be shipped early in October. If 
necessary some divisions in the United States should be stripped of trained men and such men 
shipped as replacements at once.' 




"Altogether seven divisions had to be skeletonized, leaving only one man per company and 
one officer per regiment to care for the records. As a further measure to meet the situation the 
authorized strength of divisions was reduced in October by 4,000 men, thus lowering the strength 
of each infantry company to approximately 174. The thirty combat divisions in France at that 
time needed 103,513 infantry and machine gun replacements, and only 66,490 were available." 

While this, of course, will not by any means heal the wound suffered 
by the Eighty-sixth Division as a result of the heart breaking transfer, the 
above statement of the commander-in-chief of the American Expeditionary 
Forces will explain the necessity for taking the measure, which for a long 
time was not quite clear. 

The promptness with which this demand was met by the division is 
attested by the following telegram sent by General Headquarters to Major 
General Martin on October 13: 

"The following telegram received from Commanding General, S. O. S.: 

" 'With reference to replacements recently forwarded on urgent priority established by 
G. H. Q., information has been received that this movement has been completed and that the 
First Army is highly delighted with the promptness with which the movement was executed 
and the efficient manner in which it is handled in every respect. Twenty-eight thousand 
replacements were actually forwarded on record time in response to urgent call for twenty- 
five thousand. The commanding general 
is highly pleased with this accomplishment 
and wishes you to know that he appreciates 
the prompt and efficient response which 
was made to the call of the First Army for 
reinforcements. Please convey the com- 
manding general's appreciation to every- 
one under your command who is entitled 
to share in the thanks of our fighting forces. 
I desire to add my congratulations.' " 

Between the dates of the trans- 
fer of the infantrymen and the trans- 
fer of the machine gunners. General 
Martin was directed to report for 
temporary duty to Lieutenant Gen- 
eral Hunter Liggett, commanding 
the First Army. Shortly afterward 
General Martin served with Major 
General Charles P. Summerall of 
the Fifth Corps in the Meuse-Ar- 
gonne, where he remained until the 

Officers of the Eighty-sixth 
Division at the Third Corps school 
received a shock late in October 
when they discovered that trains of 
wounded passing through Clamecy 
contained many Black Hawk sol- 




diers. A number of captains and lieutenants met disabled men from their 
own commands, most of whom had been gassed, and from these casualties 
received the first definite information concerning the reduction of the division 
to a skeleton. 

The school details of officers and non-commissioned officers returned to 
St. Andre de Cubzac just in time to receive the tidings that the Eighty-sixth 
at last was to get its chance at the front. Moving out at dawn on November 8, 
the division was to go to Le Mans. What then was to have been the fate of 
the division there are no available official records to reveal, but the accepted 
opinion was that there it was to be filled up again to war strength. 

As a matter of fact, the writer was informed months later by an officer 
on Marshal Foch's staff that from Le Mans, the Eighty-sixth was to have 
proceeded to the Lorraine front; on November 14, in company with five other 
American divisions and thirty French divisions, the Black Hawks were to 
have participated in what the supreme war council had planned as the Allies' 
mightiest endeavor of the war — ^the capture of Metz, the rolling back of the 
German army, the invasion of Germany, the final crushing blow! 

That was the "dope." 

But to the Black Hawks on November 11 came the news of the signing 
of the armistice, the event which immediately began to be celebrated by the 
world generally — with the exception 
of the Black Hawks. For them the 
curtain had been rung down just as 
they were about to enter the big 
show. And, it may be said, they had 
paid scalper prices for their tickets. 

Even now that unkind fate 
which seemed to have followed the 
division from its very inception was 
not through with the Eighty-sixth. 
For the next day, November 12, the 
division was broken up. General 
Martin arrived at Le Mans on the 
13th just in time to view the remains. 
The disappointed Black Hawk com- 
mander was sent to Nancy to take 
command of the Ninety-second (col- 
ored) division. Upon the return to 
the states of that organization Gen- 
eral Martin was assigned to the com- 
mand of the Ninetieth Division in 
the Army of Occupation, which di- 
vision he brought home in June, 

The Eighty-sixth Division rue de L' hospice, clamecy 



cadre, comprising the skeletonized division headquarters, infantry regiments 
and machine gun battalions, with approximately one officer to a regiment 
and one man to a company — in all consisting of seventeen officers and one 
hundred and twenty-four men — sailed from Bordeaux on the steamship Siboney 
(December 25), Wilhelmina (January 6, 1919), and Zeelandia (January 16), 
arriving in the United States on January 3, 19 and 29, respectively. 

With the exception of the 311th Engineers and the 311th Engineer and 
Supply Trains, which remained in the vicinity of Bordeaux, practically all 
the remaining Black Hawk units returned to the United States as organiza- 
tions soon after the breaking up of the Eighty-sixth Division. 
The arrivals home from overseas were as follows: 

333 rd Field Artillery — Siboney, 

January 3. 
311th Trench Mortar Battery — 

Georgia, January 8. 
311th Sanitary Train — Wilhelmina, 

January 19. 
311th Field Signal Battalion — Ne- 
braska, January 29. 
311th Ammunition Train — Zeelan- 
dia, January 29. 
33 ist Field A r t i 1 1 e r y — Duca 

d'Aosta, February 5. 
332nd Field Artillery — Antigone, 
February 15. 

The last three Black Hawk 
outfits to return were the 311th En- 
gineers and the 311th Engineer 
Trains, which arrived on June 27, 
and the 311th Supply Train, which 
landed on July 2 . 

Upon their arrival in Chicago 
on their way back to Camp Grant 
to be mustered out, each of the 
Black Hawk units received a rousing welcome home, a tribute as genuine 
and whole-hearted as if the armistice had not halted the Eighty-sixth just 
as it was preparing to show its mettle on the field of battle. 

For the men from the wreck of the four infantry regiments, however, 
it was a different story. They, with a few of their officers — three to a com- 
pany, each company comprising the enlisted personnel of two former com- 
panies in the Eighty-sixth — were retained as a part of the American em- 
barkation center at Le Mans. 

Of this embarkation center, General Pershing, in his final report, from 
which quotation has previously been made, has this to say: 

"To maintain a suitable reservoir of men for Brest and St. Nazaire, an 

Who commanded the division cadre which ar- 
rived in the United States in January, 191 9. 



embarkation center was organized 
around Le Mans, which eventually 
accommodated 230,000 men. Here 
the troops and their records were 
prepared for the return voyage and 
immediate demobilization. As the 
troops arrived at the base ports, the 
embarkation service was charged 
with feeding, reclothing and equip- 
ping the hundreds of thousands who 
passed through, which required the 
maintenance of a form of hotel 
service on a scale not hitherto at- 

This was "the most unkindest 
cut of all." After months of 
gruelling training in which they had 
striven with might and main, meet- 
ing triumph and disaster with the 
same gritted-teeth determination, AIAJOR A. A. sprague, ii 

until they were met with praise wherever they might go — at Upton and Mills, 
at Liverpool, at Havre, at Bordeaux — even hiding their disappointment that 
they were not permitted to fire one of the 623,541,085 bullets or any of the 
3,500,800 shells the Americans had sent over to the foe, now they had come 
to this: they to be part of "a form of hotel service." But someone had to do 
it, so they made the best of it. 

The men of the 341st and 342nd Infantry Regiments were formed into 

At the left is the old chateau called "Bluebeard's Castle." 



the Third Provisional Regiment under command of Lieutenant Colonel 
Coleman and Major Sprague of the 341st, while those of the 343rd and 344th 
became the Fourth Provisional Regiment under Colonel Hannigan and Lieu- 
tenant Colonel Augustus Van Wormer of the 344th. 

Both of the newly consolidated outfits left Le Mans the evening of No- 
vember 13 for station at Montfort and Pont de Gennes, about eighteen miles 
distant. Through inky blackness the Third Provisional hiked several miles 
farther, to La Roche and La Brielle, where they remained for about two weeks. 
The Fourth Provisional tarried a while at Montfort and Pont de Gennes, 
then was ordered to the Belgian camp and thence back to the outskirts of 
Le Mans, where it took up its duties at that famous rendezvous of casuals, 
the forwarding camp — more familiarly known to those that have been there 
as the "Mud Hole," the "Mad House," and other possibly more appropriate 
(if less polite) names. 

The Third Provisional, leaving La Brielle and La Roche, proceeded to 
Parigne I'Eveque and vicinity and later, just before Christmas, to a group of 
towns in the historic and beautiful valley of the Sarthe, through which mean- 
ders the poplar- fringed river of that name, a country once the scene of the 
conquests of Caesar, the conflicts of Coeur de Lion and the heroic struggle of 
Jeanne d'Arc. Regimental headquarters were established at La Suze, where 
stands the ruin of what legend says is the castle of Bluebeard. In February 
the regiment was assembled at La Suze and entrained again for Le Mans, 

where it took over the classification 

The Third and Fourth remained 
at the classification and forwarding 
camps, respectively, until the em- 
barkation of troops for home had 
progressed sufficiently for the reduc- 
tion of the American Embarkation 
center, when wholesale transfers 
were made, some men going to organ- 
izations sailing for the States, some 
to special posts in the A. E. F., and 
others to various educational insti- 
tutions, such as the A. E. F. Uni- 
versity at Beaune and French and 
British universities, provisions for 
entrance into which had been made 
for American enlisted men and of- 

Of the original officers chosen 

by Colonel Coleman for the Third 

Provisional Regiment most of those 

THE EPICERIE AT MALICORNE of the former 341st Infantry were 





transferred to the Forty-ninth In- 
fantry when Colonel Palmer, their 
former commanding officer, took 
command of that organization pre- 
paring to return home. Major 
Sprague was placed in charge of the 
Motor Transport Corps at Le Mans 
for a brief period, after which he 
sailed. In January, the following 
Black Hawk officers remained with 
the Third Provisional: 

Majors Edwin W. Allen and 
Arthur C. Marriott. 

Captains Myron S. Stevens, 
Frank E. Rohde, Earl L, Lyons, 
Charles K. Hall, Merwin L. Prindle 
and T. C. Stiritz. 

First Lieutenants Herbert V. 
Juul, William G. Scholl, Frank A. 
Gerould, Jack Little, Courtney D. 
Freeman, Edward C. O. Beatty, Raymond McDonald, Walter E. Tracy, 
Clement C. Young, George Peck, Kellogg Logsden, Edward S. Marples, 
Robert A. Moss, Robert T. Peters, John A, Steinecker, James H. Ticknor, 
T. A. Warner, Harry W. Wellington and Paul A. Williams. 

Second Lieutenants Leonard W. Beadle, A. O. Hurja, George W. Martin, 
George A. Schmidt, Wallace Thompson, D. L. Vail and Paul W. Weber. 

Major Allen later went to Paris for special duty with the Peace Commis- 
sion and became a member of the United States Liquidation Commission. 

In the Fourth Provisional Regiment at this time were: 

Majors John H. Smale and William King, Jr. 

Captains A. J. Powelson, Joel M. Bolby, Carl V. Burger, John Diller, 
Gordon K. Gould, Robert A. P. Holderby, Alanson Follansbee, John J. Ver 
Haar, Richard E. Melcher, Benjamin C. English, Kenneth H. Smith and 

First Lieutenants Warren A. Johns, Howard A. Brundage, Daniel L. 
Hallowell, Herbert W. Read, Maurice R. Preston, Gailord W. Greer, George 
C. Reid, Siegfried Maurer, Melville Griffiths, Walter Cole, Elliott S. Miller, 
Joseph P. Tompkins, Warren C. Giles and Watson. 

Second Lieutenants Arthur J. Werneke, William S. Walker, George R. 
Birhman and Frank J. Malloy. 

During the demobilization period the American embarkation center was 
one of the most important "sectors" in France, for this area formed the great 
clearing house for most of the home-going troops. They must needs filter 
through the sieve before they hit the high seas. Here they were organized, 
their units filled up, they were equipped and "decootieized." 



This hanging on, working on, sending thousands of others off along that 
gorgeous homeward way was a hard and seemingly thankless job, and the worst 
enemy of the doughboy, the dread spectre of homesickness, began gnawing 
at the Black Hawks' hearts. They had been all over England and France; 
they had traversed the green where the first Derby was run; they had gar- 
nered grapes in the Bordeaux district, walked through the former palaces 
of kings, stood on Caesar's walls, swaggered in their hob-nailed boots (some 
of them) down the chestnut-lined Champs Elysees, hiked along white roads 
over which conquering hordes of centuries ago had marched; they had bil- 
leted in the homes of peasant and prince, drilled and guard-mounted to the 


delight of the wooden-shoed gentry of a hundred hamlets, "parlez-voused" 
countless alluring (and other) mademoiselles, laughed and sung and bantered 
and kicked about their chow, seen their "buddies" leave them never to return, 
been drafted when the war was over for "a form of hotel service," and now 
they wanted to go home. 

But it was not by any means all work and no play even now. Some 
fifty men or so were sent on leave from each regiment every month, with all 
expenses paid, to the leave area at St. Malo. Other leaves were granted to 
Paris, Nice, Marseilles, Bordeaux, almost any French city of the soldier's 
choice, he paying his own expenses. Then there were all sorts of athletics — 
football, baseball, basketball, boxing, track — for participation in which time 
was taken from military duties as well as from hours ordinarily devoted to 




Fiercely contested games were played between battalion teams and with 
other regiments. It was the Black Hawk baseball team that, managed by 
Captain Lyons, formerly of the 342nd Infantry, won the championship in the 
Inter- Allied Games at Paris. 

However, during their performance of "a form of hotel service" in the 
Le Mans embarkation area, an aspersion has been cast upon the Black 
Hawks by a certain commanding officer returning to the States, At least it 
was so reported. This was the statement that he had brought back ail the 
Black Hawks except the A. W. O. L.'s and G. O.-45's. One of the Black 
Hawks plodding along at his tiresome job in France received a clipping from 
a newspaper containing that officer's remarks, with the inscription in a 
feminine hand penned along the margin: "Which of these are you?" 

To correct this false impression, a check-up as complete as possible 




. . . 





The First Battalion, Third Provisional Regiment, defeating the 

Third Battalion by 7 to o, at Malicorne, Sarthe. 

was made of the Black 
Hawks in France in Feb- 
ruary. The remaining in- 
fantrymen and machine 
gunners were stationed 
about Le Mans, the 3 1 1 th 
Engineers and Engineer 
Train and 311th Supply 
Train near Bordeaux. 
Practically all other units 
of the division had re- 

Many officers of the old Eighty-sixth at that time were holding down high 
posts throughout the A. E. F., which made it "pretty soft" for many a Black 
Hawk on leave. 

General Martin himself, as has been stated, was in command of the 
Nineteenth Division in the Army of Occupation. Colonel Charles E. Stodter 
of the 342nd Infantry was inspector of animals for the Third Army in 
Germany and Colonel Fitch was G-3 (assistant chief of staff in charge of 
operations) of the Second Army. Colonel Howland was commanding a 
regiment of the Rainbow Division. Lieutenant Colonel Swift was attached 
to G-2, General Headquarters (assistant chief of staff in charge of the intelli- 
gence service) and had direction of embarka- 
tion. In Paris Major Taylor was assistant pro- 
vost marshal, one of the most important posts in 
the French capital. 

Also in Paris were Major (later Lieutenant 
Colonel) Owsley Brown, assistant to the judge- 
advocate; Major Allen, with the Peace Commis- 
sion; Captain W. I. Shuman, on the revaluation 
board, and Captain Paxton Hibben, on special 
duty. Attached to the adjutant-general's office 
in Paris were Captain Hugh G. McCulloch and 
Lieutenant Hugh D. Adair. Adair had been 
shell-shocked in the Argonne drive. Major 
George A. Davis was in charge of recreation and 
education in the Eighty-ninth Division. Captain 
Fecker was billeting officer at Coblenz. 

In Bordeaux, a Black Hawk could find any 
number of friends. Major Denman reigned su- 
preme as assistant provost marshal, winning 
high praise for the efficient manner in which, as 
American chief of police, he solved the city's 
almost hopeless traffic problems and made the 
seaport most dangerous pickings for A. W.O.L.'s. 


Major Marriott turns over to 
Lieutenant Little several ( !) 
thousand francs which had been 
wagered on the game. 



Major Fast held one of the hardest jobs in the A. E. F., as personnel 
adjutant of the Bordeaux embarkation camp. Assisting him were Captain 
Roy G. Woodruff of the 311th Ammunition Train and Captain Grover C. 
Coil, while Major William L. Elkins, also of the ammunition train, was 
commanding officer of casuals at the camp. Lieutenant Ray E. McMechan 
had the distinction of having under him at various times officers ranking as 
high as colonels. He was in command of the casual officers' company. 

Major Gradle was assistant to the base surgeon at Bordeaux, and 
Captain William Kenny, former commanding officer of headquarters troop, 
was on special (and other) duty. 

The following lieutenants were in command of guard companies at the 
Bordeaux embarkation camp: 


From the 342nd Infantry — Clarence W. ("Wild Bill") Dawson, Allen 
C. Brophy, Robert G. Copenhaver, Louis T. Sweet, Ernest T. Alcorn and 
Charles B, Crow. 

From the 343rd Infantry — Richard B. Courts. 

From the 344th Infantry — R. H. Birkby. 
. Other officers and men were scattered over the greater part of Europe. 

After the return of General Martin from France, Major General James 
W. McAndrew, General Pershing's chief of staff, crossed the continent to 
Seattle, Washington, to decorate with the Distinguished Service Medal the 
commander of the Eighty-sixth Division. 

Thus is recorded the history of the Black Hawk, as brave as Achilles, 
as determined as Jason, as faithful as Hesperus, its bubble pricked by the 
pen that signed the armistice, but as proud a division as ever served in the 
American Expeditionary Forces. 













1— ( 




















^ pi: 
^ =<« 

pq ^ 






Black Hawk Pinfeathers 

Fluffs of Down That Helped to Line the Eighty-sixth Division's Nest 

Authorship of or responsibility for the following sidelights on the History of the Eighty-sixth 
Division is neither claimed nor admitted by the writer of the preceding record of the division's 
activities. These are only little flights of fact and fancy that may recall to some Black. Hawks 
those successively mad, glad and sad days passed in the army. 

Captain William Quayle Setliffe, supply officer of the 343rd Infantry 
and later secretary of the Eighty-sixth Division Association, showed the ear- 
marks of a supply officer at the very outset of his career at Camp Grant. 

Although he is a nephew and godson of Bishop William Quayle, Bill 
early qualified as an adept at appropriating things ad lib. It was Bill who 
made a log foundation for the giant Christmas tree at camp, which in itself 
was considered somewhat of an achievement, but that was only a starter. 
Soon afterward he managed to make away with an entire house. He found 
the house one morning idle behind his quarters. He had men and rollers in a 
jiffy, and the next thing Colonel Howland knew he had a garage. The house 
belonged to the Quartermaster Corps. Some Q. M. officers saw it rolling 
away and remonstrated. Then it was that Bill proved his genius to the 
Q. M.'s. 

He borrowed a heavy truck to make the work easier. 

Camp Grant had the distinction of having assigned to it the first woman 
in the United States to be honored with the full status of an officer. This 
was First Lieutenant Isabelle Gray, Medical Reserve Corps, who for fifteen 
years had been a practicing physician in St. Louis. 




One of the Black Hawk Division's best friends and stanchest champions 
was Federal Judge Kenesaw Mountain Landis of Chicago, whose aviator 
son, Major Reed Landis, was one of America's foremost *'aces." Judge 
Landis was a frequent visitor to camp and delivered a number of fiery talks 
to the men of the division, most remembered among which — by many — was 
that "Damn the hyphen" oration of August i, 191 8, after which the judge 
naturalized 800 foreign-born soldiers and shook the hand of each one. 

Perhaps the most rapid promotion from the ranks in the American army 
was achieved by seven Black Hawks, who, three weeks after they had left 
for Camp Lee at Petersburg, Virginia, to attend the officers training school 
for engineers, returned to Camp Grant as second lieutenants. They were: 

C. L. Ballou, 311th Supply Train. 

Carl L. Boeder, Company D, 311th Engineers. 

V. D. Cyliowski, Company D, 311th Engineers. 

Samuel Etskokin, 343rd Infantry. 

C. L. Moyer, Company G, 341st Infantry. 

Fred C. Norlin, Company D, 311th Engineers. 

Daniel O'Connell, 311th Supply Train. 

All were assigned to the units they had left on entering the school. 

Another rapid promotion was that of Roy G. Swindell, who, from ser- 
geant major at division headquarters, rose to a captaincy. 

The negro recruits of the 183rd Infantry Brigade were a source of un- 
ending entertainment while quartered at Grant. The insurance officers found 

one man who insisted upon taking the full 
$10,000 worth of war risk insurance, although 
all the other men in his company had contented 
themselves with smaller amounts. Finally they 
got the answer out of him — but only after he 
had signed up for the limit. 

"When we gits ovah theah in thim battles," 
he explained, "they's gonna take of these heah 
cheap two-thousan'-dollah nigguhs an' stick 'em 
up yondah in th' f'unt lines whe' they'll git shot 
full o' holes jes lak a wiss cheese. But us ten- 
thousan'-dollah nigguhs — oh, boss — they'll keep 
us back whe' we won't stan' sma't chance o' 
gittin' hu't." 


Captain Ben English, Company K, 343rd 
Infantry, couldn't make a Ghetto squad under- 
stand how to turn their toes out at an angle of 45 degrees. 
"Turn your feet out 45 per cent," he ordered. 
Action was unanimous. 



Brigadier General Lyman W. V. Kennon, the beloved "blond giant" 
of the 171st Infantry Brigade> was not given to making sudden demotions 
among his commissioned personnel, but as for Mrs. Kennon — 

About a half-hundred Chicago clubwomen were the guests of the brigade 
commander's wife at Camp Grant. Luncheon a I'armee was served them in the 
mess hall of Headquarters Company, 341st Infantry. As they were daintily — 
as daintily as possible — balancing the red hot aluminum coffee cups and trying 
to prevent the "mixture" in the so-called plates from reaching the floor or their 
gowns, one said to Mrs. Kennon: 

"Do the boys really have such good food all the time?" 

Mrs. Kennon turned to the company's dapper captain, W. Earl Bell. 

"How about that, corporal?" she said. 

Earl blushed as the K. P.'s snickered disrespectfully. 

About fifty religious beliefs were represented at Camp Grant. The fol- 
lowing classification is the result of a survey among the enlisted men in Decem- 
ber, 191 7, and January, 191 8: 

Agnostics 21 

Apostolic 2 

Armenians i 

Atheists 13 

Baptists 1773 

Bethany i 

Carmelites i 

Church of Christ (Union)..,. 8 

Church of God i 

Church of Nazarene 2 

Christian Science 233 

Congregationalists . 851 
Disciples or Chris- 
tians 522 

Dunkards 9 

Episcopalians . . . .1096 

Evangelical 107 

Federated Church . i 
Free Mission .... 12 

Free Thinkers 112 

Golden Rule 2 

Greek Catholics. 
Holy Rollers . . . 



Kriquerenes .... 


Mennonites .... 

Methodists 3610 

Mission Friends 






Mormons 72 

New Church i 

New Emanuel i 

New Thought 2 

Pentecostal 3 

Plymouth Brethren 2 

Presbyterians 2 188 

. 270 

. 658 





■il fjfjM^^j^^^^H 

iSffip^ i^^^^^Ki *--^ -tiiii MJI^^bt ^- ^s^^' 






fl^ ml DM iiiJrJ|ijW'__ 

Progressives 3 

Quakers 45 

Rationalists 4 

Reformed 53 

Roman Catholics . .7678 

Saints of Christ. . . i 

Spiritualists 3 

Swedish Mission. . . 19 

Theosophists i 

Unitarians 120 

United Brethren. . . 78 

Universalists 95 

Zionists 8 

Every time the of- 
ficers of the 332nd Ma- 
chine Gun Battalion sat 
SOME EX-86'ERS ^o^" to their mess there 

Officers formerly of the Eighty-sixth Division, later on duty Were at least ten gUestS 

with the General Staff, U. S. A. Left to right, front row: 
Brigadier General Oliver L. Spaulding, Jr., Colonel Roger S. Fitch, 
Lieutenant Colonel Charles E. T. Lull, Lieutenant Colonel I. P. 
Swift. Upper row: Colonel E. A. Hickman, Lieutenant Colonel 
A. F. Dannemiller, Lieutenant Milligan, Captain James C. Russell. 
The last named officer was a newspaper correspondent at Camp 

— ten little French or- 
phans who had been 
adopt ed by Major 
Charles R. Mayo and his 
officers for quarters and 
rations. They were not actually on the premises, but the little French orphans 
were really and truly guests just the same, for the sum pledged to their support 
came from the mess fund, so it was share and share alike. Among the adopted 
papas were Captains Edward Cudahy, George B. Young, Jr., Otis Romine, and 
Wayne Chatfield-Taylor, and Lieutenants Columbus Healy, Louis F. Swift, Jr., 
Willard Velie, Richard Paddock, A. L. Smith, William Trembly and A. G. 
Duncan. , 

Probably the most popular "war song" of the Black Hawks, not even 
excepting "K-k-k-katy," "We Don't Want the Bacon" and "On Wisconsin," 
was that lilting parody written by Bart Macomber, former Illini football star, 
when he was a member of the Third Company at Fort Sheridan, the officers 
from which went into the 342nd Infantry. The words are: 

When all our boys get over into France 
We're going to make the Kaiser do a dance; 
• We're going to make him yell, and yell like hell, 
For the good old U. S. A. (Yes, yell like hell). 
Fight, fight, fight for every yard; 
Over the top, and hit their trenches hard; 



Then we'll roll those Germans in the sod, 
Yes, by God! 
Roll, roll, roll! 

The song became so popular at Camp Grant, in fact, that it came near 
breaking up more than one of the famous "singing lessons" at the "Y" audi- 

For obvious reasons names are not mentioned in the following incident: 

A certain brigadier general of the division was noted for his strict orders 
and his rigid enforcement of the same. But a certain major of infantry was 
equally well known for his fearless independence. 

One of the general's standing orders was to the effect that upon his 
approach on the drill field or elsewhere each officer he met was to stop his 
work, stand at attention, salute, give his name, rank and organization, and 
account for his activities at that particular moment. 

Riding his bicycle onto the drill field one fine day, the major observed the 
general, dismounted, saluted and said: 

"Good morning, general. Nice day, sir." 

The general stared at him a moment, then said, biting off each word with 
a snap: 

"Major — can — it — be — that — you — do — not — know — what — my — 
orders — stipulate — as — the^ — procedure^ — to — be — taken — by — an — 
officer — whom — I — meet!" 

The major looked the general full in the eyes. Then, saluting smartly, 
he hopped on his bicycle, saying as he rode off: 

"Sir, Major , In- 
fantry, getting on his bicycle and 
riding away." 

A number of Black Hawks still 
have confidence in the luck pieces 
from "Old Doc" Woodcock — those 
old Roman or early Christian coins 
gathered by the pioneer's father 
when he was consul in Aquitania. 
The first of these went to General 
Martin, General Andrews and Colo- 
nel Howland. Then the division's 
godfather came to Chicago to see his 
boys at their first reunion apres la 
guerre, and renewed old friendships 
and made some new ones. To these 
friends he also sent some of the rare 
coins for luck. 



Field glasses were in great demand on the White Star liner Canopic, on 
which most of the 341st Infantry made its way to France. The reason was the 
presence of several score of pretty nurses on the Empress of Asia, another of 
the convoy. 

Sergeant Adolph Larson, of Company A, was gazing longingly across the 
water, bemoaning the lack of feminine company. 

"I'd be a target for a submarine right now," he said, "if I thought I'd 
get picked up by the Empress of Asia." 

One of the English cooks on the Canopic greatly enjoyed playing on 
the superstitions of some of the 341st doughboys aboard. Of course he seized 
upon the fact that there were 1,300 passengers. Then he announced glumly 
that the death of one of the sailors presaged an ill-fated voyage. He took 
advantage of every phenomenon of the sun and moon to concoct a story of 
coming bad luck. Then one day he discovered that there were three chaplains 
on the ship. 

"The bloody craft will go down for sure," he declared. " 'Tis no end of 
an ill omen." 

The blighter really seemed disappointed when the Canopic arrived safely 
at Liverpool. 

If there was any anti-British propaganda loose in the 342nd Infantry, 
the members of the crew of the Minnekahda certainly did little to combat it. 
For the first few days of the trip over one of these was particularly obnoxious 
in his belittling of the American effort. 

"Say, buddy, I'd put the soft pedal on that line of chatter," said a ser- 
geant one day when the Britisher went a little too far. "Don't you know we're 
coming over to help you?" 

" 'Elp us, me eye," sneered the sailor. "Ye're comin' to get the glory, ye 

What followed happened so suddenly that few present could tell who was 
responsible — and nobody ever did. The Englishman, however, was in the 
ship's hospital the rest of the trip. And there was no more criticism of the 

"Well, sergeant, how do you like England?" asked a lieutenant of D 
Company, 342nd Infantry, of Sergeant Henry Cohn. 

"Hm-m," soliloquized the sergeant, "when I call anybody anything, I'd 
like to call him something besides a bloody blighter." 

At the English rest camp — beg pardon — at Havre, there was some mis- 
understanding with the "Tommies," two of whom, in an. altercation with a 
Black Hawk, suddenly pitched into the lone doughboy, who managed, how- 
ever, to hold his own quite well. A husky, six-foot-three Australian sat atop 
a fence nearby and grinned. Two other English soldiers approached and soon 
joined their comrades in the melee. This was too much for the Aussie, who 
jumped down from the fence and lit in, with the result that soon four 
"Tommies" apologized, and the Aussie and the doughboy walked off, their 


arms about each other's shoulders. Half an hour later the Black Hawk 
might have been seen emerging from the Australian's hut, making his way 
unsteadily toward his company's camp. The Black Hawks have loved the 
Australians ever since. 

Few of their many friends would suspect Major John S. Sweeney, or 
Major Albert A. Sprague II. of being sprinters. But the majors have a 
record of a two-mile jaunt in but little more than the record time. 

It happened on their first trip through France, on the way from Havre 
to St. Andre de Cubzac, and they didn't know then of the utter unreliability 


of French train schedules or of the absolute irresponsibility of French rail- 
road officials. So, when their train stopped at a fair-sized town and they were 
advised that it would be at least two hours before the journey would be re- 
sumed, they took advantage of the excellent opportunity. Captain Fred S. 
Scobie and several other officers of the 341st accompanied them to get a bit of 
lunch. When they returned in about three-quarters of an hour there was no 
train in sight. 

Oh, the plans had been changed, the station master remarked nonchalant- 
ly and started to walk away. Sweeney grabbed him. What were they to do? 
Where could they find the train? The red cap, tugging his waxed moustache 



in annoyance, said the train was two miles down the track taking on water. 
And why not? No taxis were near. They had to make that train. 

In a remarkably few minutes, the squad of sweating, panting, bedraggled 
officers reported to Colonel Palmer, in command of the train. 

"How did you get here?" asked the colonel. 

"Ran," puffed Sprague and Sweeney in unison. 

"That's good," smiled Colonel Palmer. "We'll be pulling out in two 

It was just before the armistice, in the American bar of the Grand Hotel 
in Paris. Four lieutenants of the 342nd Infantry were rushing out after a 

farewell cocktail, when they bumped 
into Lieutenant Colonel — let us 
omit his name; he is still in the 
Army — who had recently been trans- 
ferred to a division at the front. 

"Greetings," said the Lieuten- 
ant Colonel, who recognized one of 
the lieutenants as an old friend. 
"Let's have a drink for old times' 

"Can't," canted the lieutenant. 

"Gotta catch the 8 o'clock train for 

Bordeaux. Barely got time." 

"Why Bordeaux?" inquired the colonel. "The Eighty-sixth has gone 

to Le Mans. Left this morning. Beat it down to Le Mans, and you'll get 

there ahead of them." 

Arriving at Le Mans about midnight, the four lieutenants were informed 
by the R. T. O. that the division wasn't due for three or four days. There 
was no train out that night. Next morning they started again for Bordeaux, 
reporting a day late to their commanding officer. Lieutenant Colonel Holder- 
ness, who had succeeded Colonel Stodter. 

They never snitched on the lieutenant colonel who gave them the "bum 
steer," but one of them, months later, got even. 

Which accounts in a measure for the possession of the complete roster 
of the division. . 

Sergeant Richard A. ("Dickey") Dale, flaxen-haired Adonis of the 
supply company of the 343rd Infantry, was a victim of close shaves. 

The first of these close shaves came at Camp Grant before the Division 
left for Hoboken, when Dickey was compelled to seek the barber's chair and 
be shorn of his glorious tresses. The entire company gathered around to 
witness the operation, and the very roughest teamsters in the company — heart- 
less old things — gathered up the curls from the floor and divvied 'em up, one 
vulgar fellow remarking that his wife could have a nifty switch made out of 
his portion. 



After the armistice, however, Dickey let them grow again as luxuriantly 
as they pleased, to the delight of the demoiselles. Then it was that a "buddie," 
Corporal Jim Nelback, received an invitation for the pair of them to beaucoup 
party in Paree, at the home of an American woman. There was no time 
to bother with passes; there was so much red tape to them. And to go 
A. W. O. L. was to run the gauntlet of millions of M. P.'s. True, their C. O., 
Lieutenant George W. Catts, was such a decent sort of a chap they hated to 
take advantage of him. But this promised to be the chance of a lifetime. Then 
a brilliant idea hit Nelback. They would disguise themselves as "Frogs," as 
both of them could speak a smattering of French, such as "Donny mwa un 
biftek," and "Avey voo de tray bun conyak?" and "ma cheree" and "Ah, wee." 
So from the friendly natives of Montfort-Pont de Gennes they procured 
trousers, camps and long overcoats, purchased white collars and shirts, and in 
the pine woods on the outskirts of the twin towns they internationalized them- 
selves. Another "buddie" took their uniforms back to camp, and the pair beat 
it for Le Mans to catch the Paris Express at 3:30 p. m. 

Heart-failure almost overcame them whenever they passed an American 
soldier. At Le Mans, Dickey was elected to buy the tickets as Jim's French 
was not quite so polished — he insisted on saying "voos" for "voo." So Dale 
stood in line with French and American officers, soldiers and civilians, his 
knees shaking and his rosy cheeks paled. Heart action almost stopped when 
an American officer approached him and asked in French for direction to 
the buffet. Luckily the sergeant was able to answer. 

"Deux billets pour Paris," said Dickey bravely to the ticket chopper. 

"Quarante sept francs," said the woman. Forty-seven francs: Dickey 
had forgotten that when he was a soldier he rode for about a quarter fare. 
And they had only about thirty francs between them. Easing away, the 
adventurers hurried through the streets of Le Mans till they met a motorcyle 
driver they knew. And the motorcyclist so admired their nerve that, after 
recovering from his astonishment, he peeled off a hundred-franc note. 

At the station again they found the ticket window closed by a sign 
reading "COMPLET." No more tickets were to be sold, although there stood 
the Paris train waiting. Had they had on their uniforms, there was a way 
— through the old round house — but the French guard couldn't be bluffed by 
a Frenchie as he could by a doughboy. The Paris party was off. Not only 
that, but how would they get back to Montfort? Half their company would be 
going back on the trains. There was no other way out. They must walk. 

It was a disappointed pair of "non-coms" that slipped into their tents 
that night and, cussing softly but none the less emphatically, changed back into 
their O D.'s. . 

A Pastoral Study 

It is late afternoon on the Dordogne. The sun, a great ball of golden 
fire, is sinking in a blaze of glory behind the purple and green hills to the west, 
coloring vividly the vast extent of vineyards. Retreat is over, the trusty old 




Enfield racked away. Nothing to do 
till tomorrow. Buck, the husky ma- 
chine gunner, rambles aimlessly 
along between the walls of towering 
poplars lining the broad winding 
white road near St. Andre de Cubzac, 
his nature and disposition pecu- 
liarly attuned to romance and ad- 

He rubs his eyes and puts a 
hand in the pocket full of francs. Is 
it an apparition? Far down the road 
through the twilight trips the essence 
of Romance, a veritable dream of 
loveliness. They draw nearer to- 
gether. Buck summons all his nerve 
and smiles. Lordy! She has a 
dimple and her eyes twinkle as she 
rolls 'em askance. 

Is he there? Well, here's Buck's 
line of chatter: 

*'Bon jewer, madimisell. Comma tally voo? . . . Oh, tray bien. 
. . . Ah, wee. . . . Vooly voo prominod aveck mwa? . . . Ah, 
wee. . . . Madimisell ay tray chick, nes pa? . . . Ah, wee. . . . 
Keska say? . . . Naw-aw! . . . Bokoo prominod, nes pa? . . . 
Uh-uh-parly voo Onglay? . . . No? . . . Jer parley Froncay tray 
puteet, madimisell, tray puteet. . . . Oh. . . . Mercy bokoo. 
. . . Uh — madimisell, ooh ay la cafay, do yuh know — uh — ooh ay? 
. . . . Ah-h. . . . Kel kilomet? . . . Ah, wee . . 
voo avvy un puteet vair du conyak aveck mwa? Whew! . . . 
pah de zig-zag. . . . Aw, conyak allay aveck mwa kum sah! 
that. . . . No? Pah de conyak eh? Aw-right, kiddo. . 
hums a snatch of ''Madelon" distractedly.) . . . Uh — votra 
dimisell, keska say? , . . No, no. Votra nom, votra NOM! 
voo? . . . Ah, Marie? . . . Oh, Marie Juliet? . . . Say tray beau- 
tiful nom, nes pa? . . . Ah, wee. . . . Ah, vwala lo cafay. . . . 
Vooly voo un bootay de van blank? . . . How? CHAMPAGNE? Ooh, 
la, la! Bokoo franks! . . . Ah, wee. Jer avvy bokoo franks." 

After a couple of gushing bottles they start into the world again, 
her arm warm and soft under his. Night has fallen over the fragrant grape 
country. The silver moon floats serenely in the star-sprinkled purple dome, 
dropping a shimmering trail of diamonds across the dark waters of the Dur- 
dogne. Buck, inspired, chatters on: 

"Voo marryay, Marie? . . . Say bon. . . 
Ah, naw-aw! Voo no feeancay a la sargent! . . 

. vooly 


Just like 

. . (She 

nom, ma- 


Feeancay? . . . 
Sargent Francay? 



. . . Aw-aw. . . 
. . . Ah, wee. . . 
bon feeancay. . . . 
ay mwa marryay. . 
kwa? . . . Pardon 
. . . No! . . . 
. . . Hie! . . . 
dya get (hie) zhat shtuff! 
I sh-should worry. . . 

. Sargent pa bon. . . . Voo be 
. Ameriean tray bon feeancay. . . 
Ah, wee (hie) ... Ah, WEE! 
. . No. Toot sweet. . . . Poor 
y mwa. . . . Aw, Marie. . . . 
Poorkwa voo partee? . . . Partee 
Shay! Whadayamean bon swar? . 
. . Partee maintnont, huh? . 
Hie! . . . Shlong, Marie. . 

bon ehampagne, I'll shay! . . . Whoop! ... Oh revwar, 
. . . La gare finee! . . . Compree (hie) mess kit? . . , 
to sing ''We'll pin Old Glory to the Top of the Pole" but voice breaks) 
Who! (hie) won zhuh war? . . . KIA KIAK!" 

ma cheree ! 
. Mwa tray 
. . . Voo 
(hie) — poor- 
Voo partee? 
toot sweet? 
. . Where 

. . We! 

. . Tray 

That was all bunk about there being no bathtubs in France. No doubt 
when you wrote that home you were of the opinion that you were truthfully 
portraying the facts, but in fairness to the French that erroneous belief must 
be corrected. There were bathtubs in France. In fact every town of any size 
boasted a tub. Strict search and due inquiry revealed this truth. 

Such was the ease even at Le Briel, where was esconced the 341st Infantry 
portion of the Third Provisional Regiment for a time after the armistice began. 
Either Lieutenant Walter N. Sutherland of the Headquarters Company or his 
interpreter, Private (first class) Francis Prugger, can tell you that. But for 
a while there were grave doubts. 



Finally Walter, being of more or less cleanly habits, could stand it no 

"Prugger," he said. "You're the parlez vouser extraordinary of this out- 
fit, and it's up to you to get Captain Bell and me a bath tub. Now, you allez 
and don't revenez till you get one." 

Prugger canvassed the town of some 1,500 souls, finally winding up at 
the combination schoolroom and mayor's office. 

"But, my dear friend," expostulated the mayor in astonishment, "it is 

After much coaxing and petting, however, Prugger prevailed upon the 
worthy gentleman to drag the town tub out of the attic. After the dust and 
cobwebs had been removed Bell and Sutherland — and Prugger and the rest 
of the company — splashed once more in luxury. 

That Headquarters Company of the 341st Infantry boasted lots of wits. 

Twice the regiment had marched from St. Gervais to St. Andre to catch 
that train which was to take them to Le Mans. Twice the train had failed to 
show up. And twice they had returned to their billets. Each of those was 
a ten-mile hike with full packs plus. 

For the third time they were forming for the march. First Sergeant 
William Brackett looked at his travel-weary feet and said: 

"If Sarah Bernhardt made as many farewell trips as we're making, no 
wonder she has a wooden leg." 

Colonel Howland leading the 343 rd Infantry back from the range at Camp Grant. 

Our dear singing teacher at Grant? How we went over the wall at Knotty 

How good the old water tower looked 

when at last we came homeward "For Officers Only"? 

from those all-day hikes? 

"Turn out the guard; Commanding 

How we unveiled the wood and plaster 
Eagle Monument? 

Those packs? 

Short arm inspections? 


Those shoestring chin straps? 

General Parker? 

The midnight muster? 

"Men of Illinois, I envy you"? 

The 3 a. m. false alarm fire calls? 

Those critiques after maneuvers? 


"Chick" and "Marge"? 

The mud at Mills? 

The mosquitoes at Upton? 

K. P.? 

A. W. O. L.? 

The smell of the hold? 

Feeding the fishes? 

Those hammocks? 

When the Tommy bands tried to play 
Yankee ragtime? 

The side of the road to Romsey? 

The "flu" at Southampton? 

Those "rest camps"? 

Hommes 40; Chevaux 8? 

Vine blanc and vin rouge? 

The Hotel Boul d'Or? 

The Cafe de Cheval Blanc? 

The ladders? 

Hommes-Dames ? 

The Scala at Bordeaux? 

Cognac Fini? 





The M. P.'s at Clamecy? 

"Defense d'afficher"? 

Beaumont Hill? 

The red tree? 

Ditching the train at Nevers? 

The Hotel de Paris at Le Mans? 

"Major Garrison"? 

The Y. M. C. A.? 

The first American girl we saw in 

The Mad House? 

French movies? 

Bread tickets? 

That "fine old Scoth" from Ardenay? 


"American bars"? 

The Folies Bergere? 

12 Rue de Chabanais? 

Petit dejeuner in bed? 

"Merci Beaucoup"? 

That lost service record? 

S. O. L.? 

The orders to come home? 

The mill? 

The Statue of Liberty? 

Drinking Water? 




Feathers in the Black Hawk's Wings 

Tributes of Leaders to Eighty-sixth Division 

Upon the organization of the Eighty-sixth Division Association to bring 
together once more and keep together as far as possible all former members 
of the Black Hawk Division, came tributes from various sources. Some 
of these follow: 



August 24, 1 91 9. 
To the Soldiers of the Eighty-sixth Division: 

You arrived in France at the crucial moment of the Allied offensive 
which was destined to overthrow the German armies. Our First Army was 
then engaged in the greatest battle in American history, and its exhausted 
divisions required new life to enable them to deliver the final blow against 
the enemy. Under these conditions, your division disembarked at the base 
ports, and, lacking the necessary animals and equipment to permit of its im- 
mediate employment, was skeletonized and its personnel rushed to the front. 
In a minimum of time you found yourselves in the ranks of practically every 
combat division then on the front; you participated in every important as- 

89 ^ 



sault which marked the final battle of the war. The same splendid discipline 
and morale which marked your division upon its arrival in France, marked 
you as individuals in fighting with your new comrades of the veteran divisions 
of the American Expeditionary Forces. 

I can fully appreciate your personal regret over not being able to enter 
the battle as a member of the organization in which you had worked so hard 
to prepare to do your part, but by your service as individuals you contributed 
directly on the battlefield to the success of the American Expeditionary Forces 
and justified your pride in the Eighty-sixth Division. 

John J. Pershing, 



Washington, August ii, 1919. 
To the Soldiers of the Eighty-sixth Division: 

The spirit which made the Eighty-sixth and its fellow divisions invincible 
in the war is none the less necessary in this time of peace that has come 
through their military achievements. I am glad to learn that the "Black 
Hawk" is to assist in keeping alive the spirit which gave a personality and 
an individuality to your organization, both in its training at Camp Grant 
and its service overseas. I trust and believe that its record in peace will be 
none the less praiseworthy than its showing in war. 

Faithfully yours, 

Newton D. Baker, 

Secretary of War. 






Washington, August 6, 191 9. 
Dear Mr. Setliffe: 

I have received your letter informing me of the organization of the 
Eighty-sixth Division Association, and am glad to know that the men who 
have rendered the country such splendid service, both at home and abroad, 
have formed an association with the idea of keeping alive the memories of 
this service. 

The men who are returning home from France are returning with a 
broader vision of public affairs and with a fuller appreciation of what the 
American form of government means to our citizens. They will put into the 
solution of the civic problems now confronting the nation the same stead- 
fastness of purpose, resolution and determination which marked their efforts 
in France. That page in American history, which is second to none among 
the many glorious pages of American achievement, is merely the starting 
point of future achievement, not so spectacular, but of equal value to the 

My best wishes to the Eighty-sixth Division Association. 

Very cordially yours, 

P. C. March, 
Mr. W. Q. Setliffe, General, Chief of Staff. 

Sec. Eighty-sixth Division Association. 



The following is from the commanding general of the Thirty-third Di- 
vision to which were sent thousands of soldiers from the Black Hawks ranks: 

Camp Grant, 111., August 6, 1919. 
Mr. Wm. Q. Setliffe, Secretary, 
Eighty-sixth Division Association, 
Chicago, Illinois, 

My dear Mr. Setliffe: 

In reply to your favor of August 4, advising me of the formation of 
the Eighty-sixth Division Association, I take the opportunity to extend my 
hearty greetings to the members of the association, and especially to those 
brave men of the Eighty-sixth, who later served under my command in the 
Thirty-third Division in France. In the Thirty-third we had approximately 
4,000 men from the Eighty-sixth, good soldiers all, courageous, patriotic, and 
imbued with the one determination to put the enemy out of business in the 
shortest space of time. In this, their aims and objects were similar to those 
of the other gallant men of the Thirty-third Division. 

Your association should be able to accomplish much good for our coun- 
try and for the individual members of your organization, and I predict for 
it a long, honorable and successful career. 

The fact that it was my good fortune to command these gallant men 
from Illinois, will always be one of the most pleasant episodes of my career, 
and one which will ever have a green spot in my memory. 

It is to be hoped that we may escape another war such as that through 
which we have just passed, but if it be our fate to again take up the sword 
in combat we should be prepared to meet it with every promise of ultimate 
success. To do less would be to forsake every tradition of honor and justice 
among the peoples of the world, and subject us not only to humiliating and 



disastrous defeat, but render us an object of ridicule throughout the family 
of nations. 

The people of the United States should accept the lessons learned in the 
World war, the chief of which was that of unpreparedness. The policy ad- 
vocated by the government in the reorganization and expansion of the mili- 
tary establishment should be heartily supported and fostered by every loyal 
citizen. We, as a democratic people, do not require a great standing army, 
but it is a vital necessity that we maintain a large organized citizen soldiery, 
capable of supplying all possible needs during the first year of a possible 
war. This force should be thoroughly equipped, officered, disciplined and 
instructed, approaching as near as possible to the standard maintained by the 
regular army. 

If such a course is adopted by the people, it is my opinion that we as 
a nation will be in position to meet with confidence any other nation or com- 
bination of nations that may be brought against us, assuming, of course, that 
our naval establishment keeps pace with the army. 

In your work, you can do much to bring about this result, and I have 
every confidence that the red-blooded men of the 86th Division Association 
will be ever among the stanchest defenders of the honor of our country, both 
in time of peace as well as in war. 

Very truly, 

Geo. Bell, Jr., 
Major-General, U. S. A. 

From Governor Lowden the division received many words of praise. 
The following letter was received by General Martin after the division had 
reached France: 



Springfield, Sept. 10, 19 18. 
Dear General: 

I am just in receipt of your letter of September 6. I quite understand 
the situation. I have read the inspector's report and congratulate you heartily 
upon the condition of the Black Hawk Division. 

I think you know, and I hope your command may know, that I shall 
follow this division across the seas and to the battle fronts with the greatest 
interest. I have seen enough of this division to know that it will bring new 
honor and glory to the three states from which it is principally recruited. 

Good luck to you, your officers and men! 

Always sincerely yours, 

Frank O. Lowden. 
General C. H. Martin, 
Headquarters 86th Division, U. S. Army, 
Camp Mills, Long Island, New York. 


The following letter from the governor was received after the organiza- 
tion of the Eighty-sixth Association, 



Springfield, August 13, 191 9. 
My dear Mr. Setliffe: 

I beg to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of August 4. I am de- 
lighted to learn that the Black Hawk Division has formed an association to 
keep alive the memories of their great service to their country during the 
war. I had the honor several times to visit your division and conceived the 
very highest regards for its officers and men. It was a superb organization, 
and I am sure that its perpetuation means further service, though perhaps 
in a different manner, to our country. For we have great problems of peace 
to solve which the members of your association can help to solve rightly. 

With all good wishes, believe me 

Very sincerely yours, 

Frank O. Lowden. 
Mr. William Q. Setliffe, 
Secretary, Eighty-sixth Division Association. 

Upon the formation of the association the following message was re- 
ceived from. the division's overseas commander: 

August 10, 1919. 

Comrades of the Eighty-sixth Division: 

It affords me the greatest pleasure again to address you; to send a word 
of greeting and comradeship to the strong, upstanding fellows who served 
in our division and who are now happily banding themselves together to pre- 
serve the priceless memories and traditions of that splendid service. In these 
trying times let us hope that the great lessons in obedience, fortitude, loyalty 
and patriotism, taught in the National Army, may continue to abide with us. 
May the spirit of service and unselfishness, which so highly distinguished the 
Eighty-sixth Division, inspire us all to the full performance of our duty 
always. God bless you one and all. 

Cordially and sincerely, 

C. H. Martin. 


On the docks at Pavillac, ready to board the U. S. S. Antigone. 

While from the East came the following from that beloved leader from 
whom we shall never hear again: 



Grt)vernors Island, N. Y., August 16, 191 9. 
Captain W. Q. Setliffe, 
Eighty-sixth Division Association. 
Dear Captain Setliffe: 

I have your letter of July 29th and the enclosures therewith, informing 
me that the Eighty-sixth Division Association has been organized and asking 
me to accept the honorary presidency of the association. 

As the organizer and first commander of the Eighty-sixth Division, no 
one had more confidence in it or has better knowledge of and entertains 
greater pride in its wonderful spirit and efficiency. The record as made at 
Camp Grant, the record as made en route to the other side as evidenced by 
the report of inspectors while at Camp Mills awaiting embarkation, copies 
of said reports enclosed herewith, and what we all know it could and would 
have done had it been kept together on the other side and fought as a unit, 
cause me pleasure in the belief that the spirit of that division will be per- 
petuated for all time by the association just formed. 

The purposes of the association as set forth in your circular are lofty 
and sufficient. They quicken my hope and strengthen my prayer for its 
fullest success. 

Under Major Albert Sprague and the other good fellows whose names I 
note as officers, the association is in good hands and cannot fail to succeed. 



Nothing can better set forth the purposes of the association than the 
second paragraph of your letter to me, which follows: 

"We recognize today in this division a spirit that is more than discipline, 
more than a morale, more than esprit de corps; it is an overhanging spirit, 
realized not only among ourselves, but by casual visitors who came to us and 
speak of it with great appreciation. While this spirit invokes our just pride 
in our achievements, our just pride in the harmonious workings of line and 
staff, it is not a spirit of boastfulness. It is perhaps best described as a spirit 
of unselfishness, one to help our neighbors, a touch of that human kindness 
which makes all the world akin. It is an intangible but not the less master- 
ful power, that spirit of the Eighty-sixth Division, and it is the hope that 
the Eighty-sixth Division Association will foster and keep alive the pleasant 
memories through the years we have before us." 

Stay with that spirit and there need be no fear of the result. 

I will, of course, be highly honored by, and will accept, the honorary 
presidency of the association. 

I sincerely hope that every officer and enlisted man who ever belonged 
to the Eighty-sixth Division and who was honorably separated therefrom 
may become a member of the association. 

With warm personal regards to you all and with the hope that God's 
blessings may constantly and forever attend you all. 

Faithfully yours, 

T. H. Barry, 
Major-General, U. S. A. 



On board the Siboney, on its arrival in the United States. 

From the Chicago newspaper comment on the division is taken the fol- 
lowing editorial from the Chicago Evening American: 

Last of the Black Hawks, Lost Legion of A. E. F., Are Home 

The last of the Black Hawks — the lost legion of the A. E. F. — at last 
are coming home. 

Four hundred and fifty of the finest fighting men that ever shouldered 
an Enfield — members of the former 343rd, and 344th Infantry regiments of 
the old Eighty-sixth Division — have arrived at Camp Grant, and the rest of 
the fighting men of the fighting division that never fought are on their way. 

The home-coming of these men was an inglorious ore. Their trains 
slipped through Chicago in the middle of the night. 

There were no brass bands, no cheering thousands to greet them. 

But they are no less heroes than many of their more fortunate brothers 
who were given the chance — the chance the Black Hawks were willing to 
give their lives to get — to go over the top and do their part by force of arms 
to bring glorious victory to history's most glorious cause. 

There probably was no division in the American army more fit than the 
Black Hawks when they sailed last September. 

The commanding officer of the port of debarkation at Liverpool told 
Major General Charles H. Martin that he had never seen a cleaner cut lot 
of men than this division. 

The Eighty-sixth was designated as one of the six American divisions 



which, with thirty French divisions were to smash through Bavaria and ROLL 

They were to share in the glory of the greatest victory of all time. 

But Fate had set for them a tragic destiny. 

Arriving at Le Mans— ONLY ONE DAY FROM THE FRONT— on 
the afternoon of the nth of November, they received the news of the signing 
of the armistice — the news that thrilled all the world except the Black Hawks. 

Next day the division was broken up. The artillery came home and 
with it the records of the Eighty-sixth in the hands of the adjutants of the 


four infantry regiments — the 341st, 342nd, 343rd, and 344th — and the first 
sergeant of each company. 

Thus the division lost even its name and the remaining doughboys were 
formed into provisional regiments and scattered about the embarkation cen 
ter over a radius of some thirty kilometers. 

Said The Chicago Herald and Examiner, upon the arrival of the news 
on November 24, 191 8, that the division had been broken up: 

"Chicago always will maintain that the best division General Pershing 
had under him was sent home without ever firing a gun — the Eighty-sixth, 
the famous Black Hawk, made up of men from northern Illinois and south- 
ern Wisconsin. Everybody who ever saw the division — and this included 
Allied officers as well as West Pointers — agreed that no better trained body 
of men was ever got together. 

By Joseph Burke, Commander 

When the organization of the American Legion was undertaken it was 
only natural that those who had been in the Eighty-sixth Division should 
think of forming a post to be composed largely of men who had been in that 
division. So Black Hawk Post No. 107 came into existence. As demobiliza- 
tion proceeded the men had begun to come in contact with one another in 
civil life. Of course the usual topic of conversation was concerning the 
whereabouts of "buddies." This led to the calling of a meeting by Joseph 
Burke, formerly a lieutenant in Company K, 344th Infantry. The meeting 
was followed by several more in the summer of 1919. Finally it was decided 
to seek a charter in the legion, and the name Black Hawk was decided on 
by unanimous vote. There were fifteen signatures on the application for the 
charter, which was sent to legion headquarters in Chicago in August. Mr. 
Burke was chosen temporary chairman, and Fred Haller temporary secretary. 

While the charter application was pending recruiting for members con- 
tinued. At this early period the legion was not well known among the men, 
and the securing of members was not an easy matter. During the formative 
period William L. Allison, a major in the 344th Infantry, gave great help by 
his encouragement. In the meantime the Eighty-sixth Division Association 
had been formed. William Q. Setliffe, its secretary, became interested in the 
post, and did splendid work in securing members. At first state convention, 
held in October, at Peoria, Mr. Setliffe and William T. Thompson repre- 
sented Black Hawk Post as delegates. 

Finally the time came when there were enough members to launch the 
post officially, and a call was issued for an election of officers. At the first 
meeting, held in the Oxford Building, Chicago, on November 6, 1919, the 
following were elected: 

Commander — Joseph Burke. 
Vice-Commander — Leonard Rosin. 
Adjutant— William Q. Setliffe. 
Chairman of Publicity Committee — Jack Little. 

Thereafter meetings were held on the first and third Thursdays of each 
month at 8:00 p. m. in Room 1121, County Building, Chicago. Additional 
officers were elected on January 18, 1920, as follows: 

Sergeant-at-arms — Edward H. Johnson. 

Executive Committee — Jack Little, Emory A. Champlin, Charles L. 

Collette, Charles C. Le Forge, John H. Smale, Waldo M. Allen 

and John D. Reaton. 
Chairman of Americanization Committee — R. F. Kelker. 
Medical Officer — Dr. John S. Sweeney. 




Insurance Officer — Irvin O. Vanderburg. 
Vocational Officer — John H. Smale. 

At this meeting also the adjutant, William Q. Setliffe, resigned, because 
of being required to remain out of town a good deal of the time as an organizer 
for the legion. It was decided to hold an election at the following meeting. 
In the interim Richard Dale acted as adjutant, and at the meeting of Feb- 
ruary 5th Emory A. Champlin was elected to the position. Headquarters 
of the post were moved to Room 410, Chamber of Commerce Building, It 
was at that time that Frank Bernier Post No. 353 decided to affiliate. 

Black Hawk Post so far has upheld the traditions of the splendid divi- 
sion for which it is named. It is expected to be one of the largest posts in 
the legion. All former service men are welcome to join, but a particular 
invitation has been extended to those who were at any time during the war 
at Camp Grant. The post is doing much to aid the men. A case in point 
is the effort being made to bring the releases and restorations to good stand- 
ing of Corporal Anton Nicholas, formerly of the 342nd Infantry, who is 
now serving a twenty-year sentence at Ft. Leavenworth, which the Black 
Hawk post believes, after a thorough investigation, should not have been 
imposed. The post is also striving to obtain the passage through Congress 
of the bill backed by the national officers of the legion to give each former 
service man $50 for each month's service as additional pay. 

Black Hawk Post stands for everything that is good in American life. 
Its desire is to serve the republic and in so doing to serve those who held 
pay the Republic. 


The Roster of the Eighty-sixth Division 

The problem of preparing a roster of the Eighty-sixth Division was per- 
haps the most difficult one which the author of this book had to face. So 
many thousand men served with the division at one time or another — so many 
thousand men felt that they belonged to the Eighty-sixth Division — yet the 
permanent records of the War Department were in such form that it was im- 
possible to include in the rosters the name of every man who served with the 
division. It was therefore decided that the best plan was to use as rosters 
the sailing or passenger lists of the various units. For surely if the division 
ever existed as a unit, it was at the time of sailing for France. No disrespect 
is intended to the men who left the Eighty-sixth for other organizations. Their 
names are inscribed on the rolls of the Thirty-third Division, Eighty-ninth 
Division, and the other units with which they fought. The men who sailed 
as members of the Eighty-sixth have only envy for those who reached France 
in time to take part in the actual fighting. 

No attempt has been made to rearrange these passenger lists. They ap- 
pear here exactly as they were copied from the official files of the War De- 
partment. For this reason officers and men who went overseas in the advance 
billeting and embarkation units are listed under those units rather than with 
the regiments to which they belonged. 

In order to save space, certain abbreviations and omissions were neces- 
sary. Unless otherwise stated, all men listed were privates; first class privates 
have the numeral (i) in parentheses after their names. Similarly, first class 
sergeants have the numeral after their names. All ranks of officers are indi- 
cated by abbreviations, e.g., maj.gen. for major general, col. for colonel, capt. 
for captain, etc. When no state is given in the address following any name, 
Illinois should be understood. 




341st Infantry. 


Commanding Medical Detachment, 311th 
Ammunition Train. 


Commanding 332nd Machine Gun 

311th Train Headquarters and Military Police. 


Chas. H. Martin, Maj. Gen., 418 Failing Bldg., Port- 
land, Ore. 

Roger S. Fitch, Col., 324 Main St., Danbury, Conn. 

las. M. Phalen, Lt.-Col., Harvard. 

Gordon N. Kimball, Lt.-Col., 21 Tevinam Apts., Chat- 
tanooga, Tenn. 

Harris Pendleton, Jr., Lt.-Col., Guaranty Trust Co., 
New York City. 

Chas. R. Mayo, Lt.-Col., Ft. Sam Houston, Tex. 

Alexander Gillespie, Lt.-Col., 7 Watson St., Marble- 
head, Mass. 

Tnnis P. Swift, Lt.-Col., Moro. 

Orville J. Taylor, Maj., 65 E. Division St., Chicago. 

Jos. E. Barzynski, Maj., 7342 Yates Ave., Chicago. 

Dennis H. Udall, Maj., 106 Brandon Place, Ithaca, 
N. Y. 

Lee B. Schrader, Maj., Box 29, Evansville, Ind. 

Henrv H. Thompson, Maj., 76 S. loth St., Noblesville, 

Robert K. Fast, Mai., 115 N. Sandusky St., Tiffin, O. 

J. A. M. Hindrum, Capt., 4304 N. Paulina St., Chicago. 

Walter B. Holton, Capt., 290 Wellington Ave., Roch 
ester, N. Y. 1 

Frederick L. Pond, Capt., 906 E. 53rd St., Chicago. 

Wm. I. Shuman, Capt., 2600 Windsor Ave., Chicago. 

Roy G. Swindell, Capt., 310 Wilder St., Chattaiiooga, 
Tenn. , 

John E. Eddy, Capt., 175 Jackson Blvd., Chicago. 

Edw. J. Strickler, Capt., Billexica, Mass. 

E. C. Wampler, Capt., 445 Monmouth Blvd., Galesburg. 

Egbert H. Spencer, Capt., Rookery Bldg., Chicago. 

Gordon McCormick, Capt., 6065 S. Michigan Ave., Chi- 

Hugh W. McCiillough, ist Lt., 418 Church St., Evans- 

M. P. Burkholder, ist Lt., .89 E. 17th St., Chicago 

Will W. Korb, ist Lt, Hill City, Kans. 

Geo. R. Clark, 2d Lt., 135:0 N. Main Ave., Scranton, Pa. 

Nat L. Dewell, 2d Lt., JBlanchard, Iowa. 

Geo. S. McGrath, 2d Lt., loi Richmond Road, Drum- 
conda, Dublin, Ireland. 


Sidnev A. Shoop, ist Lt., 1008 N. Bloomington St., 

Hovey W. Dodge, 2d Lt., 5236 Greenwood Ave., Chi- 

Geo. D. Smith. 2d Lt., 4721; Grand Blvd., Chicago. 

Theodore F. Bahls, Reg. Sgt. Maj., 2840 N. Talman 
Ave., Chicago. 

Leonard Rosin, , Reg. Sgt. Maj., 1248 S. Kedzie Ave., 

Lloyd H. Branks, Reg. Sgt. Maj., 212 Glen St., Janes- 
ville. Wis. 

Harry Michaelson, Reg. Sgt. Maj., 1210 S. Sangamon 
St., Chicago. 

Hansh Ruedebusch, Reg. Sgt. Mai., Mayville, Wis. 

Louis V. Mahany, Ord. Sgt., 721 W. 6th St., Peru, Ind. 

Ralph A. Kurtz, I?n. Sgt. Maj., 410 N. Humphrey Ave., 
Oak Park. 

Frank Ohnesorge, Bn. Sgt. Maj., 1306 S. 6th St., May- 

A. G. MacLean, Bn. Sgt. Maj., 136 Highland Ave., 
Downers Grove. 

Melvin H. Rose, Bn. Sgt. Mai., Coral, Mich. 

David Gettlemen, Bn. Sgt. Maj., 1017 S. Hermitage 
Ave., Chicago. 

Robt. Hendrickson, Bn. Sgt. Maj., 3231 Crystal St., 

Geo. J. Drobnis, Bn. Sgt. Maj., 1516 S. Sawyer Ave., 

Clifford N. Tiedt, Sgt. (i), 4745 St. Lawrence Ave., 

Reginald Oxenham, Sgt. (i), 61 18 S. Mozart St., Chi- 

Patrick G. Burns, Sgt. (i), 5430 Dorchester Ave., Chi- 

Paul M. Joslyn, Sgt. (i), 19 S. Liberty St., Elgin. 

Samuel M. Eno, Sgt. (i), 726 Dundee Ave., Elgin. 

Frank R. Babcock, Sgt. (i), 219 Irving Ave., Rockford. 

Michael W. Kiley, Sgt. (i), 405 E. Marquette St., 

Herman L. Rusch, Sgt. (i), 1203 2nd St., Hudson, Wis. 

Russell W. Allen, Sgt. (i), 4642 Clarendon Ave., Chi- 

Don P. HIser, Bn. Sgt. Maj., 29 Granville St., Newark, 

Roy C. McCotter, Bn. Sgt. Maj., R. D. i, Bedford, 

Michael J. Casey, Bn. Sgt. Maj., 6336 Throop St., 

Wm. Aboussleman, Bn. Sgt. Maj., 60 Washington St., 
New York City. 

George Tree, Bn. Sgt. Maj., Browntown, Wis. 

Edw. M. Fogarty, Sgt., 713 E. Kent St., Streator. 

Stanophe Hudson, Sgt., 4447 N. Herrhitage Ave., Chi- 

Shelbey R. Meyer, Sgt., 1220 E. 64th St., Chicago. 

Milton C. Steuber, Sgt., 11 1 N. Henry St., Madison, 

Francis Peterson, Sgt., 137 Colander Ave., LaGrange. 

Kirby A. Yeakel, Sgt., Wayne.sville. 

Geo. E. Day, Sgt.. 312 N. i;th St., Brainerd, Minn. 

Ford L. Burley, Sgt., Winslow. 

Clint W. Payton, Corp., 5692 Ridge Ave., Chicago. 

Jesse S. Boring, Corp., Antioch, Tenn. 

Fred M. Morris (i), 4442 N. Sawyer Ave., Chicago. 

Frank O. Fisher, Corp., 722 St. Lawrence St., Beloit, 

Allen G. Smith (i), 6809 Aberdeen St., Chicago. 

Frank A. Adams (i), Galva. 

Orland L. Bowers (i), 204 S. Monroe Ave., Green Bay, 

.Tames A. Galvin (i), 2600 S. State St., Chicago. 

Harry G. Gustafson (1), 6362 Ellis Ave., Chicago. 

Wm. M. Lanyon, 4906 Ellis Ave., Chicago. 

Edward B. Lloyd (i), 1404 Hyde Park Blvd., Chicago. 

Harry F. Moors (i), Hancock, Wis. 

Chas. Newbury (i), 5738 8th Ave., Los Angeles, Cal. 

John E. Kidd, -927 2nd Ave., Eau Claire, Wis. 

Arthur W. Kundsen (i), 1642 N. Claremont Ave., Eau 
Claire, Wis. 

David M. Broderick, 1114 N. California Ave., Chicago. 

Claude L. Carter, 710 Wabash St., Rhinelander, Wis. 

Ira A. Cramer, 414 W. Monawan St., Tomah, Wis. 

Chas. L. Kallen, 5726 Calumet Ave., Chicago. 

Christ Lindberg, Walnut Grove, Minn. 

Wm. W. Wehmer, 8059 Vincennes Ave., Chicago. 

Walter P. Sadler, W. St. Paul, Minn. 

Kenneth S. Fisher, 1300 N. Center St., Beaver Dam, 

Ralph W. Trate (i), 522 S. 12th St., Reading, Pa. 

Louis Kaplin, Sgt., 1554 Girard St., Chicago. 

Thomas Hammer, Sgt., 1021 1 Lowe Ave., Chicago. 

Geo. E. Vanderbeeke, Sgt., 1719 i8th Ave., E. Moline, 

McWilliams Remmgton, Sgt., 4414 Charlotte Ave., Kan- 
sas City, Mo. 

Louis P. Lindgren, Sgt., 1401 Rosemont Ave., Chicago. 

Wilbur N. Tardy, Sgt., 3425 Colorado Ave., Chicago. 

Louis A. Poulin, Sgt., Box 343, St. Johns, Quebec, 

Wm. P. Carey, Sgt, Morris. 

Wm. E. Cole, Sgt., Hundred, W. Va. 

Benjamin Kaufman, 1044 Van Buren St., Chicago. 

William Watson, 220 N. Grand Ave., Los Angeles Cal. 

Duncan Rowles, Corp., 214 N. 6th St., LaCrosse, Wis. 

Reynold E. Wagner (i), 2033 N. Albany Ave., Chicago. 

Lawrence Allen, Corp., ist Nat Bank of Chicago. 

Harry Behnamann (i), 107 4th Ave., Rock Island. 

Edward C. Coy (i), 4113 N. Laramie Ave., Chicago. 

Geo. C. Gerth (i), 6135 S. Bishop St., Chicago. 

Ben Jacobs (i), 1124 S. Paulina St., Chicago. 

Kinney E. Leins (i), 2848 8th Ave., Rock Island. 

Lester J. Michael (i), 896 Irving Park Blvd., Chicago. 

Geo. J. Murphy (i), 6348 Langley Ave., Chicago. 

John A. Nolan, 2a Willow St., Cambridge, Mass. 

Ivan B. Picard (i), Virginia Hotel, Chicago. 




Frederich Swanson (i), 514 S. Mathews Ave., Urbana. 
Geo. E. Dahlin, 4215 N. Crawford Ave., Chicago. 
Arthur Oglesbee, (i), 119 Park Place, Oak Park. 
John C. Davis (i), Polo. 

Arthur Burfiend, R. D. .1, Box 93, Nye, Wis. 
Chas. W. Catino, 2648 W. Superior St., Chicago. 
Frank M. Dart, 504 loth St., Moorhead, Minn. 
Walter H. Hicks, 5632 La Salle St., Chicago. 
Raymond D. Olsen, 391 N. Claremont Ave., Chicago. 

Ernest J. Franzin, 845 King Place, Chicago. 

David F. Barrett, 1003 N. Main St., Rockford. 

Suhm, 331 Riverside Place, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Alfred C. Welo, 3036 Hariet Ave., S. Minneapolis, Minn. 

Wm. Atherton, Stithton, Ky. 

Edw. L. Sieben, 452 W. 2sth Place, Chicago. 

Herbert F. Sonderberg, 1232 Washington Blvd., Chicago. 

Kurt C. Ruedebusch, (1), Horicon St., Mayville, Wis. 

Edward J. Laurson (1), 12 E. nth St., Covington, Ky. 


Wm. Kenney, 3927 Zuni St., Denv'er, Colo. 

John A. Vogelsang, ist Lt., 175 W. Madison St., Chi- 

Nathan A. Corwith, 2d Lt., 199 Vine Ave., Highland 

Edward Williams, Sgt., 450 Ryerson Ave., Elgin. 

Edward L. Mulstay, ist Sgt., 346 E. 137th St., New 
York City. 

Nathaniel Kuersly, Sgt., Lackawanna Steel Co., Cleve- 
land. O. 

Eugene J. Hulton, Sgt., 15 W. 65th St., Chicago. 

Delbert Cook, Sgt., Adams and Mechanic Sts., Monroe, 

John J. Sullivan, Corp., 7420 Paxton Ave., Chicago. 

Doyle S. Raney, Cook, Erie. 

Laverne I. Buck, Mech., 108 W. First St., Belvidere. 

Oscar L. O'Brien, Wag., Bartlett. 

Fred Piepenhing, Wag., Mt. Prospect. 

Clarence Bartlett (i), 955 E. Chicago St., Elgin. 

Harold H. Bailey, 75 N. Batavia Ave., Batavia. 

Harold E. Berg, 514 8th St., Rockford. 

Gustav'e Chellman, 1349 Thorndale Ave., Chicago. 

Carl C. Ditmar, 949 E. 54th Place, Chicago. 

Reinhard Draeger, Edgar, Wis. 

Allessio Farion, 910 S. Racine Ave., Chicago. 

Walter Janusik, Files City, Mich. 

Alvin E. La Follette, Birmingham, la. 

Einar M. Larson, 4918 St. Anthony Ct., Chicago. 

Helmar A. Lokken, R. D. i, Onalaska, Wis. 

Ray U. Martin, 3550 Vincennes Ave., Chicago. 

Roy F. Mawhinney, Milton, Wis. 

Jarrett O'Connor, 7006 Calumet Ave., Chicago. 

Benjamin M. Parks, 181 1 ist Ave., S., Minneapolis. 

Jos. R. Peterson, 1210 Crosby St., Rockford. 

John W. Robinson, 433 S. sth St., LaCrosse, Wis. 

Burton M. Stadden, 1310 E. ■S4th St., Chicago. 

Paul Stone (i), Beloit, Wis. 

Walter W. Thompson, Buffalo, Wyo. 

Will E. Wenger, 902 East St., Monroe, Wis. 

Clifton A. Harper, Sgt., 917 loth Ave., Rockford. 

Arthur Robus, Mess Sgt., 202 Canon Drive, Beverly 
Hills, Cal. 

Harry Kater, Corp., Franklin Park. 

Peter A. Sorgule, 414^ Newport Ave., Chicago. 

Fred W. Hunnerberg, Cook, Palatine. 

Ivan B. Terrey, Wag., 311 E. Main St., Reedsburg, Wis. 

Phillip Dougherty, Hs., 6625' Sangamon St., Chicago. 

John M. Everson, Hs., Orfordville, Wis. 

Nick Sloot, Wag., Mt. Prospect. 

Arthur Berning (i), Shermerv'ille. 

Otto IBusse, Mt. Prospect. 

Wm. Cotterell (i), 2845 Dawson Ave., Chicago. 

Geo. E. Fellows, 136 W. 4th St., St. Charles. 

Edw. A. Gossink, Randolph, Wis. 

Frank L. Greenfield, 765 Brook St., Beloit, Wis. 

Norman A. Hickey, 1510 Albian Ave., Chicago. 

Donald Home, 65 Cecille St., Liverpool. England. 

Frederich Johnson, 302 N. 4th St., Rockford. 

Raymond G. Nolte, 2049 Bradley Place, Chicago. 

Elmer P. Oelig, 579 19th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Stanley Pumfrey, De Long. 

Perrin B. Root (i), 4432 N. Ashland Ave., Chicago. 

Arthur E. Tomhare, R. D. 6, Fergus Falls, Minn. 

Fred J. Waldman, R. D. i, Janesville, Wis. 

Enerold Jacobsen, Sgt., Guldbergs, Gade Aarhuss, Den- 

John W. Frazier, Genoa. 

Otto V. MuUikiiij 1210-20 E. Jackson Blvd., Chicago. 

Fred Hawkins, Corp., 1400 Cedar St., Nashville, Tenn. 

Leroy J. Walker, 7238 S. Morgan St., Chicago. 

John M. Fallon, Cook, 2935 Prairie Ave., Chicago. 

Frank Lorge, 419 S. loth St., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Martin Brunkalla, Wag., Athens, Wis. 

Albert J. Bayless, R. D. 2, Jonesboro, Tenn. 

Hershell Bradshaw, 623 Ashland Ave., Rockford. 

Claude E. Bruner, Mulberry Grove. 

Charles A. Chase, R. D. 4. Willmar, Minn. 

Edwin R. Clark, (i), 1405 Olive Ave., Chicago. 

Jos. Courtney, 709 Meldrune St., Detroit, Mich. 

Garland F. Daill, 5518 Kenmore Ave., Chicago. 

Charles De Rosa, 1008 S. Halsted St., Chicago. 

Marfin Dolan, 310 Court St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Orrin A. Farness, R. D. 2, Milan, Minn. 

Lester A. Faulkner (i), Barrington. 

Carl F. Haufschildt, Wausau, Wis. 

David H. Hodges, Antrim, N. H. 

Frank W. Koebler, 11 1 N. Bluff St., Janesville, Wis. 

Martin S. Kruger, Graveville, Minn. 

Geo. T. O'Shea, 1807 Farwell Ave., Chicago. 

Gilbert F. Raidt, 1623 Dupont Ave., N. Minneapolis, 

Wm. J. Reidy, 1816 S. Trumbull Ave., Chicago. 

Horace M. Wardner, 70s Cuyler Ave., Oak Park. 

Frank E. Woll, R. D. 4, Kenosha, Wis. 

Edward Zgleniski, 2040 Cortez Ave., Chicago. 

Eskill C. Lindberg, Stab. Sgt., 414 S. Leavitt St., Chi- 

Carson Scott, Mess Sgt., 121 S. High St., Galena. 

Edward Aaron, Corp., 2104 N. Hamlin Ave., Chicago. 

Stephen Chenoweth, Corp., 508 E. 71st St., Seattle, Wash. 

Frank A. Filk, Sad., 12400 S. Halsted St., Chicago. 

Garrett Metz, Cook, 10813 Michigan Ave., Chicago. 

Virgil Morton, Mech^ 1138 Park Ave., Chicago. 

Ralph Castle, Wag., Fairview. 

Geo. Zwanziger, Bug., 2147 W. 22nd Place, Chicago. 

Edward P. Baines, Main St., Piano. 

Arthur M. Biers, Mendota. 

Harry A. Cohen, 1436 Summerdale Ave., Chicago. 

Phil G. Cresson, 204 Case St., Whitewater, Wis. 

Geo. C. Dunne, 2936 Lexington St., Chicago. 

Arthur B. Hartman, 4200 N. Robey St., Chicago. 

Geo. Ittersagen, 6545 Perry Ave., Chicago. 

Arthur H. Kimmey, 7314 S. Peoria St., Chicago. 

Henry H. Kolbe, 1752 Willard St., N. W., Washing- 
ton, D. C. 

Fred W. Krueger, 1916 House St., Chicago. 

Nicholas Larocco, 2229 Iowa St., Chicago. 

Francis J. Leahy, R. D. 2, Lyons, Wis. 

Geo. Marks, 307 E. 4Sth St., Chicago. 

Hugh N. Marshall, 459 Logan Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Sherley N. McKinsey, Maquoketa, Iowa. 

Theodore W. Nohl, 721 W. 6th St., Ashland, Wis. 

Lawrence Odendahl, R. D. 1, Moline. 

Howard M. Robbins, R. D. 1, Viola. 

Geo. A. Seipp, 5101 W. Berenice Ave., Chicago. 

Jos. Serack, Wilkeson, Minn. 

Gust B. Arvan, 1200 Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Frank G. Wiley, 301 Tenney St., Kewanee. 

Fred W. Fischer, 2636 W. Grand Ave., Chicago. 

Chas. R. Haberle, 937 Bluff St., Beloit, Wis. 

Earl E. Cheney, 429 High St., Neenah, Wis. 

Clifford Carlson, 2442 N. Lawndale Ave., Chicago. 

Clarence B. King, 1730 Spaulding Ave., Chicago. 


Malcom Wheeler, 530 S. Main St., Dayton, O. 
Will K. Riggs, 4626 Clarendon Ave., Chicago. 
Jos. L. Kacirek, 1732 Ballou St., Chicago. 

Frank L. Buckley, 247 14th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Casimer Strugalski, 1128 Blum St., Toledo, O. 



Alvin S. Perkins, Lt. Col., 14 S. Central Ave., Clay- 
ton, N. J. 

Irving Madison, Maj., 1017 Garfield Ave., Rockford. 

Owsley Brown, Maj., 1515 N. 3rd St., Springfield. 

John S. Miller, Jr., Maj., 527 Prospect Ave., Winnetka. 

Gerrard B. Winston, Maj., 58 S. Dearborn St., Chicago. 

Otto A. KremI, Maj., 1544 S. Springfield Ave., Chi- 

Edwin W. Allen, Maj., Buchanan, Va. 

Edwin P. Hubble, Maj., 1826 Chadbourne Ave., Madi- 
son, Wis. 

John H. Dore, Maj., 5219 Cullom Ave., Chicago. 

William H. King, Jr. Maj., 922 Wells Ave., Escanaba, 

John B. Canning, Maj., 196 Liberty St., Dundee. 

Arthur C. Marriott, Maj., 69 W. Washington St., Chi- 

Charles L. Collette, Maj., 3317 W. Monroe St., Chi- 

Hugh B. Sprague, Capt., 1038 E. 9th South, Salt Lake 
City, Utah. 

Paget K. Cady, Capt., Riverside. 

William T. Harmon, 516 E. College Ave., Jacksonville. 

Hubert E. Howard, Capt., 547 Jackson Blvd., Chicago. 

Earl L. Marmaduke. Capt., Green Cove Springs, Fla. 

James A. McLaughlin, Capt., 5609 Woodlawn Ave., 

Frank E. Rohde, Capt., 900 S. 14th St., Lincoln, Neb. 

Harry F. Webster, Capt., 335 N. Jameson Ave., Lima, 

Robert B. M. Wilson, Capt., 817 N. Dearborn St., 

John B. Allen, Capt., no Metropolitan Life Bldg., 
Minneapolis, Minn. 

Dana Dutoit, Capt., Chaska, Minn. 

Guy M. Gillette, Capt., West Main St., Cherokee, la. 

Roscoe Johnson, Capt., 5505 S. Halsted St., Chicago. 

Otis S. Romine, Capt., 620 Allen St., South Bend, 

John A. Stevenson, Capt., 70 Cedar St., Chicago. 

Roland A. Behrman, Capt., 138 Vernon St., Waltham, 

Henry Hooper, Capt., 1225 N. State St., Chicago. 

Clay I. Hoppough, Capt., Smyrna, Mich. 

Joseph Girsdansky, Capt., 506 W. 122nd St., New York 
City, N. Y. 

John E. Keller, Jr. Capt., 634 Central Ave., Lexing- 
ton, Ky. 

Austin L. Houslohner, Capt., 29 Carey Ave., Wilkes 
Barra, Pa. 

Ernest E. Leeson, Capt., Sharpsville, Ind. 

Ralph J. Lathrop, Capt., Fennimore, Wis. 

Ceth D. Peacock, Capt., 540 S. Lombard Ave., Oak 

Louis L. Bowie, Capt., Milo, Iowa. 

Walter Whitlock, Capt., Layton, Utah. 

Henry F. Tenney, Capt., 640 Pine St., Winnetka. 

Albert Gonsior, 1st Lt., 209 Pleasant St., Oak Park. 

Warren H. Aldrich, ist Lt., 844 N. Church St., Rock- 

Hardy Avera, ist Lt., County Line, Miss. 

Joseph C. Beck, ist Lt., North Main St., Elmo. 

Preston B. Boyden, ist Lt., 725 Pine St., Winnetka. 

Irl R. Cathcart, ist Lt., Deland. 

Richard W. Clarke, New York World, New York, N. Y. 

Henry P. Isham, ist Lt., 1340 N. State St., Chicago. 

Herbert V. Juul, ist Lt., 1127 N. Sacramento Ave., 

Robert C. Moore, ist Lt., 121 2 N. Shore Ave., Chi- 

Leon P. O'Connor, 1st Lt., 5357 Kenmore Ave., Chi- 

Spencer Otis, Jr. ist Lt., 527 Railway Exchange Bldg., 

Raymond Robinson, ist Lt., 166 N. Scoville Ave., Oak 

William G. Scholl, ist Lt., 122 S. Chicago St., Jolict. 

Heber Smith, ist Lt., 401 N. Kenilworth Ave., Oak 

Joseph Swanson, ist Lt., 625 5th Ave., St. Charles. 

James C. Vosburgh, ist Lt., Bearsville, Ulster County, 
New York. 

Walter W. Wood, ist Lt., Bethalto. 

William W. Zaas, Jr., ist Lt., 4238 Van Buren St., 

I-eo G. Hogan, ist Lt., 5617 Sangamon St., Chicago.^ 

Conrad Driscoll, ist Lt., 1801 James Ave., Minneapolis, 

Herbert A. Goetz, ist Lt., 137 Michigan St., Grand 
Rapids, Mich. 

Edwin Hoyt, ist Lt., Carter St., New Canaan, Conn. 

James B. Martin, ist Lt., River Edge, N. J. 

George W. Miller, ist Lt., 1509 Laurel Ave., St. Paul, 

John Stienecker, ist Lt., 1224 Columbia Ave., Chicago. 

William F. Winterble, ist Lt., Primghar, Iowa. 

Frederick Winston, ist Lt., 801 Globe Bldg., Minne- 
apolis, Minn. 

Waldo Allen, ist Lt., 107 Deepdene Road, Roland 
Park, Md. 

Wayne A. Baird, ist Lt., 1315 E. Main St., Newton, 

James E. Beardsley, ist Lt., Congress Park. 

Howard A. Brundage, ist Lt., 1649 S. Central Park 
Ave., Chicago. 

Frank H. Canaday, ist Lt., 2044 Glenwood Ave., To- 
ledo, Ohio. 

Charles Carman, ist Lt., 844 N. Church St., Rockford. 

Prescott Ehidley, ist Lt., 1545 Astor St., Chicago. 

Donald Douglas, ist Lt., 4830 Woodlawn Ave., Chi- 

David R. Forgan, ist Lt., National City Bank, Chi- 

George M. Jackson, ist Lt., 18 N. Monroe St., Hins- 

Richard Montgomery, 1st Lt., Radmor P. O., Radmore, 

Carl G. Ortmayer, 1st Lt., 4557 Ellis Ave., Chicago. 

James A. Pearson, 1st Lt., R. D. i, Xenia. 

Norman H. Pritchard, ist Lt., 1305 Indiana Ave., 
LaPorte, Ind. 

John B. Simmons, 334 E. 5th St., Ottumwa, Iowa. 

Frederick Swanson, ist Lt., 407 E. Forest Ave., Nee- 
nah. Wis. 

Edwin S. Sweeney, ist Lt., 664 Higgins Ave., Paris, 

Robert N. Golding, 1st Lt., 1S26 Myrtle Ave., Harvey. 

Robert L. Grant, 1st Lt., 3815 Robey St., Chicago. 

John C. Hendee, ist Lt., 3319 ist St., San Diego, Cal. 

Lloyd Hostetler, ist Lt., Sugar Creek, Ohio. 

Phil W. Oberg, ist Lt., 617 S. 5th Ave., St. Cloud, 

Leonard L. Marshall, ist Lt., 574 Hawthorne Place, 

Alex VanPraag, ist Lt., 1004 N. Monroe St., Decatnr. 

Edward B. Howes, ist Lt., 1125 Lumber Exchange, 
II S. LaSalle St., Chicago. 

Burtis J. Dolan, 1st Lt., 1406 Olive Ave., Chicago. 

Le.onard D. Karcher, 1st Lt., 114 S. East Ave., Oak 

Irl Martin, ist Lt., Broken Bow, Neb. 

Edward B. Adams, ist Lt., 247 W. Berrein St., Gales- 

William Barrett, 2d Lt., 1027 Garfield Ave., Spring- 
field, Ohio. 

Carl H. Bauer, 2d Lt., 5337 Wayne Ave., Chicago. 

Norvil Beeman, 2d Lt., 6827 Perry Ave., Chicago. 

Oliver G. Brain, 2d Lt., 8230 Dorchester Ave., Chi- 

Clarence F. Burwash, 2d Lt., 1303 W. University Ave., 

Frederick Copeland, 2d Lt., 665 Prospect Ave., Win- 

Erwin Dame.s, 2d Lt., 650 Wellington Ave., Chicago. 

Marion Davidson, 2d Lt., 401 E. Wabash Ave., Craw- 
fordsville, Ind. 

Milton L. Dunn, 2d Lt., 230 N. Genesee St., Waukegan. 

Maurice Geraghty, 2d Lt., 504 Barry Ave., Chicago. 

Rodman Hambleton, 2d Lt., Grand Meadow, Minn. 

Herbert C. Helm, 2d Lt., Metropolis. 




Major Hugh L. Gaddis Major Harry S. Gradle 

331st Field Artillery, Assistant Division Surgeon. 

Major Owsley Brown 
Adjutant, 172nd Infantry Brigade. 

Major John H. Dore 
342nd Infantry. 



Charles F. Flough, 2d Lt., Danvers. 

Arthur O. Hurja, 2d Lt., 906 N. Trumbull Ave., Chi- 

("■rover Hurley, 2d Lt., 419 N. Broadway St., Havana. 

Warren P. Jones, 2d Lt., 2859 Warren Ave., Chicago. 

Maurice E. King, 2d Lt., 3721 Grand Ave., Chicago. 

George W. Kretzinger, 2d Lt., 53 W. Jackson Blvd., 

Charles D. Lowry, 2d Lt., 1643 Kenilworth Ave., 

Albert M. Mackey, 2d Lt., 124 2nd St., Waukegan. 

Frederick Foltz, 2d Lt., 39 E. Division St.j Chicago. 

Patrick J. McEvoy, 2d Lt., 542 E. 4otTi St., Chicago. 

John F. MacMahon, 2d Lt., 5426 E. View Park, Chi- 

Joseph B. McGlynn, 2d Lt., 120 N. Main St., East St. 

Warren Pease, Jr. 2d Lt., 69 W. Washington St., Chi- 

Stanley D. Petter, 2d Lt., 321 S. 5th St., Paducah, Ky. 

Arthur W. Prussing, 2d Lt., 2827 Cambridge Ave., 

John H. Rapp, 2d Lt., Fairfield. 

Solon L. Reeves, 2d Lt., Emporia National Bank, 
Emporia, Kan. 

Philip G. Schiesswhol, 2d Lt., 635 Waveland Ave., 

Earl J. Smith, 2d Lt., 804 6th St., Rochelle. 

Morton Traer, 2d Lt., 4363 Oakenwald Ave., Chicago. 

Willard L. Velie, Jr., 2d Lf., Blackhawk Road & 7th 
St., Moline. 

John D. Warfield, Jr., 2d Lt., 4831 Kenwood Ave., 

Frederick Watson, 2d Lt., Deer Path Ave., Lake 

Jeremiah L. Maher, 2d Lt., 1128 Loyola Ave., Chicago. 

Webb B. White, 2d Lt., Humboldt, Iowa. 

Robert Woodruff, 2d Lt., Georgetown. 

Afalcolm C. Woodward, 2d Lt., Sandwich. 

Vincent Cylkowski, 2d Lt., 3611 S. Hermitage Ave., 

Thomas J. Cullen, 2d Lt., Gilroy, Santa Clara Co., 

John P. Daley, 2d Lt., 171 Rosonna St., Gilroy, Cal. 

Arthur J. Willing, ist Sgt., 140 Quick Ave., River 

John LaVine, Sgt. (i). Gen. Del., Kalamazoo, Mich. 

Thomas Agusto, Sgt., 3136 Broadway, Chicago. 

Albert J. Amundsen, Sgt., 4257 N. Bernard St., Chi- 

LeRov G. Berigan, Sgt., 421 W. Doty St., Madison, 

Tacob J. Blocker, Sgt., 10617 LaSalle St., Chicago. 

Harold F. Boehm, Sgt., DeForest, Wis. 

David Braid, Sgt., 1127 N. Karlov Ave., Chicago. 

Newell H. Bretz, Sgt., 4552 N. Kildare Ave., Chi- 

Harold M. Buck, Sgt., 6242 Lakewood Ave., Chicago. 

Frank J. Byrne, Sgt., 369 Washington Ave., Janes- 
ville, Wis. 

Ernest J. W. Chambers, Sgt., R. D. 2, LaFarge, Wis. 

Joseph M. Collins, Sgt., 1740 Monroe St., Chicago. 

Joseph H. Cunat, Sgt., 2427 W. 24th Blvd., Chicago. 

Robert G. Daush, Sgt., 4336 N. Irving Ave., Chicago. 

John L. Bero, Sgt., 4655 N. Laramie Ave., Chicago. 

Edgar H. Deets, Sgt., Brule, Neb. 

William C. Deneen, Sgt., 515 St. Marys Ave., Janes- 
ville. Wis. 

Paul A. Doyle, Sgt., 1455 Fargo Ave., Chicago. 

Roman Dubiel, Sgt., 1420 Division St., Chicago. 

Oswald Elvejem, Sgt., McFarland, Wis. 

Arthur D. Fell, Sgt., Lincoln Highway, Fulton. 

Leonard H. Giese, Sgt., 214 8th St., Fond du Lac, 

William H. Genrich, Sgt., 210 S. 4th St., Rockford. 
Frank H. Goeltz, Sgt., Colby, Wis. 

Addison W. Grant, Sgt., 627 Library Place, Evans- 
Florian A. Groenwald, Sgt., 5139 W. Claremont Ave., 

Paul A. Gunther, Sgt., Cochrane, Wis. 
Bruno J. Hartman, Sgt., 11 28 N. 9th St., Sheboygan, 

Mervyn Hedgcock, Sgt., 632 Adams St., Denver, Colo. 
Charles C. Hines, Sgt., Booneville, Ind. 
Raymond E. Horton, Sgt., 4450 N. Ashland Ave., Chi- 
Irenus C. Jacobson, Sgt., Whittenburg, Wis. 

Edwin C. Ingold, Sgt., 701 Washington St., Monroe, 

Edward W. Jaeckle, Sgt., 4955 St. Anthony Court, 

Roy E. Kerl, Sgt., 4154 N. Robey St., Chicago. 
Henning Kling, Sgt., 1603 12th Ave,., Rockford. 
Gordon Hamley, Sgt., 940 Adams St., Berlin, Wis. 
John H. Wiechert, Sgt., 417 3rd St., Dundee. 
Eugene Woolsey, Sgt., 124 S. Central Ave., Rockford. 
Emil Zilz, Sgt., 635 17th St., Oshkosh, Wis. 
John B. Husby, Sgt., St. Elmo, Ala. 

Edwin A. Bergholz, Sgt., 1747 Nelson St., Chicago. 
Arnold Koepp, Sgt., R. D. 4, Mondovi, Wis. 
Harry G. Kramer, Sgt., 2312 Lincoln Ave., Chicago. 
Paul J. Kvale, Sgt., Bensen, Minn. 
Arthur Lahey, Sgt., 3961 Langley Ave., Chicago. 
Benjamin H. Ltindquist, Sgt., 1215 4th Ave., Rockford. 
William E. Marriott, Sgt., R. D. 4, Joplin, Mo. 
David Morgan, Sgt., Vestaburg, Pa. 
George H. Morheiser, Sgt., 6115 Ravenswood Ave., 

Harold Musselman, Sgt., Lanark. 

Edward Nelson, Sgt., 235 N. Fairfield Ave., Chicago. 
Frank L. Nelson, Sgt., Lincoln Highway, North 

Julius C. Nielsen, Sgt., 2932 Wisner Ave., Chicago. 
LeRoy J. Oram, Sgt., 4840 St. Anthony Court, Chicago. 
Johti A. O'Toole, Sgt., 1120 Loyola Ave., Chicago. 
Benjamin PawHsch, Sgt., North Freedom, Wis. 
Alfred E. Pickard, Sgt., 2008 Hutchins Ave., Rock- 
Mark A. Rilon, Sgt., Two Rivers, Wis. 
Edward S. Purcell, Sgt., 321 Belden Ave., Chicago. 
Andrew J. Rafferty, Sgt., 1018 Peach St., Rockford. 
Ellsworth Randall, Sgt., 224 Ellis Ave., Wheaton. 
James C. Rogers, Sgt., Lilesville, N. C. 
Walter A. Schneider, Sgt., 7417 St. Lawrence Ave., 

Alexander Schweda, Sgt., 1255 N. Ashland Ave., Chi- 
Lee A. Sharp, Sgt., 128 Spruce St., Winston Salem, 

N. C. 
Albert Splittgerber, Sgt., Waterloo, Wis. 
John H. Sreenan, Sgt., 1121 Dewey Ave., Beloit, Wis. 
Harold J. Stickney, Sgt., 215 Linn St., Janesville, Wis. 
Joseph A. Sweeney, Sgt., 115-22 E. Quincy St., Chi- 

Casimir Szumnarski, Sgt., 1740 Brigham St., Chicago. 

Carl E. Thorsen, Sgt., 2134 N. Karlov Ave., Chicago. 
Anton P. Uczciwek, Sgt., 1230 N. Paulina St., Chi- 

Clyde B. Walker, Sgt., 6908 S. Park Ave., Chicago. 

Bert E. Wallace, Sgt., 528 W. 3rd St., Hoopeston. 

William A. Wallace, Sgt., 55 W. 66th St., Chicago. 

Cieorge E. Wejls, Sgt., 5709 Kenmore Ave., Chicago. 

James H. Dwen, Sgt., 3736 Ellis Ave., Chicago. 

Lowell C. Noyes, Sgt., 1233 Judson Ave., Evanston. 

Benjamin Kohout, Sgt., 2105 63rd Court, Chicago. 

Joseph Hunter, Sgt., 7344 Yale Ave., Chicago. 

John E. Corrigan, Sgt., 944 N. Springfield Ave., Chi- 

Ray A. Elliott, Sgt., R. D. 2, St. Joseph, Mo. 

Sherman M. Hathaway, Sgt., 542 N. Pine Ave., Chi- 

Charles D. Weart, Sgt., 278 Linden St., Winnetka. 

Robert H. Schultz, Sgt., Palatine. 

Frederick G. Ross, Sgt., 1107 Maple Ave,, Evanston. 

George V. Remke, Sgt., Niles Center. 

Howard J. Schott, Sgt., 7633 Stewart Ave., Chicago. 

Tho.nas A. Sims, Sgt., 7511 S. Green St., Chicago. 

John E. Coylee, Sgt., Smalley Court, Chicago. 

Walter S. Henney, Sgt., 629 S. Ridgeland Ave., Oak 

George E. Ward, Sgt., 4404 Morningside Ave., Sioux 
City, Iowa. 

Philip Gergstrom, Sgt., 3122 Oak Park Ave., Berwyn. 

Ray W. Herzog, Sgt., 315 N. 4th St., Watertown, Wis. 

August J. Hefe.le, Sgt., 287 Hadley St., Milwaukee, 

Russell Quick, Sgt., Montfort, Wis. 

Henry C. Ande.rson, Sgt., Hamilton, Wis. 

Charles Ponstein, Sgt., 731 W. 62nd St., Chicago. 

Joseph J. Silha, Sgt., 5136 S. Robey St., Chicago. 

Edward O'Leary, Sgt., 605 W. 46th St., Chicago. 

John M. Danielson, Sgt., 2925 N. Francisco Ave., Chi- 

Maurice R. Byrnes, Sgt., 3844 N. Ridgeway Ave., Chi- 



William L. Mielke, Sgt., 2136 Churchill St., Chicago. 

Simon Corrigan, Sgt., 131 N. Leamington St., Chi- 
James P. Neary, Sgt., 5251 Emerald Ave., Chicago, 
oseph P. Votava, Chf. Mech., 1616 S. Karlov Ave., 

Solomon Wilk, Chf. Mech., 1432 S. Clifton Park Ave., 

Eric Olson, Chf. Mech., Valsta Wia Hudiksville, Swed- 

Williarn E. Glatt, Chf. Mech., 3640 Dickens Ave., 

Elmo McKim, Chf. Mech., 1732 N. Kedvale St., Chi- 

Efraim Brandell, Chf. Mech., 8029 S. Laflin St., Chicago. 

Robert H. Espy, Corp., 416 E. 3rd St., Dickson. 

Robert M. Reed, Corp., 1500 W. 15th St., Chicago. 

Roy C. Bodett, Corp., 627 N. Humphrey Ave., Oak 

Harry S. Miller, Corp., 900 N. LaSalle St., Chicago. 

Joseph J. Bremken, Corp., 3323 W. 65th St., Chicago. 

Stanley B. Elgh, Corp., 5415 Augusta St., Chicago. 

John J. Gallivan, Corp., 721 East Ave., Oak Park. 

Lyle W. Kerney, Corp., 10030 Longwood Drive, Chi- 

Harry A. Lorentson, Corp., 2101 N. Albany Ave., Chi- 

Alvin C. Munkberg, Corp., South Haven, Minn. 

Herbert Schmidt, Corp., 2712 Rutherford Ave., Chicago. 

Henry H. Wiening, Corp., 7207 S. Western Ave., Chi- 

Henry D. Fogelsang, Corp., 5534 S. 5th Ave., Wells 
St., Chicago. 

Peter C. Falk, Corp., 5721 S. Marshfield Ave., Chi- 

Walter M. Redman, Corp., 5444 W. Ohio St., Chicago. 

William F. Geisler, Corp., 2863 W. 23rd St., Chicago. 

Lucien Brouillette, Corp., 20 N. Jefferson St., Worth- 
ington, Ind. 

Kenneth Chappell, Corp., 1649 N. Kimball Ave., Chi- 

Herbert L. Slack, Corp., 3149 S. Karlov Ave., Chicago. 

Maynard G. Fessenden, Corp., 4100 Harrison St., Chi- 

Chester B. Spies, Corp., Creston, Iowa. 

LeRoy W. Strache, Corp., 3039 N. Harlem Ave., Chi- 

John J. Stoffels, Corp., 4619 W. Erie St., Chicago. 

George P. LaPlante, Corp., 107 S. Parkside Ave., Chi- 

Frank A. Roach, Corp., 725 S. Tripp Ave., Chicago. 

George J. McGregor, Corp., 220 S. Harvey Ave., Oak 

Richard C. Brandt, Corp., 1842 Wesley Ave., Evans- 

Roy W. Estell, Corp., 319 W. Ontario St., Chicago. 

Peter J. Golbach, Corp., Gross Point. 

LaRoy C. Ward, Corp., 106 S. Grove. Ave., Oak Park. 

Herbert Privat, Corp., 1032 Superior St., Oak Park. 

Joseph L. Dusek, Corp., 1517 S. 9th Ave., Maywood. 

Werner H. Boevers, Corp., 211 S. 5th Ave., Maywood. 

Charles E. Colebourn, Corp., 332 Des Plaines St., Blue 

Earle H. Evans, Corp., 443 E. Columbia Ave., Neenah. 

Lawrence L. Berg, Corp., 385 Doty St., Fond du Lac, 

George Turnmeyer, Corp., Prairie du Chien, Wis. 

Roy T. Evans, Corp., Dodgeville, Wis. 

John J. Brokish, Corp., R. D. i, Dodgeville, Wis. 

Arthur A. Volkmann, Corp., 220 Park Ave., Beaver 
Dam, Wis. 

Edward J. Arko, Mech., 2812 S. 48th Ave., Cicero. 

Charles P. Slama, Mech., Prairie du Chien, Wis. 

John H. Tunak, Mech., R. D. 26, Oconomowoc, Wis. 

David B. Tobin, Bug., 506 4th St., Galena. 

Frank A. Tesar (i), Wauzeka, Wis. 

Herbert J. Markus (1), Potosi, Wis. 

William R. Stokley (i), 409 S. Elm St., Jackson, 

Charles H. White (i), Rewey, Wis. 

Edward W. Karst (1), 143 Central Ave., Fond du 
Lac, Wis. 

Orville^ L. Cyrtmus (i), Winneconne, Wis. 

John "f. Martin (i), 234 North Ave., Watertown, Wis. 

Samuel She.rry (i), 3326 Douglas Blvd., Chicago. 

Charles C. Murphy, Friendship, Wis. 

Hugh A. Taylor, 1606 Broadway, Superior, Wis. 

Wilmarth Ickes, Hubbard Woods. 

Glen B. Wenz, 1230 W. 3rd St., Red Wing, Minn. 

Harry W. Kahn, 1892 Daly Ave., Bronx, New York 
City, N. Y. 

Roy A. Albertson, 2123 N. Springfield Ave., Chicago. 

Sigurd Magnusen, 6014 Normal Blvd., Chicago. 

Elmer Rinquist, 1140 N. Waller Ave., Chicago. 


Charles E. T. Lull, Lt. Col., care Riggs National 

Bank, Washington, D. C. 
Harry S. Gradle, Maj., 1337 Fargo Ave., Chicago. 
Edward J. Blair, Maj., 232 S. Oak Park Ave., Oak 

Hugh L. Gaddis, Maj., McCune, Kan. 
Preston Kumler, Capt., Canal Bank & Trust Co., New 

Orleans, La. 
Leander J. McCormick, Capt., 22 Banks St., Chicago. 
Abner C. H. Snyder, Capt., 117 N. Dearborn St., 

Victor C. Bourke, ist Lt., L-ivingston Manor, N. Y. 
Arthur C. Dow, Jr., ist Lt., Wrightwood Hotel, Chi- 
Desmond K. Laub, ist Lt., 884 Jefferson Ave., Detroit, 

Edgar A. Baird, ist Lt., River Falls, Wis. 
Glenn W Carpenter, ist Lt., 2201 S. Gerard Ave,., 

Minneapolis, Minn. 
Barrett Waters, ist Lt., Edgecliff Road, Walnut Hills, 

Cincinnati, Ohio. 
Stephen B. Clark, ist Lt., 510 Erie County Bank Bldg., 

Buffalo, N. Y. 
James H. Dulin, ist Lt., 1330 Sheridan Road, Wil- 

Charles F. Hackett, ist Lt., 316 N. Humphrey Ave., 

Oak Park. 
George R. Whitmore, ist Lt., Earlville. 
Benjamin T. Young, ist Lt., 1126 Morse Ave., Chicago. 
Edward C. O. Beatty, ist Lt., 609 Sycamore St., 


John I. Pearce, 2d Lt., 2808 Michigan Ave., Chicago. 
Francis T. Shiverick, 2d Lt., 33 N. Wabash Ave., 

Arthur L. Smith, 2d Lt., 3132 Walnut St., Chicago. 
Homer S. Baker, 2d Lt., Wolcott, Ind. 
Edward J. Cullen, 2d Lt., Gilroy, Cal. 
Fortunato Gualano, Sgt., 167 N. Clark St., Chicago. 
Joseph Cox, 5331 Lake Park Ave., Chicago. 
Otto M. Fietsam, Royalton, Minn. 
Rene A. Jadot, 712 Park Ave., Paterson, N. J. 
Siduard W. Johnson, 2931 Wallace St., Chicago. 
Joseph Dennis, 1604 17th St., Two Rivers, Wis. 
Ray G. Bernier, Clifton. 
Joseph A. Thie.bault, 1823 sth St. N., Minneapolis, 

Arthur Mohn (i), 199 Queen Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Atwater Curial, Box 424, Anoka, Minn. 

Louis C. Kuper, 2442 Rice St., Chicago. 

Erich Jeske, 667 4th Ave., Aurora. 

Helon N. Harwood (i), Richland Center, Wis. 

Arthur K. Houlberg, 1629 Milwaukee Aye., Chicago. 

Earl L. Solomon, 4728 Ingleside Ave., Chicago. 

William C. Agnew, 518 Hawthorne Road, Duluth, 

Claude Harvey (i), 205 Grunewald Ave., Blue Island. 

Joseph Van Walleghan (i), 4523 Nevada St., Chicago. 

Henry DeBois, Spring Valley. 

Chester Hartlett, 703 Fulton St.. Wausau, Wis. 

Louis A. Dennstaedt, 518 41st St., Chicago. 

Merle L. Cook (i), 35 N. Ohio St., Aurora. 

George W. Curtis, Jr., Sauk City, Wis. 



Lancel R. Foote, Maj., 910 Old Colony Bldg., Care of 

H. W. Foote, Chicago. 
Linn I. Newton, ist Lt., 70 Belgrade Ave., Atlanta, O. 
Walter C. Roy, ist Lt., 7817 S. Shore Drive, Chicago. 
Bernard Doyle, ist Lt. (Chap.), 408 3d St., Baraboo, Wis. 
Robert Conway, Bn. Sgt. Maj., R. D. 2, Janesville, Wis. 
Hugh M. Aspinwall 401 Foster St., Ft. Atkinson, Wis. 
Clarence Mann, Wag., 909 Hollister Ave., Tomah, Wis. 
Clayton W. Maranville, 1123 E. Dayton St., Madison, 

Ellsworth L. Sell, Wag., R. D. 3, Watertown, Wis. 
Walter E. Holt. Cumberland, Wis. 
Seinier O. Syftestad. Wag., Mt. Horeb, Wis. 
Irving S. Bilty, Sgt., 809 Holmes St., J^anesville, Wis. 
Harry C. Cronk, Wag., 329 4th St., Detroit, Wis. 
Joseph Ward, 3001 S. Canal St., Chicago. 

Otto L. Thompson, Wag., R. D. 3, Sharon, Wis. 
Walter A. Hasley, Wag., 171 1 Minnesota St., Oshkosti, 

Eugene J. Racine (i), 833 Karney Ave., Marinette, Wis. 
Edw. L. Kreft, 548 Greenfield Ave., Milwaukee. 
Irving I. Hartman, 475 27th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Archie R. Dupont, Corp., R. D. i, Fairchild, Wis. 
Leonard F. Hiss, Plymouth, Ind. 

Michael Gburek (i), 2200 N. Leavitt St., Chicago. 
Wilbert Frontz, Wag.. Mineral Point, Wis. 
Thos. E. Allen (i), Verona, Wis. 
Wm. R. Weigelt, R. D. i, Ogema, Wis. 
Frank A. Ziegler, 3022 S. Canal St., Chicago. 
Bias Smoljan, 923 Bartlett St., Los Angeles, Cal. 
Victor E. Faust, Sgt., Cross Plains, Wis. 
James Berg, Cook, 416 Kishwaukee St., Beloit, Wis. 


Lewis R. Tryon, Capt., Hamburg, Pa. 
Oscar Schindler, Corp., Blanchardville, Wis. 
Wilson M. Raif snider (1), Lake Mills, Wis. 
Erwin E: King, Riverside Ave., R. D., Merrill, Wis. 

Alphonse P. Ferring, New Vienna, la. 

John P. Quinn, Keesville, N. Y. 

Prescott Walstead, 585 Downer Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Attached Ordnance PersonneL 

Earl T. Garbutt, Sgt. of Ord., 713 Holmes St., Janes- 
ville, Wis. 

Vern L. Typper (i), 244 Douglas Ave., Freeport. 


Alfred Brandt, Capt., 1283 Early Ave.. Chicago. 
Robert A. Moss, Lt., 814 North St., Mt. Vernon. 
Louis S. Berger, ist Lt., 1633 Marshall Field Annex 

Bldg., Chicago. 
Fred K. Stewart, 2d Lt., 2309 W. College Ave., Jack- 
Paul R. Anderson, 2d Lt., 7748 Marquette Ave., Chicago. 

Clarence A. Williams, ist Sgt., Ottawa. 

Victor A. Johnson, 1628 nth Ave., S. E., St. Cloud, 

Allan A. Wyman, Hubbard Woods. 

Peter Dehaan, Spring Lake, Mich. 

Harry C. Heald, R. D. 3, Eddyville, la. 

Herbert H. Lindner, 542 17th Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Wm. Roloflf, Box 66, Tonasket, Wash. 

Ralph J. Williams (i), Barneveld, Wis. 

Ernest H. Bryant, Care of King David Lodge 179, El- 
more, Minn. 

Emmons W. Leroy, Bug., 3453 S. Flour St., Los Angeles, 

Jos. F. Bogynska, 500 N. Commercial St., Salem, Ore. 

Geo. R. Hoffman (i), 442 Armour Ave., Cudahy, Wis. 

Edgar G. Zeman, 1626 22d St., Two Rivers, Wis. 

Geo. W. Dreher (i). Oregon, Wis. 

Geo. M. Bakke, Gibbon, Minn. 

Earl E. Vetter, Wag., 211 N. Lake St., Madison, Wis. 

Ralph J. Banet, 1602 E. Pontiac St., Ft. Wayne, Ind. 

Elden W. Harris, Corp., Barneveld. Wis. 

Martin A. Tollund, Blue Mounds, Wis. 

Jos. A. Grosse, Sgt., Cross Plains, Wis. 

Nils Rein, Bug., R. D. 2, Madison, Wis. 

Harry W. Field, Sup. Sgt., 16 River St., Rice Lake, Wis. 

Carl P. Luther, Mess Sgt., 1037 William St., Madi- 
son, Wis. 

Adolph L. Laube, Sgt., 6327 S. Hermitage Ave., Chicago. 

John P. Hayes, Wag., 138 S. Parkside Ave., Chicago. 

Eugene F. Crambilt, Cook, 215 W. Mifflin St., Madison, 

Chas. E. Lawry, Cook Fitchburg, Wis. 

John C. Lifka. 1651 N. Claremont Ave., Chicago. 

Clarence B. Knudtson, Mech., Hitterdale, Minn. 

Geo. L. Albers, 2400 University Ave., Madison, Wis. 

Arthur C. Koepke, Cook, 1135 S. 13th St., Manitowoc, 

Frank W. Esser, Mech., Athens, Wis. 

Wm. Quinn, Cook, 113 McDowell St., Delevan, Wis. 

Frank O. Molina, Wag., 2234 N. Springfield Ave., Chi- 

John C. Jonas, Wag., 18 W. loth St., St. Paul, Minn. 

Hugo M. Thompson (i), 2726 Pierce St., N. E., Min- 
neapolis, Minn. 

Edw. M. Benishek, R. D. 5, Box 116. Manitowoc, Wis. 

Albert J. Galligan, Gen. Del., Cuba City, Wis. 

Aug. C. Schumacher, 524 Hadley St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Henry B. Hendricks, Wag., R. D. 2, Box 7, Sawyer, Wis. 

John Rovsek, 229 ist Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Paul Pagett (i), 4407 Maiden St., Chicago. 

Herman F. Dobberstein, 12 14 Putnam St.. Peru. 

Peter J. Klassen (i), 1436 Fletcher St., Chicago. 

John J. Maier, 641 Humboldt Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 

Clark R. Fickes, 527 Peach St., Rockford. 

Geo. V. Kuhlman, 330 17th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Bertel Weber, Corp., Belleville, Wis. 

Peder Norby, R. D. 2, Bagley, Minn. 

Edw. Hoffman (i), 279 Lake St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

John J. Charvat, 234 W-. Harrison St., Chicago. 

Ray Hunsinger. Mays, Ind. 

Francis J. Kugle (i), R. D. i. Stangeville, Wis. 

James C. Harris, 108 S. Washington St., Minneapolis, 

Wm. E. Kimmelshire, Corp., R. D. i, Bonfield. 

Peter Roenau, 1335 Roscoe St., Chicago. 

Peter Kaczmarek (i), 2047 Webster Ave., Chicago. 

Arthur B. Campbell, 1112 E. 21st St., Minneapolis, 

Thos. M. Ueland (1), 2337 Lubeck St., Chicago. 

Wm. E. Hunt, Barron. Wis. 

Marcellus P. Paulson (i), Black Earth. Wis. 

Lawrence A. Peachey, 508 College St.. Beaver Dam, Wis. 

Paul A. Robinson, Corp., Marshall, Wis. 

Jos. H. Dornbach, 437 i6th Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Henry L. Wagner (i), R. D. 2, North Milwaukee, Wis. 

Frank C. Rosman, R. D. 4, Green Bay, Wis. 

Robt. A. Laufenberg (i), Avoca, Wis. 

Ralph S. Beattie, 2527 Bryant Ave., S., Minneapolis, 

John L. Rae, 24 Putnam St., Grand Rapids, Mich. 

John K. Kohl, R. D. i, Richfield, Wis. 

John L. Fisk, Corp., 763 Milwaukee Road, Beloit. Wis. 

Wm. R. Welch, Sgt., 710 Leonard St., Madison, Wis. 




Conrad A. Grafstad, 639 Fillmore St., N. E., Minneap- 
olis, Minn. 

Raymond W. Baer, 115 W. Johnson St.. Madison, Wis. 

Harry F. Peterson, Wag., R. D. 7, Eau Claire, Wis. 

John C. Gerth, 371 Herman St., Milwaukee. 

Harry J. Schopf, R. D. i, F'reeport. 

Darius Bolt, Wag., 506 W. 103d Place, Chicago. 

Nils W. Kreitz, Wag., 3002 nth Ave., S., Minneapolis, 

Gerhard O. Hanson (i), 1343 Williamscn St., Madison, 

Holger F. Miller. 729 N. Christiana Ave., Chicago. 

John P. Butler, Vale la. 

Geo. Gianciolo, 310 E. isth St., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Bert F. Warfield, Robbinsdale, Minn. 

Emil L. Muschek (i), 5303 S. Prospect St.. Tacoma, 

Melvin Peterson R. D., De Soto, Wis. 

Wm. Franklin, Corp., 207 Pearson St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Burchard Wright, R. D. 2, Lockwood, N. Y. 

Wm. J. Mannion (i), 3649 Colorado Ave., Chicago. 

Wm. S. Oberg, Gen. Del., Chicago City, Minn. 

Herbert T. Bassman, 620 Madison St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Berut Schjenken, R. D. 2, Box 12, Belview, Minn. 

Albert W. Blanck, 224 3d St., Baraboo. Wis. 

Edw. J. Kaminski, 213 E. 7th St., Duluth, Minn. 

Wm. G. Doane, Corp., R. D. t. Box 37, Lebanon, N. J. 

Earl D. Kost, R. D. 2, North Branch, Minn. 

Leslie E. Jones (i), 330 Railroad Ave., Beaver Dam, 

Chas. W. Snyder, 1276 Scott St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Edw. J. Van Vonderen (i), 127 S. Huron St., De Pere. 

Fred J. Sanno, R. D. i, Bartlett. 

Wm. J. Green (i), 313 Dodge St., Jefferson, Wis. 

Louis E. Turngren, 112 W. 33d St., Minneapolis. Minn. 

Emmanuel Busse, Corp., 405 Grove St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Gilbert H. Schlee, Box 6, Centuria, Wis. 

Albert F. Drase (i), 15206 Lexington Ave., Harvey. 

Matthew J. Graif, 1503 S. Broad St., Mankato, Mmn. 

Herbert A. Raping, R. D. 4, Box 3, Stewart, Minn. 

Wm. J. Schaff, III N. 5th St., Manitowoc, Wis. 

Albert J. Podrasky (i), Lyndon Sta., Wis. 

Harvey P. Scheuer, R. D. 3, Box 51, Two Rivers, Wis. 

Henry G. Brahm, Corp., 448 W. Washington Ave., Madi- 
son, Wis. 

Ernest M. Carlson, 4107 Monroe St., N. E., Minneapo- 
lis, Minn. 

Alfred W. Dohr, Sgt., 244 Pond St., S. Madison, Wis 

Ed. H. Schiaak, 821 Williamson St., Madison, Wis. 

Earl H. Perry, 937 Copeland Ave. Beloit, Wis. 

Arthur C. Janke, 367 Wangoo St., Oshkcsh, Wis. 

Alvin E. Pooler, 9327 Lyons Ave., Chicago. 

Byron L. Seaman, R. D. 1, Box 38, Downing, Wis. 

Benj. Kluczinski, Wag., 158 Franklin Ave., Oshkcsh, 
W isconsin. 

Roy W. Serres, Wag., Merton, Wis. 

Jos. G. Shamet, Reg. Army, U. S. A., New York City. 

Fred A. Smith. R. D. 2, Box 13, Knapp, Wis. 

Chas. M. Crawford, Wag., Washburn. 

Byron B. Potter, Wag., Gen. Del., Mizpah, Minn. 

Walter A. Alden (i) 919 Massasoit Ave., Chicago. 

Fred G. Schreiber (i), 610 Superior Ave., Tomah, Wis. 

Irving G. Johnson, St. Louis Park, Minn. 

Arthur A. Reimer, 39 Eveline St., Oshkosh, Wis. 

Herman L. Bockhop (i), 18 N. Spring Ave., La Grange. 

Geo. J. Busse, 1875 Bissell St., Chicago. 

Harry Pahl, West Side, la. 

Eddie Moen, R. D. 2, Ulen, Minn. 

Fred W. Steinke (i), Wanath, Ind. 

Geo. A. Johnson, 2508 13th Ave., S., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Emil O. Kosick, Corp., 2634 Barry Ave., Chicago. 

Thos. Entwistle, Oglesby. 

Harvey T. Schmidtman (i), Cor. Washington and 14th 
Sts., Manitowoc, Wis. 

Werner B. Stone, 2815 Lyndale Place. Chicago. 

Wm. R. Griffiths, 4350 Wells St., Chicago. 

Herbert A. Higgins, R. D. 1, Deer Park, Wis. 

Richard Stobber, Eagle Route 37, Box 38, E. Troy, Wis. 

Wm. W. Garrety, 526^4 N. Market St., Wichita, Kan. 

Elmer B. O'Leary, Corp., Harvard. 

Arthur S. Felien, R. D. i, Stanton, Minn. 

Herbert A. Ruhnke (1), 441 i6th Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Lawrence O. Hefner, Ruthton, Minn. 

Paul S. Larson (i), Box 341, Redwood Falls, Minn. 

Lorin E. Short, R. D. 2, Canby, Minn. 

Chas. J. Marron, 6238 St. Lawrence Ave., Chicago. 

Otto J. Thoma, R. D. 9, Box 54, Waitertown, Wis. 

Clarence I. Kingston, Corp., 202 Iroquois St., Calumet, 

Frank C. Danforth, 715 48th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Ivar S. Zetterberg (1), 613 Cass St., Chicago. 

Carl M. Swenson, Box 16, Newfolden, Minn. 

Fred G. Brohamer, 13 12 Bauwans St., Chicago. 

Iris E. Hall, Hagerstown. 

Harry L. Trezise (i), 227 S. Curry St., Ironwood, Mich. 

Daniel J. Tansey, 6453 St. Lawrence Ave., Chicago. 

Alvin G. Brendemuehl, Corp., 308 Dewey Ave., Water- 
town, Wis. 

Paul Mertes, Adams, Wis. 

Clarke E. Pease, Sgt., Oregon, Wis. 

Geo. Stone. Sgt., 844 Williamson St., Madison, Wis. 

Geo. C. Lukken, Wag., R. D. 4, Mt. Horeb, Wis. 

Richard M. Gorman, 41 19 Carroll Ave., Chicago. 

Fred W. Morenberg, Wag., Lester Prairie, Minn. 

Henry J. Rehome, 509 W. Main St., Albert Lea, Minn. 

Lars P. Jensen, R. D. i, Borup, Minn. 

Simon P. Zenk, Wag., Georgetown, Minn. 


Fowler B. McConnell, Capt., 130 S. 7th St., Upper 

Sandusky, O. 
Carl A. Reeb, ist Lt., 1017 Beloit Ave., Forest Park. 
Fred H. Cos, 2d Lt., 405 Normal Ave., Normal. 
Thomas A. Morton, ist Sgt., 5146 S. Honore St., Chicago. 
Floyd E. Olson, Corp., R. D. i, Woodford, Wis. 
Hughitt M. Johnson (i), Whitehall, Wis. 
Oscar M. Heel, Bug., no W. Broadway, Stoughton, Wis. 
Lloyd Olson (i), Argyle, Wis. 
Edward Johnson, Wag., Menominie, Wis. 
Frank W. Ramsey, Washburn. 
Ralph E. Eastwood, Corp., South Wayne, Wis. 
Cecil H. Orford, Bug., Leeds, Yorkshire, England. 
Ben Neuenschwander, 723 S. Chamber St., Monroe, Wis. 
Henry J. Schaff, in N. 5th St., Manitowoc, Wis. 
Henry E. WalUi, 2550 Iowa St., Chicago. 
Richard A. Bodwin, R. D. 7, Manitowoc, Wis. 
Lloyd R. Severson, 115 N. 4th St., Stoughton, Wis. 
Theron M. Burrington R. D. 4, Marshfield, Wis. 
Alvin W. Halgerson (i), 219 Fremont St., Whitewater, 

Arthur Larson, 528 S. 59th Ave., W., Duluth Minn. 
Emil H. Mayer, 1012 Holten St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Arthur E. Hoyt, Westbrook, Minn. 
Algot E. Sandman, P. O. Box 33, Dale, Minn. 
Arthur Roth. Wag., 896 i8ith St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
George A. Barr, 719 Harrison St., Beloit, Wis. 
Samuel H. Brown, Wag., 3234 N. Richmond St., Chicago. 
Perry I. Ellefson, Mech., Woodford, Wis. 
Albert Pfund, Mech., 801 West Ave., Monroe, Wis. 
James E. Mallery, Sup. Sgt., Darlington, Wis. 

Leslie D. Remour, Cook, R. R., Prophetstown. 

Herman J. Karlen, Mess Sgt., 502 E. Washington St., 
Monroe, Wis. 

David S. Mitchell, Cook, 3327 Flournoy St., Chicago. 

John M. Cherry, Mech., Leadmine, Wis. 

John W. Disch, Cook, Verona, Wis. 

Arthur H. Tschudy, Sgt., R. D. 5, Monroe, Wis. 

Carl A. Eley, Cook, 638 N. Jackson St., Monroe, Wis. 

David E. Owen (i), 4428 Pabst Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

James Ford, Wag., R. D. 2, Grandin, N. D. 

Harry C. Hass (i), Kaukanna, Wis. 

Robert W. Christman, Wag., R. D. 2, Ixonia, Wis. 

Harry Wullner, 618 N. Buffalo St., Manitowoc, Wis. 

Henry F. Junck, 741 Pryor St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Rudolph A. Jargo, Sgt., Deerfield, Wis. 

William Mahlkuch, Wag., Winslow. 

James T. Sullivan (i), 6241 Wayne Ave., Chicago. 

Oliver Berg, R. D. i, Annadale, Minn. 

Frank Ashland (i), Waseca, Minn. 

Hilding S. Carlson, Gushing, Minn. 

Alfred B. Baker, Edmund, Wis. 

Aleck Christiansen, 501 Garfield Ave., Duluth, Minn. 

Augustus Morrisey, Corp., Shullsburg, Wis. 

Joseph F. Zalewski (i), 900 Fratney St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Paul A. Drost (i), 624 23d Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

William C. Vollbrecht (i), 5633 Bishop St., Chicago. 

Magnus F. Christensen, Hammond, Wis. 

John Westberg, 714 Winneconne Ave., Neenah, Wis. 

Arthur Borgeson, Care of Justine A. Walsted, W. Du- 
luth Minn. 

Peter Hoekstra, R. D. 22, Waupun, Wis. 



Lawrence R. Bell, Corp., La Salle and Madison Sts., 

Leslie E. Hayden (i), Mt. Greenwood. 
John B. Markley (i), 687 E. Knox St., Galesburg. 
Joseph A. Gillis, 321 Allen St., Chippewa Falls, Wis. 
Earl L. Egbert, Grand Junction, Colo. 
Frank Combs, 601 Sixth St., Oshkosh, Wis. 
Arthur A. Dow, 724 N. 6th St., Manitowoc, Wis. 
Arthur C. Zimmerman, R. D. i, Northfield, Minn. 
Alvin L. Moody, Corp., Belmon't, Wis. 
Peter P. Burns, 929 St. Clair St., St. Paul, Minn. 
Henry T. Johnson (i), 2846 Lexington St., Chicago. 
Reinhold P. Johnson, Box 395, Bemidji, Minn. 
William Sipe, Loretto, Minn. 

Carl P. J. Granquist, 553 Laurel Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 
Edward P. Hurst, 67 High St., Oshkosh, Wis. 
Fiank J. Kane, 714 E. Michigan St., South Bend, Ind. 
Peter E. Gilbertson, Corp., R. D. i, Woodford, Wis. 
John U. Elmer (i), Brooklyn, Wis. 

Charles Raugh, Wag., R. D. i. Box 129, Stratford Wis. 
William H. Pickron, Wag., 1133 38th St., Rock Island. G. Gastecke, VVag., 4414 5th St., Little Falls, Minn. 
Robert A. Thoreson, Wag., Box 62, I5uffalo, Minn. 
John Wilson, Sgt., Darlington, Wis. 
Adam J. Mohr, R. D. i. Honey Creek, Wis. 
Charles W. Herman (i), 4055 N. Kildare Ave., Chicago. 
Arthur N. Lind (i), R. D. i, Ronneby Minn. 
Frank V. Johnson, W'ag., R. D. 5, Litchfield, Minn. 
Herbert O. Sandborn (i), Portland, Mich. 
George E. Johnson, Wag., R. D. 6, Box 33, Jackson, 

Jacob Schulthess, Wag. Monroe, Wis. 
Elmer C. Wicklund, Foreston, Minn. 
William E. Wilber, Sgt., Monroe, Wis. 
Martin B. Hagen, Gen. Del., Hopkins, Minn. 
Benjamin W. Zurn, R. D. 2, Hartford, Wis. 
John Kazlauskis, 4557 Wentworth Ave., Chicago. 
Gustaf A. Jacobson (i). R. D. 33, Burtrum, Minn. 
Joseph S. Kava, 934 Central Ave., N. E., Minneapolis, 

Roy H. Johnson (i), 2530 Cameron Ave., Minneapolis, 

Engwall Krogstad, 2723 Emerson Ave., Minneapolis, 

Fred J. Jirikowic, Corp., 910 Hancock St., Manitowoc. 

William R. Leddy (i), 1730 Wells St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
William Koerner, 2632 S. Keeler Ave., Chicago. 
Stanley C. Newhard, Dayton, Ind. 
Fred L. Kriz, 541 N. Central Park Ave., Chicago. 
Louis C. Bouchard, 2323 Taylor St., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Arthur A. Mahnke (i), 1330 S. Ninth St., Manitowoc, 

William J. Mclntyre, 1922 Chestnut St., Milwaukee, 

Edwin C. Hein, Corp., Sun Prairie, Wis. 
William J. Wright (i), 5033 Wood St., Chicago. 
Walter P. Oehlke (i), 1461 Richard St., Milwaukee, 

Harry L. Olson. 112 Kendall St., Eau Claire, Wis. 
William F. Monte, Woodford, Wis. 
Erick A. Nelson, R. D. 66, Swanville, Minn. 
Clare G. Helm (i), R. D. 5, Darlington, Wis. 
George Mrotek, 2211 Washington St., Manitowoc, Wis. 
Guy O. Oaks (i), 113 Hazel St., Oshkosh, Wis. 

John C. Penshorn, Corp., 385 Lafayette Place, Milwau- 
kee, Wis. 

Valentine E. Piatt (i), Riverside Sanitarium, Milwau- 
kee, Wis. 

Charles B. Smith, 935 N. Sawyer Ave., Chicago. 

Hans G. Carlson, R. D. 3, Manitowoc, Wis. 

Karl A. Palmer, Chicago City, Minn. 

William Paxton, Argyle, Wis. 

Richard G. Trush, 1417 Sixth St., Beloit, Wis. 

Rolland J. Hanaman, Corp., 1102 Broad St., Beloit, Wis. 

Gustave R. Ottitsch (i), 1309 S. Kildare Ave., Chicago. 

Herbert C. Koeppel, Wag., 3002 Taylor St., Chicago. 

Edward Gray, Wag., Sauk City, Wis. 

Roy C. Hartfield, 692 Oliver Ave., Aurora. 

George H. Nelson, Wag., Walnut Green, Minn. 

William J. Phillips, 2204 7th St., Peru. 

Paul H. Moran, Wag., 2736 13th Ave., Minneapolis, 

Charles E. Beck, Sgt., 1203 Bennet St., Janesville, Wis. 

Theodore C. Larson, Wag., Marietta, Wis. 

Joseph J. Brzezinski (i), 610 Oneida St., Beaver Dam, 

Harley E. Zinn (i), 203 Clinton St., Muscatine, Iowa. 

James A. Talentino, 109 Hecla St., Laurinne, Mich. 

Herbert C. Schewe, Middleton, Wis. 

Gugtave A. Trepte, 1389 12th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Roy H. Keller, 414 4th St., Northfield, Minn. 

Edward B. Holum, Sgt., Deforest, Wis. 

Fred E. Murch, Sgt., 917 Spruce St., Leavenworth, 

Frank G. Sain (i), 432 S. Leavitt St., Chicago. 

Willie Ranch, R. D. i, Canby, Minn. 

Thorwald J. Roraus, R. D. 2, Inwcod, la. 

George H. Carroll, 705 W. Lake St., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Jerry D. Reardon (i), 173 Hill St., Chicago. 

Alvin H. Rennpferd, 558 3rd Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Oscar Saar, Corp., 5700 S. Paulina St., Chicago. 

Axel E. Stromgren, Constance, Minn. 

Urban J. Steffes (i). Calamine, Wis. 

Albert W. Johnson (i), 2615 Pleasant Ave., Minneapolis, 

William F. Senne, Palaitine. 

Sander Swanson, R. D. 3, Eddyville, la. 

John Shermules, 2322 W. 22nd Place, Chicago. 

Gustave H. Bramer, Augusta, Wis. 

David E. Gustafson, Corp., 720 N. Lawndale Ave., Chi- 

Arthur H. Jaeger (i), R. D. 6, Freepcrt. 

Carl F. Werdermann (i), 410 i6th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Arthur A. Wachholz (i), 6444 S. Justine St., Chicago. 

Stephen I. Schmitt, 243 Farrington Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 

Walter E. Tresner, Sedro Wooley, Wash. 

Joseph A. Szwanka, 934 17th Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Fred O. Sieloff, 1053 N. Wood St., Chicago. 

Robert P. Quinlan, Corp., 2932 Walnut St., Chicago. 

Louis W. Wacker, 475 28th Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

William Walsh (i), 5244 Princeton Ave., Chicago. 

Darius C. Johnson, R. D. 5, Box 69 Clyde, Kans. 

Daniel K. Smith, 124 N. 4th St., lola, Kan. 

Charles F. Kosanke, 851 Manonin Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 

Rexford C. Graham (i). South Wayne, Wis. 

Joseph Rosick, 1019 Chicago St., Manitowoc, Wis. 

Milo S. Bredeson, Corp., R. D. 5. _ Darlington, Wis. 

William Wroblewski (i), 11226 Union Ave., Chicago. 

Alva B. Williams, Sgt., Punxsutawney, Pa. 




Francis Lej. Parker, Brig. Gen., 143 Tradd St., Charles- 
ton, S. C. 

Carlos Ames, Maj., 5172 S. Park Ave., Chicago. 

Frank O. Magie, 2d Lt., 1235 Astor St., Chicago. 

Frank C. Watkins, ist Lt., Peoples Bank, Blooming- 

Henry W. Kennecke, ist Lt., Trenton. 

Ed. Morgridge, 2d Lt., 409 S. Kenilworth Ave., Oak 

George E. Connolly, Reg. Sgt. Maj., 1007 Reaney St., 
St. Paul, Minn. 

Robe,rt P. Gullic, Sgt., 701 6th Ave., Helena, Mont. 

Leo W. Hansen, Luck, Wis. 

Albert W. Garrett, Golden Valley, Minn. 

Adolph Schoeninger (i), 528 Aldine Ave., Chicago. 

Jacob J. Block, Box 4, Cleveland, Minn. 

William G. Faber, Wisconsin Ave., Mendota. 

Kenneth O. Rossiter, 4741 London Road, Duluth, Minn. 

Charles M. Draper, Corp., New Bedford. 

Victor N. Anderson, Cook, Intervale, Wis. 

Elmer Peter Frye, Murdock, Minn. 

Julius A. Kegel, 10 John St., Freeport. 

Axel Wannebo, Clear Lake, Wis. 

Walter E. Burgess, 458 S. Oak St., Freeport. 

Paul Grin, Cook, 13 Messaba St., Duluth, Minn. 

Emil H. Urban (i), Bensenville. 

Jack T. Lunche, 805 N. Bassett St., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Harry C. Greenwald, 4847 Bernice Ave., Chicago. 

Lyman P. Callahan, Wag., Amboy. 

Edward M. Healy, Sgt., 6439 S. May St., Chicago. 

Oliver H. Grice, Far., Scotts Hill, Tenn. 

Archie E. Dickerson, Far., Illiopolis. 

Glen L. Glass (i), R. D. 2, Alexis. 





Robert M. Littlejohn, Maj., care Mrs. John R. Lam- 
bert, Glastonbury, Conn. 

Albert G. Duncan, ist Lt., 5241 Kenmore Ave., Chi- 

Howard R. White, ist Lt., 319 W. Colfax Ave., South 
Bend, Ind. 

Albert Barden, ist Lt., 475 Warburton Ave., Hast- 
ings on Hudson, N. Y. 

Charles H. Mueller, Sgt. Maj., 5707 Windsor Ave., 

Ferdinand Koelle, Sgt. Maj., 4030 N. Leamington Ave., 

Lambert J. Conklin, Sgt., 2827 Dawson Ave., Chicago. 

George H. Bromley, Corp., 4901 Pensacola Ave., Chi- 

Norbert J. Kennealy (i), 5620 Prairie Ave., Chicago. 

Anton Cwik, 3016 N. Avers Ave., Chicago. 

Raymond A. Reynolds, 1812 Bryant Ave. S., Minne- 
apolis, Minn. 

Albert P. Kohler, Marathon City, Wis. 

Marshall A. Geilfuss, 2301 Prairie St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Bernard) W. O'Connell, Fulda, Minn. 

Thomas W. Roe, 4529 N. Monticello Ave., Chicago. 

Edgar U. Norman, 505 E. Jefferson St., Stoughton, 

William Weinberger (i), 1139 Ardmore Ave., Chicago. 

Anton J. Kreil, Cook, 609 W. 24th St., Milwaukee, 

Thomas J. Bull, Wag., Gen. Del., Sedalia, Tenn. 

Charles Carlsen, Wag., 41 13 Newport Ave., Chicago. 

Fred J. Betts, Wag., R. D. i, Faceville, Ga. 

Harris W. Fox, Wag., R. D. 4, Lynnville, Tenn. 

Miles R. Frankenfield, Wag., 615 S. Walnut St., Free- 

William F. Fuhl, Wag., Milwaukee R.oad, Niles. 

Herman Holden, Wag., 2000 Clifton Ave., Chicago. 

Joseph E. Homann, Wag., Shumway. 

Herbert Loehrke, Wag., 5023 Cullom Ave., Chicago. 

Reuben F. Peterson, Wag., 2248 Farragut St., Chi- 

Steve Rupsch, Wag., 541 Liberty St., Chicago. 

James Temple, Wag., 6083 W. Circle Ave., Chicago. 

Fred Tyson, Wag., 4231 N. Springfield Ave., Chicago. 

Julius Ziska, Jr., Sgt., 5431 Leland Ave., Chicago. 

Albert L. Hochevar, Wag., 9627 Avenue M, South 

Nils Bjork, Wag., R. D. i. Battle Lake, Minn. 

Fred A. Lebo, Wag., Schoficld, Wis. 

Richard J. Brickler, Wag., R. D. 2, South Milwau- 
kee, Wis. 

Felix F. Kluck, Wag., 1121 21st St., Manitowoc, Wis. 

Charlie A. Pearsall, Wag., Chetek, Wis. 

John Volesky, Wag., 903 32nd St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Emil W. Halverson, Wag., R. D. 3, Box 44, New 
Ulm, Wis. 

Peter E. Radke, Wag., Box 57, Lakefield, Mihn. 

Ora Ball, Wag., Naples. 

James W. Jensen, Withee, Wis. 

Frank F. Johnson, Wag., 1913 Charles St., Rockford. 

Joseph McLaughlin, Wag., 43 Henry St., Brooklyn, 
N. Y. 


Charles Mueller, Ord. Sgt., 1325 Wolfram St., Chi- 
Stuart J. Anderson, 2957 N. Troy St., Chicago. 

William P. Dernell, 4839 N. Leavitt St., Chicago. 
John F. Duwe (i), 2539 Foster Ave., Chicago. 


James J. Kelly, ist Lt., 6149 Kimbark Ave., Chicago. 

Elmer M. Oberg, 2d Lt., 228 9th St., Rock Island. 

Alfred _E. Strang, Jr., 2d Lt., 4807 N. Hermitage Ave., 

Frederick J. McHeon, 2d Lt., 117 W. 2nd St., South 
Boston, Mass. 

Raymond E. Mashino, ist Sgt., Morocco, Ind. 

Frank E. Schmitz, Sgt., 47 11 N. Kilbourne Ave., Chi- 

Meyer H. Epstein, 1033 36th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Louis L. lonata, Corp., 913 Webster Ave., Pitts- 
burgh, Pa. 

Charles P. Bink, Corp., 5357 N. Ashland Ave., Chi- 

James P. Leenhouts, 589 i6th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Frederick U. Logan, Bug., R. D. i, Dallas City. 

Arthur F. Layer, LeSeuer Center, Minn. 

Edward G. Volker, Darlington. 

Edward A. Olsson (i), Wheeler Ave., Beloit, Wis. 

Raymond J. Staehely (i), 615 4th Ave., Joliet. 

William E. Sturmberg (i), 408 Greenfield Ave., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 

Clarence Smith, 1826 N. St. Clair St., Racine, Wis. 

Richard M. Johnson, 623 N. 5th St., Brainerd, Minn. 

Thomas J. Blackwell, 658 26th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Charles B. Schramm, Rockville, Wis. 

Maurice H. Keating, 3136 i^th Ave. S., Minneapolis, 

Elmer A. Peterson, 314 W. 4th St., Duluth, Minn. 

Ernest G. Carlson, R. D. 3, Box 2, Rochelle. 

Robert L. Kuenzli, Gilmanton, Wis. 

John A. Carlson, Sgt., 4936 St. Anthony Court, Chi- 

Paul H. Buttas, Sgt., 4734 N. Lawndale Ave., Chi- 

Heber Davis, Sgt., Arnola. 

James McC. Orr, Hs., 6010 N. Clark St., Chicago. 

Franklin B. Wallis, Mech., Rosehill Cemetery, Chi- 

Walter D. VanRyzin, Mech., Stratford, Wis. 

Harry L. Dippold, 5323 Maryland Ave., Chicago. 

George Sandgren, Sad., 2512 Central Ave. N. E., 
Minneapolis, Minn. 

Arthur W. Asklof, Cook, 5333 N. Sawyer Ave., Chi- 

Ernst W. Carlson, Cook, 1043 Sedgwick Ave., Chicago. 

Charles E. Schneider, Cook, 4519 N. St. Louis Ave., 

Kryle Fuller (i), 180 Carroll St., Freeport. 

Frank Dobbs, R. D. 2, Tomahawk, Wis. 

William E. Kuhn, Sgt., 5355 N. Ashland Ave., Chi- 

Joseph W. Barlow (i), Monticello, Wis. 

Carl R. Sage'rman, 1232 Crooks St., Green Bay, Wis. 

Russell R. Cuthbert, 60 Blackhawk St., Aurora. 

Joseph R. Steffek, Sgt., 4548 N. Karlov Ave., Chi- 

William J. Tennesen, R. D. 4, Box 64, Kenosha, Wis. 

Bert A. Holmquist, R. D 2, Box 67, Elgin 

Clarence L. Broman, Corp., 'ii W. 112th St., Chicago. 

Edward Howard (i), care C. B. & Q. R. R. Com. 
Dept., Chicago. 

Edward G. Kaminski (i), 117 ist St., Elmhurst. 

Edward Birmingham (i), 6630 Minerva Ave., Chicago. 

Tom Big John, Robbins, Wis. 

Julius O. Krause, 2206 W. 21st Place, Chicago. 

Ralph E. Bowman (i), 400 Irwin Ave. N., Minne- 
apolis, Minn. 

Henry E. Fuhrman, Tigerton, Wis. 

Christ C. Hanson, care Polk St., Livery Stable, Ken- 
osha, Wis. 

Albert O. Feiereisel (i), 2633 Southport Ave., Chi- 

Frank Addante, 610 N. May St., Chicago. 




Bernhard F. Glassnap (i), R. D. 9, Black Wolf, Wis. 

Nels G. Erickson, 1444 7th St., Rockford. 

Douglas J. Franklin, R. D. 3, Pine City, Minn. 
, Emil G. Eliason, R. D. 3, Box 39, Mcintosh, Minn. 

Levi D. Phillips, Castle Rock, Minn. 

Oke Alfveby, 649 Lawson St., St. Paul, Minn. 

Peter J. Hoffman, Lyndhurst, Wis. 

Gerald L. Heinz, Sgf., 3651 Sheffield Ave., Chicago. 

William F. Fardy, R. D., Mukwanago, Wis. 

Glen G. Samuelson, Box 82, Osco. 

Wilham J. McLaughlin, 3104 13th Ave. S., Minne- 
apolis, Minn. 

John A. Ande.rson, Leeman, Wis. 

Albert E. Janssen, R. D. 5, Box 79, Freeport. 

Earl W. Lathrop, 300 S. River St., Appleton, Wis. 

Mathew E. Wiswald (i), 1036 isth St., Chicago. 

Oscar W. Friedricks, R. D. 4, Sheboygan, Wis. 

Clemens P. Wolf (i), Hilbert, Wis. 

William H. Winthers, 3557 LaSalle St., Chicago. 

Francis M. Rasche (i), 785 Indiana Ave., Milwau- 
kee, Wis. 

Edgar C. Steinbaugh (i), 316 E. Grove St., Mishawa- 
ka, Ind. 

Alfred E. E. King, 611 Genessee St., Merrill, Wis. 

Henry K. Gunstrom, 7406 Crandon Ave., Chicago. 

James Fisher, Corp., 1212 Lill Ave., Chicago. 

John W- Holm, 140 E. Johnson, Madison, Wis. 

John W. Rex, 4306 One.ota St., West Duluth, Minn. 

Stephen Mroczynski, il. D. 2, Station D, Box 69 A, 
Milwaukee, Wis. 

Otto R. Anderson, R. D. 5, Princeton. 

Albert Daniels, 1330 N. 14th St., Sheboygan, Wis. 

Joseph L. Howard, R. D. 4, Box 99, Darlington, Wis. 

John Bontjes, R. D. 2, Byron. 

Otto Hein, R. D. i, Dover, Minn. 

Frank L. Bourne, Edison, Neb. 

Robert H. Krause, 506 Mason St., Appleton, Wis. 

John Walsh (i), Middleton, Wis. 

Albert H. Rohlfing, Sgt., 4436 N. St. Louis Ave., 

Frank W. Koenig, 700 2nd St., Watertown, Wis. 

George C. Abel, 603 N. Water St., New London, Wis. 

Matthew T. Goodwin, Bella, Wis. 

Rufus M. Cook, Jr. (i), 2036 Cumberland St.. Rock- 

William Larson, R. D. 2, Box i, Glenwood, Minn. 

Hugh W. VanHoorebeke, 42 E. Birch St., Chippewa 
Falls, Minn. 

Michael F. Keaty, Corp., 19 Bridget St., Cork, Ireland. 

Louis L. Ganther, Kaukauna, Wis. 

Joseph L. Lindquist (i), Wausaukee, Wis. 

Gustav A. Kuhnwald, 1614 Charles St., Racine, Wis. 

Alfred Nelson, 3231 3rd St. N., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Claude H. Schuppener, Stitzer, Wis. 

Foster W. Winner, Hixfon, Wis. 

Harry M. Hosch, 973 12th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Jules J. Jones (i), 85 Dorgan Place, Dubuque, Iowa. 

Arthur C. Erbstoeszer, Haven, Wis. 

Michael Size, Corp., 1514 Edgewater Ave., Chicago. 

Carl H. Elgstrom, 417 8th St., Des Moines, Iowa. 

Arvid H. Bogren, 90A 8th Ave,., Rockford. 

Joseph H. Kalash (i), Box 28, Lakefield, Minn. 

Amos G. Coffey (i). Box 449, Cloquet, Minn. 

Arthur M. Munson, R. D. 2, Cannon Falls, Minn. 

Frederick O. Reps, R. D. i, Minnesota City, Minn. 

Gifford H. Stoen, R. D. i, Gary, Minn. 

Anthony E. Petroski, 40 W. 2nd St., Superior, Wis. 

John J. Schons, Corp., 5055 N. Claremont Ave., Chi- 

Helmer Lien, R. D. 2, Bay City, Wis. 

Adelbert V. B. Freer, Millfown, Wis. 

Carl J. Gustafson (i), 643 N. Lorel Ave., Chicago. 

Henry G. Aebly (i), 302 Green St., Monroe, Wis. 

Walter Lepinski, 334^ S. Western Blvd., Chicago. 

George C. Potter, R. D. 2, Springfield, Minn. 

Frederick N. Schlau, Corp., 1718 Foster Ave., Chi- 

Frank Waldron (i), 349 20th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Maurice F. Brenner, Shawano, Wis. 

Roy W. McGinnis, 211 Jefferson Ave., Dowagiac, Mich. 

Howard A. Palmer, R. D. 4, Frazee, Minn. 

Edward Vyhnalek, 1643 Loeffler Court, Chicago. 

Thure L. Wisen, 521 E. Berrien St., Galesburg. 

Walter E. Peterson, Skime, Minn. 

Alfred A. Munson, 4532 Stevens Ave., Minneapolis, 

Arthur E. Westrum, R. D. i, Glenville, Minn. 

James W. Snider, 213 nth St., Grand Rapids, Wis. 

Eldon M. Whitmore, 409 De.Clark St., Beaver Dam, 

Arthur C. Nelson, Genessee. 

Lee Smith, 728 3rd St., Leedsburg, Wis. 

Tubus H. Slife, R. D. 4, Westfield, Wis. 

Harvey H. Feavel, 707 Oneida St., Appleton, Wis. 

Henry L. Pierce, R. D. 3, Elkhorn, Wis. 

Arthur H. Stoxen, Hebron. 

Raymond L. Applegate (i), 150 Humphrey Ave., Oak 

Edward A. Peterson, 3415 E. io8th St., South Chi- 

Raymond S. Schneider, 1600 Washington St., Two 
Rivers, Wis. 

Carl F. Ne.lson, Mahtomedi, Minn. 

Robert Allegretti, 531 N. Morgan St., Chicago. 

Olaf A. Eide, R. D. i. New Folden, Minn. 

Frank S. Roberts, 408 E. Wallace St., JoHet. 

Alfred A. Wersonske, R. D. 26, Oconomowoc, Wis. 

Arno H. Loose, 226 N. Front St., New Ulm, Minn. 

William A. Hattle, R. D. i, Baraboo, Wis. 

Louis Roseberg, Corp., Stehag, Skone, Sweden. 

Bernard E. Madden, Sawyer, Wis. 

Charles P. Kolicek, Michicot, Wis. 

James Hernigle, 4455 W. Monroe St., Chicago. 

Albert Meltz, LeSeuer, Minn. 

Joseph P. Karlovski (i), 31 19 W. 22nd St., Chicago. 

Erick M. Hanson, R. D. 3, Box 58, Elbow Lake, 

Philip E. Nelson, R. D. i. Box 76, Mora, Minn. 

Edward Sauve (i), R. D., Escanaba, Mich. 

Adolph O. Midtskog, 13 17 nth Ave., Rockford. 

Sigmund J. Grabowski, Corp., 2231 Seminary Ave., 

Marvin L. Dudley, 808 Holmes St., Jane.sville, Wis. 

Arthur J. Mench., R. D. i, Mitchell, S. D. 

Howard W. Johnson, Box 16, Quinnesec, Mich. 

Mark T. Maloney, P. O. Box D, Montgomery, Minn. 

Clarence F. Grosse, 723 loth St., Red Wing, Minn. 

Rudolph C. Newman, 11 18 W. 7th St., Faribault, 

William H. Servin, R. D. i, Wyoming, Minn. 

Michael Moscinski (i), 2300 Oakley Ave., Chicago. 

James J. Farrell, 120 E. 98th St., New York, N. Y. 

Oscar Lehman, Wakarusa, Ind. 

Arthur B. Anderson, 822 42nd St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 


Wayne C. Taylor, Capt., care G. B. Blow, LaSalle. 
Louis F. Swift, ist Lt., Union Stock Yards, Chicago. 
Harry L. Meehan, 2d Lt., Atlanta, Ind. 
Hosea A. Badders, 2d Lt., R. D. 2, Linton, Ind. 
Carl L. Anderson, 1st Sgt., 1003 12th St., Rock 

Edward J. Konop, Corp., R. D. i, Kellnersville, Wis. 
Joseph A. Hey, Ohio, III. 

John J. Welker, Corp., 1446 E. 69th Place, Chicago. 
Robe.rt W. Olson, 2006 6th St. S., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Albert S. Tschudy (i). Box 41, Monroe, Wis. 
Olaf B. Lommen, Bug., R. D. 6, Alexandria, Minn. 
Walter F. Gustafson, Bug., Box 32, Robertsdale, Ala. 
Arthur J. Potter, 118 ist St., Baraboo, Wis. 
Charles H. Weiss, 336% 12th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Price W. Dixon, Union Grove, Wis. 
Arthur C. Gubert, 350 2nd Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

John O. Wallesfad, R. D. i, Hillsboro, Wis. 

Henry O. Swetlik (i), R. D. 2, Maribel, Wis. 

Arthur H. Miller (i), 1416 nth Ave. S., Minneapolis, 

Francis R. Gilroy, 2612 3rd Ave. S., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Ralph Winch, Prosper, Minn. 

Percy E. Ballweber, 2867 James Ave. S., Minneapolis, 

Ellis Schweickhard (i), 309 Locust St., Mankato, Minn. 

Charles A. PacharS, Shawano, Wis. 

Herl^ert I. Rosenberg, 1091 34th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

George C. Keller, Sup. Sgt., Tipton, Iowa. 

Frank A. Nitka, 1109 1st Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Louis C. Edler, Hs., 5456 Higgins Ave., Chicago. 

Robert Stitt, Cook, 3927 Elston Ave., Chicago. 

William Steinhauser, 4201 N. Central Park Ave., Chi- 



Paul H. Stolberg, Cook, 4327 N. Harding Ave., Chi- 

Herman C. Bufzow, Cook, 3059 Montrose Ave., Chi- 

Joseph F. Werner, 1725 Bouvier St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

David Laveen, Sad., 4322 N. Hamlin Ave., Chicago. 

Louis Benedict (i), 279 E. i6th St., Chicago Heights. 

John Berwick, Sgt., St. Charles, Mich. 

William Wolter, Corp., 3900 N. St. Louis Ave., Chi- 

William W. Rabensdorf, Fairchild, Wis. 

Alfred H. Evers, 145 Douglas Ave., Freeport. 

Clarence W. Krier, 1228 6th St. S., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Ignacio Conforti (i), 958 Pearl St., Kenosha, Wis. 

William J. Radomski, 1402 S. 48th Court, Cicero. 

Joseph S. Johnson, Box R, Bricejyn, Minn. 

Martin J. Conorton, Euclid Ave., Highwood. 

Joseph P. Mazurkiewicz, 140 1 N. Ashland Ave., Chi- 

Rudolph Jacobs, Box 363, Breckenridge, Minn. 

Fred M. Liss, Mec, 4442 N. Kenneth Ave., Chicago. 

Adlai C. Peth, Corp., 215 E. Jefferson St., Wausau, 

George J. Schrommer, Prescott, Wis. 

Alfred C. Kietzke, 803 27th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Julius A. Smith, West DePere, Wis. 

Lawrence W. Toelle (i), 502 Center St., Milwaukee, 

Frank J. Nowak, 1025 2nd Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Harvey Doucey, 255 17th Ave,., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Harry B. Klaus, 762 Tuscurora Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 

Henry J. Benz, 706 Lake Ave., Racine, Wis. 

Elmer G. Lind, 151 W. 57th Place, Chicago. 

Elmer J. Winkler, 344 7th Ave., Milwaukee Wis. 

Frank J. Gannon, Sgt., 517 DeLancey St., Philadel- 
phia, Pa. 

Gustav J. Kreutz, Corp., 4814 N. Drake Ave., Chicago. 

William Strebe (i), Medford, Wis. 

Henry Mohawk (1), Gresham, Wis. 

Harry P. Walters (i), 474 S. River St., Aurora. 

Samuel Merema, Morrison. 

Herman Sibilrud, Hartland, Minn. 

George, Wittenberg, Wis. 

Frederick A. Guthorle, 4105 N. Central Park Ave., 

Dan A. Tyman, 257 E. Fairfield Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 

Frank C. Macho, 829 2nd Ave. S., St. Cloud, Minn. 

Constantine S. Anastasakis, 4023 Monticello Ave., Chi- 
^ cago. 

Howard H. Williams, Corp., 3940 N. Francisco Ave., 

Harold M. L. Baker (i), R. D. i, Hudson, Wis. 

Edwin F. Zeugner (i), loi Jefferson St., Ft. Atkin- 
son, Wis. 

Fred A. Paulson, R. D. i, Clayton, Wis. 

Arthur E. Callahan, Montello, Wis. 

Anton R. Prange, R. D. 3, Good Thunder, Minn. 

Albin Nelson (i), 10940 Wabash Ave., Chicago. 

Nels M. Sorenson, Lyle, Minn. 

Henry Watson, Macomb. 

Charles Warrensford, R. D. i, Victoria. 

Arvid J. Linbodm, R. D. 3, Cambridge. 

Carl W. Olson, Sgt., Meadowlands, Minn. 

Carl J. Rang, 4523 N. Lawndale Ave., Chicago. 

Nels Jacobson (i), R. D. 11, Neenah, Wis. 

Wilbert J. Dick, Monticello, Wis. 

Victor E. Ke^ajci (i), 2946 W. 25th Place, Chicago. 

Lloyd M. Nelson, R. D. 3, Grove City, Minn. 

Arthur C. Swanson, R. D. i. North Henderson. 

Frederick Wiseley, Darlington, Wis. 

Ruben W. Humble, 216^ Lincoln Ave., E. Grand 
Forks, Minn. 

Frank Vojta, 1706 S. Loomis St., Chicago. 

John A. Kinvig, Isle of Man, England. 

Richard W. Zcchzer, Deerfield, Wis. 

John Nowak, Mech., 181 1 Laflin St., Chicago. 

William Lasher, Corp., 407 N. High St., Ft. Atkin- 
son, Wis. 

Edward G. Burish (i), R. D .4, Cadott, Wis. 

Harry G. Lundberg, Ogema, Wis. 

Frank A. Timm, 100 Union St., Oshkosh, Wis. 

Walter A. Kessen, Birnemwood, Wis. 

Charles E. Cushman, Rewey, Wis. 

Ross J. McRae, R. D. 2, Kewane.e. 

Thomas E. Rogers, R. D. 3, Kenosha, Wis. 

Loyd H. Brill, R. D. 4, LaHarpe. 

Otto A. Zank, Augusta, Wis. 

Thomas F. Holton, Corp., 3829 N. Springfield Ave., 

John G. Urich, R. D. 2, Erie. 

Carl A. J. Overly, 112 Hinman St., Columbus, Ind. 

Dushan Stanoyevich (1), 6243 Archer Ave., Chicago. 

Camiel Lybert, R. D. i, Tony, Wis. 

Louis Schriner, R. D. 2, Ashland, Wis. 

Samuel C. Anderson (i), 465 Sheridan Road, Kenosha, 

Andrew Muehlenbein, R. D. 12, Menasha, Wis. 

Albert Dettlof (i), 4032 N. Avers Ave., Chicago. 

Albert Elbe, 450 Wilcox St., Warsaw. 

Henry A. Schields, 254 Gertrude St., Elgin. 

Frank R. Andrews, Corp., 4158 Belle Plaine Ave., Chi- 

Ralph A. Bast, 618 W. Russell St., Monroe, Wis. 

Walter E. Hoffman, 1263 Island Ave., Milwaukee, 

Llewellyn A. Hodge, Minnesota Lake, Minn. 

John O. Olson (i), 49 McEldowney Place, Chicago 

Ferdinand O. Lundgren, R. D. i. Mcintosh, Minn. 

John T. Quinn, 1203 John St., Superior, Wis. 

Ren Stuart, Morrison. 

Arthur E. Schroeder (i), Clarno, Wis. 

Joseph Hirman, 621 O'Brien St., Chicago. 

Mike Petrauski, 715 N. 12th St., DeKalb. 

DaVid J. LaPont, Corp., 228 13th St., Milwaukee, 

Williani N. Andrews, Sgt., 4158 Belle Plaine Ave., 

Thomas Crown, Corp., 370 47th St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Arthur C. Mayer, Cecil, Wis. 

Paul E. Traeger, 484 Laurel St., Elgin. 

Charles J. Swanson (i),_ Carpentersville. 

Glen G. Holman (1), Linden, Wis. 

Ervey J. Norman, Granite Falls, Minn. 

Fred W. Kliefoth, Belle Plaine, Minn. 

Arthur M. Skoog, 4521 E. Dodge St., Duluth, Minn. 

Henry W. Nickel, R. D. 3, Hector, Minn. 

Michael C. McDonald, Corp., 1109 Cypress St., Chi- 

Leon M. Conrayd, 5120 Wilson Ave., Chicago. 

Frank A. Wilke, 11 76 8th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Frank R. Johnson, R. D. 5, Streator. 

Hugo A. P. Desens, 512 Barker St., Racine, Wis. 

Richard DeClercq, R. D. 2, Atkinson. 

John E. Rambo, Elmwood. 

David J. Waller, R. D. 2, Richmond. 

Mervin Reed, R. D. 2, Irquois, Ontario, Canada. 

Bejijamin Bach, 505 12th Ave. N., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Walter F. Pelz, 4135 N. Richmond St., Chicago. 

Richard J. Bindon, Corp., 6049 S. Honore St., Chi- 

Herbert G. Kruse, 660 Keep Ave., Elgin. 

William Foreyt, 160 1 S. Racine Ave., Chicago. 

Charles H. McMaster (i), Maquon. 

Henry C. Holzem (i), Menomonee Falls, Wis. 

Christ J. Klimek, R. D. i, Roselawn, Wis. 

William Gook, 306 7th Ave., Sterling. 

Charles R. Atkinson, Mech., Maple City, Mich. 

John W. Achmid, Corp., 4152 N. St. Louis Ave., Chi- 

Albert J. Meyer, R. D. 3, Shawano, Wis. 

Clifford E. Lane, R. D. 1, Mattoon, Wis. 

Elmer W. Wollbrink, Sutter. 

Richard F. Toelle (i), 1422 N. 7th St., Sheboygan, 

Daniel Stang, R. D. i, Paynesville, Minn. 

Lester H. Maroney, 604 Greenlawn Ave,., Peoria. 

Vernon E. Taylor, Brodhead, Wis. 

Walter E. Stork (i), Harmony, Minn. 

John Bettinger, Woodlawn Ave., West Allis, Wis. 

Robert A. King, R. D. i, Gilson. 

Elmer C. Leopold, 146714 2nd St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Benjamin Malia, 379 Manhattan Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Joseph N. D. Valois, 6 New Main St., Manville, R. I. 

Harold E. Salley, 1452 E. 12th St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

George J. Hannan, 407 7th St., Rockford. 


William B. Trembley, ist Lt., 709 State Ave., Kansas 
City, Kan. 

Richard Paddock, 2d Lt., Illinois Steel Co., Credit 
Dept . 50 Wabansia Ave., Chicago. 



Manson T. Reese, 2d Lt., 41 Ponder Ave., Denton, 

Daniel McCarthy, ist Sgt., 5035 Hutchinson St., Chi- 

Alexander J. Dunn, Sup. Sgt., 4031 Patterson Ave., 

August A. Johnson, 220 Tratt Ave., Willmar, Minn. 

Carl H. Anderson, Corp., 5852 Dakin St., Chicago. 

Walter Vennekamp, Corp., R. D. B, Gary, Ind. 

Homer S. Smith, Roadhouse. 

William E. Knapp, 1050 N. Drake Ave., Chicago. 

Barney J. Hacker, 4216 Gibson Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 

Sylvester J. Moore (i), 128 E. S2nd St., Chicago. 

Joseph M. Burg, 456 Park St., Kenosha, Wis. 

Arthur H. Laass, 1423 S. 17th St.', Sheboygan, Wis. 

Clarence Ne.wman, R. D. 8, Union Grove, Wis. 

Joseph _ Stadler, Wauawa, Wis. 

Frederick Doyle, 1455 Fargo Ave., Chicago. 

Willie M. Buckley, Raymond, Miss. 

Michael J. Shea (i), 4253 Gladys Ave., Chicago. 

Hjalmer Hedstrom, Corp., 521 Grand Ave., St. Paul, 

James Sennott (i), 571 27th Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Courtlandt Waite (i), Riverbank Court, Cambridge, 

Egbert H. Tull, Corp., Groveland Ave., Riverside. 

David L. Engvall, Brandan, S. D. 

John Fitzgerald, Fairchild, Wis. 

Harold Lokke, Mess Sgt., 3922 N. Kedzie Ave., Chi- 

Henning W. Jensen, Stab. Sgt., 5004 Waveland Ave.., 

Arthur C. Anderson, Cook, 3631 N. Kimball Ave., Chi- 

Sumnad Aivazian, Cook, 1339 Wisconsin St., Racine, 

Harley A. Bliss, R. D. i. Box 2, Milaca, Minn. 

John Lobodzinski, 3 116 N. Lawndale Ave., Chicago. 

William A. Thorns, Hs., 3706 N. Robey St., Chicago. 

Carl F. Apitz, Box 346, Amboy, Minn. 

William Hedrich, Mech., 2452 N. Avers Ave., Chicago. 

Henry Molitor, R. D. 3, Aurora. 

Walter F. Koehl (i), 4949 Grace St., Chicago. 

John W. Watson, .S858 Waveland Ave., Chicago. 

Ernest F. Meyer, R. D. 2, Bird Island. Minn. 

Max T. Hoelck (i), 3044 George St., Chicago. 

Otto Steinke (i), Leopolis, Wis. 

Otto Schultz, R. D. 27, Plymouth, Wis. 

Leon F. Milostan (i), 511 E. 4th St., Duluth, Minn. 

Lyle E. Trotter (i), R. D. t, Jameson, Mo. 

George Kittilson, Box 13, Swift, Minn. 

Grant I. Reninger, Downers Grove. 

Harry R. Rowe, Spring Valley, Minn. 

Charles Partridge (i), 303 Academy St., Owatonna, 

Volna J. Buckeye, R. D. 5, Madison, S. D. 

Herbert Brownell, Sgt., s.'So Surf St., Chicago. 

Bert Woitas Ci), 2826 Woodard Ave., Chicago. 

Alvin L. Davis, 327 State St., Mankato, Minn. 

Emmett Carroll, R. D. 2, Rothsay, Minn. 

Edward J. Sager (i), R. D. i, Kewanee. 

Einar Schulstad (i), 972 Lenwood Place, St. Paul, 

Walter Osikowicz (i), 3400 N. Keeler Ave., Chicago. 

Leo M. Maloney, 321 E. 6th St., Duluth, Minn. 

Oscar Lee, R. D. 64, Ranson. 

Harry J. Anderson, 1915 Johnson St. N. E., Minne- 
apolis, Minn. 

.John H. Weiland, R. D. 3, Clara City, Minn. 

William C. Guth, Corp., 6.^01 S. Laflin. St., Chicago. 

Walte,r F. Archer, 291 1 7th Ave., Rock Island. 

William A. Raumann (i), 100 Madison St., Waukesha, 

Guy F. Sylvester, Windom. Minn. 

Ole T. Olson, R. D. 2, Sawyer, Wis. 

Clarence S. Monson, R. D. 1, Doran, Minn. 

Walter J. Heberle, 2823 Dawson Ave., Chicago. 

Harry J. Radinzel, R. D. 6, Stillwater, Minn. 

William A. Severson (i), R. D. i, Roselawn, Wis. 

Reinhold Syring, 116 Main St., Menasha, Wis. 

Arthur P. Sterr (i), Knowles, Wis. 

Merritt M. Thomas, Set., 802 Olive St., Carthage, Mo. 

Herman C. Hanson, Chandler, Minn. 

Robert R. Long, Corp., Box 205, Toulon. 

Fred C. Huber. R. D. 3, Elgin. 

George B. Smith, 19 Oak Place, Freeport. 

Bernard W. Kiey, Hustisford, Wis. 

Bernard R. Brandt, 1105 17th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

William A. Schader, 15 14 2nd Ave., East Cedar Rap- 
ids, Iowa. 
Harry Pinder (i), 716 W. Illinois Ave., Morris. 
Benjamin Ender, R. D. i, LaCrescent, Minn. 
Elmer L. Broquist, 923 S. sth St., Rockford. 
George Keller, Sgt., 3659 N. Spaulding Ave., Chicago. 
George H. Mill, 3023 Haussey Court, Chicago. 

Paul L. Groeser (i). Welcome Lake, Pa. 

John J. Minahan (i), 3313 Western Blvd., Chicago. 

Edward S. Shipley, R. D. i, Birmingham, Iowa. 

Albert O. Johnson, R. D. 2, Detroit, Minn. 

John F. Charles (i), 704 Talmadge St., Eau Claire, 

John H. Bake.r, Granite Falls, Minn. 

Rey Dovicke, 115 Main St., Morrison. 

Daniel J. Fitzgerald (i), R. D. i, Rich Valley, Minn. 

John Justinak, Corp., Belt, Mont. 

Frank G. Weber, Lyndhurst, Wis. 

Stephen B. Woodward, 816 S. Pearl St., Rochester, 

Herbert J. Rose, Corp., Bonduel, Wis. 

Otto W. Pollei (i), 701 N. Front St., Mankato, Minn. 

Henry Peterson (i), 118 E. Irving Ave., Oshkosh, 

Ernest L. Skolberg, R. D. 4, Box 48, Hector, Minn. 

Arthur Gentz, 1424 S. 14th St., Sheboygan, Wis. 

August Pedersen, R. D. 3, Gary, Minn. 

Leonard J. Baran, 745 Keith St., Chicago. 

Adam A. Klafta, 2934 N. Springfield Ave., Chicago. 

Ludwig Carlson, 361 1 Cedar Ave. S., Minneapolis, 

Charley Coppens, Box 176, Atkinson. 

Robert W. Townley (1), 286 Oakland Ave., Milwau- 
kee, Wis. 

Edward W. Schuster, Sgt., 3340 N. Lawndale Ave., 

Frank C. Reinhardt, Corp., 857 Richarisst St., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 

Eugene R. Fitzgerald (i), 1003 N. 4th St., Mankato, 

Ernest G. Gaus (i), 1441 W. Lake St., Minneapolis, 

Clarence A. Brunk, 529 .t;3rd Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

John A. Steine.r (i), R. D. 2$, Omro, Wis. 

Theodore Schroeder, 276 E. 5th St., Winona, Minn. 

Arthur Dammann, R. D. 1, Hamburg, Minn. 

Walter Goldick, 191 Laman St., Hamtrack, Mich. 

Philip E. Scholz, R. D. 3, Fredonia, Wis. 

Frank Schaefer, Corp., 907 35th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Edward H. Nooyen (i), 11 53 Main St., Green Bay, 

Oscar C. Heig, Rothsay, Minn. 

Jacob J. Jackson, 115 N. Williams St., Stillwater, 

William M. Adams (i), Hillsdale. 

William F. Curtright, 1221 N. Broadway St., Roch- 
ester, Minn. 

Harry Nelson, 120 Bennett St., Geneva. 

Harold W. Bergerson, R. D. i. Sturgeon Bay, Wis. 

Raymond A. Rogler, Corp., 511 Main St., Watertown, 

John J. Bloomquist, R. D. 4, North Branch, Minn. 

Emmanuel H. Derr, Sgt., Jasper, Mo. 

Michael P. Mcllvenny (i), 2828 W. 38th St., Chicago. 

Clifford M. Thompson (i), Madelia, Minn. 

Arthur W. Nicholson, R. D. 4, Box 92, Duluth, Minn. 

Paul R. Sprague, 1064 Park Ave., Beloit, Wis. 

Leonard King, Amboy. 

Frank C. Lenihan (i), Princeton. 

Harold Baumgarten, Corp., 595 Downer Ave., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 

Ernest H. Lind, Winthrop, Minn. 

Richard M. Costello, Corp., 447 W. 42nd Place, Chi- 

Edward Simon, 3739 S. Maplewood Ave.. Chicago. 

Clare.nce E. Martin (i), R. D. i. Fox Home, Minn. 

Olaf W. Nelson (i), 312 S. 4th St., East Grand 
Forks, Minn. 

James J. Kearns, Box 122, Avoca, Minn. 

Joseph J. Jendrzejczak, 1021 ist Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Charles R. Williams, 517 Cedar St., Rockford. 

Thursten H. Nelson (1), 503 Water St., Albert Lea, 

Gus Fondrie, Wales, Wis. 

Kurt H. Kunze, Box 99, South Kaukauna, Wis. 

Charles C. Winikates, Sgt., 4942 Hutchinson Ave., 

John F. Blavka (i), 6506 Justine St., Chicago. 



Erie B. McGrew, Box 6, Good Thunder, Minn. 

Walter Spaeth, 4251 S. Campbell Ave,., Chicago. 

Ferdinand H. Klemm, 2902 N. Albany Ave., Chicago. 

Carl H. Schicke (1), Carancahua, Texas. 

Walter P. Mauer, Slayton, Minn. 

Torvald Rolseth (i), 3602 Wrightwood Ave., Chicago. 

Ralph W. Hoyt, St. Joseph. 

Albin S. Johnson, 2633 N. Springfield Ave., Chicago. 

Robert A. Stark, Corp., 5632 Laflin St., Chicago. 

Otto F. Lieke (i). East Wells St., Geneseo. 

Clyde Shaw, Arkansaw, Wis. 

Morris Klamen, Mark Bros., Grocery, Muscatine, la. 

Frank Jasinski (i), R. D. 2, Polsen, 

Albert O. Anderson, R. D. 8, Litchfield, Minn. 
Erhardt G. Thiel, 3731 N. Christiana Ave., Chicago. 
Theodore Wimmer, 124 6th Ave. N., Wausau, Wis. 
Walter W. Larson (i), R. D. i, Watertowa, Wis. 
James H. Montgomery, 15 Maple St., Cloquet, Minn. 
Silas F. Thomas, Sgt., 2700 Flournoy St., Chicago. 
John J. Moriarty, 55 Elliott St., Hartford, Conn. 
Isidor Kantor, 24 Center St., Hejnpstead, L. I., N. Y. 
Stephen R. Smith, 36 Main St., Wicksford, R. I. 
William J. Conroy, 4236 Kimball Ave., Ozone Park, 

N. Y. 
Eugene Boylan, 850 Fairmont Place, New York City. 


William Head, Capt., Wheaton, Minn. 

Columbus Healy, ist Lt., 245 S. Wabash Ave., Chicago. 

John G. Kilroy, 2d Lt., care Acme Steel Goods Co., 

2840 Asher Ave., Chicago. 
Elliott M. Wallace, ist Sgt., 723 North East Ave., 

Oak Park. 
Oscar A. Onsrud, Sgt., Stoughton, Wis. 
Perry A. Grinde, Bug., Morrisonville, Wis. 
Joseph F. Detloff, Bug., 5337 N. Sawyer Ave., Chicago. 
Allan M. Huggans, 1304 E. 4th St., Sterling. 
John Buttel (i), R. D. 2, German Valley. 
John W. Conkey (i), Milton Junction, Wis. 
Palmer O. Dunnon (i), 1215 W, sth St., Rochester, 

Charles H. Freistat, 2503 Sth Ave., Rock Island. 
Edgar C. Goethel, 1917 Clarke St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Robert B. Mason (i), 342 Morris St., Fond du Lac, 

Daniel L. Sherman, 3014 Clybourn St., Milwaukee, 

Howard J. Toelle, Corp., R. D. 2, Bloomington, Ind. 
Frank Lipperer, Corp., 910 39th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Ross M. Wray, 3135 Grand Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Arnold Olsen (i), 1124 Selleck Ave., Kenosha, Wis. 
Henry G. Kramer, Walnut Grove, Minn. 
Carl A. Benson, 350 Linden St., Kenosha, Wis. 
Lewis J. Burt, 766 W. King St., Winona, Minn. 
Ray W. Reichardt, Mess Sgt., 401 W. Milwaukee St., 

Watertown, Wis. 
Lyle E. Dye. Sup. Sgt., Mazomanie, Wis. 
Fred C. Hartman, Stab. Sgt., R. D. i, Amsterdam, 

N. y. 

Louis K. Raasch, Hs., Box 57, R. D. i, Hamburg, 

Oscar M. Langjar (i), 130 North St., Plymouth, Wis. 
Martin J. Welch (i), R. D. 1, Waunakee, Wis. 
Mark R. Case, Cook, 1243 Union St., Beloit, Wis. 
George Klein, Cook, Sun Prairie, Wis. 
George Swiggum, Cook, Mount Horeb, Wis. 
Martin Martinson, Sad., DeForest, Wis. 
Marcus Skolas, Sgt., R. D. 2, Deerfield, Wis. 
Patrick Brennan, 517 E. 22nd St., Chicago. 
William E. Leppa (i), R. D. 2, Kimball, Minn. 
Arvid Anderson, Forskog County, Orgeng, Sweden. 
Wilfred R. Sisson, R. D. 6, Montevideo, Minn. 
Eric H. Mann, R. D. i. Box 20, Waseca, Minn. 
Michael Highes, Camden Place P. O., Minneapolis, 

Austin J. Vinton (1), 134 E. School St., Owatonna, 

Lawrence B. Erwin, Corp., 173 2Sth St., Milwaukee, 

Wilhelm Mueller, 84 Burleigh St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Edwin O. Johnson, Box 7, Georgeville,, Minn. 
Victor E. Larson (i), R. D. 2, Box 325, Grandy, 

Percy G. WilUams, 185 Aldine St., St. Paul, Minn. 
John T. Sloan (i). Box 47, Maynard, Minn. 
William H. Bollman, 1805 Hyacinth St., St. Paul, 

Hugo H. Bublitz, 2402 Chambers St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
John N. Manson, Jr., Corp., 909 Franklin St., Wau- 
sau, Wis. 
Scott E. Lambert, care Ernest Churchill, Fiate. 
John P. Trinowski (i), Lansing. 
Raymond M. Hermann (i), Oregon, Wis. 
Logan G. Long, 1703 St. Lawrence Ave., Beloit, Wis. 
Edward Glawe, R. D. 2, Box 20, Vergas, Minn. 
Anton Raeker, New Munich, Minn. 
William J. Rambo (i), Waterford, Wis. 
Gordon Freman, Sgt., R. D. 2, Madison, Wis. 

Fred Roeder, 1115 Yankee Place, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Leonard Reuter, Sauk City, Wis. 

Martin R. Carlson, Renwick, Iowa. 

August G Schrank, R. D. 4, LeSeuer, Minn. Kanalz, 458 41st Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Shelburn O. Donkle (i), 200 Wadsworth Ave., Sag- 
inaw, Mich. 

Frank Kramer, Corp., Demster St., Fort Atkinson, 

Knut Sterud (i), care Mons Staff, Deerfield, Wis. 

Charles W. Arnold (i), 603 Gregory St., Rockford. 

William J. Wanitschka, 405 Wasnington St., Milwau- 
kee, Wis. 

Tobias C. Jensen, 117 Sheridan Road, Racine, Wis. 

John P. Weakland (i), Waseca, Minn. 

Carl W. Forslund (i), Detroit, Minn. 

Arthur Potratz, 2442 Hadley St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

John J. Huebler, Corp., 7806 Lawn Ave., Cleyeland, 

Orlando Kindness (i), 144 Howe St., Fond du Lac, 

Julius Verbeke, 1307 17th St., East Moline. 

Ferdinand Peske, 226 Carver St., Appleton, Wis. 

Russell L. Kendell, Mech., Sun Prairie, Wis. 

George C. Dworak (i), 491 26th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Emil Wesenberg, R. D. 2, Box 20, Neilsville, Wis. 

John C. Willegalla, Box 334, Madison, Minn. 

Herman A. Teigen, R. D. i, Louisburg, Minn. 

Alfred C. Strand. R. D. 4, Blooming Prairie,, Minn. 

Emil Koepsel (i), 87=; 25th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Nick H. Weber, R. D., Yorkville. 

Joseph A. Winkelman, R. D. i. Clear Lake, Minn. 

Albin V. Burke, Henrietta, Minn. 

Elmer H. Westphal, R. D. i, Shawano, Wis. 

George H. Volkel, Corp., 15316 Lexington Ave., Harvey. 

Clement F. Koenig (i). Box 305, Wabasha, Minn. 

Williain H. Heath, Box 115, Solway, Minn. 

Franklin L. Josephs, Box 11, Dawson, Minn. 

Edward A. Hamann, Sheboygan Falls, Wis. 

Carl J. Long, Box 32, Walworth, Wis. 

Herbert E. Nickelsen, R. D. 6, Box 83, Morrison. 

Fred Moore, Sgt., Box 26, Elkhorn, Wis. 

Emanuel Finnestad, R. D. 4, Minooka. 

Albert H. Roepke, Chaska, Minn. 

George A. Frun, Blackduck, Minn. 

Peder P. Bremer, Sta. F, R. D. i. Box 131, Minne- 
apolis, Minn. 

Roy O. Larson, 699 51st Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

James F. Ryan, 5420 May St., Chicago. 

Earl H. Gammons (i), Ellsworthj Iowa. 

Herman D. Valaske, Corp., iiii loth St., Menomonie, 

Roy C. Lange, R. D. 2, Morrison. 

Edon W. Anderson, R. D. i, Box 147, Osseo, Minn. 

William Scrimgeour, Winthrop, Minn. 

Tony Zacek (i), 4923 N. Keystone Ave., Chicago. 

William D. Blom (i), 32 Spruce Place, Minneapolis, 

Eriand Hoglund, 2908 Taylor St., Chicago. 

Byron S. MacDonald, Corp., 1953 Montrose Blvd., 

George W. Schutten, R. D. 3, Box 99, Racine, Wis. 

Stephen E. Martin, R. D. 2, Claremont, Minn. 

Clarence E. Nelson, 2302 7th St. N. E., Minneapolis, 

Ray L. Brogley, Amboy. 

Alphonse L. Tourville (i). White Bear, Minn. 

Arthur W. Fox (i), 1624 N. Erie St., Racine, Wis. 

Carl F. Schoenke, Mec, 765 41st St., Milwaukee, 

William G. Nock, New Richland, Minn. 



Herman Strommen, Corp., io6 Hillside Ave., Stough- 
ton. Wis. 

DanieJ J. Hughes, Waseca, Minn. 

Clarence B. Thompson, Darlington, Wis. 

George D. Balamos, 109 E. 3rd St., Sterling. 

Albert Spindler, Beardsley, Minn. 

Rankin W. Murphy, R. D. s. Box 23, Prophetstown. 

Oliver W. Conroy (i), looi Marion St., Wauekan. 

Martin E. Shilliiiglaw, Sgt., R. D. i, Waunakee, Wis. 

William R. Hall, Bankton, Minn. 

Edward S. Bye (i), R. D. 3, Cambridge, Wis. 

Berndt G. Swanson (i), 1443 Hollywood Ave., Chi- 

William F. Limbert, Clarissa, Minn. 

Clarence Liedtke, Cable. 

Arthur T. White, Galena. 

Edward J. Morawetz, West Bend, Wis. 

Lester J. Brownrigg, Corp., Merrimac, Wis. 

Frank L. Clarkson, R. D. i. Box g, Springfield, Ky. 

Albert E. Stenger (i), 20 Sleight St., Naperville. 

Edward T. Uhrich, 144 Franklin Ave., Naperville, 

Edward M. Ceman (i), 1221 Frontier St., Berlin, Wis. 

Raymond J. Sutton (i), 6819 Olcott Ave., Chicago. 

Edward A. Zastrow (i), R. D. 2T , Oconomowoc, Wis. 

Jay C. Kouf, Corp., 6212 University Ave., Chicago. 

Nathan A. Mey, 704 16th Ave., Moline. 

Nick Meyer, Kellogg, Minn. 

Oscar A. Unger, R. D. 2, Box 269, Grandy, Minn. 

Joseph J. Madigan (i), 2701 Polk St., Chicago. 

Henry G. Bense, Gray Falls, Minn. 

Charles L. Tinkham, Box 315, Newport, Wis. 

Clarence Cleven (i), R. D. i, Stoughton, Wis. 

John H. Ballman, Sgt., 49th & Lisbon Aves., Box 33, 
R. D. I, Wauwatosa, Wis. 

Alfred F. Baltes, 242 Rural St., Hartford, Wis. 

Frederick R. Davis, Tenstrike, Minn. 

Harold W. McCormick, Ticonderoga, N. Y. 

Rudolph F. Liebenow (i), London, Wis. 

Leo Behrendt, 437 S. Claremont Ave., Chicago. 

John P. Muelle.r, Box 157, Madison, Minn. 

John G. Frank, Delano, Minn. 

Francis P. Kearnis, Corp., 1019 Webster Ave., Chi- 

Charles S. Shepherdson, 2720 Harrison St., Chicago. 

Herbert Jungmann (i), 405 Cole St., Watertown, Wis. 

Robert J. Finnerty (i) 4012 Park Ave., Minneapolis, 

Gustavus H. Weihert, Mech., 709 W. Main St., Water- 
town, Wis. 

George Waters, 322 W. 42nd St., Chicago. 

Henry G. Huemmer, Sgt., R. D. 3, Madrson, Wis. 

Albert L. Ormyan, 906 Girard Ave, N., Minneapolis, 

Max Janowitz, 1109 Emerson Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 

James E. O'Leary, 208 Newhall St., New Haven, Conn. 

Fred D. Deegan, 2004 Seneca St., Buffalo, N. Y. 

James E. Penrose, 21 Frederick St., Naugatuck, Conn. 

Adolph Schneider, 269 Stagg St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Charles R. Stokes, Corp., 317 St. Lawrence Ave., Beloit, 

Haliburton Melville, Box 96, Morrison. 

Charles S. Johnston, 277 13th St., Long Island City, 
N. Y. 


William H. Ambrose, Capt., New Petersburg, Ohio. 

George E. Wilcox, ist Lt., Minonk. 

Leo G. Marr, Sgt. (i), Buckley. 

Day C. Harrie, Sgt., 405 N. Hardesty, Kansas City, 

Ralph Hoskins, Bloomington, Wis. 

Charles S. Saklem, 149 Pe.nrose St., Riverside, Cal. 

Forrest L. Betts, Marengo. 

Oscar Brandenberg (i), looi Muskego Ave., Milwau- 
kee, Wis. 

John H. Mason, 218 9th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Richard L. Lumley (i), 1020 N. St., Sacramento, Cal. 
Louis B. Brand, 3530 S. Robey St., Chicago. 
Stanley A. Rudnick, 3907 School St., Chicago. 
Daniel I>. Leary, Gratiot, Wis. 

Harold L. Stewart (i), 135 S. 4th St., Greenfield, O. 
Frank G. Meyer, 31 12 N. Washtenaw Ave., Chicago. 
William A. Pummill (i), R. D. 2, Leesburg, Ohio. 
Howard E. White (i), 8 Cedar Ave., Freeport, Long 
Island, N. Y. 




Guy TI. Palmer, Col., Deseret Nat. Bank, Salt Lake 
City, Utah. 

Albert A. Sprague, Maj., 1 130 Lake Shore Drive, 
Chicago. _ ' 

John S. Sweeney, Maj., Palmer House, Chicago. 

Frederick S. Scobie, Capt., 71 S. Harris Ave., Col- 
umbus, Ohio. 

Arthur H. Ogle, Capt., 22 S. Illinois St., Belleville. 

Edwin V. Champion, Capt., Mansfield. 

Allen R. Highfield, ist Lt., 845 W. 9th St., Erie, Pa. 

Alois N. Zingen, ist Lt. & Chap., 885 38th St., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 

Oscar F. Achtenhagen, ist Lt., Watertown, Wis. 

Harry W. Wellington, ist Lt., 6832 Lafayette St., 

Karl P. Miller, ist Lt. & Chap., 1121 Spring St., Jef- 
fersonville, Ind. 

Lonzo G. Bean, ist Lf., 30 Poplar Ave., Athens, O. 


Merwin 1. Prindle, Capt., 5908 Normal Blvd., Chicago. 

Paul A. Williams, 1st Lt., 1545 nth Ave., Oakland, 

George, Stericker, ist Lt., 624 S. 2nd St., Springfield. 

Arthur Butterfield, 1st Lt., 1615 Hutchins St., Hous- 
ton, Texas. 

Frank Tobias, ist Lt., 311 North St., Normal. 

James W. Bradley, 2d Lt., 859 Cornelia St., Chicago. 

Joseph E. Burgess, 2d Lt., 840 Willow Road, Win- 

Milton Burkhardt, 2d Lt., 5827 Magnolia Ave., Chi- 

Paul B. Clyde, 2d Lt., 1712 N. LaSalle St., Chicago. 

George Schmidt, 2d Lt., 6333 Sheridan Road, Chicago. 

Albert S. Klein, 2d Lt., 443 Barry Ave., Chicago. 

Carl A. Gosline, 2d Lt., 1350 6th St., Beloit, Wis. 

Robert McLure, 2d Lt., 4823 Kingzesiee Ave., Phil- 
adelphia, Pa. 

Raymond Grider, 2d Lt., 2931 Paris Ave., Indian- 
apolis, Ind. 

George W. Martin, 2d Lt., Darlington, Wis. 

Henry A. Schutte, 2d Lt., 1214 Prospect Ave., Wau- 
sau. Wis. 

Walter Scott. 2d Lt., 496 Sexton St., Aurora. 

Norman A. Shane, 2d Lt., 4940 Grand Blvd., Chicago. 

Stuart M. Shotwell, 2d Lt., 301 S. Main St., Cadiz, 

George E. Beach, 2d Lt., Martel, Ohio. 

Darrel D. Burtis, 2d Lt., 603 Madison St., Wauke- 

Walter P. Blockwood, 2d Lt., 1504 E. Marquette Rd., 


William E. Bell, Capt., 922 N. 5th St., Springfield. 

George L. Dodge, ist Lt., Wyoming. 

James H. Ticknor, ist Lt., 205 Randolph Ave., Peoria. 

Walter Sutherland, ist Lt., 207 N. University Ave., 

Hans W. Norgren, 2d Lt., 827 Newport Ave., Chicago. 

Wallace L. Thompson, 2d Lt., 96 N. Chamber St., 

Charles H. Augustin, Reg. Sgt. Maj., Glenwood City, 

Denis P. Ganey, Reg. Sgt. Maj., 5617 S. Peoria St., 

William O. Bollech, Bn. Sgt. Maj., R. D. i, Dorches- 
ter, Wis. 

Samuel Feldman, Asst. Bd. Ldr., 4952 Vincennes Ave., 

Henry J. Jacobson, Sgt. Bug., 2915 Aldrich Ave. S., 
Minneapolis, Minn. 

William Brackett, 1st Sgt., 507 S. 40th St., Tacoma, 

William Wendell, Col. Sgt., 1325 Harlem Blvd., Rock- 

William A. Jordan, Col. Sgt., Old Fort, N. C. 

Cecil L. Montague, Corp., 1128 W. Dayton St., Madi- 
son, Wis. 

Ivar W. Turnquist, Sgt., 6207 Champlain Ave., Chi- 

Ernest H. Thoreson, Sup. Sgt., 1020 Wells St., Mar- 
inette. Wis. 

Paul T. Schultheis, Sgt., 873 Buflfam St., Milwaukee, 

Fleet J. Richards, Sgt.. R. D. 3, Fre.derickstown, O. 

Joseph F. Frommelt, Cook, Nelson, Wis. 

Samuel Cleveland, Stab. Sgt., 3905 Page Ave., St. 
Louis, Mo. 

Bloise Elliott, Corp., Eau Claire Cry. Co., Eau Claire, 

John V. Kolar, Sgt., Haugen, Wis. 

George W. Mealman, New Boston. 

Raymond M. Ahearn, 1511 19th St., Two Rivers, Wis. 

Eugene A. Merlo, Corp., Bangor, Wis. 

Herman Zimmerman, Sgt., Medford, Wis. 

Zebulon Lamphear (i), Northland, Wis. 

John E. Musker (i), 607 N. Wells St., Chicago. 

Herman E. DePew, Mech., 408 Slocum St., Rice Lake, 

Gordon Phillips, Mech., Clear Lake., Wis. 

Otto L. Jansky (i), Tisch Hills, Wis. 

Oscar R. Peterson (i), Amherst, Wis. 

Carl De Jager, Cook, R. D. 2, Hager City, Wis. 

William G. Shereda (i), Muscoda, Wis. 

Oluf Ramberg, Hs.. R. D. 2, Hammond, Wis. 

Axel J. Hanson, Mech., Ettrick, Wis. 

Lloyd E. Wells (1), Wausau, Wis. 

Louis C. Stang, Mech., 1044 Marinette Ave., Mar- 
inette, Wis. 

Francis V. Prugger (1), 701 Cramer St., Milwaukee, 

Ralph A. Nelson (1), 11 236 Edbrooke Ave., Chicago. 

Benedict J. Bell, Corp., S. Kaukauna, Wis. 

Harry H. Cowl, 723 Emerson Ave. N., Minneapolis, 

Julius E. Reinke, Corp., 1812 Wisconsin St., Marinett«, 

Charles R. Paine, Cook, Cromwell, Minn. 

George G. Nienow, Cook, 1024 4th Ave. S., Wausau, 

Walter J. Schneck, 414 23rd Ave., Milwaukee., Wis. 

David R. Farquhar, 330 Hinkley Ave., Rockford. 

Herbert Wagen, 128 Grace Court, Mankato, Minn. 

Earl Mackenstadt, Box 394, Wagner, S. D. 

Oscar D. McBain, Bloom City, Wis. 

Robert Allen, Stratford, Wis. 

Herman W. Meyers, Genoa. 

Frank Synek, 1442 BuflFum St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Bernard F. Spitzig, Corp., 1436 E. 66th Place, Chi- 

Earl L. Boles, Cook, Ellsworth, Wis. 

Louis Sniderman, 5352 Prairie Ave., Chicago. 

Earle D. Perkins, Bangor, Wis. 

John FeitI, Cook, 8605 Cottage Grove Ave., Chicago. 

Albert J. Rock (i), Sawyer, Minn. 

Albert F. Buchner, 539 E. Main St., Ottawa. 

Lester A. Sklenar, Sgt., 893 12th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Michael J. Hartnett, Corp., Richland Center, Wis. 

Arthur E. Blomberg, 34 E. ii8th St., Chicago. 

Melvin Hegna, Mess Sgt., Cameron, Wis. 

Robert Bossemaier, 693 Butternut St., St. Paul, Minn. 

Malcolm R. Giles, Dames Ouarter, Md. 

Edward R. O'Neill, Bd. Sgt., Shullsburg, Wis. 

Ludwig W. Schmidt, Bd. Sgt., 7152 S. Chicago Ave., 

Paul A. Bartell, Bd. Sgt., Neillsville, Wis. 

Raymond D. Winger, Mus. (2), R. D. 2, Amext, Wis. 





Commanding 341st Infantry. 



Louis W. Kramer, Bd. Sgt., 317 E. Main St., Antigo, 

Chris M. Meldgaard, Mus. (3), 7145 S. Chicago Ave., 

William L. Gleich, Mus. (i), 1017 Court St., Pekin. 
Wallace Calvert, Mus. (3), Hanover. 
Henry Griesbach, Mus. (2), Rozellville, Wis. 
Murray H. Cazier, Mus. (2), 1332 Granville Ave., Chi- 
Charles Urbanek, Bd. Corp., R. D. i. Two Rivers, 

William A. Kete,lhut, Mus. (:), 1316 3rd St., Water- 
town, Wis. 
Hugh W. Trowbridge, Mus. (2), Mondovi, Wis. 
Albert G. Riedel, Mus. (3), Granton, Wis. 
Earl D. Timmerman, Mus. (2), Ontario, Wis. 
Leo J. Ruzicka, Jr., Mus. (3), 17^1 W. Van Buren 

St., Chicago. 
Frank H. Roehl, Mus. (3), Granton, Wis. 
Zeno J. Canar, Mus. (3), Mondovi, Wis. 
Charles H. Ropps, Bd. Corp., 308 Liberty St., Free- 
Frank X. Endres, Mus. (i), 433 W. Johnson St., Madi- 
son, Wis. 
Arthur W. Koepp, Mus. (3), R. D. i, Mondovi, Wis. 
Frank J. Haupert, Mus. (3), 271 Branch St., Hart- 
ford, Wis. 
Carl A. Kraeplin, Mus. (3), 109 E. Portland Ave., 

Beloit, Wis. 
Charles B. Smiley. Mus. (r'), 411 St. Lawrence Ave., 

Beloit, Wis. 
George F. Meyer, Mus. (3), West Salem, Wis. 
Herman L. Ronnei, R. D. 2, Starbuck, Minn. 
Carl Krubsack, Bd. Corp., R. D. 3, Clintonville, Wis. 
Alfred H. Hegery, Mus. (3), Avoca, Wis. 
Lester L. Pattinson, Mus. (3), Juda, Wis. 
Joseph J. Eiserlo, Mus. (3), Box 84, Medford, Wis. 
Roland Kohler, Mus (i), 89 Biddle St., Milwaukee, 

Archie L. Wilson, Mus. (3), 7817 Champlain Ave., 

Guiseppe Stassi, Mus. (2), 1620 Portland Ave., Chi- 
cago Pleights. 
Frank Canina, Mus. (3), 932 Sedgwick St., Chicago. 
Urina S. Anderson, Bd. Corp., Hammond, Ind. 
Charles A. Barnier, Mus. (2), No. 7 Endares Flats, 

Wausau, Wis. 
Aumen Palmer, Mus. (3), 803 S. 3rd St., Pekin. 
Arthur J. Wilde, Mus. (2), Watertown, Wis. 
Mario J. Bovaro, Mus. (3), 10606 Indiana Ave., Chi- 
Edward T. Leshke, Mus. (3), 1026 S. 14th St., Mani- 
towoc, Wis. 
Roland A. Heling, Mus. (3), 1305 S. 19th St., She- 
boygan, Wis. 
William A. Burns, 2631 i6th Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Raymond L. Brusberg, Bd. Corp., New London, Wis. 
Albert G. Stern, 841 S. Winchester Ave., Chicago. 
Howard R. Baker, Bd Corp., Anawa, Wis. 
Henry E. Rolfe, care W. E. Heathcote, Breckenridge, 

Albert W. Angell, 412 W. Wall St., Morrison. 
Robert C. Hitchon, Sgt., 1609 Ludingfon St., Mar- 
inette, Wis. 
Fred A. Hirt (i), 816 W. 34th St, Chicago. 
Frederick W. Fleck (i), 79 26th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
John K. Helbling, 540 Capital Blvd., Elkhardt, Ind. 
Clyde Jewett, R. D. 2, Unity, Wis. 
Charles O. Phillips, 411 Blondare St., Keokuk, Iowa. 
Arup Rockstad, Corp., R. D. i. Box 17, Washburn, 

Gustav A. Nickoli, R. D. 2, Westfield, Wis. 
William F. Duehming, Schleisingerville, Wis. 
Herman F. Larson, 863 14th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
John C. Johnson, Lowry, Minn. 
John E. Erickson, R. D. 2, Cambridge, Wis. 
Ernest L. Meixner, R. D. 3, Arkansaw, Wis. 
Zowell Prewlex, Prairie du Chien, Wis. 
Johan S. Ormaasen, Corp., Kongsberg, Norway. 
William A. McCown (i), R. D., Cross Plaines, Tenn. 
Clarence H. Waltemath, 661 19th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Carroll Leidberg, 10722 Prairie Ave., Chicago. 
Roy West, IIS Warren St., Anna. 
Edwin Norberg, 625 Gregory St., Rockford. 
Oscar W. Eimer, 1529 Teutonia Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 
John Barney, Beaver Dam, Wis. 
Harold L. Ryder, Corp., Sharon, Wis. 
David E. Swanson, 709 Hycenth St., St. Paul, Minn. 

Toslyn S. Hagen, R. D. 4, Westby, Wis. 

Joseph J. Clerf, Box 291, Rib Lake, Wis. 

Emil F. Pierkowsky, 40 Lee St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

James D. Way, Aitkin, Minn. 

Martin W. Dahlquist, R. D. i, Tony, Wis. 

Wallace Van Alstine (i), 121 N. 4th St., Delavan, 

Leonard Johnson, Corp., R. D. 1, DeSoto, Wis. 
Anton C. Bartness (i), care Anton Engul, R. D. 9, 

Menomonie, Wis. 
Alfred M. Serstad, iii S. Madison St., Stoughton, 

WilHam R. Semke, Coon Valley, Wis. 
Joseph M. Harwich, 116 N. Ann St., Chicago. 
Alfred P. Anderson, Nykobing, Denmark. 
Charles O. Cohr, 2505 W. Superior St., Chicago. 
Arthur Timm, R. D. i. Box 37, Wilson, Wis. 
Walter E. Zick, Corp., 703 Cady St., Watertown, Wis. 
Eugene M. Rodat, 1070 S. Pierce' St., Wauwatosa, 

Frank H. Manser (i). Bear Creek, Wis. 
August C. Tesch, 1089 Teutonia Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Fred Laughead, R. D. 2, Unity, Wis. 
Philip H. Wrobel, R. D. i, Chaseburg, Wis. 
Frank A. Miller, 2420 Cottage Grove Ave., Chicago. 
John Jurek, 2248 i6th Place, Chicago. 
Thomas H. Henshall, Corp., Black River Falls, Wis. 
Walter W. Smith, 124 Clinton St., South Haven, Mich. 
George Mraz, 2533 S. Albany Ave., Chicago. 
Elmer L. Redeen, Box 96, Hopkins, Minn. 
Charles G. Witt, 7$ Lincoln Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Harley L. Brown, Niami, Okla. 

Armand A. Behlin, 55 Grand Ave., Wauwatosa, Wis.' 
Forest R. Shedden, 712 Highland Ave., Elgin. 
Andrew Rosenfelder, Corp., 1237 Island Ave., Ottawa. 
Charles V. Scott, 328 N. Taylor Ave., Oak Park. 
Walter J. Bygaard, Falstad, Minn. 
Everett J. Walser, Box 192, Renville, Minn. 

Emil E. Bjork, 522 22nd Ave. N., Ashland, Wis. 
Clarence E. Bergh (x), 517% Dodge St., Eau Claire, 

Henry Meyer, 226 E. s6th St., Chicago. 

Sidney T. Pollard, Corp., Genoa. 

Ira B. Short, 1566 Grand Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 
Joseph A. Jacobs, 2500 S. Canal St., Chicago. 

Eugene Nerone, Waupaca, Wis. 

Fred Willmeroth, 1909 2nd St., Peru. 

George Thomas, 11 18 N. Winchester Ave., Chicago. 

Orin C. Due (1), 2801 Ellsha Ave., Zion City. 

Alvin O. Anderson, Corp., R. D. i. Junction City, Wis. 

Frank Leome (i), 320 W. Taylor St., Chicago. 

Harold T. Hill, Pentwater, Mich. 

Ifa D. Standiford, Corp., R. D. 2, LaFarge, Wis. 

Arthur B. Clock, Corp., 1426% Clifton Ave., Rockford. 

Ossian Engstrom, Sgt., 1228 Melrose St., Chicago. 

Lester Van Dreese, Sgt., 13x9 Prescott St., Marinette, 

Oscar Skolas (i), R. D. 2, Westby, Wis. 

Fred W. Jone,s, R. D. 7, Litchfield, Minn. 

Paul H. Reichel (i), 794 Holton St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Elmer C. Jacobson, Box 451, Windom, Minn. 

Stephen Filipowski (i), 4225 S. Talman St., Chicago. 

Peter Eastman, R. D. 2, Bemidji, Minn. 

Frank J. Duquaine, Corp., Neopit, Wis. 

Melvin PeterS'on, R. D. 8, Viroqua, Wis. 

John H. Markuson (i), 159 Blain St., Batavia. 

Henry Christensen, Ridgeway, Wis. 

Omar J. Kussow (i), 177 Everett St., Fond du Lac, 

Eddie H. Enander, 833 loth St., Rockford. 

Lars Engen, Frederick, Wis. 

Leo F. Hartmann, R. D. 4, St. Cloud, Minn. 

John H. Boyle, Corp., Glenwood City, Wis. 

Arthur Tanquist, R. D. 5, Mankato, Minn. 

Ralph H. Kins, Durand, Wis. 

Ernest R. Baele, 918 6th Ave., Rock Island. 

Christian Lund, Tyler, Minn. 

Edward D. Wagner, R. D. 2, Box 8, Stratford, Wis. 

Adolph Spangler, R. D. i, Midway, Wis. 

Herman A. Meyer, 517 S. Central Ave., Marshfield, 

Frank Hoffman, Corp., R. D. i, Shawano, Wis. 

Sylvester Duffy, Stradeen, Ballymackney Co., Mona- 
ghan, Ireland. 

Leo A. Braatz (i), Radtke St., Schofield, Wis. 

Anton Notstead, R. D. 2, Box 77, Cambridge, Wis. 

Lynn Oakes, Plainville, Wis. 

Albert A. Englund, 615 S. 7th St., Brainerd, Minn. 



Alfred B. Martin, R. D. 3, Box 56, Adrian, Minn. 

Herman F. Egide, 970 Orchard St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

William A. Wells, Corp., River Falls, Wis. 

Fred C. Baldwin, Box 186, Excelsior, Minn. 

Leo L. Buede (i), R. D. 4, Wilton, Wis. 

Albert Reid, R. D. i, Dawy, N. D. 

Clarence Schramm (i), 410 6th Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Araphael L. Stokes, 1925 S. Wabash Ave., Chicago. 

Stanley J. Strzyzewski (i), 936 Burnham St., Milwau- 
kee, Wis. 

Fred H. Rothwe.iler (i), 828 N. Cambridge Ave., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 

Earl P. Haack, Corp., Shakopee, Minn. 

Herman Gautsche, Nelson, Wis. 

Gerhardt Simpson, Corp., Tigerton, Wis. 

John Carlson, 8109 Throop St., Chicago. 

Theo. C. Harris, Box 601, Sawtells, Cal. 

Emmett C. Kull, 234 Thompson Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

Henry Janssen, Corp., Little Chute, Wis. 

John Jansen, Sgt., Turtle Lake, Wis. 

Carl Anderson (i). Thief River Falls, Minn. 

Edward J. Hussmann, 773 37th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Nicholas J. Boler, Stanley, Wis. 

I ouis A. Richter, Box 68, Montgomery, Minn. 

Shanka Chalsma, R. D. i, Midway, Wis. 

Axel G. Anderson (i), 518 5th Ave. S., Minneapolis, 

Adolph H. Lessekamp (i), Scotts Grove, Iowa. 

Michael Yanske, Avoca, Wis. 

Lawrence Kordus (i), 639% Tst Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

John F. Streicher, R. D. 2, Elizabeth. 

Edward Adolphson, Clinton, Minn. 

Eugene J. Walsh, 1012 6th St., Appleton, Wis. 

Carl Weinberg, 1467 E. Losey St., Galesburg. 

Alfred Hawkinson, Sandstone, Minn. 

Luther E. Maas (i), Tilleda, Wis. 

George A. Bingen, 367 S. Hickory St., Fond du Lac, 

Louis O. Brown (i). Box 55, Kimberly, Minn. 

Gust Holm, Hunter, N. D. 

Julius C. Knutson, R. D. 2, Auburndale, Wis. 

Robert F. Bartelt, Medford, Wis. 

Joseph Kastello, Oglesby. 

David G. Anderson, 908 W. 3rd St., Superior, Wis. 

John J. Psak, Corp., R. D. 3, Wheeler, Wis. 

Howard E. Liddell, R. D. i, Cadott, Wis. 

Fred J. Roethe,, R. D. 2, Rubicon, Wis. 

Eugene Lombard (i), R. D. 2, Sauk City, Wis. 

Edward J. Polasek, R. D. i, Mosinee, Wis. 

John Margis, Box 68, Cedar Point. 

Philip Friberg, R. D. i, Box 31, Colfax, Wis. 

John P. King, Corp., R. D. 6, Stevens Point, Wis. 

"Gustav E. Dickson, R. D. 15, Kansasville, Wis. 

Joseph A. Brill (i), 215 George St., Stevens Point, 

Harley H. Lawrence, Cochrane, Wis. 

John N. McDermott (i), Mineral Point, Wis. 

Benjamin Amerling, Stanley, Wis. 

Fredick Radloflf, Corp., Coal Valley. 

Paul O. Rahn, R. D. 2, Columbus, Wis. 

Engle B. Knerzer, Lodi, Wis. 

Joseph Kostulske, Seneca. 

Walter Kieckow, 1004 W. 24th St., Milwaukee,, Wis. 

Herman C. Becker, 1959 Ewing Ave., Minneapolis, 

Raymond J. Sheehan (i), 21 12 Wells St., Milwaukee, 

Richard Roberts, R. D. 2, Columbus, Wis. 
James F. Flynn (i), 518 W. Root St., Chicago. 
Henry E. Van Vorst (i), R. D. 26, Sugar Bush, Wis. 
Joseph Kristof (i), Box 198, Braidwood. 
James Nacarato, Falconara, Albanese, Cosenza, Italy. 
Ernest R. Ekholm, 107 E. 7th St., Duluth, Minn. 
Walter Kozerski, 687 Lapliam St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Albert R. Krueger, Corp., R. D. s, Box 47, Baraboo, 

Ollie P. Ludtke, Sgt., Box 163, Mineral Point, Wis. 
Cunnard Bjork, Sgt., 203% Beeck St., Syracuse, N. Y. 
Earl J. Ashmore (i), Anoka, Minn. 
Claude E. Sweet (i), 409 3rd St., Albert Le,a, Minn. 
Olaus Wellington, Boscobel, Wis. 
Oscar Soller (i), 968 E. 4th St., St. Paul, Minn. 
William L. Hanson (i), R. D. 2, Downing, Wis. 
Melvin E. Beck (i), 122 6th St., Moorhead, Minn. 
Stephen C. Ladd, Corp., 500 Corn Exchange Bldg., 

Minneapolis, Minn. 
Hugo C. Schwartz, 1002 33rd St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Edward G. Schwingel (i), Avoca, Wis. 
George S. Gaskell, East troy. Wis. 
Walter Donaldson, Merrimac St., Berlin, N. H. 
James C. Gaskell, R. D. i. Lake Beulah Sta., Wis. 
Martin E. Raatz, Gen. Del., Cornell, Wis. 
Glen G. Putman, R. D. i, Walworth, Wis. 
Hugh J. O'Brien, Corp., 10525 Ave. N, Chicago. 
Hugh J. Michels, 355 New York Ave,., Oshkosh, Wis. 
Blaine Runnong, Westby, Wis. 
Elmer Canfield, R. D. 2, Cadott, Wis. 
Albert J. Nesvacil, R. D. i, Cornell, Wis. 
Alvin F. Ziebell, 640 i6th St., Oshkosh, Wis. 
William A. Fielding, Trego, Wis. 
Michael J. Chokas, 109 N. Lincoln St., Aurora. 
Horace O. Halverson, Corp., 413 E. Front St., Tyler, 

Axel R. Clausen, 1133 N. Main St., Fairmont, Minn. 
James O. Jensen, Wag., R. D. 11, Box 88, Neenah, 

Herbert L. Searles (i), Brodhead, Wis. 
Alexander Schmidt, 702 Columbia St., Horicon, Wis. 
Charles E. Pichl, 2219 Cherry St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Avon L. Stavrum, Wag., R. D. 2, Clear Lake, Minn. 
William F. Brummond, R. D. 4, Box 31, Delavan, Wis. 
Alvin T. Strommen (1), R. D. 4, Mondovi, Wis. 
Albert C. Affelt (i), 834 Greenfield Ave., Milwaukee, 

Emil E. Steflfanus, Wag., R. D. 2, Mosinee, Wis. 
Frank Champion, Wag., R. D. 4, Lancaster, Wis. 
Martin Jahnke, Wag., R. D. i, Edgar, Wis. 
Raymond J. Speck, 122 French St., Buffalo, N. Y. 
Paul E. Stover, Bendersville, Pa. 
Magnus Peterson (1), Oconto Falls, Wis. 


William H. Conlin, ist Lt., 931 Williamson St., Madi 

son. Wis. „ „ , . . 

Frank Rensky, Reg. Sup. Sgt., 2347 S. Kedzie Ave. 

Albe,rt W. Bruder, Reg. Sup. Sgt., 1024 Baxter Ave. 

Superior, Wis. 
Edward E. Klug, Reg. Sup. Sgt., S3S6 N. Clark St. 

Harry G. McLean, ist Sgt., 64 Burnside Ave., Sommer 

ville, Mass. 
Jens P. Andersen, Cook, 2613 Tower Ave., Superior 

Robert J. Bauer, Cook, R. D. 2, Durand, Wis. 
Charles I. Grev, Cook, 418 Willard Ave., Muncie, Ind 
Clarence W. Hubbell, Cook, Draper, Wis. 
Clair E. Keys, Cook, R. D. i, Arkansaw, Wis. 
Edgar V. Livingston, Cook, 708 Vernal Ave., Los 

Angeles, Cal. 
Clifford A. Casberg, Sup. Sgt., Holmen, Wis. 
Leo P. Mulvey, Cook, Bear Creek, Wis. 
August L. Anderson, Hs., 1021 Weeks Ave., Superior, 

Edmund W. Barrette, Hs., Walsh, Wis. 
Otto L. Borrison, Hs., R. D. 7, Viroqua, Wis. 

Emil M. Hansen, Hs., Cashton, Wis. 

Edwin Nelson, Hs., R. D. 3, Clayton, Wis. 

Stephen N. Bogaczyk, Sad., 186 Superior Ave., Stevens 
Point, Wis. 

Edward P. Oertel, Sup. Sgt., Y. M. C. A., Wausau, 

John F. Alberts, Wag., 928 S. 3rd St., LaCrosse, Wis. 

Arthur P. Alexander, Wag., 4755 Prairie Ave., Chicago. 

Henry M. Anderson, Wag., R. D. i, Chetek, Wis. 

Julius Anderson, Wag., 2702 N. 22nd St., Superior, 

William H. Bach, Wag., Bay City, Wis. 

Peter Baraban, Wag., Ychinska, Gubernis, Russia. 

Frank Bartz, Wag., 4925 W. 28th St., Cicero. 

Charles H. Stouffer, Sup. Sgt., 714 Myrtle St., Hudson, 

Max B. Brueckner, Wag., 800 College St., Beaver Dam, 

Emil F. Brue,ss, Wag., 212 E. Washington St., Wau- 
sau, Wis. 

Hjalmer Carlson. Wag., R. D. 4. Grantsburg, Wis. 

Harry Carroll, Wag., 2427 W. Polk St., Chicago. 

Eugene D. Chapin, Wag., R. D. 2, Birnamwood, Wis. 

Edward L. Copple, Wag., Winter, Wis. 



Ernest Craw, Wag., Mercer, Wis.^ 

George Adams, Sup. Sgt., Readstown, Wis. 

Bernhard Danielson, Wag., 2623 McKinley St., Minne- 
apolis, Minn. 

Charles Derong, Wag., 494 30th St., Wauwatosa, Wis. 

Frederick A. Fisher, Wag., Barron, Wis. 

Ernest Freitag, Wag., R. D. 5, Box 70, Merrill, Wis. 

Arthur E. Gilbert, Wag., Florence, Wis. 

Adolph M. Hagen, Wag., R. D. i. Pigeon Falls, Wis. 

.\rtie Hawkins, Wag., Roberts, Wis. 

Frank S. Davis, Mess Sgt., 634a Patterson Ave., Chi- 

John H. Meaning, Wag., Box 4, Eldorado, Wis. 

James Hight, Wag., H04 34th Place, Chicago. 

Edgar E. Jamison, Wag., 228 E. 55th St., Chicago. 

Harold C. Johnson, Wag., 95 Atwood St., Providence, 
R. I. 

Kalot E. Johnson, Wag., Ettrick, Wis. 

Herbert S. Jones, Wag., Whitewater, Wis. 

Frank C. Koch, Wag., 1052 Parkhurst St., Appleton, 

Cleo M. Mahoney, Stab. Sgt., Denver, Mo. 

Anton Krupsky, Wag., 1032 14th Place, Chicago. 

Wincenti Kucharski, Wag , Lublin, Wis. 

Thomas Kupietz, Wag., R. D. 4, Arcadia, Wis. 

Hans A. Lawson, Wag., Stonington, Mich. 

.\dolph Lifke, Wag., R. D. i, Gillette, Wis. 

Charles H. Mahoney, Wag., ShuUsburg, Wis. 

Frank Marchuk, Wag., 1221 S. Peoria St., Chicago. 

Ada C. Oleszczuk, Sgt., 65 Comstock Ave., Hamtramck, 

Edward Marith, Wag., R. D. 2, Coleman, Wis. 

Wilbert W. McAllister, Wag., Niagara, Wis. 

William H. McMullin, Wag.. Cashton, Wis. 

Fre.d C. Mewes, Wag., R. 13. 2, Clayton, Wis. 

Eugene H. Milligan, Wag., 331 Almerion St., Evans- 
ville. Wis. 

August H. Mueller, Wag., R. D. 2, Gillette, Wis. 

Samuel P. Appling, Sgt., 1322 McMillan Ave., Mem- 
phis. Tenn. 

Martin M. Murphy, Wag., Banbury, Wis. 

Delos D. O'Flanagan, Wag., R. D. i, Dallas, Wis. 

Sigfrid iS. Oman, Wag., Norway, Mich. 

Rudolph J. Passehl, Wag., 125 N. 9th Ave., Wausau, 

Frank S. Peloquin, Wag., 132 Irvine St., Chippewa 
Falls, Wis. 

Albert O. Peterson, Wag., Hammond, Wis. 

Oscar M. Peterson, Wag., Luck, Wis. 

Harold S. Hanson, Corp., 833 Terrace Ave., Marinette, 

Otto Petr, Wag., 3219 W. 23rd St., Chicago. 

Edward F. Ro.ckney, Wag., R. F. D., Disco, Wis. 

Gustav W. Schultz, Wag., R. D. 6, Marshfield, Wis. 

Edward Shilts, Wag., Box 122, Stanley, Wis 

Charles Shimon, Wag,, R. D. 3, Rice Lake, Wis. 

Charles Shriner, Wag.. R. D. 27, Oakfield, Wis. 

Frank W. Slupinski, Wag., R. D. 3, Lena, Wis. 

Herman Strinert, Wag., R. D. i, Nekoosa, Wis. 

Bruce ^L Campbell, Corp., 5621 Tower Ave., Superior, 

Leonard H. Strand, Wag., Poskin, Wis. 

George, A. Stringham, Wag., R. D. 3, Greenwood, Wis. 

August Velcheck, Wag., Thorp, Wis. 

Bennie M. Void, Wag., Beadstown, Wis. 

Gerhard W. Wehling, Wag., R. D. 1, Stoddard, Wis. 

Richard J. O'Connell, Corp., 1321 2nd St., Hudson, 

Oscar F. Weiss, Wag., R. D. i, LaCrosse, Wis. 

Carl Wendorf, Wag., 512 Sprice St., Wausau, Wis. 

Charles Wiederhold, Wag., Channing, Mich. 

John Wulber, Wag., Crandon, Wis. 

William J. Wilson, Wag., 332 W. Randolph St., Chi- 

Frank J. Yaroch, Wag., Beaver Dam, Wis. 

Frank P. Powers (i), Melrose, Wis. 

Leon K. McGill, Corp., 1708 N. 17th St., Superior, 

Jerome A. Themar (i), 425 Huron Ave., Sheboygan, 

William M. Williams (i), Manawa, Wis. 

Martin Ammon, Lake Geneva, Wis. 

Randolph L. Anderson, R. D. 5, Whitewater, Wis. 

Irvin D. Bailey, Lake Geneva, Wis. 

William Balzly, 144 1 W. Russell St., Monroe, Wis. 

Harry C. Benson, R. D. 2, Kimball Prairie, Minn. 

Willard A. Rost, R. D. 2, Brazean, Wis. 

Peter P. Borchardt, 933 Well St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

John Orvel Correll, Earl, Wis. 

George F. Curran, R. D. 3, Lake Geneva, Wis. 

Fred Reno Dale, New Richmond, Wis. 

Carl Johnson, 515 Normal Ave., Stevens Point, Wis. 

Ignac Galinis, 2038 W. 25th St., Chicago. 

Laurence R. Pearson, Lombard. 

Paul Albert Glaeser, 607 6th St., Oshkosh, Wis. 

George Robert Guse, R. D. 3, Beaver Dam, Wis. 

Clarence R. Hammar, 2912 Parnell Ave., Chicago. 

Arnold J. Herter, 324 New York St., Aurora. 

Grover C. Jessee,, R. D. 3, Castlewood, Va. 

Albert F. Johnson, 2716 Cortez St.. Chicago. 

Henry Daublender (i), Mosinee, Wis. 

Edwin A. Johnson, R. D. 5, Greenwood, Wis. 

Fred Johnson, R. D. i. Box 31, Browerville, Minn. 

John Jack Kennan, 428 Jefferson St., Minneapolis, 

Frank M. Madishaw, 224 6ist St., Wauwatosa, Wis. 

Walter Malchow, Black River Falls, Wis. 

Mike Manley, 100 Banks Ave., Superior, Wis. 

Earl Manning, Adams, Wis. 

Warren James Thompson, 105 Ellen St., Platteville, 

Peter Mathesius, R. D. 36, Mendota. 

Joseph H. Miller, Shannon. 

Merril Nelson, Greenbush, Wis. 

Alvin Matt Pfister, R. D. i, Irma, Wis. 

Alfred H. Rasmussen, R. D. 2, Walworth, Wis. 

Mathew J. Regnier, 2726 W. 38th Place, Chicago. 

Chester Reven, 1739 W. 59th St., Chicago. 

Erwin Weinkauf (i), 115 Washington St., Wausau, 

Herbert A. Salzwedel, Broadway St., Columbus, Wis. 

I ester A. Sawall, R. D. 3, New London, Wis. 

Herman W. Schilling, R. D. 5, Merrill, Wis. 

Gustave O. Schlafli, 782 Mineral St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Otto Schodrowski, R. D. 5, Box 130, West Allis, Wis. 

Joseph P. Schreiber, 1948 W. 20th St., Chicago. 

George Serres, 40 S. Butler St., Fond du Lac, Wis. 

Severin A. Altenbach, Mech., 1021 Huron Ave., She- 
boygan, Wis. 

Stanley Strenk, 312 L^nderwood Ave., Cudahy, Wis. 

Henry Theisen, Dresden, N. D. 

Thomas J. Thompson, 586 Bond St., Kenosha, Wis. 

Adrian J. Vandervoort, Harrison, Wis. 

Edward . A. Wiesmann, Marion, Wis. 

Oscar Ferdinand Wilden, Box 32, Grand Rapids, Minn. 

George Kolar, 21 11 S. Sawyer Ave., Chicago. 

John A. Zogopoulos, 422 Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis, 

Joseph P. Malloy, 542 W. 43rd St., New York, N. Y. 

Attached Ordnance Personnel 

Leslie M. Harkness, Ord. Sgt., Mondovi, Wis. Walter Harmon Nohr, 1003 Wicker St., Woodstock. 

John F. McMahon, 419 London Ave., Rockford. Oluf E. Olson, R. D. 3, Madison, Wis. 

Edward F. Kaminski, 2215 S. Albany Ave., Chicago Thomas Randall, 1932 S. Turner Ave., Chicago. 

Emil W. Mueller, 709 Garfield Ave., Wausau, Wis. John B. Quick, Montford, Wis. 

James W 


Ronald E 

Kelly, Capt. 

420 E. 138th St., New York 

Miller, ist Sgt., ElRoy, Wis. 
Otto E. Krause, Sgt., 442 Indiana Ave., N. 
Lac, Wis. 

Fond du 

John W. Canar, Corp., Mondovi, Wis. 
Wallace Galbraith, Bug., R. D. 2, Pound, Wis. 
James Soupos, Bug., 3356 W. North Ave., Chicago. 
John C. S. Elburg, 3032 ist Ave. S., Minneapolis, 



John E. Benton, Noble, Okla. 
Carl Endriss, 5116 N. Leavitt St., Chicago. 
William H. Gertz, 946 6th Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Joseph M. Hass, 1443 Lamak St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Herbert Liebherr, 391 12th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Ray S. Hughes, 325 Grove St., Beaver Dam, Wis. 
Edward W. Lempke, 116 Smith St., Kewanee. 
Arthur G. Luscher, 3933 14th Ave, S., Minneapolis, 

George Neuhring, R. D. i, Tony, Wis. 
Arthur J. Schmidt, 1027 S. loth St., Manitowoc, Wis. 
Benjamin Wagner, 1246 Lake Ave., Detroit, Minn. 
John A. Nevell, 536 W. Root St., Chicago. 
Arthur A. Schmakel, 152 W. 117th St., Chicago. 
Charles Osolin, 3820 W. Lake St., Chicago. 
Edward J. Lally, Corp., 251 W. 12th St., Superior, 

Lucian S. Butcher, R. D. 2, Greenwood, Wis. 
Leo S. Volkert, Lansing, Iowa. 
Arnold Hillerman, Anoka, Minn. 

Edward Dedrichs, Thompson Road, St. Francis, Wis. 
Severt I. Tiegen, Bayfield, Wis. 
Henry O. Munson, 417 Douglas St., Morris. 
Soren A. Raarup, Washburn, Wis. 
Oluf E. Olson, Badger, Minn. 
Clarence Syvrud, New Glarus, Wis. 

George B. Hill, Corp., 768 Cass St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Edward Knipschild, 302 E. Merchant St., Monroe, Wis. 
Oscar E. Hintz, R. D. 10, Eldorado, Wis. 
John J. Schields, 2240 W. Harrison St., Chicago. 
August Retzlaff, 1716 Park Ave., Oconto, Wis. 
Edwin Yeske, 420 W. Montgomery St., Sparata, Wis. 
Dred E. Leider, Wells, Minn. 
Albert E. Dodge, n8 Evans St., Oshkosh, Wis. 
William Bildeau, Corp., Belden, Minn. 
Stanley Buckingham, Ridgeway, Wis. 
Martin R. Handberg, 2414 4th St., N., Minneapolis, 

Edward E. McAndrew, Emerald, Wis. 
Lorenzo Brazelton, Greensburg, Ind. 
Jerry J. Nemec, 561 W. i6th St., Chicago. 
Frank H. Smith, 517 ist Ave., E., Oskaloosa, Iowa. 
James F. Saling, 1227 3rd Ave., Worthington, Minn. 
August C. Lucht, Corp., LaValle, Wis. 
Louis J. Oppermann, Marathon City, Wis. 
Jorgen N. Hoberg, R. D. i, Tyler, Minn. 
Albe.rt H. Eggert, 944 15th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Raymond D. Martin, R. t>. 2, Illinois City. 
Louis Lange, 3512 S. Rochwell St., Chicago. 
Walter P. Krause, 1318 Booth St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Henry J. Forgen, Wisconsin Ave., Kaukauna, Wis. 
Edwin M. Sjoholm, Corp., 1644 School St., Chicago 

George Sommersberger, R D. i, Sheboygan, Wis. 
Herman M. Wenzel, R. D. i, Stratford, Wis. 
William A. Manske, R. D. 3, Menomonee, Wis. 
Herbert Sievers, R. D. 3, Clintonville, Wis. 
Otto B. Moline, 11338 Indiana Ave., Chicago. 
John Early, 1924 S. St. Louis Ave., Chicago. 
Robert Zetschke, Greenwood, Wis. 
Frederick Krause, R. D. i, Beaver Dam, Wis. 
James F. Keenan, Sgt., R. D. 2, Fond du Lac, Wis. 
Harold F. Be.rg, Corp., Pound, Wis. 
Rocco LaRocca, 1746 W. Huron St., Chicago. 
Ami Skenandore, R. D. 2, DePere, Wis. 
James F. McCoy, Orange, N. J. 
Walter L. Erase, Reesville, Wis. 

Franklin A. Miller, R. D. 7, Traverse City, Mich. 
Van A. Newton, 61 N. Root St., Aurora. 
Louis W. Hageman, R. D. 3, Fond du Lac, Wis. 
Hans M. Anderson, Corp., 225 Center St., Eau Claire, 

George A. Helgert, 185 Concordia St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
John J. McCarthy, 5541 S. Throop St., Chicago. 
Percy Anderson, 3rd St., Brecke,nridge, Minn. 
William C. Tesch, R. D. i, Woodland, Wis. 
Johnny Edmundson, R. D. 2, Fairchild, Wis. 
Harland G. Ammel, R. D. 39, Malone, Wis. 
Anfelt Swenson, Woodville, Wis. 
Harry E. Taylor, R. D. i, Ekeland, Wis. 
Edmund L Halle, R. D. i, Fond du Lac, Wis. 
Adolf S. Nopson, Pine River, Minn. 
Walter F. Stoflflet, R. D. 1, Juneau, Wis. 
Anton Spingis, 707 S. Paulina St., Chicago. 
Herman Best, 2847 Normal Ave., Chicago. 
Harry S. Burroughs, 1714 Chestnut St., Milwaukee, 

John Deneen, Mount Horeb, Wis. 

Joseph Roubal, Kewanee, Wis. 

Frank Kozak, Corp., 1902 S. May St., Chicago. 

Edwin J. Rohn, 2908 McKinley Blvd., Milwaukee, 

Theodore Wleklinski, 3767 S. Morgan St., Chicago. 

Lloyd S. Kaul, R. D. 3, Beaver Dam, Wis. 

Howard ' P. Opie, Warren. 

Melvin C. Hutchinson, 428 31st St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Harvey W. Norton, 1018 Long Ave., Dixon. 

Hugh F. Fisher, Lansing Fire Dept., Lansing, Mich. 

Clarence Olson, Corp., R. D. 2, Westby, Wis. 

Harry H. Howe, 323 sth Ave., Freeport. 

Richard Hahndorf, 104 Madison St., Hinsdale. 

Gustaf A. Schild, R. D. i, Funk, Neb. 

Oscar E. Grobner, 803 6th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Harold L. Larsen, 2220 N. Keating Ave., Chicago. 

William Bartgen, 3783 Archer Ave., Chicago. 

George B. Krajecki, 906 N. Marshfield Ave., Chicago. 

Adolph Huebner, R. D. i, Wauwatosa, Wis. 

Arnold Boettchex, R. D. 5, Merrill, Wis. 

Frank K. Jelen, Sgt., Independence, Wis. 

Thomas Gau, Sgt., Malone, Wis. 

Robert Kulibert, Sgt., R. D. 9, Van Dyne, Wis. 

James Mason, 412 Virginia St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

William J. Hoey, Centuria, Wis. 

Micheal Pinter, 409 Squire Ave., Cudahy, Wis. 

Harry J. Spellman, 182 Mason St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Joe Nacha, 158 17th Page Ave., Harvey. 

Frank L. Be,ckerjeck, 614 E. Cook St., Portage, Wis. 

Ernest G. Givans, 120 Jefferson St., Waterloo, Iowa. 

August Schulz, 2220 N. 8th St., Sheboygan, Wis. 

Edward G. Jagoditsch, 14 E. Cook St., New London, 

Emil H. Wingad, Corp., R. D. 4, Osseo, Wis. 

Ward F. Alger, Black River Falls, Wis. 

Palmer O. Johnson, 1131 Monroe St., N. E., Minne- 
apolis, Minn. 

John Kuklinski, 536 N. Kedzie Ave., Chicago. 

Harry H. Shunk, Sharon, Wis. 

Albert Skiba, New Brighton, Minn. 

Henry Jorstad, R. D. 3, LaCrosse, Wis. 

Percy Cashman, Apple River. 

Joseph E. Wilson, Corp., 6801 Normal Ave., Chicago. 

Asa R. Wilcox, Elizabeth. 

Peter J. Hilbert, R. D. 30, Campbellsport, Wis. 

Arthur W. Anderson, 3120 Bloomington Ave., Minne- 
apolis, Minn. 

Peter W. Dinnauer, R. D. 2, South Milwaukee, Wis. 

Daniel S. Sizer, R. D. i. Spring Brook, Wis. 

Beniiie Arneberg, R. D. i. New Brighton, Minn. 

Edwin A. Eddy, 2717 Garfield Ave., S., Minneapolis, 

John P. Bolger, Corp., 422 National Ave., Milwaukee, 

Chester G. Porter, 803 22nd Ave., N. E., Minneapolis, 

Thomas P. Bryne, 16 11 Elmira Ave., Superior, Wis. 

Frank Nolan, R. D. i, Maple Plain, Minn. 

Harold C. Shaffer, Spooner, Wis. 

William Zimmerman, 619 Clinton St., Monroe, Wis. 

Thomas P. Garrigan, 4224 Talman Ave., Chicago. 

Edward Kiley, 402 Nelson St., Fond du Lac, Wis. 

Dyle P. Manley, East Court St., Richland Center, Wis. 

Lewis L.' Coleman, Brill, Wis. 

rienry R. Wilson, Star Route, Plainville, Wis. 

Arthur R. Nienow, R. D. 6, Merrill, Wis. 

Alvin L. Henckel, 207 Lincoln Ave., Sheboygan, Wis. 

Olin Olson, R. D. i, DeForest, Wis. 

Paul F. Hoffman, R. D. 35, Eden, Wis. 

Raymond T. Powell, N. Church St., Elkhorn, Wis. 

Arthur J. Bell, 800 Jefferson St., Joliet. 

Louis W. LeMay, R. D. 2, Grand Rapids, Wis. 

Albert W. Raue, Sgt., 1141 State St., Marinette, Wis. 

Aaron H. Walterlin, Mess Sgt., South Germantown, 

Ernest Franckenberg, Sup. Sgt., 213 5th Ave., West 
Bend, Wis. 

William Rochweit, Mech., Princeton, Wis. 

Ivan C. Butcher, Stab. Sgt., 779 Baltimore St., Clarks- 
burg, W. Va. 

Edward M. Dowd, Hs., 2339 Buford Ave., St. Paul, 

Leo Peehan, R. D. 2, Galena. 

Millard C. Hatton, Cook, Stillwater, Ky. 

John Pedersen, Cook, 2704 W. North Ave., Chicago. 

Guy R. Fernholz, R. D. i, Whitewater, Wis. 



Frank B. Thornton, Troy Center, Wis. 
John J. Wasserkord, Bangor, Wis. 

Paul W. Zastrow, 228 Margaret St., Watertown, Wis. 
George Besting, 1722 Prairie St., Milwaukee, Wis. 


Harold W. Snell, Capt., 1291 Asbury Ave., Hubbard 

Frank C. Gibbs, ist Lt., Hotel Altamont, Tupper 
Lake, N. Y. 

Gaylord Davidson, ist Lt., 1302 S. Grand Ave., Spring- 

John A. Champane, 2008 Kane St., LaCrosse, Wis. 
Oliver M. Colwell, Box 396, Toulon. 
Joseph Fritsch, 436 Reed St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
William E. Gemeinhardt, 1305 2nd St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Clarence M. George, 410 N. 8th St., LaCrosse, Wis. 


Morley Macguire, ist Lt., 211 S. Poplar St., Urbana. 

Graham B. Jacobus, ist Lt., Great Neck, N. Y. 

John G. Abplanalp, 2d Lt., 8 48th St., Wheeling, W. Va. 

Fred B. Bartsch, 2d Lt., S. Kaukaina, Wis. 

Alexander Hollingsworth, ist Sgt., Flat Rock, N. C. 

John A. Rabska, Sup. Sgt., R. D. i, Withee, Wis. 

"Charles Techmer, Mess Sgt., 912 Farnam St., LaCrosse, 

William F. Uecker, Corp., 4120 W. 20th St., Chicago. 

Robert Bock, Cook, In Stenzchitz, ZidonskawoUa, Ku- 
berno, Schieratz, Russian, Poland. 

Frank X. Irlbeck, Cook, R. D. 2, Dorchester, Wis. 

Herman F. Jaekel, Cook, 920 Redfield St., LaCrosse, 

Frank Bienkowski, 6618 Lansing Ave., S. E., Cleveland, 

Joe Dombeck, Mech., 619 Greenbush St., Milwaukee, 

Albert C. Johns, Mech., R. D. i, LaCrosse, Wis. 

Arnold A. Rahn, Mech., 1318 N. i6th St., Sheboygan, 

Elmer E. Hageman, R. D. i, Ferris. 

Jackson F. Sanford, Bug., 180 Bedfort St.,- S. E., 
Minneapolis, Minn. 

Christian A. Rasmussen, Sedgwick, S. D. 

Rolland C. Brenaman (i), R. D. i, Owen, Wis. 

Rocco M. Laurie, 1122 Washburn Ave., Chicago. 

Martin W. Rose, Sgt., R. D. 4, Reedsburg, Wis. 

Wesley F. Galusha, R. D. i, Berwick. 

Harry F. Koenig, 2819 Freemont Ave., N., Minneap- 
olis, Minn. 

John Winkler, 1833 4th St., N., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Carl A. Brandt, R. D. i, Sturgeon Lake, Minn. 

Harry J. Scannell, 5th St. & 7th Ave., N., Minneapolis, 

Alexander Munson, R. D. 25, Utica. 

Albert P. Adkins, Corp., Paragould, Ark. 

Fred J. Feldman, R. D. 3, Murdock, Minn. 

Carl Diedericks, 750 i8th Ave., S., St. Cloud, Minn. 

Arthur Ahlquist, R. D. 3, Marathon City, Wis. 

Clarence C. Egan, R. D. 4, Brooten, Minn. 

Herman W. Bathke, R. D. 5, Bloomer, Wis. 

John Lundstad, Whitehall, Wis. 

Charles E. Blackman, Corp., Waterman. 

Frank Boswell, R. D. 3, Neponset. 

William Lukszta (1), 420 S. Leavitt St., Chicago. 

Norris F. Catman, Birchwood, Wis. 

William E. Antilla, Soudan, Minn. 

Edward R. Deyer, 422 Indiana Ave., N., Fond du Lac, 

Clifford A. Bullis, 527 N. Chatam St., Janesville, Wis. 

Atherton P. Clark, R. D. 5, Fiskilwa. 

Clyde V. Allen, Corp., R. D. 2, LaCrosse, Wis. 

Louis Reimer, R. D. i, Whitelaw, Wis. 

Adolph L. I>arson, Corp., R. D. i, Junction City, Wis. 

Abe Toms, R. D. 3, Emporia, Kans. 

Charles Schryver, 2918 N. 4th St., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Boda Buhe, Corinth, Wis. 

Peter Fochs, Marathon, Wis. 

Joseph Cherney, R. D. 6, Marshfield, Wis. 

Bruno Grabowski, 2318 W. 22nd Place, Chicago. 

George T. Davis, Corp., Shelbyville, Ky. 

Ed M. Erickson, R. D. 2, Hawley, Minn. 

Roy F. London, R. D. i, Stillwater, Minn. 

Paul Bowe, R. D. 2, Chippewa Falls, Wis. 

Frank J. Boldt, R. D. i, Sheboygan Falls, Wis. 

Iscar Books, R. D. 5, Chippewa Falls, Wis. 

Peter Molenda, 679 Becker St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

William F. Lange, Corp., 1417 Wrightwood Ave., Chi- 

Peter Sirowsky, Box 121, Necadah, Wis. 

William Nelson, R. D. 3, Minneapolis, Minn. 

Charles Pepowski, R. D. i, Polonia, Wis. 

William Wandersee, 8th St., N. & Front St., New 

Ulm, Minn. 
Frank G. Hajelc, 1832 Allport St., Chicago. 
John B. Strand, R. D. 2, Milan, Minn. 
John A. Phillipp, Corp., 707 N. Central Park Ave., 

Eddie O'Connor, 313 17th Ave., Moline. 
Louis Krattenmaker, R. D. 2, DeGraff, Minn. 
Francis Krattenmaker, R. D. 2, DeGraff, Minn. 
James Erickson, Dorchester, Minn. 
Felix Zielinski, 1068 Garden St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Gustave M. Burrow, R. D. 4, Edgar, Wis. 
William A. Puis, Redfield, Wis. 
Leonard Johnson, Corp., 104 S. 48th Ave., W., Duluth, 

Walter F. Tessman, Merriam Park, St. Paul, Minn. 
Arnold H. Heier, Sgt., Bangor, Wis. 
Edwin H. Slocum, Sgt., Indianola, Iowa. 
Clayton Hale, Sgt., 325 Hollister Ave.. Tomah, Wis. 
Harry A. Anderson, R. D. i, Albertville, Wis. 
Hjalmer A. Everson, Nobleton, Wis. 
Roy E. Wilson, R. D. 2, Spicer, Wis. 
Conrad E. Boehm, R. D. 6, Marshfield, Wis. 
Harry J. Milligan, Cloverton, Minn. 
Frank A. Butler, Jacksonport, Wis. 
John Lavell, Corp., Wells, Minn. 
Benjamin Olson, 3rd Ave., N., Faribault, Minn. 
Fred Becker, R. D. i, Athens, Wis. 
Benjamin Sasse, R. D. i, Clintonville, Wis. 
Frank Zipperer, R. D. i, Cato, Wis. 
Herbert Elbert, 4515 N. Western Ave., Chicago. 
Arthur Punke, R. D. i, Panola. 
Frank Kouba, Corp., 634 Bunker St., Chicago. 
Roman Baumann, R. D. i, Marathon, Wis. 
John J. Evan, Wells, Minn. 
Harold A. Hansen, 502 S. Concord St., South St. 

Paul, Minn. 
John A. Carlson, R. D. 4, North Branch, Minn. 
William H. Schupp, R. D. 2, Metamora. 
Robert H. Beers, R. D. 5, Hillsdale, Mich. 
Wilham T. Witherington, Corp., Union City, Tenn. 
Robert Fischer, R. D. i, Mosinee, Wis. 
Allan M. Gilbert, Corp., Halstad, Minn. 
John Kronlokken, Renville, Minn. 
Otto H. Grabowski, 9th St., Little Falls, Minn. 
David P. McDonnell, Barksdale, Wis. 
Hans M. Lundberg, Hartland, Minn. 
Handel P. Branville, R. D. 2, New Auburn, Wis. 
John Hilty, Corp., 1309 12th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
John S. Kelson, R. D. 5, Canby, Minn. 
John Klettka (i), 2239 W. 21st St., Chicago. 
Joseph F. Parrett, Campbellsport, Wis. 
William C. Haren, 519 E. Washington St., Monroe, 

Frank Rocknowski, 323 Helena St., Peru. 
Alfred Roberts (i), R. D. i, Lake Villa. 
Edward H. Garbisch. Corp., R. D. 3, Granton, Wis. 
Harvey K. Bitney, Box 673, Bloomer, Wis. 
Albert Padgett, Canal St., La Salle. 
Hugh V. Clemons, Box 55, Spring Brook, Wis. 
Walter W. Young, Box 278, Amery, Wis. 
Floyd T. Smith, R. D. i, Alden. 
Chris Brenn, R. D. 4, Mondovi, Wis. 
William Sells, Jr., Corp., 211 E. Wisconsin Ave., 

Neenah, Wis. 
Arkin F. Wiechman, Forest Junction, Wis. 
Thore Danielson, R. D. 2, Renville, Minn. 
Engman M. Gilbertson, R. D. 2, Curtiss, Wis. 
Anargeros Theoharis, 403 E. iisth St., Chicago. 
Lauritz Nielsoi\, 1708 Van Camp Ave., Omaha, Neb. 
Allen Whelan, Mondovi, Wis. 



Jay Dolan, R. D. 6, Fond du Lac, Wis. 
John Phillips, Corp., 409 Walker St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Martin J. Earney, R. D. 2, Cochrane, Wis. 
Michael C. Dignin, Sgt., Humbird, Wis. 
Walter E. Maier, Sgt., R. D. 2, Stanley, Wis. 
Bertel V. Preus, Sgt., 161 1 Madison St., LaCrosse, Wis. 
Edward M. Albertson, R. D. 6, High Point, N. C. 
William Behr, Milan, Wis. 
George R. Erickson, Rothschild, Wis. 
Oscar J. Hopstad, Rochert, Minn. 

William E. Christe^son, 2028 Willow Ave., N., Minne- 
apolis, Minn. 
Ole H. Johnson, 4134 Ervin Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 
James Kotris, Corp., 1320 S. Halsted St., Chicago. 
John Hegmoe, R. D. 2, Barron, Wis. 
William Wilke, 1296 6th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
William C. Staton, Albany, Ky. 
Arthur E. Dunker, Marengo. 
Richard E. Lindekugel, R. D. i. Loyal, Wis. 
Charles Kotrba, 1423 W. 17th St., Chicago. 
Earl O. Halbe, Corp., Elmhurst. 
George A. Amble, R. D. i, Colfax, Wis. 
Ned O. Walker, R. D. i, Lancaster, Wis. 
Fred Schwartz, Rock Rapids, Iowa. 
Joseph Pfeffer, 555 Walnut St., Appleton, Wis. 
Leslie L. Batterson, R. D. 4, Harvard. 
George Blumhardt, Chippewa Falls, Wis. 
Joseph W. Grannan, 7843 S. Morgan St., Chicago. 
James M. Kimble, 306 E. Adams St., Pittsburg, Kans. 
Orville G. Kerr, Perulack, Pa. 

Edward R. HarmeJ, Corp., R. D. 2, Baraboo, Wis. 
Iver D. Larson, Corp., Hyboholm, Sweden. 
Louis F. Breyhan, 1157 W. sth. North, Salt Lake City, 

Lawrence Bourget, R. D. i, Cadott, Wis. 
Leo H. Sabinash, 989 Garden St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Frank Stelmach, 1463 Zinc St., La Salle. 
Joseph N. Doyle, 324 7th Ave., S., St. Cloud, Minn. 
Leo A. Gorbeck, Corp., 121 Vern Ave., Grand Forks, 

N. D. 
Alexander Stroeder, R. D. 4, Litchville, N. D. 
Roy G. Biorn, 2131 W. Ohio St., Chicago. 
Peter C. Metropulos, Williams & Railroad Sts., Crystal 

John Brickheime.r, N. Maple St., Marshfield, Wis. 
Harvey Colbo, R. D. 2, Money Creek, Wis. 
William Burkhardf, R. D. i, Stratford, Wis. 
Patrick D. Gildea, 1424 W. loth St., Los Angeles, Cal. 
Otto R. Schafifirus, Corp., 739 Layton Blvd., Milwaukee, 

Merle A. Brigham, Darien, Wis. 
Michael A. Garvey, Elk River, Minn. 
Charlie M. Palm, 616 Cottage Row, Sycamore. 
Albert C. Branfort, R. D. i, Troy Center, Wis. 
Fred C. Nieman, Woodstock. 
Clayton C. Smith, Austin, Minn. 
William J. Bates, Corp., Hopkins, Minn. 
William R. Thompson, 406 Barclay Ave., Milwaukee, 

Edward C. Schneck, R. D. 6, Wausau, Wis. 
James C. Chappie, R. D. 7, Fond du Lac, Wis. 
Harold O. Mundals, i6tTT Ave., S., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Cuono Quartaro, Strada Rosaria Traversa Carmoniano 

Acerra Caserta, Italy. 
Chester Zaremski, 658 Union St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Robert A. Boeder, Iron Ridge, Wis. 
Fritz C. Carlson, Corp., 877 Lincoln St., Gale,sburg. 

Benedykt Baltokas, 4540 S. Honore St., Chicago. 

Edward C. Stone, Sgt., 191 Madrid St., San Francisco, 

Erman E. Dyer, Sgt., Mauston, Wis. 

Arthur W. Wendt, Sgt., Circle, Wis. 

Arthur Sahlstrand, 427 James Ave., N., Minneapolis, 

Herbert Frohrib, 106 Lake St., Oshkosh, Wis. 

Reinhard Buch, Berlin, Wis. 

Maurice Milenbach, 5344 Prairie Ave., Chicago. 

Adrian C. Van Ree, Clear Lake, Wis. 

Clarence Beal, Maple Plain, Minn. 

Frank Marchiel, 5 Muzyk St., Wyoming, Pa. 

Arthur S. Anderson, Minong, Wis. 

George F. Barber, 320 Sampson St., Green Bay, Wis. 

Arthur Brandhagen, R. D. 3, Rothsay, Minn. 

Martin E. Paulson, Corp., 2521 Glenarn Place, Denver, 

George Heier, 2338 W. 21st Place, Chicago. 

Zina L. Dangerfiels, Fontana, Wis. 

Herman C. Laabs, 1098 Greenbush St., Milwaukee, 

Oscar H. Linder, R. D. 1, Stephens, Minn. 

Harold D. Brown, R. D. 2, Dancy, Wis. 

Carl Thryselius, 310 Walnut St., Batavia. 

Louis Schneider, 1008 loth St., Oshkosh, Wis. 

Arthur W. Carlson, Corp., 1955 Fillmore St., N. E., 
Minneapolis, Minn. 

Arthur N. Bloedow, R. D. 9, Vandyke, Wis. 

Charles H. Buckley, Corp., R. D. 4, Amboy. 

Walter L. Dwyer, 1413 N. 6th St., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Reuben A. Johnson, R. D. 8, Highland, Wis. 

John L. Blaesius, 1200 Rockwell St., Watertown, Wis. 

Richard A. Nimmer, 683 Hanover St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

George Conley, Chemung. 

Richard A. Olson, R. D. 2, Velva. N. D. 

James F. Deignan, Corp., Genoa Junction, Wis. 

Lloyd O. Belford, Minong, Wis. 

Arthur Chantelois, Iron River, Wis. 

John Strand, R. D. 2, Ulen, Minn. 

De.nnis Mulligan, 603 McBean St., Peoria. 

Frank Raymore, 720 E. Warren St., Mankato, Minn. 

Joseph P. McGrath. Corp., 522 W. 43rd Place, Chicago. 

Arthur Williams, Pearson, Wis. 

Andrew I. Ignaszewski, R. D. 3, Wells, Minn. 

Nelson L. Bechtold, Box 141, McConnell. 

John Miller, 3012 21st Ave., S., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Homer H. Anderson, R. D. i. Box 135, Pie.rceton, Ind. 

William L. Rose, R. D. 6, Fond du Lac, Wis. 

Emil Cedarberg, Corp., 2417 Emerson Ave., S., Min- 
neapolis, Minn. 

Paul A. Stathes (i), 27 E. Franklin Ave., Minneap- 
olis, Minn. 

John E. Swanson, 7018 Emerald Ave., Chicago. 

Mattas Waterman, Blue Earth, Minn. 

Fred Wolter, 4149 N. Oakley Ave., Chicago. 

William H. Davis, Box 44, Bruno, Minn. 

Ralph R. Bonner, R. D. i. Box 11, Albertville, Wis. 

Glenn Gustick, 255 Bryant Ave., N., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Edward W. Zebell, Corp., Hanove.r, Wis. 

George W. Laufenberg, Avoca, Wis. 

Frank Bonkoski, R. D. 2, Mosinee, Wis. 

Jacob C. Larsen, 923 8th St., S. E., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Carl W. Zinn, Wentworth, S. D. 

Vincent A. Roth, Sgt., 1301 Vine St., LaCrosse, Wis. 

Harley E. Jones, Sgt., 406 Madison St., Waukesha, 


Joseph M. Rogers, ist Lt., Chicago Daily News, Chi- 

Shirley W. Holmes, ist Lt., 46 W. 114th St., Chicago. 

Emil R. Elder, 2d Lt., 806 E. nth St., Indianapolis, 

William J. Becker, 2d Lt., 6136 Winthrop Ave., Chicago. 

John L. Dirks, ist Lt., 2050 Eagle Ave., Alameda, Cal. 

William Dettmann, Mess Sgt., 484 37th St., Milwaukee, 

George T. Vliet, Sup. Sgt., Lawton, Mich. 

Christian J. Hoy, Corp. ,603 Thomas Ave., Minneapolis, 

Selmer E. Severson, Cook, R. D. i, Trempealeau, Wis. 

Gustavq Hackel, Cook, 6347 Harper Ave., Chicago. 

Reuben Engen, Cook, Whitehall, Wis. 

James I. Clarson, Cook, R. D. i, Rockbridge, Wis. 

Olaf T. Sexe, Mech., Ettrick, Wis. 

Lewis Davidson, Mech., R. D. 2, Whitehall, Wis. 

Fred C. Mohr, Mech., Cambria, Wis. 

Edward H. Juers, Mech., 2013 Madison St., Saginaw, 

Edward Wodrich, Bug., 1334 Webster Ave., Chicago. 
John B. Munson, Bug., 731 soth Ave., West Allis, Wis. 
Harold Anderson (i), 305 N. Main St., Waupaca, Wis. 
John J. Flanagan (i), 4017 S. Campbell Ave., Chicago. 
Harry F. Hall (i), R. D. i, Worthington, Minn. 
Alfred Zigahn (i), 2031 Seminary Ave., Chicago. 
Ross B. Grady, Sgt., 1646 Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis, 

Adolph Jensen, Pekin, N. D. 
Oscar Bentz, R. D. 4, Box 74, Granton, Wis. 
Alouys Van Zele, 117 Garfield St., Wethersfield, Ke- 

Melvin Cleveland, R. D. 2, Box 164, Rice Lake, Wis. 



Martin L. Larson, Spooner, Minn. 

Edwin H. Becker, Standard. 

Elmer F. Fahnstrom, Corp., Box 473, Galva. 

Andrew J. Anderson, Box 105, Ludlow, Pa. 

John C. Myers, Gre.en Isle, Minn. 

Clarence Allandslee, P. O., Stoughton, Wis. 

Ole Wehus, Gtilly, Minn. 

Ray demons, New Auburn, Wis. 

Michael J. Ward, 407 Sibley St., Mankato, Minn. 

Theodore Walters, Corp., 1550 Van Ness Ave., Graham 
Sta., Cal. 

Fred R. Swanson, R. D. i, Hancock, Minn. 

Martin O. Flolo, R. D. 4, New London, Minn. 

Frank J. Boyle, 715 19th Ave., N. E., Minneapolis, 

Peter Wollscheid, 1527 Wellington St., Chicago. 

Henry A. Kiesow, 148 W. Lake St., Horicon, Wis. 

William Ecker, R. D. 2, Boyd, Wis. 

John Patrick, Corp., 36 N. 12th St., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Charles V. Thuren, Sherrard. 

Gerald E. Fitch, Vermillian St., Hastings, Minn. 

Natale Cordo, 631 Buchana St., S. E., Minneapolis, 

Paul E. Asbell, R. D. 3, Havana. 

Emil Anderson, 217 34th Ave., W., Duluth, Minn. 

William Goetsch, R. D. 2, Box 98, Edgar, Wis. 

Alexander Warnowski, 2237 Ward St., Chicago. 

Alvin W. Wardas, Corp., Orr, Minn. 

Arthur G. Bergholz, London, Wis. 

Joseph J. Schmidt, Corp., Balaton, Minn. 

Palmer C. Lund, Franklin, Minn. 

Clarence C. Blomquest, 1213 21st Ave., N., Minneapolis, 

Bruce H. Allbee, R. D. i. Steward. 

Joseph Slumbo, 555 Washburn St., Scran ton. Pa. 

John G. Campbell, 246 Grove St., Reedsburg, Wis. 

Herman J. Matter, R. D. i, Minonk. 

Seymour E. Espeseth, Corp., Northwood, Iowa. 

Charles E. DeMars, 215 W. Spring St., Chippewa Falls, 

Nicholas Wiederhold, 2109 Heindon St., Chicago. 

William E. Hynes, 912 4th Ave., N., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Edward S. Spayer, 1516 Crosat St. W., LaSalle. 

Emil Johnson, R. D. s, Toulon. 

John H. Hopkins, R. D. 5, Elkhorn, Wis. 

"Henry Gebclein, Box 85, R. D. i, Rozellville, Wis. 

Nick G. Rouchukis, Corp., Stevens Point, Wis. 

Guy L. Finley, R. D. 3, St. Peter, Minn. 

Anton Petritis, 237 i8th Ave., Homestead, Pa. 

Camiel Roegiers, R. D. i, Jasper, Minn. 

William Schwartzwald, R. D. 3, Pine City, Minn. 

James W. Filer, 286 Carlton Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

Robert H. Folkers, R. D. 3, Box 19, Delavan, Wis. 

Ed Hammond, Wakonda, S. D. 

Charles H. Lutz. Corp., Minnesota Lake, Minn. 

Harry B. Craigo, R. D. 6, Boscobel, Wis. 

Alexander Wise, Sgt., 1405 Sangamon St., Chicago. 

George Cohn, Sgt., 2452 Walton St., Chicago. 

Emil F. Sauser, Sgt., Arcadia, Wis. 

Skulie Hallgrimson, Bassett, Neb. 

Carl Carlson, 1344 E. 48th St., Chicago. 

Oran F. Geary, R. D. i, Mosinee, Wis. 

Leslie J. Maire", Box 15, E. Dubuque. 

James G. Thomas, R. D. i, Morris, Minn. 

Joe Hanke, R. D. i. Box 8, Rozellville, Wis. 

Walter P. Schwartz, Corp., 124 W. 27th St., Minneap- 
olis, Minn. 

Ralph E. Preim, 509 Birdsey St., Columbus, Wis. 

John H. Walsh, 225 LaFayette St., LaSalle. 

Alfred Bengtson, 2826 N. i6th St., Omaha, Neb. 

Otto Hansen, 5498 Cornell Ave., Chicago. 

Henry L. Wedell, R. D. 2, Box 2, Galesburg. 

Arthur G. Miller, R. D. 26, Oconomowoc, Wis. 

Lee M. Jacobie, Sharon, Wis. 

He^ry Rentier, 157 State St., Aurora. 

Thure K. Johnson, 2430 Oakes Ave., Superior, Wis. 

George Kosowitz, Russian Consul General, Chicago. 

Swan W. Samuelson, 624 Crosby St., Rockford. 

Charles Gehweiler, 515 Island St., Chippewa Falls, Wis. 

Carl O. Stromberg, Corp., 3100 14th Ave., S., Minne- 
apolis, Minn. 

Arthur B. Larson, R. D. 3, Box 130, Richfield, Minn. 

Benjamin Heath, R. D. 2, Box 54, Butternut, Wis. 

Greger Bayerlein, 1226 Cold Springs Ave., Milwaukee, 

William C. Bergner, 1017 Michigan Ave., Sheboygan, 

Alfred Handrick, R. D. 2, Dancy, Wis. 

Henry Haeffner, Gen. Del., Marchwith, Wis. " 

Leonard A. Duss, R. D. i. Box 48, Boyd, Wis. 

Frank J. O'Connor, Corp., 2222 W. Monroe St., Chicago. 

Tames H. Fitch, R. D. s. Harvard. 

Benjamin WakefieJd, Corp., 718 E. 3rd St., Duluth, 

William Porteus, Gen. Del., East Akron, Ohio. 

William F. Gaiser, Corinth, Wis. 

Otto Brietzke, 836 24th Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Irving F. Wilson, 322 9th St., Oshkosh, Wis. 

Harry Hass, R. D. i, Box 68, Merrill, Wis. 

Helmer T. Johnson, R. D. i. Box 49. Whitehall, Wis. 

Charles W. Scoville, Corp., R. D. 3, Box 84, Weyau- 
weca, Waupaca, Wis. 

Rocco D'Alessandro, 2146 Ogden Ave., Chicago. 

Frank X. Spayer, 832 9th St., LaSalle. 

Andrew Karasiewicz, 3040 Exeter St., Duluth, Minn. 

Cliflford E. Johnson, 206 N. Main St., Rockford. 

Harry E. Gordon, R. D. 4, Box 43, Ellsworth, Wis. 

Henry Wolsfeld, R. D. 3, Aurora. 

Clarence Whiting, R. D. 2, Lena, Wis. 

Harold Greenberg, Corp., 7249 S. Bennett Ave., Chi- 

Take J. Speich, Ladysmith, .JVis- 

Mike N. Rendolla, 2215 W. Erie St., Chicago. 

Clayton H. Birtram, Cherrybusco, N. Y. 

Elgie R. Blackman, R. D. 4, Neillsville, Wis. 

William F. Aldrick, 3430 W. Adams St., Chicago. 

Theophial VanLoeche, 417 Harris St., South Bend, Ind. 

Angelo losue, 19 Snowhill St., Boston, Mass. 

.Tohn Ullrick, Corp., 2449 N. Ashland Ave., Chicago. 

John Mackowiak, 2821 Wicklow Ave., Duluth, Minn. 

George E. Haines, Sgt., Arcadia, Wis. 

Victor A. Thompson, Sgt., R. D. 2. Box 2, Blair, Wis. 

Louis A. Curotto, Sgt., 3236 W. Lawrence Ave., Chi- 

Henry J. Hueckman, Box 392, Prentice, Wis. 

Edward F. Weise, 1000 Vine St., Watertown, Wis. 

Elmer J. Nelson, R. D. 2, Atwater, Minn. 

Martin Gaughan, Fontana, Wis. 

George B. Gaulrapp, 294 Oak St., Freeport. 

Abner W. Anderson, 1847 Lincoln St., N. E., Minne- 
apolis, Minn. 

William H. Tilley, Corp., Box 276, Albany, Wis. 

Alfred J. Whalen, 1804 Park Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Lawrence, P. Vickroy, R. D. i. Box 162, Aurora. 

Henry Flaten, R. D. 3, Box 58, Hawley, Minn. 

Henry J. Hein, R. D. 2, Stratford, Wis. 

Knut M. Beck, Stanley, Minn. 

Charles E. Bernico, 2917 Arthington St., Chicago. 

William A. McGuire, Corp., 212 6th Ave., Sterling. 

Alfred I. Thompson, Box 137, Franklin. Minn. 

Harry Nelson, 3729 2nd St., Duluth, Minn. 

Neils C. Thomsen, St. Edward, Neb. 

Harold E. Engle, R. D. 2, Hancock, Wis. 

Philip Lerum, R. D. i, Tenstrike, Minn. 

James Hart, 1945 Minnesota St., Oshkosh, Wis. 

James Fitzpatrick, Corp., 115 Vanderpool St., Newark, 
N. J. 

Otto Kramer, R. D. 3, Braham, Minn. 

William Brummer, Wadena, Minn. 

Marvin McKee, Apple River. 

Willie E. Nelson, .Box 13, Prosper, Minn. 

Wilbur F. Lockman, Hollandale,, Wis. 

Arthur H. Henke, 1083 25th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Walter Rippberger, 252 Teflferson Ave., Elgin. 

William Vodock, Corp., R. D. i, Dilly, Wis. 

Hilas E. Goodrich, R. D. 2, Elkhorn, Wis. 

Marsh Christensen, 521 4th St., DeKalb. 

William R. Wagner, R. D. 2, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Joseph Christorf, Box 58, Boyd, Wis. 

Arthur H. Erickson, R. D. 7, Chippewa Falls, Wis. 

Jacob Reisdorfer, P. O. 143, Lismore, Minn. 

Ralph E. Erickson, R. D. 7, Box 74, Chippewa Falls, 

Peter L. Larson, 11 72 Laphan St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Max P. Niemczyk, Corp., 753 Garden St., Milwaukee, 

Floyd L. Ware, 2600 Grand Ave., Sioux City, Iowa. 

Charles Stevenson, 4934 W. Walton St., Chicago. 

Albert Balthazor, 36 8th St., Fond du Lac, Wis. 

Elmer Oleson, Lodi, Wis. 

Laurence T. Dugal, Postmaster, Cadott, Wis. 

Louis B. Hilber, R. D. 3, Marathon, Wis. 

Frank N. Graykowski, 614 Reed St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

August H. Lendorf, Corp., 1006 N. Washington St., 
New Ulm, Minn. 

Arthur E. Scholz, 288 Wise St., Oshkosh, Wis. 



Olaf N. Olson, R. D. i, Prairie Farm, Wis. 
Frederick W. Eder, R. D. 2, Freeport. 
William J. Nelson, R. D. i, Box 21, Stockholm, Wis. 
Joseph G. Schweiger, Box 83, Haugen, Wis. 
Arthur Hansen, 112 E. Main St., St. Charles. 
Nicholas Riewer, Corp., 5051 Lincoln Ave., Chicago. 
Ernest P. Hippler, R. D. 2, Albany, Minn. 
Charles A. Saubert, Sgt., 1126 isth St., Chicago. 
Swain Thompson, Sgt., R. D. i, Readstown, Wis. 
Harold W. Peterson, Sgt., 770 Berlin St., Waupaca, 

Henry P. Salz, Lenore. 

Henry A. W. Grimm, R. D. i, Odessa, Minn. 
John H. Fleishacker, R. D. 2, Brainerd, Minn. 
Charles A. Ganz, R. D. 22, Burlington, Wis. 
Alfred Hague, 984 DeSoto St., St. Paul, Minn. 
Helmer I. Berge, Dennison, Minn. 
Andrew A. Michalski, Corp., Rosendale St., Beaver 

Dam, Wis. 
Edward Menzel, .Box 386, Hopkins, Minn. 
Ole Olson, Box 434, Bayfield, Wis. 
Lewis Field, R. D. 4, Box 73, Blair, Wis. 
Max H. Freitag, R. D. 2, Walworth, Wis. 
Emil Ahec, 191 1 S. May St., Chicago. 
Gail V. Walsh, Station D, R. D. i, Milwaukee, Wis. 
Thomas H. Sneddon, Corp., Box 442, Lake Forest. 
David R. Finnel, Duluth, Minn. 
Sylvanus Brace, R. D. 3, Box 52, Durand. 
William Ninneman, 816 Humboldt Ave., Wausau, Wis. 
Leo H. Manke, 606 Humbird St., Rice Lake, Wis. 
Stephen J. Duss, R. D. 1, Box 48, Boyd, Wis. 
William F. Techlow, 913 nth St., Oshkosh, Wis. 
Arthur C. Roberts, Corp., 505 Windom St., Peoria. 
Paul E, Conrad, R. D. i, Bloomer, Wis. 
Edward S. Vollmer, Hillside & Prospect St., Glen Ellyn. 

John J. Luhman, R. D. 4, Goodhue City, Minn. 

Emol L. Blackburn, .Box 233, Brownsville, Ore. 

Kantius Weber, 1225 Bismark Place, Oshkosh, Wis. 

Gust Gritzmacker, R. D. 6, Box 68, Wausau, Wis. 

Joseph Spannbauer, 1013 10th St., Oshkosh, Wis. A. Huber, Corp., 2917 6th Ave., Rock Island. 

William H. Strawn, R. D. i, Kirkland. 

William A. Kamrath, Corp., Box 433, Canby, Minn. 

Ladislaus Stegman, 1084 Chicago Road, Milwaukee, 

Alexander Woyak, R. D. i, Custer, Wis. 

James J. Driscoll, Elkhorn, Wis. 

Larkin L. Baker, 211 6th St., Bowling Green, Ky. 

Joseph Jacobson, R. D. i, Box 57, Disco, Wis. 

Walter L. Hamlyn, R. D. 2, Freeport. 

George E. Adamek, Corp., 542 St. Charles St., Elgin. 

Albert Goralski, 3335 Union Ave., Chicago. 

George H. Curzon, 732 Delaware Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Fred Gravesen, 2107 Sherman Ave., Omaha, Neb. 

Ingvel Lynner, Clarksfield, Minn. 

Bernt K. Gaaskjolen, R. D. 3, Box 62, Taylor, Wis. 

Frank H. Krueger, 733 Muskego Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Hans L. Larsen, 3152 26th Ave., S., Minneapolis, Minn, 

Wallace Houldsworth, Corp., 2827 5!/^ Ave., Rock Is- 

Henry C. Meyers, R. D. 3, Woodstock. 

Fritz A. Eckstrom, R. D. i, Princeton. 

Fred Gundry, Stone Lake, Wis. 

James V. Bellizzi, 343 Barry Ave., Chicago. 

Thomas Grace, 513 4th Ave., S. E., Minneapolis, Minn. 

William Jacobson, .Box 208, Shell Lake, Wis. 

Joseph Taliksnis, 10610 Edbroke Ave., Chicago. 

Louis P. Abell, Corp., 162 N. Root St., Aurora. 

Wallace D. Lenz, R. D. 2, Box 55, Waterloo, Wis. 

John E. Roberts, Sgt., Lodi, Wis. 


Clarence Mariner, Capt., 3722 Michigan Ave., Kansas 

City, Mo. 
Milo C. Teeter, ist Lt., 2842 Shakespeare Ave., Chicago. 
Clyde A. Eagan, ist Lt., LaPlace. 
Earl C. Maclnnis, 2d Lt., 530 S. Main St., Viroqua, 

Walter E. Ringer, ist Lt., 702 S. Barstow St., Eau 

Claire, Wis. 
Nicholas A. Schaaf, Sgt., 908 Water St., Eau Claire, 

Christ Jacklen, Bug., R. D. i. Fountain City, Wis. 
Andrew Anderson, Box 186, Dawson, Minn. 
Theodore Paul Eichelsdoejfer, Sup. Sgt., 1416 20th St., 

Rock Island. 
Thomas Berglatid, Mech., R. D. 2, Ridgeland, Wis. 
Donald Vear Griffin, 1616 Lincoln Ave., Kalamazoo, 

William Koenigs, R. D. 3, Box 83, Malone, Wis. 
Selmer Sletten, 1428 4th Ave., N., Fargo, N. D. 
Rupert Poeschl, Cook, R. D. 2, Durand, Wis. 
Elmer E. Smalley, Cook, Bloomer, Wis. 
Frank J. Mettie, 218 Mulberry St., New York, N. Y. 
Frank E. Payne, Sherburn, Minn. 
Siver J. Lee, iioi E. 74th St., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Christ B. Ness, Sgt., R. D. i, Nelson, Minn. 
Martin Grothe, R. D. i. Box 83, Pine City, Minn. 
William Teichmiller, 2312 W. Ohio St., Chicago. 
Oscar Tollefson, R. D. 3, Box 19, Lake Andrew, Minn. 
William Kolshorn, 463 6th St., Red Wing, Minn. 
Alfred Oppegard, R. D. 3, Lanesboro, Minn. 
Rudolph He.rsekorn, Underbill, Wis. 

Helmer G. Johnson, R. D. 2, Box 404, Elkhorn, Wis. 
Joseph Marketon, R. D. i, .Box 117, Howard Lake, 

Robert D. Swift, Welcome, Minn. 
Henry H. Johnson, 1225 6th St., Hudson, Wis. 
James A. Wall, Box 201, Prairie du Chien, Wis. 
Charles O. Kangas, 141 5 2nd Ave., N., Minneapolis, 

Knut N. Torstad, Havelock, N. D. 
Martin Nowakowski, Corp., 1041 Wood .St., Chicago. 
Stanley Buchowsk, 4344 Rockwell St., Chicago. 
Edward Dunnigan, 924 W. Zumbro St., Rochester, Minn. 
John H. F. Klein, Eenwood, Wis. 
Hugo C. Holtman, Box 48, Fenwood, Wis. 
Martin Hinz, R. D. i, Wausau, Wis. 
Oscar Johnson, Box 44, Odanah, Wis. 
Arthur Dahl, 1610 Monroe St., N. E., Minneapolis, 


Arthur Hintz, R. D. i, Box 113, Wausau, Wis. 

John G. H. Wahl, Cumberland Star Route, Johnstown, 

Ernest Weidel, R. D. 3, Rothsay, Minn. 

Joseph L. Gagne, R. D. i, Box 54, Robbinsdale, Minn. 

Edward C. Koch, Wadena, Minn. 

Arthur J. DuUnig, 1622 Salinas St., San Antonio, Tex. 

George A. Daley, 7521 LaFayette Ave., Chicago. 

Phillip Ebersold, 1002 N. Cherry St., Wausau, Wis. 

Robert H. Clark, R. D. 4, Gridley. 

Herman P. Hanson, R. D. 2, Box 22, Rollag, Minn. 

Ignatz Keller, Mount Angel, Ore. 

Timas N. Bolstad, 1210 Madison St., Eau Claire, Wis. 

John Schapendonk, 11154 Michigan Ave., Chicago. 

William Dalton, Erie, Minn. 

Gilbert P. Horn, R. D. 2, Chippewa Falls, Wis. 

Michael Adomaitis, 501 W. 32nd St., Chicago. 

Uflfe J. Norgaard, Corp., Harlan, Iowa. 

Harry F. Knapp, 1549 20th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Herman Duame, R. D. 2, Lena, Wis. 

George M. Ness, Star Route, Lampson, Wis. 

Hans P. Anderson, 2944 Logan Blvd., Chicago. 

John J. J. Quinn, 2729 E. 93rd St., South Chicago. 

Carl C. Horn, Box 45, New Auburn, Wis. 

Peter Jakubowski, R. D. 3, Box 16, Marathon, Wis. 

Morley Norman, Corp., 2936 W. Diversey Ave., Chi- 

Adolph Jenson, R. D. 2, Shell Lake, Wis. 

Leon Rozwadowski, 2046 Frankfort St., Chicago. 

Theodore Annonson, R. D. 2, Debs, Minn. 

Harry C. Flygare, R. D. 2, Box 67, Lafayette, Minn. 

Manchar Dejaeger, 613 W. 4th St., Kewanee. 

John Musiejewicz, 2323 N. Hoyne Ave., Chicago. 

Henry Polzin, Box 19, Big Foot Prairie. 

Oscar F. Johnson (i), 1225 Warren Ave., Belvldere. 

John Fink, 2039 Ruble St., Chicago. 

Frank G. Sawalski, Corp., 1928 N. Hoyne Ave., Chi- 

John Krajewski,, Sgt., Krsiwki, Mlava, Russia. 

Frank J. Hartung, Sgt., Arkansaw, Wis. 

Carl Jens Hanson, R. D. i. Box 6, Cornell, Wis. 

Albert G. Toltzman, R. D. 3. Spencer, Wis. 

Willie Redman, R. D. 2, Rothsay, Minn. 

August Erdman, 1208 Thouressa St., Watertown, Wis. 

Edwin S. Hagen, R. D. i. Box 28, Cornell, Wis. 

John H. Vonderbrelji, Box 45, Plato, Minn. 

Vincent J. Uhen, R. D. 16, Burlington, Wis. 

Patrick Kiely, 4527 Indiana Ave., Chicago. 

George Altman, 527 Minnesota St. N., New Ulm, Minn. 



Roscoe L. Angle, Box 323, Berlin, Wis. 

Joseph J. Farrell, 342 Cumberland St., Rumford, Me. 

Lawrence King, Edgar, Wis. 

Edgard Hagen, R. U. i, Box 51, Cadott, Wis. 

Conrad Harrington, R. D. i, JJox 67, Chippewa Falls, 

Louis J. Sandusky, Corp., 901 E. 33rd St., Los Angeles, 

Oscar Bylund, 2500 Elliott Ave. S., Minneapolis, Minn. 

William R. Block, 8019 Throop St., Chicago. 

Monroe L. Barr, 131 1 Harlem Blvd., Rockford. 

Albert Krueger, R. D. i, Owen, Wis. 

Harvey W. Henkel, R. D. i, Colby, Wis. 

Otto H. Neuman, R. D. i, Box i, Darian, Wis. 

Konstantinos Joannon, ii8 2nd St., Moline. 

Robert Proudfoot, Corp., Morris, Minn. 

Charles Mannypenny, Odanah, Wis. 

Richard Woofs, Jr., R. D. 4, Harvard. 

Emil Huehnerfus, R. D. 2, Box 29, Edgar, Wis. 

Emil A. Wendorf, 1456 7th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Elmer T. Hedblade, 657 Keep Ave., Elgin. 

Frank T. Sullivan (i), Howard, Mont. 

Hans Wang, R. D. 3, Hayward, Wis. 

Lenard T. Kash (i), R. D. i, Shafer, Minn. 

Joseph Kennedy, R. D. i, Mosinee, Wis. 

Otis L. Wilcox, 402 Constantine St., Three Rivers, 

Martin McCormick, Benson, Minn. 

John T. Johnson, Tomsberg, Norway. 

Henry S. Christie, R. D 5, Goodhue, Minn. 

Cornelius Bovee, R. D. 3. Fairchild, Wis. 

Stanley Hulbert, Orangeville. 

Milo A. Gartzke, Blue Earth. Minn. 

Phillip Traynor, Blue Earth, Minn. 

Elmer F. Kledehn, Rolling Prairie, Wis. 

Alvin Patterson, 602 Ogden Ave., Superior, Wis. 

Andrew Skiksnus, 2900 Emerald Ave., Chicago. 

James H. Goodsel, Box 42, Cobson, Wis. 

Harry Boltz, Manistiquw, Mich. 

Phillip Hallock, 517 C)gden Ave., Superior, Wis. 

Oscar J. Wepplo (i), 1204 Harmon Place, Minne- 
apolis, Minn. 

Ernest R. Crohn, 612 Adams St. N. E., Minneapolis, 

Leonard Johnk, Box 15, Sabin, Minn. 

Edwin Mulholland, 1025 Washington Ave. S., Minne- 
apolis, Minn. 

Carl A. Johnson, Box 47, Wasco. 

Simon P. Brausen, Waunakee, Wis. 

Henry T. Kluth, 74 Chippewa St., Freeport. 

Roy S. Hotchkiss, R. D. i, Mosinee, Wis. 

Felix J. Rose (i), 5228 Winnemac Ave., Chicago. 

James V. Bean, 607 S. 2nd St., Delavan, Wis. 

Frank Trnka, Corp., 2609 S. Lawndale Ave., Chicago. 

Ernest F. Manhott, Sgt., 2610 W. 59th St., Chicago. 

Alfred Leren, Sgt., 835 Menomonee St., Eau Claire, 

Herman Koepsel, 690 13th Ave., Milwaukee. Wis. 

Arthur Winkelman, R. D. 4, Hutchinson, Minn. 

Arthur J. Kiefer, R. D. i. Box 29, Rozellville, Wis. 

Lester J. Smith, North Bend, Wis. 

Walter E. Dier, R. U. 3, Sturgeon Bay, Wis. 

Edward Pfe.iiTer, R. D. 6, Freeport. 

Frank Lewandowski, 2160 Irving Ave., Chicago. 

Harry W. Osborne, Sycamore. 

Melvin E. Hearl, 23 5th St. N., Moorhead, Minn. 

Gust Belin, loi 2nd St., Bemidji, Minn. 

Rexford Cunningham, R. D. 3, Box 58, Walworth, 

John Giles, Boyd, Wis. 

Gustave Nelson, 2015 Missouri Ave., Superior, Wis. 

William Moluneux, Corp., 628 W. 6ist St., Chicago. 

Martin Helland, R. D. i, Cornell, Wis. 

John E. Szewczyk, 2240 N. Robey St., Chicago. 

Peter M. Moe, R. D. i, Onalaska, Wis. 

Joseph Knaus, Cold Spring, Minn. 

Benjamin Fortune, Wheaton, Minn. 

John F. Kavanaugh, R. D. 2, Troy, Wis. 

Charles D. Lamb, 1214 Whitney St., Belvidere. 

Roy W. Lundin, 1215 Melrose St., Chicago. 

Henry Jarzembowicz, 790 Rogers St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Joseph McKelvey, 274, Chokio, Minn. 

Hubert Krause, R. D. i. Box 18, Johnson Creek, Wis. 

Edward J. Stellwagen, Egg Harbor, Wis. 

Earl C. Hartman, Edward St. Box 3, Chippewa Falls, 

Henry Svire, R. D. i. Box 90, Erie, Minn. 

Herman M. Steen, Corp., 1322 Otto St., Chicago. 

Vincent Petrocelli, 217 E. ii6th St., Chicago. 
Arthur V. Kies, 479 36th St. N., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Emil A. Ornquist, Strathcona, Minn. 
John M. Wurtz, 1926 Kishwaukee St., Rockford. 
Ive.r Benson, R. D. i. Box 39, Emmons, Minn. 
George Kohlbauer, Galena. 

Herbert C. Haas, i6oo 7th St., Merrill, Wis. 
Clive Metcalf, Corp., R. D. i, Arkansaw, Wis. 
John B. Gorry, 435 W. Mifflin St., Madison, Wis. 
Earl I. Brannon, Klevenville, Wis. 
John Sebroskie, 929 W. Pine St., Shamokin, Pa. 
George Fronk, Wells, Minn. 
Axel Hammer, R. D. 4, Cadott, Wis. 
Ralph S. Kerker, R. D. 3, Metamora, 
Frederick Pederson, R. D. 10, Box 64, Fergus Falls 
Minn. ' 

Hans E. Andersen, Corp., R. D. i, Weston, Iowa. 
August W.Vogel, 4507 Congress St., Chicago. 

c '■^,^n;.^'',°'^"' ^- D- '' Box 72 A Mosinee, Wis. 
hamuel Mendelsohn, 2047 Evergreen Ave., Chicago 
Nicholas Raffay, 1161 19th St., Milwaukee, Wis 
7^u, r. Conaway, Star Route, Breckenridge, Minn. 
WMi-^^ S Kossow, 409 nth Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 
William R. Lueth, R. D. i, Falworth, Wis. 
Carl Nork, 1626 N. California Ave., Chicago. 
Alfred Schultz, R. D. 4, Box 105, North Milwaukee, 

Wis. ' 

William gerouin, Sgt., 224 9th Ave., Eau Claire, Wis. 
Edward H. Olson, Sgt., 214 Cochran St., Eau Claire, 

Wis. ' 

William Axtater, Corp., 907 Postal Telegraph Bldg 

Chicago. ^ ' 

Kazimir Andrejonas, 830 W. i8th St., Chicago. 
Carl O. Frefsrud, R. D. 2, Rollag, Minn 
Louis Sorenson, 804 N. 21st Ave., Duluth, Minn. 

Wi"s ' ^' °- ^' ^°'' ^'^' Chippewa Falls, 

Harold Anderson, Box 54, Solway, Minn, 
^rank A Smith, R. D. 2, Box 77. Watkins, Minn. 

Minn ^°'"^' ^'"^■' '^'^ '^* ^''^- ^- Duluth, 

Johnie Rikli, Ridgeway, Wis 
Fred Janz, R. D. 2, Dancy, Wis 

k3h ^n ^!''f'\ ^- °- 3' Box 14, Cadott, Wis. 
Harold Oustad, Box 54, Drummond, Wis 
Robert Jomes, R D. i, East Fruitland, N. C. 
Alef J Sehlin, Box 95, Port Wing, Wis. 
Howard Rhodes, Barron, Wis 

'^^'^Minn^' ^°'^^ ^'^' '^"^ '^- ^^"'^ ^*- Minneapolis, 
f ^"^/"u ^> Brown, R. D. 2, Hebron, Wis. 
Adolph Kolarich, R. D. 3, Denmark, Wis. 

W?s. ^"^^"°"' ^- D. 4. Box 70, Grand Rapids, 

■^"''"Mkln. ^^'^"°"' ^^' ^- ^^^^ ^''^" W"t Duluth. 

fZT ^u^K ?■ °- ^' ^^'^ ^^' Wausau, Wis. 

T^^n T r'''*""^°"'o®?,'^ ^^^' Minneota, Minn. 

i, ■ V Casey, 2498 Wentworth Ave., Chicaeo 

Alvm A Freiberg, :8i9 School St., Chicago.^ 

Raymond E. Herrick, R. D. ,, Box ;4, Wayne 

John Ryan, 1750 Fletcher St., Chicago. 

SfL';! ?J^"^«''V.^3o 13th Ave. N., St. Cloud, Minn 

Stanley Eliszewski, 983 Maple St., Milwaukee? WiL 

Carl Henning, Jr., 4,2 Mosley St., Elgin. 

Charles J. Dix 702 Grove St., Milwaukee, Wis 

Aloysious Schlott, 19 18 N. Robey St., Chicago 

Johnie Portz, Lengby, Minn. ' ^"'''^S°- 

Joseph Schroeder, Fredonia, Wi s 

Antonio Fanello, Genoa, Wis 

Chester L. Fanshaw, Fox Lake, Wis 

Ernest Dean, Minong, Wis. 

James Forkan, Anaconda, Mont. 

v}'%f ^^ 1^'e^an Box 52, Shell Lake, Wis. 

T A^-n^"'^''^'^,?' Corp., 202 Wood Ave. Rock Falls 

Leo A. Meyer, R. D. 2, Box 56, Gravs Lake ' 

Salvatore Seno, 638 Sholto St.! Chicago 

John Takaitis, 1131 Victoria St., North Chicago 

Cohn J. McRae, R. D. i, Kingham, Kans 

Sam L. Larson, 912. Central Ave., Superior, Wis 

Ter, N. g;fP^d.mitriou, ,05 Cedar St.,' Manches- 
George LeFevre, R. D. 6, Polo 

^"^'inn^^" '^^ ^^^^' ^°'^-' °^^°t° St., St. Paul, 
William C.Fenner, ,11 39th St., Milwaukee, Wis 
Minn! ^^'"^""' ^^43 Harriet Ave., Minneapoiis. 



Harold W. Adamson, R. D. i, Malta. 

Herman H. .Blaisier, 531 National Ave., Milwaukee, 

Ben Benson, 1020 E. 7th St., Duluth, Minn. 
Jacob F. Falloon, 410 20th Ave, N., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Clarence Klipping, Box 123, Pearl City. 
Donald A. Young, Corp., 714 Pine St., Calumet, Mich. 

John H. Carter, R. D. i, Clare. 

Benjamin Kozlowski, Corp., 919 W. 31st Place, Chicago. 

John C. Chase, Sgt., 705 Wilson Ave., Menomonie, 

William A. Coleman, care Billboard, 1493 Broadway, 

New York, N. Y. 


Ray K. Puflfer, Capt., 204 Alta Vista Ave., Waterloo, 

Carl K. Rang, ist Lt., 603 W. State St., Rockford. 

Harry G. Mouat, 2d Lt., 7310 Yale Ave., Chicago. 

Harvey G. Smith, 1st Sgt., Maiden Rock, Wis. 

Edward W. Fisher, Corp., 2423 Minnesota Ave., Dul- 
uth, Minn. 

Charles H. Badour, Sup. Sgt., Moose Lake, Minn. 

James T. Stafford, Mess Sgt., 7031 Union Ave., Chi- 

Ingvald Vagen, Bug., Stanley, Wis. 

William Durlin, Bug., Alma Center, Wis. 

George A. Adams, Mech., Dodge Center, Minn. 

Ludwig Bernatowicz, Mech., 3224 S. Morgan St., Chi- 

Gust A. Larson, Mech., 6108 4th Ave S., Minneapolis, 

Charle,s W. Hilgenberg, Meth., I^aukauna, Wis. 

Clarence W. Watkins. Cook, Rock Elm, Wis. 

Charles McGillis, Cook, Ellsworth, Wis. 

John S. O'Connor, Cook, Sears. 

Fred W. Schmelzer, Cook, 827 Chandler St., Madison, 

Harry M. Hosford, Sgt., 701 Vine St., Hudson, Wis. 

Harry Mills, White Rock, S. D. 

Iver T. Grahn, Atwater, Minn. 

Pearl McDaniel, Westby, Wis. 

Swen E. Peterson, 9340 Lowe Ave., Chicago. 

John A. Neal, R. D. 2, Eden Valley, Minn. 

Conrad Frost, Clarks Grove, Minn. 

Edward E. Zarek, Corp., 3222 S. Morgan St., Chicago. 

Henry F. Meyer, R. D. i, Walters, Minn. 

Carl J. Jacobson, Brinkman, Mont. 

Walter W. Ford, 616 N. Porter Ave., Elgin. 

I^eopold R. Abraham, R. D. 4, Olivia, Minn. 

Carl Swason, 7030 34th St., .Berwyn. 

Fred W. Kaddatz, 31 12 N. Washtenaw Ave., Chicago. 

Francesho Liberatore, Box 14, Belgium, Wis. 

Roger Bolletini, Corp., Contrato Torrento, Albula, S 
Benedette Del Tronto Asoole Piceno Marche, Italy. 

Eddie N. Olson, Deer Park, Wis. 

Olaf Gustatson, River Falls, Wis. 

Alfred F. Rehberg, R. D. 6, Woodstock. 

William M. Balinsky, 1826 Ontario St., Philadelphia, 

Tellef O. Upstad, 2926 W. ist St., Duluth, Minn. 

Frank Pencil, 302 McDonald ,St., Oconto, Wis. 

Oscar F. Johnson, Box 104, Gladstone. 

John Schwenn, Corp., 2627 Iowa St., Chicago. 

William A. Mihm, Corp., 161 5 N. nth St., Sheboygan, 

Theodore J. Steiner, R. D. 2, Stratford, Wis. 

Emil Naatz, R. D. i, Spencer, Wis. 

Peter Holten, 3501 12th Ave. S., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Florian Kowalefski, R. D. 3, Edgar, Wis. 

Frederick Aanes, R. D. 7, Montevideo, Minn. 

Ernest S. Larson, 425 Delta Ave., Manistique, Mich. 

Ernest B. Sanderson, Corp., Stuttgart, Ark. 

Arthur H. Kolberg, 330 Superior Ave., Sheboygan, Wis. 

Lawrence M. Balk, Wilmot, Minn. 

Frank Miller, 717 E. Second St., Winona, Minn. 

Theodore E. Iverson, Bakef, Minn. 

Patrick Curran, 351 State St., St. Paul, Minn. 

Hilding Hoyer, 10554 LaSalle St., Chicago. 

Rudolph Ibe, R. D. 3, Box 60, Kiel, Wis. 

William V.morder, Corp., R. D. 6, .Stevens Point, Wis. 

Frank P. Oberg, R. D. 18, Box 74, .Burlington, Wis. 

Elmer F. Reko, Kendalls, Wis. 

John S. Krueger, Madison St., Beaver Dam, Wis. 

John Szemborsky, R. D. 1, Marathon, Wis. 

John H. Herzog, R. D. 2, Stratford, Wis. 

Edmund J. LaFramboise, R. D. i, Cadott, Wis. 

Walter F. Podoll, R. D. i. Box 81, Spring Valley, 

Fred E. Hall, Corp., Mauston St., Mauston, Wis. 

William G. Abdo, 127 James Ave., Mankato, Minn. 

Albert J. Klein, R. D. i. Box 74, Hinsdale. 

Louis O. Anderson, Barneveld, Wis. 

August R. Engaas, Holmen, Wis. 

Axel H. Peterson, 604 Garfield Ave., Duluth, Minn. 

Elmer E. Johnson, 2318 Seminary Ave,, Chicago. 

Frank Danboer, Corp., 1828 N. ist St., Sheboygan, 

William J. Bradley, R. D. i. Box 24, Stratford, Wis. 

Reuben E. Peterson, Sgt., R. D. 3, Ellsworth, Wis. 

Sidney L. Moyer, Sgt., Prescott, Wis. 

Arthur W. Zacharias, Sgt., Glenwood City, Wis. 

Swan G. Swanson, 1417 Elm St., Rockford. 

Albert E. Olson, Box 104, Readstown, Wis. 

Harve H. Wunderlich, Box 25, Kenyon, Minn. 

Magnus Pauson, 105 E. 6th Ave., Ashland, Wis. 

Frank J. Schmeling, Watertown, Wis. 

Thomas Kampen, Fulda, Minn. 

Joseph A. Zullo, Corp., 1950 Van Buren St., Chicago. 

August F. Krause, R. D. i, Wyeville, Wis. 

Theodore Grade, 422 Ontario Ave., Sheybogan, Wis. 

Charles Passow, Mosinee, Wis. 

Nels S. Nelson, 300 Clifton Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Leeman Garrett, R. D. i, Ne,w Boston. 

Alvin N. Anderson, R. D. i, Kirkland. 

Jacob J. Kramp, Corp., 252 Front St., Aurora. 

Charles H. Renken, R. D. i. Box 8, Plato, Minn. 

Jesse G. Urbain, R. D. i, .Box 39, Walters, Minn. 

Emile J. St. Martin, 2127 Milan St., New Orleans, La. 

Charles fl. Schaefer, R. D. 2, Lyons, Wis. 

Andrew C. Kaufman, 370 'S. Main St., Fond du Lac, 

Charles M. Hallberg, 1924 Quincy St. N. E., Minne- 
apolis, Minn. 

Carl F. Redenius, Darien, Wis. 

Leo A. Stuhr, Midway, Wis. 

Joel Olson, 1107 8th St., Rockford. 

John F. Lendl, 634 Olive St., Chippewa Falls, Wis. 

Fred Knoll, R. D. 6, Box 36, Freeport. 

Fred J. Kroeplin, 339 Silver St., Elgin. 

Charles G. George, R. D. i, Nora, Minn. 

James McGuire, R. D. 2, Dancy, Wis. 

Joseph L. Eviston, 11 11 N. Sacramento Ave., Chicago. 

Albin J. Kleene,, Corp., 922 High Ave., Sheboygan, 

Albert S. Belhnger, R. D. i. Box 34, Viola. 

Carl A. Anderson, 200 Walnut St., Batavia. 

George Karastes, Hersey, Wis. 

Maynard Tressler, 905 E. 7th St., Blue Earth, Minn. 

Richard J. Nelson, Backus, Minn. 

Arthur G. Marohl, R. D. i. Box 24, Cleveland, Wis. 

Fred Schober, 2156 Armitage Ave., Chicago. 

Martin J. Killalea, Corp., 409 N. Fremont St., Kewanee. 

Joseph Stutz, 411 Knapp St., Oshkosh, Wis. 

David Rabinovitz, 1219 Throop St., Chicago. 

Alfred Paul, 1339 51st Court, Cicero. 

David W. McFarland, Parallel St., Beaver Dam, Wis. 

Daniel J. Wirkus, R. D. i. Box 92, Edgar, Wis. 

Louis I. Tolchinsky, 518 Fremont Ave. N., Minne- 
apolis, Minn. 

Alfred M. Verno, Empire, Mich. 

Edward C. Liesch, Corp., 261 Walter Ave., Appleton, 

Frank P. Deutscher, Corp., 3156 Chicago Ave., Minne- 
apolis, Minn. 

Robert L. Beckenbach, Anoka, Minn. 

John W. Mieloszyk, 305 Larch St., Ironwood, Mich. 

Richard J. Joringdal, Thief Piver Falls, Minn. 

Alvin H. Miller, Sheffield. 

Fred W. Laschinger, 2135 S. i6th St., Sheboygan, 

Joseph L. Barrett, Box 43, Red Lake, Minn. 

Louis A. Trapp, Corp., 1242 Richard St., Milwaukee, 

Joseph S. Hopua, 116 E. nth St., Duluth, Minn. 

Myron M. Lehman, Sgt., 187 N. State St., Elgin. 

Henry W. Koressel, Sgt., 301 Stinson Ave., Evanston, 

Albert Sletten, Box 23, Emmons, Minn. 



Julius Milaskey, Sgt., 5222 S. Hermitage Ave., Chi- 
Ernest G. We.ege, R. D. 26, Oconomowoc, Wis. 
Hugh B. Nugent, Delavan, Wis. 

Michael Buebschman, R. D. 40, Box 31, Calvary, Wis. 
Frank L. Wagner, 2005 4th St., Peru. 

Julius W. Nahring, Box 66, Fenwood, Wis. 

Claus H. Lepler, Corp., Clara City, Minn. 

William H. Plum, Polo. 

John Ryokowsky, 1537 Tell Place, Chicago. 

Edwin W. Seibert, R. D. i. Box 91, Mazeppa, Minn. 

John Overson, Box iii, Oslo, Minn. 

Michael Buebschman, R, D. 40, Box 31, Calvary, Wis. 

Eber ^I. Armagost, Excelsior, Minn. 

Earl E. Ferris, Abbotsford, Wis. 

Michael J. McGuinn, Corp., 305 Aldrich Ave. N., 
Minneapolis, Minn. 

Arthur G. Wild, R. D. i, Knovvles, Wis. 

Albon M. Helgeson, Genoa, Wis. 

Emil E. Smedberg, 2910 W. 3rd St., Du!uth, Minn. 

Konstanty Godlesky, 1505 5th St. N. E., Minneapolis, 

Tames F. , Garey, 271 W. 4th South St., Salt Lake 
City, Utah. 

Zachariah Adams, 1007 Peoria Ave., Dixon. 

Anton F. Birkner, Metamora. 

William H. Nicholson, Corp., 11 19 Mariana St., Chi- 

Alfred C. Klose, 1655 Burling St., Chicago. 

Orvin G. Rolseth, 1606 sth St. N., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Harvey Mathes, R. D. 1, Box 4^^, Wausau, Wis. 

Clarence R. Wendt, 718 College St., Beaver Dam, Wis. 

Theodore E. Craichen, Coloma, Wis. 

Gale S. Golden. Corp., Box 212, Chokio, Minn. 

Bernard W. Ulrich, R. D. 3, Amboy, Minn. 

Albert N. Maxwell, 408 E. 6th St., Norris, Minn. 

Ernest A. Keen, R. D. 6, Buffalo, Minn. 

Stanley Robakowsky, 411 Greenfield Ave., Milwaukee, 

Frederick Wagner, Knowles, Wis. 

Alfred A. Witt, Rubicon, Wis. 

Tames J. Flaherty, 1526 Gilpin Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio. 

William T. Fowler, Corp., 2512 4th Ave. S., Minne- 
apolis, Minn. 

Henry D. Scott, 3730 N. Kedvale Ave., Chicago. 

Christian R. Horgen, Stanley, Wis. 

Frank J. Maurer, Box 185, Sleepy Eye., Minn. 

William Bird, Elkton, S. D. 

Herman J. I3uellesbach, 313 N. Bassett St., Madison, 

Charles J. Fischer, 393 14th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Nicholas Klench, 302 N. Central Ave. W., Duluth, 

Peter M. Kmasiak, Corp., 3222 Mospratt St., Chicago. 

Owen R. Rasmussen, Corp., 3106 Ezekiel Ave., Zion 

Harry H. Arnold, 1618 S. 17th St., Springfield. 

John J. Knetter, R. D. 3, Box 10, Edgar, Wis. 

Leonard Seltserman, 715 Center St., Chicago. 

William M. Riplinger, Boyd, Wis. 

Benjamin I. Westover, Wheeling, Ind. 

George E. Uecker, 607 Cleveland St., Watertown, Wis. 

Ralph F. Yeager, Corp., Osage, Iowa. 

Frank J. Cheyka, 518 20th Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Walter J. Lineham, Sgt., 1037*/^ W. 2nd St., Daven- 
port, Iowa. 

Warren L. Stafford, Sgt., 6948 Lowe Ave., Chicago. 

Clarence O. Weeks, Sgt., Maiden Rock, Wis. 

William G. Kressin, 506 E. Mark St., Winona, Minn. 

Arland S. Mork, R. D. i. Box 48, Slayton, Minn. 

James A. Johnson, R. D. i, Wyville, Wis. 

Stefen Czaplicki, 1039 Grove St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

George J. Burgart, 27th St. & 21st Ave., Rock Island. 

Herman Kropelin, R. D. i. Box 43, Colby, Wis. 

Chester A. Ward, Corp., 714 Cameron St., San An- 
tonio, Texas. 

Edward_ C. Firnstein, 1824 Larrabee St., Chicago. 

Irwin Tiurnett, Stanwood, Mich. 

Paul E. Streubel, R. D. i, Box 86, Glidden, Wis. 

Joseph Endres, Sauk City, Wis. 

Benjamin Woodle, 105 W. Liberty St., Monroe, Wis. 

John W. Pritchard, 204 Parallel St., Beaver Dam, 

Clemens P. Swiderski, 112 15th Ave. E., Ashland, Wis 

Benjamin McCrary, Corp., Springfield, Minn. 

Peter Kuklock, R. D. 2, Bo.x 24, Rice, Minn. 

John Stuckmeyer, R. D. i, Knowles, Wis. 

Frank \ iellieu, R. D. 5, New Richmond, Wis. 

Carl Mohr, R. D. i. Box 36, Marathon, Wis. 

Richard C. Polege, R. D. i, Box 4, Stratford, Wis. 

Philip S. Glish, Crest Ridge, Wis. 

William F. Zillmer, 336 W. Jackson St., Belvidere. 

James T. Hanley, Corp., 645 Lincoln Blvd., Omaha, 

Albert A. Indermuehle, Beaver Dam, Wis. 

Sidney V. Wycoff, 2606 Monroe St. N. E., Minne- 
apolis, Minn. 

Martin E. Greger, 567 Kane St., Aurora. 

Anthony Lages, 1302 Stinson Ave., Superior, Wis. 

Joseph Glowaski, 819 nth Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Carl A. Wollenburg, R. D. i, Lomira, Wis. 

Edward Zoellick, R. D. 9, Watertown, Wis. 

Roy S. Schneider, Corp., Crystal Lake. 

Wilbur C. Turpentine, care Nilson Tractor Co., Minne- 
apolis, Minn. 

Oliver R. Popp, R. D. 37, Eagle, Wis. 

Frank Grzybowski, 1305 6th Ave., .Milwaukee, Wis. 

Martin Krueger, l?ox 32, Hamburg, Wis. 

John A. Greger, 567 Kane St., Aurora. 

Walter Krasnoski, 8423 Escanaba Ave., Chicago. 

John Kulas, R. D. 3, Athens, Wis. 

James R. Green, Corp., 58 W. Erie St., Chicago. 

Leonard C. Zick, 661 N. Main St., Oshkosh, Wis. 

Joseph E. Urner, 729 N. 9th St., Sheboygan, Wis. 

Otto Krohse, Utica, Minn. 

Conrad Rude, R. D. 2, Cameron, Wis. 

William E. Schmidt, R. D. 1, Box 28, Mound, Minn. 

Arthur E. Rude, R. D. 2, Box i, Ashland, Wis. 

Antonio Barrato, 1149 S. State St., Chicago. 

John J. Walsh. Corp., W. 40th PL, Chicago. 

Winford T. Zettler, Corp., R. D. i, Comfrey, Minn. 

George L. Koch, 8339 S. Green St., Chicago. 

John Maleskij 1223 Christiana St., Rockford. 

Edward C. Vounker, R. D. 2, Merrill, Wis. 

Edward A. Kuehn, Gen. Del., Elk River, Minn. 

Jose N. Gonzales, 3920 Lake Park Ave,., Chicago. 

John F. Kroening, R. D. i. Box 23, Stratford, Wis. 

Harold F. Shannon, Corp., Garden Prairie. 

Carl G. Sunholm, 333 Restornel St., Duluth, Minn. 

William Barnds, Sgt., 246 Spring St., Freeport. 

Richard J. Ausfahl, Sgt., 302 Columbia Ave., Peru. 


Oliver J. Golden, Capt., Mackinac Island, Mich. 

Leonard G. McConkie, ist Lt., Crystal, Mich. 

Walter H. Wulk, 2d Lt., Marion, Wis. 

Walter J. Parker, 2d Lt., 1738 N. Whipple St., Chi- 

Frank A. Pryor, ist Sgrt., 556 Charles St., Luzerne, 

George W. Barbo, Mess Sgt., Deronda, Wis. 

William R. Eaton, Sup. Sgt., Kentsville, Kings Co., 
Nova Scotia. 

Arthur Preeman, Sgt'., 2052 Arthington St., Chicago. 

Alfred J. Nielsen, Cook, Luck, Wis. 

John Fenton, Cook, Frederick, Wis. 

Nels P. Nelson, Clam Falls, Wis. 

Melvin Mork, Cook, Amery, Wis. 

John O. Steffer, 928 13th Ave. N., St. Cloud, Minn. 

William Wilier, ^lech., 1949 N. Halsted St., Chicago. 

George M. McKee, Bug., 711 W. 26th St., Minne- 
apolis, Minn. 

Gustaf A. Rylander, Mech., Shell Lake, Wis. 

Sherwood P. Jacobs, Box 4, Franklin Grove. 

Frank J^ Dvorak, 2622 S. Karlov Ave., Chicago. 

Albert Gorden, Sgt., Siren, Wis. 

Albert Perrotta, 9146 Greenwood Ave., Chicago. 

Gustave Anderson, 1422 32nd St., Rock Island. 

Ferdinand A. Eklund, R. D. 2, Box 15, Hayfield, Minn. 

John Huffman, R. D. 2, Box 47, Fairmont, Minn. 

Stanley Klastow, 3156 S. Wallace St., Chicago. 

Brother A. Aaronson, 426 22nd Ave. W., Duluth, Minn. 

Henry E. Frederick, Corp., 1309 Avenue B, Flint, Mich' 

Joseph A. Przybyl, Ripon, Wis. 

Herbert H. Ogg, Ramey, Minn. 

Albert H. Helding, R. D. 10, Franksville, Wis. 

Charley Iten, R. D. 2, St. Cloud, Minn. 

Morris Anderson, Deer Grove. 

Fred Semski, R. D. 3, Box 12, Edgar, Wis. 

Oliver S. Torgerson, R. D. 3, Wheaton, Minn. 

August Diesing, Corp., 806 Belmont Ave., Chicago. 



Leo H. Neitzel, R. D. 5, Box. 61, Bloomer, Wis. 

Roy B. Andress, R. D. 3, Bruce, Wis. 

John McNichols, 2726 N. Richmond St., Chicago. 

Knute I. Johnson, 24* Summit Ave,., St. Paul, Minn. 

Henry M. Bergman, R. D. s. Box "C", Hector, Minn. 

Leo J. Monti, 1359 Charles St., Rockford. 

Clarence J. Yorke, Corp., 2544 Center Ave. N. E., 

Minneapolis, Minn. 
John B. Lemas, R. D. i, Oswego. 

Reginald A. Krause, 826 loth St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Phil Lippens, 408 i6th Ave., Moline. 
.Arthur May, Verndale, Minn. 
Arthur H. Middleton, 310 Elm St., Elgin. 
Fred L. Mehrkens, 11 18 East Ave., Red Wing, Minn. 
Gustave C. Belgert, Nekoosa, Wis. 
Louis F. Robinson, Corp., 1337 Liberty St., LaCrosse, 

Henry N. Schultz, Nobleton, Wis. 
Barney J. Lumbar, Spring Brook, Wis. 
Ignatius Wroblewski, 838 Hermitage Ave., Chicago. 
Julius H. Naas, Box 92, R. D. 2, Boyd, Wis. 
Robert E. Peterson, Reynolds. 
Ole Svenson, Reidstown, Wis. 
Albert B. Schatz, Corp., Adyeville, Ind. 
Gotfreich Moeller, 1007 S. 4th St., Springfield. 
Harry Stonis, 600 Wells St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
William L. Taylor, Tenstrike, Minn. 
John A. Walker, 738 7th Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Henry A. Warner, R. D. 2, Box 75, South Haven, 

William L. Shore, R. D. 2, Franklin, Minn. 
Roy E. Palmer, R. D. i, Box 71, Wayzata, Minn. 
Paul T. Paulsen, Corp., R. D. i. Box 9, Robbinsdale., 

Charles F. Hadlick, 706 S. Moore St., Blue Earth, 

Gustaf H. Blom, 1931 Summerdale Ave., Chicago. 
Edward L. Olson, New Auburn, Wis. 
Fred W. Baumann, 428 J4th St., Oshkosh, Wis. 
Nicholas Apel, Rolling Stone, Minn. 
William E. Rough, R. D. i. Box 129, Stratford, Wis. 
Corunell A. Knutson, R. D. 3, Blair, Wis. 
John IL Boxleitner, Corp., 468 Van Buren St., St. 

Paul, Minn. 
Rudolph Van Meeteran, 1 E. 114th St., Chicago. 
Howard G. Clayton, Sgt., St. Croix Falls, Wis. 
Albert Thompson, Corp., Gushing, Wis. 
Ray W. Gulp, Sgt., 229 Ottawa St., Hamilton, Ont. 
Andrew Stromsted, 1205 ist Ave., Little Falls, Minn. 
Joseph Wang, R. D. i, Hersey, Wis. 
Joseph .B. Prom, 835 Kentticky Ave., Sheboygan, Wis. 
Jake Heikes, R. D. 2, Box 33, Ellsworth, Minn. 
Olaf B. Lindquist, 1123 4th Ave., Rockford. 
John K. Pederson, R. D. i, Fertile, Minn. 
Ernest G. Gradberg, Corp., Bunnell, Minn. 
Arthur Nelson, Millston, Wis. 

Edwin P. Schwenn, 898 22nd St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Charle,s J. Verelius, 2128 W. 6th St., Duluth, Minn. 
Philip J. Loth, 712 Liberty St., LaCrosse, Wis. 
Edward" J. Larson, R. D. 7, Litchfield, Minn. 
Mike V. Mattson, R. D. i, Cloquet, Minn. 
Eskil E. Johnson, Hinkley, Minn. 

Charles G. Kaufman, Corp., 723 Greenlawn Ave., Peoria. 
Swan K. Rehn, Aledo. 

John J. Noga, Box 623, Holdingford, Minn. 
Albert P. Marian, R. D. i, Stanley, Wis. 
Otto C. Hardtke, 943 N. Fairfield Ave., Chicago. 
Louis W. Poliska, R. D. i, Esmond. 
Higo F. Schmech, R. D. 2, Whitewater, Wis. 
Carl Nelson, 602 3rd St. S., Virginia, Minn. 
Carl Zimmerman, Corp., 2026 Folger St., Sheboygan, 

Liquori Perron, Mendota, Minn. 
John Krainert, St. Nazianz, Wis. 
Theo Jore, R. D. 2, Box 17, Hawley, Minn. 
Felix Novak, Cadott, Wis. 

Otto C. Meyer (i), 2109 Warner Ave., Chicago. 
Louis W. Riebock, R. D. 3, Sycamore. 
Severt D. Tubbs, Montevideo, Minn. 
Joseph H. Gunderson, Corp., Box 166, Rake, Iowa. 
Joseph L. Demers, 1162 De La Rock, Montreal, Can. 
John Oyen, 219 Vernon Ave. E., Fergus Falls, Minn. 
Edwin C. Johnson, R. D. 2, Box 40, St. Croix Falls, 

Allie E. Green, Randolph, Wis. 

Arthur E. O'Rourke, R. D. i, Box 5, Bloomer, Wis. 
Edwin H. Anderson, R. D. 3, Box 308, Sacre4 Heart, 


Maurice O. Robin, 214% Goodwin Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

Clarence J. Sharpless, Corp., 3509 40th Ave. S., Minne- 
apolis, Minn. 

Patrick F. Flavin, 5224 Indiana Ave., Chicago. 

Martin F. Schroeder, 2221 Augusta St., Chicago. 

John O. Buth, R. D. 13, Brookfield, Wis. 

Leonard Sitzler, R. D. 5, Jefferson, Wis. 

Hans C. B. Holm, 1647 N. Rockwell St., Chicago. 

Donald Poffenberger, R. D. 2, Polo. 

Edward C. Machsmuth, Corp., 715 N. 3rd St., Minne- 
apolis, Minn. 

James E. Walsh, 202 State St., Whitewater, Wis. 

Iver Meyers, 723 20th Ave. S., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Fred 15erg, Excelsior, Minn. 

Paul E. Sundeen, 4331 Harriet Ave. S., Minneapolis, 

Joseph Prziborowski, Box 83, Hugo, Minn. 

Richard L. Van Horn, 2416 Avenue "A", Kearney, 

Raffaele Cesario, 1429 Edgmont Ave., Chicago. 

Anthony P. Durizzi, Corp., 11 576 Prairie Ave., Chicago. 

William Waiburton, R. D. 4, Fountain City, Wis. 

James W. Ramsey, Sgt., Western Grove, Ark. 

Oscar A. Elkin, Sgt., R. D. 2, Amery, Wis. 

Lloyd O. Barrett, Sgt., Grantsburg, Wis. 

Glenn Yohn, 3042 23rd Ave. S., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Charles H. Perry, R. D. i, Boyd, Wis. 

William P. Hoffman, 74 E. Scott St., Fond du Lac, 

Henry J. Lindhorst, R. D. 39, Mukwonago, Wis. 

Axel Danielson, 3218 Racine Ave., Chicago. 

Fred McDaniel, 510 S. Washington St., Wichita, Kan 

Marcus Nelson, Corp., R. D. i, Barronett, Wis. 

Edward J. Simpson, 137 N. 7th St., Gadsden, Ala. 

Leonard B. Bystrom (i). Eureka, Wis. 

Victor Novak, R. D. i, Cadott, Wis. 

William C. Black, 715 Spring St., Eau Claire, Wis. 

Albin Lindahl, R. D. 3, New Richmond, Wis. 

Charles A. Westphal, Birchwood, Wis. 

Edward R. Sell, Box 64, Wausau, Wis. 

Norman D. Kahn, Corp., Bald Eagle Lake, Minn. 

Lyndon A. Stoddard, R. D. 2, Box 4, Troy Center, 

'Peter Gerhartz, R. D. 40, Marathon, Wis. 

George T. McCarthy, 700 S. Broad, Fremont, Neb. 

William C. Albert, 805 Jackson St., Racine, Wis. 

Joseph W. Eder, R. D. i. Box 41, Phillips, Wis. 

Nels N. Simonson, R. D. 2, Box 66, Mora, Minn. 

Peter A. Peterson, 1031 ist St., Hudson, Wis. 

Ernest ,B. Mitchell, Corp., R. D. i, Tim Falls, Wis. 

Frank Schultz, R. D. i, Rozellville, Wis. 

Walter Dauer, care Bradford Hotel, Storm Lake, la. 

Harry F. Knutzen, Box i8, Jenkins, Minn. 

Albert C. Schmidt, R. D. i, Box 84, Elkhorn, Wis. 

Anton Schoe,nfuss, R. D. 3, Edgar, Wis. 

John Schultz, Rozellville, Wis. 

Adolph Hoffman, Peire City, Minn. 

Robert W. Bremel, Corp., R. D. 2, Augusta, Wis. 

Edward Agre, R. D. 2, Box 24, Sacred lleart, Minn. 

Albert Schmidt, R. D. i. Box 52, Stratford, Wis. 

Edward J. Quast, 699 Frank St., St. Paul, Minn. 

Emil H. Schmidt, Edgar, Wis. 

Edward A. Sawyer, Box 76, Fenwood, Wis. 

Emil A. Hillman, R. D. 3, Alma, Wis. 

John A. Fernberg, Monticello, Minn. 

Benjamin O. Tschvidy, Corp., R. D. 3, Monroe, Wis. 

Alfons A. Sawitzky, 1441 S. Main St., Rockford. 

William Hazelquist, 2719 12th Ave. S., Minneapolis, 

Stanley Tarkowski, Conrath, Wis. 

Harry C. Canfield (i), 647 Oakdale Ave., Chicago. 

Theo. Kolton, 50 Allen St., New York City. 

Max P. Bomsta, R. D. 6, Atwater, Minn. 

Mike Lucas, Box 302, Park Falls, Wis. 

Frank H. Nieland, Corp., Hancock, Minn. 

Mario Chincherna, 9223 Union Ave., Chicago. 

Anton F. Rausch, R. D. i. Box 81, Athens, Wis. 

Stanley G. Howanski, 1084 N. He.rmitage Ave., Chi- 

Fred Wille, Box 151, Mahnomen, Minn. 

Clarence C. Meister, Corp., 1906 Clark St., Milwau- 
kee, Wis. 

Otto J. Gabler, 2107 6th St. N., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Ernest F. Heus, R. D. 40, Calvary, Wis. 

Herbert M. Grosh, Corp., Phillips, Wis. 

Herbert F. Anderson (i), 851 Aldine Ave., Chicago. 

Albert E. Anderson, Sgt., Grantsburg, Wis. 

L<;on W. Black, Sgt., Sallisaw, Okla. 



Benjamin T. Walsh, Sgt., Centuria, Wis. 

Arthur D. Mosher, Pardeville, Wis. 

Charley Prehn, Lester Prairie, Minn. 

Ervin Knaus, Bell Center, Wis. 

Samuel Bowles, 915 i6th Ave., Moline. 

Chester W. Shannon, R. D. 4, Ossion, Ind. 

Glenn E. Reed, Bradford. 

Hubert A. Boettcher, Corp., 1024 Altgeld St., Chicago. 

Henry W. Reitz, Tyler, Minn. 

David Blaser, R. D. 2, Taylor Ridge. 

Grant C. O'Connell, R. D. i. New Auburn, Wis. 

Albert P. Herchenroder, 5518 12th Ave. S., Minne- 
apolis, Minn. 

Worth McDonald, 908 Buena Terrace, Chicago. 

Joseph Peronto, 1065 Harbor St., Two Rivers, Wis. 

Emil W. Tesch, Genoa Junction, Wis. 

William H. Jackson, Corp., R. D. 4, Box 59, Fort 
Worth, Texas. 

Carl N. Warner, 2444 nth Ave, S., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Paul A. Learmann, R. D. 4, New London, Wis. 

Reinhold F. Schoenbeck, R. D. 7, Elkhorn, Wis. 

Frank Johnson, R. D. 2, Box 60, Erskine, Minn. 

Arthur K. Rackow, R. D. 3, Winslow. 

Edd Dobbe, R. D. 4, Estherville, la. 

Edwin W. Saltzman, R. D. 2, Ohio. 

Johnston Walker, Corp., Box 476, Sleepy Eye, Minn. 

Theo. G. Kempff, R. D. 6, Milwaukee, Wis. 

John F. Braun, 721 8th Ave. E., Duluth, Minn. 

Erwin E. Schmidt, R. D. 1, Box 128, Two Rivers, 

Frank J. Sobiak, R. D. 2, Holdingford, Minn. 

Joseph Levy, 2909 W. Walton St., Chicago. 

Claus A. .Beck, 314 7th St., Rockford. 

E. E. Emstrom, 419 Bank St., Superior, Wis. 

Obed Z. Asp, Corp., R. D. 2, Amery, Wis. 

Tony F.^ Strike, Wilmuth, Wis. 

LeRoy Gehlert, Menomonee Falls, Wis. 

Lawrence Peterson, R. D. 4, Cadott, Wis. 

Sigurd Ness, Tuttle, N. D. 

Alfred Thompson, R. D. i, N. Crystal Lake. 

Louis Baumgart, R. D. i. Box 37, Frazee, Minn. 

Everdell Smith, Corp., 2333 82nd St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Clarence Moberg, 1955 Pierce St. N. E., Minneapolis, 

Joseph A. Kuemper, R. D. i. Box 22, Wilmont, Minn. 

Frederick A. Galle, R. D. 3, Fond du Lac, Wis. 

Nyort L. Ohrn, 2315 i8th St., "B," Moline. 

James P. Diamond, 5907 Oakes Ave., Superior, Wis. 

James P. Pulver, 1003 Prairie Ave., Sioux Falls, S. D. 

James M. Sprague, Lena. 

Ernest H. Kieper, Corp., 1938 S. Spaulding Ave., Chi- 

Herman Aebe.rsold, R. D. i, Argyle, Wis. 

Claude V. McKinzie, Box 319, Wadena, Minn. 

David Olliman, Box 146, Sherrard. 

Jens C. Nielson, Box 284, Tyler, Minn. 

Henry D. London, R. D. i, Stillwater, Minn. 

Jacob Olson, R. D. 2, Albert Lea, Minn. 

Allie C. Moran, Box 71, Graceville, Minn. 

John H. Dahms, Mukwonago, Wis. 

Harold H. Arnes, Corp., R. D. i, Grantsburg, Wis. 

Helge Hauge, Sgt., care E. R. Debbie, Excelsior, 

Edward M. Lounsbury, 235 N. California Ave., Chi- 

Joseph A. Kriegsmann, 54 Metcalfe St., Stapleton, 
Staten Island, New York. 


William McAndrew, Capt., Lawrenceville. 

William M. Templeton, ist Lt., 642 Washington Blvd., 

Oak Park. 
Benjamin Wham, ist Lt., Centralia. 
Joseph Haberkorn, ist Lt., 701 Wenonah Ave., Oak 

Edward J. Ptacek, 2d Lt., 2126 S. Lawndale Ave., 

Leonard W. Beadle, 2d Lt., Millville, Wis. 
Milton Beecher, ist Sgt., Hayward, Wis. 
Robert E. Hayes, Sgt., 67 E. 42nd St., Chicago. 
Peter G. Anderson, Sup. Sgt.,, Wis. 
James N. Azim, Mess Sgt., 2568 Douglas St., Omaha, 

Gustav R. Carlson, Bug., 1132 23rd St., Moline. 
Palmer N. Brunstad, Bug., Bloomer, Wis. 
Charles 151aha, Cook, 7620 Dante Ave., Chicago. 
Leif R. Larson, Cook, R. D. i, Chetek, Wis. 
Edmund McDonnell, Cook, 4812 St. Lawre^ice Ave., 

Walter Kolbe, Cook, 1488 nth St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Edward J. Pryde, Mech., Oglesby. 
Roy E. Gage, Mech., 622 Sumner St. N., LaCrosse, 

Arthur W. Bennett, Mech., R. D. 2, Paynesville, Minn. 
Edward S. Park, Mech., St. Charles. 
Lloyd Dean, Sgt., 2903 14th Ave. S., Minneapolis, 

Wilbur B. Hart, Corp., R. D. 2, Letart, W. Va. 
Walter Johnson, Box 28, Pecatonica. 
Ralph E. Lundquist, R. D. 6, Rio. 
Joseph C. Bicha, 1516 West Ave., LaCrosse, Wis. 
Arnold F. Griep, LeSouer, Minn. 
George J. Hanke, Box 107, Blue Earth, Minn. 
Roy E. Carmack, Marengo. 
Joseph Wiensch, R. D. i, Cornell, Wis. 
John H. Roell, Corp., 332 ist Ave., S. E., Faribault, 

George E. Popple, R. D. 6, Chippewa Falls, Wis. 
George E. Arneson, R. D. 3, Boyd, Minn. 
Clarence Albertson, R. D. i, Westbrook, Minn. 
Bryan E. French, 136 7th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Oscar A. Pautz, R. D. 2, Bonduel, Wis. 
Otto B. Jung, Corp., 801 S. Main St., Jefiferson, Wis. 
Walter R. Grabowsky, Box 263, Antigo, Wis. 
John R. Berg, R. D. i. Box yy, Annandale, Minn. 
Elmer L Pearson, R. D. 3, Argyle, Minn. 
Torge Evenson, R. D. i. Mansion, Wis. 
Frank Kosky, 1905 Superior St., Chicago. 
David S. Haicht, R. D. i. Box 61, Webster, Wis. 

Peter P. Pelak, 1715 5th St., Minneapolis, Minn. 

James Backopoulos, Corp., 525 W. 79th St., Chicago. 

Erwin M. Heinig, 1123 S. loth St., Manitowoc, Wis. 

Fuller Kuhns, R. D. 1, Eggleston, Minn. 

Chris H. Lampe, R. D. i, Collis, Minn. 

Floyd O. Moore,, R. D. 9, Box 45, Mt. Vernon, Ind. 

John Cowette, R. D. i. Box 92, Maple Lake, Minn. 

Paul A. Zlomke, R. D. 2, Neskoro, Wis. 

Thomas P. Hanlon, 718 Penn Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Charles R. Jennings, Corp., 5554 Kenwood Ave., Chi- 

Guiseppe Santoro, 740 W. Ohio St., Chicago. 

Fred Kinard, 1142 Harvey St., Green Bay, Wis. 

Oscar Gresseth, 1730 Charles St., LaCrosse, Wis. 

Arthur Bolzenthal, R. D. 6, Box 68, Manitowoc, Wis. 

Louis Barto, Box 105, Oglesby. 

John Ogp, Briceland, Minn. 

Olaf Hanson, Soderhang, Vogbro Co., Sweden. 

Thomas Brennan, Corp., 2527 6th Ave., Rock Island. 

Seve.r Strand, Sacred Heart, Wis. 

Plimmer Anderson, 733 Rose St., LaCrosse, Wis. 

Frederick E. Wilkins, R. D. 2, Darien, Wis. 

Oris E. Wheelock, 616 Layton Ave., Cudahy, Wis. 

Rocco Brizzolara, 316 W. Huron St., Chicago. 

Chester Wheelock, 6t6 Layton Ave., Cudahy, Wis. 

Harry M. Palmer, Pillager, Minn. 

Nicholas Strasser, Corp., R. D. i, Box 50, Stoddard, 

John F. Irving, 713 3rd St., Peoria. 

Francis J. Catour, 428 N. State St., Geneseo. 

Simon Kimmel, 1301 N. Campbell Ave., Chicago. 

John M. Hougaard, Box 352, Tyler, Minn. 

John C. Tyrrell, 524 E. 46th Place, Chicago. 

Raymond J. Erick'son, 4032 Kamerling Ave., Chicago. 

William Young, 309 33rd Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Earl E. Williams, Corp., R. D. i, Dundas, Wis. 

Edgar Davids, R. D. 3, LaCrosse, Wis. 

Chester G. Finley, Sgt., Ridgeland, Wis. 

Gust H. Olson, Sgt., R. D. 4, Cumberland, Wis. 

Loyal V. Davis, Sgt., Hayward, Wis. 

Edward L. Richel, 2927 Adrich Ave. N., Minneapolis, 

Alexander F. Payette, R. D. 5, Anoka, Minn. 

Raymond . J. Burroughs, 3937 Minnehaha Ave. S., 
Minneapalis, Minn. 

Angelo Passeri, 109 Barstow St., Waukesha, Wis. 

Edward Golden, 3619 Throop St., Chicago. 

Carl Esbjornson, 417 N. 27th Ave. N., Duluth, Minn. 

George L. Hardy, Corp., 542 E. 89th Place, Chicago. 

Cecil F. Potter, Mellen, Wis. 



Fabian Pepowski, Athens, Wis. 

George Vogel, 5804 S2nd Ave., Portland, Ore. 

George N. Kubal, 1600 S. 9th St., LaCrosse, Wis. 

Hugo J. Post, R. D. I, Cadott, Wis. 

Martin F. Tornow, R. D. 3, Box 74, Walnut. 

Tohn M. Welter, 807 N. Main St.. Wheaton. 

Leo N. Hentges, Corp., R. D. 3, Porter, Minn. 

Joseph T. Skowronski, 641 Harrison Ave., Milwaukee, 

Joseph Pupka, 2852 W. 39th St., Chicago. 

Ignatz Skadezunas, 4937 Marshfield Ave., Chicago. 

Frank M. Kelly, 5723 Prairie Ave., Chicago. 

Clarence N. Poison, R. D. 5, Lamoille. 

Leon E. Stein, Holdingford, Minn. 

Harry B. Pe.terson, 1235 1st Ave. N., Minneapolis, 

William Grodetz, Corp., 734 E. 42nd St., Chicago. 

John J. Weisse, 1733 King St., LaCrosse, Wis. 

Joseph Ghiotto, 11556 Front Ave., Chicago. 

Frank Szuminski, R. D. 3, Marathon, Wis. 

Lawrence Vaubel, Marathon City, Wis. 

Arthur C. Stucke, Buffalo Lake, Minn. 

Emil F. Anderson, Rutledge, Minn. 

Christian Hansen, Winnebago, Minn. 

Willis Carpenter, Corp., 2955 Pleasant Ave., Minne- 
apolis, Minn. 

Oscar Larson, Box 32, Thomson, Minn. 

Frank P. Finn, 5806 Indiana Ave., Chicago. 

James E. Eshelman, R. D. i, Hooppole. 

Rudolph D. Larson, Corp., 2925 i8th Ave. S., Minne- 
apoli-s, Minn. 

Frank Tesar, 2320 S. California Ave., Chicago. 

Schuyler Bullard, Box 183, St. Louis Park, Minn. 

Henry W. Wiscow, 353 13th Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

George Kendell, Corp., R. D. 8, Waukesha, Wis. 

Emil Dugelmahn, Doty St., Fond du Lac, Wis. 

Frank Stoiber, 314 W. Central Ave., Marshfield, Wis. 

Phillip M. Felchlin, 414 Morris St., Fond du Lac, 

Enoch C. Thompson, R. D. 5, Kimball, Minn. 

Adam Michalski, 525 Pulaski St., Peru. 

Ansel V. Bailiff, Pecatonica. 

Fred J. Halleman, R. D. 2, Wlieaton. 

William E. Iliggens, Corp., 3910 12th Ave., Minne- 
apolis, Minn. 

Andrew W. Morrison, 411 E. Jackson St., Morris. 

Sigfred C. Berggren, Bennett, Wis. 

John W. Rufledt, R. D. i. Bloomer, Wis. 

Otto Jahr, 712 14th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Sam Liebman, 1331 N. Maplewood Ave., Chicago. 

Frank J. Mirowski, 1037 9th Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Dave D. Gonyeau, R. D. S, Anoka, Minn. 

Christlied Lewis, Corp., Angus, Minn. 

Rojette J. Plante, 617 Marshfield St., Chippewa Falls, 

Alfred C. Poulter, Sgt., Cumberland, Wis. 

Oscar E. Kolb, Sgt., Star Route, Barron, Wis. 

Frank S. Smuejkowski, Sgt., 2237 Hamburg St., Chi- 

Edward H. Vix, Elm St., Downers Grove. 

Albert Oien, R. D. i. Box 27, Dennison, Minn. 

Earl Laycock, Spring Vjflley, Minn. 

Frank Bruski, 246 Union St., Stevens Point, Wis. 

Jacob Jacobson, 2115 8th St., Rockford. 

Peter J. Lamers, R. D. 6, Appleton, Wis. 

Nels B. Nelson, Corp., R. D. 2, Stewart, Minn. 

Fred W. Corn, 926 7th Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Clause G. Larson, R. D. 2, Ohio. 

Louis B. Lutmer, Wilmont, Minn. 

Edward M. Spayer, 1303 Porters Ave., La Salle. 

John J. Spencer, Mosinee, Wis. 

William C. Nettles, Whitehall. 

August Seubert, R. D. 2, Marathon, Wis. 

Oscar B. Haaland, Corp., 482 Dubuque St., Rochester, 

Carl M. Krogh, Hawley, Minn. 

Clarence Pierson, R. D. S, Missouri, Minn. 

William G. Pappas, 729 Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis, 

Joseph Wurst, 3030 Lock St., Chicago. 

Martin L. Westerberg, 3942 S. Snelling Ave., Minne- 
apolis, Minn. 

Arthur Lutcher, Onigum, Minn. 

Andrew G. Olson, Box 31, R. D. i, Clarissa, Minn. 

Erdmann W. Timm, Corp., Box 17, North Crystal 

Leslie E. Ball, 2621 4th Ave., Peru. 

John J. Backlund, R. D. i. Box 97, Washburn, Wis. 

Louis Kaplan, 6326 S. Ilalstcd St., Chicago. 

Emil Voigt, R. D. i, Box 83, Berlin, Wis. 

August J. Pilgrim. R. D. 2, Boyd, Wis. 

Fred Steffen, Box 141, Mosinee, Wis. 

Ralph N. Isaacson, Corp., 1618 Jefferson St., Minne- 
apolis, Minn. 

Edmund Gulbrandson, Albert Le3, Minn. 

Roy W. Schwartz, R. D. i. Box 21, Naugart, Wis. 

Elmer M. Wold, Box 2, Park Falls, Wis. 

Henry .Sutherland, R. D. 2, Lake Crystal, Minn. 

Erving C. Green, R. D. 4, Box 3, ."Vntigo, Wis. 

Walter A. Krause, Smiths Mill, Minn. 

Edward L. Block, Corp., 3415 Lisbon Ave., Milwau- 
kee, Wis. 

John A. Gahagan, Corp., 4738 North Ave., Chicago. 

Henry A. Wallman, R. D. i. Box 42, Stratford, Wis. 

.'\lvin M. Sippel, R. D. 4, Chippewa Falls, Wis. 

Henry Sulzer, R. D. 1, Marathon City, Wis. 

.\ndrew Majder, 251 Southern Ave., Muskegon, Mich. 

Carl Schilling, R. D. i. Box 67, Duluth, Minn. 

1 loyd Gustafson, Corp., 420 S. W. 3rd Ave., Galva. 

Howard J. Engle, 603 Broadway Ave., Sterling. 

Tosenh Stencil, R. D. 3, Box 52, Atkins, Wis. 

William Neubauer, R. D. i. Station D, Box 34, Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 

Theo. J. Thielman, Avon, Minn. 

Edward A. Timm, Olivia, Minn. 

Guy IT. Hines. 540 S. Liberty St., Elgin. 

Raymond J. Drager, 6647 Hartwell Ave^, Chicago. 

Charles K. Wilcox, Corp., Wailuku, Maui, Hawaiian 

Nathan L. Biller, 22:6 Cold Springs Ave,, Milwau- 
kee, Wis. 

Morris Fisher, Corp., 22 W. 123rd Place, Chicago. 

Mathew L. Dolezal, Sgt., Gildford. Mont. 

George T. Pavey, Sgt., R. D. i, Anoka, Minn. 

Edward R. Zwirk, R. D. 4, Box 54, Hector, Minn. 

Erick R. Johnson, 1516 7th St., Rockford. 

Arthur J. Krisher, 715 i6th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Ed Johnston, Corp., 829 20th Ave. N., Minneapolis, 

Frank R. Haberichter, 620 E. 88th Place, Chicago. 

Ernest Miller, R. D. 5, Goodhue, Minn. 

Gvistave P. Larson, Corp., R. D. 3, Shetek, Wis 

Joseph Abrams, 231 1 10th Ave. S., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Floyd T. Irving, 702 24th Ave. N. E., Minneapolis, 

Otto Zunker. 3902 Greenfield Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Patrick T. Moran, care Thomas O'Connor, Grafton, 
N. D. 

Louis W. Marcuson, R. D. i, Denmark, Wis. 

Arthur H. Zastrow, R. D. 2, Watertown, Wis. 

John Butkus, 316 Garden St., Kenosha, Wis. 

Joseph E. Olson, Corp., 4300 W. Adams St., Chicago. 

Edward Callahan, 3960 W. Jackson Blvd., Chicago. 

Steve Curtis, R. 13. 3, Clayton, Wis. 

Edward G. Haas, 1814 5th St. N., Minneapolis, Minn. 

George Craig, 2858 West St., Chicago. 

John J. O'Rourke, 2535 Grande Ave., Minneapolis, 

Lewis Johnston, R. D. 2, Cazenovia, Wis. 

Theo. A. Erickson, Box E, Olivia. IVTinn. 

Alexander Fiske, Corp., 323 Orchard St., Milwaukee, 

Paul Werth, R. D. i, Oconto, Wis. 

Martin A. Mortenson, Correll, Minn. 

Ross J. Chisholm, Box 74, Morton, Minn. 

Paleologos, 909!/^ Layton Ave., Cudahy, Wis. 

Ernest W. Foss, Ramey, Minn. 

John P. Simbach, 3129 Madison Ave., S., Milwaukee, 

.Mmon Fuller, Corp., 1017 Somers Ave., Madison, Wis. 

Arnold Blanch, St. Louis Park, Minn. 

Leo F. Konetchy, 1584 Redfield St., LaCrosse, Wis. 

Frank A. Malicki, 1017 N. Robev St., Chicago. 

Clarence Groshong, 128 Division St., Montevideo, Minn. 

Clarence Waldusky, Cadott, Wis. 

Edward Mulligan, 4608 Prairie Ave., Chicago. 

Vincent Wojnowski, loio 12th Ave.., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Phillip J. Bruns, Corp., Box 613, Ortonville, Minn. 

Frederick Robinson, 14 N. Henry St., Madison, Wis. 

Christian Paulsen, R. D. i. Box 42, Springfield, Minn. 

Ralph Shilts, R. D. i, Stanley, Wis. 

Otto C. Pietz, R. D. 4, Bloomer, Wis. 

Emil F. Pietz, R. D. 4, Bloomer, Wis. 

Alfred W. Polzin, R. D. 1, Box 105, Cadott, Wis. 

Herman C. Rades, 2203 Lloyd St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Fred M. Finnicum, Corp., Erie. 



Henry J. Schwartz, R. D. 8, Chippewa Falls, Wis. 
James A. Waite, 1238 Oakdale Ave., Chicago. 
Ray A. Potter, 11 14 E. 62nd St., Chicago. 
Henry Bearhart, Hertel, Wis. 

Carl O. Anderson, 716 W. Madison St., Chicago. 
Louis W. Anderson, 171 N. Park Ave., Oshkosh, Wis. 
John N. Swanderson, R. D. s, Milacca, Minn, 
feverett N. Hawkins, Box 83, Blue Earth, Minn. 

Frank Ramler, Corp., R. D. i. Box 50, Richmond, 

George Strissel, 3621 S. California Ave., Chicago. 
Earl N. Stewart, 803 3rd St., Des Moines, Iowa. 
William H. Barkley, Sgt., 425 N. ist Arc. E., Duluth, 

John W. Fehrman, Sgt., St. Charles. 
James J. Malie, 337 75th St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 


Eugene E. Morgan, Capt., 4007 Ellis Ave , Chicago. 

Walter E. Tracy, ist Lt., 833 Pine St., Fort Huron, 

Austin A. McNichols, ist Lt., 3819 Polk St., Chicago. 

Harry T. Park, 2d Lt., 319 Gay Bldg., Madison, Wis. 

Cyril H. Nelson, 2d Lt., Ettrick, Wis. 

Thomas J. Brennan, ist Sgt., Box 30^, Hurley, Wis. 

Peter C. Ludovic, Sgt., Medford. Wis. 

Donald_ W. Campbell, Corp., 3458 S. Hamilton Ave., 

Claude F. Manley, Sgt., 1614 Carey St., Ashland, Wis. 

Harold Johnson, Mech., Box 32, Mellen, Wis. 

George Hodyniak, Mech., Green Lake, Wis. 

Stephen Podiaszewski, Mech., 861 Grant St., Milwau- 
kee, Wis. 

Henry P. Dobberstein, Mech., R. D. 2, Buffalo Lake, 

John D. Hare, Mess Sgt., Barksdale, Minn. 

Michael Foltman, Cook, Medford, Wis. 

George F. Hare, Cook, Barksdale, Wis. 

Arne A. Bjork, Bug., Box 78, Iron Belt, Wis. 

Alfred A. Lorentz, Bug., 875 20th Ave., Milwaukee, 

William Koerner, 1339 Hawthorne Ave., Minneapolis, 

Marcus F. Dicaire, 1237 Irvin Ave., Bemidji, Minn. 

William E. Cawley, 109 4th St., LaSalle. 

George W. Lechleiter, R. D. 2, Fargo, N. D. 

Percy L. May, Mankato, Minn. 

Ralph E. Toy, R. D. 7, Box 23, Chippewa Falls, Wis. 

William R. Peck, Sgt., 4410 S. Upton Ave., Minne- 
apolis, Minn. 

John W. Maryland, R. D. i. Box 88, Bruie, Wis. 

Joe Zimmermann, R. D. 2, Box 5, Chippewa Falls, 

Earl L. Hubler, Jay St., Platteville, Wis. 

Charles W. Berndt, R. D. 3, Box 37, Hartford, Wis. 

George Kiliokaitis, 1454 S. L'nion Ave., Chicago. 

Gus E. Bowling, Corp., 737 Clay St., Paducah, Ky. 

Harry E. Lawrenson, Corp., R. D. i, Erhard, Minn. 

Fred E. Bergman, 2814 W. Michigan St., Duluth, Minn. 

Paul M. Sundet, R. D. i. Box 13, Chippewa Falls, 

Cornelius Verhulst, Box 46, Holcomb, Wis. 

Iver Westby, Jr., Rosewood, Minn. 

Arthur H. Mickelson, R. D. 3, West LaCrosse, Wis. 

Stanley G. Chybizki, 741 9th Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

William Llewellyn, Corp., 11 S. LaSalle St., Room 628, 

Julius Hoffman, 1826 N. Peoria St., Peru. 

Carl O. Boelin, 30 N. i8th Ave. W., Duluth, Minn. 

George A. Biros, 1106 E. 12th St., Streator. 

Andrew G. Bergquist, Station F, R. D. 3, Minneapolis, 

Claire G. Burg, R. D. 37, Peebles, Wis. 

Reinhold Baerwald, R. D. 2, Juneau, Wis. 

LeRoy E. Andrews, .Box i. Draper, Wis. 

Paul J. Alicz, Corp., 4607 S. Sacramento .^ve., Chicago. 

Edward J. Witt, R. D. 2, Station, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Gaylord A. Burt, Corp., Minahga, Wis. 

Vincent M. Giannini, 107 W. 104th St., Chicago. 

Charlie Lody, Bradford, Ark. 

Peter A. Yeager, R. D. i. Box 96, Boyd, Wis. 

Alex Soeller, R. D. 30, Campellsport, Wis. 

Harvey J. Stewart, Walrath, Wis. 

Herman H. Bandemier, Corp., 3718 S. Union Ave., 

Joseph E. Hennessy, 100 Montana St., Morris, Minn. 

Ara L. Warner, Hannibal, Wis. 

John A. Yonker, Bloomer, Wis. 

Andrew M. Anderson, 186 Walnut St., Batavia. 

Peter Smasal, R. D. 4, Box 15, Stanley, Wis. 

Hans Petersen, Corp., Lindrise, Denmark. 

Arthur O. Kopang, Deerfield, Wis. 

Arthur C. Hammill, Waterville, Minn. 

Harry D. Whitman, 2002 Loyd St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Vincent Juszczyinski, Thorp, Wis. 

Russell L. McKeand, National Military Home, Marion, 

Clarence O. Riederer, Corp., 608 8th St. E., Ashland, 

Harrv C. Adams. 110 Main St., Batavia. 

Joseph G. Bill, Stanley, Wis. 

William N. Johnson, Oregon, Wis. 

Oliver A. Carpenter, Box 788, Virginia, Minn. 

Tony Andriuzzo, 2654 Grand Ave., Chicago. 

Alfonso DePaepe, R. D. 3, Lyndon Station, Wis. 

Clyde E. Johnson, 2103 Green St., Rockford. 

Walter R. Berglund, Corp., Marine on St. Croix, Minn. 

Fred Tracy, R. D. 5, Amegow, Wis. 

Ervin L. Barton, ^^ess Sgt., R. D. 2, Gray Court, S. C. 

Arthur Studinger, Sgt., R. D. i, Curtiss, Wis. 

Roy J. Simpson, Sgt., 6437 Cottage Grove Ave., Chi- 

Elmer J. Haskin, Hopkins, Minn. 

Fred G. Nordgren, 633 Doty St., Madison, Wis. 

Leo R. McDermott, 279 Military St., Fond du Lac, 

Richard C. Kerlin, 944 15 Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Oran Hiscok, R. D. 2, Sycamore, 

Carl A. Moberg, Clinton, Minn. 

Henry T. Schwalen, Corp., R. D. i. Box 6, Roberts, 

Charles F. Dougherty, 312 W. Lincoln Ave., Streator, 

Henry G. Stienke, 632 Rose St., LaCrosse, Wis. 

John McBrearty, 1521 S. Crawford Ave., Chicago. _. 

.August R. Zitur, 1413 S. German St., St. Cloud, Minn. 

Albert Bein, Jr., R. D. 6, Mauston, Wis. 

Charles H. Jarvis, Wyoming, Minn. 

Joseph Olig, R. D. 41, Calvary, Wis. 

Clifford Kinbark, Corp., Big Rock. 

Arthur D. Johnson, 203 Union St., Neenah, Wis. 

Tames T. Koza, 1324 W. soth St., Chicago. 

William Efram, R. D. i. Box 57, Finlayson, Minn. 

Fred G. Vehrenkamp, Wykoff, Minn. 

Michael Sobkowiak, 1508 Adams St., LaCrosse, Wis. 

Bert Eberts, Owen, Wis. 

Oscar Kentala, Corp., Box 256, Iron Belt, Wis. 

John ^L Lightbody, Corp., Hazen, N. D. 

Frank M. Thornmark, R. D. i, LeRoy, Mich. 

Joseph W. Christian, Coloma, Wis. 

Nick A. WeigeJ, Marshfield, Wis. 

Edward J. Schumitsch, 717 Pine St., Antigo, Wis. 

Ernest C. Spohr, R. D. 17, Box 44, Grand Ridge. 

Jesse S. LaFore, 143% Mills St., LaCrosse, Wis. 

Ludwig Gryniewicz, 122 E. 47th St., St. Charles. 

Frank W. Remiker, Corp., 960 Beecher gt., Milwau- 
kee, Wis. 

Frank Burg, R. D. 4, Box 104, Northfield, Minn. 

Kotos Petkoff, 510 S. Main St., Burlington. 

Lawrence Wuensch, 14 18 Johnson St., LaCrosse, Wis. 

William Strittmater, 1410 Denton St., LaCrosse, Wis. 

Bennie L. Larson, R. D. 2, Baldwin, Wis. 

.-\lphonse Rodake, R. D. 3, Box 131, Green Bay, Wis. 

Joseph J. Mullenbach, R. D. 40, Calvary, Wis. 

Claude J. Taylor, Corp., 2833 9th Ave., Rock Island. 

^^ike Mullenbach, St. Cloud, Minn. 

Ralph De Floria, 822 S. Loomis St., Chicago. 

Carl O. Nagel, R. D. 4, Mt. Carroll. 

Otto M. Kloss, 928 Division St., LaCrosse, Wis. 

Michael Hourt, Roscoe., Minn. 

George L. Amen, R. D. i. Center, Mo. 

Oscar Helgerson, Caledonia St., I^aCrosse, Wis. 

James E. Thompson, Corp.. 916 E. 76th St., Chicago. 

Martin N. Anderson, no 5th St., Cloouet, Minn. 

Joseph Strasser, 1200 Denton St., LaCrosse, Wis. 

George Petrosik, 1103 S. 3rd St., LaCrosse, Wis. 

Frank Karan, Pulaski, Wis. 

Otto Frederick, Hill City, Minn. 

Axel R. Anderson, 516 E. Burbust St., .Belvidere. 

Gecge L. Thiele, 1128 West Ave. S., LaCrosse, Wis. 

Aneurin Walters, Corp., 1424 E. 60th St., Chicago. 



Frederick J. Kolb, 723 S. 8th St., LaCrosse, Wis. 

Frank E. Schmidt, Medford, Wis. 

Henry A. Lucas, Sgt., 3438 S. Paulina St., Chicago. 

Rudolph E. AliT, Sgt., 1348 Water St., Columbus, Wis. 

William Wesley, R. D. 2, Box 35, Stratford, Wis. 

Ivar J. Larson, 1448 8th Ave., Rockford. 

John A. Yurczyk, R. D. i. Box 64, St. Joseph, Minn. 

John P. Bennett, R. D. 3, Louisville. 

Karl A. Johnson, Oneida. 

Louis L. Cohen, Corp., 1248 S. St. Louis Ave., Chi- 

Benjamin K. Lloyd, 5134 Greenwood Ave., Chicago. 

Lloyd P. Van Ness, 901 Elm St., Rockford. 

Joseph W. Wilichowski, R. D. 3, Marathon, Wis. 

Art H. Post, R. D. i, Randall, Minn. 

Emil R. Bergquist, 905 Weeks Ave., Superior, Wis. 

Ernest Anderson, 705 8th Ave. S., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Herman A. Johnson, 810 5th Ave., Two Harbors, Minn. 

Walter P. Kinsella, Corp., 606 Springfield Ave., Chi- 

Walter P. Finke,, R. D. i, Woodale. 

John A. Weigel, R. D. 6, Box i, Marshfield, Wis. 

Alexander Bohlman, 263 Griffith St., Fond du Lac, 

Reinhold Wucherpfenning, R. D. 4, Box 47, Edgar, 

Gustav Butzlafif, R. D. 5, Box 85, West Allis, Wis. 

Emil Polkki, R. D. 3, Box 3, Minahga, Minn. 

William Smith, .Box 5, Avon, Minn. 

Leslie F. Shepard, Corp., Pine River, Minn. 

William H. Greiff, 914 High St., Sheboygan, Wis. 

LeRoy Anderson, R. D. i, Box i, Strandquist, Minn. 

James Lyons, 2243 Foster Ave., Chicago. 

Oscar Lochert, 121 Strugeon Eddy Road, Wausau, 

Alexander Weidman, R. D. 4, Marshfield, Wis. 

Henry A. Winter, R. D. 5, Glencoe, Minn. 

Albert J. Gebhardt, Corp., 2819 ist Ave. N., Minne- 
apolis, Minn. 

John A. Wisnewski, R. D. 2, Edgar, Wis. 

Ora Upton, R. D. i, Starland. 

Charles J. Kugavda, 44th & Wood Sts., Chicago. 

Cliflford O. Holmes, 3423 Chicago Ave., Minneapolis, 

William P. Henke, Box 96, Neshkoro, Wis. 

Harold E. Paulson, 3352 32nd Ave. S., Minneapolis, 

Martin Nelson, Corp., Sogndali, Dalene, Norway. 

John Snyder, 318 Church St., Peru. 

Albert A. Willman, R. D. 2, Abbotford, Wis. 

Thomas Morrissey, 146 Elm St., Batavia. 

Louis Londo, Manistique, Mich. 

Otto Witberler, R. D. 2, Box 114, Marathon City, Wis. 

Elmer S. Hansen, 351 15th Ave., East Moline. 

Charles E. Klever, Kempster, Wis. 

Herman L. Schwede, Corp., 826 Water St., Chippewa 
Falls. Wis. 

Peter Gravesen, Holbak, Denmark. 

George H. James, 913 Swetting St., Berlin, Wis. 

Walter Wisowaty, R. D. 2, Thorp, Wis. 

Peter J. Czyz. 1308 Madison Ave. S., Milwauke.e, 

William E. Weis. R. D. 4, Marshfield, Wis. 

Oscar Kibort, 2040 Fowler St., Chicago. 

John F. Coney, R D. i, Stroh, Ind. 

Mathias Roehl, Corp., Hopkins, Minn. 

John Grenda, Ironwood, Mich. 

Earl A. Erickson, Sgt., 812 6th Ave. W., Ashland, 

Frank W. Clock, Sgt., Drummond, Wis. 

William H. McCluskey, Sgt., 190 Bellevue Ave., Eau 

Claire, Wis. 
Joseph A. Suding, Box 134, Clayton, Wis. 
William A. Olson, 702 Cleveland St., Red Wing, Minn. 
Rudolph Weirup, R. D. 2, Sandstone. Minn. 
Otto F. Kovic, 271 1 Brighton Roacl, North S. Pitts- 
burg, Pa. 
Michael L. Casey, 430 W. 37th Place, Chicago. 
Peter Peterson, 421 N. Bluff St., Jane^ville, Wis. 
John Kuligowski, Corp., 869 nth Ave., Milwaukee, 

Joseph Globis, 2920 Emerald Ave., Chicago. 
Herman P. Swanson, Box 59, R. D. 4, Geneseo. 
Harry Herbert, R. D. 34, North Perry, Wis. 
Julius D. Gehrke, Sleepy Eye, Minn. 
Peter Wunch, Rozellville, Wis. 
Reuben C. Broadland, Corp., Milan, Wis. 
Cirube C. Berg, R. D. 2, Auburndale, Wis. 
Henry J. Krause, R. D. s, Ludir>gton, Wis. 
Joseph S. Sroka, 1019 13th Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Omer J. Therouk, 398 Main St., Holyoke, Mass. 
Lloyd T. Kuntson, 120 S. 6th St., LaCrosse, Wis. 
Simon O. Post, Box 108, Cottonwood, Minn. 
Joseph Maslowski, 1642 3rd Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Walter KufTel, Corp., 854 N. Paulina St., Chicago. 
Martin Musich, 675 Aurora Ave., Aurora. 
Joseph F. Boero, Box 333, Coal City. 
Benjamin Steinbach, Box 43, Prairie du Chien, Wis. 
William G. Wuest, Anoka, Minn. 
Charles M. Green, Half Way, Mich. 
Avedis K. Tomajaniah, Corp., 16 S. Wabash Ave., 

John Zdunek, Corp., 411 Plankington Ave., Cudahy, 

John A. Johnson, Monmouth. 

Morris Van Mofifert, 2558 W. Superior St., Chicago. 
Segvart Anderson, Moorhead, Minn. 

Frank Koth, Corp., 1194 loth Ave, Milwaukee, Wis. 
Carl E. Schlicht, 1714 S. 9th St., LaCrosse, Wis. 
Francesco Bevinetfo, 714 Milton St., Madison, Wis. 
Freddie A. Bullert, R. D. 3, Brownton, Minn. 
Oscar A. Holm, R. D. i. South Range, Wis. 
Carl A. Christenson, McGrath, Minn. 
James J. O'Malley, 124 E. S2nd St., Chicago. 
Joseph P. Burke, 2850 E. 91st St., Chicago. 
J^orentz Weigel, R. D. 5, Marshfield, Wis. Anderson, 2925 12th Ave. S., Minneapolis, 

Vincent Jagodzinski, 114S 9th St., LaSalle. 
Andrew IL Hanson, R. D. 7, Morrison. 
John J. Levora, 3921 W. Polk St., Chicago. 
Gustave A. Lohrke, R. D. 2, Station D, Box 143 G, 

Milwaukee, Wis. 
Arthur Hellard, R. D. i, McCollsburg, Iowa. 
John J. Moreland, Lynxville, Wis. 
JJomer V. Sankey, R. D. 2, Durand, Wis. 
William Venasek, 122 Arthur Ave., S. E., Minneapolis, 

Walter M. Kobus, Corp., 15 W. 9th St., Duluth, Minn. 
Stanley A. Linder, 2878 Holmes Ave., S., Minneapolis, 

John E. Bowan, R. D. 5, Box 28, Fond du Lac, Wis. 
Hjalmer Hostyet, Corp., R. D. 3, Box 17, Thief River 

Falls, Miiin. 
Herbe,rt F. Kelter, Palmetto, Fla. 
James E. Doeier, Sgt., Gray, Ky. 
Angelos Petoros, Mundros, Larnnos, Greece. 


Taylor Strawn, Capt., 121 Prospect Ave., Ottawa. 

Floyd Moore, ist Lt., 591 Saratoga St., Portland, Ore. 

John F. Daley, 2d Lt., 902 N. Horsman St.. Rockford. 

Eugene Zahringer, 2d J^t., 5130 Ellis Ave., Chicago. 

John H. Davidson, 2d J^t., 901 E. S5th St., Chicago. 

John L. Mulligan, ist Sgt., 86 Elm St., Cortland, N. Y. 

Morton Pemberton, Mess Sgt., 515 9th St., Sacramento, 

Eric A. Stromquist, Sup. Sgt., Commonwealth, Wis. 

Mathias Huber, Corp., 2131 S. Central Park Ave., Chi- 

Fred W. Lipke, Mech., R. D. 10, Milton, Wis. 

Walter H. Kaemlein, Mech., R. D. 2, Station B, Box 
136, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Anton J. Weber, Cook, Stratford, Wis. 

Arthur L. Trispel, Mech., 3915 Walnut St., Milwaukee, 

Henry D. Rati, Cook, Dorchester, Wis. 
Elmer Livernash, Cook, 736 Jackson St., Wausau, Wis. 
Ferdinand A. Mattke, Cook, Woodruff, Wis. 
Martin Hamann, Bug., R. D. 4, Edgar, Wis. 
Frederick Alexander, Sgt., 3039 Eads Ave., St. Louis, 

Edward G. Lindquist, Sgt., R. D. i. Iron Mountain, 

Arthur R. Means, Sgt., 1121 Oak St., Beloit, Wis. 
Conrad E. Miller, R. D. 3, Calumet, Okla. 
Charley Storm, R. D. 2, Box 102, Sturgeon Lake, Minn. 
Ole K. Davidson, Kanawha, Iowa. 
Marion L. Jennings, R. D. i, Farmington. 



Fohn A. Tuchner, 1015 Marion St., St. Paul, Minn. 

Hugo A. Doege, R. D. 4, Bolivia, Minn. 

Gehart M. Ronning, Corp., Spicer, Minn. 

Otto Haug, R. D. i. Box 42, Pine City, Minn. 

Arthur A. Collien, R. D. 3, Meyville, Wis. 

Henry A. Ega;leson, no N. State St., Wapacua, Wis. 

Leonard T. Preuss, R. D. 1, Montello, Wis. 

Carl G. Britz, 103 Pearl St., Oshkosh, Wis. 

Andrew J. Ostlund, 803 Battle Ave., Cleveland, Ohio. 

Clarence H. Alfson, R. D. i. Harmony, Minn. 

James O. Mitchejl, Corp., 2755 W. Adams St., Chicago. 

Edward Youngbauer, 103 nth St., Clor|uet, Minn. 

Henry E. Schumann, 520 Range St., Mankato, Minn. 

Philip A. Evans, 711 Hubbard St., Horicon, Wis. 

T eo Miller, 2627 N. Kimball Ave., Chicago. 

Charles H. Vobach, 565 21st Ave.. Milwaukee, Wis. 

Herman J. Bariletti, Georgetown, Minn. 

Anthony Thomas, 12th Ave., W., Faribault, Minn. 

Max T. Siebrecht, Corp., R. D. 2, Box 247, Wauwatosa, 

Hans Eio, R. D. i, Box 27, Whitehall, Wis. 
George B. Elliott, 904 Garfield Ave., Duluth, Minn. 
Dennis J. Carley, R. D. 2, Juneau, Wis. 
Carl F. Kline, 197 W. 3rd St., Superior, Wis. 
Rudolph F. Fyric, 603 Cavour Ave., E., Fergus Falls, 

Francis E. Mongerson, R. D. i, Taylor Ridge. 
John Ruedy, R. D. 4, Box 4, Waseca, Minn. 
Ge.orge >Ticholoski, Corp., 47 Hudson Ave., Brooklyn, 

N. Y. 
William Roehm, 408 Vincennes Ave., Blue Island. 
Pete Larson, 204 E. 39th St., Chicago. 
Fred E. Johnson, Box 3, Falum, Wis. 
Walter A. Peterson, Buffalo Lake, Wis. 
Chester D. Owens, R. D. i, Alexander, Minn. 
Simon G. Friedrich, 49 Hudson St., Oshkosh, Wis. 
Herbert G. Drews, 1019 Oregon St., Oshkosh, Wis. 
Ralph W. Cornell, Corp., 2448 Laurel Ave., Omaha, 

Ingvald Williamson, Waubun, Minn. 
George P. Bertz, R. D. i, Neosha, Wis. 
Aaron W. Dais, R. D. 4, Hart-ford, Wis. 
Charley F. Mueller, 96 38th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
William G. Mueller, R. D. i, Taylor Ridge. 
Tohn Kucewski, 2834 S. 50th St., Cicero. 
Walter J. Fessler, 56 Church St., West Chicago. 
Arthur C. Jones, Corp., 23 N. Chapel St., Elgin. 
Axel Borgerson, 17 S. 19th Ave., West Duluth, Minn. 
Francis B. Fournier, Alger, Mich. 
Thomas P. Bohen, R. D. 2, La Valle, Wis. 
Theodore A. Samuelson, R. D. i. Box 28, Eggleston, 

Ernest J. Armstrong, Gushing, Wis. 
Arthur P. Ouelette, 13 Ward St., Salem, Mass. 
RoUin S. Hart, Alsona, Iowa. 

Charles Radke, 4259 S. Kilpatrick Ave., Chicago. 
Henry F. Harsen, 413 Hammond Ave., East End, Wis. 
Charles H. Dutcher, Sgt., Eagle River, Wis. 
Walter F. Cavanaugh, Sgt., 97 Summer St., Central 

Falls, R. I. 
Arthur Hoge, Corp., R. D. i, Athens, Wis. 
Emil L. Sandow, 460 27th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Richard E. Germe.r, 240 Oak St., Oshkosh, Wis. 
Louis M. Redding, R. D. 2, Box 81, Goodhue, Minn. 
Grant W. Herrick, Draper, Wis. 
Edward A. Harris, Dundas, Minn. 
Wallace W. Waterpool, Fairchild, Wis. 
Emil D. Majerus, Corp., 601 9th Ave., S., St. Cloud, 

Nordahl B. Myhre, Pelican Rapids, Minn. 
William M. Bell, 343 Wangoo St., Oshkosh. Wis. 
Bernhart Reimann, R. D. 4, Box 21, Westfield, Wis. 
William L. Roche, Red Granite, Wis. 
Richard HagstTom, R. D. 2, Ashland, Wis. 
Vincent Lupo, 655 N. May St., Chicago. 
Alexander Selfwoncuk, 705 Concord St., S., St. Paul, 

Wi|liam H. Voelker, Corp., R. D. 3, Fond du Lac, Wis. 
Julius C. Sandow, Westfield, Wis. 

Alex S. Szylobrit, 1807 Hamilton St., Manitowoc, Wis. 
John Matchulla, Sauk Rapids, Minn. 
William J. Luebke, 410 15th St., Oshkosh, Wis. 
Melvin L. Alvig, R. D. i, Willmar, Minn. 
Gustaf E. Johnson, Corp., R. D. i, Aledo. 
Oliver Gobin, Superior, Allouez, Wis. 
Arthur Pieper, Corp., 2 115 W. ist St., Dixon. 
Albert L. McDonough, 521 4th Ave., S., Minneapolis, 


Jay H. Borst, Park Rapids, Minn. 

Julius Jaskolski, R. D. 3. Hayward, Wis. 

Clifford O. Nelson, 10 1 School St., Gejieva. 

Joseph Gietz. 89 Kenwood Ave., Hammond, Ind. 

Renny Engabritson, R. D 2, Box 63, Appleton, Minn. 

Carl J. Pike, R. D. 2, Oxford, Wis. 

Felix Schimpf, Corp., 3644 Lombard Ave., Berwyn. 

Joe Rubino, 1503 W. Ohio St., Chicago. 

Louis Landa, R. D. 2, Red Lake Falls, Minn. 

Arthur C. Neitzel, Tiedville. 

Emil A. Sletta, R. D. 4, Box 38, Madelta, Minn. 

Alexander Soda, R. D. 2, Box 61, Princeton, Wis. 

Adam Pietras, 5108 W. 31st St., Cicero. 

William Tumberg, R. D. 4, New York Mills, Minn. 

Thomas Hurd, Corp., 701 Galena St., Aurora. 

Theo. Gallitz, R. D. 3, Meyville, Wis. 

Allan W. Coffman, Peru. 

Joseph Przytarski, 966 Warren Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Christian Wurtz, Box 624, West Chicago. 

Ottmar Gercke, 336 Grand St., Oshkosh, Wis. 

Edward Pribil, 932 N. 13th St., Manitowoc, Wis. 

Isidor Seppala, 828 Bleasane St., DeKalb. 

John L. Davis, Corp., Green Lake, Wis. 

Walter Jaskolski, R. D. 3, Hayward, Wis. 

John L. Arnold, 601 N. 24th St., I/incoln, Neb. 

Richard E. Henslin, R. D. 2, Box 57, Princeton, Wis. 

Fred Bre.idel, R. D. i, LaCrosse, Wis. 

Elmer M. Lewis, R. D. 4, Fairbury. 

Enoch Berresford, Box 427, Toluca. 

William R Hommermillex, 619 McLean Ave., Tomah, 

Arthur La Palme, Corp., 2037 Crystal Lake Ave., Min- 
neapolis, Minn. 

Joseph M. Brei, Sgt., Stratford, Wis. 

Leo P. Heil, Sgt., Marathon, Wis. 

Edwin W. Swanson, Sgt., 501 Omaha Ave., W., Wash- 
burn, Wis. 

Peter Smith, R. D. i. Box 7, Eden Prairie, Minn. 

Carl M. Johnson, 208 N. 12th St., Superior, Wis. 

Olaf Spersrud. 11 S. Monroe St., Stoughton, Wis. 

Harry W. Drake, Wooddale, Wis. 

Truman Roege, R. D. 4, Bradford. 

William C. Daterman, 711 T^iberty St., Morris. 

Louis A. Dahnke, Corp., Fairmont, Minn. 

Joseph C. Smith, Antioch. 

Charles Berna, R. D. 2, Box 41, Athens, Wis. 

Samuel Sillanpaa, Laurel, Minn. 

Harry A. Koski, R. D. i, Box 42, Brul, Wis. 

Anton L. Nighbor, 1003 Webster St., Berlin, Wis. 

Joseph E. Carlson, R. D. 3, Box 13, -Amery, Wis. 

John B. Thill, care Joe Grenier, R. D., Forest Lake, 

Edmund A. Schroeder, Corp., 1164 Highland Ave., Oak 

Clarence M. Haugen, 1609 Ballou St., Chicago. 

Steve Danovich, 121 W. Main St., S., St. Charles. 

Leo E. Betz, R. D. i, LaCrosse, Wis. 

Elmer L. Katzman, R. D. 3, Lake Geneva, Wis. 

Joseph J. Gnorski, R. D. i, Pleasant Prairie, Wis. 

Albert J. Rieck, R. D 2, Lake City, Minn. 

John J. Rempel, Butterfield, Minn. 

James McGlynn, Corp., 926 N. 14th St., DeKalb. 

Sante Diantoni, 812 Park St., Ke,nosh?, Wis. 

Freddie Bibeau, R. D. 2, Box 22, Balsam Lake, Wis. 

Thorville Johnson, R. D. i, Hayward, Wis. 

Anton B. Smith, R. D. i. Box 3, Webster, Wis. 

Matt Hautanaki, Box 91, Maple, Wis. 

Carl B. Brickner, R. D. i. Box 71, LaCrosse, Wis. 

Nathan Kalk, 217 E. 53rd St., Chicago. 

Harold D. Spaulding, Box 375, Wyoming. 

Fred J. Schultz, 514 Chatfield St., Winona, Minn. 

Max M. Schultz, R. D. 2, Box 15 A, Evansville, Minn. 

Carl E. Berlin, R. D. i, Pennock, Minn. 

Herbert W. Mathews, R. D. i. Box 71, Whitewater, 

Thomas F. Ivers, 2635 W. 36th St., Chicago. 

August H. Techlow, 913 nth St., Oshkosh, Wis. 

Frank G. Drake, Corp., 4648 Columbus Ave., S., 
Minneapolis, Minn. 

Louis Nielson, R. D. 3, Cedar Falls, Iowa. 

Harry Jameson, 1755 Hill St., Racine, Wis. 

John Knutson, 294 W. 2nd St., Superior, Wis. 

Willie H. Henslin, R. D. 4, Box T}„ Appleton, .Minn. 

Andrew A. Roisum, 1617 6th Ave., N., Minneapolis, 

Thos. E. O'Brien, 4723 Calumet Ave., Chicago. 

Paul Palmer, 306 S. ist West St., Provo, Utah. 

Ewald E. Smith, R. D. 6, Fond du Lac, Wis. 



Henry B. Wagner, 2009 Cherry St., Milwaukee,, Wis. 

I.ouis Calli, 1461 Yates Ave., Beloit, Wis. 

William Gronlund, R. D. 3, Box 4, Sebeka, Minn. 

Frank H. Boyle, 1121 N. Ridgeway Ave., Chicago. 

Bernard L. Garbisch, R. D. i, Granton, Wis. 

Ben L. Anderson, Box 173, Capron. 

Martin J. Monk, Corp., North Kaukana, Wis. 

August Newmann, L. Box 84, Bensonville. 

Martin Sparby, Sgt., R. D. i, Mosinee, Wis. 

John Grabowski, Sgt., R. D. 4, Marshfield, Wis. 

Carl L. Plank, Corp., R. D. 6, Box 36, Wausau, Wis. 

Adolph T. Tischer, Beaver Dam, Wis. 

Clemens Stenz, R. D. 39, Malone, Wis. 

Martin Marchart, R. D. 5, Cadott, Wis. 

Rudolph F. Derge, R. D. 2, Alle,nton, Pa. 

Frank Hodge, R. D. 4, Box 80, Appleton, Minn. 

John Benson, R. D. 2, Box 99, Greenfield, Wis. 

Edgar E. Broege, Corp., R. D. i, Janesville, Wis. 

Oscar Carlson, R. D. i, Box 131, Frederick, Wis. 

Fritz Martens, Box 53, Walworth, Wis. 

Arthur Werner, Long Prairie, Minn. 

Peter Chr'istenson, 735 Mason St., Rhinelander, Wis. 

Harry L. Beachtel, R. D. 36, Eagle, Wis. 

Burk C. Darrow, R. D. 3, IMauston, Wis. 

Thomas C Olsson, 1922 N. Clark St., Chicago. 

Leonard F. Ward, 511 W. 69th St.,. Chicago. 

John Chudzik, 1224 Ohio St., Chicago. 

William T. Smith, 114 6th St., Fond du Lac, Wis. 

Ambrose J. Ruane, Karlsruhe, N. D. 

Oscar Olson, Box 76, Marseilles. 

Louis P. Cooney, Elroy, Wis. 

George Ostgaarden, R. D. i, Fertile, Minn. 

David S. Stevenson, 444 4th Ave., Ottawa. 

Joseph Dombkowski, 827 N. Tripp St., Chicago. 

Stanley Szelogowski, 693 Dakota St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Nathan H. Hand, R. D. 1, Roch Falls. 

Charles Bradley, Stone Lake, Wis. 

Charles C. Baker, Barnesville, Minn. 

John H. Tangen, Box 23, Fosston, Minn. 

Frank B. Verg, 416 Union St., Watertown, Wis. 

Gustav Halverson, 481 nth Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Joseph F. Blasko, R. D. 5, Box 32, Chetek, Wis. 

Michael Buda, 1250 W. 50th St., Chicago. 

Frank B. Cook, R. D. i, Osceola, Wis. 

Henry E. Staehler, 206 Dundee Ave., Elgin. 

Alvin P. Stoick, R. D. 2, Bellingham, Minn. 

Fred A. Dvorak, Box 267, Hopkins, Minn. 

John A. Anderson, 209 Jefferson St., Geneva. 

Henry J. Mueller, Corp., R. D. i, Box 45, Taylor RidgA- 

John F. Fleason, 722 Mill St., LaCrosse, Wis. 

Carl A. Halverson, Albon (Rosholt), Wis. 

Fred C. Kowalk, R. D. 2, Box 13, Colby, Wis. 

Joseph Kulik, 1404 Halsted St., Chicago. 

Victor Benson, 350 Linden St., Kenosha, Wis. 

Albert Foss, R. D. 2, Box 51, La Valle, Wis. 

Knute A. Anderson, .Box 21, Erwen, Mich. 

Arthur Marshall, Corp., Lilly, Wis. 

George Conners, R. D. 2, Osceola, Wis. 

Frank J. Eckel, 11 02 Woodbridge St., St. Paul, Minn. 

Clarence V. Lurvey, 602 High St., Whitewater, Wis. 

Dominico Demaio, Vin Uditori Cartile Magnasca, Pal- 

mero, Italy. 
William Drinkwine, Station "B," Box 89, Superior, 

Clarence Faulkner, R. D. Black River Falls, Wis. 
Gustav W. Larson, Carlsburg P. O., Grantsburg, Wis. 
Raymond B. Cutts, 503 E. isth St., St. Amarillo, Tex. 
Ferdinand J. Denst, 10204 Hokie Ave., Chicago. 
Victor C. Mackenzie, 205 Washington St., Beaver Dam, 

Orville C. Carey, 406 Miror St., Appleton, Wis. 


Willis P. Coleman, Lt. Col., 53 W. Willow Grove Ave., 

Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, Pa. 
Trowbridge A. Warner, ist Lt., Marbledale, Conn. 
Stanley D. Anderson, ist Lt., 104 Western Ave., Lake 

George W. Anderson, Bn. Sgt. Maj., 501 Burlington 

St., Mendota. 

George J. Schumacher, Corp., 11 18 LaCrosse St., La 

Crosse, Wis. 
George Laier (i), R. D. i, Hay ward. Wis. 
Roy D. Lindsay (i), 516 Aurora St., Antigo, Wis. 
Edmund J. Christensen, R. D. 4, Waupaca, Wis. 
George R. Sery, 78 40th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 


Frank H. Templeton, Capt., 642 Washington Blvd., 
Oak Park. 

Raymond MacDonald, ist Lt., 369 MacDonald St., 
Oconto, Wis. 

Lawrence Howard, ist Sgt., 4533 W. Gladys Ave., 

Arthur Friedman, Sup. Sgt., 396 2nd St., Wausau, Wis. 

Clarence LaCerte, Mess Sg{., 228 3rd Ave., N., Wau- 
sau, Wis. 

Willi,-ini L. Wollin, Sgt., 513 Ogden St., Jefferson, Wis. 

Stortie H. Pearson, Sgt., 918 ist Ave., Wausau, Wis. 

William Fischer, Cook, 435 Elm St., Antigo, Wis. 

Emil J. Jesse, Cook, 809 Hamilton St., Wausau, Wis. 

Arthur Raduechel, Cook, 411 2nd Ave,., N., Wausau, 

Carl E. Gast, Cook, Pearl City. 

Abraham Keayes, 814 Park Ave., Wausau, Wis. 

George Borchers, Bug., 11 13 E. Johnson St., Madison, 

Otto G. Schensky, Bug., Cottage Grove, Wis. 

Frederick Ridgway, Corp., 669 Irving Park Blvd., Chi- 

Henry W. Simon, R. D. 2, Dane, Wis. 

Charles N. Hamm, Random Lake, Wis. 

Walter B. Scott, 720 N. 9th St., Estherville, Iowa. 

John J. Schultz, R. D 2, Ellendale, Minn. 

Elmer O. Peterson, R. D. 3, Box 158, Hay ward. Wis. 

Roy W. Kearsey, Fairdale. 

William P. Aven, Corp., 107 W. Cedar St., St. Charles. 

Victor Anderson, Howard Lake, Minn. 

Hans R. Romnes, Sacred He,art, Minn. 

Gustaf W. Johnson, 915 State St., DeKalb. 

Clarence Lilich, 3761 Koscursko Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 

Arthur T. Palmer, R. D. i. Box 42, Forest Lake, Minn. 

Wilmar J. Larson, R. D. i, Mason, Wis. 

John C. Mondloh, Corp., 811 14th Ave., N., Minneap- 
olis, Minn. 

Henry E. Johnson, R. D. 2, Belaton, Minn. 

Ward B. T^arge, Corp., R. D. 5, Fond du Lac, Wis. 

Nicholas Munsch, R. D. 7, Waseca, Minn. 

Henry J. Granum, R. D. 2, Holmen, Wis. 

Edwin F. Schuetz, T^ebanon. 

Rudolph Norgard. Howell, Mich. 

Herman O. Engebretson, 321 State St., Detroit, Minn. 

Ernest D. Holman, Osseo, Wis. 

John F. Caine, 1352 E. 70th St., Cleveland, Ohio. 

Charles Slad, 3246 W. 24th St., Chicago. 

George L. Trepton, Box 102, Trego, Wis. 

Henry A. Groth, R. D. i, Rubicon, Wis. 

Eli Stahlberg, Dayton, Minn. 

James C. Ferry, Box 42, Troy Center, Wis. 

Charles R. Briggs, Corp., 24 E. Delmar Ave., Alton. 

Joseph Rauenhorst, R. D. i. Pine Island, Minn. 

Albert Piringer, 416 W. University Ave., St. Paul, 

David W. Bloomberg, Star Route, Deerwood, Minn. 

Helmer N. Skutley, Taylor, Wis. 

Otto Jagow, R. D. I, Mayville, Wis. 

Harry W. Sampson, 255 Smith Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Halvor Bjugson, Box 4, Trail, Minn. 

Robert Des Jarlais, Corp., 740 2nd St., Menasha, Wis. 

Alfred Anderson, Finlayson, Minn. 

Joseph Popejoy, 217 Wallace St., Sterling. 

William H. Germer, R. D. 2, Oregon, Wis. 

Willard F. Helf, 366 Division St., Oshkosh, Wis. 

Richard Lucht, R. D. i. Box 38, Wausau, Wis. 

John Crotan, R. D. 2, Walworth, Wis. 

William Herlitzka, Gen. Del., LaCrosse, Wis. 

Frank P. Marshall, Corp., Eagle Grove, Iowa. 

John P. Kella, 1009 Market St., DeKalb. 

Francesco Fontana, 749 W. Washington Ave., Madi- 
son, Wis. 

Stanley Bielawski, 8952 Houston Ave,, South Chicago. 

Alfred Schultz, R. D. 2, Fox Lake, Wis. 



Walter C. Olson, R. D. 2, Morrison. 

Cromer W. Cook, 496 Chicago St., Elgin. 

Sandy Gilberg, 514 19!/^ Ave., W., Duluth, Minn. 

Clarence Miller, Corp., 3425 16th Ave., S., Minneapolis, 

Glenn K. Chadsey, 1410 4th St., Fort Madison, Iowa. 
Edward F. Bibby, Sgt., 823 3rd Ave., S., Wausau, Wis. 
William F. Blue, Corp., R. D. i, Christopher, 
Tohn L. Brown, Sgt., 1105 Prospect Ave., Wausau, Wis. 
Henry B. Helms, Denver, Iowa. 
Theodore H. Janke, Westfield, Wis. 

Thomas P. Brennan, R. D. i. Box 69, Kilkenny, Minn. 
Arthur T. Schmanski, 7046 Dante Ave., Chicago. 
Holmes "Knight, E. 6th St., Black Falls. 
Clarence E. Klock, 3217 Wentworth Ave., Chicago. 
Tohn A. Work. Corp., R. D. 4, Willow Springs, Mo. 
Louis Miller, R. D. i, Box 81, Weyauwega, Wis. 
Gustav C. Rueckert, Olivia, ^linn. 
Odin Klandrud, Box 135, Onalaska, Wis. 
.Arthur A. Marschner, Fox Lake, Wis. 
Georsre H. Ollerman, 63 N. Union St., Fond du Lac, 

Frark Novak, R. D. i. Box 73, Pine City, Minn. 
Ivar H. /ohnson. Hartley, Iowa. 
John A. Bergerson, Corp., R. D. 1, Box 18, Hawley, 

William F. Schave, Browning, Wis. 
Harold Huseby. R. D. i. Box 76, Ringle, Wis. 
Louis Weber, Corinth, Wis. 
Willis Campbell, Arena, Wis. 

Rodger W. Wester, 1701 Iowa Ave., Superior, Wis. 
Victor Salvatori, 2435 S. Oakley Ave., Chicago. 
John Seurer, R. D. 41, Calvary, Wis. 
Joseph Kwarcinski, Corp., 1526 W. Walton St., Chicago. 
Theodore Schneider. R. D. 2, Box 68 A, Fairfax, Minn. 
Gust Daskos, 656 W. Madison St., Chicago. 
Chester Peterson, R. D. 9, ^Nlenomonee, Wis. 
Frank A. MacHale, 311 E. 6ist St., Chicago. 
Erwin C. Koepsel, R. D. 2, Manitowoc, Wis. 
Joe D. Hotala, R. D. i, Holdingford, Mjnn. 
Gust W. Anderson, Box 123, Dunnell, Minn. 
John Proell, Box 421, Washburn, Wis. 
James P. Bracken, R. D. 4, .Belvidere. 
Axel L. Lofgren, R. D. 4, West Concord, Minn. 
Olof Bredeson, R. D. 2, Alberta, Minn. 
Roy Parker, 115 Forest Park Blvd., Jancsville, Wis. 
Herbert Skaarer, R. D. 2, Ortonville, Minn. 
Fred C. Fisher, Corp., 435 Elm St., Antigo, Wis. 
Harry P. Poths, Box 326, Amboy. 
Ray V. Bass, R. D. i. Round Lake, Minn. 
John B. Wolski, 930 Pulaski St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Albert C. Huber, 300 Moseley St., Elgin. 
Nermann Peterson, R. D. i, Box 26, Mason, Wis. 
Charles H. Long, Box 287, Genoa Junction, Wis. 
Bruce A. Wisner, R. D. i. Box 56, Spooner, Wis. 
Lawrence J. Ellis, Corp., Marbury, Ala. 
Edward J. Zasada, Ripon, Wis. 
.Arthur Erickson, Star Route, Grygla, Minn. 
Ewald Kilian. R. D. i. Box 98, Wausau, Wis. 
Lynn K. Philley, Louisburg, Minn. 
Jacob Schlesinger, 913 Lytle St., Chicago. 
Harris Mabie, R. D. i. Box 39, Loyal, Wis. 
William Jaenicke, R. D. 2, Box 78, Ixonia, Wis. 
Ben J. Backes, North Aurora. 
John Weis, R. D. 4, Marshfield, Wis. 
John Benson, 725 9th Ave., S., Minneapolis, Alinn. 
James S. Robbins, Sgt., 619 W. Main St., Madison, Wis. 
William J. Marx, Sgt., 211 Division St., Wausau, Wis. 
George W. Olson, R. D. i. Box 22, Odin, Minn. 
Walter G. Lindner. R. D. i, Hayward, Wis. 
Arthur J. Braun, Box 2, Arcadia, Wis. 
John P. Dickwisch, Sutter. 

Lawrence W. F'isk, Box 189, St. Croix Falls, Wis. 
Harry W. Hillberg, R. D. 4, Box 71, Amery, Wis. 
Paul A. Eggert, Corp., 627 N. 7th St., Sheboygan, Wis. 
Swan Olson, R. D. 3, Box 22, Hayward, Wis. 
Raymond P. Scherrei, 891 New York Ave., St. Francis, 

Ernest G. Nasse,n, Ceylon, Minn. 
Gergard Hallquist, R. D. i, Box 47, Hector, ^finn. 
Helge G. Hultin, 738 Magnolia St., St. Paul, Minn. 
Lief Olby, R. D. i, Ashland, Wis. 
.Adolph Schmudlack, R. D. 2, Montello, Wis. 
Peter P. Rice, Hannaford, N. D. 
Lyle L. Shufelt, R. D. 2, Oconto, Wis. 
James H. Ryan, Roberts, Wis. 
Frank Sereas, Algoma, Wis. 
Alfred H. Stumph, Star Route, Spooner, Wis. 

Ludwig C. Schwanke, R. D. 4, Westfield, Wis. 

Paul E. Golie, Box 302, Watson, Minn. 

Anton J. Hetzel, Neosho, Wis. 

Otto L. Geldmacher, 1136 Belleville Ave., Elgin. 

Joseph Schardt, N. Minnesota St., New Ulm, Minn. 

William L. Huper, R. D. 2, Wells. Minn. 

Allen Loch, R. D. 2, Hayward, Wis. 

Albert Nelson, Aros, Box 4, Bjasjolagard, Sweden. 

Walter Grunewald, 403 5th St., Watej-town, Wis. 

Emil E. Myer, 456 Walnut Ave., Elgin. 

Alfred Olson, Box 416, Washburn, Wis. 

John R. Evans, Corp., Box 143, Lostant. 

Clark E. Gibney, R. D., Elroy, Wis. 

Walter W. Nelson, R. D. 2, Magnolia. 

Rudolph Nelson, R. D. i, Felton, Minn. 

Arthur W. Sallen, Appleton, Minn. 

Henry W. Foster, R. D. 2, Box 49, Alpha, Minn. 

Elmer C. Folsom, R. D. 6, New Richmond, Wis. 

Bernhard Gloede, R. D. 2, Mayville, Wis. 

.Mathias Thunee, R. D. i. Box 23, Winger, Minn. 

.\lbert Robertson, 2516 W. 12th St., Duluth, Minn. 

Herbert Bergner, Box 41, Pulcifer, Wis. 

William A. Hubner, 503 4th Ave., S., Moorhead, Minn. 

Oscar A. Otto, 1145 12th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

William Domenico, 1022 Hawthorne Ave., Minneapolis, 

Orville P. Stephens, R. D. 2, Mason, Wis. 
Martin Hansen, Lake Geneva, Wis. 
Herman F. Drehmel, R. D. 4, Augusta, Wis. 
V^alentine J. Full, Robbinsdale, Minn. 
John S. Johnson, 904 E. 6th Ave., Duluth, Minn. 
Anton Holzbauer, 101 1 4th St., Oshkosh, Wis. 
Fred J. Peters, R. D. 4, West Chicago. 
Helmuth Boettcher. 868 22nd St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Arthur C. Irvin, Mount Morris. 
Samuel H. Swift, Benton, Wis. 

Henry L. Knitter, 1125 N. Hoyne Ave., Chicago. 
John J. Farrell, Corp., 3838 S. Union Ave., Chicago. 
Edward Mueller, Corp., 302 9th St., Watextown, Wis. 
Einar A. Kyrk, R. D. 5, Geneseo. 
Christ Ferman, R. D. i, Comstock, Wis. 
Sivert Larson, Box 46, Winter, Wis. 
Sever Johnson, R. D. 3, Bangor, Wis. 
Michael J. Hoben, Henderson. 

Shine G. Knitter, R. D. 4, Box 37, Westfield, Wis. 
en Orlikoske, Corp., 719 5th Ave., Stevens Point, Wis. 
James Van Cura, Mech., 2236 S. Kolin Ave., Chicago. 
Hans Nelson, South Stillwater, Minn. 
George E. Lowers, Winter, Wis. 
John Fuller. Glidden, Wis. 

T ouis Modeen, 1413 28th St., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Sigurd T. Hansen, Sleepy Eye, Minn. 
Joseph Jacque.s, 124 E. 75th St., Chicago. 
John M. .Brown, Corp., 312 4th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Russell Phillips, R. D. i, Brainerd, Minn. 
John W. Heger, R. D. 10, Watertown, Wis. 
Arthur Gollnick, R. D. 2, Box 84, LaCrosse, Wis. 
.Axel E. Nelson, 611 ist St., Rock Island. 
Leonard Scott, 175 Pleasant St., Freeport. 
S^eve McDonald, R. D. i, Newaygo, Mich. 
Ole Fredrickson, Deronda, Wis. 
Alfonso Steinbach, Corp., Ringle, Wis. 
Louis W. Hanson, R. D. 1, Bangor. Wis. 
Otto L. Jasheck, R. D. 4, Westfield, Wis. 
Arthur Harebo, R. D. i, Mindoro, Wis. 
Ernest Therisult, Blackduck, Minn. 
Marcel DeSmedt, 281 1 R. R. St., Duluth, Minn. 
John .A. Knackert, R. D. 4, West .Allis, Wis. 
Olaf I. Rykken, 704 "A" St., Willmar, Minn. 
Afichael Dosdall, Bay City, Wis. 
Harry S. Amundson, Ruthton, Minn. 
Louis Muritz. 884 College Ave., Appleton, Wis. 
Adolph T. Zelke, R. D. 3, Neshkoro. Wis. 
Carl Fiebelkern, 31 16 E. 22nd St., Minneapolis. Minn. 
Maurice C. Austin, 356 Vernon Ave., Beloit, Wis. 
Elonzo Johnston, Box 44, Fort Ripley, Minn. 
Fritz Heuer, R. D. i, Bangor. Wis. 

Raymond P. Seidel (i), 410 Western Ave., Blue Island. 
Hans Peterson, R. D. 2, Capron. 

Anthony Przybyl, Berlin Road Route. Ripon, Wis. 
Walter F. Wierzchoslawski, 812 Madison St., Beaver 

Dam, Wis. 
Leslie W. Mann, tj Highland Ave., N., Minneapolis, 

John E. Swenson, Me,ridian, Wis. 
John A. Anderson, 1214 7th St., Superior, Wis. 
Farnum Hubert, 35 Grant St., Oshkosh, Wis. 
Twaif L. Gapinski, 1226 Pulaski St., Peru. 



Sam Crea, 407 Cedar St., Hibbing, Minn. 

Paul G. Heintz, Neosho, Wis. 

Roy W. Drager, R. D. i. Alpha, Minn. 

Joseph Mogentale, 522 E. iisth St., Chicago. 

Merton R. Ottman, Moquah, Wis. 

Bruno J. Schneider, R. D. 38, Box 29, Malone, Wis. 

Sam Mott, Mishicott, Wis. 

William P. Simpson, Corp., 326 27th St., Milwaukee, 

Julius Strubbe, 352 Walker St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Alexander Malapetsas, 3327 Michigan Ave., Indian Har- 
bor, Ind. 
James F. Kelly, 5837 Carpenter St., Chicago. 
Anton J. Balza, 303 N. Maple Ave., Green Bay, Wis. 
John P. Hayner, 1540 N. 19th St., Sheboygan, Wis. 
Anton J. Wlosczanski, 8413 Mackinaw Ave., Chicago. 
Frank X. Buchanan, 1704 Wells Ave., Escanaba, Mich. 
Walter Shrie, R. D. 2, Box 66, Neshkoro, Wis. 
John B. Kaspzak, Sgt., R. D. i, Box 63, Hatley, Wis. 


William F. Schroeder, Capt., 532 Elm St., Rock Island. 

Edward S. Marples, 1st Lt., 1013 Dempster St., Evans- 

Walter A. Rather, ist Sgt., New Holstein, Wis. 

Ray Shoemaker, Sgt., Whitmore Apts., No. s, West 
1st South St., Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Clarence Larson, Sgt., 1010 Wisconsin St., Stevens 
Point, Wis. 

Harry Beggs, Sup. Sgt., 10 19 N. Keystone Ave., Chi- 

Carl Unrath, Mess Sgt., 1830 Kedzie Ave., Chicago. 

John M. Koltz, Mech., R. D. i, Stevens Point, Wis. 

Walter Dobratz, Mech., 456 22nd St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Frank Wagner, Mech., R. D. i, Adams, Minn. 

Frank G. W. Koch, Mech., R. D. i, Fremont, Wis. 

Steve Ramzyk, Cook, R. D. 2, Stevens Point, Wis. 

John J. Murphy, Cook, 3819 S. Halsted St., Chicago. 

Reinhard Marquardt, Cook, Marion, Wis. 

James Zagone, 930 Milton Ave., Chicago. 

Carl Anderson, Box 31, Ormsby, Minn. 

Karl Anderson, R. D. i, Box 21, Lynn Center. 

John T. Baker, 505% E. Hennipen Ave., Minneapolis, 

Toby Behne,n, ,Box 167, Richmond, Minn. 

Jasper Berfeldt, Newport, Minn. 

Fred S. Berger, South Stillwater, Minn. 

Edward H. Ganschow, Sgt., 16 16 Humboldt Blvd., 

August J. Berger, R. D. i, Medford, Wis. 

William Bergerson, 162 Blaine St., Batavia. 

Fred C. Bleich, 182 Elm Ave., Elmhurst. 

Clarence Boys, R. D. i, St. Peter, Minn. 

Alexander Bramer, Corp., 105 N. 9th St., Watertown, 

Lewis J. Brant, Box 344, Monticello, Minn. 

Edward Brichta, 2704 W. 24th Place, Chicago. 

Max C. Blohm, 10509 Ave. "L," Chicago. 

Almin H. Britt, Mocks Creek, Mo. 

Ernest F. Budig, Cottage Grove, Wis. 

Peter Budnick, Box 201, North Branch, Minn. 

Edward Buhler, R. D. 3, Waunakee, Wis. 

William Bultman, R. D. 3, Madison, Wis. 

James Burridge, 325 Plum St., Aurora. 

Albert Burud, R. D. 2, Ulen, Minn. 

George V. Hargrove, Corp., 89 Howard Ave., Detroit, 

Edward Calkins, Box 47, Mercer, Wis. 

Vito Carilla, 910 W. Taylor St., Chicago. 

Adam Chekas, 8636 Baltimore Ave., Chicago. 

Viggo Christe.nsen, R. D. 1, Tyler, Minn. 

Herschel A. Cook, London Mills. 

Fred Dallmann, New Ulm, Minn. 

William Ballwanz, Corp., T}, E. looth St., Chicago. 

Alvin Dethloff, 1443 loth St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Lester Dorgeloh, 1 186 Selby Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 

Augustine Drezdzon, 994 Midland Ave., Milwaukee, 

Elmer E. Drogsvold, R. D. i, Stoughton, Wis. 

Milton A. Eberle, 365 Hoffman Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 

Mathew Engel, 2202 Penn Ave., N., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Alex EngstTom, Antler, N. D. 

Ernest Beltengrexi, Corp., 422 2nd St., Willmar, Minn. 

Clarence Erickson, Box 306, Heron Lake, Minn. 

Louis J. Fiore, 907 Sholto St., Chicago. 

Thomas Flannigan, Olivia, Minn. 

Gustav Fossen, R. D. 2, Madison, Minn. 

August Franke, Cook, R. D. 5, Box 27, Sleepy-Eye, 

Otis George, White Sulphur Springs, W. Va. 

John Gimera, R. D. 2, Cornell. 

Bartol P. Fleiss, 970 N. Water St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Paul J. Granlund, R. D. 3, Monticello, Minn. 

Thomas Griffin, Clare. 

Hans J. Grostad, R. D. i, Box 6, McGregor, Minn. 

Edward Hamshire, R. D. 2, Marshall, Wis. 

William Helmer, Danube, Minn. 

Frederick Hendrickson, R. D. i. Box 78, ^fadison. Wis. 

Marian Duraski, Corp., 717 Mitchell St., Milwaukee, 

James B. Herridge, R. D. 2, Sparland. 
Stephen Hnath, R. D. 2, Box 76, Ashland, Wis. 
Asa M. Ree,ce, Sgt., Walnut St., Mechanicsburg, Ohio. 
Joseph Holsinger, 3rd St., Peru. 

Henry A. Hommen, 703 Ridge St., Stoughton, Wis. 
Louis V. Hribal, 218 Berlin Ave., Rockford. 
John E. Huet, Hurley, Wis. 
Anton Jaeckel, Box 115, Neosho, W^is. 
Albert Johnson, R. D. 3, Box 56, Frederick, Wis. 
Frank P. Lorenz, Corp., 332 Grove St., Aurora. 
Alfred Johnson, Cambridge, Wis. 
John \y. Johnson, 1909 W. 2nd St., Duluth, Minn. 
Frederick Johnson, R. D. 2, Box 58, Londsdale, Minn. 
Walter W. Johnson, R. D. i. Box 02, Clear Lake, Wis. 
Rees P. Jones, R. D. 2, Box 41, Garvin, Minn. 
Martin Jorgensen, 642 14th Ave., S. E., Minneapolis, 

I^eo J. Kaiser, R. D. 3, Box 31, Gary, Minn. 
Herbert Mose.s, Corp., Northfield, Minn. 
Alex Zdanowich, 10548 Erickson Ave., Pullman. 
Fred A. Kalk, R. D. i, Box 18 A, Rib Lake, Wis. 
Glen R. Wroten, R. D. i, Box i. Clear Lake. S. D. 
Otto P. Kienast, R. D. 3, Box ^^, Hartford, Wis. 
Hugo E. Klecker, R. D. i, Watertown, Wis. 
Mathias J. Klemmer, 627 South Park Ave., Oshkosh, 

Nicholas M. Klink, R. D. i, Lomira, Wis. 
William Kaddatz, Corp., 3112 N. Washtenaw Ave., 

John C. Knaeble, 515 Plymouth Ave., N., Minneapolis, 

Ernest R. Kopelke, R. D. 39, Box 20, Seymour, Wis. 
Athanaseos Motsinis, 104 E. 5th St., St. Paul, Minn. 
Julius J. Kramer, Willernie, Minn. 
Otto fl. Kroener, Norwalk, Wis. 
Arthur H. Krueger, Buffalo Lake, Minn. 
Richard Krueger, Maval, Wis. 

Emory H. Powers, Corp., R. D. 1, Sunman, Ind. 
John Kubic, Dowagiac, Mich. 

Louis C. Kunert, R. D. i, Box 35, Richwood, Wis. 
Ge.orge C. Laabs, R. D. i. Box 55, Woodland, Wis. 
Anthony J. LaBudd, 1458 W. Van Buren St., Chicago. 
Edwin A. Lange, 258 High St., Oshkosh, Wis. 
Arthur G. Larsen, Milltown, Wis. 
Edwin Lauersdorf, R. D. i. Box 14, Lowell, Wis. 
Percey W. Rowe, Corp., 709 S. 2nd St., DeKalb. J 

Leslie A. Lawrence, 326 DuPage St., Elgin. 3 

Ray Lawson, Star Route, Danbury, Wis. ' 

Joe M. Leatch, R. D. 24, Oconomowoc, Wis. 
Arthur G. Lee, Box 132, Verges, Minn. 
Clarence Lee, R. D. 2, DeKalb. 
Alvin F. Lehner, R. D. 1, Knowles, Wis. 
Herman G. Le.mke, R. D. 6, Box 106, Watertown, Wis. 
Albert Latham, Corp., 212 N. Hamlet St., Marion. 
Francis C. Leslie, R. D. 25, Oconomowoc, Wis. 
Joseph Lessman, R. D. i, New Brighton, Minn. 
Frank Marek, 919 N. Elm St., Owatonna, Minn. 
I'rank Letman, Corp., 11604 Torrence Ave., Chicago. 
Edward Johnson, Sherburn, Minn. 
Adolph Lundgreen, R. D. i, Box 14, Centuria, Wis. 
William Schultz, Corp., 616 20th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
George Lvice, West Salem, Wis. 
Edward Olson, Sgt., 3146 ist Ave., S., Minneapolis, 

William A. Anderson, Sgt., Johns St., Amherst, Wis. 
Alvin R. Mabie, R. D. i, Loyal, Wis. 
Arthur A. Machet, Majestic Theatre Bldg., Chicago. 
Ever H. Madison, R. D. 2, Pine City, Minn. 
Frank Manders, 1413 Badger St., LaCrosse, Wis. 



Edward L. Manke, 616 Clinton St., LaCrosse, Wis. 

Francis J. Manley, Utica. 

Henry J. Garner, Corp., 1629 7th St., Portsmouth, Ohio. 

Be.n Mapes, Box 197, Atkinson. 

Helmer J. Void, R. D. 2, Pigeon Falls, Wis. 

Charles L. Marsh, 315 14th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

William R. Mason, R. D. i, Camp Douglas, Wis. 

Max Meyers, 427 E. 4th St., Duluth, Minn. 

George W. Meng, R. D. 4, New Lisbon, Wis. 

Albert Marquardt, Corp., Hunting, Wis. 

Frank Michalski, 13 Greenfield Ave., North Chicago. 

Felix F. Miller, Corp., Jones Island, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Phillip Miller, Corp., 1256 S. Troy St., Chicago. 

Charles G. Mills, Corp., Kettle River, Minn. 

Gustaf A. "Mode, Schlitz Hotel, Rhinelander, Wis. 

Grover Naftzger, R. D. i, Erie. 

Alfred N. Nelson, Box 3, Rushford, Minn. 

Archie E. Glawe, Corp., 331 4th Ave,., Wauwatosa, Wis. 

Bert S. Nelson, 1227 3rd Ave., Rockford. 

Gustave Nelson, Morris. 

Sidney A. Nolan, R. D. i. Box 76, Maple Plain, Minn. 

Arthur Nelson, 2513 15th Ave., S., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Elof P. Nygren, Grasston, Minn. 

David R. O'Brien, 5643 S. Morgan St., Chicago. 

Joe H. Oberaigner, Almena, Wis. 

Adam S. Nowak, Corp., 8207 S. Shore Drive, Chicago. 

Gustav A. Oiseth, Kasson, Minn. 

Carl W. Olson, Alexandria, Minn. 

Roley Ostrum, Plymouth, Ind. 

Carmen Passcouchi, 1016 S. May St., Chicago. 

Anton S. Paulson, 3352 32nd St., S., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Joseph Peterson, R. D. 2, Aprin, Wis. 

Anthony J. Miotk, Corp., 3752 S. Ashland Ave., Chi- 

Peter W. Pentek, 429 E. 91st St., Chicago. 

Michael A. Petkus, 19 W. 2nd St., Charles. 

Reinhold L. Pett, R. D. i, Comstock, Wis. 

Sylvester Plumme.r, Box 33, Barnesville, Minn. 

Nick J. Poss, Route 3, Oswego. 

Clyde A. Powell, R. D. i, Sharpsburg, Md. 

James A. McNulty, Corp., 91 17 Drandon Ave., Chicago. 

Stanley Rohalla, Mosinee, Wis. 

Albert Reinsberg, Lakeland, Minn. 

Nels H. Rierson, R. D. 4, Box 29, Caledonia, Minn. 

James W. Reilly, R. D. 2, Box 50, Neshkoro, Wis. 

Frank Reiter, f402 Walnut St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Isadore Roberts, R. D. i. Fond du Lac, Wis. 

Bernard Rono, Box 82, Cuyuna, Minn. 

Henry L. Mesbauer, Corp., 13410 Baltimore Ave., Chi- 

Samuel A. Roy, Odanah, Wis. 

Herman Ulis, Sgt., 129 Highland Ave., N., Minneap- 
olis, Minn. 

Joe Koss, Sgt., 3SS Franklin St., Stevens Point, Wis. 

John A. Royden, R. D. 123, Sacred Heart, Minn. 

Lester W. Rummel, I'ulton. 

Edwin T. Sass, R. D. 36, Eden, Wis. 

Frank G. Sandeen, R. D. 4, Kirkhoven, Minn. 

Henry A. Schierholtz, Elmira, Ontario, Canada. 

Frank H. Schmidt, 36 14th St., Fond du Lac, Wis. 

William F. Priebe, Corp., R. D. 2, Princeton, Wis. 

George Schroeder, 4029 Polk St., Chicago. 

Harry P. Schubert, 1742 Teutonia Ave., Milwaukee, 

Fred G. Schuler, 406 Herschel Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 

Edward Schwartz, 917 S. 14th St., Manitowoc, Wis. 

Wilfred Sharon, 320 W. 5th St., Superior, Wis. 

Hiram Scott, Garrison, Minn. 

Sivert A. Seeland, R. D. 3, Paynesville, Minn. 

Henry A. Luehr, Corp., 2313 Hanna St., Fort Wayne, 

Odin A. Selvig, Rushford, Minn. 
Frank G. Senkyr, R. D. 2, Hopkins, Minn. 
James J. Shekleton, R. D. 2, Box 74, Murdock, Minn. 
John J. Shemchak, 15 19 Madison St., Manitowoc, Wis. 
Christian Shern, Corp., Ne.w Richmond, Wis. 
Walter Shewmaker, Corp., Taylorville. 
Paul J. Skonieczny, 785 Windlake Ave., Milwaukee, 

George W. Wearmouth, Corp., Griffin, Bask., Canada. 
John Skoog, 3427 6th St., N., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Martin Soika, R. D. i. Box 20, New Brighton, Minn. 
Erick J. Solvik, Box 60, Cyrus, Minn. 
Percy R. Steiner, Corp., 176 W. 5th St., Winona, Minn. 
Clarence Strom, R. D. 2, Cannon Falls, Minn. 
Herman L. Swanson, R. D. i. Box 62, North Branch, 

Clarence Swenson, R. D. 2, Cottage Grove, Wis. 
Roy A. Warncke, Sgt., 11257 Lothair Ave., Chicago. 
Melvin A. Swiggum, Soldiers Grove, Wis. 
Roy L. Talberg, Ramey, Minn. 
Philip Theusch, Box 382, Madison, Minn. 
William Thiede, R. D. 4, Montello, Wis. 
Charles Thompson, 926 27th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Fred T. Thompson, 317 Hill St., Decorah, Iowa. 
Milton Thompson, 2305 23rd Ave., S., Minneapolis, 

Thorn C. Ernest, Corp., Box 584, Las Vagas, N. M. 
Merrit G. Turner, Rock Falls. 
Fred E. Ulrich, 2515 2nd St., Peru. 
James W.^ Uren, 617 Adams Ave., Eveleth, Minn. 
George Wallace, R. D. i, Pardeeville, Wis. 
Oliver E. Ward, Rogers, Minn. 

Joseph Wargula, R. D. 2, Box 67, Neshkoro, Wis. 
Maitland Marsh, Corp., Waukesha, Wis. 
Stanish Wargula, R. D. 2, Box 67, Neshkoro, Wis. 
Emil H. Washinsky, Dooley, Mont. 
Henry Waskow, 1632 25th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Edwin C. Weline, R. D. i. Box 65, Mason, Wis. 
Edward Wessbecke.r, R. D. 2, Tiox 243, Young America, 

Clarence Wilde, Box 148, Montello, Wis. 
Christian Winter, R. D. 5, Box 32, Elizabeth. 
John F. Centanino, Corp., 217 N. 26th Ave., W., 

Duluth, Minn. 
Mitchell H. Wood, Box 1265, Washington, D. C. 
St-anley B. Zabroki, 862 Duluth Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 
Edward Zander, 109% 21st St., Superior, Wis. 
Alonzo Zollver, Stone Lake, Wis. 

Ervin J. Juhl, Corp., 2322 E. 5th Ave., Ashland, Wis. 
Robert J. Grant, Sgt., Montello, Wis. 

Edward Bjurstrom, Sgt., 1840 N. Kedzie Ave., Chicago. 
Albert Frederickson, Sgt., lola. Wis. 
Erwin E. Langdon, R. D. i, Minong, Wis. 
Ludwig Reckholder, 263 Montauk Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
David Winetsky, 1659 Washington Ave., Bronx, N. Y. 
Carl K. Olson, R. D. 2, Elbow Lake, Minn. 


Owen M. Burns, Capt., 429 N. Hazel St., Danville. 

Harry J. Wernsing, ist Lt., Greenview. 

Thomas Sullivan, ist Sgt., 1137 Tiffany St., New York 

Ge.orge J. Williams, Corp., 127 N. LaVergne Ave., 

Albert A. Klammer, Sup. Sgt., Kaukauna, Wis. 

John S. Lipske, Mess Sgt., 1134 Franklin St., Apple- 
ton, Wis. 

Joseph L. Chambers, Cook, 714 Jackson St., Milwau- 
kee, Wis. 

Victor Siebenthal, Box 7, Georgeville, Minn. 

William J. Ring, 924 Montana St., Chicago. 

Joseph A. Burger, R. D. 3, Watkins, Minn. 

Daniel B. Reardon, Mech., Tobacnoir St., Kaukauna, 

Otto C. Baker, Mech., Pine Island, Minn. 

Julius L. Wise, Bug., Box 31, Rollingstone, Minn. 

Herman Lindeman, Mech., R. D. 3, Box 52, Porter, 

Gilbert Sternitsky, Bug., R. D. 2, Granton, Wis. 
George Schwister, Drum., R. D. 33, Black Creek, Wis. 
Martin F. Abraham, Sgt., East Beakon Ave., New 

London, Wis. 
Vernon L. Klein, Sgt., Hortonville, Wis. 
George Neudeck, 320 S. 13th St., Sheboygan, Wis. 
Ernest Olson, Payne, Minn. 

Rocco D'Aurelio, Ortucchio P. D., Aquila, Italy. 
Bronislaus Krzywda, 950 Dousman St., Milwaukee, 

Isidor Stanislaw, 766 loth Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Thomas J. Simantel, 803 ist Ave., Sterling. 
Raymond A. Larsen, Corp., R. D. 31, Leeman, Wis. 
Harley Jacobson, R. D. 5, Cadott, Wis. 
Max Young, Mora, Minn. 
Albert Milbrandt, Bellingham, Minn. 
Herman E. Lehwald, 767 isth Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Louis H. Kleist, Jr., 1066 Richards St., Milwaukee, 

George Troppman, 604 Wilson St., Winona, Minn. 



Elmer R. Sievert, Corp., Hartland, Wis. 

Afhanaseos Leakakos, 6oi South East St., Oak Park. 

Jacob P. Jensen, Askov, Minn. 

Albert L. Johnson, Surte Glassworks,, Sweden. 

William A. Raduenz, 1314 Monroe Ave., South Milwau- 
kee, Wis. 

Nick N. Kubic, 1223 S. Peoria St., Chicago. 

Elmer Ostermeyer, 6357 S. Rockwell St., Chicago. 

Leo L. Zenk, 473 Washington St., Winona, Minn. 

Charles A. McBride, Corp., Henry. 

Warren E. Smith, R. D. i. Clam Falls, Wis. 

Reinhert J. Pabian, 1328 S. nth St., Manitowoc, Wis. 

Fred H. Saupe, R. D. i. Box 2, Red Wing, Minn. 

Carl O. Mangerson, 138 S. Brown St., Rhinelander, 

Joseph A. Smith, 2196 Charles St., St. Paul, Minn. 

Edmund E. Holmgren, Box 58, Chicago City, Minn. 

Simon R. Haldorson, R. D. i, Hersey, Wis. 

Jesse L. Pearson, Corp., Stockton. 

Thomas W. Barker, R. D. i, Box 5, Wilton, Minn. 

Laurence Liskowitz, 30 E. 10th St., Fond du Lac, Wis. 

Julius T. Miller, R. D. 5, Kewaskum, Wis. 

Otto J. Norris, R. D. 3, Manston, Wis. 

Peter Thompson, 710 S. Dakota St., Rochester, Minn. 

Irvin Stellrecht, R. D. 3, Spooner, Wis. 

Roger J. Moore, R. D. i. Box 44, Madison, Wis. 

Waclaw Nowakowski, Corp., 8237 Commercial Ave., 

Charles Szedziewski, 628 1st Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Arthur Preuss, Box 54, Elroy, Wis. 

Melvin Matson, Deerfield, Wis. 

Arthur D. Miller, R. D. 2, Bangor, Wis. 

Leonard J. Ne.wlun, Kindall, Wis. 

John W. McKinley, R. D. 4, Box 30, Elizabeth. 

Victor Wanstrom, 1222 3rd Ave., Moline. 

Rhinard Jesse, Corp., R. D. 2, Marion, Wis. 

Eddie M. Peterson, Box 8, Mindoro, Wis. 

Robert H. Martin, Rodden. 

Henry Norder, 152 East St., Monroe, Wis. 

(iustave H. Preuss, R. D. i. Box 92, Elroy, Wis. 

Iscar Rude, R. D. 4, Box 33, Pine Island, Minn. 

Cecil F. Walker, R. D. 3, Box 27, Carthage. 

Floyd Renburg, Boxholm, Iowa. 

Thomas B. Whissel, Corp., R. D. 3, Station "F," Min- 
neapolis, Minn. 

Henry R. Buss, Sgt., 659 Story St., Appleton, Wis. 

Richard J. Helf, Sgf., 10th St., South Kaukauna, Wis. 

Paul W. Krueger, Sgt., Dale, Wis. 

Daniel L. Shallow, 3759 Emerald Ave., Chicago. 

Bryan J. Sexton, R. D. 28, Ottawa. 

Carl A. Anderson, 3300 46th Ave., S., Minneapolis, 

Julius Grabow, 1717 Zinc St., La Salle. 
John E. Horton, 103 North Ave., Beloit, Wis. 
Arthur Johnson, R. D. 2, West Bend, Wis. 
John J. Kirby, Corp., 3750 Emerald Ave., Chicago. 
Charles E. Knautz, R. D. 2, Galena. 
Andrew Sniegocki, 8378 Barker Ave., Chicago. 
Henry W. Witt, R. D. 4, Box 19, Montello, Wis. 
Harry E. Mishler, Fall River, Wis. 
Jens Danielsen, Box 126, Ivanhoe, Minn. 
Joseph Chesney, 2830 Crawford Ave., Chicago. 
Daniel Randecker, R. D. i, Pleasant Valley. 
Edgar Haskett, Corp., Zearing. 
Fred W. Lobitz, Chaska, Minn. 
Hans Halderson, Box 29, Hersey, Wis. 
John S. Kline,, R. D. i, Albany. 
Jesse C. Walls, South Haven, Minn. 
Robert C. Laon, 1710 E. 24th St., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Melville Ingham, Box 204, Turtle Lake, Wis. 
Charles C. Hoppe, R. D. i, Warsaw. 
Walter Kuenxel, Corp., 55 S. Western Ave., Chicago. 
Elias Morrison, 412 S. Wells St., Chicago. 
Fred Kleinschmidt, R. D. 2, Marshall, Wis. 
Edward Nelson, R. D. 2, Madison, Wis. 
Theodore Morkofski, 161 1 Minnesota St., Oshkosh, Wis. 
Cornelius Wiens, R. D. i, Box 30, Bingham Lake, 

John R. Kennedy, R. D. i, St. Peter, Minn. 
Arthur A. Zelmer, R. D. 2, .Box 15, Montello, Wis. 
George Schwebke, Corp., R. D. 2, Garden Prairie. 
Frank A. Dietrich, R. D. 5, Box 28, Montello, Wis. 
Louis KoppeJ, Detroit, Minn. 
Henry Wuest, Box 486, Anoka, Minn. 
John B. Kane, Andalusia. 
John G. Damhoff, Morrison. 
Carl J. Swanson, R. D. 2, Pennock, Minn. 
Evo V. Steenberg, R. D. 2, Jasper, Minn. 

Albert Shermak, Corp., 1318 E. 53rd St., Chicag-o. 

Paul Sonnenberg, 33 5th St., Fond du Lac, Wis. 

William G. Rose, Loraine, Wis. 

Joseph Schreiber, Madelia, Minn. 

Guy H. Anderson, New Boston. 

Jule E. Fenske, R. D. 3, Box 89, Montello, Wis. 

Alfred Wulf, R. D. 2, St. Croix Falls, Wis. 

Hillard R. Russell, 430 Franklin St., Appleton, Wis. 

Henry P. George, Corp., 2428 7th St., Peru. 

David F. Haney, Westfield, Wis. 

John Waznonis, 315 Wall St., Rockford. 

liennis Dick, R. D. 3, Box 19 A, Neshkoro, Wis. 

Fred S. Lampman, R. D. 10, DeForest, Wis. 

Joe Migliore, 1027 Cunningham St., Rockford. 

Joseph O'Neil, R. D. 4, Dwight. 

William Bobian, 1122 8th St., Rockford. 

Louis Reno, Corp., Chapin, Iowa. 

Otto F. Maas, Corp., 2316 Galena St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

James A. P. Miller, Hortonville, Wis. 

Wilber Hoier, Sgt., R. D. 12, Box 38, Hortonville, Wis. 

August Carnot, Sgt., Kaukauna, Wis. 

r>ester Mettille, Morris, Manitoba, Can. 

Martin E. Larson, R. D. i, McFarland, Wis. 

Martin N. Gilstad, R. D. 5, Box 14, Alexandria, Minn. 

Otto F. Seekel, Cross Lake, Minn. 

Adolph J. Eklund, R. D. i, Ada, Minn. 

Carl Hagen, Flom, Minn. 

Henry P. Engel, Shawno, Wis. 

Franii J. Nickels, R. D. i, Richwood, Wis. 

George De Smet, 573 W. 5th St., St. Charles. 

Olie S., Wilton, Minn. 

Thaddeus Diedrich, Hillman, Minn. 

Andrew Pearson, 3447 Colfax Ave., N., Minneapolis, 

I>eo P. Crennen, Musselshell, Mont. 

Albert Gilstad, Black Duck, Minn. 

Felix F. Klimek, Corp., 1639 Crosat St., La Salle. 

Wm. F. Lindert, R. D. 2, Juneau, Wis. 

Leonard Ingvaldson, 217 3rd St., N., Montivedi'o, Minn. 
William Chimsky, 80 Throop Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Elias F. Plath, 1004 Lisbon St., Watertown, Wis. 

Raymond J. Reck, IJangor, Wis. 
Oliver Kasperson, Delavan, Minn. 

Ernest Carlson, 2848 44th Ave., S. E., Minneapolis, 

Elmer H. Gabbert, Corp., Box 146, Shakopee, Minn. 

William H. Dunst, R. D. 4, Bend, Wis. 

Helmer Lee, Brook Park, Minn. 

Charles L. Lee, 907 ist Ave., Lock Falls. 

Carl R. Peterson, 3833 14th Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Julius F. Just, Corp., 2105 Cherry St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Edgar U. Rendahl, R. D. 2, Box 25, DeForest, Wis. L. Daye, Westfield, Wis. 

Paul R. Lamka, Corp., 2533 N. Francisco St., Chicago. 

Theo L. Schaller, Beacon Ave., New London, Wis. 

Casmir TetzlafT, Princeton, Wis. 

Michael J. Motl, R. D. 2, Box 33, Juneau, Wis. 

William C. Lepple, Horicon, Wis. 

Harry H. Pickhard, R. D. 2, Richfoeld, Wis. 

Phillip Highum, Sacred Heart, Minn. 

Frank J. Gregor, 222 W. School St., Owatonna, Minn. 

Robert D. Smith, R. D. 4, Blue Earth, Minn. 

August Henke, R. D. 4, Box 59, Aldmond, Wis. 

Richard Pete, Erie, Mich. 

Sigurd Nygaard, 7th St., North Hudson, Wis. 

Sam Friedberg, 1437 S. Spaulding Ave., Chicago. 

Charles H. Pott, Juneau, Wis. 

Frank W. Olsen, 87 Boyd St., Oshkosh, Wis. 

Herman A. Pott, Route 2, Box 27, Zobieski, Wis. 

James Burns, Corp., 58 Kidder St., Little Falls, Minn. 

Jacob Pilsner, R. D. 2, Crowns Corner, Wis. 

Lyle E. Collison, Box 290, Elmore, Minn. 

Herbert Carlson, Box 71, Hawley, Minn. 

Henry O. Wenzel, Water St., Chippewa Falls, Wis. 

Halton G. Davis, Burlington. 

Arthur L. Anderson, 1127 Washington St., N. E., 

Minneapolis, Minn. 
William J. Senn, 710 N. 9th St., Braine.rd, Minn. 
Milton J. Fagan, Corp., Bridgeport, Wis. 
John T. Krueger, 1345 St. Vincent Ave., La Salle. 
Raymond A. .Bentz, Sgt., 949 Prospect St., Appleton, 

Alfred Tauferner, Sgt., Tigerton, Wis. 
Fred C. Miller, Sgt., R. D. 2, Tigerton, Wis. 
Hubert Mullen, R. D. 6, Alexander, Minn. 
Emil Nelson, R. D. 4, West Brainerd, Minn. 
Frank J. Fenney, 307 W. 15th St., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Earnest Unger, 255 W. Winnifred Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 



Albert F. Boelk, Waltham, Minn. 

Arthur Swanson, 1707 E. Jefferson St., Duluth, Minn. 

Elmer N. Anderson, Corp., 2107 Chicago Ave., Minne- 
apolis, Minn. 

Arthur Annala, R. D. 4, Box 122, Annandale, Minn. 

Paul J. Callahan, Montello, Wis. 

Henry E. Mason, 2328 Sheridan Ave., N., Minneap- 
olis, Minn. 

William A. Manthie, 3609 Snelling Ave., Minneapolis, 

Carl R. Nelson, Box 14, Rollag, Minn. 

Henry T. We^nkauf, R. D. 3, Amboy, Minn. 

Walter Eggleston, Montello, Wis. 

Leo F. Plum, Corp., 1107 Bruce St., Rockford. 

Raymond A. King, Box 224, Moline. 

Alvin W. Koester, Northfield, Minn. 

Axel J. Larson, R. D. i, McFarland, Wis. 

George M. Prittie, 23251/^ ibth St., Moline. 

Joseph LeMere, 144% S. Brown St., Rhinelander, Wis. 

John M. Moore, 1513 N. Ashland Ave., Chicago. 

John W. Niedfeldt, Box 122, West Salem, Wis. 

Archie G. Young, Corp., Cumberland, Wis. 

Leslie Ogle, 3446 Colfax Ave., N., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Edgar E. Stump, 1418 S. Illinois St., Streater. 

John O. Younger, Box 26, Dover, Minn. 

Einer A. Arneson, Box 376, Mott, N. D. 

John T. Johnson, R. D. 5, Greenwood, Wis. 

Lester Kaneen, 335 Somerset St., St. Paul Minn. 

Edward Morton, 4627 McKissock Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 

John L. Jarchow, Corp., R. D. 30, Schiocton, Wis. 

John E. Gruhlke, R. D; 2, Box 39, Zumbo Falls, Minn. 

John Douros, 64 W. Elm St., Chicago. 

Ralph H. Sanders, Alberta, Minn. 

Peter Peterson, R. D. 12, Box 50, Monterey, Minn. 

Anthony Waichulioes, 1009 Market St., DeKalb. 

Stephen Snell, 520 N. 9th St., Brainerd, Minn. 

Emil Polinski, R. D. 3, Neshkoro, Wis. 

Henry H. Peterson, Corp., Little Falls, Minn. 

Henry Trettin, Box 252, Kaukauna, Wis. 

Alex Tarnowski, Corp., 108 E. 8th St., Duluth, Minn. 

George F. Heller, 2242 N. Church St., Beloit, Wis. 

Ira Lunde, R. D. 2, Box 6, Stoughton, Wis. 

Joseph Kanka, 935 N. Western Ave., Chicago. 

Florent Gelinne, 10 E. Harvey St., Rhinelander, Wis. 

Oscar Johnson, Cambridge, Wis. 

Alvin T. Simonson, 1301 N. 44th Ave., Minneapolis, 

Edward G. Lehman, Corp., 229 S. Elm St., Fairmont, 

Stanislaw Zurawski, 1208 5th Ave., N. E., Little Falls, 

Lyder O. Evammen, Deerfield, Wis. 
Henry Gunderson, R. D. 2, Box 43, Elevia, Wis. 
William Misegades, 212 Green St., Waterfown, Wis. 
Marcus J. Gunderson, Elmdale, Minn. 
Alfred A. Plantikow, R. D. 28, Box 48, Oakf^eld, Wis. 
Claude A. Ott, Corp., 2415 Colfax Ave,, Minneapolis, 

Mike F. Stalke, 866 E. King St., Winona, Minn. 
Patrick McHugh, Sgt., Schioeton, Wis. 
Joseph Leskowski, 155 S. Empere St., Wilkesbarre, Pa. 


Robert R. McCoy, ist Lt., 370 E. 58th St., Chicago. 
Harry C. Abbott, ist Lt., 3725 Canyon St., Oakland, 

Frank .Behrendt, ist Sgt., 808 Wells St., Marinette, 

Bernard Hanson, Mess Sgt., 711 Fisher Ave., Superior, 

John W. Hoehle, Sup. Sgt., 2004 Hughitt Ave., Su- 
perior, Wis. 
Richard Kuehlthau, Sgt., 1115 Baxter Ave., Superior, 

Joseph J. Punt, Sgt., 9 A-Hairn Breda, Holland. 
Fred M. Praxel, 514 E. 3rd St., Winona, Minn. 
Martin C. Abrahamson, Gatzke, Minn. 
Chris Peterson, Box 292, Sleepy Eye, Minn. 
Rudolph Frank, 1329 ist St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Clarence Torkelson, R. D. 2, Lamberton, Minn. 
Gust G. Bourtzos, Mantherea, Greece. 
Andrew Pete.rson (1), 1557 3rd Ave. S. W., Milwau 

kee. Wis. 
Gustave A. Stolp, R. D. 3, Westfield, Wis. 
Matcusz Pykosz, 2737 27 E. Fall St., Niagara Falls, 

N. Y. 
Thomas Jerona, 443 Gilman St., Madison, Wis. 
George A. Nessly, R. D. 3, Kasson, Minn. 
Howard Winter, R. D. 2, Horicon, Wis. 
Alex Ciswskie, 249 W. One St., Stevens Point, Wis. 
Thomas M. Wren, 541 W. 42nd Place, Chicago. 
Frank A. Binczak, 994 Weil St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
William Morgan, Corp., Grand Marsh, Wis. 
Ernest A. Carleen, R. D. 3, Red Wing, Minn. 
Paul W. Petri, Bug., Loomis, Wis. 
Emil Karkut, 1129 N. Pierce St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Alfred Johnson, 447 Fletcher St., Tonawanda, N. Y. 
Mike J. Novak (i), 922 Swift Ave., Sheboygan, Wis. 
Frank B. Gazecki, 108 Madison St., Menasha, Wis. 
Homer S. Hess, Box 15, Wedron. 
John Glasbrenner, 3328 30th Ave. S., Minneapolis, 

Alex Lehti (i), 11 02 8th St., Racine, Wis. 
Peter Fisch, Freeburg, Minn. 

Roland Abrahamson, 1107 Scott St., Davenport, Iowa. 
Frederick Schneider, Westbrook, Minn. 
John Tessler, 6334 S. Marshiield Ave., Chicago. 
Alfred Wickstrom, 315 6th St., Cloquet, Minn. 
Michael Klein, 1006 Bates St. S. E., Grand Rapids, 

William N. Jocoway, R. D. 3, Box 6, Rush City, Minn. 
Marcus F. Prentice, Box 14, Utica. 

John F. Cooney (i), 61 16 Eastern Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 
Giovanni Falco, 730 St. Paul Ave.., Beloit, Wis. 
George Roderwald, 1930 N. Halsted St., Chicago. 
Iver D. Simons, 504 S. Main St., Rice Lake, Wis. 

Darwin L. Hambrecht, R. D. i, Box 65, Middleton, 

Alfred Miller, Box 45, Iron Ridge, Wis. 

Herman C. Krueger, R. D. 2, Box 69, Clintonville, 

Edward T. Mikkelson, R. D. i, Chetek, Wis. 

George Y. Downing, 24th St. & 31st Ave., Rock 

Alfred Luchterhand, R. D. 3, Box 155, Greenwood, 

Selmer M. Drolsum, Cook, 318 6th St., Cloquet, Minn. 

James M. Moriarity, R. D. 12, Box 113, Wauwatosa, 

Reinhold E. Pohl, R. D. 1, Westfield, Wis. 

Arthur R. Ronke, R. D. i. Box 47, Cataract, Wis. 

Elmer Tollefsrud, Orfordville, Wis. 

Robert Kaeppel, 774 63rd Ave. N., West Allis, Wis. 

Norman Larson, R. D. 7, Faribault, Minn. 

Eddy Baillergeon (i), 717 17th Ave. S. E., Minne- 
apolis, Minn. 

Albert Carlson, Mech., 520 John Ave., Superior, Wis. 

Henry W. Townsend, 409 Oak St., Stoughton, Wis. 

Herman E. Ploenzke, R. D. 4, Box 55, Westiield, Wis. 

John A. Sieginski, R. D. 3, Box 84, Thorpe,, Wis. 

Richard E. Ardelt, Milwaukee St., Whitewater, Wis. 

Jack Koratzky, 2247 Thomas St., Chicago. 

Anthony H. Sableski, Box 275, Butternut, Wis. 

Frederick LaHaie, Bug., 1844 Division St., Marinette, 

Philip A. Russell, Corp., 144 McKee St., Batavia. 

Frank T. Hardy, Corp., R. D. i. Box 29, North Free- 
dom, Wis. 

Edward I. White, Sgt., Shullsburg, Wis. 

Cyriel Lambrecht, 421 18 12th Ave., Moline. 

Sven Magnuson, Box 826, Anoka, Minn. 

Gaetano Orlandini, Box 211, Oglesby, Minn. 

Samuel A. Zook, R. D. 5, Morrison. 

Albert F. Zuhlke, R. D. 1, Montello, Wis. 

Theodore Shager, Corp., R. D. i, South Wayne, Wis. 

Charley W. Spriggs, R. D. i, Lismore, Minn. 

Peter Kiener, Cook, Albany, Minn. 

Walter Clemmer, 201 8th Ave. N., St. Cloud, Minn. 

Louis P. Tronsdal, 2031 W. 4th St., Duluth, Minn. 

Carl O. Albertson, 4019 W. sth St., Duluth, Minn. 

James E. Sheehan, 522 N. sth St., Mankato, Minn. 

Frank F. Johnson, 21 S. 56th Ave. W., Duluth, Minn. 

Robert A. Semrow, R. D. s, Appleton, Wis. 

Harvey Sands, Corp., 1068 S. Seminary St., Gales- 

Kjeld T. Kjeldsen, Mansfield, Wash. 

Ole Jonland, Mech., Holdende, Iguldalen, Norway. 

Richard Wesley, 632 Door Ave., Rhinelander, Wis. 

Roy F. Byers, Oxford, Wis. 



Erwin E. Roebke, R. D. i, Box 46, Camp Douglas, 

Lem K. McAlister, Box 157, Williamsport, Ind. 

France A. Sandell, R. D. 2, Gardner, N. D. 

Peter O. Rud, R. D. 4, Cambridge,, Wis. 

Andrew Johnson (1), 16 Forest St., Bellows Falls, 

Emil H. Schreier, R. D. 3, Hartford, Wis. 

Harvey G. Willet, 88 Monroe Ave., Dixon. 

Edgar G. Wendt, Split Rock, Wis. 

Herbert P. Dahl, 116 Lynn St., Watertown, Wis. 

Herman Schmidt, Box 113, Graceton, Minn. 

Paul L. Peltier, 68 W. Indiana Ave., Chicago. 

John M. Schmitz, Waunakee, Wis. 

Walker C. Sampson, 208 S. Lynn St., Stoughton, Wis. 

Fred W. Saniter (i), 54 Locust St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Werner C. Meihak, R. D. 5, Neillsville, Wis. 

Otto A. Roegline, R. D. 2, Bangor, Wis. 

Opal H. Shepherd, Christopher, 111. 

Frank A. Stark, Svennevad, Sweden. 

Alfred Ruud, 1630 Liberty St., LaCrosse, Wis. 

Leonard Rolf son, R. D. i, Rubison, Wis. 

Herman Holmgren, May Mount, Sask., Canada. 

Frederick Schultz, R. D. i, Genoa, Wis. 

Clint Buskles (i), Viroqua, Wis. 

John E. Carlson, Cross Lake, Minn. 

Arthur Petterson, R. D. 5, St. James, Minn. 

Joseph Birkeland, Shelly, Minn. 

Walter Scharzley, 910 Van Buren St., Belvidere. 

Joseph W. Rogers, R. D. i, Mahnomen, Minn. 

Clififord W. Rice, Oconto Falls, Wis. 

Mirko Sucec (i), 1808 S. Ashland Ave., Chicago. 

Walter Raven, R. D. 3, Barron, Wis. 

Arthur Newberg, Box 752, Rice Lake, Wis. 

Joseph Florian, 2356 Blue Island Ave., Chicago. 

John Schmitz, Bangor, Wis. 

Julius Rojemann, R. I), i. East Dubuque. 

Peter E. Hansen, Richfoeld, Minn. 

Theodore F. Praitenlachner, 3247 N. Oakley Ave., Chi- 

Thomas R. Cullen, Sgt., Gratiot, Wis. 

James A. Mojiarity, Sgt., Flat No. 10, Osborn Bldg., 
Duluth, Minn. 

Arthur M. Anderson, Sgt., 1614 Maryland Ave., Su- 
perior, Wis. 

William A. Hunt, R. D. i, Turtle River, Minn. 

Peter Sadowsky, 53 E. Water St., St. Paul, Minn. 

Henry E. Dumont, Jericho Road, Aurora. 

Chrystal Witzel, Box 207, Ashton. 

Victor L. Levin (i). Hotel Holland, Duluth, Minn. 

Paul J. Bjerken, 3421 17th Ave. S., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Otis M. Wiles, Corp., 3678 2nd Ave., Los Angeles, 

Gust A. Carlson, R. D. i. Box 118, Braham, Minn. 

LeRoy Fox, 605 E. soth Place, Chicago. 

Charles H. Dorn, 319 S. Broadway, New Ulm, Minn. 

Gilbert Borslien, R. D. i, Erskine, Minn. 

Otto C. Stark, R. D. i, Sun Prairie, Wis. 

Gottfred Johnson, 2521 Quincy St., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Walter J. Schwenkner, Box 23, Rudolph, Wis. 

Perry B. Olson, R. D. 25, Box 30, Beloit, Wis. 

Charles Reichert (i), 1325 DuFont Ave., Minneapolis, 

Carl E. Carlson, R. D. i, Braham, Minn. 

Gust Smugdin, 3261 S. Halsfed St., Chicago. 

Cecil E. Hovey, 116 N. 4th St., Aurora. 

Francis J. Skala, Box 49, Marshall, Wis. 

William A. Seelow, R. D. i. Cottage Grove, Wis. 

Adolph J. Wildman, R. D. 4, Box 71, Antigo, Wis. 

George Solverson, R. D. i, Rubicon, Wis. 

Benjamin Christianson, R. D. 1, Knapp, Wis. 

Bennie Splett, Corp., Lamberton, Minn. 

Fred G. Belowske, Carbon Cliff. 

William N. Saterbo, 105 2nd St., Austin, Minn. 

David Elving, Tyler, Minn. 

Herman Stabenau, R. D. 3, New Lisbon, Wis. 

Henry Schroer, St. Joseph, Wis. 

Arthur A. Siebel, Box 4, Richwood, Wis. 

Christ O. Sandwick (i), 1206 E. 3rd St., Duluth, 

John M. Skaar, DeForest, Wis. 

Hugo J. Fritz, 88s Denny St., St. Paul, Minn. 

Maurice Sandberg, R. D. 2, Box 59, Maynard, Minn. 

Mareseo Brama, 706 5th St. N. E., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Ehno Tiddens, 315 Procter St., Peoria. 

Clarence Blomquist, 3909 Ellicott Ave., Minneapolis, 

Harry M. O'Connell, 90 Wilkin St., St. Paul, Minn. 

John W. Miller (i), 734 i8th Ave., Molina. 

Herman Piringer, 719 Edmund St., St. Paul, Minn. 
Arthur C. Gansbeig, North sth Ave., LaGrange. 
Edward Zimmerman, 1207 W. 5th St., Winona, Minn. 
David F. Edgar, Cook, Bagley, Minn. 
Albert Moen, Mech., R. D. i, Prairie Farm, Wis. 
Elme.r E. Lindeman (i), 2110 W. Girard Ave., Minne- 
apolis, Minn. 
Gunnar Skaaland, R. D. 2, Stoughton, Wis. 
Julius T. Se.nft, R. D. 27, Box 87, Rio, Wis. 
Albert R. Sanden, 933 Labree Ave. N., Thief River 

Falls, Minn. 
Francis L. Smith, Box 235, Lodi, Wis. 
John Wajciechawski, 8731 Burley Ave., Chicago. 
Ralph T. Wohlers, 504 Orleans St., St. Paul, Minn. 
Reinhardt Stein, Corp., 76 S. River St., Aurora. 
Frank J. Cihlar, Rhinelander, Wis. 
Harry J. Hanson, Corp., I'eshtigo, Wis. 
Walter Walczak, Corp., 8736 Escanaba Ave., Chicago. 
Frank Brown, Jr., Sgt., 1136 Garfield Ave., Marinette, 

Ray Forrest, Staples, Minn. 

Michael Stirn, 2315 S. Washtenaw Ave., Chicago. 
William Wendlandt, 424 E. 7th St., Duluth, Minn. 
Andrew Soride, Concordia College, Moorhead, Minn. 
John M. Koll, Richmond, Minn. 
John DeSutter, R. D. 4, Box loi, Freeport. 
Harry P. Miller (1), R. D. 14, Tonica. 
Alfred J. Lamecker, 900-4 S. Franklin St., New Ulm, 

Corad L. Precour, 224 High St., Oshkosh, Wis. 
Gust E. Anderson, R. D. i, Onamia, Minn. 
Charles Weisenritter, 251 1 Emerald Ave., Chicago. 
Paul H. Eichstcadt, R. D. 4, Box 45, Westfield, Wis. 
Carl A. Miller, Dallas, Wis. 
Carl M. Wethal, R. D. 3, Brooklyn, Wis. 
Joe Rust, R. D. i. Box 82, Barron, Vv'is. 
Vincent Tomaszewski (i), 936 W. 3rd St., Chicago. I 

George O. Uebel, Juneau, Wis. 
Gordon C. Robinson, 3201 2nd Ave. S., Minneapolis, 

Herman E. Carlson, Box 91, Waite Park, Minn. 
Alois Vogds, Marytown, Wis. 

Franklin J. Eliason, 1828 8th Ave. N., Moorhead, Minn. 
Axel R. Anderson, 1706 25th Ave. N., Minneapolis, 

Roy J. Rheaume, 910 Arbutus St., Rhinelander, Wis. 
Herbert Stuhlmiller, Box 202, Sun Prairie, Wis. 
Carl E. Erickson (i), Mapleton, Wis. 
Christian llauger, R. D. 2, Rothsay, Minn. 
Louis J. Befort (i), R. D. i, Box 5, Mazeppa, Minn. 
Adolph Visaas, 709 Summit Ave., Stoughton, Wis. 
Harvey G. Wegner, 135 Central Ave., Fond du Lac, 

John Giese, Bulah, Wis. 

Anton Thompson, R. D. i, Mazeppa, Minn. 
Walter E. Stelse, Box 207, Lake Mills, Wis. 
Meinrad McDonell, Corp., 1907 W. 3rd St., Duluth, 

William Johnson, R. D. 4, Box 41, Atwater, Minn. 
Oscar L. Knutson, R. D. 2, Fairfax, Minn. 
Ovid Tunks, Box 38, Elroy, Wis. 

Emery C. Curtis, 202 Water St., Webster City, Iowa. 
Bert W. Southern, R. D. i, Mauston, Wis. 
Leo Theisen, R. D. 4, Antigo, Wis. 
Walter Waldschmidt, R. D. 41, Calvary, Wis. 
Louis A. Zuchowski (i), 8218 Brandon Ave., Chicago. 
Alphonse Gervais, 220 8th St., Fargo, N. D. 
Christopher Kjolstad, R. D. i, Hanska, Minn. 
Olaf A. Olson, Poplar, Wis. 
Charles J. King, Beardsley, Minn. 

Harry Wade, 1333 Howard St., San Francisco, Cal. 
Carl E. Grabman, R. D., 5, Portage, Wis. 
Kenneth Tompkins, Owen, Wis. 
Randolph A. Rehrauer, (i), 2009 Washington St., Two 

Rivers, Wis. 
Edwin Stryzewski, 285 Elm St., Oshkosh, Wis. 
Axel Arvilla, Buyck, Minn. 
Joseph Valenta, R. D. 6, Rice Lake, Wis. 
Herbert Wallin, 1024 2nd Ave., Rockford. 
Peter H. Schesvold, R. D. 4, Box 12, Rice I^ake, 

Gust J. Koch, SI I sth St., Moline. 
Thomas P. Staloch, R. D. 4, Wells, Minn. 
Raymond J. Rihl, Belle Plaine, Minn. 
Per Emil Lovgren, R. D. s, We,st Concord, Minn. 
Frank H. Topel, Sgt., 24 Dickenson St., Trenton, 

N. J. 
Iver Brekken, Corp., Granite Falls, Minn. 




Walter A. Scott, Capt., 109 Maple Ave., St. Johns, 

Harold L. Ross, Capt., 81 E. Commerce St., Bridge- 
ton, N. J. 
Roy T. Marshall, ist Lt., 405 Earl St., Columbus, 

Watson E. Deakyne, ist Lt., Fortville, Ind. *, . 

William M. McGuire, 1st Lt. & Chap., Hox 365, Mon- 

son, Mass. 
Floyd G. Reed, ist Lt., Hensonville, Greene Co., N. Y. 
Walter W. Coen, ist Lt., 3159 Beechwood Blvd., 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Matthew J. Waldron, Sgt (i), Glencoe, Minn. 
Even Evenson, Sgt., 1048 Lawlar Ave., Chicago. 
Walter G. Anderson, 213 S. Maple. St., Marshfield, 

Arthur C. Bjorklund, R. D. 4, Box 23, Wheaton, Minn. 
Percy L. Button (i), 512 Randall St., Eau Slaire, Wis. 
Orin W. Esslinger, Surg. Asst., Sheffield, Iowa. 
John W. Dornbach, 910 W. 28th St., Minneapolis, 

Charles E. Harris, R. D. i, Hewitt, Minn. 
Carl A. Mackh, 612 Douglas Ave., Elgin. 
Ernest C. Priestap, 1249 Troy St., Chicago. 
Milo B. Moody (i), R. D. 8, Danforth, Me. 
Richard J. Smith (i), 3850 Wabansia Ave., Chicago. 
Charles F. Weid, 1620 Westminster Ave., St. Paul, 

Harry D. White (i), 5504 Greenwood Ave,, Chicago. 
Alfred C. Janecky, Sgt., Hutchinson, Minn. 
Elmer J. Boll (i), 509 Edison St., Antigo, Wis. 
Paul ri. Giblin, Surg. Asst., Parnell, Iowa. 
Stephen P. Gyland (i), R. D. 2, Westby, Wis. 
Thomas J. Mulvihill (i), 6705 S. Halsted St., Chicago. 
Arnold C. Sell (i), 312 E. Washington St., Wausau, 

Philip Abrahams (i). Oblong. 

Archie J. Anderson, 515 Steuben St., Wausau, Wis. 
Ross I. Baker, Aitkin, Minn. 

Joseph S. Benish, Milladore, Wis. 

Bernard J. Friedl, 211 3rd St., Wausau, Wis. 

Henry J. . Godwin, 6922 Stewart Ave., Chicago. 

Louis E. Hazen, R. D. 5, Toulon. 

William Kleinheinz (i), 430 N. Warren Ave., Madi- 
son, Wis. 

Clement R. Backworthy, 490 S. River St., Appleton, 

Arthur R. Meyer, 746 Mitchell St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Winfield S. McMaster, Box 368, Wakefield, Neb. 

Martin Raaen, R. D. i. Box 67, Audubon, Minn. 

Leander L. Ringle, 108 Grand Ave., Wausau, Wis. 

Albert J. Scharmer, 706 Forest St., Wausau, Wis. 

John A. Sell, 1012 Washington St., Wausau, Wis. 

Herbert Villmow, 710 Booth St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Ben N. Zak (i), Brozowa, Poland, Russia. 

William H. Maddox, Capt., 141 Chestnut St., Waus- 
eon, Ohio. 

Guy E. Krolick, Capt., 1373 W. Chicago Ave., Chi- 

Gerald H. Persem, Sgt., 2523 Montgomery St., St. 
Louis, Mo. 

William J. Brennan, Corp., Thomaston, Me. 

Leonard A. Berg (i), Barron, Wis. 

Ray H. Carpenter (i). Maiden Rock, Wis. 

Ben M. Cohen, 1923 S. Aldrich Ave,, Minneapolis, 

Frank J. Dedic, Surg. Asst., 3519 W. 28th St., Chi- 

Harvey O. Gray (i), Oregon, Wis. 

John Horowicz, 858 N. Marshfield Ave., Chicago. 

Stanley F. Kozlowski, 3005 N. Kimball Ave., Chicago. 

Joseph T. LaPointe, Dayton, Minn. 

Arthur A. Lasch, 420 Lawrence St., Xew London, W's. 

William M. Roszkowski, 1634 N. Hermitage Ave., Chi- 

Walter A. Stefans, 733 Fairview Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 

Joseph A. Trandel, 1333 Julian St., Chicago. 

Formerly Companies B and C, 341st Infantry. 



Commanding 342nd Infantry. 



Charles E. Stodter, Col. 313 John St., Rockford. 
Theodore F. Fieker, Capt., 331 Orient St., Carlinville. 
Harold G. Aperling, Capt., 816 Montrose Ave. Chicago. 
Myron S. Stevens, Capt., 42 Franklin St., Greenfield, 

Mass. ' 

Charles L. Darlington, Capt., Xenia, O. 
Abner J. Stihvell, Capt., 4619 Washington Blvd., St. 

Louis, Mo. 
Charles F. Dyer, ist Lt., 845 E. Benn St., Hcopeston. 
Fred R. Gamble, ist Lt., 122 E. Church St., Kewanee. 
John E. Sheridan, 1st Lt., 265 E. Jackson St., Janesville, 


Howard C. Hohmann, ist Lt., 3302 Fullerton Ave., Chi- 

Fanshawe M. Keyes, 2d Lt., 422 Hamilton St., Evanston. 

John C. Knoche, ist Lt., Onarga. 

Henry C. Chase, 2d Lt., 143 N. Prospect St., Rockford. 

Ralph R. Weismiller, ist Lt. and Chap., 916 N. 49th 
St., Seattle, Wash. 

Chester E. Jenney, ist Lt. and Chap., 154 State St., 
Windsor. \'t. 

William F. Coleman, ist Lt. and Chap., Blue JIarth, 


Karl L. Lyons, Capt., loio S. 2d St., Springfield. 
Robert T. Peters, ist Lt., 122 E. Hewitt Ave., Marquette, 

Chester A. Longwell, ist Lt., 2814 East St., Pittsburgh, 

John G. Ruckel, 2d Lt., 848 S. Glenwood Ave., Spring- 
Charles C. Colless, 2d Lt., Harrisburg. 
Edward R. Moran, 2d Lt., 745 Monadnock BIdg., San 

Francisco, Cal. 
Clarence A. Beutel, Reg. Sgt. Maj., 4019 Armitage Ave., 

Joseph J. Keller, Reg. Sgt. Maj., 2141 Cumberland St., 

Manley Stegeman, Bn. Sgt. Maj., R. D. 10, Holland, 

Raymond W. Sheets, Bn. Sgt. Maj., 113 Lawn PI., 

George A. Burney, Bn. Sgt. Maj., 5352 Ferdinand St., 

Walter F. Ostrowski, ist Sgt., 891 Orleans St., Detroit, 

Dudley Friedline, Asst. Bd. Ldr., 213 S. Peoria St., 

Robert H. Hoecker, Sgt. Bug., 107 E. 14th St., Chicago 

Tames Coyne, Col. Sgt., Savannah. 
Joseph Zuckerhandle, Col. Sgt., 24 Mangin St., New 

York, N. Y. 
Fay L. King, Bd. Sgt., 44 N. 4th St., Savannah. 
Carl L. Clink, Box 15, Amboy. 

Herbert Nicholas, Mus. (2), 8i6- E. Second St., Dixon. 
Paul H. Thew, Vernon Center, Minn. 
Earl ^L Pallett, Bd. Sgt., Fennimcre, Wis. 
Frederick Parliere, Mus. (i), 141 5 Superior Ave., 

Tomah, Wis. 
Norman C. Slaughter, Mus. (3), 930 6th St., Rochelle. 
Claude E. Vore, Mus. (3), Davis. 
August Anderson. Box 525, Litchfield, Minn. 
Ambrose B. Curtis, Box 25, Champlin, Minn. 
Lloyd W. Bates, Rushville. 
Nunzio Santini, Box 151, Hurley, Wis. 
Edwin R. DeLong, Bd. Corp., 223 Fairview St., Belvi- 

Fred J. Vaughan, Mus. (3), 515 Jackson Ave., Dixon. 
Edward C. Becking, Mus. (2), 319 N. Hoy St., Wcod- 

George W. Rogers, Mus. (4), 913 Lawrence Ave., Beloit, 

Chester L. Carnahan, Mus. (2), Compton. 
Alfred G. Hawbecker, Mus. (2), 324 N. Front St. Naper- 

Arthur G. Stume, Mus. (2), 226 N. Porter St., Elgin. 
Peter Kosinski, Mus. (3), 802 Lincoln Ave., Rockford. 
Carl T. Duesler, Bd. Corp., 1600 Center -Ave., Chicago 

James Sawyer, Mus. (3), 125 Harrison St., DeKalk. 
Roy R. Rew, Mus. (2), 1015 Metropoles St., Metropo- 

Allison W. Bradley, Mus. (2), 52 Arbor Ave., West 

Rudolph Studt, Mus. (3), 22 Lovell St., Elgin. 
George L. Hollinitsch, Enderlin, N. U. 
Henry C. Plane, Mus. (i), 206 Irvine St., Warren, Pa. 

Peter W. Adrick, Mus. (3), 122 Bennett St., Geneva. 

Harold R. Calvert, Mus. (3), Hanover. 

James L. Dunbat, 16 E. 15th St., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Lyle W. King, Mus. (3), 23 Diagonal St., Savanna. 

Peter Greco, 252 Hamilton St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Herbert L. Ruffing, Wells, Minn. 

Roy White Mus. (2), Warren. 

Robert J. Bentley, Mus. (3), 704 W. Pine St., Platte- 
ville. Wis. 

Tames M. Elliott, Bd. Corp., 4221 Berkley Ave., Chicago. 

Karl K. Holtgren, Mus. (3), Genoa. 

Walter A. Gralak, Mus. (3), 140 issth PI., West Ham- 
mond, Ind. 

Henry F. Dersenske, Mus. (3), 11 18 Center St., Chicago. 

Clifford H. Fiscus, Mus. (i). Box 374, Armour, S. D. 

John W. Wuerl. 2302 Galena St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Federico Gargani, Mus. (i), Ferentino, Prov. of Rome, 

Fred H. Bahlmann, Mus. (3), 69 S. Lincoln, Hinsdale. 

Edwin S. Hoyt, Mus. (3), Elburn. 

Clifton McCormick, Mus. (3), Carlisle, Ind. 

Glenn H. Rodorff, Bd. Sgt., 945 Grant Ave., Rockford. 

Howard J. Claxton, Bd. Sgt., Walta. 

Norman D. Birkland, Corp., 9220 Pleasant Ave., Chicago. 

James W. Grogan, Corp.. 5120 S. Aberdeen St., Chicago. 

John J. O'Connor, 227 Oak St., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Walter H. Krause, 10152 Vincennes Ave., Chicago. 

Carl G. G. Flood (i), 508 Washington St., Rockford. 

Charles Francombe, 1202 E. Union St., Marseilles. 

Louis Siskind, Sgt., 3126 Douglas Blvd., Chicago. 

Frederick G. Schmidt, Sgt., N. Lincoln St., Hinsdale. 

Floyd J. Healey, 87 Woodlawn Ave., Aurora. 

Hugh P. Thomas R. D. i, Faulkton, S. D. 

Leo W. Hayes. Sgt., 137 East St., Rockford. 

Edmund J. Clark, Corp., 1301 Kunnock St., Hender- 
son, Ky. 

Irving H. Goldenberg, Liberty ville. 

John E. Farrell, 4557 Prairie Ave., Chicago. 

George P. Bielstein, 5536 5th Ave., Chicago. 

Arthur E. Schelin, 1236 Laurel Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 

Leo N. McGlinn (i), 9919 Prospect Ave., Chicago. 

Edward A. Ballweber (i), 7540 Dante Ave., Chicago. 

William B. Joyce (i), 76 W. 2d St.. St. Charles. 

Martin H. Dahlgren (i), Cherry Valley. 

John L. Machen, Sgt., 309 Chicago Ave., Savanna. 

Frederick A. Chantrey, 124 Wisconsin Ave., Lake Forest. 

.'\ndrew Sims, Jr., Stab. Sgt., New Boston, Pa. 

Evar E. Haegg, Cook, 1215 3d Ave., Rockford. 

Irving E. Johnson, Cook, 1225 1 ith Ave., Rockford. 

Ernst Heinz 281 Ellen St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Albert Lindmeyer, 408 3d Ave. and 4th St., S. K., 
Minneapolis, Minn. 

Erick G. Beisner, R. D. 2, Dorchester, Wis. 

William Hildebrecht, 538 S. State St., Chicago. 

William S. Balz, 7534 Dante Ave., Chicago. 

Carl O. Johnson, Cook, 502 7th St., Rockford. 

Arthur E. Johnson, Mech., 620 15th St., Rockford. 

Ernest E. Lake, Hs., Gilford. 

Wilmer F. Larson, Mech., R. D. 4, Grand Rapids Wis. 

Zippieri Ernesta, Mech., 415 N. Madison St., Rockford. 

Arno J. Poepke, Birnamwcod, W'is. 

Raymond W. Swenson, Corp., 215 Pearl St., Rockford. 

Arthur C. Blaine, Sgt., 1319 Parmele St., Rockford. 

Berger D. Hogfeldt, Sup. Sgt., 1414 8th Ave., Rockford. 




John W. Gasman, Box 131, Washburn, Wis. 

Joseph S. Todd, 6732 Perry Ave., Chicago. 

Edward J. Gillen, R. R., Billeville, Wis. 

Einer F. Johnson. Box 202, Elburn. 

Oscar Lokken, Michigan, N. D. 

George D. Saathoff, Rochelle. 

Frank Engstrom, Corp., LeRoy, Minn. 

James J. McCue, 1531 Luzeone St., Scranton, Pa. 

Gecrge E. Rovang, R. D. 6, Albert Lea, Minn. 

Christopher Kirst, 665 Liberty St., Aurora. 

Walter J. Zdrojeski, 8636 Burnham Ave., Chicago. 

Hans C. Clemmensen, Elburn. 

Herman Kessler, R. D. i, Knowleton, Wis. 

Emory L. Grady, 115 Berky Ave., Goshen, Ind. 

Lorenzo Zagaroli, Amaseno, Prov. of Rome, Italy. 

Guiseppe Cicio, 1120 S. Court St., Rcckford. 

Roy C. Giessen, R. D. 2, Deer ParK, Wis. 

Stanley VanPelt, R. D. i, Clam Falls, Wis. 

Oswald Hughes, Care of F. J. Mooney, R. D. 5, Sparta, 

Evan L. Hughes, R. D. i, Norwalk, Wis. 
Joseph J. Kisulius, 841 W. 34th St., Chicago. 
William T. Jenkins, Sgt., 222 N. Plum St., Carlyn- 

Clair H. Hennessy (i), 435 Mt. Ida St., St. Paul, Minn. 
Alvas L. Sample, Spring Valley. Minn. 
Arnold A. Klicker (i). North Branch, Minn. 
Angus M. MacDonald, 621 Pine St., St. Paul, Minn. 
Norman C. Kerr (i), 119 13th St., Rock Island. 
Louis C. Mueller (i), 1912 State St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Paul J. Kelly, Ccrp.. 402 Oakland Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Charles A. Mann (i), 131 N. Clifford St.. Elgin. 
Harry P. Greene, 6420 Dante AVe., Chicago. 
Andrew J. Fraley, Nicholsville, Va. 
Richard L. LoVett, Caledonia, Minn. 
Charles Farringer, Hancock, Minn. 
Harry R. Weese, Lake Geneva, Wis. 

Clifford E. Smith, Corp., 1507 Loeb St., Henderson, Ky. 
Oscar W. Hegberg, 3041 N. Elkis Ave., Kansas City, 

Ariel A. Brandt (i), 815 Park St., Manitowoc, Wis. 
George Gauthier, 1005 'Pth St., Two Rivers, Wis. 
Douglas M. Morgan, Streeteville, Ont.. Can. 
George Lcckwood, 4160 Ellis Ave., Chicago. 
Raymond C. Whitmore (i), 3338 S. Seeley Ave., Chicago. 
Fred P. Crevcoure (i), 715 Bond St., Green I5ay, Wis. 
Henry R. Crawley, Corp., Palmyra, Wis. 
Harry Anderson, 1048 Churchill Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 
Vilas E. Grebel (i), 640 S. Webster Ave., Green Bay, 

Erwin Weber, 497 i8th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Alvin F. Martin, Jr., 426 N. Adams St., Green Bay, Wis. 
Arthur M. Madsen, 593 Ohio St., St.' Paul. Minn. 
George G. Weber, 2140 Washburn Ave., Chicago. 
Raymond J. Eeger, 1422 Cleveland Ave., Chicaeo. 
Raymond E. Haegg, Corp., 1215 3d Ave., Rockford. 
George A. Navadowski, 2247 S. Oakley Ave., Chicago. 
John R. Igo 301 14th St.,. Milwaukee, Wis. 
Walter L. Kelly, 712 S. 5th St., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Michael Halloran, 7931 Richland Ave., Chicago. 
Hugo E. Krupsack (i), Embarrass, Wis. 
Carroll K. McGlynn, 17 16 Ogden Av'e., Superior, Wis. 
John J. Haselmann, 666 Rondo St., St. Paul, Minn. 
James A. Quinn, Corp., 9245 Harper Ave., Chicago. 
Mathew M. Wheeler, 110 E. 107th St., Chicago. 
Charles H. Koepp, S2nd & State Sts., Alcis, Wis. 
Harry F. Westien, Menahga, Minn. 

Arthur W. Erickson, 711 Jessamine St., St. Paul, Minn. 
Arnie Denure, Rio, Wis. 

Ingwer R. Burton (i), 2810 sJ^ St., Rock Island. 
Johan A. Anderson, Berlgrade, Minn., R. D. i. 
Carl H. Lindstedt, Corp., 1922 Charles St., Rockford. 
James P. Feeney, 1264 Freemont St.. Janesville, Wis. 
Vernon E. Lehner, R. D. 2, Elizabeth. 
Anthony A. Bochccki, 3002 W. 41st Place, Chicago. 
George H. Freeman, 144 Hadky St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Harry C. Emmett, 540 i6th Ave., Moline. 
Arian Peltier, White Bear, Minn. 
Orville K. Wessling, 53 N. 2d St., Highland Park. 
Joseph A. Lewis, Corp., 1221 Elm St., Rockford. 
Nathan F. Goldsmith (i), 202 5th St., Aurora. 
Arthur A. Anderson, Allenville, Wis. 

Fred W. Reikowski, R. D. i. Box 148, Menomonee, Wis. 
Lester J. Brandt, 503 Campbell Ave., Uetrcit, Mich. 
Reinhard Hammer, 826 E. Fort St., Detroit, Mich. 
Edward T. McCarthy, 735 E. 17th St., Minneapolis, 

Alphonse Veno, Washburn, Wis. 
Henry C. Lueders, Eldorado, Wis. 

Joseph W. Lampert, Corp., 501 Kishwaukee St., Rock- 

Charles O. Ephofen, 14 Park St., Evansville, Ind. ' 

Joe E. I^onhardt, 228 Cedar St.. Englewood, Cal. 

Robert M. Hartson, White Lake, Wis. 

Emery M. Jones, R. D. 3, Bruce, Wis. 

Henry Egelhof, East Dubuque. 

Albert H. Levin, 14 Brewster St., Detroit, Mich. 

Wilbur A. Haire, Corp., Aransas Pass, Tex. 

Roy G. Sweet, 124 E. Maple Ave., Adrian, Mich. 

Stanley Christophersen, Sgt., 327 S. 3d St., Rockford. 

Jake Vos, R. D. 2, Chandler, Minn. 

Edward J. Kostrzak, R. D. 4, Manawa, Wis. 

Eugene L. Trucano Box 85, Palatka, Mich. 

John Rhode, 1216 N. Pierce St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Fred Hoeppner, Jr., 592 2d Ave., Appleton, Wis. 

William E. Clark, Corp., 6932 N. Ashland Ave., Chicago. 

Geargus T. Brackenbury, R. D. 3, Pine City, Minn. 

Raymond H. Stonewall, 1114 17th St., Rockford. 

Alfred N. Westgor, R. D. i, Bonduel, Wis. 

Harry D. Pires, 1528 Cleveland Ave., Chicago. 

John L. Kalmon, R. D., Medford, Wis. 

Carl A. Anderson, 1434 Foster Ave., Chicago. 

Emil F. Schmidt, Wabash, Minn. 

Oscar W. Greenberg, Corp., 328 Albert Ave., Rockford. 

Ira B. Marlett, Oakville, la. 

Ralph L. Plapp, Malta. 

Loues Dirninski, Linden, Wis. 

Frank Piechocki, 511 Lake Av'e., Cudahy, Wis. 

Alfred Lee, 426 Banks Ave., Superior, Wis. 

Patrick McAllister, 4107 Union Ave., Chicago. 

Anton Bush, Nelson, Wis. 

Arthur G. Kerrison (i), R. D. 2, Care F. W. Jones, 

John H. McMeekan, R. D. 2, Sherrard. 

Newton F. Washburn, R. D. 2, Batavia. 

George Cremmer, 1614 Franklin St., Racine, Wis. 

Claude Burch, 209 N. ist St., Rockford. 

Rudolph A. Ehmke, Box 803, Phillips, Wis. 

Emerson Eshelman, 254 W. High St., Hummelstown, Pa. 

Lucchsi Mitale, 6109 S. State St., Chicago. 

Robert H. Asp, R. D. 2, Box 40, Amery, Wis. 

Matenze Mandosik, 1319 W. 49th PL, Chicago. 

John J. Cvengrcs, Luger Route, Phillips, Wis. 

Arthur L. Raebel, 196 Alice St., Wauwatosa, Wis. 

John Schumacher, R. D. 4, Durand, Wis. 

Carl E. Kivi, Brantwood, Wis. 

Eddison Lagerstrom, 1405 Rural St., Rockford. 

Charles E. Otis, Clifford. 

Anton Tinnelli, 159 E. 107th St., Chicago. 

Rudolph Mani, R. D. 8, Monroe, Wis. 

Joseph A. Cline, R. D. 2, Grand River, la. 

Angelo Gerrafino, 1148 W. Ohio St., Chicago. 

Morris L. Pearlstein, 229 Broome St., New Ycrk, N. Y. 

Flurance Lyons, 55 Summit St., Weymouth, Mass. 

Antonio Scalise, Box 102, Mitchel B. C, Canada. 

Aime Noreillie, 521 N. Madison St., Rockford. 

Charles M. Quint, 80 Cherry St., Oshkosh, Wis. 

William R. Yates, 3502 S. Artesian Ave., Chicago. 

Lewis Pichocki, 511 Lake Road, Cudahy, Wis. 

John G. Krieter, 2547 W. Washington Blvd., Chicago. 

Richard J. Faust, 1616 Charles St., Rockford. 

William A. Sheely, 1710 Loomis St., LaCrosse, Wis. 

Joseph W. O'Malley, 1050 W. sist St., Chicago. 

Jacob B. Harff, 1307 Alabama Ave., Sheboygan, Wis. 

Charles H. Kline, no W. iiith St., Chicago. 

Thomas I. Stonehocker, Sgt., 1527 Monona St., Boone, 

Gottlieb Gerlinger, Sgt., 506 W. 8ist PI., Chicago. 

Abe H. Berlinsky, 841 W. Taylor St., Chicago. 

Edward J. Seeker, Corp., 82 Ottawa St. Freeport. 

Ernest D. Holmes (i), 1503 4th Ave., Rockford. 

Albert V. Forman. 1922 Webster Ave., Chicago. 

George N. Goff, Box 58, Tunnel City, Wis. 

Arthur J. Stumpf, 743 College Ave., Appleton, Wis. 

Lester Knutson, R. D. 6, Albert Lea, Minn. 

Edward E. Nolander, 3 141 Fremont Ave., Minneapolis, 

Clarence A. Peterson, 412 Washington Ave., N., Min- 
neapolis, Minn. 

John J. Riordan, Corp., 7655 Dante Ave.. Chicago. 

Peter N. Santrizos, 3014 Chicago Ave., S., Minneapolis, 

Rudolph Maurer, New Glarus, Wis. 

Fred Schlief, 670 Potter Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Matt Nemanich, Jr., Tower, Minn. 

Tony Guerrieri, 121 6 W. Erie St., Chicago. 

Alfred Bradshaw, LeSeuer Center, Minn. 

Guy F. Sample, R. D. i, Pre-Empton. 



Fayette G. Gallagher, Corp., 4954 Kenmore Ave., Chicago. 

Julius J. Siuda, 1336 American Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Peter P. Walz, 6443 Dante Ave.. Chicago. 

George F. Wait, R. D. 3, Clintonville, Wis. 

Walter B. Capener, Box 44, Chetek, Wis. 

Frederick Hanke, Poplar & Wabasha Sts., Rochester, 

John Callahan, R. D. 2, St. Charles, Minn. 
Everett R. Bengston, Corp., 314 6th St., Rockford. 
Herman F. De'Caluwe, 2614 Lisbon Ave., Milwaukee, 

Albert E. Bierma, 2327 Grenshaw St., Chicago. 
Theodora Boettcher, 868 22d St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
John D. Ball, Box 26, Orchard Lake, Mich. 
"Leonard P. Kronbach, Erie, Mich. 
Leo E. Duvall, McBain, Mich. 

Albert C. Hoffman, 19 Washington St., Monroe, Minn. 
John J. Schwab, Corp., Rock Falls. 
Ralph Calderwood, Newport, Minn. 
Harry M. Long, 1302 Liberty St., Flint, Mich. 
Charles C. Martz, St. Hilaire, Minn. 
Amos A. Doers, Box 712, Ladysmith, Wis. 
Basil S. Hecker, Tippecanoe. O. 

Julius A. Yarp, Corp., 809 N. Lee St., Bloomington. 
John R. Brown, R. D. 4, Walnut Grove, Minn. 
Ralph C. James, Corp., 412 W. Main St., Warsaw, Ind. 
Matt Thelen, LeRoy, Minn. 

Charles B. Johnson, R. D. i, Campbell, Mmn. 
Ludwig R. Nohrenberg, R. D. 2, Bex 32, Boyd, Wis. 
Leon C. Owen, Oronoco, Minn. 

John Pederson, Oskars Dada, 32 Sarpsborg, Norway. 
Arthur D. Carlson, 161 8 6th St., Rockford. 
Orville Knutson, R. D. 2, Box 76 Lamberton, Minn. 
Stanley Bcbrzecki, 956 Noble St., Chicago. 
Oscar J. Lagerstrom, 3306 Knox St., Dallas, Tex. 
Ernest F. Hulke, R. D. s, Box 96, Merrill, Wis. 

Leon Jones, 611 Bryant St., Kalamazoo, Mich. 

William J. Wanegar, R. D. 4, Manitowoc, Wis. 

Herman A. Bakkum, R. D. i, Westby, Wis. 

Oscar Olson, R. D. 5, Montevideo, Minn. 

Clarence Thornton, 1838 6th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Lester W. Nelson, 1222 loth St., Rockford. 

Frank J. Sandberg, Wag., 1304 17th Ave., Rockford. 

Joseph Panay, Geravni, Mognisk, Prov. of Voan, Russia. 

Einer F. Plambeck, 315 S. Prospect St., Rockford. 

Adolph L. Magnuson, R. D. 2, Box 36, Kimball, Minn. 

Ray F. Porter, Clarks Grove, Minn. 

Leonard O. Kingsley, 1320 Palace St., St. Paul, Minn. 

Glen M. Roderick, 425 Calhoun St., Woodstock. 

Wlesford S. Traise, 1039 Center St., Chicago. 

Theodore C. Olson, 6054 Dorchester Ave., Chicago. 

Joseph M. Monian, Fakler Hctel, Rochester, Minn. 

John P. LaZar, 11848 Indiana Ave., Chicago. 

Harry Dozsee, Cable. 

John T. Berkircher, R. D. 2, Livingston, Wis. 

MarkT. Burk, R. D. 4, Tomah, Wis. 

Frank A. Gordon, R. D. 2, Care of W. E. Hall, Al- 

ladin, Wyo. 
John Vernon (i), Ruddington, Notts, England. 
Hang E. Schelen, 1053 Lawson St., St. Paul, Minn. 
Walter E. Berg (i), 1508 Victoria St., Chicago. 
Mike Stratos, Island of Samos, Greece. 
Harold Wamback, 484 Burnccat St., Worchester, Mass. 
Richard Drysdale, 98 Ccnstitution St., Bristol, R. I. 
Michael F. Gilhooly, 475 Lloyd Ave., Providence, R. I. 
Frank Ritchie, 394 Clifton Place, Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Roland Hicks, 1315 Norwood St., Brainerd, Minn. 
David N. Skooglun, 749 Sherburne Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 
Tames Dcre, 1256 McCormick Ave., Ozone Park, Long 

Island. N. Y. 
John J. O'Brien, 852 Lincoln Road, Brooklyn, N. Y. 


Charles G. Hall, Capt., 1729 Chicago Ave., Evan.ston. 

Jay Hollingsworth, 1st Lt., care of Union Oil Co., 
Stockton Cal. 

Charles C. Stuart, ist Lt., 2501 Peabodt St., Belling- 
ham. Wash. 

Paul R. Riley, 2d Lt., Library Apts., Duquesne, Pa. 

Roy Imler, 2d Lt., 1419 E. 71st Place Chicago. 

Rcy M. Brackney, 2d Lt., 311 W. Indiana St., Green- 
castle, Ind. 

John J. Ruse, Reg. Sup. Sgt., Neillsville. Wis. 

Walter J. Kent, Reg. Sup. Sgt., 15612 Turlington St., 

Raymond A. Kiken, Reg. Sup. Sgt., 15703 Loomis Ave., 

Harry Wilson, 1st Sgt., 1008 East Ave., Red Wing, 

Joseph A. Fillebeck, Sgt., 213 Ingraham Ave., Ham- 
mond, Ind. 

Daniel Westcott, Sup. Sgt., 177 E. 154th St., Harvey. 

Arvid B. Rundquist, Stab. Sgt., 15025 Main St., Harvey. 

Russell Born, Sgt., 502 E. John St., Champaign. 

Alfred Haines, Sgt., 339 Calumet Ave., Harvey. 

Charles E. Kaiser, Sgt.. 15 Galena St., FVeeport. 

Clarence D. Andrews, Mess Sgt., 409 J/^ B B St., La- 
Porte, Ind. 

Anton C. Balles, Corp., 71 4th Ave., Freeport. 

Lester L. Kearns, Corp., 6819 S. Michigan Ave., Chi- 

Raymond J. Steuart, Corp., 15212 Turlington Ave., 

William B. Finican, Corp., 71 Galena St., Freeport. 

Millard F. VanAken, Corp., 1311 Harlem Blvd., Rock- 

Harry E. Culler, Wag., Dalton. 

James A. Coyle, Wag., 719 E. 90th Place, Chicago. 

Clarence H. Oswald, Box 57. Bagley, .Wis. 

Cornelius Tichgelaar, Wag., 8240 S. Park Ave., Chicago. 

Homer C. LeGrand, Wag., Warren. 

Carl M. Grip, 122 S. Gardner Ave., Rockford. 

William A. Doyle, Wag., Pearl City. 

William L. Hyssong, 703 Duff Ave., Ames, Iowa. 

Vernon H. Taylor, Wag., 316 Elk St., Freeport. 

Guy B. Randall, 1005 North Ave., Waukegan. 

Helfred L. Larson, Route 2, Box 5, St. Croix Falls, 

Henry F. Sandstrom, Wag., 7130 S. Michigan Ave., 

Percy J. Kehoe, Wag., 2806 Washington Blvd., Chicago. 

Elmer L. Walholm, 248 Seminary St., Galesburg. 

Reinhard M. Stoll, Little Falls, Minn. 

Frederick O. Swanscn, Joy. 

Daniel S. White, Wag., Carter, Tenn. 

Edwin H. Zimdars, R. D. 2, Lake Mills, Wis. 

Joseph E. Schwartz, R. D. 2, Osceola, Wis. 

Reinhardt Salchert, Box 221, Watertown, S. D. 

Albert M. Brunelle, 208 8th St., Cloquet, Minn. 

William O. Pope, Fenton. 

Harry W. Van Aken, Wag., 428 Kishwaukee St., Rock- 

Harrison M. Billings. 313 Lisbon St., St. Paul, Minn. 

George R. Courtin, Wag., 2129 W. Superior St., Chi- 

Emil L. Anderson, 697 Cook St., St. Paul, Minn. 

Edward Sabaska, R. D. 2, Weyerhauser, Wis. 

Charles E. Lehmann, 121 Belvidere St., W. St. Paul, 

Charles E. Janicke, Wag., Red Oak. 

Michael E. Phelan, R. D. i. Box 28, Dahinda. 

Roy S. Lofgren, Wag., 1421 E. 6th St., Rockford. 

Adolph Comiskey, 323 Russell Ave., N. Minneapolis, 

Edward M. Olson, Wag., 19 Center St., Ashville, N. C. 

John J. Smith, Wag., 70 Carroll St., Freeport. 

Julius J. Law, Wag., 719 E. 90th Place, Chicago. 

James D. Glasgow, 705 N. Main St., Monmouth. 

John F. Schelp, Cook, 10159 Michigan Ave., Chicago. 

Fred W. Anderson, 935 13th Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Joseph J. Brings. Mech., 1217 Marshal Ave., South 
Milwaukee, Wis. 

William Hagenmeister, 1214 3rd St., N. E. Minneapolis, 

Ernest A. Luxton, Cook, Creston. 

George A. Novy, 2153 S. Lawndale Ave., Chicago. 

Louis Greenblatt, 1839 S. Lawndale Ave., Chicago. 

Joseph F. Schafarzek, Wag., tj-j E. 92nd Place, Chicago. 

William C. Zielinski, Wag., 1242 Humboldt Ave., Jlil- 
waukee. Wis. 

Charles O. Dcdson, Cook, 923 Warner St., Lansing, 

Howard R. Thatcher, Mech., 7625 Evans Ave., Chicago. 

William H. Miller, Hs., Waddams Grove, Stevenson 

Edward Taylor, Hs., Cherry Valley. 

Elzear S. Mott, 3028 S. Hamlin Ave., Chicago. 

Frank J. Malunney, Wag., 633 E. 90th St., Chicago. 

Casey F. Greenwood, Thomas. 

Milton A. Percy, Wag., Dallas, Wis. 

Ernest F. Rosenstein, Wag., Red Oak. 



Loyd E. Packer, Wag., R. D. 2, Frederick, Wis. 
George VV. Johnson, Wag., 30 Lynch St., Elgin. 
Samuel Frye, Wag., i6 Jackson St., Kenosha, Wis. 
Tony Stroinsky, Wag., 1024 Nichelson St., Wilkes 

Barre, Pa. 
Gustave C. Hoth, Wag., Butternut, Wis. 

iohn Melzer, 1843 N. Marshfield Ave., Chicago. 
:arl C. Erickson, R. D. 1, Box 83, Bishop Hill. 

Frank J. Sieber, 326 Carroll St., St. Paul, Minn. 

Fred H. Frentz, Wag., 14732 Winchester Ave., Harvey. 

Frank Pumputis, 1535 Quarry Ave., Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Roy R. Buffington, Wag., 109 S. 2nd St., Rockfcrd. 

Laurence Burger, 716 Kickbusch St., Wausau, Wis. 

Frederick Albrecht, 604 17th Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. ■ 

Raymond E. Plowman, Wag., 14 South Ave., Freeport. 

Roscoe C. Ward, 21 11 N. 4th St., Shelbyville. 

Ralph K. Stein (i), 103 Stephenson St., Freeport. 

John C. McDonald, Graettinger, Iowa. 

John C. Crosson, Wag., 140 Winnisheek St., Freeport. 

Joe Digerness, Melvin, Minn. 

William J. Ludemann, 4840 W. Lake St., Chicago. 

Earl Hurlander, Wag., 1784 Denham St., N. Fairmount, 
Cincinnati, O. 

William L. Mallwitz, 946 25th Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

John L. Jacobson, Shell Lake, Wis. 

Clyde E. Seekins, 241 Prescott St., St. Paul, Minn. 

Otto Ehlers, Wag., 262 James St., St. Paul, Minn. 

Walter Schoenleber, 91 29th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Irving G. Bowman Wag., 133 S. Prospect St., Rock- 

Orison H. Wood, Wag., 1664 Euclid Ave., Chicago 

Joseph Prince, 1507 S. Turner Ave., Chicago. 

Michael Quirk, 1104 W. State St., Rockford. 

Michael P. Lorbiecki, Wag., Alvina, Minn. 

James Simpson, Wag., 20 Tutty St., Freeport. 

Charles Gandolfo, 1722 Clay St., Dubuque, Iowa. 

Theodore R. Mason, 314 S. Peoria Ave., Dixon. 

Emerson Veach, Wag., Rock Grove, Stevenson County. 

Edward M. Schlining, Wag., 1213 Wentworth Ave., 
Chicago Heights. 

Joseph Rozanski, 4856 S. Ada St.. Chicago. 

Edward Feeney, 317 Bluff St., Waukegan. 

John H. Veach, Wag., Rock Grove. 

Walter H. Buske, 31 W. Winona Ave., Rochester, Minn. 

Charles Viergutz, 1218 5th St., Wausau, Wis. 

William M. Lough, Sad., 96 Iron St., Freeport. 

Arthur Schmidt, R. D. 3, Mcdford, Wis. 

Roscoe Gibbert, Sad., 15310 Columbia Ave., Harvey. 

Rollie R. Boldon, R. D. 3, Sparta, Wis. 

Albert A. Kirchman, Wag., 11 1 Wyandotte St., Free- 

Frank A. Schmidt, Wag., 159th and Western Ave., Har- 

Henry A. Froh, 2014 Indiana Ave., Sheboygan, Wis. 

Edwin Planum, Cook, Amery, Wis. 

Harry W. Heldt, Holloway, Minn. 

Carl H. Miller, R. D. i. Box 21, Kent, Minn. 

Louis F. Meckelburg, DeSart, Minn. 

Frank A. Klawiter, R. D. s, Box 37, Chetek, Wis. 

Hyman Kritzman, 918 S. Marshfield Ave., Chicago. 

John J. O. Vogel, R. D. 2. Birnamwood, Wis. 

James Smid, 1841 Allport St., Chicago. 

Robert N. Gill, 4518 Wilcox Ave., Chicago. 

Anton P. Voca, LeSeuer Center, Minn. 

Frank C. O'Meara, 2000 Park Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 

James F. Sullivan, 63 S. Lexington Ave., St. Paul, 

Adolph E. Neises, Box 34, Tenney, Minn. 

Angus McDougall, Owl Cafe, Alpena, Mich. 

Carl M. Hanson, Briggsville. Wis. 

Walter A. DeWitt, Wag., Orlanda, Fla. 

Oscar E. Sund (i), 528 7th St., Rockford. 

George C. Bort, Toulon. 

Joseph Schmelter, 2625 Jones St., Chicago. 

Nicholas Kokonar, 587 LaFayette St., Detrcit, Mich. 

William Martin, Box 394, Redwood Falls, Minn. 

Reme M. Beauleau, Box 64, Hawkins. Wis. 

Thomas G. Alexander, Neseon, Masseneas. 

Louis Bulgarelli, 113 E. 25th St., Chicago. 

Luigi Patello, 151 22nd Ave., Melrose Park. 

Nicholas J. Dorsett, Bloomington, Wis. 

Max Detamore, Wag., 173 154th St., Harvey. 

Jack Matranga, Wag., Plana Greci Pileuno, Italy. 

Charles Hilgart, Park Falls, Wis. 

John F. Broukal, Wag., Thornton Road and Ashland 
Ave.. Harvey. 

Lewis Chicela, Wag., Lecil Province, Latirsa, Italy. 

Frank E. Griffith, Cook, Spirit Lake, Iowa. 

Arthur Horwitz, 156 State St., St. Paul, Minn. 

William D. Williams, 230 Willia Ave., New York, N. Y. 

Lewis W. Brcer, 116 Bond St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Harry H. Opalskar, 130 Rutledge St., Brooklyn, N. \. 


Clarence Johnson, Ord. Sgt., 1405 Rural St., Rockford. 
Benjamin M. Jeft'ey, Corp., 1007 S. Marshfield Ave., 

John F. Kryza, 2618 Bosworth Ave., Chicago. 
Arvid P. Carlson, 338 E. Wesley St., Wheaton. 

John P. Groth, 2315 Southport Ave., Chicago. 
Alexander A. Altier (i), 15822 Turlington Ave., Harvey. 
Sam Solomon, 411 S. Halifax St., Pensacola, Fla. 
George R. Laing (i), 1006 E. 60th St., Chicago. 


Ralph B. Richards, Capt., 121 5 Ainslee St., Chicago. 

fames E. Spence, ist Lt., 3222 Olive St., Kansas City, 

Charles W. Murray. 2d Lt., Selma, Ind. 

Harry L. Burch, 2d Lt., 1002 Bellevue Ave., Dublin, 

Elmer N. Barclay, ist Sgt., 907 nth St., Rockford. 

Stephen C. Hallock, Sup. Sgt., 431 N. Avon St., Rock- 

Andrew Strozewski, Stab. Sgt., 8942 Baltimore Ave., 

George S. Snyder, Sgt., 407 S. Franklin St., Muncie, 

Clarence E. Cary, Corp., 1908 Fremont St., Rockford. 

Arthur Lowry, Corp., Post Office, Youngstown, Ohio. 

VV'illiam E. Markham, Corp., 729 Furman St., Rockford. 

Harold V. Malley, Mess Sgt., 428 Jilson Ave., Rockford. 

Charles J. Patton, Cook, Post Office, Moshein, Tenn. 

Boyd K. Miller, Cook, 133 S. Prospect St., Rockford. 

Harry J. Bristol, Cook, 507 Elm St., Rockford. 

Edward Gruner, Bug., 612 N. Horsman St., Rockford. 

Edward L. Rhoades, Bug., 908 S. Oak St., Bloomington. 

Edward P. Norton (i), 429 E. Marquette Road, Chicago. 

Edmund L. Larson, Hs., 817 Haskell Ave., Rockford. 

Frank H. Sundgren, Mech., 615 Kilburn Ave., Rockford. 

Cal A. Leckington, Sad., 2511 Elm St., Rockford. 

Edwin F. Wilt, Mech., 1719 Burton St., Rockford. 

Oscar Hosfeldt, Mech., 1232 Quarry St., Rockford. 

William D. Lewer, Post Office, Waldorf, Minn. 

Earl Layng (1), 906 Elm St., Rockford. 
Joseph Zuckerman, 2012 N. Western Ave., Chicago. 
Ellis Askey (i), 1410 N. Court St., Rockford. 
William H. Charters (i), 119 Oakwood Ave., Rockford. 
John Fergades, 834 Indiana Ave., Sheboygan, Wis. 
Ralph M. Albertson, R. D. i, Beldenville, Wis. 
William J. l(lcGrath, looi S. Main St., Rockford. 
Charles J. Adriansen, Post Office, Ashland, Wis. 
Oscar H. Foth, 2426 Lloyd St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Alv'a C. Johnson (i), 1511 Blaisdell St,, Rockford. 
William Hanneman, Post Office, Weyanwego, Wis. 
Louis C. Whitney, Corp., 635 Fremont St., Belvidere. 
Fred E. Rose, Post Office, North Crystal Lake. 
Peter H. Pohlmann, Post Office, Black Creek, Wis. 
Mark E. Nichols, 423 Jay St., Elgin. 
William Johnson, R. D. i. Clear Lake, Wis. 
Elmer C. Johnson, 904 McAllister St.. Waukegan. 
Peter P. Walczak, 1925 S. Main St., Rockford. 
Paul Hoeppneri 592 2nd Ave., Appleton, Wis. 
Edward G. Hurrie, Corp., 760 E. Main St., Morris. 
Charles Harms (i), 921 N. Springfield Ave., Chicago. 
John P. Goeden, R. D. 2, West Bend, Wis. 
Maurice J. Gushing, 2816 Monroe St., Chicago. 
Clarence E. Riley, 350 Chestnut St., St. Paul, Minn. 
John W. Anderson, 211 8th St., Rockford. 
Arthur J. Timmins (i), 410 S. Horsman St., Rockford. 
Raymond E. Davis, Corp., 2125 14th Ave., Rockford. 
Robert Shrives, 1123 Grant Ave., Rockford. 
Arthur H. Palmer (i), 601 Pleasant St., Rockford. 



William J. Smaniska, 918 Kinnickinnic Ave., Milwau- 
kee, Wis. 

Herman Fisher, 824 Peach St., Rockford. 

Albert Stuewe, 4447 S. Albany Ave., Chicago. 

Joseph Pawlowski, Box 182, Perham, Minn. 

Louis H. Drake, Post Office. Hartford, Mich. 

James E. Fagan, 8936 Baltimore Ave., Chicago. 

Fred W. Dibben, 7321 Coles Ave., Chicago. 

Edward J. Joyce, 4634 Emerald Ave., Chicago. 

Emmet O'Hara (i), Old Soldiers' Widows Home, 

Clinton W. Seaverns (i). Box 26, Lee. 

Peter J. Sreenan, 1121 Dewey Ave., Beloit, Wis. 

Lorenzo Ruggeri, Amaseno, Rome, Italy. 

Tohn Krebsbach, Plum City, Wis. 

Clyde H. Glenn (i), 1904 Hoffman Blvd., Rockford. 

Tim Dawson 771 1 Fielding Ave., Chicago. 

William J. Bushman, R. D. i, Kiel, Wis. 

Joe Zoubek, R. D. 2, Coleman, Wis. 

John S. Solseth, Milroy, Minn. 

George E. O'Meara, 2623 W. i6th St., Chicago. 

Daniel J. Grady (i), 5720 Woodlawn Ave., Chicago. 

John Fern, R. D. i. Box 92, Baldwin, Wis. 

George Warren, Corp., 2012 N. Court St., Rockford. 

Frank P. Rush (i), Boltony, County Tyrone, Ireland. 

John W^ Pokrzywinski, 520 Bartlett Ave., Milwaukee, 

Charles O. Dierks, East Prairie Ave., Downers Grove. 

William L. Wakelin, 323 W. 2nd St., Duluth, Minn. 

John H. Lamers, R. D. 9, Little Chute, Wis. 

Louis F. Griep, R. D. i, Box 50, Horicon, Wis. 

Leonard Eiden, Cologne. Minn. 

James Landrigan, 4918 Rice St., Chicago. 

Edgar H. Olson. 2716 Clinton Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 

George A. Goldman, R. F. D., Stitzer, Wis. 

Charles W'eismann, Bo.x 585, New Rockford, N. D. 

Gustave Lundgren, R. D. i, Amherst, Wis. 

Frank Smith, 527 E. 29th St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Royce J. Brenemen, Pardeville, Wis. 

John H. Craney. Nekoosa, Wis. 

Armour C. Fisher (i), 414 Lincoln Ave., Rockford. 

Roy E. Carter, Whitefish, Mont. 

Lewis E. Knauer. Compton. 

John D. McDonald, 956 S. Lcgan Ave., Denver, Colo. 

Aaron Martalock, R. D. 3, Wilton, Wis. 

Marion I. Remour, Prophetstown. 

Joe M. Dvorak. R. D. 2, Stitzer, Wis. 

Bernard L. Addis, Farmington. 

John G. Williamson (i), R. D. 4, Lexington, N. C. 

Frank Pieteroske, R. D. i. Two Rivers, Wis. 

Harry Vanderweide (i), 10953 S. State St., Chicago. 

.Alfred C. Bauriedel, R. D. i. Box 5, Johnson Creek, 

Ludwig G. Knaus, R. D. i, Clarissa, Minn. 

Carl Moby, R. D. 2, Baldwin, Wis. 

Clarence Woodring (i), 526 Rockton Ave., Rockford. 

Olaf Olson. R. D. 2, Elmore, Minn. 

Frank W. Plevo (i), 8830 Commercial Ave., Chicago. 

Sigur A. Martinson, 317 E. Maple St., Saulte St. Marie, 

Charles A. McClure (i), 917 Montague St., Rockford. 

John E. Newberg, Wataga. 

Noah Netzinger. R. D. 32. Campbellsport, Wis. 

George Kiimmeth, Heron Lake, Minn. 

John M. Saxvold, Flom, Minn. 

Carl N. Haugfos, R. D. 2, Box 74, Baldwin, Wis. 
Sylven C. Hamon (1), 96 Garden St., Freeport. 
Henry O. Haugfos, R. D. 2, Box 74, Baldwin, Wis. 
Frank Nietupski, R. D. i, Box 114 C, Bartlesville, 

Thomas P. Miller (i), 9428 Langley Ave., Chicago. 
Lester B. Cams, Platteville, Wis. 
Willard Lathrop, Redwood Falls, Minn. 
Henry R. Mycue, Janesville, Minn. 
Herman L. Tesmer, Colby, Wis. 

Leon A. Jarecki (i), 8750 Exchange Ave., Chicago. 
Alfred S. Beecher, Henderson, Minn. 
Walter C. Hanosh, Post Office, North Aurora. 
Iv'ar Anderson, Altona. 

William C. Radtke, 184 Center St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Jeremiah J. Glazier. 7525 Ridgeland Ave., Chicago. 
William Petersen, Lake Villa, Wis. 
Robert J. Nesbitt. 2220 Emerson Ave., South Flat No. 

4, Xlinneapolis, Minn. 
James Robertson (i), 1024 Grant Ave., Rockford. 
Arthur W. Lendt, Osceola, Wis. 
Allen N. Davis, R. D. 3, Browntown, Wis. 
Edward J. Laudwehr, 664 N. Liberty St., Elgin. 
George A. Lucas, Lille. 
Henry Hueffelman, Gaylord, Minn. 

John Heuenschwander, R. D. 7, Box 11, Wauseon, Ohio. 
Trulove P. Past, New Lisbon, Wis. 
William N. Walsh. R. D. 2, Bridgeport, Wis. 
Harry Fein, 3417 W. 38th Place, Chicago. 
Joseph Gutowski (i), 8249 Houston Ave., Chicago. 
Elmer C. Anderson (i), 409 Sherman St., Rockford. 
Edgar T. Fischer, 833 Holton St., Milwaukee Wis. 
Edward A. Mallick, 414 14th Ave., East Ashland, Wis. 
Henry F. Kirmse, R. D. i, Kennan, Wis. 
Harry Langdon (i). Footville, Wis. 
John M. Sullivan, Kilbourn, VVis. 

Otto Dierich, 1540 S. Concord St., S. St. Paul, Minn. 
Clarence Habel, 2717 N. Richmond St., Chicago. 
Frank A. Pulaski, 2817 W. Helm St., Duluth, Minn. 
John C. Jacobson, R. D. i, Box 36, Blanchardville, Wis. 
James P. Driscoll, Bradford. 
John A. McManus, 114 N. 63rd Ave., West Duluth, 

Henry J. Schosta,?, Minnesota Lake, Minn. 
John A. Manning (i), 1613 South West St., Rockford. 
Edward C. Fisher, 414 Lincoln Ave., Rockford. 
William Kirkpatrick, Oakland, Minn. 
Loran D. Savage, R. D. i, Barronett, Wis. 
August Pomrening, West Mac Henry. 
Martin Peterson, Box 5, Margie, Minn. 
Giovanni Ciesa, Bronzola, Campodarsego, Padova, Italy. 
Fred Jacobs 15 Ross St., Auburn, N. Y. 
Frank JI. Linhart, R. D. i, Kasson. Minn. 
Roy C. Ross, Corp., 1328 Elm St., Rockford. 
Reuben R. Ryan, Hollandale, Wis. 
Olsen T. Lauve, R. D. 5, Spicer, Minn. 
Fred A. Baguhn, R. D. 3, Merrill, Wis. 
George Lambert, 677 W. Vine St., Chippewa Falls, Wis. 
Frank T. Coleman, 415 Morgan St., Rockford. 
James A. Glavin, Corp.. 712 Blake St., Rockford. 
Alfred F. Mims, Sgt., 611 2nd Ave., Mt. Sterling. 
Joseph J. Gilroy, 256 Grand St.. Brooklyn, N. Y. 
John M. Stone, 535 Myrtle Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 


Charles V. Crane, Maj., care of Old National Bank, 
Grand Rapids. Mich. 

Edward F. Corson, Capt.. 6491 Woodbine Ave., Over- 
brook, Philadelphia, Pa. 

.'\lfred E. Jones, ist Lt., 1543 Kenilworth Ave., Chicago. 

Joseph Sparck, ist Lt., 115 W. Ray St., Indianapolis, 

George E. Aubrey, ist Lt., Kevil, Ky. 

Joseph M. Clark, isf Lt., Clyde, Miss. 

John G. .Saevig, 1st Lt., Rushford, Minn. 

Clare C. Hugan, ist It., 115 Lincoln Ave., Ann Arbor, 
Mich. ^ 

Roscoe L. Ghering, ist Lt., Larimore, N. D. 

Charles W. Nicholas, Sgt. (i), 124 W. 13th St., In- 
dianapolis, Ind. 

Leo J. Miller, Sgt., 223 N. 7th St., North Vernon, Ind. 

Tohn C. Sutton, Corp.. 412 Wall St.. Rockford. 

Carl Fisher, Corp., i W. 2nd St., Pana. 

George H. Peterson (i), 929 6th Ave., Rcckford. 

Royal H. Mifflin, 2522 Elizabeth Ave., Zion City. 

Alexander A. Butcher, Hillsboro, Wis. 

Oswald Obermiller Ci), 408 Broadway, Galena. 

Henry R. Opalka, Cambridge. 

Edwin E. Hones, Box 456, West Bend, Wis. 

Albert H. Getty. 122 State St., Crookston, Minn. 

David E. Lysen, 3147 Longfellow Ave., Minneapolis, 

John Kok, Box 53, Maple Lake, Minn. 
Raymond E. Cotta, 11 18 School St., Rockford. 
Paul G. Thor, R. D. 3, Maple Lake, Minn. 
Herman Johnson, Montrose, Minn. 

Walter Sobjet, 726 Polk St., N. E., Minneapolis. Minn. 
Thomas A. Nclan (i), 717 S. Winnebago St., Rockford. 
David H. Hardie (i). 510 Park Ave., Galena. 
Walter W. Rowe, Tliiensville. Wis. 
Charles H. Stern. 1413 S. Sawyer Ave., Chicago. 
George Stansbury. Douglas, Wyo. 
Paul P. Loosbrock, Melrose, Minn. 
Donald L. Cash, 1314 Benton St., Rockford. 
Herbert Schwartz. Box 183, Royalton, Minn. 
John H. Besse, Erie. 
Leslie L. Squier (i), 529 E. McKinney St., Dixon. 



William C. Klemz, Maple Lake, Minn. 

John O. Toll (i), 624 Seminary St., Rockford. 

Harry A. Blake (i), Monroe, S. D. 

Charles S. Goldberg, 45 E. 17th St., New York City. 

George Leising, 1206 Cherry St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Fred C. Severson, Box 168, Alexandria, Minn. 

Christ H. Petersen, Sibley, Iowa. 

Percy M. Smith, 417 Budd St., Fairmont, Minn. 

Victor F. Kowalski, 1530 W. 17th St., Chicago. 

Samuel Goodfriend (i), 2132 Haddon Ave., Chicago. 

Bruno F. Bona (i), 2243 S. Sacramento Ave., Chicago. 

Harry Sugar, 1215 S. St. Louis Ave., Chicago. 

Ernest E. Ellis, 1071 Vine St., Winnetka. 

Benjamm Godlasky, 1099 Case St., St. Paul, Minn. 

Herman A. Bergum, R. D. 2, Westby, Wis. 

Walter W. Gathings (i), 400 S. College St., Monroe, 
N. C. 

Johan A. Johnson, Varne. 

Walter Bledsoe (i), Sheridan, Mo. 

Delbert Middling (i). White Pigeon, Mich. 

Arthur W. Brandner, Elcho, Wis. 

Jerome Kirchner, 1320 Walnut St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Richard S. Marple (1), San Gabriel, Cal. 

Evar C. Forsell, Corp., 710 Kishwaukee St., Rockford. 

Jess B. Carroll, Agune St. and Hartman Lane, Pitts- 
burg, Pa. 


Enoc E. Vaughan, Capt., 842 Union Ave., N. Portland, 

Philip Jansen, ist Lt., Riverside. 
Oscar A. Cherry, ist Lt., Pawnee. 
Walter A. Ruch, 2d Lt., Chaffee, Mo. 
Winfred G. Knoch, 2d Lt., 212 Washington St., Napier- 

Alec M. Wescott, 2d Lt., 205 Essex St., Bangor, Maine. 
Albert F. Damm, ist Sgt., 913 N. 23rd St., St. Louis, 

Austin C. Fiedler, Sgt., 443 Madison St., Milwaukee, 

Andrew L. Heitkotter, Sgt., 276 Spring St., Aurora. 
Frank W. Milgate, Mess Sgt., 373 Hoyles Ave., Aurora. 
Newton H. Christy, Sup. Sgt., 16 18 5th Ave., Terre 

Haute, Ind. 
Arthur O. Lekander, Cook, 34 Batavia St., Geneva. 
Gerhard Johnson, Cook, Centuria, Wis. 
Loren C. Grant, Cook, Thebes. 

William Rossdeutcher, Cook, 470 Addison St., Elgin. 
Lawrence Gneier, Mech., Geneva. 
Edgar W. Becker, R. D. 20, Cascade, Wis. 
Charles H. Batterman, R. D. 6, Box 59, Fond du Lac, 

Elmer C. Ecklof, R. D. 5, Box 82, Common Falls, Minn. 
Edward M. Skresvig, R. D. i. Box 29, Woodville, Wis. 
Mathias Roles, R. D. i, Robbinsdale, Minn. 
Ernest R. Holland. R. D. i, Cortland. 
Leo J. Noonan, Corp., 7808 Emerald Ave., Chicago. 
Nels Weston, R. F. D., Box 79, Nye, Wis. 
Wilhelm F. Bund R. D. i. Friendship, Wis. 
Peter L. Nothardt, Box 525, Sleepy Eye, Minn. 
Ludwig Anderson, R. D. 2, St. Cloud, Minn. 
John A. Marohn, R. D. 4, Box 22, Anandale, Minn. 
John O. Lindberg, 716 Pine St., Kewanee. 
John M. Dahl, Fairfax, Minn. 

Glenn M. Wade, Corp., Locust and Oak Sts., Daven- 
port, Iowa. 
Herman L. Lee, Box 32, Melvina, Wis. 
William M. Potts, R. D. 2, Box 83, Lewistown. 
Ralph G. Kennish, 304 Dwight St., Kewanee. 
Charles Lukaszewski, 129 W.' 9th St., Duluth. Minn. 
Lawrence F. Kirske, 60 E. Island Ave., Minneapolis, 

Gustav A. Steffen, R. D. i, Dillingham, Minn. 
George F. Spaulding, 1607 Lincoln St., Minneapolis, 

David S. Hay, Corp., 1224 E. loth St., Duluth, Minn. 
Sigurd M. Olson, R. D. 2, Woodville, Wis. 
Jphn A. Wilson, R. D. i, Clayton, Wis. 
Robert J. Adams, R. D. 31, Box 12, Campbellsport, 

Carl A. W. Kutz, 719 S. 7th St., Stillwater, Minn. 
Peter E. Darnick, R. D. 3, Princeton, Wis. 
Henry E. Barfnet, Box S4. Fond du Lac, Wis. 
James Bork, 714 W. Barber St., Chicago. 
Ner G. Potter, Corp., Vesto, Minn. 
Albert A. Grahl, Eden, Wis. 
Richard C. Grahl, R. D. 36, Eden, Wis. 
Isadore C. Eid, R. D. 2, Box 16, Nauvoo. 
Clarence E. Buzzell, 918 20th Ave., N. Minneapolis, 

Harley R. England, R. D. 31, Maquon. 
Stuart E. Wilson, Miller, S. D. 

Joseph P. Anderson, 612 isth Ave., N. St. Paul, Minn. 
Joseph J. Wambach, Corp., Georgetown, Minn. 
Charles L. Carpenter, 421 6th Ave., N. E. Minneapolis, 

Carl J. Hedblad, R. D. i. Lake Norden, S. D. 
Russell S. Davis, 209 N. Walnut St., Aledo. 
Frank Jakos, 1521 W. Fry St., Chicago. 
Rudolph J. Doll, 921 9th St., La Salle. 

Edward J. Brown, 538 W. 42nd St., Chicago. 

Lem Palfreyman, Lucas, Iowa. 

Henry J. Weber, 1438 W. soth St., Chicago. 

Dominico A. Zito, 1035 W. Grand Ave., Chicago. 

Carl H. Johnson, Box 31, Rio. 

Antonio Meola, 232 E. Main St., Waukesha, Wis. 

David M. Sampson, Park Rapids, Minn. 

Charles E. King, R. D. 3, Wyoming. 

Willia F. Weber, 3636 Lincoln St., Chicago. 

William A. Werrell, R. F. D., Arkansaw, Wis. 

Andre J. Jonckheere, R. D. 2, Minneota, Minn. 

Joseph F. Rowley, Sgt., 3115 W. 40th ilace, Chicago. 

Fred E. Lindeman, Sgt., Darien, Wis. 

Samuel J. Adams, R. D. i, Carlisle, Pa. 

George P. L. Brown, 120 Oak St., Virginia, Minn. 

Elmer G. Danielson, R. D. 13, Box 24, Altoona. 

Stanley Plachecki, R. D. 4. St. Cloud, Minn. 

John Skew, R. D. i, Springfield. 

William K. Braden, Corp., 1479 Adams St., Wabash, 

Edwin B. Lewis, 271 Claim St., Aurora. 

George Schloetzer, Milroy, Minn. 

Paul A. Winkelman, 1353 34th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Thorval C. Moilien, R. D. i, Box 65, Coon Valley, Wis. 

Clarence B. Moen, Coon Valley, Wis. 

Carl W. Dahlin, 711 2nd Ave., W. Duluth, Minn. 

Edwin A. Wellhausen, R. D. i, Conrad, Wis. 

John Hoff, R. D. i. Box 81, Coon Valley, Wis. 

Albert H. J. Dally, Corp., 514 State St., Oconomowoc, 

Paul R. Goethel, 1917 Clarke St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Andrew Devries, 50 E. 102nd St.. Chicago. 

Otto Jaecks, R. D. 2, Wausau, Wis. 

Orville Oadson, Box 71, Madison, Minn. 

Millard Royer, Lamberton, Minn. 

Herbert E. Peterson, Box 3, Deronda, Wis. 

Albert Olson, R. D. i, Box 75, Rockland, Wis. 

Francis J. Lange, 201 Garden St., Peoria. 

Anton E. Schleger, 1816 i8th St., Two Rivers, Wis. 

John I. Carlson, Sgt., Odeshog, Sweden. 

Peder T. Hovland, R. D. 3, Box 8, Fertile, Minn. 

Parmer E. Shelland, R. D. i, Woodville, Wis. 

Victor J. Commas, Box 41, Birchdale, Minn. 

Harry F. Hansen, Box 104, Platteville, Wis. 

Alfred Levenborg, Granville. 

Arthur J. Johnson, R. D. 5, Anoka, Minn. 

Alvin A. G. Beyer, Corp., 1506 S. 13th St., Sheboy- 
gan, Wis. 

Michael J. Bankers, Bock, Minn. 

Albert M. Rebquist, R. D. s, Windcm, Minn. 

Henry W. Keading, Gen. Del., Poplar, Mont. 

Verner O. Johnson, 727 12th St., Moline. 

Roy L. Landers, R. D. i, Box 34, Wyoming, Wis. 

Hans Loge, Box 214, Elmore, Minn. 

Ernest E. Dickson, R. D. i, LaHarpe. 

John M. Henry, Corp., 258 W. Wabasha St., Winona, 

Charles F. Forest, 972 Madison St., Eau Claire, Wis. 

Emil O. Dickman, Box 7, R. D. 32, Campbellsport, Wis. 

Ferdinand Gottfried, 1906 Center St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

John Schlumpberger, Wanda, Minn. 

Charles W. Tessmer, Jordon, Minn. 

Vito Perillo, 749 DeKove St., Chicago. 

Ben Twedt, Clarion, Iowa. 

Edward Wenzloff, 3639 S. Leavitt St., Chicago. 

Arnold O. Kramer, 601 Washington St., Watertown, 

Oscar C. Meyer, 2213 S. 8th St., Sheboygan, Wis. 

Joseph Wheeler, 154 Ainslee St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Emil H. Sempf, R. D. 2, Deer Park, Wis. 

Fred E. Graf, Jacksonport, Wis. 

Reid F. McMeekin, R. D. 2, Box 2, Orion. 



Gustus G. Thanos, 4756 Fullerton Ave., Chicago. 

Andrew Lind, Sawyer House, Stillwater, Minn. 

Hugh A. Woodburn, R. D. 2, Hillsdale. 

Emery C. Keen, Sgt., 3834 Archer Ave., Chicago. 

William H. Duy, Sgt., 460 4th Ave., Aurora. 

Oscar E. Nystrom, R. D. 3, Box 7, Kimball, Minn. 

Gecrge W. Ewald, 1321 2nd St., N. St Cloud, Minn. 

Henry M. Larson, Box 89, Madelia, Minn. 

Edward L. Carlstad, R. D. 2, Box i. Fertile, Minn. 

Harry H. Genrich, 1021 19th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Peter S. Andreasen, 32 Brammergade St., Aarhus, Den- 

Emil F. Ortman, Corp., 319 , Market St., Waukegan. 

Leonard H. Thompson, Dawson, Minn. 

George Bielke, Box 12, Chaska, Minn. 

Archie Devreese, 310 Kerwin Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

Walter V. Kressbach, 1919 Center St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Tenny O. Ostrem. R. D. 2, Viroqua, Wis. 

Leonard P. Schneiders, Box 186, Elkton, Md. 

Henry A. Lueck, R. D. i, Melvina, Wis. 

Bozo Miloyevich, Corp., 172S Altgeld St., Chicago. 

Selmer O. Peterson, R. D. 9, Viroqua, Wis. 

George E. Rhodey, Hudson, Wis. 

Raymond Quinn, Union Center, Wis. 

Steve F. Kleman, Hatley, Wis. 

William R. Barret, R. D. i, Ferris. 

Titus Frkovich, 1184 30th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

James A. Brink, 30 Jackson St., Waupun, Wis. 

Clarence M. Johnson, Corp., care of A. W. Shriver, 

Carl Rahn, 2617 Bismark St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Charles A. Bullock, R. D. 3 LaHarpe. 

Ben Mines, 2212 N. James St., Minneapolis, Minn. 

John W. Beck, Mendota, Minn. 

Giles B. McDunn, Barnesville, Minn. 

August T. Loring, 1506 Laurel Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 

Edward Peterson Starhedinger, Seal Land, Denmark. 

Arthur A. F. Weis, 410 Marr St., Fond du Lac, Wi# 

Alozy J. Kleman, R. D. i, Box 60, Hatley, Wis. 

Robert M. Tracy, 312 LaFayette Ave., Rockford. 

Robert J. Sachsenmaier, R. D. 1, Box 93, Glenwood City, 

John Soukop, R. D. t. Box 76, Weyerhauser, Wis. 

Russell Stankos, 120 loth Ave., Maywood. 

Philip M. Lindbloom, 121 N. Martha St., Stillwater, 

George LaPerre, Corp., Kaukauna St., Kimberly, Wis. 

Fred W. Kilroy, Tampico. 

Walter H. H. Kahl, 430 3rd Ave., West Bend, VVis. 

John L. Swenson, 2212 loth Ave., S., Minneapolis, Minn. 

August Elevens, Geneseo. 

Fred L. Lester, Tazwell, Tenn. 

Arthur A. Bale, Hinckley. 

John Kulas, 240 North Ave., Stevens Point, Wis. 

Ben T. Simpson, Maple St., Stoughton, Wis. 

George H. Ristow, Necedah, Wis. 

George Vitous, 1037 Randolph St., St. Paul, Minn. 

Camiel Versele, Geneseo. 

Charles H. Welch, 2004 4th St., S. E., Minneapolis, 

Edward J. Rivard, R. D. 1, Box 98, Stillwater, Minn. 

Bernard C. Schneider, R. D. 3, Box 75, Baldwin, Wis. 

Thomas L. Gleason, 451 W. 38th St., Chicago. 

Sylvere Ghyselcn, Corp., 841 21st Ave., Moline. 

Nordal C. Masrud, R. D. 2, Box 34, LaFarge, Wis. 

George F. Machen, Sgt., 932 S. Leavitt St., Chicago. 

Nicholas J. Leon, Sgt., 573 High St., Aurora. 

Bernard C. Lind, Hillsboro, Wis. 

Marcellus Eagle Eye, 2601 5th Ave., Rock Island. 

Joe Knich. Junction City, Wis. 

Anthony Burzynsky, 1520 S. Van Buren St., Bay City, 

Albert A. Van Sant, Corp., 3928 Woodlawn Ave., Kan- 
sas City, Mo. 

Jerome Vandevelde, Marshall, Minn. 

Alex E. Krueger, R. D. i, Alexandria, Minn. 

Norman Solien, 601 S. Academy St., Stoughton, Wis. 

Hugo Soderberg, R. D. 2, Box 67, Frederic, Wis. 

Phillip J. ModalT, R. D. 2, Box tt, Aurora. 

Irvin E. Peterson, R. D. i, Box 3, Deronda, Wis. 

Frederick Swingley, Corp., R. Y>. 2, Malta. 

Arthur M. Walby, R. D. 2, Box 61, Clear Lake, Wis. 

Tillman L. Peterson, R. D. 4, Box 63, Viroqua, Wis. 

Walter E. McGuire, Spring Valley, Minn. 

Fred F. Faber, Box 143, Carpentersville. 

Robert J. Larkin. R. D. 4. Streator. 

Lawrence J. McDonnell, Hollandale, Wis. 

Albert R. Barton, Box 14, Ericksburg, Minn. 

Ralph M. Schultz, R. D. i, Emerald, Wis. 

Tony Kaczka, 1019 Storke St., Wausau, Wis. 

Iver B. 'Venn, Blue Earth, Minn. 

Harold W. Kermode, Touloh. 

Mike J. Snarskis, 4600 S. Sth Ave., Chicago. 

Fred Leja, R. D. 4, Box 112, Stanley, Wis. 

Raymond Blocker, Corp., R. D. 6, New Hampton, Iowa. 

John E. Rohn, Villa Ave. and Maple St., Villa Park. 

Fred West, Jr., Millington. 

Anton Kedrowske, R. D. i, Bevent, Wio. 

Levi Peterson, R. D. i. Box 14, Deer Park, Wis. 

Philander Call, Box 216, Silvis. 

Albert H. Wedeward, Corp., Waterloo, Wis. 

Fred Otto, Woodlake, Minn. 

Lyman D. Kemmis, R. D. 2, Box 41, Prophetstown. 

Alois Schulkewitz, 1219 Wright St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Edmund J. Petitgout, R. D. 3, Hanover. 

Arthur H. Williams, R. D. 2, Norcro^ii, Minn. 

John S. Rusiecki, 4732 S. Wood St., Chicago. 

George Rausch, 1064 Willow Place, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Fred A. Hulce, R. D. 3, Wausau, Wis. 

Edward Huebner, R. D. 2, Richmond, Wis. 

Mike I^aBraco, 283 Orchard St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

John Schnell, R. D. 2, Auburn, Mich. 

Steve J. Kabat, 934 Garden St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Bernard Holzem, R. D. 2, Wausau, Wis. 

Peter Nickider, Corp., '4045^ S. Kedzie Ave., Chicago. 

Henry Kubly, S. Clinton St., Monroe, Wis. 

Peter Wiggins, Box 36, Nickerscn, Minn. 

Bart A. Duggan, Mech., 1454 S. Morgan St., Chicago. 

Raymond B. Best, 11 29 Blaisdell St., Rockford. 

Percy R. Schuller, Wilson, Wis. 

Donato Antenucci, 717 W. Taylor St., Chicago. 

Herbert E. E. Platz, Corp., 1251 21st St., Milwaukee, 

Edward B. Wickland, Sauk Center, Minn. 

Glenn F. Pierce, Sgt.. Sparta, Wis. 

Gustave H. Buctow, Box 82, Belle Plaine, Minn. 

William McCann, Litchfield, Minn. 

Halvor LeBack, Box 35, Fisher, Minn. 

John J. Wagner, R. D. 4, Sherburn, Minn. 

Arthur Dickerson, 2109 W. Adams St., Chicago. 

Charles J. Gelhaye, 1732 Brand St., St. Paul, Minn. 

Arthur E. Halliday, Box 33, Mentor, Minn. 

Leslie J. Duncan, Sgt., 527 W. Englewood Ave., Chi- 

John M. Zelnet, 1340 S. 48th Court, Cicero. 

Leo V. Bannon, 64 Arnold St., Lonsdale, R. I. 

Earmon J. Agnew, Phenix Ave., Lippitt, R. I. 

Oliver Adams, Jr., ManVille, R. I 


Frank A. Gerould ist Lt., Essex Rd., Kenilworth. 
Clement C. Young, ist Lt., 603 Superior Ave., Oconto, 

William K. Palmer, 2d Lt., 8424 Fairfield Ave., Berwyn. 
Frank Koptik, 2d Lt., 4218 W. i6th St., Chicago. 
Harry J. Osborne, ist Sgt., 564 Slade Ave., Elgin. 
Walter P. Jensen, Sup. Sgt., 18 Warwick PL, Elgin. 
Ernest Hendrickson, Mess Sgt., 220 W. Wilson Ave., 

Arthur H. Helms, Cook, 427 Ann St., Elgin. 
Edward Maciejewski, Cook, 179 E. ist St., St. Charles. 
Lyle Kelleher, Cook, 162 Wilson St., Batavia. 
Clarence J. Dahl, Bug., 75 S. Niagara St., Tonawanda, 

N. Y. 
Harry G. Magin, Mech., 4407 North Ave., Milwaukee, 


Mac J. Alexander, Sgt. Clk., 625 Mclndoe St., Wausau, 

Nickolas Wesoloski, R. D. 2, Neillsville, Wis. 
Coy Wallin, Sgt, Elna, Ky. 
Noah Cumpston, LaFarge, Wis. 
James Scrimgeour, Winthrop, Minn. 
Ernest B. Briggs, R. D. 1, Hammond, Wis. 
Elmer Gritton, R. D. i. New Boston. 
Thomas J. Davis, R. D. 2, Viroqua, Wis. 
William Rochester. R. D. 2, Box 41, Warren, Wis. 
George C. Seefeld, Corp., 1201 North Ave., Milwaukee, 

Charles Peterson, 2017 29th Ave., S., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Fredolph Johnson, R. D. i. Box 38, Little Falls, Minn. 
Rudolph Siekert, Walrath St., Sparta, Wis. 
James Slama, Fred Slama, R. D. 4, Box 56, Westby, Wis. 



Arthur E. Stark, R. D. i, Box 76, Comfrey, Minn. 
Stewart Smith, R. D. i, Box 26, Wilson, Wis. 
Sylvester Stengle, Corp., 3708 W. 84th PI., Chicago. 
Palmer Olson, R. D. i, Box 90, Coon, Wis. 
William Strassburg. Long Prairie, Minn. 
Irving McMillan, Box 233, Soldiers Grove, Wis. 
Clarence M. Rund, R. D. 5, Bex 4, Westby, Wis. 
Albert Smith, R. D. 2, Hillsboro, Wis. 
Martinus Nielson, R. D. 4, Box 38, Madelia, Minn. 
Sam F. Kaiser, Corp., 5310 Calumet Ave., Chicago. 
Anton Schilkewitz, 1219 Wright St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Serafino Silvestri, 426-428 S. Wabash Ave., Chicago. 
William J. O'Brien, Putnam. 
Grover C. Gauthier, 2117 Roosevelt Ave., Two Rivers, 

Dennie Mannon, Box 95, Castleton. 
Bert Evans, Cass Lake, Minn. 

Gustave Darkow, Ccrp., 420 37th St. N., IVIilwaukee, Wis. 
John Leszczynski, 533 154th PI., Hammond, Ind. 
Martin O. Martenson R. D. 3, Box loi. Westby, Wis. 
Herman O. Daiker, 530 2d Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Walter Hansen, R. D. 3, Morgan, Minn. 
Carl R. Heine, 673 Villa St., Elgin. 
Joseph Garland, R. D. 2, Seaton. 

Frank H. O'Connell, 1808 Clybourn St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
William H. Bovie, Corp., 7126 Evans Ave., Chicago. 
George J. Devine, 181 36th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Albert H. Schott, 923 2d Ave., Kenosha, Wis. 
Henry Schlicht, 805 19th Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Frank C. Dever, 3028 W. 42d St., Chicago. 
Edward H. Made, 210 St. Croix Ave., Stillwater, Minn. 
Walter H. Polzin, 21 17 Lloyd St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Walter F. Gager, 533 Thayer St., Rhinelander, Wis. 
John B. Nordine, Box 108, Bishop Hill. 
Harry MalHn, 787 9th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Edmond J. Langevin, Vesta, Minn. 
Clyde Alderman, R. D. 3, Westby, Wis. 
Perry T. Omdalen, R. D. 4, Rice Lake, Wis. 
Charles Aussant, 226 Norris St., St. Paul, Minn. 
Robert H. Gardner, Corp., 26 Bath St., Manchester, 

N. H. 
Oliver Tones, 222 P. O. Box, Elburn. 
LeRoy "P. Kavel, 1604 27th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Carl O. Lundstrom, R. D. 4, Box 13, Pelican Rapids, 

Paul A. Schaller, 516 Pine St., Sparta, Wis. 
Fred H. Pucker, R. D. 3, Box Tz' Fend du Lac, Wis. 
Benjamin Shaw, 213 W. Nott St., Tomah, Wis. 
Arthur C. Dwyer, 678 Pleasant St., Kenosha, Wis. 
Harry A. Downing, R. D. i, Box 125, Rock) Island. 
Milton Schneider, Sgt., 532 S. 2d St., Delavan, Wis. 
Eugene L. Benson, Sgt., 140 McKee St., Batavia. 
Morris E. Anderson, Sgt., 678 Congdon St., Elgin. 
Oscar F. Krueger, Box 70, Wausau, Wis. 
William Berg, R. D. i, Annandale, Minn. 
Otto F. Kolbe, Marathon, Wis. 
Harry Hansen, Box 54, Pillager, Minn. 
Herman F. Conrad, R. D. i, Holland, -Minn. 
Joseph L. Martin, Green Isle, Minn. 
Arnold Haakenson, Corp., 715 Washington St., Decorah, 

Frank P. Krieski, Knowlton, Wis. 
Walter H. Koch, R. D. 2, Box 165, Wausau, Wis. 
William F. Brown R. D. 6, Box 69. Tomah, Wis. 
Richard Krueger, R. D. 2, Hewitt, Wis. 
Leonard Landowski, R. D. i, Hatley, Wis. 
Walter E. Storck, Corp., Schleisingerville, Wis. 
Louis Frohm, Miszpah, Minn. 
Harold E. Freeman, R. D. 4, Box 14, Spring Valley, 

Arthur F. Link, 9 E. Washington St., Norwalk. O. 
William Prefer, 320 LaFayette St., Winona Minn. 
Hampton Johnson, 3933 45th Ave. S., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Knute A. Simonson, R. D. 5, Box 84, Bensen, Minn. 
Albert Lieberman, 1331 W. 12th St., Chicago. 
Theodore P. Ernest, 733 Halsted St., Chicago. 
Peter J. Strand, R. D. 2, Sun Prairie, Wis. 
Henry O. Olson, R. D. 2, Zimmerman, Minn. 
Paul A. Duehring, 931 8th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Royce H. Skinner, 731 40th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
George J. Keogh, 1701 Plymouth Ave. N., Minneapolis, 

William H. Duffy, Corp., 108 Prairie St., Batavia. 
Arthur Dieterich, Grand Meadow, Minn. 
Oscar Ostrom, 1503 loist Ave., W., Duluth, Minn. 
Andrew Peterson, 61 Russell St., Marinette, Wis. 
Jukius E. Kuehl, 730 Lincoln Ave.. Wausau, Wis. 
Louis R. Peterson, 2416 18th St. "A", Moline. 
Charles J. Joachim, 277 Lake Ave., Kenosha, Wis. 

Nathan Moskovitz, Corp., 1603 S. Avers Ave., Chicago. 

Peter C. Leterski, R. D. i. Box 15, Hatley, Wis. 

Mike A. Mahanick, 715 Park Ave., Wausau, Wis. 

Oscar Melson, R. D. 3. Butterfield, Minn. 

William Hooker, Wawina Minn. 

William Kumbera, 212 Edward St., Wausau, Wis. 

Edward W. Taddey, 73 38th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Antonio Casalino, 2419 W. Huron St., Chicago. 

Meredith McTernan, Corp., 418 South Blvd., Evanston. 

George F. Hennig, Water St., Princeton, Wis. 

Edward F. Rauch, R. D. 30, Campbellsport, Wis. 

.Arthur Nickolls, Stark. 

William C. Earl, 182 Edward St., Kenosha, Wis. 

Percy W. Millard, 1024 North St., Lake Geneva, Wis. 

Victor H. Asbury, R. D. i. Valley Junction, Wis. 

Alfred H. Clair, R. D. 4, Box 23, Wilton, Wis. 

Arthur W. Uttich, 613 36th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Rudolph M. Nordeen, Box 108. Bishop Hill. 

Carl C. Kienzle, Sgt., 687 Oakland Ave., Elgin. 

Roy K. Peterson, Sgt., R. D. 2, Elgin. 

Lao A. Nowizki, 615 E. 3d St., Winona, Minn. 

William R. Zwieg, R. D. 2, Deer Park, Wis. 

Adolph ZeMmer, R. D. 2, Deer Park, Wis. 

Henry J. Miller, R. D. 15, Ripon, Wis. 

Louis J. Kelly. R. D. 6, Box 30, Fond du Lac, Wis. 

Daniel H. Beffa, Corp., R. D. 2, DeSoto, Wis. 

Frank Zimmerman, R. D. i. Box 12, Glenwood City, Wis. 

Harry Hanson, R. D. 3, York, Wis. 

Arthur A. Olson, R. D. 22, Waupun, Wis. 

Dick Kloosterboer, R. D. 22, Waupun, Wis. 

Frank C. Oelkie, 303 Stewart St., Geneseo. 

John M. Grosman Avon, Minn. 

Lewis W. Erickson, Box 42, Melvina, Wis. 

Emil G. Lofgren, Corp., 243 sth Ave., Hinsdale. 

Franklin Schow, R. D. 2, Wells, Minn. 

Harry R. Jacobs, 1021 Superior St., Appleton, Wis. 

Rinhart Bergman, 284 N. Main St., Hartford, Wis. 

Earl W. Netser, Atkinson. 

Anton Gustav'son, Bangor, Wis. 

Lavrin Micku, Corp. 917 W. 14th St., Chicago. 

Peter L. Wodarz, R. D. 4, Bowerville, Minn. 

Frederick Schilko, South i6th Pleasant St., Kenosha, 

William H. Koch, Darwin, Minn. 
Frank H. Will, 1223 22d St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Arthur P. Hayes, R. D. 3, Oxford, Wis. 
Russell I. Fink, R. D. 3, Monmouth. 
George G. Eddy, Gilbert Minn. 

Charles Fischer, Ccrp., Jones Island, Milwaukee, Wis. 
Felix J. Ramczik, 627 E. 22d St., Winona, Minn. 
Harry Fairbanks, Puyallup, Wash. 
Otto Johnson, Box 25, Rassburg, Minn. 
William LaBelle, Emo, Out., Canada. 
John Wessbecker, Wacomia Minn. 

John F. Durkin, 850 White Rock Ave., Waukesha, Wis. 
Francis Meguffy, Dresbach, Minn. 
Tjomas A. Saluta, Corp., 11 13 Piano Fiera Lentni, Prov. 

Di Siracusa, Italy. 
Theodore Johnson, Gcnvick, Minn. 
Andrew Johnson. Lily Lake. 
Carl A. Fisher, R. D. 3, Viroqua, Wis. 
Elmer E. Muenter, R. D. 28, Oak Fields, Wis. 
Stanley Osteiko. 37 Sunnyside Ave., Waterbury, Conn. 
Louis H. Schaefer, Green Isle, Minn. 
Edgar V. Delaney, Box 24, Rockton, Wis. 
Oakley E. Inman, Corp., R. D. 2, DeSoto, Wis. 
Richard Niskawaara, R. D. i, Box 18, New York Mills, 

William Barrington R. D. i, Naples, S. D. 
John Kraemer, R. D. i. Box "jz, Plainfield Wis. 
Paul Bock, 163 Pleasant Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 
Emil Lofquist, R. D. i, Welch, Minn. 
Everette Noble, R. D. 2, Hillsboro, N. D. 
George M. Seyller, Sgt., Hampshire. 
Benjamin Money, Sgt., 30 Hamilton Ave., Elgin. 
Mathew L. Hannon, Sgt., Elburn. 
George R. Swanson, R. D. 2, Box 62, Glenwood City, 

Johnnie W. Davis, R. D. 2, Viroqua, Wis. 
Ralph O. Wilcox, R. D. 3, Harris, Minn. 
Michael J. Lyons, 480 E. 145th St., New York, N. Y. 
Ernest L. Erickson, 1079 E. Losey St., Galesburg. 
Oscar W. Pietsch, Stockton, Minn. 
Elmer J. Daus, Corp., 216 Geneva St., Dundee. 
John VanDenter, R. D. 2, Box O, 2d Ave., Appleton, 

Louis Nutini 3418 W. Ohio St., Chicago. 
Harry M. Peterson, Kerkoven, Minn. 
Daniel J. Wells, R. D. 4, Box 69, New Richmond, Wis. 



Nicholas Erickson, R. D. 2, Viroqua, Wis. 

James N. VanDien, Box 93, Glenwood City, Wis. 

Edwin L. Wiedman, R. D. 16, Box 79 Pewaukee, Wis. 

Roy W. Prey, Corp., 923 27th Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Clarence Morrissey, Big Falls, Minn. 

Arthur Brechler, 312 2d Ave., No. i, Wausau, Wis. 

Joe Nicholson, 123 N. Lakeview Ave., Kewanee. 

Adam Makarevich, 2772 Wellington St., Duluth, Minn. 

Helmar C. Sundall, R. D. 5, New Richmond, Wis. 

William F. Wolske, R. D. i, Menomonie, Wis. 

Edwin Warnecke, 1122 Sherman St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Royal Figuieras, Corp., 1854 N. Mozart St., Chicago. 

William Roberts, 21 Leonard St., Elgin. 

Dwight L. Terrill, R. D. 2, Box 11, Hancock, Minn. 

Archie Walker, R. D. 2, Box 56, Glenwood City, Wis. 

Theodore Hartmann, Kiel Wis. 

William Tic, R. D. i, Hersey, Wis. 

Olof Olson, R. D. 4, Cambridge. 

.-\ntoine Nicholas. Corp., LeRoy, Minn. 

\'erner Hietala, Box 155, Finlayson, Minn. 

George A. Rimmer, Elysian, Minn. 

Forrest Sowle, 3233 Pleasant Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Sidney Torgerson, Box 65, Deer Park, Wis. 

John W. Greenwood, Alexis. 

Wesley A. Harvey, 4339 Freemont Ave., S., Minneapo- 
lis, Minn. 

John J. Vaskovsky, 2331 S. Spaulding Ave., Chicago. 

Herbert H. Fcnes, R. D. 2, Galesburg. 

Bertram A. Fulton, 740 N. Ridgeway Ave., Chicago. 

Charles W. Jones, 5402^ St. John Ave., Kansas City, 

Louie E. Anderson R. D. i, Readstown, Wis. 

Wilbur J. Merrill, 210 S. 3d St., Stillwater, Minn. 

Sam F. Lieberman, 141 1 Stebbins Ave., Bronx, New 

York, N. Y. 
Melvin G. Solsvig, 420 5th St., North Hudson, Wis. 
Ferdinand Siecert, 832 33d St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Allen Goodbar, 204 W. North St., Abbingdon. 
Jack Hurwitz, 789 9th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
John L. Harvey, Montour la. 
Elmer E. Benton, 850 Pennsylvania Ave., Milwaukee, 

Forrest Matson, loi N. E. 8th Ave., Galvg. 
Fred Reed, 4120 Prairie Ave., Chicago. 
Henry Kienzle, Corp., 687 Oakland Ave., Elgin. 
John W. Retka, Jr., 908 West St.. Merrill, Wis. 
John H. Elfering, R. D. 2, Waukegan. 
Emil Sester, 115 Summano St., Hampshire. 
Louis A. Role, R. D. 2, Box 57, Westby, Wis. 
John V. Osowski, 728 E. sth St., Winona, Minn. 
Palmer Lee, R. D. i, Box 94, Westby, Wis. 
LeRoy L. Hamel, 318 Fair St., Sycamore. 
Frank E. Kass, 233 S. Southport Ave., Chicago. 
Louis Lindenbaum, 30 Carroll St., Rochester, N. Y. 
Walter Brockhaus, R. D. i, Lomira, Wis. 
Aleksander Porzezynski, 2338 Blue Island Ave., Chicago. 
Joseph Zeccola, 226 E. 109th St., New York, N. Y. 
William Zenowiz, 637 E. 13th St., New York, N. Y. 
Alex Zilinsky, 109 2d St., New York, N. Y. 
Camille Belleavoine, Georgiaville, R. I. 
Arthur Fredette, Aberdeen St., Phoenix, R. I. 
William Harrington, 1 1 Vanderland Ave., E. Providence, 

R. L 
Oscar W. Pederson, R. D. i, Janesville, Minn. 
Salvatore Allecca, 50 Oak St., New York, N. Y. 


Guy M. Talcott, Capt., 816 Edgecomb PI., Chicago. 
Herman G. Kramer, ist Lt., New Milford, N. J. 
Eugene N. Frakes, ist Lt., 4175 De Tonty St., St. 

Louis Mo. 
Norman C. Green, 1st Lt., 7705 Normal Ave., Chicago. 
James L. Walker, 2d Lt., 2204 6th Ave., Moline. 
James F. Bowers, 2d Lt., 2048 Howe St., Chicago. 
Pierce Vandercook. ist Sgt., Lombard. 
Miche Sabotino, Ccok, Locati, Palermo, Italy. 
Walter A. Hackmeister, Cook., R. D. i, Wheaton. 
Charles F. Oetke, Cook, Lombard. 
Walter A. Hollinger, Cook, Sandy Springs, Md. 
Paul A. Thompson, Bug., Olive Bridge, N. Y. 
Clarence A. Krueger, Bug.. 6354 Harper Ave., Chicago. 
Seth C. Mayer, Mess Sgt., Lombard. 
Ernest H. Youngquist, Corp., 639 Aurcra Ave., St. Paul, 

Samuel Gregory, Mech., West Chicago. 
Henry H. Pohlman, Mech., Arlington Heights. 
Andrew A. Walkowski, Mech., 1123 6th Ave., Milwaukee, 

John Chojnacki, Mech., 1108 Midland Ave., Milwaukee, 

Albert R. Morgan, Sup. Sgt., 11 N. Chestnut St., 

Warren C. Vining, Sgt., 424 Howard St., Wheaton. 
Albert A. Voss, R. D. 4, Waseca, Minn. 
Frank L. Lawrence, R. D. i. Box 27, Blakley, Minn. 
Grover W. Storandt, R. D. i. Cataract, Wis. 
Leonard Smith, Bex 21, Felton, Minn. 
Oliver A. Larson, Rrckland, Wis. 
Ole Myrane, Clementson, Minn. 
Peter T. Schoemann, Corp., 1175 23d Ave., Milwaukee, 

Ralph Hallbick R. D. i. Box 38, Abingdon. 
Harry R. Frank (i). Lombard. 
Lothard E. Aim, ist Ave., S., Faribault, Minn. 
Anton P. DeBuhr, Saukville, Wis. 
Frederick Hayden, R. D. 4, Box 33, Cashton, Wis. 
Willis E. Davis, R. D. i. Grand Meadow, Minn. 
Henry Fischer, R. D. 3, Box 85, St. Cloud, Minn. 
Frederick Wood, Corp., 1242 Winnemac Ave., Chicago. 
Albert H. Helling, 628 W. 9th St., Faribault, Minn. 
Albert R. Harrison, R. D. 2, Box 108, Warsaw. 
Hugh H. Henry, R. D. 3, Viroqua, Wis. 
John J. J. Baar. 846 Juno St., St. Paul, Minn. 
Lester Serfass, Box 26, Highbridge, Wis. 
Tames Hanakah, Wyeville, Wis. 
Ijelvik E. Helland. Westby, Wis. 
Joseph Toniutti, 1608 S. 14th St., Sheboygan, Wis. 
Edwin J. Reel, Tomah. Wis. 
John Demkowicz (i), 9211 Woodlawn Ave., Chicago. 

Hjalmer Oium, R. D. i, Box 30, Westby, Wis. 

Martin Knudson, R. D. 2, Melvina, Wis. 

Frank A. Siefert, 540 Granite St., Toliet. 

Ralph E. Olson, R. D. 5, Box 25, Sparta. Wis. 

Myron L. Carman, Corp., 464 N. Main St., Meadville, 

John J. Schmidt, 1212 N. 13th St., Sheboygan. Wis. 

John D. Niemeczyk, 629 W. 3d St., Winona, Minn. 

Elmer G. Collins, 351 Kane St., Aurora. 

Joseph Glymske, Box 115, Norwalk, Wis. 

Albert H. Henning, 743 Armstrong, St. Paul, Minn. 

Henry E. Peterson, R. D. i, Roy, Minn. 

Walter C. Redlich, 516 Wilson St.. Winona, Minn. 

George E. Kolberg, Corp., 5202 N. Winthrop St., Chi- 

Max Brown, 2044 Haddon Ave., Chicago. 

Edward H. Scheel, Downers Grove. 

Wallace W. Howie, Tomah, Wis. 

Walter. N. Suhr (i), 1312 Penn Ave., Sheboygan, Wis. 

August Kulm, 15 S. Grant St., Hinsdale.' 

Clay H. Marsh, Box 135, Huntley. 

Emery j;. McNeil, R. D. 3, Rock Falls. 

Lester E. Netterstrom, 854 Waveland Ave., Chicago. 

Charley A. Sargent, R. D. 2, Rose Creek. 

Jack Lebedeff, 226 Nelson Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 

Aurelio Scalzetti, 908 W. Taylor St., Chicago. 

Charles C. Koechel, 1508 Superior St., Sheboygan, Wis. 

Herbert A. Boser, 902 36th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Roy S. Drum, 201 LaSalle Bldg., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Bennie E. Wooge, Box 234, Jeffers, Minn. 

Julius E. Weldon, Corp., 2333 Grenshaw St., Chicago. 

Guiseppe Pelino (i), 2327 N. California Ave., Chicago. 

William F. Hartwig, Sgt., Elmhurst. 

Robert Dickson, Sgt., 174 Hyland Ave., Downers Grove. 

Paul A. Lambrecht, Sgt., 1007 14th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

John E. Sorgenson, R. D. i. Box 28, Monticello, Minn. 

William Spears, R. D. 2, Box 57, Stoddard, Wis. 

Nels R. Anderson, 819 Front St., S., Mankato, Minn. 

Julius Schwartz, R. D. 2, Sobieske, Wis. 

Ole C. Volden, R. D. 2, Box 51, Genoa, Wis. 

Olaf Larson, Box 523, Madison, Minn. 

Roy O. Johnson, 368 Marston Ave., Galesburg. 

Walter C. Strege, R. D. i. Box 68, Ephrain, Wis. 

William J. Kitterman, R. D. 2, Lime Springs, la. 

Victor Karkinen, R. D. 2, Box 65, Menahga, Minn. 

Felix J. Cierzan, 1051 E. 7th St., Winona, Minn. 

William F. Plautz, R. D. 2, Rock Falls. 

Otto F. Wendt, R. D. i, Merrimac, Wis. 

Jesse M. Thompson, R. D. i, Genoa, Wis. 

Carl M. Monsen, Corp., R. D. 3, Box 24, LeRoy, Minn. 

Albert E. Harrison, R. D. 2, Carthage. 

Victor G. Dlask, R. D. 2, Bangor, Wis. 



Ernest A. Wagner, 3831 Fremont Ave., N., Minneapo- 
lis, Minn. 

James M. Johnson, 407 University Ave., N. E., Minneap- 
olis, Minn. 

Hilding A. Johnson, Box 62, New Windsor. 

Melvin J. Lee, R." D. 4, Box 103, Westby, Wis. 

Edward H. Schabert, 11 16 Ashland Ave., Minneapolis, 

Lynn N. Pease, Corp., 1442 Highland Ave., Chicago. 

Joseph Klapperich, Adams, Minn. 

Casper J. Leick (i), 518 Eugene St., Chicago. 

Alvin J. Mintzlaff, Thiensville, Wis. 

William J. Hogan, 2088 Milwaukee Ave., Chicago. 

Louis T. Moran, 222 Aiundel St., St. Paul, Minn. 

Jchn W. Bloom, Round Lake, Wis. 

Harvey S. Gausman, R. D. i, Howard Lake, Minn. 

Victor Jordan, Corp., 708 N. Homan Ave., Chicago. 

Stanley Chmielewski, 1253 Forest Home Ave., Milwaukee, 

Leonhart Weiss, R. D. i, Durand, Wis. 

Edward J. Deitz, R. D. 3, Rock Falls. 

Harry F. Zarr, R. D. 2, Prophetstown. 

Herman A. Hinz. R. D. 4, Lock Box 45, Perham, Minn. 

Theodore Wendtlandt, 44 Hamilton St., Cederburg, Wis. 

Albert J. Scrum, R. D. 2, Viroqua, Wis. 

Edward W. Rosenthal (i), LeRoy, Minn. 

Thomas J. Sherwin, R. D. 4, Box 29, Winchester 

David Smith, 301 E. Howard St., Portage, Wis. 

Charles G. Homuth, P. O. Box 64, Plato Center. 

Martin P. Okland, R. D. i, Orion. 

Bert LaDue. Box 26, Sparta, Wis. 

Robert B. Zick, R. D. i, Forest Junction, Wis. 

Wallace A. Rudolph, R. D. 2T, Picketts, Wis. 

Albert P. Parks, Corp., 4 Chambers St., New York, N. Y. 

William C. Manthey, 804 S. 2d St., Waseca, Minn. 

Albon Welch, R. D. 3, Box 35, Viroqua, Wis 

Vincent Willison, R. D. 3 Box 66, Soldiers Grove, Wis. 

Tirnest Snider, R. D. i, Oakdale, Wis. 

Stanley Murkowski, 890 Franklin PI., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Nickolas Remissong, R. D. 2, Aurora. 

Andrew J. Schmidt, 808 ist South St., St. Cloud, Minn. 

John F. Pcsson, 181 1 Austin, Ave., Chicago. 

William Petrzilka (i), 1637 Kaminsky Ave., Chicago. 

Norman S. Beardmore, Corp., 215 E. 3d St., East Liv- 
erpool, O. 

William Gleissman, Sgt., 28 W. Vine St., Hinsdale. 

William H. Mueller, Sgt., 135 Marion St., Elmhurst. 

Roscoe C. Williams, Mizpah, Minn 

Henry F. Vieth, R. D. i, Box tt. Red Wing, Minn. 

Edward D. Scheid, R. D. 29, Box 7, Campbellsport, Wis. 

Emil A. Anderle, R. D. 5- River Falls, Wis. 

Nick Antony, R. D. i, Melvina, Wis. 

Hardie C. Engberg, Shell Lake, Wis. 

Selmer A. Skaar, Corp., Box 36, Ostrander, Minn. 

William C. Paynter, R. D. 2, Box 34, Jcnesdale, Wis. 

Ralph A. Wegner, Lombard. 

Albert I. Melsby, R. D. i. Red Top, Minn. 

Robert P. Kassera, R. D. 3,, Maiden Rock, Wis. 

Irving N. Vickery, Valley Junction, Wis 

Gust Sotona, R. D. 5, Kendall, Wis. 

Jacob Fischer, Jr., 1808 Chestnut St., Milwaukee. Wis. 

George H. Sprehn, Corp., 211 E. Liberty St., Mankato, 

Daniel Phillips (i), 1509 W. 14th St., Chicago. 

Hendrikkus J. Wolters, R. D. 2, Minneota, Minn. 

Bengt Bengtson, R. D. i, Box 29, Ellsworth Wis. 

Arthur T. Sandquist, 303 W. 7th St., St. Paul, Minn. 

Emil R. Mundt, R. D. i, Coleta. 

John E. Peterson, R. D. 2, Lindstrom, Minn 

Charles F. Cowell, Care of N. R. Bennett, Nelson, Wis. 

James P. Cullen^ Corp., Care of St. Mary's Academy, 
Prairie du Chien, Wis. 

William H. Jacobs, R. D. i, Box 35, Elroy, Wis. 

Claude H. Webster, R. D. 4, Fond du Lac, Wis. 

Thomas Materna, 317 i6th Ave., St. Cloud, Minn. 

Glenway W. Raulf, 131 E. 13th St., Fond du Lac, Wis. 

William H. DeBruler, Winslow, Ind. 

Hector Wallace, Box 60, Poynette, Wis. 

Edwin H. Wargin, R. D. i. Box loi, Duluth, Minn. 

Christ J. Villias (i) Care Mitchell's Cafe, Mankato, 

Fred A. Cederburg, R. D. i, Bay City, Wis. 

Walter W. Frank (i), Coudeary, Wis. 

Anton A. Uischner, R. D. 2, Box 97, Tomah, Wis. 

Joseph Bross, Chase. 

Acel T. Erickson, Comfrey, Minn. 

Ivar Engtniist, R. D. i. Box 35 Madrid, la. 

Harry J. Johnson, 751 23d St., Rock Island. 

Duncan Jennings, 7928 Harvard Ave., Chicago. 

Sverre A. Olsen, 1304 N. Western Ave., Chicago. 

Glenn II. Quarve, Box 14, Louisburg, Minn. 

Raymond G. Esterby, Box 98, R. D. i, Bay City, Wis. 

William T. McGuiness, Waldorf, Minn. 

Swan Odegard, Skjome, Humidal, Norway. 

Anton Waskelevicz, 451 34th St., South Omaha, Neb. 

Otto H. Greske, R. D. 6, Box 56, Ellsworth, Wis. 

Joseph Polaszewski, Corp., 4826 S. Racine Ave., Chi- 

Iver A. Thompson, LeRoy, Minn. 

Julius S. Bross, Elburn. 

Roy E. Babcock, R. D. 46, Ripley, N. Y. 

Arne A. Skipley, Clementson, Minn. 

Clair B. Adams, R. D. 1, Box 52, Ellsworth, Wis. 

Edward W. Johnson, 2524 W. Div'ision St., Chicago. 

Oscar J. Blumenberg, 1209 8th Ave.. Milwaukee, Wis. 

Carl W. Lindin, Corp., 707 Reba PL, Evanston. 

Charles Foerg, 66 32d St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Richard F. Albrecht, Ccrp., 230 Prairie Ave., Naperville. 

Daniel A. Clancy, Sgt., West Chicago. 

William J. Plath, Sgt., West Chicago. 

Victor A. Tilander, Box 273, Ray, Minn. 

Bennie Erickson, Wittenberg, Wis. 

Ban A. Lund, Anawa Mail Rt., Hogarty, Wis. 

George Lockman, R. D. i. Arena, Wis. 

Edwin C. H. Lemke, Birnamwood, Wis. 

Merle W. Litton, R. D. i, Woodhull. 

John J. Netterstrom, Corp., 19 13 Larschmont Ave., Chi- 

William Endthoff, R. D. i, Plainville, Wis. 

Gustav A. Bolland, R. D. i. Box 19, Bay City, Wis. 

Otto C. Ebert Columbus, Wis. 

Henry E. Ancierson, R. D. i. Box 34, River Falls, Wis. 

Paul J. Kaehler (i), 1004 Ashland Ave., Evanston. 

Alvin Miller, R. D. i. Blue Mounds, Wis. 

Alexander McNeil, R. D. 3, Maynard, Minn. 

Floyd E. Davi-s, 491 S. Main St., Richland Center, Wis. 

Earl H. Peppard, Drayton, N. D. 

-Alfred M. IJorgen. R. D. 4, New Richmond, Minn. 

Walter B. Lenz, R. D. i, Varna. 

Jacob J. Betz, Box 77, Jordan, Minn. 

.Anton C. Johnson. R. D. 2, Main Rock, Wis. 

Martin Houg, R. D. 7, Box 80, Faribault, Minn. 

Leonard Kulla, Jenkins, Minn. 

Bernard W. Trapp, R. D. 2, Sanborn, Minn. 

Cornel T. Stone, Ettrick, Wis. 

Frederick Loecher, R. D. i, Adams, Minn. 

Gust H. Dahlgren, R. D. 2, Bay City, Wis. 

Emil C. Lverson, 710 Tyler St., LaCrosse, Wis. 

Ben Deiss. Box 105, River Falls, Wis. 

Wallace H. Mattson, R. D. 2, Box 14, Waverly, Minn. 

Joseph P. Robinson, Corp., Knightsville, Ind. 

Leo Obert, 641 Lincoln Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

George Wehrenberg, R. D. 2, West Salem, Wis. 

Emil Marqup.i-dt, Dysart, la.- 

Anton Bechei, R. D. i, Box 22, Plum City, Wis. 

Nels P. Larsen, R. D. i, Gary. S. D. 

John A. Allport, R. D. i, Spring Valley, Wis. 

Edward Vodak, R. D. i. Box 21, Dilly, Wis. 

Charles Goswitz, Corp., 1013 Selby Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 

Andrew A. Machyniak, 715 Park Ave., Wausau, Wis. 

Walter Luedtke, 524 Wausau Ave., Wausau, Wis. 

Johnsie C. Fisher, 1217 Blaisdell St., Rockford. 

Max Sievert, 1516 23d St., Two Rivers, Wis. 

Silvester Levandowski, R. D. i. Hartley, Wis. 

Palmer H. Larson, R. D. 2, Box 66, Blanchardville, Wis 

Edwin Jahrd, R. D. i, Beldenville, Wis. 

Charles S. Brown, Corp., 663 N. Curtis St., Chicago. 

Walter S. Hambly, R. D. 2, Plymouth. 

Ralph Davis, R. D. i. River Falls, Wis 

Clarence M. Pilisch, Anawa, Wis. 

Gustave Jorgenson, R. D. 2, Lyle, Minn. 

John Thelen, LeRoy, Minn. 

Amos Krueger, 813 Park Ave., Wausau, Wis. 

Arthur A. Millark, 4020 4th Ave., Moline. 

Arthur W. Jacobson, R. D. 4. Spring Valley, Wis. 

John B. Klein, Corp., 2529 Ward St., Chicago. 

Hugh P. Murphy, Sgt., West Chicago. 

Herbert Kenyon, 65 Pierce St., East Greenwich, R. I. 


Charles G. Dennison, Capt., 184 4th St., Hinsdale. 
John G. Little, Jr., ist Lt, 843 Gait Ave., Chicago. 

Daniel Cantwell, 2d Lt., 1914 S. Hamlin Ave., Chicago. 
Clarence W. Dawson, 2d Lt., 1328 Carmen Ave., Chicago. 



Burford L. Porter, 2d Lt., T2 W. Adams St., Chicago. 
Francis R. Sagle, Corp., 84 W. Park Ave., Aurora. 
VIontague R. Rasmussen, ist Sgt., 217 McKinley Rd., 

Lake Forest. 
V^ivian Winkenweder, Sup. Sgt., Naperville. 
• William T. Ccpithorne, Mess Sgt., Green Bay and Deer 

Path Ave., Lake Forest. 
Walter Norbeck, Mech., R. D. i, Albertvnlle, Wis. 
Morris R. Noethling, Cook, 231 W. St. Johns Ave., 

Highland Park. 
Leo T. Lessner, Cook, 234 154th PL, West Hammond. 
John" P. Hopkins, Cook, 122 W. Main St., DeKalb. 
Joseph Rupert, R. D. 5, River Falls, Wis. 
Louis R. L. Haij, Box 34, Cotton, Minn. 
Burney N. Seiler. Prairie View. 

Nels Nelson. R. D. 3, Box 29, Spring Valley, Wis. 
Lester D. Mechling, Spring Valley, Wis. 
Elmer J. Whitney, R. D. i, Victory, Wis. 
Albion Overhagen, R. D. 5, Westby, Minn. 
Eddy Stenslein, R. D. 2, Box 35, Stoddard, Wis. 
Carl F. Zube, R. D. 9, Viroqua, Wis. 

Joseph J. Kinserdahl, 517 E. Jefferson St.. Viroqua. Wis. 
Jerry Thompson, R. D. 2, Box 81, Westby. Wis. 
William L. Sack, Jr., 1410 2d St., Wausau, Wis. 
Edwin A. Huber, Box 27, Ellsworth, Wis. 
Louis A. Schael, Schofield, Wis. 
Leonard J. Zogg, R. D. i. Box 54, Genoa, Wis. 
Willis W. Wood, R. D. 2, Tunnel City. Wis. 
Arne E. Kirkeeng, R. D. i. Box 78. Rockland, Wis. 
Harvey J. Reimes, R. D. i, Box 36, Ringle, Wis. 
Sands G". Watters, R. D. 2, DeSoto, WMs. 
John L. Hinzman, R. D. i. Spring Valley, Wis. 
Harry R. Berg, R. D. i, Leon, Wis. 
Levi Flick, R. D., Downsville, Wis. 
Theodore ^L Peterson, R. D. 8, Box 56, Viroqua, Wis. 
Otto R. Wrobel, R. D. 3, Box 72, Viroqua, Wis. 
Ole Larson, R. D. i, Box 7, Rock Elm, Wis. 
Albert Hagen, R. D. 4, Box 92, Westby, Wis. 
Byron Littlefield, Plum City, Wis. 
Edwin H. Sheldon, R. D. i. Box 49, DeSoto, Wis. 
Hershel M. 'S'oung, R. D. 3, Westby, Wis. 
Otto J. Penn, 120 1st Ave., N., Wausau, Wis. 
Henry J. Levi, R. D. i. Box 9, Genoa, W'is. 
Frederick Gehringer, 217 S. Spencer St., Aurora. 
Arthur L. Hall, R. D. 6, Box 82, River Falls, Wis. 
Louis H. Greeley. R. D. i. Box 96, Beldenv'ille, Wis. 
George H. Whipple, Box 202, Mazeppa, Minn. 
Walter A. Gotzman, R. D. i. Plum City, Wis. 
Joseph Schoenberger, R. D. i, Plum City, Wis. 
Clyde O. Schorn, R. D. 2, River Falls, Wis. 
Frank Schultz, 420 2d Ave., N., Wausau, Wis. 
George Gallagher, 268 New York St., Aurora. 
Ellert A. Munson, R. D. 4, Box 24, Cashton, Wis. 
Emil G. Miller. Ringle, Wis. 

David M. Honigfeld, 119 S. Orange Ave., Newark, N. J. 
Harry E. Anderson, 118 W. 7th St., Duluth, Minn. 
Louis Berg, Dcuglas, N. D. 

Quay H. Whitbeck, Box 11, Ericksberg, Minn. 
Lawrence M. Bartodzy, 2512 Augusta St., Chicago. 
John P. Wermerskirchen, R. D. 2, Lakeville, Minn. 
Theodore Earners, R. D. 9, Little Chute, Wis. 
Elmer A. Owen, Corp., 705 Cedar St.. Milwaukee, Wis. 
Bennie Rudy, R. D. i. Independence. Wis. 
Walfrid Sandstrom, 435 Jesramine St., St. Paul, Minn. 
Edward Hankedahl, Calmar, la. 

George A. Duggan, 812 5th St., N. E., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Lawrence Krans, R. D. 14, Box 51, Victoria. 
Donald E. Layton, Burnside. 

Robert P. Cummins, 2325 4th St., N. W., Canton, O. 
George J. Karch, Corp., Deerfield. 
Edward A. Bonn. 413 17th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Knute H. Knutson, 2422 15th Ave., S., Minneapolis, 

Napoleon Carlier, Box 165, Kasson, Minn. 
Fred Kraetschmann, 623 Garland Ave., Spokane, Wash. 
Leo A. Zillmer, R. D. i. Box 14, Cataract, Wis. 
John N. Mikalson, Corp., Deer Park, Wis. 
Joseph Meiers, 715 Locust St., Appleton, Wis. 
Fred C. Olson, 629 Oak St.. Lake City, Minn. 
Frank Vohnoutka, R. D. i. Box 52, Montgomery, Minn. 
Warren B. LieVan, R. D. 5, Blue Earth, Minn. 
Ray Overman, Balsam Lake, Wis. 
Joseph Stanek, 2710 S. Turner Ave.. Chicago. 
Carl E. Nelson, 3475 3d St., N. E., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Hugh P. Reynolds, Corp., 1916 Euclid Ave., Lincoln, 

Arnold Graf, 508 39th Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Julius Joop, R. D. 22, LaSalle. 
William Kroells, Hamburg, Minn. 

Leo H. Witkowsik, 518 Pulaski Ave., Cudahy, Wis. 

Alvin Schoephoerster, Box 157, Sumner, la. 

Max Kroll, 957 Cook St., St. Paul, Minn. 

William A. Potter, 982 N. Division St., Appleton, Wis. 

Morris Slamovitz, Corp., 4005 N. Richmond St., Chicago. 

Alexander Mallinas, 301 S. Wall St., Sioux City, la. 

Otto R. Hilbert, 1814 S. irth St., Sheboygan, Wis. 

Eddie C. Pickett, Woodford. Wis. 

Henry Kusch, 3419 N. Kildare Ave., Chicago. 

Frank J. Pitsen, R. D. i. Box 24, Turtle Lake, Wis. 

Edwin Johnson, R. D. 3, Box 83, Milaca, Minn. 

George Druce, Grays Lake. 

Pasquale lallonardo, 102 E. nth St., Duluth, Minn. 

Harry Griffin, R. D. i. Vesper, Wis. 

Walter E. Green, R. D. 1, Box 48, Grand Meadow, 

Edemond VanGlabeke, Box 161, W. Main St., St. 

Paul Goedtke. R. D. 5, Worthington, Minn. 
Freeman C. King, R. D. i. Box 38, Gonvick, Minn. 
Henry Hanson, R. D. i. Box 11, Homer, Minn. 
George E. Welter, Corp., 11 62 21st St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Orville Kerr, Joy. 
Christ Johnson, Mecenock. N. D. 
Frank S. Masiniak, R. D. 4, Gesen, Minn. 
Frank J. Galganski, Grand Rapids, Wis. 
John E. Renter, R. D. i, Cresco, la. 
Ray W. Hanson, R. D. i. Bay City, Wis. 
Charles Sommerfeld, Corp., 1620 S. 14th St., Sheboygan, 

Charles W. Kirk, R. D. i, Shelbyville, Mo. 
.Arthur M. Thompson, Hollandale, Wis. 
Herman J. Kohls, Care Carl Ponaph, Norwood, Minn. 
George Norman, Blooming Prairie, Minn. 
Adam Lukorzuis, Benterville, Pa. 
Ernest Frederickson, Box 3, Kimbrae, Minn. 
Arthur B. Anderson, R. D. 2, Clarkfield, Minn. 
Tony Kwiatkowski, Corp., R. D. 2, Blue Island. 
Gust Larson, Galva. 
Carl O. Flesburg, R. D. i, Varna. 
Alex Mittet 2021 21st Ave., S., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Antcn P. Sandwick, 715 24th Ave., N., Minneapolis, 

Orin W. Haugrose, R. D. i. Box 104, Beldenville, Wis. 
Lloyd B. Coleson, R. D. i, Varna. 
Louis C. Pahl, R. D. 2, Wilton, Wis. 
Aelred J. Geis, Lanesville, Minn. 
John Jirkowsky, 2714 S. Sacramento Ave., Chicago. 
Frank J. Kwiatkowski, 11 75 9th Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Walter E. Lueders, 4210 N. Irving Ave., Chicago. 
August Chmit, Box 108 Superior, Wis. 
George H. Duley, Sanborn, Minn. 
X'ivian R. Snyder, Bug., R. D. i, Muscoda, Wis. 
Paul Schedl, 69 Iglehart Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 
John F. Andrzejewski, Corp., R. D. i, Marshall, Minn. 
Albert Erickson, 141 Mill St., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Carl F. Schober, R. D. i. Box 16, Port Washington, 

Charles V. Peterson, 4034 Hirsch St., Chicago. 
Alfred Jump, Reynolds. 

Samuel Demarco, 760 DeSoto St., St. Paul, Minn. 
Samuel L. Schefrin, 633 J/J i8th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Albert W. Nolte, Corp., 269 Harrison Ave., St. Paul, 

John Zagorski, 10 Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Harrison McKusick, 119 N. 21st Ave., W., Duluth, Minn. 
Louis Deschepper. Jasper, Minn. 
Fred K. Foster, Mason. 
Frederick J. Luebke, R. D. i, Box 17, St. Bonifacius, 

Frank L. Glynn, Adrian, Minn. 

Elam Frederickson, R. D. i. Box 163, Grandy, Minn. 
Elmer Thompson, Corp., Deer Park, Wis. 
Dean C. Fulper, R. D. 2, Galva. 
Edward J. Haughtigan, R. D. 4, Dwight. 
Robert Zimmermann, 712 15th St., Oshkosh. Wis. 
Theodore Schoenherr, 1019 5th Ave., S., Wausau, Wis. 
Theodore Rinehart, Box 51, Putnam. 
James E. Winchell, R. D. 3, Box 58, Cashton, Wis. 
John Polasek, Corp., 625 Carpenter Ave., Cudahy, Wis. 
George K. Estling, 209 9th St., N. E., Little Falls, Minn 
Paul Steinhaus, 1222 Georgia Ave.. Sheboygan, Wis. 
Roy F. Liggett, R. D. s. Charlotte, Mich. 
Frank VandenBoomen, 619 nth St.. Green Bay, Wis. 
Harry Burdick, R. D. i, Sanborn, Minn. 
Stephen J. Wyrembek, Box T2, Clements, Minn. 
Glenn A. Huggins, R. D. 2, Albany. 

Frank C. Murphy, Central Police Sta., Milwaukee, Wis. 
William H. George, 720 9th Ave., Rock Falls. 



John C. McHugh, R. D. 26, Box 32, Shiocton, Wis. 

Carl O. Johnson, 85 Arthur Ave., Galesburg. 

Samuel Belrose, 1029 Indiana Ave., Sheboygan, Wis. 

Clyde H. Louck, New Boston. 

Ernest A. Brodin, R. D. 4. Windom, Minn. 

Kdward M. Dalton, 6401 Eggleston Ave., Chicago. 

William D. Flynn, Corp., 333 S. Lake St., Aurora. 

George T. Walton, 81 Central Terrace, St. Paul, Minn. 

Harry A. Steffy, Avon, Pa. 

John J. Sullivan, 374 Main Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 

Frank Gracyalny, Box 104, R. D. 2, Chase. Wis. 

Bagdacar Jack, 2153 W. Jackson Blvd., Chicago. 

George Argubright, E. Walnut St., Oglesby. 

Harry W. Anderson, 6222 University Ave., Chicago. 

Joseph J. Klafka, 636 8th Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Elmer A. Rice, Elderon, Wis. 

Olaf Erickson, Karlstad, Minn. 

Raymond Morgan, R. D. 3, Box 53, Maiden Rock. Wis. 

Eldon G. Burdick, 139 W. 40th St., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Oscar L. Peterson, R. D. i, Box 64, Hillsboro, Wis. 

Virgil E. Simpson, Corp., Obion, Tenn. 

William F. Ramthun, R. D. 2, Box 48, Wausau, Wis. 

Henry A. Cohen, Sgt., 1357 N. Webster Ave., Chicago. 

Eddie Kleinfelder, 1510 Oakdale Ave., Chicago. 

Otto H. Kuehne, R. D. i. Box 23, Holt, Minn. 

Oscar A. Wolden, R. D. 2, Box 19, Gonvick, Minn. 

Frank Schlaz, 222 Franklin St., Port Washington, Wis. 

Elmer Pearson, R. D. i. Box 128, Grandy, Minn. 

Warren C. Hallett, R. D. 26, Utica. 

Olaf Sjoberg, Corp., Middle River, Minn. 

John E. Johnson, R. D. 2, Box 28, Stronghurst. 

Rudolph Wilhelmy, R. D. South St. Paul, Minn. 

Raymond McCarthy, 485 Smith Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 

Ralph B. Hammer, 1724 sth St., N. E., Minneapolis, 

I'red W. Kuenzel, New Germany, Minn. 

George L. Larson, 109 7th St., Rockford. 

Mathias Manderfeldt, 1620 Grand Ave., Racine, Wis. 

Robert J. Ruzek, Corp., 2104 S. Springfield Ave., Chi- 

Stanislaus C. Kowalewski, 1061 Windlake Ave., Milwau- 
kee, Wis. 

Gerald A. Lynch, 1104 Clybourn St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Emil Harke, 2030 N. Albany Ave., Chicago. 

Peter J. Eeckhout, R. D. 2, Atkinson. 

Jerry Koerschen, Lester Prairie, Minn. 

Albert Bestor, Box 36, Osco. 

Archie L. Lafferty, Rock Elm, Wis. 

Emil B. Kostka, Corp., 774 i6th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Julius Eeckhout, R. D. 2, Atkinson. 

Adolph Schrupp, R. D. i, Box 55, Norwood, Minn. 

Christian Pederson, 1 121 E. loth St., Sedalia, Mo. 

Jacob H. Straus, 902 Indiana Ave., Sheboygan, Wis. 

John J. Paietta, 631 W. 2d St., Duluth, Minn. 

Edwin Peterson, Rushford, Minn. 

Joseph Viktor, 2353 S. Trumbull Ave., Chicago. 

John R. Campbell, Corp.. West McHenry. 

David Hutchinson, 709 Ridgewocd Ave., Highland Park. 

Mike Allekian, 723 Jackson St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Henry F. Mogge. 2155 Cortez St., Chicago. 

Elmer A. Wille, R. D. i. Box 186, South St. Paul, Minn. 

Elmer Stevo, 1375 Cedar St., Green Bay, Wis. 

Peter Hartman, 141 1 31st St., Rock Island. 

Maurice J. Kime, Corp., 1140 Wall St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Oscar W. Peterson, R. D. i, Box 83, Centuria, Wis. 

Howard H. Davis, Downing, Wis. 

Ben J. Klapper, 2452 Haddon Ave., Chicago. 

Harvey Sprague, Hillsboro, Wis. 

Casper Hanson, R. D. 2, Box 57, Viroqua, Wis. 

Frederick Emanuelson, 3622 24th Ave., S., Minneapolis. 

Anton J. Karsten, Morton Grove. 

John R Maier, R. D. 3, Box 12, Maiden Rock, Wis. 
Henry Siegel, Sgt., 515 Lamberton St., Trenton, N. J. 
Ernest P. Schuetz, Mech., 4^24 S. Talman Ave., Chicago. 
Walter R. Kelly, 3520 Wells St., Chicago. 
Daniel J. Card, Peacedale, R. I. 
Felix Hynes, 334 E. 48th St.. New York, N. Y. 
John T. Marion, 263 Charles St., Providence, R. I. 
Frank Atchison, 17 Park St., Central Falls, R. I. 
George E. Newton, Manville Rd., Cumberland. R. I. 
Daniel J. O'Neil, Box 88, NVest Barrington, R. I. 
Pasco Martinelli, Box 79, Simmonsville, R. I. 


Rodney C. Glover, ist Lt., 2843 Burling St., Chicago. 
Scott McNulta, ist Lt., 250 N. College St., Decatur. 
Paul Roetter, 2d Lt., 5428 W. 22d PL, Cicero. 
Arwin C. Soper, 2d Lt., 105 Commonwealth Ave., Elgin. 
William R. Williams, 2d Lt., 1615 Park Ave., Richmond, 

Roy L. Hopper, 1st Sgt., Gen. Deliv., North Grove, Ind. 
John S. Rogers, North Aurora. 
William A. Dineen, 518 S. State St., Chicago. 
Louis Schoepke, Jr., Ringle, Wis. 
Herman Singkofer, Mosinee, Wis. 
John M. Reitzner, Rubicon, Wis. 
Elmer F. Swanson (i), i2t6 nth Ave., W., Ashland, 

Henry Zerell, 1041 N. Lincoln St., Chicago. 
William Alvermann, R. D. 2, Glenwoad City, Wis. 
Harold G. Conant (i), 3104 ist Ave., S., Minneapolis, 

Joseph Pazderski, 899 Jessamine St., St. Paul, Minn. 
John H. Wheldon, Bangor, Wis. 
Robert R. Stoddard, R. D. i, Troy Center, Wis. 
Joseph H. Zajicek, R. D. 4, Glencce, Minn. 
ICmil Anderson, 346 E. 14th St., St. Paul, Minn. 
Oscar S. Johnson, Mizpah, Minn. 
Eddie Amundson 1328 N. 4th St., Mankato, Minn. 
Henry Smith, R. D. 2, Mt. Horeb, Wis. 
LeRoy W. Meyers, Prairieview. 
Emil M. Jacobson, R. D. i, Clitherall, Minn. 
Joseph Pokorsky, 161 1 Madison St., Manitowoc, Wis 
Carmelo l-'risella, 938 Townsend St., Chicago. 
John E. Wessendorf (i), 227 Center St., Waukegan 
Frank Martin Highland, Wis. 
Robert G. Fisher, 811 5th St., Oshkosh, Wis. 
Arvid A. Anderson, R. D. i, .Prophetstown. 
Harold A. Henrikson, 257 Main St., Batavia. 
Jessie Crye, Knapp, Wis. 

John B. Stuehser, 728 2d St., Menasha, Wis. 
William Wiersema, R. D. i, Morrison. 

Thomas P. Braid (i), 5 ist St., Bohill Fife, Scotland. 
Arthur P. Schoch, 504 Main St., Green Bay, Wis. 
Frank W. Johnson, R. D. i. East Moline. 
Martin T. McGee, R. D. i, Monmouth. 
Frank Beck, Sterling. 
August Schroeder, R. D. i, Plato, Minn. 

Peter I. Kissich, 6800 Wabash Ave., Chicago. 

Nicholas Wilmes, 512 Pleasant Ave., Mankato, Minn. 

Guiseppe Segreti (i), 830 Miller St., Chicago. 

Robert Warwick, Verona. 

Lee S. Randall, Darien, Wis. 

Fay L. Mooney, Care of George King, Williamsfield. 

August Recknagel, R. D. 2, Troy Center, Wis. 

Michael Adrian, R. D. 2, Cassville, Wis. 

Frank J. Wagner (i), 204 E. Gates St.. St. Paul, Minn. 

George L. Mears (i), R. D. i, Gladstone. 

August Redlich, 343 14th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Peter J. Pappas, Lake Geneva, Wis. 

William Johnson, 613 Harrison St., N. E., Minneapolis. 

Joseph Yannish, R. D. 7, Box 46, Ellsworth, Wis. 
Wilfred J. Alexander, Ontonagon, Mich. 
Edward A. Stingl, 2430 Brown St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Ole Baarson. R. D. 2, Box 76, Baldwin, Wis. 
Thomas Harnish, R. D. s, Lancaster, Pa. 
Arthur Reutlinger, Sgt., 731 N. Minnesota Ave., Hast 

ings. Neb. 
Elmer B. Frohlich, Corp., 2157 DeKalb St., Chicago. 
Ralph G. Dewey, 1004 Shawano Ave., Green Bay, Wis. 
Louis Russell, R. D. i, Prescott, Wis. 
Arthur Grundmeier, Blackduck. Minn. 
Francis B. Langer, R. D. i, Beldenville Wis. 
Leonard Folic, R. D. i. Box 88, Albert Lea, Minn. 
Leo A. McCullough, R. D. 6, Waseca, Minn. 
Nick Miller, 677 Sobieski St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Soren D. Nelsen, R. D. 6, Box 8, Hutchinson, Minn. 
Harold H. Mutimer, 2217 Andrews St., Rockford. 
Anton E. Person, R. D. 3, Hector, Minn. 
Joseph R. Berndtscn, 5812 Rice St., Chicago. 
Harold Bur (i), 117 S. VanBuren St., Green Bay, Wis. 
Romas Dutkiewicz, 730 Grove St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Reinhold Dehnke, R. D. i. Box 15, Fall Creek, Wis. 
Oscar Hanson, Cornell, Wis. 

Leslie R. Neylon, 793 S. Seminary St., Galesburg. 
Oscar V. Anderson, R. D. 33, Clinton. 
Henning Anderson, 213 S. 9th St., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Walter Westerman, New Germany, Minn. 
Joseph Zerjav, Chicago St., Peru. 
"Otto H. Knoll, R. D. i, Ludington, Mich. 
John C. Mombrae (i), 338 Swan St., Buffalo, N. Y. 



George O. Shirley, R. D. 3, Box 56, Farmington, Minn. 

Benjamin Krupka, R. D. i, Junction City, Wis. 

Amedeo Minorini, 217 N. Lemon Ave., Chicago. 

Carl B. Oberg, Mech., 318 20th Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Turner B. Erickson, Pequot, Minn. 

Albert Larsen. 141 E. Belvidere St., St. Paul, Minn. 

Mirandas Milless, Rogers, Minn. 

Walter J. Doyle, 1622 Cedar St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Fred C. Steinameyer, R. D. 4, Leavenworth. Kan. 

Swan H. Westerberg, 3932 Snelling Ave.. S., Minneap- 
olis, Minn. 

Anthony Sindelar, Friendship. Wis. 

Fred L. Genge, 4828 Dorchester Ave., Chicago. 

Edd L. Darwin, R. D. 3, Black River Falls, Wis. 

Irving G. Carpenter. 427 Farwell Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

.Andrew Daabu R. D. 1, Box 90, Madison, Minn. 

Carl L. Rolls, 1649 Zinc St., LaSalle. 

Joe C. Alig, R. D. i, Metamora. 

Clarence P. Oualley, 417 nth St.. S.. Moorehead, Minn. 

Abe Shapiro (i), 1220 W. 12th St., Chicago. 

Walter J. Kaufmann (i), 1302 Wellington St., Chicago. 

Joseph M. Wilinski, 2013 W. Superior St., Chicago. 

Oscar A. Ankrum, Dcvray. Minn. 

Joseph Mazurek, 12238 Sangamon St., West Pullman. 

Norman Olson, 1256 W. Erie St., Chicago. 

Oscar B. Bergland, Hawley, Minn. 

Lawrence R. Pimpl, 116 Emerald St., Watertown, Wis. 

William Underwood, 1108 8th St., S. E., Minneapolis, 

John E. Christianson, R. D. 2, Viroqua, Wis. 

Albert E. Lewis, 430 Goodhue St., St. Paul, Minn. 

Hedley L. Beckett, Breckenridge. Minn. 

Eddie R. Pescheck, R. D. i, Wolverton, Minn. 

Otto A. Guenther. 1712 N. 7th St., Sheboygan, Wis. 

John G. Renner, 137 N. View St., Aurora. 

Max E. P. Kohls, 1732 S. nth St., Sheboypan, Wis. 

Howard O. Duket, 119 Gray St., Green Bay, Wis. 

William Plant, 540 W. 14th St., Chicago. 

John E. Ellingson, Canby, Minn. 

Guy C. Chapman, ^4 Lion St., Rochester, Minn. 

Behrend V'alentien, R. D. i. Box 18, Ccmfrey, Minn. 

Louis Boiko, 714 W. Barber St., Chicago. 

Jrhn J. Hennessy. 579 27th Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

W'alter A. Dorn (i), 3700 14th Ave., S., Minneapolis, 

Clarence J. Dahl (i), 3551 Bloomington Ave., S., Min- 
neapolis, Minn. 

Knute A. Beckstrom, 1108 Jessie St., St. Paul. Minn. 

Arthur E. Kath, R. D. i, tenney, Minn. 

Thomas A. Osesek, 1225 S. 22d St., Manitowoc Wis. 

Edward Spitzbarth, Box 128, Mineral Point, Wis. 

Edward W. Knack, 1401 Chestnut St. Milwaukee. \\'is. 

.Melvin E. Kvarnes, 426 St. Croix St., Hudson, Wis. 

Fred W. Bentz, Butternut. Wis. 

Oscar Johnson, 1812 2d St., S., Minneapolis, Minn. 

August H. Kurth, 457 i6th Ave., Milwaukee. Wis. 

Edward L. Furman, 326 W. Madiscn St., Chicago. 

Frank A. Feil, Rollingr.tone, Minn. 

Peter P. Dryll, 21 16 Hamilton St., Manitowoc Wis. 

Miles F. Costello, Care of William Holtz, Elroy, Wis. 

Tommy J. Bright. R. D. 6, Brodhead, Wis. 

George K. Merritt (i), 2638 Bryant Ave., Minneapolis, 

James Taylor. R. D. 34, Clinton, Wis. 

John F. Pickhartz, 443 Hall Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 

August G. Boldt Bagley, Wis. 

Walter E. S-.venson, R. D. i, Hollandale Wis. 

Gust H. Mason. 817 Railway St., Enderlin, N. D. 

Benjamin Peterson, R. D. i. Box 23, Hager City. Wis. 

Thomas Steele, 1306 Prairie St., Milwaukee W'is. 

Tames L. Murphy, R. D. 5, Box 19, Ellsworth, Wis. 

Walter E. Beetham, Stitzer, Wis. 

Walter R. Andrews, Bridgeport, W^is. 

Edwin J. Smith, R. D. 2 Box 60, Dodgeville, Wis. 

Arthur C. WoodrifF, Pecatonica. 

Michael B. Bachim, R. D. i. Box 16, Boscobel, Wis. 

Theodore Winkelman. R. D. 2, Hutchinson, Minn. 

Willard A. Johnson, 728 N. Court St., Rockford. 

August J. Konka, 362 Rosewood Ave., Aurora. 

Forest L. May, Sgt., 404 Seward St., Waukegan. 

Edward R. White (i), 2102 Como Ave., S. E., Minneapo- 
lis Minn. 

Edde H. Meyer, Jr., R. D. 21, Rapatee. 

Nils J. Vistad, Ostadst, Osterdalen, Ncrway. 

Fred W. Benstead, R. D. 34, Clinton, Wis. 

Tver Dahl, Box 65, R. D. i, Currie, Minn. 

George Anderson, 814 E. 33d St., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Hope Billiter, 104 2d St., Covington, Ky. 

John G. Dellinger, 615 S. Mills St., Madison, Wis. 

Paul J. Baures, Box 267, Fennimore, Wis. 
Andrew M. Huppert, R. D. 2, Box 38, Prescott, Wis. 

Martin F. Engberg, 212 S. 57th Ave., W., Duluth, Minn. 

Albert A. Brown, 1349 Woodlawn Ave., Eau Claire, Wis. 

Wiliiam H. King, R. D. 3, Bex 19, Porter, Minn. 

Adolph C. Nybakke, Foley. Minn. 

Stephen Romanowski. 612 Syracuse St., Peru. 
James Korbel, 4315 S. Campbell Ave., Chicago. 

Henry H. Wolters, Box 171, Norwood, Minn. 

Francesco Codomo. 1121 Newberry Ave., Chicago. 

Clark Anderson, Arnold, Wis. 

Arthur L. Angell, Glenwood City, Wis. 

Alfred H. Meske, 604 16th St., Oshkosh. Wis. 

Stanley J. W'ojcik, 1228 W. 32d St., Chicago. 

Howard F. Tess, East Troy, Wis. 

Walter J. Novak (i). 2423 N. High St., Chicago. 

Clifford L. Ayers, W^ilson Wis. 

John Miller, 27th A Main Sta., LaCrosse, Wis. 

Ernest J. Prigge, R. D. i. Box 48, Rochester, Minn. 

Fred A. Faast, R. D. 3, Fall Creek, Wis. 

William H. Bendt, R. D. i, Doran, Minn. 

Lambert Ellifritz, R. D., Luverne, la. 

Walter L. Barrow, R. D. 14, Windsor, Mo. 

John A. Zajicek, R. D. i. Box 75, Hutchinson, Minn. 

Irving V. Nelsen, 4129 Columbus Ave., Minneapolis, 

Andrew P. Christiansen, Box 21, Withee, Wis. 

Harold F. Nelson, 838 Losey St., Galesburg. 

Elmer A. Olson, Mapleton, Minn. 

Arthur W. Spoerl, 2721 S. Kedvale Ave., Chicago. 

Henry J. Nelson, 925 Arthur Ave., Rockford. 

Jesse B. Chaplin, R. D. 2, Birnamwocd, Wis. 

Alfred Rothlisberger (i), Montreal Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 

Willard R. Hank Prairieview. 

Frank G. Remarcke, 2641 N. E. Marshall St., Minneapo- 
lis, Minn. 

Stacy G. Armstrong, R. D. i, Cordova. 

Bolaslaw Miskewicz. 3447 N. Morgan St., Chicago. 

Earl C. Seymour, R. D. 2, Wausau, Wis. 

Pearl \\. Bellmyer, R. D., Plattville, Wis. 

Orvin Cliristenson, R. D. 3, Box 11, Windom, Minn. 

George Crandell, 212 Michigan St., Eau Claire, Wis. 

Lawrence McDonald Galena. 

Harry Gordon (i), 610 Ash St., Waukegan. 

Claude ^L Johnson, Box 325, Deer River, Minn. 

John E. Griffin, in N. Bassett St., Madison, Wis. 

Rudolph Findorff, 1007 2d St., N. E., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Emanuel Frankforter, 411 W. 25th St., Minneapolis, 

John K. Place (i), 512 Huron St., Manitowcc, Wis. 

George McQuade, 9 Milk St., Worcester, Mass. 

Thomas J. Lyons, Radersburg, Mont. 

William F. Hartman, 2801 W. 28th St., Minneapolis, 

Roy J. Ash. 820 N. Broad St., Mankato. Minn. 

Fred J. Lawton, 1618 State St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Arthur R. Miller, R. D. 3, Kasson, Minn. 

John L. Toggemann, 17 10 7th St., Peru. 

Paul P. Lochman, 826 E. Walnut St.. Green Bay, Wis. 

Joseph L. Tauber, 714 S. 14th St., Oshkosh, Wis. 

William Waddell (i), 41 12 Pleasant Ave., Minneapolis. 

James E. Medek, Corp., 3721 W. 22d St.. Chicago. 

Peter J. Cook, Sgt., 214 Victory St., Waukegan. 

Leo Smith, Mess Sgt., 418 Lake Court, Waukecan. 

Minard E. Hulse, Sup. Sgt., 732 N. Genesee St., Wau- 

John M. Sobota, Mech.. 1624 S. Lcomis St., Chicago. 

Carl Peterson, Mech., Hutchinson, Minn. 

Edward H. Krueger, Cock, 8213 Emerald Ave., Chicago. 

Nels A. Nelson, Cook. Zion Home, Zion City. 

Charles E. Dolan, Cook, R. D. i. Box 41. Zion City. 

Clement A. Wirtz, 723 Doty St., Green Bay, Wis. 

Myron E. Wiard, in North Ave., Waukegan. 

George W. Zeller, Corp., 917 Lombard Ave., Oak Park. 

Ginesio Revi (i), R. D. 6, Box 55, Manitowoc, Wis. 

Herbert F. Smith, Mosic Lane, Apponange, Warwick, 
R. I. 


Paul Hevener, Capt.. 3974 Albatross St., San Diego, Cal. 
John E. Kilgore, ist Lt., Marianna, Victoria County 

Douglas Goodwillie, ist Lt., 418 Barry Ave., Chicago. 
Kellogg Logsdon, 2d Lt., 5756 Kenwood Ave., Chicago. 
Robert Copenhaver, 2d Lt., Polo. 



Lyle G. Phillips, 2d Lt., Cloverleaf Farm, DePere, Wis. 

George P. Herwat, 1st Sgt., 140 Bronson Ave., Toledo, 

Thomas N. Cook, Sgt., 15527 Lexington Ave., Harvey. 

Stanley L. Hart, Mess Sgt., 843 Moreno St., Colorado 
Springs, Colo. 

Moie Morris, Sup. Sgt., 215 E. S4th St., Chicago. 

Chester L. Kabrud, R. D. 5, Lake Crystal, Minn. 

Leonard Simone, Bug., Palazzo S. Gerrasis, Potenzo, 

De Talmadge McKee, Bug., Hutchinson, Minn. 

William F. Guelzow, 1320 S. 15th St., Sheboygan, Wis. 

Robert Marsh, R. D. i, Amboy, Minn. 

James E. Cotter, R. D. 3, Box 21, Austin, Minn. 

John F. Lynch, Cook, 2Tj Stephenscn St., Freeport. 

Edward L. Barcus, Cook, Farmersburg, Ind. 

James S. Armstrong, Cook, 147 Ashland Ave., Harvey. 

Aloysius Sherman, Mech., R. D. i. Box 73, Lester 
Prairie, Minn. 

Gustav'e A. Grote, Mech., Nerstrand, Minn. 

Frank Charleston, Sgt., 14622 Green St., Harvey. 

Albert E. Schroeder, Sgt., 703 N. Madison St., Wood- 

Fred H. Maag, Puposky, Minn. 

Tames Shufflebotham, 232 Western Ave., Plymouth, Wis. 

James E. Fuller, Box 64, Hebron. 

William M. Frey, R. D. 1, Cambridge, Wis. 

George C. Schmidt, 832 Weil St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Edward C. Filter, Waterloo, Wis. 

Albert E. Ellis, Corp., .Harvard. 

Jacob Wolter, 931 Jefferson St., Appleton, Wis. 

Bennie Danielson, 616 N. Sherman Ave., Sioux Falls, 
S. D. 

Eric Anderson, Kimberly, Minn. 

William Frederick, R. D. 1, Emeret. Minn. 

Emery A. Anderson, 309 Madison St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Thore W. Fahlstrom, First Lock, Appleton, Wis. 

Carl W. Degner, Ixonia, Wis. 

Chester A. Larsen, Corp., 126 W. 26th St., South Chi- 
cago Heights. 

Oscar Carlson, Milan, Minn. 

Henry E. Nehmer, Lake Mills, Wis. 

Francesco Gallo, 729 Forquer St., Chicago. 

Ernest J. Hoff, Box 23, Solon Mills. 

William L. Weaks, Ingomar, Mont. 

George E. Landon, 700 N. Washington St., Abingdon. 

William C. Briel, R. D. 2, Stitzer, Wis. 

Fred E. Dalton, 1816 Marshall St., N. E., Minneapolis, 

Paul C. Hoffman, R. D. 2, McHenry. 

Clyde E. Arp, Box 72, Hebron. 

Benjamin Mantei, Farminglon, Minn. 

Leo J. Plomin, 1303 Marianna St., Chicago. 

Willie E. Cliff, R. 3, Lancaster. Wis. 

Peter Nielson. R. D. 6, Box 8, Hutchinson, Minn. 

Clarence C. Coy, R. D. i, Janesville, Wis. 

Alexander Geneske, R. D. 4, Bo.x 51, Montello, Wis. 

Arthur Griffith Mattaway, O. 

Settimo Rosi, Box 612, Granville. 

Harry Glasser, R. D. 4, Gen. Deliv., Mountain Lake, 

Vito Tenerelli, 945 W. Taylor St., Chicago. 

Herman C. Dorn, Helenville, Wis. 

Morris Horn, 271 1 W. 15th St., Chicago. 

Walderroan J. Blumenstein, R. D. i. Palmyra, Wis. 

Tony Wirkus, 33 is6th St., West Hammond. 

Leo J. Betchwars, Box 11. New Richland, Minn. 

Lee O. Crum, R. D. 3, Stewartville Minn. 

Melvin P. Foss, R. D. 4, Brodhead, Wis. 

Steve Rawinski, 1282 National Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Magnus Gullickson, R. D. 4, Chippewa Falls. Wis. 

Frank T. Stewe, 4440 S. Albany Ave., Chicago. 

Carl F. Gogert, R. D. .23, Box 25. Waupun, Wis. 

Pearl L. Newman, 100 Walnut St., Aurora. 

Leo H. Heth, Koshkonong, Wis. 

Joseph S. Huston, 530 S. Colorado Ave., Kansas City, 

Frank Szeszycki, 928 W. 33d St., Chicago. 

Sam Oaks, R. D. 2, Waynesburgh, Ky. 

Albert Ranzinger, Norwood, Minn. 

Joseph Gruber, 400 W. C. St., Marshfield, Wis. 

Earl W. Sullivan, Alixj Alberta, Canada. 

Hugh Monaghan, R. D. 11, Milton, Wis. 

Charles S. Pingry, Sgt., Crystal Lake. 

William Carroll, Sgt., Woodstock. 

Herschel G. Perry, R. D. 3, Carthage. 

Edward J. Ealdauf, R. D. 36, Eden, Wis. 

William H. Burmester, Glenwood City, Wis. 

Gerald G. Landaal, R. D. 3, Box 9, Baldwin, Wis. 

William Schwamb, 523 Washington St., Woodstock, 
Clarence Evenson, R. D. 2, Stewartville, Minn. 
Rolland E. Anthony, Corp., Marengo. 
Joseph Stuskey, 25 Harrison St., North Fond dit Lac. 

Arvid L. Dahlstrom, 512 Washington St., Rockford. 
James Kenney, 3749 S. Halsted St., Chicago. 
Gulbrand Gilbertson, R. D. 2, Wocdlake, Minn. 
William J. Thiele, 715 9th Ave., South Wausau. Wis 
Martin H. Rasmussen. Woodstock. 
Richard Vanderbilt, i62d St., South Holland. 
Ingwald Isaacson, 420 Franklin St., Eau Claire, Wis 
Herbert W. Eck, R. D. i, Stitzer, Wis. 
Carl F. Zantow, 217 3d Ave., Baraboo, Wis. 
Alfred J. Eberle, R. D. 3, Hopkins, Minn. 
Sigurd Olson, R. D. 3, Goodhue, Minn. 
Bert Buhler, 503 Avenue "B", Sterling. 
John Sorich, 3833 S. Halsted St., Chicago. 
John E. Sauber, Farmington, Minn. 
Albert Bohn, Oswego. 

Philip J. Mee, 2024 Clinton Ave., Chicago. 
Joseph Sonecz, 1343 S. Sangamon St., Chicago. 
Isidor Sleik, 559 31st Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Mike Beireis, R. D. 2, Box 34-A, Rothsay, Minn. 
Bruce M. Gates, White Owl, S. D. 

Earl A. Hulting, 3320 42d Ave., S., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Ernest H. Stevens, R. D. i, Ladysmith, Wis. 
Cyriel Snouwaert, 10340 Ewing Ave., South Chicago. 
Aris M. Kindred, Bentley. 
Ernest Volti. Box 2, Flly, Minn. 
Herman A. Jenson, 215 4th St., Albert Lea, Minn. 
Adolph E. Gachnang, R. ID. 1, Box 39, Vesper, Wis. 
('harles Fanta, 1136 W. 17th S*., Chicago. 
Claude W. Fiegel, 437 7th St.- Grand Rapids Wis. 
Kldon C. Kinne, Box 101, Ellsworth, Wis. 
Felix Harassim, Box 11, Davis, W. Va. 
Albert Vailencour, 659 Monania St., St. Paul, Minn. 
William W. Westbay. R. D. 51, Yates City. 
Erwin F. Vaughan, R. D. 3, Franklin, Minn. 
Tony Squires, 2013 W. VanBuren St., Chicago. 
Louis J. Zeman, West McHenry. 
Albert C. Schmit, Motley, Minn. 

Carl Severson, 1330 Menominee St., Eau Claire, Wis. 
Salvatore Difiglia, 1038 W. Harrison St., Chicago. 
Oscar E. Colstad, R. D. 1, Somerset, Wis. 
Rudolph Totsch, 614 Sherman St., Wausau, Wis. 
Charles Uravich, 259 Canal St., Lawrence, Mass. 
Charles P. Stowell, Prophetstown. 
Guy Warner, Box 117, Elderon, Wis. 
David R. Evans, 407 Van Brunt St.. Mankato, Minn 
llalvdan Sveen, R. D. 2, Atwater, Minn. 
Louis Zagrt. R. D. 2, Box 105, Wausau, Wis. 
John F Weber, Box 154, Crivitz, Wis. 
Daniel Boswell, Box 68, Mineral. 
John C. Bogut, R. D. 3, Glenwood City, Wis. 
James Borgia, Corp., Palagiano, Leece Prov., Italy. 
John J. Boebeck, 7917 Woodlawn Ave., Chicago. 
George H. Fulfs, R. D. 3. Box 32, Sterling. 
Isadore Verplanck, 1907 loth St., Moline. 
Vincent Woytosik R. D. 1, Hatley, Wis. 
Julius Wenzel, 829 Stueben St., Wausau- Wis. 
Andrew Johannsen, 549 Union St.. Milwaukee, Wis. 
Frederick Fl.Tch, R. J"* i. Box 79, Strum, Wis. 
Clinton B. Rule, 617 S. River St., Appleton, Wis. 
Harry Husmann, R. D. 3, Fulton. 
Stanley Sokol, 689 13th Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 
August Tuszkowski, R. D. 1, Polonai. Wis. 
Anthony L. P. Lobsinger, 601 Carroll Ave., St. Paul, 

Thomas Janczak, Corp., 1510 Cornel St. Chicago. 
James Ruzicka. 540 W. 37th St., Chicago. 
James C. Adams, R. D. 2, Monmouth. 
Wladyslaw Paczkowski, 3225 Fox St., Chicago. 
Moses V. Brevold, R. D. 3, Richmond, Wis. 
Albert J. Carmcdy, Spring Green, Wis. 
Frank Cook, R. D. i. Cassville, Wis. 
Felix Derouin, 807 Menominee St., Eau Claire, Wis. 
Ernest E. Heidenrich, 753 S. Wabasha St., St. Paul, 

Ross R. Castle, 106 Walnut St., Galesburg. 
Henry A. Garies, R. D. 2, Rothsay, Minn. 
Frank W. Drost, 159 Hadley St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Harry F. Weishoff, Star Route i, Markesan, Wis. 
Frank Fasching, Jr.. 547 Franklin St., Eau Claire, Wis. 
Felix E. Freeman, 522 S. sth St., Mankato. Minn. 
Charles Knowsley, 374 Bathurst Ave., Toronto, Ont, 

John Florczak, 695 20th Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Albert Anderson, Box 171, Wheaton, Minn. 



Jacob H. Wappula, R. D. 2, Kettle River, Minn. 

Thor J. Roseland, Constance, Minn. 

Albert Brechler, R. D. i, Boscobel, Wis. 

EUie Perlstein, loi S. Park St., Madison, Wis. 

OIlie Lewandowski, 1027 12th Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Alphonce N. Laurin, Box 84. Meadowlands, Minn. 

Oscar Sakariason, R. D. 5, Montivedio, Minn. 

Oscar Kuschner, 1035 N. Western Ave., Chicago. 

Frank H. Burrow, R. D. i, Janesville, Wis. 

William Groy, R. D. 3, Kewanee. 

Ludwig Vojtech, Corp., 1636 S. Karlov Ave., Chicago. 

Claude Krueger, Box 5, Alden. 

John Bezouska, Corp., 1031 W. 20th PI., Chicago. 

Sig A. Paszkowski, Sg'.., 243 is^.th PI., West Hammond, 

Wilbur H. Brei, Sgt., Main and Highland Sts., Home- 

Albert L. Gruenenfelder, 312 N. Broadway St., New 
Ulm, Minn. 

John J. Stewart, 258 E. Market St., Monrce, Wis. 

Peter Poremba, 345 14th St., River Falls, N. Y. 

William Hubbe, Jr., Huntley. 

Harry L. Grenzow, Monroe, Wis. 

Jimmie Ellingson, R. D. i, Hanley Falls, Minn. 

Ignatz Kallas, Corp., issth PI., West Hammbnd, Ind. 

LeRoy E. Church, R. D. 2, Mt. Hope, Wis. 

William Mittelstadt, R. D. 3, Ortonville, Minn. 

Elmer H. Nagel, R. D. 2, Box 85, Warsaw. 

Herbert Brindley, Boscobel, Wis. 

Edgar W. Musser, R. D. 2, Quincy. 

Delbert D. Albright, 241 Hugh St., Manistee, Mich. 

John F. Hughes, 318 S. High St., Janesville. Wis. 

Joseph C. Loftness, R. D. 5, Hector, Minn. 

Joseph C. Ligmanowski, 1909 W. 20th St., Chicago. 

Carl Ihouse, R. D. i, Argyle, Wis. 

.\rthur Stewart, Sullivan, Wis. 

Edward E. Weinke, R. D. i. Box 66, Rockland, Wis. 

Albert R. Steinhaus, 681 12th Ave., Milwaukee. Wis. 

Philip Cooks, 632 Galloway St., Eau Claire, Wis. 

John A. Suhr, R. D. 4, Box 6, Cashton, Wis. 

Walter Dickinson, R. D. i, Foxhome, Minn. 

Joseph F. Howard, Mt. Horeb, Wis. 

Albert H. Zellmer, R. D. 6, Box 49, Tomah, Wis. 

August Klandrud, Unalaska, Wis. 

Frank Gumkowski, 2014 W. 4th St., South Bend, Ind. 

John G. McCarthy, 405 E. Talhoun St., Woodstock. 

Frank Chierulle, 944 W. Taylor St., Chicago. 

Victor Zevski, Margie, Minn. 

Elmer Sederlund, Box 41, Frederic, Wis. 

Peter Hansen, Box 125, Woodstock. 

Henry P. Stahnke, R. D. 2, Box 32, Tunnel City, Wis. 

John E. Koemptgen, 989 Western Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 

Andrew O. Hall, Box 5, Spring Grove, Minn. 

Albert F. Ziehme, R. D. i, Box 58, Spring Valley, Wis. 

John E. Schmitz, 620 Commercial St., Appleton, Wis. 

Edward J. Kinrod, Box 35, Waterville, Wis. 

Ivan Nelson, Rio. 

Alvin Gunderson, R. D. 5, Box 30, Buffalo Lake, Minn. 

Casper W. Rl.yner, R. D. i, Albany, Wis. 

Oskar Loback, R. D. 2, Box 58, Wheeler, Wis. 

Mark V. Dillon, Eden Valley. Minn. 

Benjamin Smith, Box 432, Hutchinson, Minn. 

Guiseppe Diperne, Ellena Prov., Caserta, Italy. 

Charles Oyler, St. Augustine. 

Lorenzo Pezzaferro, 852 Forquer St., Chicago. 

Gust A. Nelson, R. D. 7, Wataga. 

Fred A. Dressier, Britt, Iowa. 

Giovanni, Cerchio, Aquila Prov., Italy. 

Paul H. Dietrich, Sgt., 601 Wylie St., Pittsburg, Pa. 

Jacques C. Boyer, Sgt., 525 Longwood St., Rockford. 

William M. Held, 311 Jackson St., N. E. Minneapolis, 

Joseph M. Stingl, R. D. 14, Box 17, Wauwatosa, Wis. 
John W. Benton, Box 120, Marengo. 
.Abram A. Goossen, R. D. 3, Mountain Lake, Minn. 
Elijah Taylor, Soldiers' & Sailors' Home, sth St., Quincy. 
John E. Cunningham, R. D. i, Sumner. 
Aloysius Stallman, Ashton, Iowa. 
George Bintzler, R. D. i, Lomira, Wis. 
Charles H. Bath, R. D. i, Allenton, Wis. 
John Corrigan, 45 Prospect Park S. W., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Howard K. Crane, 102 W. Both St., New York, N. Y. 
David Hildebrandt, 162 Broad St., New York, N. Y. 
Morris Weiner, 187 E. looth St., New York, N. Y. 
Alexander Simoneau, Tarkiln, R. I. 

Frank Acquavella, 402 Park Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Louis Tacchella, 53 Atwells Ave., Providence, R. 1. 
Louis V. Smith, 238 Pawtucket Ave., Pawtucket, R. I. 
Domina Pelletier, 149 Winter St., Manville, R. I. 
John V. Adams, 429 E. 83rd St., New York, N. Y. 


Thomas W. Dinwiddie, Capt., Waverly. 

Orion A. Mather, ist Lt., 5405 Winthrop Ave., Chicago. 

Phillip H. Lewis, ist Lt., Lawrenceville. 

George W. Winfrey, 2d Lt., 600 Whitain St., Fayette- 

ville. Ark. 
George R. Bailey, 2d Lt., Monticello, Fla. 
George F. Coble, ist Sgt., New Augusta, Ind. 
Howard L. Holland, Corp., 204 McReynolds St., Peoria. 
Robert Hirshbrunner, Sgt., 1204 Arnold St., Chicago 

Howard B. Phillips, Corp., 154 19 Loomis Ave., Harvey. 
Lee R. VanKeuren, Corp., Howe, Ind. 
Hugh C. Kleckner, Sgt., 3 Carroll St.. Freepcrt. 
Frank I. Brown, Sgt., Winamac, Pulaski Co., Ind. 
William Wilczybski, Sup. Sgt., 1509 Wentworth Ave., 

Chicago Heights. 
Walter C. Mahnke, Sgt., 1659 School St., Chicago 

Alfred G. Senn, Sgt., 1672 Euclid Ave., Chicago, Heights. 
Joseph M. Krueger, R. D. 3, Box C, Beaver Dam, Wis. 
Frank Rooney, 608 Moscow St., Austin, Minn. 
Israel Cohen, Corp., 25 Adams St., Freeport. 
Harry E. Johnson, Russell, Minn. 
Arthur Hagen, Box 25, Avoca, Minn. 
Herman Carcelli, Corp., 224 E. 23rd St., Chicago 

Amatore DiGioia, 1047 W. Grand Ave., Chicago. 
Carl R. Anderson, 702 Florida Ave., Fond du Lac, 

Gilmore Johnson, Lakefield, Minn. 

Charles J. Hancock, 311 Ramsey St., Mankato, Minn. 
Carl A. Retza, .467 Alton St., Appleton, Wis. 
John H. Pinkston, 511 S. ist St., DeKalb. 
Julius F. Szatowski, 1044 N. Hoyne Ave., Chicago. 
Joseph Fleger, 1829 Fish St., Chicago. 
Ernest Carwyn, R. D. 3, Davenport, Iowa. 
Frank A. Zoyer, 416 S. Green St., Spokane, Wis. 
Carl J. Johnson, Grove City, Minn. 
Ole J. Olson, 801 N. Railway St., Austin, Minn. 
James F. Walton, R. D. 2, Plymouth. 

August H. Wedemeier, Hinckley. 

John W. Ros, 191 s N. Kilbourn Ave., Chicago. 

Carl A. Johnson, Lakeland, Minn. 

Frank L. Tesmer, 988 loth Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Henry A. Bast, R. D. 2, Sherburn, Minn. 

Ablin E. Johnson, 4618 Camden Ave., N. Minneapolis, 

Charles P. Cripps, 821 W. 35th Place, Chicago. 
Erwin C. Johnson, R. D. 8, Litchfield, Minn. 
Albert Voigt, R. D. 3, Box 37, Glencoe, Minn. 
Patrick Merrigan, care of Edgewater Store, Ensley, Ala. 
Bernhart Peterson, 3912 loth Ave., S. Minneapolis, 

Gustave Schwartz, R. D. i, Burnett, Wis. 
Emeil R. Rea. R. D. 4, Carthage. 
John W. Early, Cylon, Wis. 
John L. Frantz, R. D. 2, Woodville, Wis. 
Stanley P. Sadoskie, R. D. 3, Box 7, Randolph, Wis. 
Eddie Doornick, R. D. i, Baldwin, Wis. 
Herbert Baurichter, R. D. 6^ Box 33, Watertown, Wis. 
Elmer C. Laue, R. F. D., Randolph, Wis. 
Gust Flack. R. D. i. Box 84. Glenwood City, Wis. 
James J. Connor, R. D. 2, Deer Park, Wis. 
William G. Luther, R. D. i. Box 65, Fort Atkinson. 

Elis Cook, R. D. 2, Somerset, Wis. 
Ira J. Woolley, Orion. 
Joseph Cook, R. D. 2, Somerset, Wis. 
Louis J. LaFavor, 399 W. University Ave., St. Paul, 

Eugene E. Ohm, R. D. 5, Box 67, Watertown, Wis. 
Herbert C. Behling, Johnson Creek, Wis. 
Gustav Mueller, R. D. 2, Ixonia, Wis. 
Carl J. Beckman, 427 Jefferson St., Elgin. 
Francis J. Deneen, 366 Walnut St., St. Paul, Minn. 
Clarence W. Krenz, R. D. i, Lindsey, Wis. 
Ernest F. Kutz, Box 556, Jefferson, Wis. 
Cyril M. Hovorka, 181 1 S. Clifton Park Ave., Chicago. 
Joseph Delisle, Somerset, Wis. 
Paul P. Leszcynski, 1070 Bremen St., Milwaukee, Wis, 



William B. Frank, R. D. i, Emerald, Wis. 
Francisco Capparelli, 2801 E. 3rd St., Chicago. 
Alexander Fritz, R. D. i. Box 25, Emerald, Wis. 
Anton Radzukinos, 2257 W. 23rd Place, Chicago. 
Louis Goetkin, R. D. 3, Glenwood City, Wis. 
Frank Alexander, Corp., 82 W. Hickory St., Chicago 

Luttie L. Garthwaite, R. F. D., Bloomington. 
Frederick Hackbrath, R. D. 10, Milton, Wis. 
Andrew Sirovica, 1852 S. Throop St., Chicago. 
Bennie S. Gilbert, Brcdhead, Wis. 
Edwin A. Hanson, Box 12, Avoca, Minn. 
Lewis Hegge, R. D. 24, Box 22. Orfordyille, Wis. 
John W. Nimmer, 401 Ann St., Fond du Lac, Wis. 
William Harker, R. D. s, Platteville, Wi.= . 
Edward B. Hengtgen, R. D. i, Storden, Minn. 
Clarence Knapp, Lancaster, Wis. 

Corliss R. Jones, 417 Glenwood Ave., Mankato, Minn. 
Robert F. Hickock, Bloomington, Wis. 
Helmer J. Janshan, Lake City, Minn. 
Oscar Lund, R. D. 4, Brodhead, Wis. 
George H. Carlson, 7914 South Shore Drive, Chicago. 
Henry Johnson, Box 123, Fennimore, Wis. 
Peter M. Risoen, Glencoe, Minn. 
Herbert C. Kreul, Fennimore, Wis. 
Eugene O'Leary, 1036 Nelson Ave., Edmcnton (Alta), 

Marines Madson, R. D. 32, Clinton, Wis. 
Aloysius J. Kachelmyer, 222 Morland Ave., Mankato, 

Edwin E. Mathews, R. D. i. Box 71, WHiitewater, Wis. 
Albert J. Kiefer, Corp., 1057 2nd St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Earl L. Mawhinney, R. D. i, Janesville, Wis. 
Axel W. Stenfeldt, Gen. Del., N. Henderson. 
George E. W. Kasten, R. D. 2, Waterloo, Wis. 
Elmer L. Leistekow, care of Charles Wichman, Box 3, 

Randolph, Wis. 
Andrew Hopp, R. D. 3, Box 70, Beaver Dam, Wis. 
Robert Wagner, R. D. i. Box 23, Brownton, Minn. 
Ernest W. Reabe, Mayville, Wis. 
Paul J. Schwab, 531 Belief orte Ave.. Oak Park. 
Lionel J. Racette, 813 N. s8th Ave., W. Duluth, Minn. 
George W. Sipes, R. D. 3p, Gilson. 
Anton Boen, R. D. 4, Fergus Falls, Minn. 
Alfred P. Peterson, R. D. i, Rosecreek, Minn. 
Oluf C. P. Hendrickson, R. D. 2, Campbell, Minn. 
Lawrence C. Olson, Grantburg. W^is. 
Grover A. Carney, Benson, Minn. 
Floyd H. Bates, 406 N. Adams St., Peoria. 
John F. Flynn, Eden, Wis. 
Alfred L. Vocks, Juneau, Wis. 

Charley F. Neumann, R. D. 3, Fox Lake, Wis. 
Walter Jeffries, 11 70 Perry St., Kansas City, Mo. 
Frank O. Osborne, Corp., 11210 Parnell Ave., Chicago. 
Samuel M. Worthan, R. D. i, Sanborn, Minn. 
Wilfred Larsen, 411 S. Ashland Ave., Green Bay, Wis. 
Stanley A. Jozwiak, 1532 5th St., La Salle, Minn. 
Otto T. Anderson, R. D. 2, Glencoe, Minn. 
Albert A. Bisek, New Prague, Minn. 

Julius Balcerzak, 123 1 Monroe Av'e., S. Milwaukee, Wis. 
Carl O. Peterson, R. D. 31, Maqucn. 
Charles O. Ebner, Corp., 6521 Maryland Ave., Chicago. 
Louis G. Winter, Clintonville, Wis. 
William T. Berry, R. D. i. Silver Lake, Minn. 
Edward Vleck, 1022 W. i8tli Place, Chicago. 
Joseph S. Hobert, R. D. i, Garvin, Minn. 
Sverdrup Olson 3932 14th Ave., S. Minneapolis, Minn. 
Orin Hansen, Box 33, Evans, Minn. 
Charles Sworonowicz, 123335 Wallace St., Chicago. 
William J. Annear, Corp., 115 2nd Ave., E. Duluth, 

Frank L. Shrewsbury, 536 Quincy St., Hancock, Mich. 
James M. Cole, Jr., 7630 Eggleston Ave., Chicago. 
Henry Zieman, R. D. i, Brownton, Minn. 
Christ Meyer, Box 121, Lake Benton, Minn. 
Charles C. Nelson, Box 77, Becker, Minn. 
Harry Larson, Box 696, Anoka, Minn. 
Frank C. Forward, Corp., 324 E. isth St., Davenport, 

Sam Slabatsky, 127 Co., Battery B, Camp Cody, Dem- 

ing, N. M. 
Levie T. Lee, Battle Lake, Minn. 
Everett Hansen, Box 73, Fox Lake, Wis. 
Elmer A. Gogert, R. D. 25, Waupun, Wis. 
Adolph Puhlmann, 1066 3rd St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Dick VandeHook, R. D. 22, Waupun, Wis. 
Alfred C. Hornickle. 205 Dewey Ave., Watertown, Wis. 
Mike Olson, 898 Holten St., St. Paul, Minn. 
Theodore Hallanger, R. D. 2, Dennison, Minn. 

Bernard F. Hammer, R. D. 5, Beaver Dam, Wis. 
Louis E. Firary, R. D. i, Burnette, Wis. 
Albert M. Kropf, R. D. s. Box 117. Watertown, Wis. 
Rowland W. Eichel, 114 Mary St., Beaver Dam, Wis. 
Julius Kovalske, R. D. i. Box 11, Markesan, Wis. 
Edward F. Krause, R. D. i. Box 65, Johnson Creek, 

Ben Kirchbaum, R. D. 1, Cassville, Wis. 
George V. Kirchberg, R. D. i. Box 6, Louisburg, Wis. 
Otto P. Kirchbaum, Cassville, Wis. 
Melvin Hagen, R. D. i, Hersey, Wis. 
Elmer E. Zemlicka, Highland, Wis. 
Clyde C. May, Box 78, Boscobel, Wis. 
John R. Brasse, 7849 Woodlawn Ave., Chicago. 
Seymour T. Olson, 212 Rutter Ave., Rice Lake, Wis. 
Leonard T. Bowers, R. D. 6, Box 5, Dixon. 
John B. Erickson, R. D. i, Woodville, Wis. 
Charles J. Flood, 3939 Irving St., Chicago. 
Harry C. Ralston, 1312 Wabash Ave., Chicago. 
Raymond A. Brunelle, 806 Ashland Ave., St. Paul, 

Carroll P. Dillon, 628 Washington St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
George H. Lawson, Pardeeville, Wis. 
Erick O. Peterson, Mitchell, Iowa. 
Carl W. Swanson, R. D. i. Box 94, Galesburg. • 
Jonas W. Pelsutkiz, 1215 State St., DeKalb. 
John W. Miller, R. D. 2, Box 6, Hutchinson, Minn. 
Lester F. Bute, R. D. i, Doran, Minn. 
Marius Sither, Batenfjou, Fussat, Norway. 
Julius Iverson, Gen. Del., Westbrook, Minn. 
Carl A. Peterson, R. D. i. Box 48, Bowlus, Minn. 
Fred H. Greupner, Elk River, Minn. 
Frank P. Mrkricka, R. D. i. Silver Lake, Minn. 
Carl W. Pfeiferling. R. D. i, Warsaw. 
Ilelleck Odland, Whalan, Minn. 
Barney L. Katzung, Kiester, Minn. 
Titus Schingenge, 2511 Van Buren St., Chicago. 
Henry P. McCann, R. D. 1, DeGraff, Minn." 
John F. Gilligan, 320 E. Nora Ave., Spokane, Wash. 
Walter Jacobsen, R. D. ■$, Box 51, Lake Benton, Minn. 
Raymond J. Bauer, R. D. 3, Box 8, Beaver Dam, Wis. 
Christian Jasperson, R. D. 6, Box 25, Little Falls, 

Hugo A. Broeske, Reeseville, Wis. 
Harry L. Engdahl, Pert Byron. 
Martin Leer, R. F. D., Arnegard, N. D. 
Albert Zielesch, R. D. 3, Box 32, Wausau, Wis. 
Victor C. Runbom, Aledo. 

Oscar A. Ziebell, 520 Stueben St., Wausau, Wis. 
John Meisenburg, 73 Chestnut St., Dubuque, Iowa. 
Edward Zimmerman, R. D. 3, Wausau, Wis. 
Otto Zimmerman, R. D. 2, Birnamwood, Wis. 
Joseph C. Imholt, R. D. i, Minneota, Minn. 
William Wenzel, R. D. i. Box 103, Ringle. Wis. 
Arthur E. Hilderly, 914^ W. 4th St., Duluth, Minn. 
John D. Crotty, Box 406, Deer River, Minn. 
Nate Hollingsworth, R. D. i. Revere, Minn. 
Harry M. Ricks, Boscobel, Wis. 
Joseph Thill, R. D. 29, Campbellsport, Wis. 
John H. Eggleston. Corp., 311 Hammond Ave., Aurora. 
Ruben Kronberg, R. D. 4, Box 11, Melby, Minn. 
Harris P. Christian, 3712 26th Ave., S. Minneapolis, 

Harry G. Bolin, Cook, Minerva Ave., Chicago. 
Edwin D. Johnson, 1425 nth St., A, Moline. 
Edward G. Eichoff, Cook, 1638 School St., Chicago 

David McArthur, Cook, Windsor Terrace, Perth, Scot- 
Harold A. Pensinger, 113 Galena St., Freeport. 
Roy T. Ellis, Mess Sgt., 312 W. i6th St., Chicago 

Edward Oakes, Cook, 202 Sheridan Read, Waukegan. 
Edward V. Blanchard, Cutler, Pane Co.. 
Henry G. Rundquist, 5439 Harper Ave., Chicago. 
Frank Monro, 210 S. Aberdeen St., Chicago. 
George S. Babbitt, 9064 S. Chicago Ave., Chicago. 
Francis Neidlinger, Zionville, Ind. 
Anthony Cross, 134 E. 117th Place, Chicago. 
Charles Smitchger. 29-31 30th Place, Steger. 
Gordon Sowers, Kingman, Ind. 
Dan Brodsky, Box Office 245, Chicago Heights. 
Walter Miller, 1533 Carroll Ave., Chicago. 
Arthur L. Reed, R. D. 6, Woodstock. 
Ben Ziegenbein, 72 W. Center St., Park Ridge. 
Frank J. Schroeder, R. D. 2, Canby, Minn. 
Norman C. Sandberg, R. D. i. Box 28, Fertile, Minn. 
Ralph G. Martins, Raymond, Minn. 
Walter C. Lundquist, 806 3rd St., Willmar, Minn. 



Elja Tremain, 517 State St., Chippewa Falls, Wis. 
Robert J. Morrison, loi E. 6th St., Organ Ave., Morris,. 

Leonard E. Conrad, R. D. i, Box 66, Bloomer, Wis. 
Edwin L. Johnson, 1714 Fremont Ave. N., Minneapolis, 

Robert F. Zinke, R. D. 3, Kilbourn, Wis. 
Howard Clark, R. D. 3, Box 20, Portage, Wis. 
Raymond Gest. R. D. i. Box 14, Rio, Wis. 
Harry Freiidenbcrger, 1209 S. Church St., Rockford. 
Orville F. Fink, 528 W. Cook St., Portage, Wis. 
John C. Mahnke, 1057 Maiden Lane, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Peter P. Frzywacz, R. D. 23, Waupun, Wis. 

Walter G. Woltman, 335 Prospect St., Fond du Lac, 

Elijah Cameron, Sgt., 6449 Minerva Ave., Chicago. 
Harold P. Henry, Sgt., 6314 Dorchester Ave., Chicago. 
Evey L. Dotson. Sgt., Alma, Ark. 
Carlo Gianelli, R. D. 3, Box 48, N. Bradford, V't. 
Benjamin Kress, 667 Coney Island Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Simeon Watts, Rockaway Beach, Box 73, New York 

Charles F. Brannon, 3852 Calumet Ave., Chicago. 


Martin E. O'Connor, ist Lt., 301 S. Main St., Kewanee. 
George B. Peck, 1st Lt., 4850 Magnolia Ave., Chicago. 
Leo T. Johnson, ist Lt., mo Franklin St., Carlyle. 
Paul D. Grinig, 2d Lt., Hotchkiss, Colo. 
Walter A. Truesdell, ist Sgt., 204 Forest Ave., Nor- 

ristown, Pa. 
Harry J. Olson, Sgt., 131 N. 4th St., DeKalb. 
William J. Cregan, Sup. Sgt., Graceville, Minn. 
W^illiam F. Sell, Mess Sgt., 341 Karlov Ave., Chicago. 
Harland L. Orr, Corp., R. D. 2, DeKalb. 
Hugo F. Carlson, Cook, 628 N. 4th St., DeKalb. 
Walter B. Scott, Cook, 2957 N. 38th Place, Chicago. 
Frank D. O'Malley, Sgt., DeKalb. 
Earl C. Hcran, Cook, Cortland. 

John W. Feider, 437 7th Ave., W'est Bend, Wis. 
Frank X. Hartl, 704 S. Spring St., Beaver Dam, Wis. 
Walter Masterson Bug., 319 North St., DeKalb. 
Martin Sibilrud, Bug., Hartland, Minn. 
Thomas M. Finnic, Sgt., Millington. 
Albert O. Koepke, Mess Sgt., 839 14th St., Milwaukee, 

Peter Leskie, Odnah, Wis. 

William E. Pearson, 717 Wells St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Joseph L. Popelka, R. D. 4, Glencoe, Minn. 
Raymond V. Waldo, 2031 3rd Ave., N. Minneapolis, 

Benjamin Locks, R. D. i, Campbell, Minn. 
Vivon L. Sherman, R. D. 6, Platteville, Wis. 
Harry N. Bonde, Corp., 715 N. nth St., DeKalb. 
Frank G. Mallak, Silver Lake, Minn. 
Patrick A. Brehaney, 2008 Sheffield Ave., Chicago. 
Oscar E. Turngren, 112 N. 33rd St., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Harvey F. Powers, 3125 Warren Ave., Chicago. 
Gilbert Syverson, R. D. i. Big Lake, Minn. 
Arnold M. Halvorson, Box 74, Brooten, Minn. 
Paul Dahm, Boyd, Wis. 

Elmer J. Helbig, Corp., 5645 Wentworth Ave., Chicago. 
Cleo J. Kirkham, Box 1 1 7, South Side, Omaha, Neb. 
Walter M. St. Clair, Disco. 
Frank J. Kosmatka, 522 Meadow St., Stevens Point. 

Julius .Rchde, R. D. 2, Dent, Minn. 
Leo A. Anthony, R. D. 3, Box 41, Kendall, Wis. 
Joseph L. Schrock, R. D. i, Deer Creek. 
Martin C. Ness, Cyrus, Minn. 
John P. Wall, 5540 Windsor Ave., Chicago. 
Michael Kulvinski, Box 237, "Mills, N. Y. 
Albert Norain, 121 Park Ave., Duluth, Minn. 
Leonard Johnson, 724 Gilman St., Stanley, Wis. 
Jacob Aaseby, 3819 20th Ave., S. Minneapolis, Minn. 
Ivlmer G. Burger, 621 Liberty St., Ripon, Wis. 
Paul D. Beckerleg, Dcdgeville, Wis. 
Jacob Keller, 2950 N. Racine Ave., Chicago. 
Gustav H. Suhfras, 510 21st St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
William S. Massatte, Box 286, Somonauk. 
Harry H. Swank, R. D. i, Knoxville. 
Arthur N. Persons, 317 E. 8tli St., Northfield, Minn. 
Paul A. Olson, 318 Union Ave., S. Fergus Falls, Minn. 
Frank Sabinash, 962 Chicago Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 
William J. Teteak, R. D. i, Oconto Falls, Wis. 
Otto E. Breyman, Campbellsport, Wis. 
Lynn D. Chambers, R. D. 2, DeKalb. 
Gunnar Thune, up Washington Ave., Fergus Falls, 

John P. Doyle, 1013 Loomis St., Rockford. 
Frank Hanke, Spring Green, Wis. 
Frank Sullivan, Escanaba, Mich. 
Herman W. Schultz R. D. 6, Watertown, Wis. 
Francis I. Dunn, 315 N. Chatsworth St., St. Paul, 

Floyd L. Forman, R. D. i, Oxford, Wis. 
Fred C. Matthias, 1012 W. 5th St., Rochester, Minn. 
Anton G. Shtukas, 2338 W. 23rd St., Chicago. 

Peter J. Moris, R. D. 3, Bloomington, Wis. 

Emil T. Ohning, R. D. 5, Potosi, Wis. 

Herman Meyers, R. D. 6, Lancaster, Wis. 

William Pickcl, R. D. 5, Box 31, Potosi, Wis. 

Clyde L. Oates, Lancaster, Wis. 

Fred L. Pothour, Platteville, Wis. 

Casimir Siedlecki, 5219 S. Richmond St., Chicago. 

Wencel J. Prochaska, R. D. i, Montfort, Wis. 

Nicholas M. Schroeder, R. D. i. Box 33, Louisberg, 

Alvia J. Smith, R. D. i, Box 41, Fennimore, Wis. 
John B. Schumacher, R. D. 3. Watertown, Wis. 
Albert E. Daines, Valley, Wis. 

Fred F. Zaffrann, 849 5th Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Edward Kwiatkowski, 9155^ ist St.. Milwaukee, Wis. 
Peter Jochem, 636 Union St., Hartford, Wis. 
John Pilichowicz, Bradley. 
Ernest VanDuesen, Shabbona. 
John M. Thompson, R. D. i, Franklin, Minn. 
Fred Strege, R. D. i, Franklin, Minn. 
John E. Smith, R. D. i, Cordova. 
John A. Reber, Box 65, St. Joseph, Minn. 
James Jarcs, 19 19 S. Racine Ave., Chicago. 
Robert Smith. 819 S. A St., Monmouth. 
Henry G. Schaus, Colby, Wis. 
Julius Zwolinski, R. D. 4, Thorpe, Wis. 
Milo Olson, 2629 W. 2nd St., Duluth, Minn. 
Ray Leas, 908 Avery Ave., Dixon. 

Daniel H. King, 1321 ist Ave., E. Faribault, Minn. 
Arthur W. Johnson, 91 W. Sycamore St., St. Paul, 

Clarence Ostrander, Corp., 10 Rockton Road, Beloit, 

Carl F. Egner, 1221 E. 5th St., Duluth, Minn. 
William Kozlouski, Cokilisa, Junono Prov., Russia. 
Carl S. Gustafson, Rockford. 
Thorvald Somme, Hartland, Minn. 
Carl Amundson, R. D. 3, Box 80, Mora Minn. 
Oscar Anderson. 2800 Dean Blvd., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Ernest H. Hulten, 1516 Brunner St., Rockford. 
Gennaro Recanelli, 1939 Van Buren St., Chicago. 
John Berger, Hartland, Minn 
John G. Clawson, New Boston. 
Arthur H. Draeger, R. D. 18, Fairwater, Wis. 
David Nachbin, 935 Leavitt St., Chicago. 
Otto H. Rusch, R. D. 10, Eldorado, Wis. 
Reuben M. Lee, Clarkesfield, Minn. 
Eddie Olseth, Oxfordville, Wis. 

Robert Muggeridge, 3044 Lake Park Ave.. Chicago. 
John Renbjlkowski, 3356 Archer Ave., Chicago. 
Walter H. McKinnon, Box 31, Mapleton, Minn. 
Ralph Harmsen, R. D. 25. Waupun, Wis. 
Elmer Melbostad, Clarkesfield, Minn. 
John C. Peters, R. D. 20, Brandon. Wis. 
Fred Magin, 219 20th Ave., S. Minneapolis, Minn. 
Hilmer O. Johnson, 3243 Hirsch St., Chicago. 
John W. Westlund, Corp., 7426 Euclid Ave., Chicago. 
Howard W. Jones, R. D. 12, Rosendale, Wis. 
Ernest Eberhardt, Rhinebeck, Iowa. 
Fred O. Schewe, 1449 Holten St.. Milwaukee, Wis. 
Bert W. Haldcman, R. D. 3, Norwalk, Wis. 
Stanley Butkos. 2325 S. Leavitt St., Chicago. 
Lewis J. Sawall, New London, Wis. 
Peter P. Novinski, R. D. 2, Stitzer, W^is. 
Frank S. Kucharski, 496 W'illis Ave., E. Detroit, Mich. 
Peter F.vans, Adrian, Minn. 
Harold P. Beck, 508 2nd St.. Menasha, Wis. 
Glenn D. A4ams, Owatonna, Minn. 

Walter G. Ponath, 143 Concord Ave., Watertown, Wis. 
Carl I"". Stabnow, Greenwood, Wis. 
Herbert A. Will, R. D. 9, VanDyne. 
Eddie Probst, Jefferson, Wis. 
Thomas J. Byers, 2205 E. Cerrogordo St., Decatur. 

1 64 


Bennette Olson, R. D. i, Hillman, Minn. 

Jay H. Gilbert, Corp., Lacota, Mich. 

Adolph J. Gross, Corp., 726 N. nth St., DeKalb. 

Anthony W. Schlegel, K. D. 3, Box 55, Osseo, Minn. 

Joseph J. Larson, K. D. i, Bdx 23 A, Albert Lea, Minn. 

Kalpli N. liendricksen, 121 4 Loomis St., Kockford. 

Alexander Ratkewicz, 12237 Peoria St., Chicago. 

Carl Oahl, Clarkes (jrove, Minn. 

Albert W. Johnson, Curtiss, Wis. 

Farnsworth Wright, 1237 Arthur Ave., Chicago. 

Ernest O. Kuehn, 122 loth St., Breckenridge, Minn. 

Alvin Lea, R. D. 3, Blooming Prairie, Minn. 

Amos Anderson, R. D. i, Eden Prairie, Minn. 

August Larson, Box 43, Commonwealth, Wis. 

Tinman O. Jorgenson, R. D. 1, Kasson, Minn. 

Lee V. Ward, Butler, Mo. 

Josejih Turaj, 5516 Mitchell Ave., West Allis, Wis. 

George F. Slack, Corp., 930 Glen Rock Ave., VVaukegan. 

George H. Huser, R. D. 2, Plato, Minn. 

Arthur Knaak, R. D. 2, Clintonville, Wis. 

Michael Fendrych, 1527 S. S7th Ave., Cicero. 

John I'arczynski, 11345 Langley Ave., Chicago. 

Samuel Brockman, R. D. i, Leon, Wis. 

Allan E. Scheid, 2716 Bryant Ave., S. Minneapolis, 

Clarence Brendum, Westby, Wis. 
Gustav Hoglund, 5850 Grace St., Chicago. 
Wilfred G. King, 1527 E. 24th St., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Lawrence P. Ledge, Fowler, Ind. 
Sylvester Hawryluk, 2325 W. 20th St., Chicago. 
Andrew Ramchek, R. D. 2, Stevens Point, Wis. 
Rudtlph vVrneson, R. D. i, DeSoto, Wis. 
Andrew Lamphear, R. D. i, Northland, Wis. 
Carl A. Siegrist, R. D. 45, Box 4, Niota. 
Charles Swartz, Corp., Box 259, Coal City. 
John Petraitis, 844 W. 33rd St., Chicago. 
Richard A. Stein, R. D. 5, F^ergus Falls, Minn. 
Charles A. Akright, 1424 Rose St., LaCrosse, Wis. 
Peter J. Lies, Box 95, Watkins, Minn. 
Josef Kacirck, 19 12 AUport St., Chicago. 
August Langermann, Mountain Lake, Minn. 
Harry A. Seller, Prairie View. 

Galiano DeLaurcntis, 3523 Nena Ave., Chicago. 
Nels F. Larson, R. D. 6, Litchfield, Minn. 
Leo W. Johnson, R. D. 3, New Richmond, Wis. 
Oscar W. Johnson, 695 Baxter Ave., Superior, Wis. 
Waldemar C. Hansen, 684 Locust St., Appleton, Wis. 
William Toepke, 1500 Prospect St., Watertown, Wis. 
Albert C. Bohlmann, 1222 30th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Erich A. Falk, R. D. 34, Campbellsport, Wis. 
Otto G. Roeske, R. D. 10, Eldorado, Wis. 
Mike Polzean, R. D. 34, Campbellsport, Wis. 
William F. Hodde, Box 70, Addieville. 
Thomas Roy, 1212 58th St., South Superior, Wis. 
Simon Hanson, Wilson, Wis. 

Frederick Stagg, R. D. 2, Box 100, Fort Atkinson, Wis. 
Arthur Sorenson, R. D. 3, White Lake, S. D. 
Sam Black, Box 203, South Wilmington. 
Charles H. Lane, 814 N. Broad St., Mankato, Minn. 
John J. Clohesy, 243 Amery St., Fond du Lac, Wis. 

George Kajer, R. D. 3, New Prague, Minn. 

Axel E. Edholm, 521 E. 7th St., Duluth, Minn. 

Charles F. Seams, R. D. i, Hillsdale. 

Daniel Nygaard, R. D. 3, Underwood, Minn. 

Charles W. Gould, Box 24, Wayne. 

Walter F. Stupey, Prairie Ave., Highwood. 

Harry G. Morrison, R. D. 3, Heron Lake, Minn. 

Albin Lundin, 431 Geranium St., St. Paul, Minn. 

Jczef Wesolouski, 1449 Dixon St., Chicago. 

Thomas Swartout, Reynolds. 

Harry Smith, R. D. -2, Abingdon. 

Leonard J. Karl, R. D. 6, Station A, Milwaukee, Wis 

Herbert Miller, Wapena, Wis. 

lamest Williams, R. D. 3, Stevens Point, Wis. 

Edward Muntsner, Corp., 1649 Orchard St., Chicago. 

Elmer S. Wassell, 174 j6th Ave., E. Moline. 

Ole Jensen, R. D. i, Albert Lea, Minn. 

John Crocker, care of Henry Truit, Chillicothe. 

Carl L. Kerch, R. D. i, Doran, Minn. 

Walter Sydow, Johnson Creek, Wis. 

Peter G. Lee, R. D. i, Oakland, Minn. 

Cleo Langston, 620 E. 5th St., Rochester, Minn. 

Ralph Huizenga, Corp., 6041 S. May St., Chicago. 

Nickoles Schniith, R. D. 6, Wadena, Minn. 

William VVondrack, 1623 S. Peoria St., Chicago. 

Albin H. Johnson, Heron Lake, Minn. 

Edward A. Moxhani, 346 Pine St., Providence, R. I. 

Richard T. Hillestad, R. D. 7, Owatonna, Minn. 

Christopher Hansen, R. D. 3, Albert Lea, Minn. 

Byron W. Kalostoboken, Box 310, Marseilles. 

Allred Johnson, Box 112, Big Lake, Minn. 

Jacob L. Hefter, 257 3rd St., F'ond du Lac, Wis. 

Bernert Anderson, 459 Pierce St., Minneapolis, Minn. 

August F". Buchholz, R. D. i. Box 38, Elysian, Minn. 

Harry Gordon, Box 21, Duane, Minn. 

Hiram O. Parker, Malmo, Minn. 

Claude M. Haskins, New Auburn, Wis. 

Paul C. Lange, R. D. i, Owen, Wis. 

Otto G. Dander, R. D. 3, Genoa. 

August Sanders, E. Sullivan St., Ripon, Wis. 

Jasper Allen, 309 McLean Ave., Tomah, Wis. 

Henry Hendrickson, R. D. 2, Box 47, Glenwood City, 

Ross F. Dorner, care of Frank Dorner, Ontario, Wis. 

John Merrill, R. D. 4, Fond du Lac, Wis. 

Erick Erickson, R. D. 9, Box 27, Viroqua, Wis. 

William J. Feltz (i), 621 E. Locust St., Belvidere. 

Henry I. Haugcland, R. D. 2, Baldwin, Wis. 

Henry W. Andrews, R. D. 12, Rosendale, Wis. 

Bruno Schauer, R. D. i, Johnson Creek, Wis. 

Edward L. Keck, Box 504, New Richmond, Wis. 

Emil L. Bredlow, R. D. 4, Box 56, Wilton, Wis. 

Peter Liebhaber, Box 321, Alden, Minn. 

Arthur E. Butzer, Hutchinson, Minn. 

William F. Royce, R. D. i, Hancver, Wis. 

Frank W. Beardsley, Sgt., 423 W. Madison St., Belvi- 

Ira D. O'Connor, Sgt., care of American Steel & Wire 
Co., Anderson, Ind. 

Jacob Weinstein, 1263 DeKalb Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 


Raymond F. Shannon, Capt., 131 N. Taylor Ave., Oak 

Lewis T. Sweet, ist Lt., Nickerbocker, 38th and Jones 

Sts., Kansas City, Mo. 
David L. Vail, 2d Lt., Milnor N. D. 
Leo A. Strauss, 2d Lt., 4343 Vincennes Ave., Chicago. 
Paul W. Weber, 2d Lt., 1109 Powell St., St. Joseph, Mo. 
Charles L. Smith, ist Sgt., Mt. Carroll. 
Barron S. Buchanan, Sgt., Nancy, Ky. 
Louis Zierer, R. D. i, Phillips, Wis. 
William J. Barry, 306 W. George St., St. Paul, Minn. 
Charles M. Tharp, Salem, Mo. 
Leo W. Smedstad, Box 46, Lowry, Minn. 
Bert C. Rickert, R. D. 2, Fond du Lac, Wis. 
Emil B. Hugdahl, 1808 loth Ave., S. Minneapolis, Minn. 
Emil S. Johnson (i), Cedar, Minn. 
Paul Olkowski, Three Lakes, Wis. 
Andrew Parisien, R. D. i, Wauburj, Minn. 
Ludwig Tonheim, Manchester, Minn. 
William E. Swenson, Lancaster, Wis. 
John Dolezal, R. D. i, Biscay, Minn. 
Hugh A. Truitt, R. D. 31, Marquon. 
Peder Johnson, R. D. 1, Scandinavia, Wis. 
George F. Soeliman, 1627 Clayborne Ave., Chicago. 
Benjamin Aubert, 1809 W. Division St., Chicago. 

William Potts, 301 Harshbarger, Abingdon. 

lialph C. Frank, Hastings, Minn. 

Charles Zahrobsky, 2002 S. Throop St., Chicago. 

Jacob Spease, R. D. 6, Box T,7t Lancaster, Wis. 

George W. Martens, R. D. i, Box 42, Breckenridge, 

Otto A. Trieloff, care of Art Urban, R. D. 10, Milton, 

Robert T. Lachmund, 930 6th Ave.. Milwaukee, Wis. 
Earl Hodnett, R. D. i, Withee, Wis. 
Arthur Beck, Box 183, Ruthon, Minn. 
Carl A. Wollbrink, R. D. 2, Box 6, Sutter. 
Fred B. Vergenz, R. D. 3, Watertown, Wis. 
Emil J. Brandt, Hastings, Minn. 
Levi A. Olson, Darwin, Minn. 
James S. Ward, Box 323, Brodhead, Wis. 
Frank Monstovich (i), 4508 S. Honore St., Chicago. 
Harry S. Telljohn, 312 Center St., Cincinnati, Ohio. 
Charley Johnston, 223 N. 12th St., St. Joseph, Mo. 
Raymond A. Bowman, 13s W. Maple St., Viroqua, Wis. 
Joseph Bauschelt, 27 N. Fremont Ave., Kenosha, Wis. 
Fred H. Thole, R. D. i, Glen Haven, Wis. 
llimon Hancq, 500 14th Ave., Rock Island. 
Frederick Beyer, R. D. 3, Long Prairie. Minn. 
Lawrentz Houglum, R. D. i, Box 31, Perley, Minn. 



Charles Hendrickson, R. D. i, Box 2, Grantwood, Wis. 

Emil R. Unger, 255 W. Winifred St., St. Paul, Minn. 

Paul A. Wolf, 707 nth St., LaSalle. 

Kdward C. Eide, R. D. i, Modena, Wis. 

Ilialniar Kanto, R. D. i, I?ox 72. Finlayson, Minn. 

Otto O. Peterson, Ironwood. Mich. 

Arthur L. Tepsen, Cedar, Minn. 

Arnold L. Stalil, 953 Randall St., Beloit, Wis. 

Krnest Clemens, Felton, Minn. 

Gus S. Coutras, 4302 Cottage Grove Ave., Chicago. 

Luverne Vannatta, R. D. 2, Box 54, Cuba City, Wis. 

Enoch Starr, R. D. 2, Box 62, Nauvoo. 

Harry Hogan. Champaign. 

Joseph Karchinski, R. D. 4, Green Bay, Wis. 

Truman C. Buckert. 940 Crawford St., Warsaw. 

Frank J. Baumgart (i), 308 Galena St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

George McLellan, Box 345, Brainerd, Minn. 

Albert H. Wagner, Sgt., Clyde, Ind. 

Wilbur Hoskinson, Corp., 2921 Cedar St., Milwaukee, 

Charles A. Byrnes, Sgt., 822 S. 6th St., LaCrosse, Wis. 

Peter Kojmark, Box 235, Tyler, Minn. 

George J. Tracy, R. T). i, Platteville, Wis. 

Bernard Gilseth. Broadway and Taft Sts. N. E., New 
Brighton, :^finneapolis Minn. 

Helmer Moen, Barrett, Minn. 

Willie Sillanpa, R. D. i, Box 54, Annandale, Minn. 

William Mcnzhubcr, R. D. 3, Fertile, Minn. 

Arthur C. Sabey, 2419 N. Talman Ave., Chicago. 

Sumner P. Cain, North 9th St., Brainerd, Minn. 

John Olthoff. Box 14, Doran, Minn. 

Leonard J. Wiegman, R. D. 11, Box 61, Hazel Green, 

Joseph Pijanowski, 3332 Fisk St., Chicaso. 

Charles Zalimas. 2311 S. Oakley Ave., Chicago. 

James H. Durbin. R. D. i, Ravenna, Texas. 

Ernest Hammerstrom, Prentice. Wis. 

Raymond Jones (1), 3432 Harriet Ave., Minneapolis, 

Soren Pederson, R. D. 2, Basse!. Minn. 

George J. Ehman. 410 7th St., Rock Island. 

Tohn Matz, 5842 Darlington Road, Pittsburg, Pa. 

T.awrence L. Swenson, 1215 7th Ave., Rockford. 

Joseph P. Woida, Corp., 759 3rd Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Reuben Pfettscher, Fessenden. N. D. 

Joseph Kaplanek, 1331 Artie St., Antigo, Wis. 

Theodore Alindrum, Palisade, Minn. 

Charles J. O'Connor, R. D. i. Box 25, Currie, Minn. 

.^ubery Bieelow, Warren, Wis. 

George Bobish, R. D. 4, Green Bay, Wis. 

Elmer L. Barkley, Stage Route. Park Rapids, Minn. 

Otto J. Berens, R. D. 3, Marathon City, Wis. 

Jrhn R. Garner (i). Farmington, Minn. 

Elmer H. Nickum, R. D. 8, Rochester, Minn. 

Walter Wasalowski, 2153 S. Racine Ave., Chicago. 

T^eo A. Geldon, 793 9th Ave.. Milwaukee, Wis. 

John Bender. 1016 Park St., Grand Raoids, Mich. 

Roman K. Ziegler, Box 146, Johnson Creek, Wis. 

Tonv Gotkin. 410 4th Ave., E. Duluth. Minn. 

Walter C. Witthun, R. D. 2. Fox Lake, Wis. 

Pf-ter C. Polites, 5440 S. Halsted St., Chicago. 

Tohn C. Schalla, 1323 Argyle Road, T^Salle. 

Tolm Willo (i), 3067 E. 92nd St., Chicago. 

Frank Cloutier. R. D. 2. Box 9. Lester Prairie, Minn. 

Fdward W. Street, Viola. 

Charles Grie.sbach, R. D. 3, Henderson, Minn. 

Elmer E. Pepper, 1639 Pt. Washington Ave., Milwau- 
kee, Wis. 

Friwin Tolivette, R. D. 4. Greenwood, Wis. 

Ennk Eras, Corp., 1508 Hunham St., South Bend, Ind. 

Tolin Bonte, .156 E. Itasca St., Superior. Wis. 

Tohn Pelkoszki. 544 155th Place, Herman. 

Pptpr Kuryk. Box 122. Montreal, Wis. 

William Vondran R. D. .■;. Dubuque. Iowa. 

.Arnold Traune. R. D. i, Beetown, Wis. 

Bernard C. Domke. Genoa, Wis. 

Louis Kohlmeyer (i). R. D. 6, Chatfield. Minn. 

Edward Cru'kshank, Box 451. Buffalo Minn. 

Erne.=-.t R. Harris, Box 125, Stratford. Wis. 

Scott R. Tiedman, Sgt., 3917 W. Montrose Ave., Chi- 

Claude Caddell, Sgt., 915 Heths Ave., East End, Pitts- 
bur?. Pa. 

Robert Ca=s<»ll. Sgt.. 341 Chicago Ave., Savanna. 

Leonidas Friedman, Abita Springs, La. 

Frank L. McMinimv, 114 N. Washington St., Carthage. 

George P. Hanson. R. D. i, Rollag, Minn. 

William Patterson, Mt. Carroll. 

Otis M. Westphall, Ft. Atkinson, Wis. 

Albert WittI, R. D. 4, Box 30, Jefferson, Wis. 

Frank V. Minckler, Westfield, Wis. 

Alfred Bakken, Genoa. Wis. 

Hobert J. Burks, R. D. 2. Solsberry, Ind. 

Max E. Fritze, LeSeuer, Minn. 

Edwin M. Mortenscn, R. D. i. Grove City, Minn 

Merle A. Tracey, R. D. 3, Monmouth. 

Frank Cabak, R. D. 2, Hinkley, Minn. 

Oscar Benson, Hillsdale, Okla. 

James S. Bloniarz, 1639 W. 20th St., Chicago. 

Nels H. Nelson, Amboy, Minn. 

John A. Nelson, R. D. i, Scarville, la. 

Carl J. Thuline, R. D., Altona. 

Thomas R. O'Connor. Eden Valley. Minn. 

Leo O. Hartman, Huntersville, Minn. 

Joseph O. Holt, R. D. 3, Bnx 57. Farmington, Minn. 

William F. Welter, R. T5. i, Sinsinawa, Wis. 

John E. Johnson, 3047 Lyndale Ave., S., Minneapolis, 

Ervin E. Meyer, R. D. 5, Buffalo Lake, Minn. 

Walter W. Beckard, 1705 N. 4th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Edward A. Peterson. Fulda, Minn. 

Henry Wahl, Chetek, Wis. 

John Clements, R. D. 3, Box 47, Viroqua, Wis. 

Erwin C. Johannes, 207 Cottage St., Merrill. Wis. 

Walter A. Wolf, Water St.. Platteville, Wis. 

George T. Mauch, Sheldon, Wis. 

Leo R. Korth, R. D. 4, Neillsville, Wis. 

Arthur Weishopf, 787 Buffalo St., St. Paul, Minn. 

Leon Crye, Crane, Wis. 

Carl F. Peikert. R. D. 3, Buffalo, Minn. 

Edwin C. Brasseth, Box 59, Lake Park, Minn. 

Con S. Buswell, Viroqua, Wis. 

Peter Witkowski, 2534 Whipple St., Chicago. 

Thomas Goldsmith (i), 13 Ainsworth St., Liverpool Eng- 

Joseph Willkomm, Cassville, Wis. 

Robert W. Thompson, 103 W. 8th St., Superior, Wis. 

Fred Bemis 57 Lisbon St., Wauwatosa, Wis. 

Pasquale Stella, 49 E. 3rd St., St. Paul, Minn. 

.Alex W. Havel, 1808 13th St., Two Rivers, Wis. 

Thomas Delaney, 730 E. 88th St., Chicago. 

Luigi Chialant, Warissela, Torino, Italy. 

Herman E. Weiss, Corp., 911 N. Sacramento Blvd., 

Claude C. Morton, 13 Oak Grove Ave., Belcit, Wis. 

Hazael A. Daines, 17th AVe and Chase St., Grand 
Rapids, Wis. 

John A. Logeais, R. D. 4. Box 116, Annandale, Minn. 

Walter Ebinger, 1102 4th Ave., Brainerd, Minn. 

John L. Forbregd, R. t). 2, 0,sakis. Minn. 

George A. Todd, R. D. 14, Victoria. 

Homer H. Watson, 1910 Ashland Ave.. St. Paul, Minn. 

Carrol A. Swanson 919 Front St., Moorhead, Minn. 

John Harjn, 9003 Burley Ave., Chicago. 

Adam J. Debus, Jr.. Sgt.. 3136 N. Robey St., Chicago. 

Frank B. Cramer Set., 521 ist Ave., Clinton, Iowa. 

Waldo E. Burkhart, Sgt., Lanark. 

Charles J. Sapa, R. D. :, Thorpe, Wis. 

Ernest H. Wenzel, R. D. 2, Sullivan, Wis. 

Clement Wieeman, Box 61, Hazel Green, Wis. 

William E. Blood, 270 E. Howard St.. Winona, Minn. 

George Wittl, R. D. 4, Box 30. Jefferson, Wis. 

John E. Straka, R. D. t, Fennimore, Wis, 

Max R, Koepsel, 647 21st St. Milwaukee, Wis. 

Edward J, Eckman, 857 E. 8th St., Winona, Minn. 

Oscar S. Carlson, 2126 Cuyler Ave.. Chicaeo. 

.Mbert Lindberg, 83 Brott St., St. Paul, Minn. 

Isaac C. Wade, R. D. 2, Little York. 

George Monke, 1224 N. State St., Litchfield. 

Frank Danek, 1612 S. Fisk St.. Chicago. 

John N. McLaughlin, R. D. i, Dassell, Minn. 

Charlie Louis, Corp.. Odanah, Wis. 

Edward .^hrens R. D. i. Box 96. Mosinee, Wis. 

\'incent J. Wie^^t, R. D. 2. Cassville, Wis. 

^tarion Day, Hitterdale, Minn. 

Oscar Nordouist, 2028 6th St.. S. Minneapolis, Minn. 

Guy F. Stephens. R. D. Keithsbure. 

Sam J. Tracy. R. D. i, Platteville, Wis. 

Alfred A. Bern, Altona. 

Stillman A. Reed, Cokato. Minn. 

.August Nelson, R. D. 10. Oneida. 

John F. Plageman. R. D. .■;. Canbv, Minn. 

Martin A. Olson R. D. 4. Heron Lake, Minn. 

Karl F. Klug, Nymore, Minn. 

William Clements, R. D. 3, Viroqua, Wis. 

George H. West, 1050 Boomer St.. Watertown, Wis. 

Gustave A. Johnson, 104 York St., St, Paul. Minn. 

Robert H. Krueger, 767 27th Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 



John E. Fellhofer, 51 Magnolia St., St. Paul, Minn. 

Roy Westby, R. D. 30, Box 45, Beloit, Wis. 

John Rachwalski, 349 Bucklin St., LaSalle. 

Merril W. Brown, LaFarge, Wis. 

Ben H. Sloan, R. D., Mt. Sterling, la. 

William J. Hilty, 1309 12th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

William L. Seitz, Box 192, Sherrard. 

John J. Cofojohn, 1801 Irvin Ave., N., Minneapolis, 

Joseph Evenske, R. D. 2, Silver Lake, Minn. 
Alex E. Wilkinson, R. D. i, Bloomington, Wis. 
Reuben Andersen, R. D. 2, Box 29, Arkansaw, Wis. 
Albert Thomsen, Cassville, Wis. 
Martin Knoll, R. D. 2, Silver Lake, Minn. 
Ernest J. Werner, Box 55, Johnson Creek, Wis. 
Christen Nielsen, Box 163, Comfrey, Minn. 
Ronald D. Canole (i), R. D. 2, Area, Minn. 
Frank Opperschall, 1307 Fond du Lac Ave., Milwaukee, 

William D. Paton, 413 Prentice Ave., Ashland, Wis. 
Arthur R. KuUberg, R. D. 5, Hector, Minn. 
Frank Proskiewicz, 687 9th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Rupert Collier, 403 W. Burbank St., Harvard. 

John Oldenburg, 946 Newton St., Chicago. 

Emil R. Salow, 15232 Turlington Ave., Harvey. 

Guiseppe Difiori, 601 W. Harrison St., Chicago. 

Rudolph L. Tank, 11 20 Willow Place, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Otto C. Kastner, 1004 Long Ave., Dixon. 

Nicholas Damato, Corp., 121 7 Sinnot Place, Chicago. 

William W. Jory, Mech., 121 sth St., Savanna. 

Ernst R. Schoewe, Mech., 1129 Holton St., Milwaukee, 

Jcsva T. Morck, Mech., Kenyon, Minn. 
Lawrence Miller, Bug., 202 Clay St., Savanna. 
Carl A. Block, Bug., 301 1 S. Komensky Ave., Chicago. 
Spurgeon S. Harter, Cook, Chadwick. 
Albert F. Miller, Cook, Lanark. 
Frank A. Leavens, Cook, R. D. 4, Savanna. 
Albert W. Warfield, Cook, R. D. 2, Savanna. 
Jacob Abram, 913 39th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Ernest Petrie, Sgt., 13422 Buffalo Ave., Hegewisch. 
James Willcockson, Sgt., Sigourney, Iowa. 
Harry Andrews, 420 S. Tama St., Manchester, Iowa. 
Frank J. Sitter, 4013 Federal St., Chicago. 
Grover C. Leyh, Corp., 1222 Como Blvd., St. Paul, 



Allen O. Brophy, ist Lt., 528 Raymond St., Elgin. 

Jacob M. Howarth, ist Lt., 1303 Glenlake Ave., Chicago. 

Hannibal H. Chandler, 2d Lt., 507 S. Sheridan Road, 
Highland Park. 

George Farabee, ist Sgt., Sellersburg, Ind. 

Clarence J. Snyder, Sup. Sgt., Lena. 

Harry A. Story, Mess Sgt., 304 Stephenscn St., Free- 

Harry L. Albers, Corp.. 2708 Magnolia Ave., Chicago. 

Charles Hess, Sgt., Apple River. 

Walter H. Calvert, Cook, Hanover. 

Elmer L. Eastlund, 123 E. 5th St., Red Wing, Minn. 

George A. Isaacs, Cook, 284 Brcadway Extension, Du- 
buque, Iowa. 

Frank Bernard, Mech., 1340 S. 20th St., Manitowoc, 

Herman Booman, Mech, 3317 14th St., Minneapolis, 

Charles Presler, Staples, Minn. 

Herman Reynolds, 675 Raymond St., Elgin. 

Robert Cunningham, Brainerd, Minn. 

Martin H. Knadjek, 434 nth St., N., Grand Rapids, 

James E. Simmons, 22nd St. and sth Ave., Rock Island. 

Wenzel Erdmann. R. D. 3, Two Rivers, Wis. 

George V. Wahlund, 506 Woodward Ave., St. Paul, 

Henry Wilson, R. D. 2, Henderson. 

Alfred A. Filter, R. D. i. Box 229, North Milwaukee, 

Fritz R. Anderson, R. D. 4, Fosston, Minn. 

Ira C. Welch, R. D. 2, Seaton. 

Bertinis Walker, R. D. i, Newark. 

Henry Huset, Blue Mounds, Wis. 

Leonard J. Strauss, R. D. 3, Elizabeth. 

Henry J. Meyer, R. D. i, Elizabeth. 

Theodore Rynda, R. D. 3, LeSeuer Co., Minn. 

Edwin Schreiber, Westbrook, Minn. 

Arthur H. Drcege, tiamburg, Minn. 

John E. Weber, R. D. 4, Box 45, Aurora. 

Robert B. Schenk, New Rome, Wis. 

Norris D. Thing, 2123 6th Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Hugo E. Steelberg, Litchfield, Minn. 

Frank A. Watson, 307 2nd St., Albert Lea, Minn. 

James J. Green, R. D. 3, Streator. 

Hugo C. Krueger. R. D. 3, Glenwood City, Minn. 

Adolph J. Rave, R. D. 45, Earlville. 

Paul H. Pertowsky, 1353 E. Grand Ave., Decatur. 

Gus Weiler, 121 Zengeley Ave., Aurora. 

Charlie Thomas, Merrill, Iowa. 

Clare H. Barneck, Box 74. Albert Lea, Minn. 

Roy Williams, R. D. i, Serena. 

Walter D. Scherer, 204 E. 5th St., Rochester, Minn. 

Fred Asmus, 4045^ Pryor Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Peter Balda, 1023 5th St., Oshkosh, Wis. 

Ray Wells, 605 W. Davis St., Bushnell. 

William Kuehl, R. D. 3, Morrison. 

Albert E. Lidberg, Portage, Wis. 

Frank O. Jackson, R. D. 7, Birch St., Eau Claire, Wis. 

Fred Baldeschwiler, R. D. 3, Box 47, Thorpe, Wis. 

J'lmes L. Aagerson, R. D. i. Box 84, Luck, Wis. 

Frank B. Hilt, 91554 2nd St., Eau Claire, Wis. 

Herman W. Matz, R. D. 4, Montello, Wis. 

David Bottoms, Mineral Point, Wis. 

William Carlson, 7 33rd St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Arthur C. Flikkie, R. D. 4, Viroqua, Wis. 

Arthur B. Baumann, 13 17 15th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

John J. Atwood, Bruce, Wis. 

Alvin J. Cole, R. D. 2, Granton, Wis. 

William Babcock, R. D. 2, Wyacena, Wis. 

Emil H. Friske, Box in, Ontario, Wis. 

McKinley J. Brown, R. D. 2, Birnamwood, Wis. 

William J. Buckley, 315 W. 42nd Place, Chicago. 

Edward A. Moratz, Montello, Wis. 

Harry A. Larson, 2718 13th Ave., S., Minneapolis, Minn. 

John H. Bagstad, R. D. i, Box i, Westby, Wis. 

Frank G. Keefe, R. D. 2, Richmond, Wis. 

Art Brockhouse, Edgerton, Minn. 

Frederick Giesler, 1315 Superior Ave., Tomah, Wis. 

Roscoe Williams, Galena. 

John T. Zebraske, Downers Grove. 

Edwin F. Lund, 3303 4th St., N., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Julius Bredson, R. D. i, Box 41, Withee, Wis. 

Henry Montgomery, Galena. 

Arthur G. Kiesow, Somerset, Wis. 

Simon P. Hauber, Park Rapids, Minn. 

James Bly, isth Av'e., Fulton. 

John Combellick, R. D. i. Galena. 

James O'Grady, Tubber, County Claire, Ireland.- 

Clarence H. Tole, 1613 N. Bloomington St., Streator. 

Joseph Siegler, 300 Greenvale Ave., Northfield, Minn. 

Frank Drollinger, Box 7, Sherry, Wis. 

Frank Waizuitis, 671 W. 14th Place, Chicago. 

Illdage J. Briant, Box 114, Hawkins. Wis. 

George Schweitzer, 396 Herman St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Joseph A. Rozanski, 3073 Davlin Court, Chicago. 

Leonard R. Rowley, R. D. 4, Box 39, Granada, Minn. 

Leonard Swartzbaugh. R. D. 3, Rock Falls. 

Henry Filhofer, R. D. 2, Box 14, Marshfield, Wis. 

Enoch A. Amundson, Box 235, Roseau, Minn. 

Gunder Risland, 151 W. 10th St., Superior, Wis. 

Christopher Bakke, Clayton, Minn. 

Max Gordon. 1042 N. Oakley Blvd., Chicago. 

Joseph D. Olbrecht. 2215 Thomas St., Chicago. 

Alvin E. Meyers, R. D. i, Westfield, Wis. 

John C. Sullivan, R. D. i. Church, Iowa. 

Axel G. Wallin, Oneida. 

Daniel Slattery, 2517 7th St. S., Minneapolis. Minn. 

Clifford Crockett, R. D. i. Box 25, Neillsville, Wis. 

William M. Romani, 373 E. 7th St., St. Paul, Minn. 

Arthur H. Klemm, Whittlesey, Wis. 

John P. O'Hern, 2844 W. 39th Place, Chicago. 

Reuben Cartwright, 303 Division Alley, Wausau, Wis. 

John Pukis, Box 43. South Milwaukee, Wis. 

Edward Custsforth, R. D. 2, Westfield, Wis. 

Ira L. Biller, Glen Flora, Wis. 

Engel Brigtson, Emmons. Minn. 

Andrew Anderson, 318 Pleasant Ave., Crookston, Minn. 

John Schmidt. 106 Germania St.. Mankato, Minn. 

John F. Ulrich, Lake Crystal, Minn. 

Gustave Stahnke, 511 33rd St.. Milwaukee, Wis. 

Herman L. Stevens, R. D. i, Dover, Minn. 

Lynn E. Campbell, Houston, Minn. 

Vincent Olmstead, Prcphetstown, Minn. 



David S. Mackay, 311 N. Chestnut St., Plattsville, Wis. 

Edwin T. Hansen, 411 2nd St., Eau Claire, Wis. 

Thomas D. Donnelly, Sgt., 4203 Lowe Ave., Chicago. 

Herbert Melick, Corp., 293 Ferrimore St., New Vork, 
N. Y. 

Elmer A. McCool, Sgt., 96 Harlem Ave.. Freeport. 

Arthur Nelson, 1022 N. s6th Ave.. West Duluth, Minn. 

Henry Henningfeld, Waterford, Wis. 

Clinton Quaintance, R. D. 4, Box 4, Slayton, Minn. 

Linley E. Westfall, R. D. 1, Box 40, Knoxville. 

Herman Kirschnik, 38 31st St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Leslie Becker, Freeport. 

Andrew Rogala (:), Lubo Golisya, Austria. 

Edward A. Fanning. R. D. 29, Box 74, Ottawa. 

Sigurd E. Werner, 709 Delaware St., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Joseph Pourart, Lac du Flambeau, Wis. 

Frank J. Fuchs, Whittlesey, Wis. 

Helmer Bygd, Farmington, Minn. 

Frank Bredeson, 219 W. 7th St., Ladysmith, Wis. 

George J. Narum, Shevlin, Minn. 

Edwin L. Zweig, R. D. 3, Watertown, Wis. 

Anthony Laskowski, St. I'rancis, Wis. 

John G. Chesner, 1014 N. Pierce St.. Milwaukee, W'is. 

Harry L. Atwood, R. D. i, Bruce, Wis. 

Michael C. Bauer, R. D. 2, Birnamwocd, Wis. 

George W. Alley, R. D. i, Wittenburg, W'is. 

James J. Cook, R. D. i, Osceola, Wis. 

Charles Fedenko, 477 ist Ave., Fond du Lac, Wis. 

Albert Anderson, R. D. i, Clayton, Wis. 

Emil O. Radke, R. D. i. Box 15, Minnesota Lake, 

Henry F. Casmer, 825 Michigan Ave., South Milwaukee. 

Marshall Helland, R. D. i, Newark. 

James A. Wolfe, R. D. 3, Box 70, LaFarge, Wis. 

Axel T. Anderson, R. D. 2, Box 34, Ronneby, Minn. 

Adam B. Peterson, R. D. 3, Scales Mound. 

Daniel E. Breen, 121 Farnum St., Blackstone, Mass. 

Albert Peterson, Box 75, Hopkins, Minn. 

Adolph Gabrielson, R. D. 2, Viroqua, Wis. 

Elza H. Davis, 203 W. 4th St., Ladysmith, Wis. 

Arnold E. Fortun, R. D. 2, Viroqua, Wis. 

Clarence Eskstrom, Carver. Minn. 

Arthur T. Olson, High Landing, Minn. 

Roy J. Mickelson, 2716 Lyndale Ave., S., Minneapolis, 

John A. Drager, Fairmont. Minn. 

Oscar Lee, Wcodville, Wis. 

Chas. Landfair. Washington St., Warsaw, Ind. 

Clarence Huxsahl, 612 E. Oakland Ave., Austin, Minn. 

Chas. A. Schulz, R. D. i. Box 37, Osseo, Wis. 

Nels E. Lindgren, 2264 Hampden Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 

Henry Marzorati, Fcgnana Plova, Italy. 

Olaf C. Revling, R. D. 3, Lake City, Minn. 

Joseph Lipow, 427 Grand St., Patterson, N. J. 

George Jokosh, 911 Hibernian St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Willie L'Allier, R. D. i, Somerset, Wis. 

Chester Smith, Pickford, Mich. 

August Koehler, R. D. i, Wilson Wis. 

Julivis Janz, Grand Ave., Grand Rapids. Wis. 

Clarence Wagner, R. D. 2, Galesburg, Wis. 

Carl Jacobsrn, 1303 14th St., Racine, Wis. 

Heiko B. Grimm, Sgt., Galena. 

Heite Ackerman, Corp., German Valley. 

William Knuckles, Corp., 2623 Brightwood Ave., In- 
dianapolis, Ind. 

Paul Kantowicz, 1847 N. Hoyne Ave., Chicago. 

Godfrey Walin, Centuria, Wis. 

Wenzel Sanders. 106 Wisconsin St., Kenosha, Wis. 

Melvin Olson, R. D. 2, Westfield, Wis. 

Harvey Sorenscn, R. D. 2, Box J2, Albert Lea, Minn. 

Henry Mohr, 62 Deering St., Kenosha, Wis. 

John C. Binkowski, 1007 Robey St., Chicago. 

John H. Kirsch, R. D. 3, Sheboygan. Mich. 

Guerino Venditti, 573 W. Harrison St., Chicago. 

Leo A. Bisson, Box 112, Ingram, Wis. 

Elmer S. Lind, R. D. 2, Frederick, Wis. 

Paul A. Bliese, 611 Park Ave., Wausau, Wis. 

John J. Sullivan, 5557 Van Buren St., Chicago. 

Julius Menke, 1329 W. iiith St., Chicago. 

Rudolph J. Miller. 10 18 N. W'inchester Ave., Chicago. 

Frank Noll, Waterford. Wis. 

Charles Leuthold, 671 Lilly St., Elgin. 

Revy R. Ryan. 1410 5th Ave.. Rock Island. 

I'^dwin F. Arndt, Butternut, Wis. 

Kyran J. Doherty, 458 Bowen Ave., Chicago. 

Noah C. Hilt, Flatrock, Ind. 

Albert L. Pommier, Box 26, Currie, Minn. 

Arthur Thomas, R. D. 26, Abingdon. 

William C. Taylor, R. D. 4, Marshall. 

Edwin Svenson, Box 33. Neilsville. Minn. 

John Geary, 1003 Beach St., St. Paul, Minn. 

Sol Lewitz, 75 W. 43rd St., Chicago. 

Casper O. Wiggin, R. D. 7, Black River Falls, Wis. 

Leo R. Riemer, 904 Cleveland St.. Watertown, Wis. 

George Bartolomasi, 112 W. Grand Ave., Alhambra, Cal. 

Harry F. Hansen, R. D. 3, Courtland, N. Y. 

Lauritz Larson, 417 nth St., Rockford. 

Bernard Weisbrook, R. D. 2, Naperville. 

Verne E. Brabander, Rio, Wis. 

William Schaflfner, 663 Canada St., St. Paul, Minn. 

Ole E. Dekko, Gary, Minn. 

Marv'in J. Wright, Gen. Del., Marcline. 

Edwin J. Finstad. 220 Summit St., Eau Claire, Wis. 

Charles Ainsworth, Chippewa Falls, Wis. 

John L. Buska, R. D. i. Box 39, Hatley, Wis. 

"Ole O. Grindahl, R. D. 3, Litchville, N. D. 

Elmer R. Carlson, 517 S. E. 4th St., Galva. 

Peter Jost, Mondovi, Wis. 

Viv'ian L. Chell, R. D. 2. Box 14, Frederic, Wis. 

Emil E. Volman. 206 36th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Albert Glumske. Norwalk, Wis. 

Stanley E. Wollack, 1842 N. Iowa St., Chicago. 

Sergent N. Jacobson, Oak St., Albert Lea, Minn. 

Melvin Western. R. D. i. Box 40, Clarkfield, Minn. 

Joseph A. Clinnin, 3245 W. 21st St., Chicago. 

Clarence Jacobson, Oak St., Albert Lea, Minn. 

Claude E. Gibson, Pardeerville, Wis. 

Arthur W. Bartlett. Cameron, Wis. 

Oscar W. Kildahl. R. D. i, Hersey, Wis. 

Harry H. Hall. Juka. 

James A. Lavell, 1262 Edmond St., St. Paul, Minn. 

Sam Thorson,R. D. 3, Frederic, Wis. 

Oscar E. Carlson, Apollonia, Wis. 

Frederick Jorgcnson, 2509 S. 9th St., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Harry W. Johnson, R. D. 2, Deer Creek, Minn. 

William Buuts, R. D. i. Box 69, Wentworth, Wis. 

George W. Howard, Lena. 

Joseph Popp, R. D. 5 New Ulm. Minn. 

Edward W. Jaacks, Hardwick, Minn. 

Gustof A. Stromberg, 407 N. Elm St., Fairmont, Minn. 

Fred A. Block, 613 17th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Charles R. Welch, 86 Winslow St., Freeport. 

Julius Guhl, 38 Elizabeth St., Freeport. 

Owen Smith, 329 E. 56th St.. New York, N. Y. 

Gustav Anderson, 482 76th St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

William Berger, 117 S. 4th St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

John J. Clarkin, 322 E. 84th St., New York, N. Y. 

John Elbert, 92 Sanford St., Long Island City, N. Y. 


James B. Kaine, Capt., Pullman Co., Richmond, Va. 
John J. Ready, ist Lt., 221 Sherman Ave., New York 

Edward M. Price, 1st Lt., Syracuse, Kansas. 
Courtney D. Freeman, ist Lt., 53 Pine St., Hinsdale. 
V^incent Anderson, 2d Lt., 2307 Montrose Ave., Chicago. 
Leicester R. Moise. 2d Lt., Frick Bldg., Pittsburg, Pa. 
John Bockholder (i), Sgt., Forreston. 
Clarence Tengquist, Walsh and Montana Aves., St. Paul, 

Joseph Hartung, R. D. 2, Neillsville, Wis. 
Fred McCluchen, R. D. 2, Peru. 
Charles Tschumperlin, 6. D. 2, Richmond, Minn. 
Louis Schad R. D. 4, Heron Lake, Minn. 
Samuel I. Nelson, Hayward, Minn. 

Math T. Grengs, Amery, Wis. 

George W. Daniels. Lone Rock, Wis. 

Eddie Larsen, R. D. 2, Eagle Bend, Minn. 

John A. Nordell, R. D. 2, Downing, Wis. 

Tony H. Helming, Rudolph, Wis. 

Guy Van Lant, Edgerton, Minn. 

Louis Mombrum, R. D. 1, Box 47, Braceville. 

Joe Polifka, R. D. 3, Hector, Minn. 

Tony Chestokes, Box 37, Standard. 

Fred W. Briggs, 120 Lakeview Ave., Kewanee. 

Arthur Christensen Box 28, Lucan, Minn. 

Burton C. Olson, R. D. i, Knapp, Wis. 

Dominick J. Veronda, 804 27th St., Rock Island. 

Norman L. Nelson, R. D. 4, Baldwin, Wis. 

Joseph Accorsi, Box 50, Hurley, Wis. 



Leo R. Judkins, Kingston. 

Vincent T. Jaskowiak, R. D. 2, Box 55, Weyerhauser, 

Arthur H. Moberg, 3146 istli Ave. S., Minneapolis, 

Henry Agnew, 1013 N. Wilburt St.. Kewanee. 

Eddie Erickson, Box 15, Frederick, Wis. 

George Voissem, 218 ist St., Menaslia, Wis. 

James A. Ames, R. D. 3, Box 80, Bradford. 

Louie DeTong, R. D. 2, Birnamwood, Wis. 

Bert M. Erickson, Box 43, Audubon, Minn. 

Fred W. Knueppel R. D. 2, Morton, Minn. 

Otto H. Fravert. R. D. 2, Box 113. Greenwood Vv'^is. 

Elias F. Mattison, R. D. t. Box 28. Viroaua. Wi's. Glunz R. T). i, St. Croix Falls, Wis. 

Geonsre C. Smith, R. D. 3, Box 34. Carn'r-n, \*'is. 

Charles Kastner, 720 3rd St. N., Little Falls, Minn. 

Clay F. RoSinson. R. D. 2, Rock F.ills.'e Barnholt, 822 6th Ave.. S., Stillwater, Minn. 

Frank Hendricks, R. D. i. Oakda'e, Wis. 

Wi!lia'-n Oleson, R. D. 3. Arena, Wis. 

Pdward Holum, Boyd, Minn. 

Raymond Cain, Oregon. 

C.porge Brenneke, R. D. i. Lacon. 

Clarence Orvold, R. D. 3, Hpmrnond. Wis. 

August W. Lange, R. I). 3, Box 36, Glenwood Citv, 

Reuben Eckrich. 643 ist St., Menasha, Wis. 

Tnhn Knon, R. D. i, Artryle. 

IV^athew Mahutga. Arcadia, Wis. 

V^irsrel E. Cpin, Adeline. 

Edward K. Crahan, Belle Plaine. Minn. 

Elmer Winefarden, R. D. i, Box "70, New Rome, Wis. 

Emrick H''n^'''ickfon, Chaseburcr, Wis. 

Thomas C. Wilson. Vincent. Iowa. 

John W. Unsen, 522 14th St., Rockford. 

Guv M. Daniels, lone Rock, Wis. 

John Dil'on. Sgt., Castle^^n. 

Oforge A. Cross, Sgt.. Polo. 

v^lbert Ohm, R. D. 5, Box e,^. ATiert Lea. Minn. 

Frpd"'"'ck C. Turvev, irj?. Ashland .■\ve., Evanston. 

Orin M. Greeno. Tunnel City, Wis. 

T^ay Sutton, R. D. i, Verona. 

^en Larson, R. D. 2. Bo.x 47. Weyerhatiser, W^is. 

Carl H. Lewerenz, R. D. a. Pavnes^'ille, Minn. 

Will Mattison, R. D. .^. Box 60, Spring >''alley, Wis. 

Fred Anderson, 45'" ^t^h .Av.. Rock Island. 

Frank T). Harvey. Hawkins. Wis. 

Jim B. Casteel, R. D. 3, Concord, Tenn. 

Marirn Melkowski, 3049 S. Troop St., Chicago. 

Jncpi^h Moelter. R. D. 6, Box 10, River Falls, Wis. 

Adolnh Bade. Varna. 

Stanley Coolidge, Winnebago. 

Jo'^eph J. Vana 419 Vliet St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Paul F. Ruback, Genoa. 

Frederick Gerber, 233 Greeley St.. Milwaukee. Wis. 

Lloyd Fitzeerald, 456 Linden St., Fond du Lac Wis. 

Fdwin L. Frome. Colbt, Wis. 

Cherman L. Eaton, R. n. 3,' Dresser Junction Wis. 

Rnr.ere A. Newkirk. El Paso. 

Walter Kaska. R. D. 2, Rice, Minn. 

William B. WMse, Box 183, Akeley. Minn. 

Arthur W. Ander'on, Box 50 WoodhuU. 

Howard Maeder, Henderson, Minn. 

Charlie Nicodemus. Madison. Minn. 

Tobn Kramarich, Box 4^1, Gilbert. Minn. 

Mfred E. Bendlin, R. D. 50. Rutland. 

'">tto E. Zimmerman, 9331 1039th Ave., Edmontcn, Al- 
berta. Can. 

Charles Zukaitis, 3038 Wallace St., Chicago. 

Martin Lautenbacli, Box 66 Granton. Wis. 

Emil G. Hauche, 710 Aurora Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 

Soren Thompson, R. D. 4, Ellendale. ISTinn. 

Fmil B. Muellinc Kluger B, Box 3. Phillips. Wis. 

Joseph Wroblewski, 247 Burham St., Milwaukee. Wis. 

Edward Llannigan, R. D. i, LeSeuer Center, Minn. 

Arthur Fogarty, 114 2nd Ave. N., Wausau, Wis. 

John W. Chybowski, 1416 Missouri Ave., S. Milwai' 
kee, Wis. 

Herman Paul Eue, LeSeuer. Minn. 

Albert W. Thurston, 800 W. Lake St., Minneapolis, 

Earl A. Hanson, R. D. i. Rock Island. 

William Schalk 2030 W. 20th St.. Chicago. 

Glenn F. Yocom, R. D. 4, Wells, Minn. 

Harry E. Thiess, 338 Barnard Ave., Cudahy, Wi.s. 

Fred H. Warner, R. D. 5, Long Prairie, Minn. 

Herman Hanson. Westby, Wis. 

Enileme D. Zern, Box 52, Adrian. 

Louis Johnson. 161 1 N. 8th St., Superior, Wis. 

Herbert Nelson, Gordonsville, Minn. 

Walter E. Aten, Sgt., 501 E. Kishwaukee St., Rockford. 

Joseph P. Feltes, Sgt., 716 E. McKinney St.. Dixon. 

.'Alfred Tohnson, Box 123, Bellview, Minn. 

Fred Kin", R. D. 3, Porter. Minn. 

William Herheck, R. D. i, Dilly, Wis. 

Geor'^e E. Kane, Stroiaghurst. 

Martin Christensen, Jr.. Care George Smith, 829 Elmere 

St., Green Bay, Wis. 
Ole Aim, R. D. 2, Box 13, Randall, Minn. 
Paul E. Appleton. R. D. i, Wenona. 
Joseph J. Vroblovsky, R. D. 3, Box 70. LeSeuer Center, 

I'-dward Zanzig, 1391 34th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
.Arthur Erickson R. D. 5, Box 58, Lakefield, Minn 
Fred E. Ries, Box 203, Charles City, la. 
Ole A. Olson. R. D. i, Gary, Minn. 
Will Sartcrius, Windom, Minn. 
Louis Margis. Corp., 721 Island Ave., Rockford. 
Arthur J. Carlson, R. D. 4, Foley. Minn. 
Percy R. Carlson, Marineon, St. Croix, Minn. 
Henry J. Fingerson, R. D. i, Box 51, Cobb, Wis. 
John J. Harvey, Hawkins, Wis. 
Harrv W. Green, R. D. 4, Box 46. Toman, Wis. 
Frank C. Kleist, 532 W. Carroll St., Portage, Wis. 
Fred W. Butler, 1022 S. Elmwood Ave., Oak Park. 
Martin Leiran R. D. 2, Box 59, Waterville, la. 
William Ziegler, Good Thunder, Minn. 
Raymrnd W. Haben R. D. i, Prairie View. 
Victor H. Harvey, Hawkins, Wis. 
George Behringer, R. D. 2, Granville. 
William Sinell, R. D. 4, Box 29, LeSeuer, Minn. 
Walter Kulikowski, 275 Tront St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
William Anderson, R. D. 3 Bradford. 
Leo J. Paczkowski, 854 Garden St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Walter F. Wellnitz 584 2d Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Ben riirsh. 2342 W. Iowa St., Chicago. 
Girvanni Parisi, 946 W. Grand Ave., Chicago. 
I'red T. Ellingson, 504 sth St., S., Moorhead, Minn. 
George W. Piper, 227 S. Oklahoma St., Shawnee, Okla. 
Charles T-eHew, New Boston. 
Mathew W. Mulvaney, Wilson, Wis. 
Everett R. Bumpus 310 S. Broad St., Hope, Ind. 
.Andrew J. Johnson, 4101 Elliott Ave., S., Minneapolis, 

Michael Wallace. 1283 2d St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Samuel Cemmill, Box 412, Redwood Falls, Minn. 
Harry T. Weller. Box 57, St. Francis, Wis. 
Gustave Frederickson, Vanass Spoland, Vesterbotlen, 

Walter J. Shaver, Corp., Rice Lake, Wis. 
George R. Henry, R. D. 3, Viroqua. Wis. 
Matthew W. Martin, 3328 N. Fremont Ave., Minneapo- 
lis. Minn. 
Louis Guscctti, Genoa. 
John Ozunas, 152 loth St., Chicago. 
Fred G. Bultmann, 143d and River Sts., Harvey. 
Martin J. Kocher, R. D. 2. Dundas. 
V'ousaf Adueh (i), 701 N. Main St., Rockford. 
Tacob McDonald, Eddyville. 
r.loyd L. Mullican, Sgt., Pecatonica. 
Glenn T. Baldwin, Sgt., Roscoe. 
Leo M. Broskowski, 1301 Monroe Ave., S., Milwaukee, 

Virgil D. Struble, R. D. 4, Pox 49, Aledo. 
Joseph C. Adams. 710 3d St., S. E., Little Falls, Minn. 
Frank A. Kray, Cold Spring. Minn. 
Elmer G. Harris, Viroqua, Wis. 
John Latuseck, Minnesota Lake, Minn. 
Carl J. Mickelson, 329 S. 64th Ave., West Duluth, Minn. 
William Casey, R. D. 2, Box 62, Hollandale, Wis. 
Philip A. Wolff, 8134 Vernon Ave., Chicago. 
Wilbur Berghorn, R. D. 3, Barrington. 
William Dubois, 730 Adams St., N. E., Minneapolis, 

William Spears, Jr.. R. D. 3, Stronghurst. 
Henry T. Becker, R. D. i, Cedarburg Rd., Milwaukee, 

Chester P. Winsor, R. D. 5, Morris. 
Jerry P. Mestek, 1427 W. 17th St., Chicago. 
Francis Beuseline, R. D. 5, Cambridge. 
Albert Frechette Sth St., Faribault, Minn. 
Richard Boelens, R. D. 2, Atkinson. 
Siegert Swanson, 1931 Humbrldt Blvd., Chicago. 
Clement DeBacker, R. D. 6. Sheffield. 
John Jakoubek, R. D. 3, Glen Flora, Wis. 
John Weinberger, Germania, la. 
Eric T. Anderson, 2817 E. 24th St., Minneapolis, Minn. 



Harry Jensen, R. D. i, Kinsmann. 

Richard Fogarty, 114 2d Ave., N., Wausau, Wis. 

Carl S. Darelins, 715 Spruce St., Wausau, Wis. 

i-^lmer Irish. Redwood Falls, Minn. 

Kalle W. Wiisanen, R. D. 3, Box 25, Kimball, Minn. 

John Laspisa, 69 Dente PI., Buffalo, N. Y. 

Kd Schaeffer, 1429 Paradise Alley, Milwaukee, Wis. 

John L. Tarplcy, Attalla, Ala. 

I'red Bodaker, 722 iith St., Rock Island. 

William Cioebel, 1523 3d St., Peru. 

Cosmos McKenzie, 965 Ashland Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 

Clyde Clements Mt. Morris. 

.Andrew Cihacki, Hatley, Wis. 

Robert V. Tierman, 133 Lincoln Ave., Waukegan. 

George Clark, R. D. 2, Box 73, Birnamwood, Wii.. 

Otto F. Wallman, R. D. i, Stratford, Wis. 

Jewel G. Hoskins, 420 17th Ave., N., St. Cloud, Minn. 

Jack Bolda, 1314 Wisconsin Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Samuel Treloar, North Freedom, Wis. 

Jay Fisher, R. D. i. Viola. 

Ptter J. Ganzer, Richmcnd, Minn. 

Roger B. McCabe, Fulton. 

Paul A. Larson, R. D. 3, Slayton, Minn. 

Benjamin Meyer, Colby, Wis. 

Otha Binkley, R. D. 3, Box 95, Louisburg, Ky. 

Nels O. Ringstrom, Demotte, Ind. 

Fred H. Bigler, 900 Freemont St., St. Faul, Minn. 

Bernard Quigley, 324 23d Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Benjamin Smisek, Lonsdale, Minn. 

r.enus Hedin, Kensington, Minn. 

James Copeland, 4618 Minerva Ave., Chicago. 

Fred M. Tumms, 152 Hight St., Freeport. 

Stephen Hewis, Sgt., 607 Jackson St., Grand Rapids, 

Frank Pocl, Cook, Fairview, Okla. 
Elmer Lambrecht, Gillett, Wis. 
Austin Perkins, Box 174, Woodruff, Wis. 
Clyde H. Clapper, Box 84, New Auburn, Minn. 
Martin M. Kick, 31 10 Pennsylvania Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 
Gilbert Winkenwerder, Mess Sgt., Juneau, Wis. 
David Stockman, Cook. 112 Winnisheix St., Freeport. 
Hubert D. Lawson, Mech., Monroe Center. 
Fdward Sundstedt, Mech., R. D. 4, Rockford. 
Berger C. Hertzman (i), Afton, Minn. 
James E. Hcllar, Bug., Leaf River. 
Fred O. Folk, Sup. Sgt., Polo. 
Melvie Patrick, Dixon, Neb. 
Fear Bedard. Red Lake Falls, Minn. 
Henry Schiefelbein, R. D. 4, Dekoria. Wis. 
Kernie Knuteson, R. D. 3, Box 37, Poynette, Wis. 
John P. Russell, 444 S. Wabasha St., St. Paul, Minn. 
Christ George, 205 Nicolett Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Ervvin A. Kasten, 1163 nth St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
George Abrams, 1035 7jd St., Brooklyn N. Y. 
William C. Kennedy, 2049 Gates Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Daniel T. Maloney, 96 Adeline St., New Haven, Conn. 
Gerald P. McGovern, 406 W. 33d St., New York, N. Y. 
John J. Curtis, Bay Chester, N. Y. 
Tames" Dorgan, 329 E. 93d St., New York, N. Y. 
John A. Millar, 30 Kendall St., Central Falls, R. I. 
George Patry 511 Broad St., Central Falls, R. I. 
Thomas O'Riley, zy Darling St., Central Falls, R. I. 


Ernest T. Alcorn, ist Lt., 859 S. Day St., Galesburg. 
George Schellens, ist Lt., Groton, Conn. 
Wilbur E. Krebs, ist Lt., 211 S. High St., Belleville. 
Charles B. Crow, 2d Lt., Jasper, Ala. 
-Alma W. Peasner, 2d Lt., Box 183, Winstead, Minn. 
John C. Craft, ist Sgt., 622 7th St., Rochelle. 
Peter L. Hameetman, Sup. Sgt., 1509 Norwood St., Chi- 
William K. Rust, Sgt., 11946 Eggleston St., Chicago. 
George Henderson, Sgt., 134 Cottonwood St., Freeport. 
Joachim Prestegaard. Cook, Lee. 
Adolph Ammon, Cook, Monticello, Wis. 
Samuel Brome, Cook, Box 505, Monticello, N. Y. 
Oscar Foss, Cock, Black Earth, Wis. 
Frank Hinds, Sgt., Gen. Deliv., Greenville, N. Y. 
Dan Satory, 1 199 Forest St., St. Paul, Minn. 
Robert J. Murray, R. D., Foley, Minn. 
Walter D. Lemon, 1256 E. 7th St.. St. Paul, Minn. 
Clarence Clift, R. D. 4, Osten, Minn. 
Albon B. Jacobson, R. D. 2, Chaseburg, Wis. 
Henry R. Nord, Carver, Minn. 
Carl J. Bieck, Corp., 655 E. 87th St., Chicago. 
.Alfred Hoff, Cheseboro, Wis. 
.Albert J. Parrent, Balsam Lake, Wis. 
Emil G. Peterson, Box 93, Amery, Wis. 
William F. Pinnow, R. D. 3, Ladysmith, Wis. 
Herman Meyer, R. D. 2, Box 45, Dorchester, Wis. 
Carl W. Schmidt. R. D. 2, Box 37, Osceola, Wis. 
John R. Nelson, R. D. 2, Nye, Wis. 

Joseph P. Klein. Corp., R. D. 2, Box 67, Richfield, Wis. 
Julius Gorski, R. D. 2, Box 62, Bevent, Wis. 
Otis Druien, Hooppole. 

Gustaf Karnath. R. D. i. Box 4, Young America, Minn. 
James A. Hull, R. D. 2, Atkinson. 
Frank S. Gustaf son, R. D. i, Bex 34, Osco. 
Bernard Bergeson, Box 295, Dawson, Minn. 
Rudolph Johnk, Sabin, Minn. 
X'ictor Granberg, 7815 Ingleside Ave., Chicago. 
Adolph Bostrom 3737 25th Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Ernst T. Johnson. R. D. 3. Box 29, Belle Plaine, Minn. 
Frank "Hill, 616 5th St., Menasha, Wis. 
Elmer F. Welter, Wabasso, Minn. 

John A. Johnson, R. D. 2, Box 45, Lindstrom, ]Minn. 
Edward Pine, Robbins. Wis. 
Peter M. Toal, R. D. 3, Sanborn, la. 
Herman H. Kreiger, 1619 E. 7th St., St. Paul, Minn. 
Emmon Hawksworth, Bradford. 
Ole Yngsdahl, Kenyon Minn. 

Samuel Borgette, 166 Joscanparo Ave., Betrcit, Mich. 
Elmer J. Findell, R. D. 2, Cambridge, Minn. 
Eric W. Pearson, Wheeler Hall, Moorhead, Minn. 
Rune A. Hanson, Route 3, Woodhall. 
George H. Moran, 3.';i5 Indiana Ave., Chicago. 
Oscar H. Thorson, R. D., Capron. 

Raym( nd Carter, Tonieville, Ky. 

Ernest D. Schieber, R. D. 2, El Paso. 

Carl J. Maxheimer. Chestnut. 

Harry T. Crooks, R. D. 10, Box 10, Morton. Minn. 

Joseph Stadler, 631 Siegel St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

August J. Parent, New Richmond, Wis. 

Frank J. Garland, R. D. 2, Harmon. 

Bernard Bergquist, Bishop Hill. 

John L. Rosebrook, Sgt., Dixon. 

William Nitschke, Sgt., Pawpaw. 

Joseph Dagenais, Corp., 1115 Cypress St., Chicago. 

Randel I. Nelson, Comstock, Minn. 

Peder C. Helgeson. R. D. i, Rothsay, Minn. 

Henry P. Wilkens, 612 2d St., Rock Island. 

Eddie Holocker, R. D. 13, Lostant. 

David C. G. Lade, R. D. 2, Box 30, Ashby, Minn. 

George Eicksteadt, 235 Howell Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Paul W. Hafemeister, Jackson, Wis. 

John Ciesla, 217 E. Erie St., Chicago. 

Nicholas ]~)udzinski, Mosinee, Wis. 

Ralph Candrava, 7808 Greenwood Ave., Chicago. 

Arvid Johnson, 4339 Drummond St., Chicago. 

Lester O. Johnson, Box 52, R. D. i, Bishop Hill. 

Frank Cavanaugh, Marseilles. 

Ulrick Nordin. R. D. 2, Box lo-A, Boyd, Minn. 

Walter T. Schank, Corp., 1633 W. 21st St., Chicago. 

Percy Livingston, R. D. i, Seaforth, Minn. 

Charles Mazac, 9120 Woodlawn Ave., Chicago. 

Ferdinand Gehrke, R. D. 2, Wausau, Wis. 

John W. Danielson, R. D. i. Orion. 

Paul W. Buffum. 144 W. Simmon St., Galesburg. 

Milton Rettig, Milan. 

Conrad Lee, R. D. 3, Battle Lake, Minn. 

Leon Franck, Atkinson. 

William Wahls, 1631 Ohio St., Oshkosh, Wis. 

Joseph A. Bezouska, 1021 'W. 20th PI., Chicago. 

"Frederick Buberge, 1021 Hudson Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 

Ernest Stengel, Box 336 Hill City. Minn. 

William H. Gerard. R. D. 3, Bradford. 

Arthur Ross, 1021 Bellevue Ave., Elgin. 

John A. Rogers, Coal City. 

Tony A. Kaiser, R. D. i, St. Bonifacius, Minn. 

Joseph A. Bell, 1105 W. Oakland Ave., Austin, Minn. 

Richard F. Marschke. R. D. 3, Turtle Lake, Wis. 

Walter T. Weidner. Prairie View. « 

Alvin W. Redlin, R. D. 4, Box 44, Baldwin, Wis. 

Harry A. Halvorson New Richland, Minn. 

Frank A. Fisher, 1303 19th Ave., N., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Henry Christensen, 614 8th St., Oshkosh, Wis. 

Joseph B. Hill, R. D., Wausau, Wis. 

Earnest P. Strasberg, Wilson, Wis. 

Alexander Haller, -^oi ist Ave., N., Wausau, Wis. 

Tohn F. Korthals, fe. D. i, Stoddard. Wis. 

Ferdinand Karl, R. D. 3, Box 38, Norwalk, Wis. 



John C. Garcia, 340 ist National Bank Bldg., Slireveport, 

Henry T. LeMairj, Corp., R. D., New Carlisle, Ind. 
Clifford Haley, 803 E. North St., Greensburg, Ind. 
Walter D. Hecknian, Sgt., R. D. 6, Dixon. 
Milton L. Snider, Corp., 837 N. LeClaire Ave., Chicago. 
Patrick McCaffrey, Sgt., Walton. 
Felix Anderson, 190 State St., St. Charles. 
Edward Zweifel, 342 Leonox St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Adolph Hanson, North 2d St., Waseca, Minn. 
Alfred W. Grenlin, Box 204, Oslo, Minn. 
Eddie Harris, Box 241, Mineral Point, Wis. 
Niclulas Brandes, 2210 Emerson Ave., N., Minneapolis, 

Rudolph F. Ebert, 937 E. 7th St., St. Paul, Minn. 
Adry E. Carlson, Watertown, Minn. 
Arthur Berglof, R. D. 3, Box 16. Cambridge, Minn. 
George Holocker, R. D. 2, McNabb. 
Michael Betlewski, 923 N. Ashland Ave., Chicago. 
Joseph G. Kessler, Box 172, Chaska, Minn. 
Alex Cobitz, Corp., 724 W. Bunker St., Chicago. 
Leslie R. Collins, 1409 W. 22d St., Kewanee. 
William G. Kalifes, 507 S. State St., Merrill, Wis. 
Edward D. Knoblauch R. D. 2, Washburn. 
Albert M. Lang, Richmond, Minn. 
James M. June, R. D. 2, Box 2, Cataract, Wis. 
Joseph F. Karboski, 2735 Crystal St., Chicago. 
Edgar Olson, R. D., Baldwin, Wis. 

Harry Landsburg, 424 Morris PI., Milwaukee, Wis. 
John A. Diyle, Gratiot, Wis. 
Paul G. Muelich, New Germany, Minn. 
Owen D. Scott, Brookston, Ind. 
Otis Gerard, Griggsville. 

Gustav E. Benzel, 998 Reaney St., St. Paul, Minn, 
Frank J. Moore, 2921 Bloomington Ave., Minneapolis, 

Robert L. Ruesinger, R. D. 2, Oshkosh, Wis. 
Lloyd W. Marshall, Corp., Mt. Morris. 
Paul J. Stender, R. D. i. Box 32, Dent, Minn. 
William J. Jarvis, Wyoming, Mmn. 
Frithiof Hager, 840 Day St., Galesburg. 
Jacob J. Forsma, 923 2d Ave., N., Wausau, Wis. 
John M. Larson, R. D. 3, Bangor, Wis. 
Elmer Hagstrom, R. D. i. Box 25, Holdingford, Minn. 
Alvin Lamb, 424 Albert Ave., Rockford. 
George A. Kelm, Excelsior, Minn. 

Robert Longfellow, 724 Simon Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 
Eddie Olson, R. D. i, Box 56, Clear Lake, Wis. 
Chester A. Macomber, Stanley, Wis. 
George L. Payette, Wolf Creek, Wis. 
Peter H. Hilger, Cassdelle, Wis. 
John O. Nordstrom, Box 76, Watertown, Minn. 
Ole Veum, Box $2, Dawson, Minn. 
Paul F. Longhurst, 408 Clark St., Neenah, Wis. 
Louis Malito, 7816 Evans Ave., Chicago. 
Ralph S. Dailey, Sgt., 1627 Camp Ave.. Rockford. 
Russell J. Hoyle, Sgt., 803 Grant Ave., Dixon. 
Clifford Eatinger, Sgt., R. D., Dixon. 
Vincent Bouzek, Prairie du Chien, Wis. 
William Hansen, Afton, Minn. 
Joseph Wilson, Franklin Grove. 
John Weitcr, Cleveland, Wis. 

Frank Feokoski, 657 Selby St., St. Paul, Minn. 
Holger L. Froiland. Newstrand, Stavenger, Norway. 
Otto W. Schade, Corp., Ashton. 
Arthur C. Mielke, 886 7th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
George Kamm, R. D. 2, Washington. 
Michael F. Enright, 4257 Wilcox St., Chicago. 
Frederick Herring, Metamcra City. 
Burton G. Kopp, North St. Paul, Minn. 
Edward Bernstein, 10 18 DuPont Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Arthur G. Brekken, R. D. i, Rosholt, Wis. 
Benjamin May, 538 N. Robert St., St. Paul, Minn. 
John W. Golz, R. D. 19, Evansville, Wis. 
Alexander Elliott, 911 9th Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Theodore J. Eder, R. D. 2, Box 15, St. Bonifacius, 


Joseph Krux, R. D. i. Box 3, Norwalk, Wis. 

Otto E. Miller, 107 Racine Ave., Waukesha, Wis. 

Charles A. Gotchy, 328 Grand Ave., Wausau, Wis. 

Reginald Squibb, Corp., 4040 Broadway, Chicago. 

William Bachman, R. D. 2, Roanoke. 

Julius Dhommers, R. D. i, Annawan. 

Harry C. Outcelt, R. D. i, St. Croix Falls, Wis. 

Byron Mund, R. D. 3, Neillsville, Wis. 

Alex Nehring, Nye, Wis. 

Rudolph Jahn, R. D. i, Box 16, LaFarge, Wis. 

John W. Ramsey, Island Lake, Wis. 

William J. Long, R. D.. Harmon. 

John J. Hill, R. D. i. Mayer, Minn. 

Magnus Johnson, R. D. 2, Box 94, Osanto, Minn. 

Fred A. Liechty, Ersigen, Switzerland. 

Leland J. Eley, Arnold, Wis. 

LeRoy Peterson, Box 56-A, Gushing Wis. 

Henry W. Ludwig, Claremont, Minn. 

I'"arl R. Sherman, R. D. 4, Spear Lake, la. 

Horace Crocker, Corp., R. D., Sparland. 

Calvin Hall, R. D. i, Wyoming. 

Pat Berry, 5949 Ada St., Chicago. 

Fred T. Beine, 702 Prospect St., Merrill, Wis. 

William Fritsche, R. D. 2, Grand Rapids, Wis. 

Otto A. Nimmer, 683 Hanover St., Miller, Wis. 

Walfred Silvene, Lake Park, Minn. 

George Paquin, R. D. i, Somerset, Wis. 

Otto J. Keller, Corp., Monticello, Wis. 

Elmer Johnson, R. D. 5. Box 6, Annandale, Minn. 

William F. Meyer, R. D. 4, Box yyyk, Pierz, Minn. 

Fred W. Gatzmer, Camden Station, Minneapolis, Minn. 

Samuel L. Fendel, 206 Indiana Ave.. St. Paul, Minn. 

Fred J. Rauhut, 221 W. 3d St., Ladysmith, Wis. 

Ferdinand J. Dohm, Gen. Deliv., Cross Plains, Wis. 

Ernest F. Ott, R. D. 4, Box no, Neillsville Wis. 

John E. Tenney, 421 Lincoln Bldg., Champaign. 

Mike J. Flaherty, 231 E. Watter St., St. Paul Minn. 

Clarance Schienle, 27 School St., Oshkcsh, Wis. 

Earl C. Minnich, Boulevard Sandwich. 

Norman P. Birbeck 1305 i6th St., Superior, Wis. 

Burnie Temple, R. D. 2, Fulton. 

Jonas Halvorsen, R. D. 1. Eland, Wis. 

Greg Jefferies R. D. 2, Box 9, Hillsboro, Wis. 

Walter H. Hanson, R. D. i, Ringle, Wis. 

Peter J. Frank, Hays, Kan. 

Emery C. Erbes, R. D. i. Steward. 

Carl F. Ellwanger, 1264 Winnemac Ave., Chicago. 

Clarence Nasby, R. D. i, Box 82 Oakland, Minn. 

Ives W. Davies, R. D. i, Box 31, Grey Eagle, Minn. 

John A. Jacobs, R. D. 2 Pelican Rapids, Minn. 

Axel B. Johnson, Box 676, St. James, Minn. 

Theodore Schumaker, Sgt., Lindenwood. 

Ralph Halvorsen, Corp., 1149 N. F'rancisco Ave., Chi- 

Chester H. Lamsey, Corp., R. D. 2, Mosinee, Wis. 

John O. Johnson, R. D. 3, Box 87, Cambridge. 

Frank Witt, 1342 North Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Edward Drace, R. D. i. Box 109 Stanley. Wis. 

Barney F. Steiner, R. D. 5, Ellsworth, Wis. 

Peter Hock, R. D. 3, Box 6, Woodstock, Minn. 

Gustave F. Lienke, R. D. i. Box 6 Fall River, Wis. 

Floyd Mills, 8n Irvin Ave., Bemidji, Minn. 

Leo Anton Schultz, Columbus, Wis. 

Joseph Lyons, Box 124, Turtle River, Minn. 

Robert Carl Zahn. R. D. 2, Gillett, Wis. 

Alfred Seichter, R. D. i, Box 71, Boyd, Wis. 

Alexander Wacholtz, 1233 Cornell St., Chicago. 

John Tobias Stueve, Dumont, Minn. 

Alexander Wesolowski 805 N. E. 8th St., Canton, O. 

Joseph Wurzer, Flushing & Ehret Ave., Woodside, Long 
Island, N. Y. 

Sam Yanowitz, 210 Monroe St., New York City. 

Alfred Gutierrez, 302 W. 28th St., New York City. 

Edward V. Lavalle, 8 Catherine Slip, New York City. 

George Liftchild. 1399 Atlantic Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Frank Harbour Moody, 240 Riverside Drive, New York 



Lincoln C., Brig. Gen., iii Broadway, New- 
York City. 

Oldham Paisley, ist Lt., Marion. 

William M. Hanley, 2d Lt., 5324 Kenwood Ave., Chi- 

Willard VanMatre, Jr. 2d Lt., 902 N. Main St., Rock- 

John C. Piper, Reg. Sgt. Maj., 3019 Mohawk St., 
Herkimer, N. Y. 

Merle O. Banks, Sgt., 317 S. Mozart St., Chicago. 

Arthur L. Coty, 2829 Van Buren St., Chicago. 

Reuben Forsman, R. D. i, Antioch. 

Archie A. Moore, Libertyville. 

George G. Bristol (1), i744 W. Van Buren St., Chi- 

Dellmar G. Johnson (i), Kingsburg, Cal. 

Arthur R. Cooper (i), R. D. i, Newton, N. J. 

Frank McFadden, Wag., 414 S. Sangamon St., Chi- 

Walter J. Clark, 1312 Hamilton St., Manitowoc, Wis 

Joseph Borowinski, 1220 Fry St., Chicago. 

Elmer A. Johnson, Corp., 262 W. Park Ave., Aurora. 

Arthur E. Meister (i), Lockport. 

John J. Gavin, 4838 N. St. Louis Ave., Chicago. 

George A. Christopherson, 2723 E. Franklin St., Minne- 
apolis, Minn. 

John W. Albaugh, Cook, 28 S. 7th St., Kansas City. 

Joseph Tilston, Cook, 70 Sunlight St., Liverpool, Eng- 

Lloyd A. Clark (i), N. Broad St., Carlinville, 

Charles Brown, Wag., 1763 Sunnyside Ave., Chicago. 

Charles F. Wood, 615 Stanley Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio. 


Carey E. Bell, ist Lt., Thomasville, N. C, 
William R. Northey, Shannon. 

Edward Olson, 1727 W. Huron St., Chicago. 
Herbert Schneider, 1235 Glenlake Ave., Chicago. 





Frederic McLaughlin, Maj., Lake Forest. 

Harry E. Maher, ist Lt., 661 1 Minerva Ave., Chicago. 

Sanford Claggett, ist Lt., 6314 Greenwood Av., Chi- 

Louis J. Velte, ist Lt. & Chap., 6520 Drexel Ave., 

Bernard J. Quinn, ist Lt. & Chap., 245 Cleveland Ave., 
Mineola, N. Y. 

Sheldon H. Tolles, 2d Lt., 1942 E. 7sth St., Cleveland, 

Henry 0. Rhode, Sgt. Maj., 4237 N. Paulina St., Chi- 

Louis M. Gundel, Sgt. Maj., 234 S. LaSalle St., Chi- 

Clarence W. Haake, Pers. Sgt., 3756 Wilton Ave., 

William Cafferata, Stab. Sgt., 1828 Estes Ave., Chi- 

McGarry Fergus, Wag., 1415 Hudson Ave., Chicago. 

Steven Ebele, Wag., 2255 N. Racine ."Xve., Chicago. 

Fred G. Brown (i), R. D. i, Sycamore. 

John Wagner, Wag., 695 N. Clark St., Chicago. 

George Mills, Wag., 2054 Aubert St., Chicago. 

Henry H. Schultz, Wag., Box 774, Milton, Wis. 

Albert R. Reep, Wag., Michigan, N. D. 

Hugh Corcoran, Wag., Carrowkeel, Lahard Ave., 
Crossmolima, County Mayo, Ireland. 

Fay L. Latta, Wag., R. D. 34, Clinton Junction, Wis. 

Alore Revord, Box 84, Somerset, Wis. 

Pete.r T. Penkoski, Wag., Almond, Wis. 

Frank "B. Thome, Wag., 6301 N. Clark St., 

Charles K. Boswcll, Wag., Wilmore, Ky. 

George L. Warner, Wag., 400 E. 2nd St., Muscatine, 

Parker S. Chadwock, Wag., 4301 N. Lincoln St., Chi- 

Frank Kelly, Wag., Tekanska, Mich. 

Joseph Tuzik, Wag., 1951 Harvey St., Chicago. 

Otto V. Ueberroth, 1852 Farwell Ave., Chicago. 

August B. Berggren, Corp., R. D. 2, Princeton, Minn. 

Andrew L'hrenholdt, Wag., R. D. 3, Hayward, Wis. 

Fred G. Heckelman, Albertville, Minn. 

Eugene P. Flavin, Wag., 1213 Addison St., Chicago. 

James G. O'Connor, Wag., R. D. 10, Box 16, Milton, 

Hugo Elg, Wag., 1351 Rosedale Ave., Chicago. 

George V. Flynn, 153 Stebens St., St. Paul, Minn. 

John J. Gruba, Wag., 2440 High St., Chicago. 

Thomas J. Doyle (i), 842 Eastwood Ave., Chicago. 

Henry R. Grunewald, Wag., Athens, Wis. 

Mike D. StreflF, Wag,, 894. 4th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Nicholas Lau, Wag., 1757 Wallen Ave., Chicago. 

Edward P. Long, 4032 N. Western Ave., Chicago. 

Nicholas Markos, Cook, 3920 Sheridan Road, Chicago. 

Stanislaus E. Levesque, R. D. i, Somerset, Wis. 

Walter G. Fluke (i), 5230!/^ Winthrop Ave., Chicago. 

Harry F. Hereley, 6549 Newgard Ave., Chicago. 

Eugene A. Ouellett, Wag., 614 Taylor St. N. E., Minne- 
apolis, Minn. 

Edward Verbraken, Wag., R. D. i, Ashland, Wis. 

Erick G. Erickson, Wag., 2250 W. 24th St., Chicago. 


Richard Stacey, Ord. Sgt., 2756 Erie Ave., Hyde Park, 

Cincinnati, Ohio. 
Victor S. Molander (i). Box 13, Miller, Lake County, 


Louis A. Pearson, R. D. i, care John Dierks, Wolf 

Creek, Wis. 
William A. Lommen (i), Caledonia, Minn. 


Kent Chandler, Capt., Lake Forest. 

William C. Peak, ist Lt., 3824 Pine Grove Ave., Chi- 

Tosiah Whitnel, 2d Lt., Cahokia Bldg., E. St. Louis. 

r?ert M. Kisselburg, 2d Lt., 2922 Wilcox St., Chicago. 

Martin Fladoes, ist Sgt., 511' nth St., Menomonee, 

Harry J. Morris, Sgt., Timothy, Wis. 

William A. Folz, Cook, 2609 N. Ashland Ave., Chi- 

Henry F. Tank, 2320 Nelson St., Chicago. 

Emil V. Eckwall, 827 W. 4th St., Kewanee. 

George J. Stamelos, Sad., Skyros Island, Greece. 

Tjomas B. Kelly, Hs., 5933 S. Paulina St., Chicago. 

Kai Antonsen, Corp., 700 Sheridan Road, Chicago. 

Jennings Wambold, 808 N. 42nd St., Omaha» Neb. 

Louis A. Anderson, 308 E. Jefferson St., Stoughton, 

Arvel G. Bradford, Clarks, La. 

Oliver D. Heise, 54 Oak St., Freeport. 

Allen E. Sampson, 107 Harrison Place, Fond du Lac, 

Frederick H. Schrode, 612 W. Main St., Stoughton, 

Harry J. Malloy, 870 N. Richmond St., Chicago. 

Herbert J. Frank, 108 E. Lincoln Ave., Oshkosh, Wis. 

Leo W. Dahms, Box 91, Morgan, Minn. 

Clarence G. Oddenn, Box 273, Benson, Minn. 

William L. Parish, 408 W. South St., Stoughton, Wis. 

David C. Walters, 2706 Elm St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Oscar S. G. LeRoy, 481 Cedar St., Galcsburg. 

Lester R. Paul, 511 E. Bradford St., Redwood City, 

Frank D. Lee, 420 Grand Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

David H. Bergey, Corp., 717 Waveland Ave., Chicago. 

Harold T. Miller, Fox Lake, Wis. 

Arvid Adolphson, 1715 Lackawanna Ave., Superior, 

Albert C. Bue.tow, 715 LaFond St., St. Paul, Minn. 
Alfred J. Culloton, 224 sth Ave., St. Cloud, Minn. 
Paul Miller, 402 Dittmorc St., Davenport, Iowa. 
.Albert W. Miehack, Eagle River, Wis. 
William M. Newell, Keithsburg. 
Julius Bizewski, 3240 Parnell Ave., Chicago. 
John J. Piszeck, 521 Lincoln Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Russell Rill, 1913 Clough Ave., Superior, Wis. 
Chris J. Stind, Corp., 1826 N. Keeler Ave., Chicago. 
John L. Seales, Afton, Wis. 
Charles R. Spitzer, Broadway, Va. 
Ernest W. Schaller, Mt. Horeb, Wis. 
Ambrose R. Stewart, Chippewa Falls, Wis. 
Joseph Stachowitz, R. D. i. Rolling Stone, Minn. 
Henry J. Strandberg, R. D. i. Box 2, Nelson, Minn. 
Edward J. Smith, Blue Mounds, Wis. 
Roy E. Davis, Corp., Conde, S. D. 
Arthur A. Selonke, 3418 W. Chicago Ave., Chicago. 
Otto Verona, Butternut, Wis. 
Rudolph Werner, State St. & 2nd Ave., Appleton, 

Neville E. Crow, 531 Joliet St., Ottawa. 
Roderick L'rquhart, 41 13 N. Kedvale Ave., Chicago. 
William James, Box 333, New Richmond, Wis. 
Oscar E. Anderson, Box 31, Saxon, Wis. 
Theodore Sayles, Sgt., 622 Court St., Janesville, Wis. 
Raymond C. Perkins, Stone Lake, Wis. 
Otto Clary, Bug., 904 W. Grand Ave., Beloit, Wis. 
Thomas Wilson, 7134 Eberhardt Ave., Chicago. 
Herbert L. Klingbeil, Westfield, Wis. 
Pe.ter W. Jacobs, 107 Saratoga St., Peoria. 
T ester I. Strouse, 23 N. Chatsworth St., St. Paul, Minn. 
Edward G. Hanzelin (i), 2453 S. Central Park Ave., 





Walter F. Maher, Corp., 66 11 Minerva Ave., Chicago. 

Cleveland Messerall, Houston, Minn. 

Edward J. Monhollan, 3246 N. 6th St., Philadelphia, 

Edwin Schlosser, 11 15 N. Christiana Ave., Chicago. 
Edward A. Skagerberg, Roscommon, Mich. 
Stanley J. Falwoski, Sad., 1449 Augusta St., Chicago. 
Galileo Vannie, Mech., 922 Euclid Ave., IJeloit, Wis. 
Harry McGann, Mech., 124 Spruce St., Paterson, N. J. 
Walter R. Voight, Corp., R. D. 16, Dale, Wis. 
Otto A. Blumrich, Cook, 519 Cherry St., Janesville, 

James P. Collins, Cook, Rex Cafe, 406 4th St., Beloit, 

David W. Stanton, Cook, R. D. 29, Beloit, Wis. 
Harry W. Merrifield, Hs., Milton Junction, Wis. 
James W. Quinn (i), 103 N. Franklin St., Janes- 
ville, Wis. 
August Cinchy, R. D. 3, Box 84, Brandon, Minn. 
Gus E. Hahn, Box 306, Erie. 
Henry J. Nelson, R. D. i, Clements, Minn. 
Ambrose, M. Madigan, 203 Market St., Waseca, Minn. 
Benjamin A. Widmer, 1166 Center St., Chicago. 
Walter F. Neef, 622 Mt. Elliot Ave., Detroit, -Mich. 
Mathew J. Thimmesch, Caledonia, Minn. 
Leo M. Kosnar, 1168 Chicago St., Green Bay, Wis. 
John S. Grzenia, 2420 Greenview Ave., Chicago. 
Francis Reid, 361 Exchange" St., Kenosha, Wis. 
.Alfred A. Baganz, R. D., Eden, Wis. 
Raymond H. Ward, R. D. 9, Burlington, Wis. 
Roy G. Hunt, 1127 Erie St., Racine, Wis. 
Erwin L. Giljohann, 269 15th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Virgil R. Epperly, R. D. i, Joy. 

Martin W. Kuehl, R. D. i, Box 21, Mazeppa, Minn. 
Emil C. Anderson, R. D. i, Box 34, Springfield, Minn. 
Henry R. Sjoquist, R. D. i. Box 4, Dassel, Minn. 
George J. Strieker, 2545 Ainslee Ave., Chicago. 
Charles M. Hanly, 18 Belle Vista Road, Boston, Mass. 
Emil S. Paulson, Neillsville, Minn. 
Oscar E. Oke.rlund, 31 ist Ave., Hibbing, Minn. 
Joseph Egerer, Port Washington, Wis. 
Wilbert B. Sykes, Box 131, Annandale, Minn. 
George W. Johnson, R. D. i. Cannon Falls, Minn. 
Lawrence M. Anderson, Box 50, Woodhull. 
William R. O'Brien, 635 Lincoln Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 
Sidney Johnson, 1832' Oxford St., Rockford. 
George A. Stenson, 308 Prentiss Ave., Ashland, Wis. 
John E. Mulligan, Redwood Falls, Minn. 
Lawrence E. Murphy, Tilden Farms, Delavan, Wis. 
Roy T. Walaske, North High St., Fort Atkinson, Wis. 
William Hathaway, Ladysmith, Wis. 

Walter E. Backstrom, 613 Grand Ave., Superior, Wis. 
Emil E. Krenz, Onalaska, Wis. 

Harry Hartman, 1913 Miller St., Burlington, Iowa. 
George L. Anderson, 1028 Byron St., Chicago. 
William A. Eminger, 5721 Calumet Ave., Chicago. 
Albert G. Dornquast, 223 E. Front St., Owatonna^ 

Henry Siem, 102 6th St., ^Milwaukee, Wis. 
Frank A. Hildebrandt, 872 5th St., Winona, Minn. 
Ralph G. Lounsbury, 825 N. Main St., Rockford. 
Herman J. Schleinhege, 586 Hanover St., Milwaukee, 

Malcolm J. Fink, Sgt., 616 ist St., Stevens Point, 

John O. Newberry, Sgt., 4017 Kenmore Ave., Chicago. 
Harry W. Martinson, R. D. i, Box s, Harris, Minn. 
Sever Johnson, R. D. 2, Dodge Center, Minn. 
Bernhard R. Martens, R. D. 2, Shawano, Wis. 
John M. Renk, 657 E. Sanborn Ave., Winona, Minn. 
-Arthur W. Klug, 75% Hamilton St., Cedarburg, Wis. 
George H. Koeller, 1421 Mississippi St., LaCrosse, 

Clarence J. Berglund, 829 Eastwood Ave., Chicago. 
Francis X. O'Connell, Gary Station. 
August J. Malottky, 1238 George St., Chicago. 
Louis J. Wolpert, 1217 Vincent Ave., Minneapolis, 

Peter Hagen. Hayfield, Minn. 
Frank Cole, R. D. i, Caledonia, Wis. 
Claude B. Nelson, 204 S. Clierry St., Marshfield, Wis. 
Walmer J. Fredeen, 991 Hudson Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 
Walter J. Hibbeler, Corp., 2025 Clifton Ave., Chicago. 
Otto W. Struck, Onalaska, Wis. 

Edward J. Deutinger, 747 S. Campbell Ave., Chicago. 
John J. Bodzioch, 1545 Augusta St., Chicago. 
Adolph Lien, R. D. 2, Box 20, Dalton, Minn. 

Albin H. Johnson, Box 28, Herman, Minn. 

Adolph E. Salzgeber, Box 294, Boscobel, Wis. 

Johi H. Anderson, R. D. 3, Braham, Minn. 

Alfred J. LaGrandeur, Corp., Somerset, Wis. 

Charles F. Murphy, 434 Woodward Ave., Chippewa 
Falls, Wis. 

Aram K. Mestjian, 121 1 Chicago Ave., Evanston. 

William Kriz, 5644 W. 22nd St., Chicago. 

Jens C. Jenson, R. D. 4, Foley, Minn. 

Clement Forrestal, 3221 St. Paul Ave., Milwaukee, 

Thomas S. Lunzer, 113 W. Cook St., St. Paul, Minn. 

William R. Bradley, 702 W. 2nd St., Dixon. 

Raymond L. Parrette, Spencer, Wis. 

Roy R. Spencer, 1307 Center St., Racine, Wis. 

Joseph J. Sychowski, 2420 N. Ashland Ave., Chicago. 

Steve Zavodny, 2068 Southport Ave., Chicago. 

Lawrence Marowelli, 518 W. Main St., Hudson, Mich. 

John W. Batker, R. D. i, Verona, Wis. 

Wallace F. Johnson, 806 7th Ave., Ashland, Wis. 

Charles J. Sindell, 934 ist Ave. E., Faribault, Minn. 

Icil E. Hawkins, Corp., Monroe City, Ind. 

John Bigwood, Mech., Montague, Mich. 

John Kennedy, 2552 S. Western Ave., Chicago. 

Fred LeBrun, Cook, 420 Gale St., Oconto, Wis. 

Arthur C. Brown, Taylor, Wis. 

Elmer F. Maurer, R. D. i, Mapleton, Wis. 

Harry C. Marks, 3906 N. Seeley Ave., Chicago. 

George Steinmille.r, 21 19 Clifton Ave., Chicago. 

Wiliiam F. Schmidt, Sgt., 917 E. 6th St., Alton. 

Charles L. Kramer, Sgt., 2230 Osgood St., Chicago. 

Richard M. Infalt, 1638 25th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Adolph G. Skoglund, R. D. i. Box 64, Carlos, Minn. 

John A. Waters, Highland, Wis. 

Carl H. Landgren, Box 63, Cyrstal Lake. 

Arthur C. Seaburg, 1302 Addison St., Chicago. 

Anton E. Elberg, 416 N. Prairie St., Lake City, Minn. 

George A. Jobst, Corp., 3923 Clarendon Ave., Chicago. 

Anton S. Rudmen, 1765 S. Ogden Ave., Chicago. 

Gunnard Malm, 256 Wadsworth Ave., New York, N. Y. 

Peter Olson, 619 loth Ave., Green Bay, Wis. 

Edward Schley, 221 7th St. S., Virginia, Minn. 

Roy W. Sayers, 6401^ West Long Ave., DuBois, Pa. 

Gus L. Pe.terson, 3532 Lyndale Ave. S., Minneapolis, 

Lester H. Nichols, R. D. 2, Morrisonville, Wis. 

Ralph H. Webber, E. San Diego, Cal. 

Louis C. Zimmerman, 1443 Kinnickinnic Ave., Milwau- 
kee, Wis. 

William Glatz, 322 Blaine St., Peoria. 

Joseph L. Cook, 1319 Talman Ave., Chicago. 

Bellner E. Swanson, Lindstrom, Minn. 

Edwin Nusslock, 1394 nth St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

William R. Thomm, 1440 East St., Monroe, Wis. 

Clarnce A. Rank, 457 W. 7th St., St. Paul, Minn. 

Adolph L. Ekberg, Corp., 1038 Waveland Ave., Chi- 

Rex C. Beecklex, Granton, Wis. 

Alfred M. Pedersen, 3354 Berteau Ave., Chicago. 

Henry O. Latal, 2315 W. 29th St., Chicago. 

Robert D. Keating, Cass City, Mich. 

Joseph M. Fellner, R. D. i, Box 81, Sturgeon Bay, 

Max Ertl, 604 sth Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Arthur J. Coffey, 271 Oter St., Oshkosh, Wis. 

William C. Roeseler, Corp., 1195 Sth St., Milwaukee, 

Daniel M. Mullen, R. D. 10, Milton, Wis. 

Herbert A. Schultz, Delavan, Wis. 

Edward A. Manteufel, 920 W. Carroll St., Portage, 

Helmer J. Hogenson, Ashland, Wis. 

John T. Murphy, R. D., Walworth, Wis. 

Claude E. Liser, R. D. 10, Celina, Ohio. 

Leshe L. Hile, 30 E. Mifflin St., Madison, Wis. 

Richard Taylor, Monroe, Wis. 

Curtis North, 1517 Perry St., Davenport, Iowa. 

Felix Saisi, care Traffia Paul, 331 S. Hoyne Ave., 

Joseph A. Linsner, 141 5 George St., Chicago. 

Paul F. Deering, 2336 High St., Chicago. 

Elmer L. Olsen, Chete.k, Wis. 

James A. Mcintosh, R. D. i, Cambridge. 

Irving L. Marker, 969 Brooklyn Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

Harold M. Frentz, Randolph, Wis. 

Joseph Goddard, Sgt., Maryville, Tenn. 




Walter L. Schlegel, Capt., 4214 Kenmore Ave., Chicago. 

William C. Bickle, ist Lt., Riverside, Cal. 

Frank D. Stanberry, ist Lt., 1605 Grand Ave., Dallas, 

George C. Clements, 2d Lt., 738 E. 46th St., Chicago. 

James E. Johnston, 2d Lt., Warsaw. 

Leo P. Michiels, ist Sgt., 6448 N. Clark St., Chicago. 

Edward P. Stein, Svip. Sgt., 4422 Maiden Ave., Chicago. 

John C. Rowley, Cherry Valley. 

Charles F. Kuhno, 4962 Delmar Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 

Klemens J. Wasseto, 1125 N. Robey St., Chicago. 

Henry G. Kupper, 808 Columbus Ave., New York, 
N. Y. 

Arthur Weinberger, Corp., 11 39 Ardmore St., Chicago. 

Harold C. Beckstrom, Bug., 1224 Elmdale Ave., Chi- 

Charles Mcllreavie, Gen. Del., Redwood Falls, Minn. 

Rifter Hogan, 11 12 S. Humphrey Ave., Oak Park. 

Walter E. Ekstam, Cook, 2456 Warner Ave., Chicago. 

John W. Lyon, Sad., Suring, Wis. 

Carl F. Parke.r, Cook, 515 Fatherland St., Nashville, 

Bernhard F. Kordes, 151 1 Hopkins St., Milwaukee, 

Theodore L. Brumm, Mess Sgt., 41 W. 86th St., New 
York, N. Y. 

Ernest F. Johnson, 1318 8th St., Marinette, Wis. 

William M. Schummer, Hs., 1246 Hood Ave., Chicago. 

John B. Welp, R. D. i, E. Dubuque. 

Fred Scheld (i), 1229 Norwood St., Chicago. 

Albert J. Boucher, 1532 W. 21st St., Chicago. 

Howard T. Egan, 43 Royalston Ave., Minneapolis, 

Albert C. Potraz, 3547 S. Lincoln St., Chicago. 

Albert Bukin, Box 805, Madison. 

Cappa F. Gross, Stab. Sgt., 454 Colorado Ave., Bridge- 
port, Conn. 

George E. Sundblom, Sgt., 4424 N. Kimball Ave., Chi- 

Flager J. Johnson, Ronneby, Minn. 

Gottlieb Ergang, 897 4th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Martin V. Heagstrom, 45 Gregory St., Rockford. 

Kurt P. Schellhas, 621 Washington Ave,., Wausau, Wis. 

Arthvir H. Eickhoff, Fountain, Minn. 

Harry T. Holbrook (i), 1502 Congress St., Austin, 

John Peterson, R. D. i, Cass Lake, Minn. 

George L. Ramstack, Elmgrove, Wis. 

Albert Johnson, Spring Valley, Minn. 

William B. Elmer, 1837 Aldrich Ave. N., Minneapolis, 

John J. Smid, 1127 W. 17th St., Chicago. 

Clifford E. Town, Niagara, Wis. 

Reginald V. Arnold, 1400 E. 53rd St., Chicago. 

Joseph J. Vanderhulst, 915 N. Harding Ave., Chicago. 

Joseph M. Spier, Freeport, Minn. 

Arthur Gruetzman, 758 Thomas St., St. Paul, Minn. 

Albert F. Baesman, R. D. 4, Box 18, Warren, Minn. 

Fred A. Miller, 4018 Grand Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

John VonBergen, 606 9th Ave., Rock Falls. 

Christian W. Lusz, 229 Beethoven Place, Chicago. 

Joseph Marek, 7822 Drexel Ave., Chicago. 

Arthur Samuelson, 1427 8th Ave., Rockford. 

Charles E. Repulski, South Rapids, Minn. 

Andrew Miller, 717 E. 2nd St., Winona, Minn. 

Edwin E. Lutz, 2839 N. Rockwell St., Chicago. 

Roy M. Jones, 120 Fellows St., Dixon. 

William Riexinger, 321!/^ Scott St., Davenport, Iowa. 

Arthur J. Lexvold, Box 155, Zumbrota, Minn. 

Otto T. Tagge, New Holstein, Wis. 

Edward A. Lertke, R. D. 7, Box 70, Chippewa Falls, 

Edwin B. Foreman, R. D. 2, Morrison. 

William J. Haebich, 24th & LaCrosse Sts., LaCrosse, 

Carson P. Scott, R. 

D. I, Bagley, Wis. 

William B. Boyle, 315 Front St., Ashland, Wis. 
Stanley L. Koppa, R. D. 3, Box 109, Edgar, Wis. 
Henry V. Geiger, 913 Wrightwood Ave., Chicago. 
James C. Miller, 1004 7th Ave., S. Wausau, Wis. 
Frank L. Doleshal, Marshall, Wis. 
Wilson B. Mutchler, R. D. 5, Madison, Wis. 
Louis A. Jenson, R. D. i. Box 72, Edgerton, Wis. 
Earl T. Palmer, Box 243, St. Croix Falls, Wis. 
Elmer W. Halpin, 914 8th Ave. S., St. Cloud, Mina 
Russejl H. Immell, Blair, Wis. 

William F. Matz, 663 Howell Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Bernard Webster, Sgt., 1425 Wilson Ave., Chicago. 

Edmund H. Schmidt, 100 N. Stuyvesant St., Merrill, 

Phillip BeLair, 293 Jenks St., St. Paul, Minn. 

Ludmill G. Honzik, Kempster, Wis. 

Martin H. Veaux, 2408 29th Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Joseph P. Platz, R. D. 3, Stevens Point, Wis. 

Walter T. Deckert, 537 34th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Herman H. Wendorf, 1145 N. Christiana Ave., Chi- 

John T. Miller, Grand Marsh, Wis. 

Arthur M. Porter, 401 5th Ave., Wauwatosa, Wis. 

Theodore Giesler, R. D. 2, Wabasha, Minn. 

Stephen May, R. D. 3, Box 20, Browerville, Minn. 

John F. Sullivan, no Forrest Ave., Fond du Lac, Wis. 

Joseph A. Specht, Marshfield, Wis. 

Raoul G. Sherman, 5455 Sheridan Road, Chicago. 

Fred W. Person, 1301 2nd Ave., Rockford. 

DeLos W. Pierce, 730 N. Troy St., Chicago. 

Werner J. Esser, 627 University Ave., Madison, Wis. 

Frank Moritz, 1083 Randolph St., St. Paul, Minn. 

Vv^alter M. Oncken, R. D. 4, Dana. 

Iver H. Iverson, 2621 N. Harding Ave., Chicago. 

Albin B. Lindahl, 4634 i8th Ave. S„ Minneapolis, 

Earl H. Unseth, Wesfby, Wis. 

Martin F. Singkofer, R. D. 2, Mosiiiee, Wis. 

Leo F. Stone, Milton Junction, Wis. 

Albert Schram, 1902 Water St., Merrill, Wis. 

Leslie E. Chandler, 703 E. Franklin St., Waupun, Wis. 

Oswell G. Treadway, R. D. 5, Macomb. 

James E. 0'De,a, 63rd & Maryland Ave., Chicago. 

Peter G. Tichey, R. D. 2, Chippewa Falls, Wis. 

David M. Hirsch, 917 N. Lee .St., T>loomington. 

Ernest H. Engeling, iioi Ross St., St. Paul, Minn. 

Clarence E. Tousley, R. D. 2, Salem. 

Peter P. Brandt, 1538 Elston Ave., Chicago. 

Joseph Svobodny, 2448 34th St. S., Minneapolis, 

Elmer A. Ballwahn, R. D. 2, Box 32, Norwalk, Wis. 

James McGinty, Darlington, Wis. 

Joseph Peterson, Landsbro, Jankapingo Law, Sweden. 

William . Spanhake, 834 Rose St., Chicago. 

Ernest G. Shaad, Kansas University, Lawrence, Kan. 

Frank D. Lave, 3703 S. Hermitage Ave., Chicago. 

Frank E. Sabin, Lake Wilson, Minn. 

Carl A. Wazlawski, Box 726, Stratford, Wis. 

William J. O'Brien, in Albert Ave., Joliet. 

Albert J. Eichinger, 303 Carlson St., Red Wing, Minn. 

Paul F. Sullivan, Sgt., 1242 Glenlake Ave., Chicago. 

William A. Stokes, Guys Mills, Pa. 

Emil M. Czarnetzki, Sauk Rapids, Minn. 

Carl A. Darsow, Farris, Minn. 

Philip J. Fauteck, 519 S. Oak Park Ave., Oak Park. 

Joseph J. Karban, 2449 W. Augusta St., Chicago. 

Leo F. Abbott, Galesburg, Mich. 

William H. Soens, R. D. 4, Kenosha, Wis. 

Conrad Marquardt, 534 Chestnut St., Neenah, Wis. 

Elmer Sebo, 476 Winona St., Winona, Minn. 

Gus Johnson, 3 114 Seminary Ave., Chicago. 

Richard J. Stanton, 2704 Washington Ave., Cleveland, 

Hjalmer W. Lorens, 1018 Garleld Ave., Duluth, Minn. 

George Moe, R. D. 2, Box 4, Wabasha, Minn. 

Albert M. Engelstad, Gatzke, Minn. H. Boynton, 294 Washington St., Atlanta, Ga. 

Anthony Krier, Niles Center. 

Joseph P. Bambenek, 916 E. 7th St., Winona, Minn. 

Christ O. Hawkinson, Boyd, Minn. 

Frank Westphal, 1143 Baker St., Grand Rapids, Wis. 

William Brunschon, R. D. i. Box 70, Union. 

John O. Aune, R. D. 3, Box 87, Underwood, Minn. 

Albert L. Witt, Dale, Wis. 

Leo Solomon, 726 N. May St., Chicago. 

Herbert J. Uttech, 113 39th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Leonard I. Solseth, R. D. 4, Montevideo, Minn. 
James P. Gharrity, 1132 Partridge Ave., Beloit, Wis. 

Ferdinando Lariccia, Monacilioni, Provinsodi, Cambo- 

bassi, Italy. 
Joseph P. Bienert, Chilton, Wis. 
John P. McDermid, R. D. i, Sobieski, Wis. 

Herman F. Schultz, R. D. 3, Campbellsport, Wis. 

Gustav H. Carlson, Wabeno, Wis. 

Emil E. Kratzke, R. D. i. Box 25, Vergas, Mich. 
George M. Grandpre, Green Valley, Minn. 



Franklin J. Rudolph, 1321 14th Ave., Rockford. 
Andrew J. Litaske, 23 11 2nd St. N. E., Minneapolis, 

George L. Schneider, 1034 E. Dayton St., Madison, 

John W. Maurer, 731 Edmund St., St. Paul, Minn. 
Gustave Morrison, 1439 Thome Ave., Chicago. 
Joseph A. ^roch, 3035 Federal St., Chicago. 
Oscar T. Thunselle, R. D. 2, Dalton, Minn. 
Rudolph Lee, 446 Maple St., Eau Claire, Wis. 
Paul E. Ostermeyer, 6357 S. Rockwell St., Chicago. 

Oscar T. Peterson, Wheeler, Wis. 

Edward Brown, R. D. 2, Box 103, Bertha, Minn. 

Robert J. Byas, 1026 N. Richmond St., Chicago. 

Gustave K. Haase, 608 4th Ave., Aurora. 

Pearlie L. Sauberf, 214 Putnam St., Eau Claire, Wis. 

Carl L. Longworth, Sgt., Edgeview Farm, R. D. 3, 

Buchanan, Mich. 
Wilbur S. Coburn, 1405 Bond Ave., Peoria. 
Maurice Jewell, 19 19 5th Ave., Antigo, Wis. 
Walter Lodge, 657 Selby Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 


Ge.orge Ade Davis, Capt., 4955 Beacon St., Chicago. 

George W. Bunn, ist Lt., looi 6th St., Springfield. 

Philip D. Jenks, 2d Lt., 1122 N. Keystone Ave., In- 
dianapolis, Ind. 

Frederick Mitchell, 2d Lt., 720 20th St., Rock Island. 

Walter B. Nitsche, ist Sgt., 2147 Berteau Ave., Chi- 

Albert L. Johnson, Sgt., 21 51 Sunnyside Ave., Chi- 

George W. Otto, Corp., 2121 Addison St., Chicago. 

John Murray, 2728 N. Hermitage Ave., Chicago. 

Pavil E. Heidemann, Bug., 1937 Patterson Ave., Chi- 

Benjamin Shatunas, 3527 S. Hoyne Ave., Chicago. 

George A. Vogel, Jr., R. D. 5, Box 10, Waterloo. 

George H. Saville, Hawksworth, Morley County, Eng- 

Fred L. Brooks, 604 Peach St., Rockford. 

Bernard Jaworski, 890 6th Ave., Milwaukee,, Wis. 

Johan A. Swanson, Box 23, Bock, Minn. 

Ben H. Wegner, 296 Forest St., Wausau, Wis. 

George M. Gleason, 24 E. Davenport St., Rhinelander, 

Harvey Richardson, 296 Aurora Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 

Duane L. Peterson, Sgt., 4245 N. Ashland Ave., Clii- 

William Gillies, 417 Dacy St., Woodstock. 

Julius F. Dietroch, Cassville, Wis. 

Elmer H. Young, R. D. i. Box i, Kellogg, Minn. 

Alfred C. Gugel, 1203 10th St., Menomonie, Wis. 

Harry H. Brown, Plattville, Wis. 

Thomas Smith, 22 W. Walnut St., Harrisburg. 

Carl E. Lundberg, 1235 istTi St., Rock Island. 

Paul Roettgen, Sgt., 3731 N. Oakley Ave., Chicago. 

James L. Seeley, 1745 W. 33rd St., Chicago. 

Hillard A. Aronson, Tower, Minn. 

Merschel Dawson, 1039 S. Kellogg St., Galesburg. 

Ernest G. Holm, R. D. i. Box 42, South Haven, .Minn. 

Isaac E. See.stTom, 523 Avenue W., Ashland, Wis. 

Edward T. Keller, 2212 W. 23rd St"., Chicago. 

Irving J. Lindohlm, 5418 Lakewood Ave., Chicago. 

Edward G. Westlake, Corp., 1446 Chase Ave., Chicago. 

Oscar A. Youngren, Burlington, Iowa. 

Fred Boeseneilers, 1040 N. Rockwell St., Chicago. 

Jerry M. Rokusek, 1317 W. 18th St., Chicago. 

Paul H. Schultze, Spencer, S. D. 

Erwin E. Ernst, 356 N. Pleasant St., Kenosha, Wis. 

Ruddie M. Backhaus, R. D. 26, Box 12, Oakfield, Wis. 

Karl E. Glade, R. D. 2, Alexa\idria, Minn. 

Frank L. Keating, Corp., Woodman, Wis. 

Thomas Pylman, Box 234, Mellen, Wis. 

Carlisle Smith, 1533 Fargo Ave., Chicago. 

Quinton Williamson, 1015 ist Ave., Rock Falls. 

Orville G. Bechtelheimer, Rock Island. 

Floyd M. Collar, Spring Valley, Minn. 

Everett Westphall, R. D. 2, Rouneby, Minn. 

Adolph C. Loesei, 8537 Buffalo Ave., Chicago. 

Edward B. Pierce, Corp., 1344 Copouse Ave., Scran- 
tori, Pa. 

Frank J. Henkel, 774 loth St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Glenn M. Osborn, 109 Olive St., Neejiah, Wis. 

David J. Kaiser, 867 N. Richmond St., Chicago. 

Carl E. Rogalla,- R. D. i. Box 155, North St. Paul, 

Joseph Johnson, 737^^ 3rd St., Moline. 

Gustave A. Johnson, 740 E. Superior St., Duluth, Minn. 

Duke V. Rogers, Lodi, Wis. 

John P. Reithmeyer, Corp., 3515 Greenview Ave., Chi- 

Ben J. Meier, 227 E. sth 'St., Winona, Minn. 

Frank H. Dumont, 2734 Flournoy St., Chicago. 

Robert W. Olsen, 1844 Franklin St., Racine, Wis. 

Albert Kahlo, 566 Milwaukee St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Hugo R. Maerz, 3019 S. Canal St., Chicago. 

Earl W. Wood, Goodman, Wis. 

Paul C. Fischer, 603 Edmund St., St. Paul, Minn. 

Charles E. Zangerle, Sgt., 3624 Janssen Ave., Chicago. 

Arthur Bryngelson, Sauk Center, Minn. 

Walter S. Boke, 2491 W. Harrison St., Chicago. 

George J. Lusk, 1137 W. 17th St., Chicago. 

Laubitz Lundheim, R. D. i, Onamia, Minn. 

Edward B. Zickert, R. D. 29, Box 124, Beloit, Wis. 

David P. Brown, R. D. i, Dalton, Wis. 

Edward J. Cadieux, 335 Todd, Cheboygan, Mich. 

John J. Comiskey, Sgt., 2242 Lawrence Ave., Chicago. 

James Jutchera, 906 Harrison Blvd.. Wausau, Wis. 

Arthur Boesch, 618 Oakland Ave., Peoria. 

.Anton Martinson, Box 6, Dent, ^linn. 

Julius Mitzenheim, R. D. 14, Caledonia, Minn. 

Arthur McCracken, 2827 3rd St., Minneapolis, Minn. 

CliiTord C. Olson, R. D. 3, Dalton, Minn. 

John H. Mattson, R. D. 2, Box 50, Pine City, Minn. 

Perry H. Backstrom, Corp., 1224 North Shore Ave., 

Joseph G. Dox, 876 Rice St., St. Paul, Minn. 

Louis Schreier, R. D. 2, Cadott, Wis. 

Edwin Swanson, R. D. i, Reynolds. 

Joseph F. Chvatal, Coal City. 

Edgar C. Kruegel, Spring Valley, Minn. 

Jacob S. Boor, Belle Plaine, Minn. 

Hugo G. Wiskow, Leopolis, Wis. 

Franklin M. Hazen, Corp., 318 Marquette St., LaSalle. 

George J. Ourada, R. D 6, Rice Lake, Wis. 

William Jacobson, Caledonia, Minn. 

John A. Parbs, 403 West A St., Marshfield, Wis. 

Archie Grunquist, R. D. 2, Anoka, Minn. 

Louis Gallagan, 323 Russell Ave. N"., Minneapolis, 

Matthew A. Brandt, 2215 4th Ave. N., Minneapolis, 

Robert H. Dietz, Corp., 1518 Kenilworth Ave., Chicago. 

John Rafa, 1944 W. Chicago Ave., Chicago. 

Frank L. Moran, Box 97, Warba, Minn. 

.Albert D. Rasmussen, 1892 E. Maryland St., St. Paul, 

Carl R. Martens, R. D. 5, Milan. 

Patrick A. Ryan, R. D. 13, Kaukauna, Wis. 

Irwin C. Haas, Columbus, Wis. 

Michael J. Kraemer, Greenwald, Minn. 
Charles L. Cronan, Corp.. 3508 Bosworth Ave., Chi- 
William H. Clawson, 269 Madison St., Alton. 

Harold R. Gelein, 668 Wisconsin St., Eau Claire 

Nicholas B. Couchot, 3138 N. Drake Ave., Chicago. 
Joseph L. Sommer, 692 Mitchell St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Albert Nordean, 125 W. Superior St., Duluth, Minn. 
John R. Larson, Bejdenville, Wis. 
Clarence T. Eggen, R. D. 27, Orfordville, Wis. 
Elias Patros, Sgt., 4529 Ravenswood Ave., Chicago. 
Alexander E. Belair, 293 Jenks St., St. Paul, Minn. 
Oscar M. Blegen, R. D. 3, Box 47, Spring Grove, Minn. 
Reuben Cunningham, 601 DeClark St., Beaver Dam, 

Walter C. Larsen, New London, Wis. 
John Lugowsky, 1421 Lyndale Ave. N., Minneapolis, 

Henry O. Frettem, R. D. 1, Kenyon, Minn. 
William Schneider, 999 loth St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Gustave Breuning, Sgt., 3817 Wilton Ave., Chicago. 
Charles Boerger, 18 18 Galena St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Thomas C. McKearn, 916 Lawrence .Ave., Beloit, Wis. 
Nicholas Terre, 87 29th Place, South Chicago Heights. 
Arthur C. Dahlste.dt, 1926 Piedmont Ave., Duluth, 

Raymond J. Krai, R. D. 2, Antigo, Wis. 



Severin Anderson, Skyburg, Minn. 

Edwin H. L. Bauer, Hopper, Minn. 

Curt F. Gfroerer, Corp., 2028 Lunt Ave., Chicago. 

Peter H. Koenig, Caledonia, Minn. 

Leonard F. Ramm, 2133 W. Walton St., Chicago. 

Joseph J. Berglund, Box 432, Alexandria, Minn. 

Albert Martens, 3rd St. & 42nd Ave., Staples, Minn. 

Fred J. Warns, Jr., R. D. 2, Withee, Wis. 

Henry A. Anderson, R. D. 2, Box 52, Peterson, Minn. 

Earl C. Bartness, Hartland, Minn. 

John L. Halpin, Corp., 6734 N. Ashland Ave., Chi- 

William Tornquist, R. D. i, Galesburg. 

Oden A. Glaeden, R. D. 3, Mt. Horeb, Wis. 

Thomas Fleming, R. D. 2, Nashotah, Wis. 

Enoch B. Carlson, Munka, Ljungbg, Engilholm, 

Valentine Weaver, 755 E. 6th St., Winona, Minn. 

Nick Kremer, R. D. i. Box 35, Dent, Minn. 

James E. Malia, Fountain, Minn. 

George Hildebrandt, Corp., Ladd. 

William Peterson, iii Detroit St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Dick Richards, Jr., Potosi, Wis. 

Roemo J. Schuh, Rolling Stone, Minn. 

Levi M. Zook, Van Petten. 

Archie J. McKuen, Odenah, Wis. 

Bernard J. Riddle, R. D. i. Box 25, LaFarge, Wis. 

Stanley Szatkowski, 841 Forest Hotne Ave., Milwau- 
kee, Wis. 

Francis J. Conway, Corp., 534 Belden Ave., Chicago. 

Albert B. Cory, 7301 Dante Ave., Chicago. 

Williarn W. Lange, Sup. Sgt., 3803 N. Irving Ave., 

Ernest S. Otto, Mech., 3546 N. Ashland Ave., Chi- 

Joseph Schodtler, Mess Sgt., 3937 N. Marshfield Ave., 

Aloys H. Gast, Mech., Maria Stein, Ohio. 

K^dward G. Bertram, Hst, 3533 N. Marshfield Ave., 

Clarence Springer, Mech., 3844 Robey St., Chicago. 

Arthur B. Larkin, Stab. Sgt., 27th & LaSalle Sts., 

Michael Reardon, Sad., 528 W. 47th St., Chicago. 

Arthiir G. McDermott, Cook, 604 S. Spring St., Beaver 
Dam, Wis. 

George H. Peterson, 1938 Newport Ave., Chicago. 

Otio L. Streccius, Cook, 4225 N. Irving Ave., Chicago. 

John Rar.ty, 4919 W. Lake St., Chicago. 

William A. Perske, Cook, 2215 Montrose Ave., Chi- 

Michael Grady, 1264 Arthur Ave., Chicago. 

James Mulcahy, 3628 Hermitage Ave., Chicago. 

George H. Redfern, 9 Edith St., Rochester, N. Y. 


Joseph A. Barton, ist Lt., 134 Morgan St., Springfield, 

William K. Floweree, ist Lt., 825 4th Ave., Great 
Falls, Mont. 

Carl L. Gibson, 2d Lt., 624 W. 69th St., Chicago. 

Loy N. Mcintosh, 2d Lt., Nokomis. 

Howard L. Smith, ist Sgt., 214 Oakland Ave., Janes- 
ville. Wis. 

William M. Mcintosh, Sgt., 310 W. Rollin St., Edger- 
ton. Wis. 

George J. Falisaner, 1210 6th St. N., Minneapolis, 

Carl A. Lubbe (i). Big Lake, Minn. 

Axel H. Anderson, 118 W. 38th St., Minneapolis, 

Frank Andersen, R. D. 3, Box 59, Forest Lake, Minn. 

Albert Balck, Kaukauna, Wis. 

George Barlang, Box 62, Rock Island. 

Harold L. Bumgarne.r, Corp., 162 Cherry St., Janes- 
ville, Wis. 

Howard S. Russell, 161 5 Hu^hitt Ave., Superior, Wis. 

George J. Basl, Neflf & Roberts Bldg., Antigo, Wis. 

Ernest E. Brabander, Princeton, Minn. 

Edgar Yarrington, Shackleford, Va. 

Volkert V. Smith, Necedah, Wis. 

Harry C. Katchel, 1604 Adams St., LaCrosse, Wis. 

Anthony Neu, Caledonia, Minn. 

John O. Haugen, Corp., R. D. 6, Menomonie, Wis. 

Thomas E. Odegaarden, Coon Valley, Wis. 

Mathew J. Ve.rfurth, Kaukauna, Wis. 

John Shimon, R. D. 3, Station D, Kilburn Road, Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 

Alvah E. Serier, Lewis, Wis. 

Abner N. Johnson, Holmen, Wis. 

Hans W. Johnsen, 161 1 Burns Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 

."harles C. Hansen, 2167 Clarence Ave., Racine, Wis. 

Charles G. O'Regan, 217 W. 59th Place, Chicago. 

Ignatz Gole,mbieski, 1033 N. Wood St., Chicago. 

Walter N. Gunderman (i), 3506 N. Bosworth Ave., 

Fritz Dahlquist, R. D. 3, Amery, Wis. 

James Korbel, 11 13 S. Wood St., Chicago. 

Martin J. Riedy, Lisle. 

Leland E. McQueen, Flour Exchange, Minneapolis, 

Allan C. Harris, 1028 Williamson St., Madison, Wis. 

Edmund S. Dwyer, 3 Granite Terrace, Inshicore, Dub- 
lin, Ireland. 

George B. Lazarus, 1130 S. Hermitage Ave., Chicago. 

John E. Teska, 2246 S. Albany Ave., Chicago. 

George A. Langley, R. D. 2, Rockton. 

Henry Lexow, 688 13th Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

John G. Zajicek, 2212 S. S9th Court, Cicero. 

Victor C. Risberg, R. D. 3, Red Wing, Minn. 

George Oeltjejidier, 1106 Berlin St., LaCrosse, Wis. 

William Harmon, Sgt., 6105 Normal Ave., Chicago. 

John Nagel, 3657 S. Rockwell St., Chicago. 

Leonard A. I^ibkie, 11 r N. Grove Ave., Chippewa 
Falls, Wis. 

William Marple, R. D. i, Reynolds. 

Joseph A. Sargent, 677 Joseph Ave., Rochester, N. Y. 

Delphia G. Pike, Paw Paw, Mich. 

Joe Prchal, R. D. 2, Box 38, Alexandria, Minn. 

Peter R. Johnson, 852 Buckingham Place, Chicago. 

Melvin A. Paulsen, 2622 Wellington Ave., Chicago. 

Walter H. Rossman, 427 17th Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Frederick J. Houglum, Box 135, Kenyon, Minn. 

Lee R. Wagner, R. D. i. Box 39, Cazenovia. 

Michael J. O'Boyle, R. D. 2, Plainview, Minn. 

Alexander Kubeska, 309 Hosmer Ave., Marinette, Wis. 

Luverne L. Heil, Boscobel, Wis. 

Frank Mensch, R. D. 3, Fond du Lac, Wis. 

Harold G. Kennedy, Corp., Footville, Wis. 

Allen A. Hight, R. D. 3, Menomonie, Wis. 

Paul M._Werner, 3931 N. Marshfield Ave., Chicago. 

Joseph I'Cippling, R. D. 3, Sawyer, Wis. 

Ben N. Jung, R. D. i, Sauk Center, Minn. 

Ernest Zingg, 22 W. Wilson St., Madison, Wis. 

William J. Jaap, 314 loth St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Emil F. Perling, R. D. 3, Grand Rapids, Wis. 

Oswald J. Boehm, Corp., DeForest, Wis. 

Cary Streeton, Bangor, Wis. 

Arthur W. Peterson, 1141 Payne Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 

Ephraim Nelson, R. D. 2, Box 39, Cannon Falls, 

Charle.s L. Schlenvogt, R. D. 3, Box 35, Chilton, Wis. 

Harry L. Grisze, 107 loth Ave., Rock Falls. 

Howard B. Callahan, 3811 S. Washtenaw Ave., Chi- 

Thomas J. O'Reilly, Granton, Wis. 

Francis O. Greene, Corp., 3124 S. Humboldt Ave., 
Minneapolis, Minn. 

Thomas F. Weir, 5414 Yerxes Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Samuel Goldberg, 1218 Maplewood Ave., Chicago. 

Reinhold Stoltz, Golden City, Mo. 

Edward O. Beduhn, 753 31st Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Thomas R. Lindley, 304 Hillyer Place, Peoria. 

Christian Haldeman, Millway, Pa. 

William D. LaFave, 338 Hubbard Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

Lawrence L. Benfield, Corp., Montezuma, N. C. 

Guy L. Miller, 305 6th St. S., Moorhead, Minn. 

Albert C. Wolf, 877 38th St., Milwaukee,, Wis. 

Eric E. Schulz, R. D. i. Box 70, Grey Eagle, Minn 

David W. Peterson, 1441 Morse Ave., Chicago. 

Earl R. Meinzer, Hokah, Minn. 

George Miller, 222 15th .\ve., Ashland, Wis. 

Alfred H. Regli, 314 Bellinger Place, Eau Claire, Wis. 

Carl F. Owen, Sgt., Mayville, Wis. 

Lewis J. Rietmann, Box 285, Mazeppa, Minn. 

George K. Gartman, 311 Stanley St., Rockford. 

Joseph M. Elliott, 4548 Grand Ave., ilinneapoHs. 

Selmer E. Risbrudt, R. D. i, Daltor, Minn. 

William Burke, 309 sth Ave., Ashland, Wis. 



Emil R. He.rbst, Jacksonport, Wis. 

Frank Eyre, 2731 Adams St., Chicago. 

Walter G. Keil, 1246 6th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Arthur H. Moeck, Station D, R. D. 2, Box 97, Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 

Max E. Kennedy (i), Footville, Wis. 

Erwin Langenbacher, 562 National Ave., Milwaukee, 

Elmer F. Behrendt, 706 Clinton St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Leonard O. Bernhagen, Junction City, Wis. 

James Books, Mazeppa, Minn. 

Thomas J. Bryant, 1620 S. Washtenaw Ave., Chicago. 

Joseph Kosar, Corp., 2519 S. Whipple St., Chicago. 

John C. Evans, 162 N. Main St., Fond du Lac, Wis. 

Arnold P. Crabb, 827 Astor St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Jame,s Chylik, 1002 W. 20th St., Chicago. 

Ernest J. Duddridge, Waco. 

Charles W. Emmons, R. D. 3, Bradford. 

Frank J. Gray, Antioch. 

Eldon Hamilton, Sgt., Oxford, Wis. 

George A. Hansen, 1216 DuPont Ave. N., Minne- 
apolis, Minn. 

Albert J. Hohmann, 1427 N. Western Ave., Chicago. 

Rob R. Fessenden, Corp., R. D. 5, Edgerton, Wis. 

Theofil J. Kopitzkee, 348 14th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Max C. Helm, Robbins, Wis. 

Raymond P. Mulhern, 4210 S. Artesian Ave., Chicago. 

William G. Larson, R. D. 2, Box 40, Milan. 

V^ictor A. Lindquist, 1403 Cleveland Ave., St. Paul, 

Herbert F. Kemman, Sgt., 329 N. 5th Ave., Beloit, 

George H. Mielke, 1168 21st Ave.., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Paul Miller, 402 Dittmore St., Davenport, Iowa. 

Albert W. Miehack, Eagle. River, Wis. 

William M. Newell, Keithsburg. 

Julius Bizewski, 3240 Parnell Ave., Chicago. 

John J. Piszcek, 521 Lincoln Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Russel Rill, 1813 Clough Ave., Superior, Wis. 

Chris J. Stind, Corp., 1826 N. Keeler Ave., Chicago. 

John L. Scales, Afton, Wis. 

Charles R. Spitzer, Broadway, Va. 

Ernest W. Schaller, Mt. Horeb, Wis. 

Ambrose R. Stewart, Chippewa Falls, Wis. 

Joseph Stachowitz, R. D. i, Rolling Stone, Minn. 

Henry J. Strandberg, R. D. i. Box 2, Nelson, Minn. 

Edward J. Smith, Blue Mounds, Wis. 

Roy E. Davis, Corp., Conde, S. D. 

Arthur A. Selonke, 3418 W. Chicago Ave., Chicago. 

Otto Verona, Butternut, Wis. 

Rudolph Werner, State St. and 2nd Ave., Appleton, Wis. 

Neville E. Crow, 531 Joliet St., Ottawa. 

Roderick Urquhart, 4113 N. Kedvale Ave., Chicago. 

William James, Box 333, New Richmond, Wis. 

Oscar E. Anderson, Box 31, Saxon, Wis. 

Theodore Sayles, Sgt., 622 Court St., Janesville., Wis. 

Raymond C. Perkins, Stone Lake, Wis. 

Otto Clary, 904 W. Grand Ave., Beloit, Wis. 

Thomas Wilson, 7134 Eberhardt Ave., Chicago. 

Herbert L. Klingbeil, Westfield, Wis. 

Peter W. Jacobs, 107 Saratoga St., Peoria. 

Leste.r I. Strouse, 23 N. Chatsworth St., St. Paul, Minn. 

Edward G. Hanzelin (i), 2453 S. Central Park Ave., 

IValter F. Maher, Corp., 661 1 Minerva Ave., Chicago. 

Cleveland Messerall, Houston, Minn. 

Edward J. MonhoUan, 3246 N. 6th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Edwin Schlosser, 11 15 N. Christiana Ave., Chicago. 

Edward A. Skagerberg, Roscommon, Mich. 

Stanley J. Falkowski, Sad., 1449 Augusta St., Chicago. 

Galileo Vannie, Mech., 922 Euclid Ave., Beloit, Wis. 

Harry McGann, 124 Spruce St., Paterson, N. J. 

Walter R. Voigt, Corp., R. D. 18, Dale, Wis. 

Otto A. Blumrich, Cook, 519 Cherry St., Janesville, Wis. 

James P. Collins, Cook, Re.x Cafe, 406 4th St., Beloit, 

David W. Stanton, Cook, Route 29, Beloit, Wis. 

Harry W. Merrifield, Hs., Milton Junction, Wis. 

Tames W. Quinn (i), 103 N. Franklin St., Janesville, 

Robert Johnstone, Stab. Sgt., 314 W. Milwaukee St., 
Janesville, Wis. 

John H. Henriksen, Mess Sgt., R. D. 4, Janesville, 

Raymond R. Thomas, Sup. Sgt., 712 Auburn St., Rock- 


Clarence E. Barcus, Capt., 505 N. Noble St., Indian- 
apolis, Ind. 

Milzor W. Diest, ist Lt., Harper, Kan. 

William D. Steele, Sgt. (i), 405 New York Ave., Cres- 
ton, Iowa. 

Henry Skalicky, 1622 K St., Sacramento, Cal. 

Raymond G. Matthies (i), 2320 Cullom Ave.. Chi- 

Emmett E. Tie'rney, Corp., Grand Forks, N. D. 

David A. Stocks, Buena Park, Cal. 

Carl E. Henke, 566 29th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Frank P Hensler, Henderson, Minn. 

Merton D. Baird (i), 2538 N. Capitol St., Indian- 
apolis, Ind. 

Ewald P. Laase (i), 3437 N. Marshfield Ave., Chi- 

Herbert E. Knoll, R. D. 6, Stillwater, Minn. 

Earl H. Je^iney, no Union St., Waupaca, Wis. 

Claude B. Wesling, 1522 Hadley St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Henry Westerman (1), 35 Set Annagade, 4th floor, 
Copenhagen, Denmark. 

(leorge T. Steele, Halway, Ore. 

Andrew A. Norton (i), 427 Wisconsin Ave., Oak 




Commanding 343rd Infantry. 

© International Film Service 


Benjamin C. English, Capt., 416 Vermillion St., Dan- 
George L. Sterling, 1st Lt., 512 Buffalo St., Manitowoc, 


Donald R. Brenton, 2d Lt., Licking Road, Salem, Mo. 


Horace \V. Mitchell, ist Lt., 4124 St. John Ave., 
Kansas City, Mo. 

Joseph M. Lonergan, ist Lt. and Chap., Polo. 

Edward W. Mulder, ist Lt., R. D. 3, Holland, Mich. 

Alfred R. Sorbel, ist Lt., Sisseton, S. D. 

Oscar W. Tulisalo, ist Lt., Platfsmouth, Neb. 

William E. Burch, ist Lt., 1142 Hinman Ave., Evanston. 

William R. Kale, ist Lt., 718 4th Ave., Rock Island. 

Charles E. Flanagan, ist Lt., 535 W. Garfield Blvd., 

David C. Mewhirter, ist Lt., Yorkville. 

Wilbur L. Beauchamp, 2d Lt., Holton, Kans. 

Horace L. Bering, 2d Lt., 457 Williams St., Decatur. 

Charles J. Huston, 2d Lt., 7544 Cregler Ave., Chicago. 

Walter C. Rodenbeck,. 2d Lt., 6231 S. Green St., Chi- 

John J. L'lman, 2d Lt., 8808 Capitol Ave., S. E., Cleve- 
land, Ohio. 

John W. Reichert, 2d Lt., 18 E. Walnut St., Canton. 

Rov H. Shinew, 2d Lt., 309 S. Main St., Bowling Green, 

William T. Birch, 2d Lt., 1432 E. 66th Place, Chicago. 

Domenic Delia Volpe, 2d Lt., 799 Secaucus Road, 
Jersey City, N. J. 

Alec Hicks, 2d Lt., Norwood Station, Delaware Co., 

John A. Owens, 2d Lt., Sheboygan,- Wis. 

Lawrence; B. Schultz, 2d Lt.j 819 W. "A" St., Marsh- 
field, Wis. 

Theodore Stone, 2d Lt., 4906 Indiana Ave., Chicago. 

Aubrey B. Wright, 2d Lt., Erin, Tenn. 


Harry J. Kelleher, Corp., 547 Liberty St., Aurora. 

Hilmer Johnson, 1215 E. Losey St., Galesburg. 

Truman M. Whitmore, Maquoketa, Iowa. 

Fred L. Haedrich, 271 Bunker St., St. Paul, Minn. 

Frank O. Whitcher (i), 401 London Ave., Rockford. 

Carl A. Holmes, 2427 W. 6th St., Duluth, Minn. 

Ralph G. Orton, Corp., Lancaster, Minn. 

Tames P. Joyce (i), Ge,n. Del., Bismark, N. D. 

Walter T. Clark, Osakis, Minn. 

Joseph McLaughlin, 745 Carroll Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 

George H. Watts, R. D. 4, Box 79, Elgin. 

Irwin S. Olson (i), 1849 W. Superior St., Chicago. 

Joshua Vaughn, R. D. 6, Box 59, Wataga. 

Richard Keegan (i), 1313 Bluff St., Peru. 

John E. Wanke, R. D. 5, Box 142, Marshfield, Wis. 

James L. Davis, Sgt., Hope, Ark. 

Francis X. Hurley (i). New London, Wis. 

Joseph A. Hengel (i). Box 53, Rollingstone, Minn. 

George Fockens (i), 722 Penn Ave., Sheboygan, Wis. 

Charles J. Henry, 150 North View St., Aurora. 

Joseph G. Colgan (i), 1125 Pine St., Ottawa. 

John B. McGovern, R. D. 4, Box 41, Minooka. 

Ernest C. McXamara, R. D. 3, Park Rapids, Minn. ' 

Charles Pollina (i), 941 Cambridge Ave.., Chicago. 

Edward P. Quinn (i), 1736 W. Ohio St., Chicago. 

Fred Sweeny (1), 812 Rockton Ave., Chicago. 

Melvin J. Hancock, 327 Morgan St., Rockford. 

Maurice Goggin (i), 240 30th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

William J. Casey, R. D. 5, Streator. 

Raymond Flynn, Corp., 6544 Harvard Ave., Chicago. 

John J. McLellan, 24 Lee St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Richard H. Murphy (i), 407 Homewild Ave., Jackson, 

Lee McMahon, 410 Prospect St., Merrill, Wis. 
Thomas Murray, 168 S. River St., Aurora. 
Patrick Stapleton, 7207 S. Park Ave., Chicago. 
Edward W. Bowman, R. D. 1, Detroit Harbor, Wis. 
Fay J. McCarthy, care C. B. & Q. Ry. Co., Chicago. 
Louis Rissman, Corp., 2637 Potomac Ave., Chicago. 
Percy A. O'Nejl, R. D. 3, Lake City, Minn. 
James Horazny (i), 2523 Turner Ave., Chicago. 
John C. Coggins, R. D. i, Sheffield. 
Selah J. Reeve (i), 148 Ceape St., Oshkosh, Wis. 
Edward Quinn, Box ^2, Kellogg, Minn. 
Roy A. Cameron Sauk Rapids, Minn. 
Arthur C. McCabe, 1310 Thomas St., St. Paul, Minn. 
James E. Wilson, Corp., 3835 Park Ave., Chicago. 
Douglas Derhan, Appleton. 

James H. Welch, 1227 S. Mead St., Logansport, Ind. 
Patrick J. Wall, R. D. 2, Ohio. 
Arthur L. Carney, 145 E. 117th Place, Chicago. 
John J. Malone, 4254 Archer Ave., Chicago. 

Harold Dannhorn, 25 Commonwealth Ave., Elgin. 

Fletcher Mitchell, Rolla, N. D. 

Harvey G. Worden. Three Lakes, Wis. 

Edwin J. Knutson, Appleton, Minn. 

Fred Turnsy, W. Main St., Vandalia. 

Edward N. Gillooly, Box 71, Elgin, Minn. 

Percy H. O'Neill, Corp., 1019 Peck St., Whitewater, 

Emory B. Perkins, Corp., 3048 Flournoy St., Chicago. 
Michael W. Burke," Sgt., 2637 Wilcox Ave., Chicago. 
John P. Hart, Corp., 2648 Park Ave., Chicago. 
Ray E. Powell, R. D. 4, Box 60, Osakis, Minn. 
Benjamin Nordstrom (i), 3703 Van Buren St. N. E., 

Minneapolis, Minn. 
Clarence H. Wilson (i). Box 165, Houston, Minn. 
Carl W. Nielse.n (i), 1106 Park Ave., Hoboken, N. J. 
Clifford O. Wold, R. D. 4, Box 7, Eleva, Wis. 
Nels G. Nelson, R. D. i, Clarissa, Minn. 
Ralph Cozzi (i), 7123 S. Marshfield Ave., Chicago. 
Bertrum Draxton (i), 107 31-d St., N. E., Little Falls, 

George Allen, R. D. 3, Crookston, Minn. 
George G. Anderson, Box 76, Serena. 
Roy E. Hutchinson, Hampshire. 
Jacob T. Johnson, R. D. 3, Oregon. 

Frank J. Egan, Corp., 7723 Greenwood Ave., Chicago. 
Oscar A. Pearson, Box 42, Wright, Minn. 
Frank Berkowski (i), 2043 W. Walton St., Chicago. 
Clyde A. Melton, Box 62, McNaughton, Wis. 
William Eme.rson, Niles, Kansas. 
Herman L. Allen, 141 7th St., Moline. 
Victor M. Cox, Macon City, Mo. 

Valentine Corollo, 7723 Greenwood Ave., Chicago. 
Jack Wilson, 408 S. ist St., Rockford. 
Joe Pennings (i), 1323 7th Ave., Antigo, Wis. 
Oscar J. Bruder (i), 11 12 S. loth St., Sheboygan, Wis. 
Joseph J. Dunn (i), 889 Astor St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
John Zajic, Corp., 1414 W. 14th St., Chicago. 
Leslie LaBresh, Jacobson, Minn. 
Elmer O. IMoe, Onalaska, Wis. 
Jerry A. Gantz, 95 Van Buren St., Freeport. 
Hjalmer J. Johnson, Foxboro, Wis. 
Fred Runge, 968 Buffin St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Dillon J. Longton, 11 34 Superior Ave., Sheboygan, Wis. 
Albert Huston, 165 14th Ave., N. E., Minneapolis, 

Carl H. Johnson, R. D. 2, Cannon Falls, Minn. 
Wyman C. Baker, R. D. 5, Stevens Point, Wis. 
Peter J. Novak, 422 Aurora St., Antigo, Wis. 
Arthur F. Hill (i), 2424 W. Chicago Ave., Chicago. 
Ernest F. Burkhard, R. D. 2, Monroe, Wis. 
Fred C. Nieman, Corp., 2449 N. Tripp Ave., Chicago. 




John M. Tierney (i), 2817 W. Congress St., Chicago. 

Hennie Lovberg, R. D. i, Blair, Wis. 

Alvin F. Clemens, 12 19 14th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

George A. Hauk, R. D. i, Lancaster, Wis. 

Alexander Anderson, 1127 E. 4th St., Duluth, Minn. 

John J. Moorehead, R. D. 3, Box 93 A, Neillsville, 

Paul S. Puschmann, 843 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago. 

Herbert Meredith, 285 Burrell St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Hube.rt Johnson, Staples, Minn. 

Krnest P. Gugel, 1621 Madison St., Madison, Wis. 

Thor E. Carlberg (1), St. Croix Falls, Wis. 

Elmer L. Griffin, 313 Morgan Park Sta., Duluth, Minn. 

Ivussell W. Wiley, Sgt., 6620 Green St., Chicago. 

Fred Bluhm, Sgt., 6428 S. Sangamon St., Chicago. 

Walter J. Felver (1), 171 Walnut St., Batavia. 

Tracy G. Lumby, R. D. 2, Shell Lake, Wis. 

Wolfe Wiesenthal (i), Roshelle & Boughan Sts., Cin- 
cinnati, Ohio. 

r>eRoy R. Martin, 1368 N. Kellogg St., Galesburg. 

Florian A. Martin (i), Mazomanie, Wis. 

John S. Tolberg, R. D. 2, N. Branch, Minn. 

Jeremiah J. Carr, Corp., Hume. 

Amenzo Warden, R. D. i. Box 48, Rhinelander, Wis. 

Jake M. Rizzi (i), R. D. 2, Spencer, Wis. 

Edward S. Whitty, 32:0 N. Halsted St., Chicago. 

Stanley J. Wedick (i), 1918 Cortland St., Chicago. 

Louis H. Rowe, Box 424, Warren. 

Edward Ladwig (i), care F. D. Nornberg, Wayzata, 

Leonard Dorst, R. D. i, Branton, Wis. 

Edgar D. Cutler, Corp., Carthage. 

Clarence J. Kehres, 921 Locust St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Lester R. Lundstrom, 606 E. Grove St., Galesburg. 

.Arthur Shallcross, 407 Winnebago St., Rockford. 

Wilham VanPieterson (i), 1236 36th St., Milwaukee, 

Lawrence H, Strawh, Mendota. 

James R. O'Connor (i), 2897 Archer Ave., Chicago. 

Leo W. Friday, Box 28, Chestertown, Ind. 

Joseph P. Hinch, Corp., 4159 W. Madison St., Chicago 

LeRoy Gnewisch, 1363 nth St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Joseph J. Murphy, 3638 Lexington St., Chicago. 

.} ^- ^""'^ <^'^' 52.39 Ellis Ave., Chicago. 

Arthur F. Saubert, 4th St., Kaukauna, Wis. 

Robert C. Bailey, J19 S. Lincoln Ave.. Aurora. 

George L. Fee, 14 18 E. 65th Place, Chicago. 

burton R. Hansen, 408 Kuhn Block, Spokane, Wash. 

Jerry J. Klasek, Corp., 2234 S. Clifton Park Ave., 

Oliver A. Peachey, Waupun, Wis. 

Paul L. Goeppner, Corp., 6038 S. Hermitage Ave., 

Kenneth H. Guenther, 207 Franklin St., Wausau, Wis. 

Lester E. Sickler (i), Wittenburg, Wis. 

Leo Bailey, Traux Block, Superior, Wis. 

Harry W. Sickler, Wittenburg, Wis. 

Ilenry F. Knoll, 904 i8th.St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Ray M. McCosh, Corp., 602 E. 6th St., Abilene, Kans. 

^Jfo^ge J. Spath, 936 6th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Clyde H. Williamson, 2214 Jackson St., Two Rivers, 

Adolph Nein, Box 194, Fairmont, Minn. 

Ostaaf J Re.nier (i), 2819 W. Huron St., Duluth, Minn. 

I'vank A. Hudson (i), Lena. 

Rdwin J. Rickman, R. D. 7, Box 77, Grand Rapids, 

Richard Davin, Corp., 540 N. Ridgeway Ave., Chicago. 

John D. Steele, 1313 2nd Ave., South Fargo, N. D. 

Walter C. Rudolph (i), 1322 S. 15th St., Manitowoc, 

Frank E. Larson, R. D. 2, Box 98, Ogema, Wis 

Robert N. Gooch (i). Gen. Del., Fowlkes, Tenn 

I'lanklyn D. Rosel, Moscow, Kansas. 

Elmer H. Nordgren, 1828 Kenilworth Ave., Chicago. 

Eric G. Herder, Corp., 6546 S. Morgan St., Chicago. 

Harvey G. Gunther, Corp., 4038 Archer Ave, Chicago. 

All)ert H. Eeles, 2103 W. 21st Place, Chicago. 

Wilham H. Perry (i). Spring Road, Sub-Division, Elm- 

Raymond Swanson, 128 N. Root St., Aurora. 

Fred J. Sharp, 21 Walnut St, Galesburg. 

John L. Collin, North Branch, Minn. 

Earl R. Griffin, Mattoon, Wis. 

Matthias Berendsen, 417 32nd St., Milwaukee, Wis 

Edward S. Sayers, Corp., 631 N. Monticello St., Chi- 

Walter T. Bluck (i), 640 E. 93rd St., Chicago. 

William Green, 2540 Buchanan St., N. E., Minneapolis, 

Arthur M. Berquist, 1187 Monroe St., Galesburg. 

Charles Jacobson (i), 1454 W. Ohio St., Chicago. 

Lloyd C. Peterson, I5ox 154, River Falls, Wis. 

William G. Grove,, 331 Franklin St., Galena. 

Frank E. Grob, 3415 Beach Ave., Chicago. 

Sam Becker, Corp., 131 1 Washburn Ave., Chicago. 

Ole B. gkaar, R. D. 5, Kenyon, Minn. 

Harry G. Nye, Sgt., 6127 Langley Ave., Chicago. 

Irving Greenwald, Sgt., 3615 S. Leavitt St., Chicago. 

William G. Betz, 474 W. 28th Place, Chicago. 

James J. McNeills, 5432 Aberdeen St., Chicago. 

Albert F. Seeger, 2306 Robey St., Chicago. 

Adolph Kampic, 1867 Blue Island Ave., Chicago. 

John Koepfle, 2706 Lowe Ave., Chicago. 

Robert Williams, 5607 Blackstone Ave., Chicago. 

William Westlund, 2749 W. 22nd St., Chicago. 

Lawrence R. Wrenn, 5803 Carpenter St., Chicago. 

George H. Kuster, 2225 W. Walton Place, Chicago. 

Roswell Williams, 3346 Beach Ave., Chicago. 

Alfred Johnson, 3551 S. Hermitage Ave., Chicago. 

Joseph W. Wojcik (i), 12 14 S. Washtenaw Ave., Chi- 

Lloyd L. Snyder, Avoca, Wis. 

Ogle Meeks (i), 907 Cherry St., New Castle, Ind. 

Ilarley Simmons, R. D. 5, Avon. 

Bernard J. McCabe, Corp., 21 14 W. Huron St., Chicago. 

Robert Kasik, Corp., 2440 W. Polk St., Chicago. 

John A. Nylander, 243 E. Franklin St., Paxton. 

Joe E. Plaisance, 2547 Lyndale Ave., Minneapolis, Minn, 

Joseph Altvatter, 2113 W. 13th *St., Chicago. 

Harry G. Dwyer, 1556 Fargo Ave., Chicago. 

Dan Mullens, Chesterfield. 

Dewey McElroy, Las Vegas, N. Mex. 

Frank M. Lee, 2419 N. Church St., Rockford. 

Frederick L. Brooks, 1826 Vine Place, Minneapolis, 

Robert F. Olson, R. D. 3, Box 37, Grantsburg, Wis. 

Basil J. Parshall, 332 W. LaCrosse St., Tomah, Wis. 

Hiward N. Link, 629 N. Chatham St., Janesville, Wis. 

Herman J. Iding, Sup. Sgt., 4647 W Adams St., Chi- 

James W. Kane, Sgt., 1132 W. isth St., Chicago. 

Thomas P. Purcell, Sgt., 3109 Lexington St., Chicago. 

Ilubert R. Byrnes, Sgt., 3142 Fulton St., Chicago. 

Elmer Partner, Stab. Sgt., 244 Spring St., Freeport. 

Lucien T. Funk, Corp., R. D. 16, Anchorage, Ky. 

Cyrus B. Minshall, Corp., Edgar, Wis. 

-Alfred J. Ruby, Corp., 3404 W. Chicago Ave., Chicago. 

Frank Massoglia, Corp., Farmington. 

Clarence R. Place, Corp., R. D. 2, Box 7, Barron, Wis. 

Arthur W. Sayers, Corp., 631 N. Monticello Ave., Chi- 

Arthur Newman, Corp., 133 N. Clark St., Chicago. 

Ilenry Wagner, 710 N. Central Park Ave., Chicago. 

James U. Barry, Corp., 635 W. 64th St., Chicago. 

Hugh P. Jones, Mech., 2746 Warren Ave., Chicago. 

John Johnson, Mech., 1921 Austin Ave., Chicago. 

John W. Lawler, Mech., R. D. 6, Rochester, Minn. 

Vernon Reppert, Mech., R. D. 2, Stanley, Wis. 

Joseph Grodek, Cook, 2649 W. 20th St., Chicago. 

.Adam J. Bieniasz, Cook, 1518 Holt St., Chicago. 

Isaia Santi, Cook, 2125 Fulton St., Chicago. 

James Manwell, Mess Sgt., 539 E. 44th St., Chicago. 

.Anton Bury, Cook, 1709 Division St., Chicago. 

Anton Pokorny, Cook, 1701 S. Racine Ave., Chicago. 

Fred W. Galow, Cook, 215 S. California Ave., Chicago. 

Manuel Pleet, Horseshoer, 1627 Jefferson St., Balti- 
more, Md. 

John E. Murray (i), 418 Kent St., Rockford. 

Emil C. Feidt (i), 3418 Beach Ave., Chicago. 

l^awrence Bernhardt (i), 511 2nd Ave., N., Wausau, 

Francis A. Furlong, Sgt., 2248 S. California Ave., Chi- 

Earl F. Wright (i), 216 Congress St., Oconto, Wis. 

John F. Cella (i), 121 S. Central Park Ave., Chicago. 

Il;irry Markson, Sgt., 2832 Warren Ave., Chicago. 

John F. Falvey, Sgt., 6718 Evans Ave., Chicago. 

William C. Richey, Band Sgt., 1739 Harrison St., 
Paducah, Ky. 

(jcorge Graham, Mus. (3), 3855 N. Spaulding Ave., 

Frank W. Hode,k. Band Sgt., 1908 S. 13th St., Omaha, 

Albert F. Kric, Band Sgt., 3446 W. 13th Place, Chi- 



John Misar, Mus. (i), 1820 Emerson Ave., Chicago. 

Nf orris Silver, Mus. (3), Rovno, Russia. 

Gregory M. Endres, 1206 Chandler St., Madison, Wis. 

Perry Roudebush, 474 Eldorado St., Appleton, Wis. 

Joseph J. Michaleg, Mus. (3), 2722 S. Springfield Ave., 

Americo Adorante, Band Sgt., 4148 Grand Blvd., Chi- 

Claude Gilbertson, Mus. (3), R. D. i. Box 49, Brooten, 

James J. Couza, Mus. (2), 2803 S. Central Park Ave., 

Frank Parisi, Mus. (3), 814 Morgan St., Rockford. 

Vincent Bliss, 404 Tyler St., Merrill, Wis. 

William O. Rowney, Mus. (3), 1237 N. Winchester 
Ave., Chicago. 

Erank ^I. Braught, Band Corp., 732 Roscoe St., Chi- 

Sam Goldstein, Band Corp., 2637 Division St., Chicago. 

William Kapitz, 130 W. Oak Grove St., Gunneau, Wis. 

Arthur A. ^Foran, Mus. (3), 421 ist St., Thief River 
Falls, Minn. 

Charles L. Caprata, Mus. (3), 1919 Washburn Ave., 

Bruno Struch, Band Corp., 1341 N. Paulina St., Chi- 

Harry Kanta, Mus. (2), 2519 S. 58th Ave., Chicago. 

Ben C. Lonson, Mus. (2), 404 Connelly Ave., S., 
Thief River Falls, Minn. 

Oscar Lauren, Mus. (2), Nyganthe Ave., Petersham, 
Sidney, Australia. 

Albert Richmiller, Arlington, Minn. 

FTugo L. Blomquist, Mus. (i), Kulm, N. D. 

August Friday, 203 Washington Ave., Stevens Point, 

Rolf Skjeie, Mus. (3), 109 S. i8th Ave., East Duluth, 

Perley E. Gunton, Mus. (3), 146 Loral Ave., Chicago. 

Frank S. Grudowski, Mus. (3), 2227 N. Robey St., 

Clarence Foster, Mus. (2), 28 Academy St., Amherst, 
Nova Scotia. 

Dayle A. Snyder, Mus. (i), 6559 LaFaye.tte Ave., Chi- 

Fred C. Hess, Mus. (2), 556 N. Leamington Ave., 

Jesse V. Wing, Mus. (3), 113 S. Clifford St., Elgin. 

Joseph LeHocky, Mus. (3), 2029 W. Ohio St., Chicago. 

Rosario Santori, Mus. (3), 11436 S. Park Ave., Chicago. 

lien B. Miller. Mus. (3), 1708 Jefferson St., Duluth, 

Charles M. Novy, Mus. (2), 1217 W. 13th St., Chicago. 

August M. Hovy, Mus. (3), 1217 W. 13th St., Chicago. 

William J. Ward, Mus. (2), 2205 Division St., Chi- 

Lewis C. Miller, Mus. (3), 571 Walnut St.; Elgin. 

Ludwig Hejlik, Mus. (3), 2817 S. Kenneth Ave., Chi- 

Rudolph Markman, Mus. (i), Rumney, Russia. 

Nathaniel Dressoh, Mus. (2), 317 N. 4th St., Greenville. 

Harry Mcintosh, Oxfordville, Wis. 

Jacob Sladky, 1605 Lackawana Ave., Superior, Wis. 

Anton Pristoupimsky, 1412 W. i8th St., Chicago. 

Albert W. Schwartz, R. D. 2, Box i, Sauk Centre, 

Ralph C. Ferguson, 6439 S. Carpenter St., Chicago. 

Frank W. Bustrien, R. D. 10, Neenah, Wis. 

Otto H. Dux, R. D. 5, Box 89, Neillsville, Wis. 

Joseph Marx, Edgar, Wis. 

Leo W. Kruger, R. D. i, Randolph, Wis. 

John M. Fisher, 601 3rd Ave,, E., Ashland, Wis. 

Harry G. Bemis, 471 W. Wabash Ave., Winona, Minn. 

Louis H. Eisner, 343 W. 24th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 


William O. Setliffe, Capt., Charleston. 

Harlan Hildebrand, ist Lt., 203 Lincoln Ave., Streator. 

William H. Martin, 2d Lt., Cache. 

lames M. Crawford, Reg. Sup. Sgt., R. D. i, Moulton, 

William A. Dicus, Reg. Sup. Sgt., Streator. 

William C. Pfeiffer, Reg. Sup. Sgt., 3414 W. Ohio St., 

Andrew J. Williams, ist Sgt., Poplar Bluff, Mo. 

Frank C. Jordan, Sup. Sgt., 406 Buchanan St., Charles- 

James H. Colebourn (1), 6236 S. Halsted St., Chicago. 

Daniel D. Healy (i), 3132 W. Harrison St., Chicago. 

Anton Machek (i), 2751 S. Sawyer Ave., Chicago. 

Fred More, jr. (i), 1003 Monroe St., Charleston. 

George, E. Grohn, Mech., 1637 Clvbourn Ave., Chicago. 

William M. Carroll, Cook, 69 Middleburght St., Troy, 
N. Y. 

Richard A. Dale, Corp., 4232 Grand Blvd., Chicago. 

Benjamin H. Loomis, Cook, 2836 N. Ashland Ave., 

Peter P. Lemanski, Mech., 1105 4th Ave., Milwaukee, 

Tony Mirabrila, Mech., 2014 W. Huron St., Chicago. 

Fred J. Martin, Cook, Highgate, Vt. 

Arthur J. McCabe, Cook, 21 14 W. Huron St., Chicago. 

Joseph L. Robin, Cook, 1013 S. Ashland Ave., Chicago. 

Walter H. Weith, Cook, 2614 Walton St., Chicago. 

Joseph Zeman, Cook, 2408 S. Homan Ave., Chicago. 

Norman Dietz, Mess Sgt., 2433 Cortez St., Chicago. 

Robert L. Asher, Sgt., R. D. i, Crider, Ky. 

Roger Betti, Wag., Burley, Wis. 

Timothy O'Connor, Wag., 3029 W. Polk St., Chicago. 

Kenneth S. Rathbun, Wag., R. D. i. Box 61, Spring 
Valley, Minn. 

Anton Skofjanec, Wag., 2225 S. Wood St., Chicago. 

Thomas W. Brown, Wag., 2658 W. 22nd Place, Chi- 

George Aulert, Horseshoer, 845 N. Fairfield Ave.., Chi- 

John L. Haberkamp, 2237 Campbell Park, Chicago. 

George Olson, Wag., R. D. 8, Litchfield, Minn. 

Otto Case, Wag., 2456 W. Division St., Chicago. 

George T. Sampson, Wag., 3335 Beach Ave., Chicago. 

Peter Vandermeulen, Wag., 2226 W. 13th St., Chicago. 

John F. Gleason, 451 W. 38th St., Chicago. 

Albert Wickman, R. D. i. Box S4. Gransburg, Wis. 

George Griepke, Sad., 2513 W. Chicago Ave., Chicago 
John H. Hesser, Corp., 2038 W. Walton St., Chicago. 
John A. Karlovsky, Wag., 2238 S. Homan Ave., Chi- 
Arthur E. Guetschow, R. D. i. Box 63, Hayton, Wis 
Henry C. Murphy, 519 Root St., Chicago 
Vincent W. Rokosh, Wag., 2214 S. Albany Ave., Chi- 
Henry A. Johnson, R. D. i. Box 11, Rice, Minn. 
Harry H. Griepke, Wag., 2513 W. Chicago Ave,, Chi- 
John Tomiaszewski, Wag., 2019 W. Homer St., Chicago 
Edward Moravec, Wag., 1127 W. 17th St., Chicago 
George W. Denny, Wag., Box 22, Hewitt, Minn 
Amos Chambers, 2270 W. 37th St., Chicago. 
Andrew Zurek, Wag., 2033 N. Lincoln St., Chicago, 
l-rank J. Rudolph, Wag., 2932 S. Ridgeway Ave., Chi- 

I-eo H. Schaefer, Muscoda, Wis. 

David L^ughlin, Wag., 3000 Van Buren St., Chicago. 
Joseph Tibbetts, Corp., 413 N. Marshfield Ave., Chi- 

Elmer G O'Brien, Wag., 2414 Fillmore St., Chicago, 
l-rank Westerman, Wag., 2324 N. California Ave., Chi- 
Midhael J. Walsh, Wag., 1642 W. North Ave., Chicago 
Dennis H Hermansen, 4218 Thomas St., Chicago. 
A^?V,'- ^\ '\damski, R. D. 5, Box 12, Antigo, Wis. 
Willie A Hanson, R. D. 2, Box 118, Pine City, Minn 
Lester H. Lockman, 5913 Fulton St., Chicago. 
Joseph F. Matthews, Wag., 3126 W. Monroe St.. Chi- 
James P. Dunn, 3619 S. Rockwell St., Chicago 
Ernest R. Thielman, R. D. 3, Box loi, Antigo, Wis 
T"J°"T.r ^J'"^"^'"> ^'^S' 1751 W. 19th St., Chicago, 
feu McNamara, Wag., 2019 W. Ohio St., Chicago. 
Walter A. Glyda, Wag., 1610 W. 17th St., Chicago 
iv^'^L^^-, Brown, Wag., 765 7th St., Charleston. 
Michael J. King, Corp., 105 W. 117th St., Chicago. 
I- rank Danek, 2218 S. Sawyer Ave., Chicago 
John J. Dillon, Wag., 1822 W. Erie St., Chicago 
Ray E. Parr, 324 N. Fue St., Chicago. " 

Edward P. Joyce, R. D. 4, Box 73, Antigo, Wis 
Henry W. Decker, Gen. Del., Flint, Mich 
Paul M. Schultz, R. D. i. Brook Park, Minn 
Nick F. Goossens, Corp., 2137 W. Hastings St. Chi- 



Hans M. Syverud, Horseshoer, Winthrop Harbor. 

George McPartland, 432 Scott St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Raleigh Barber, R. D. 2, Box 58, Williamsfield. 

Walter A. McCabe, 125 Central Ave., Rochester, Minn. 

Michael J. Wolf, 205 N. 7th St., Austin, Minn. 

Tohn Lavander, Wag., Boyot, Wyo. 

Fred Schmaling, 610 Whitewater St., Whitewater, Wis. 

Patrick Heighfon, R. D. 3, Stanley, Wis. 

Miles H. Ward, 61 18 Colorado Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 

Tulius Brzezinski, Wag., 2123 Frankfort St., Chicago. 

William F. Conole, Sup. Sgt., 3929 W. Madison St., 

Chicago. . 

John P. Stefek, Sup. Sgt., 2329 S. Sawyer Ave., Chicago. 
Willard C. Chandler, Sup. Sgt., 2230 E. 40th St., 

Cleveland, Ohio. 
Leo Grabow, Wag., 2131 W. North Ave., Chicago. 
Thomas Payton, Wag., 2249 Logan Blvd., Chicago. 
Arthur J. Rice, 541 Beldon Ave., Chicago. 
William Burke, Wag., Cragen Police Sta., Chicago. 
Rudolph Thompson, Wag., 405 Barclay St., Milwaukee, 

Thomas J. Kelly, 3533 W. Fillmore, St., Chicago. 
Elmer J. Patzelt, Wag., 1448 W. isth St., Chicago. 
Roy A. Carstens, 1920 S. Spaulding Ave., Chicago. 
Edward E. Collins, Wag., 2530 Polk St., Chicago. 
Tony C. Carlson, Wag., Ke.rrick, Minn. 
Frank Rakowski, Wag., 1647 W. 17th St., Chicago. 
Clifford Stevens, Wag., Sichlerville, Wis. 
Otto Martinec, Wag., 1313 W. 19th St., Chicago. 
Diedrich F. Gereke, Wag., 841 N. Robey St., Chicago. 
George Mase, Wag., 30 N. Elizabeth St., Chicago. 
Clinton F. West, Gransburg, Wis. 
Louis Zentuk, Wag., Box 79, Mauston, Wis. 
William Clarkson, Corstairs, Alta, Canada. 
Timothy Flynn, Wag., 3051 Warren Ave., Chicago. 
James Marksberry, Wag., R. D. 2, Paw Paw. 
Thomas Kenny, Wag., 2820 Lowe Ave., Chicago. 
Oscar Bauknecht, R. D. 4, Antigo, Wis. 
William J. McMahon, Wag., 8445 Laflin St., Chicago. 
Herbert Molter, R. D. 5, Marshfield, Wis. 
Edward Wojtalewicz, Wag., 1730 i8th Place, Chicago. 
Gust Boettcher, R. D. 1, Antigo, Wis. 
Joseph Kuszewski, Wag., 1842 W. 17th St., Chicago. 

James A. O'Brien, Wag., 616 E. 34th St., Chicago. 
Alfred L. Barton, 3054 Lexington St., Chicago. 
Milton Cooper, R. D. 4, Box 168, West Allis, Wis. 
Edward W. Dexter, Lily, Wis. 

Andrew Meiche, Wag., 2453 Fillmore St., Chicago. 
James P. Martinec, Wag., 13 13 W. 19th St., Chicago. 
Tony Forchione, Wag., 2003 W. Huron St., Chicago. 
Charles Hardow, 1745 W. 14th Place, Chicago. 
Frank J. Klima, Wag., 1819 S. May St., Chicago. 
Frederick H. Hirt, 2215 4th St., N., Minneapolis, Minn. 
George T. Byrnes, Wag., 651 N. Western Ave., Chicago. 
Joseph A. Heider, Wag., 6610 S. May St., Chicago. 
Walter Laskowski, 1939 N. Winchester Ave., Chicago. 
James E. Campbell, 2755 Fulton St., Chicago. 
Jules Turner, care Grand Hotel, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 
Luigi Magurno, 710 N. Rockwell St., Chicago. 
Charles W. Hansen, R. D. 4, Box 45, West Allis, Wis. 
Edward Pinkonsly, 2529 Haddon Ave., Chicago. 
William G. Boiler, Wag., Gardenville, N. Y. 
Thomas A. Rutkowski, Wag., 1504 W. Jackson Blvd., 

August Granzig, Sad., 1623 S. Loeflfler Ct., Chicago. 
William J. Sharp, Wag.. 122 E. 43rd St., Chicago. 
Harold J. Malo, 1145 N. Keystone Ave., Chicago. 
Edward C. Aderman, Bismark, Mo. 

Monard G. Wheaton, 503 W. 6th St., Sioux City, Iowa. 
Carl M. Neisner, Wag., 2114 W. 23rd Place, Chicago. 
Floyd D. Long, Wag., 218 S. 4th St., Hannibal, Mo. 
Napoleon Babaeff, 151 1 N. Clark St., Chicago. 
Wilhelm Jacobs, 337 Park Ave., Enderlin, N. D. 
Hellmer T. Tillstrom, 1021 ist Ave., Rockford. 
Claude A. Worden, R. D. 2, Junction City, Wis. 
Zigmuntas Kiszkunas, 2125 W. 24th St., Chicago. 
Dome.nick Petronis, 916 Market St., DeKalb. 
William J. Schuh, 543 40th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Edwin W, Finger, R. D. 5, West Allis, Milwaukee, 

William J. Barrett, Sgt., 2253 Iowa St., Chicago. 
Henry W. Van Dyke, R. D. 2, Garfield, Minn. 
Leo J. Fisher, R. D. 3, Box 135, St. Joseph, Mo. 
Alvin Gray, R. D. 2, Moultrie, Ga. 
Starling J. Lisenby, Norwood, N. C. 
Charley Peterson, 6214 Cummings Ave., Superior, Wis. 

Attached Ordnance Personnel 

Christie Anderson, Sgt. (i), 15^9 W. Wilcox St., In- 
dianapolis, Ind. 
Joseph A. Kass, 3256 S. Hamilton Ave., Chicago. 
John W. Olson, Corp., Lemont. 
Bert Kay, 2301 Sth Ave., Terre Haute, Ind. 

Ignatz E. Zbylut (i), 2509 S. Albany Ave., Chicago. 

Eric Commer (i), 610 15th St., Charleston. 

George DeBeck, 244 W. 25th St., Chicago. 

Clarence A. Hoya, 939 Bartlett Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 


Thomas F. Harwood, Capt'., 901 E. Grove St., Bloom- 
ington. . 

Russell S. Re.ed, 2d Lt., 2700 Washington Ave., Cairo. 

Thomas H. Clarke, 2d Lt., 43So Lake Park Ave., Chi- 

Howard J. Frisbey, 2d Lt., 5223 S. Calumet Ave., Chi- 
cago. . 

Benjamin Szech, ist Sgt., 1907 Evergreen Ave., Chicago. 

Paul A. Zmudzinski, Sgt., 1621 Keenon St., Chicago. 

Joseph Lessner, 2137 N. Robey St., Chicago. 

Edward Kaplin, 1554 Girard St., Chicago. 

Hugh F. McGee, Foley, Minn. 

Frank J. Zdarsky (1), 1324 W. i8th Place, Chicago. 

Harvey O. DeBarr (i), 3450 W. Harrison St., Chicago. 

Samuel F. Kovsky, 230 Mt. Airy St., St. Paul, Minn. 

Toe R. Meyers, Corp., Box 236, Springfield. 

John E. Nosek, 1648 Washburn Ave., Chicago. 

Palmer E. Henderson, R. D. i, Ettrick, Wis. 

William A. Sherman, Merrillan, Wis. 

John P. Bennett (i), 1022 S. Fairfield Ave., Chicago. 

Stanley A. Holens, Bug., Elsworth, Pa. 

August J. Deau, 1672 24th St., Two Rivers, Wis. 

George J. Lucksinger, Brodhead, Wis. 

Paul P. Palubicki, Corp., 1361 N. Ashland Ave., Chi- 

John J. Higgins (i), 7134 Aberdeen St., Chicago. 

Aloysius Narlock, Sgt., 1340 Sloan St., Chicago. 

Roy H. Knox (i), Finley, Wis. 

Ben A. Marquardt, R. D. 2, Curtiss, Wis. 

Alfred Frost, Withee, Wis. 

Alfred L. Pederson, Box 227, Ettrick, Wis. 

Frank Bouzek (i), 2407 S. Spaulding Ave., Chicago. 

Joseph Woodworth, Black Rive,r Falls, Wis. 

Orlando C. Martin, Corp., Merrillan, Wis. 

Wesley C. Van Voorhees (i), R. D. i. Box 165, Marsh- 
field, Wis. 

Emil Solberg, Disco, Wis. 

Theodore Green (i), 1415 Grant Ave., Rockford. 

Walter W. Lipka (i), 1019 Cotton Place, Milwaukee, 

William Schuelke, Neillsville, Wis. 

John G. Henzel, 4153 W. Van Buren St., Chicago. 

Leo H. Zolper, R. D. 39, Mendota. 

Daniel I. Thomas, 2941 W. Monroe St., Chicago. 

William J. Hartford, Corp., 113 S. St. Louis Ave., 

Lester E. PofT, R. D. 2, Warren, Wis. 

Joseph Burzych, 1447 Elston Ave., Chicago. 

Samuel Zeizer (i), 1413 S. Ashland Ave., Chicago. 

Henry C. Pfeifer, 1633 N. Artesian Ave., Chicago. 

Herbert Gudert. 5281/2 Walker St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Leo Sagerer (i), 19 14 Lloyd St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Henry Vandermolen, Corp., 17 18 W. 14th St., Chicago. 

George D. Booras, Sulima, Trifyllias, Greece. 

Paul P. Brever, 987 nth Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Irwin N. Gilbert, Blair, Wis. 

Joseph F. Bejlovec, 3006 S. Turner Ave., Chicago. 

Henry W. Siefert, 141 1 Center St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

John T. Kramer, 1135 24th Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Harry A. Schoff (i), Kilbourn, Columbia, Wis. 

Frank J. Sesko (i), 1637 W. Blackhawk St., Chicago 

George H. Morden, 8846 Yale Ave., Chicago. 



I.ouis Oettel, Ashland, Wis. 

Ben Weina, 1126 S. i8th St., Manitowoc, Wis. 

Ralph Jacobson, 737 Washington St., N. E., Minneap- 
olis, Minn. 

Joseph L. Chrapkiewicz (i), 919 Sibly St., Grand 
Rapids, Mich. 

Paul J. Feasel (i), 5207 S. Laflin St., Chicago. 

Charles Lempe, 6503 S. Winchester Ave., Chicago. 

George M. McCallum, Corp., Hesperia, Mich. 

Joseph O. Hosch, 973 12th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Nick A. Hendricks, Sgt., 2531 N. Talman Ave., Chi- 

Richard O. Ciss, Sgt., Chesterton, Ind. 

Tom T. Kvam, 2023 Liberty St., LaCrosse, Wis. 

Walter L. Kurowski, 3046 E. 87th St., Chicago. 

George A. Lindgren (i), 1821 S. Fairfield Ave., Chicago. 

Edwin A. Ellison, 2349 Maryland Ave., Superior, Wis. 

Walter Rucks, 1527 N. Monticello Ave.. Chicago. 

Elmer G. Counsejl, R. D. i. Box 13, Neillsville, Wis. 

Vincent Golembski, Corp., 1139 Milwaukee Ave., Chi- 

Ervin J. Gruentzel, New London, Wis. 

George Arndt (i), 5718 S. Kimbark Ave., Chicago. 

.^dam A. Joppek, 1321 Dickson St., Chicago. 

Ralph C. Arnholt (i). East Aurora, N. Y. 

Joseph Gackowski, 1306 Holt St., Chicago. 

Willis R. Fisher, Attica, Kans. 

Joseph Pawelczak, Burdick, Ind. 

George R. Johnson, Corp., 845 N. California Ave., 

James E. Raymond, 4218 Prairie Ave., Chicago. 

Arthur J. Lennstrum (i), 3145 Princeton Ave., Chicago. 

Arnold F. Karsk (i), R. D. 2, Pecatonica. 

Edward J. Hermes, 413 Johnson St., Port Washington, 

William H. Kroening, 719 Layton Ave., Cudahy, Wis. 

Fred Hynd, R. D. i, Moline. 

Earnest A. Pothour, Corp., Platteville, Wis. 

Louis O. Grill, R. D. i, Rhinelander, Wis. 

Win F. Gerard, R. D. i. Friendship, Wis. 

Christian Maassen, Mondovi, Wis. 

Robert H. Conway, 5425 W. Walton St., Chicago. 

George Nissen, 249 i6th St., Milwauke.e, Wis. 

Mike Minga, 123 Howel Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

William O. Kuhns, Hanover. 

Chame T. Kishler, Corp., 407 S. Eddy St., Fort Scott, 

Frank Manikowski (i), 1444 W. Blackhawk St., Chi- 

Edward Cassidy (i), 31 16 S. Canal St., Chicago. 

Edward Hula, Box 278, Braidwood. 

Mathew Strozewski; 809 ist Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Emil Weigend, 1220 14th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

John F. Cholewczynski, 1347 Sloan St., Chicago. 

William L. Helberg, Box 351, Park Falls, Wis. 

Daniel J. Cuddigan (i), 2156 W. Chicago Ave., Chicago. 

Oscar Hansen, Sgt., 945 N. Hoyne Ave., Chicago. 

Anton Cerbin, Sgt., 2101 W. 19th St., Chicago. 

Max Kica, 800 London St., Kenosha, Wis. 

Thorvald Rasmussen, R. D. 2, Withee, Wis. 

Frank Maliszewski, 887 9th Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Joseph Lisinski, 1373 Breman St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
John F. Smith, R. D. 2, Hudson, Wis. 

Harry C. Knutson, Millston, Wis. 

Fred W. Bock, Corp., 830 Buffum St., Milwaukee,, Wis. 

John F. Mullaney, 512 E. Main St., Madison, Wis. 

Joseph A. Stauber, 4146 N. Irving Ave., Chicago. 

Alfred W. Kuhn (i), 108 N. Montgomery St., Port 
Washington, Wis. 

Edmund Murzynski, 806 3rd Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Frank R. Anderson (i), 2608 Crystal St., Chicago. 

Thomas J. Noonan, Corp., 1628 Fulton St., Chicago. 

Reuel Jamieson, R. D. 4, Antigo, Wis. 

Eugene J. Wolski (i), 1441 N. Ashland Ave., Chicago. 

Patrick Murray (i), Florence Hotel, Butte, Mont. 

Raymond Maves, Elburn. 

Hurles L. Kelley, Dana. 

Sydney Mocre, 3240 Hirsch St., Chicago. 

LeRoy C. Carlson, 4427 N. Artesian Ave., Chicago. 

Joseph F. Mtiszynski, Corp., 1335 Dickson St., Chicago. 

Alvie W. Smith (i), 526 N. Court St., Rockford. 

Edward Kieper (i), Gaastra, Mich. 

Reinhard P. Borck, Hokah, Minn. 

Frank L. Mead, R. D. 3, Almond, Wis. 

Joseph Kotlewski, R. D. 2, Stevens Point, Wis. 

Sherman J. Aderman, R. D. i, Gresham, Wis. 

Louis J. Albrecht, 1330 8th Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Joseph Graczyk, Corp., 1225 Holt St., Chicago. 

Cornelius Kazen, 11952 Perry Ave., Chicago. 

Paul A. Knitter, 11 25 N. Hoyne Ave., Chicago; 

Frank Lemanski (i), 1307 Dickson St., Chicago. 

Edgar Rabenhorst, R. D. 8, Watertown, Wis. 

Frank Hayes (i), 2013 S. Throop St., Chicago. 

Daniel J. Reilly, 1515 Dickson St., Chicago. 

Martin Donnelly, 1126 N. Mozart St., Chicago. 

Henry E. Landin (i), 3534 S. Robey St., Chicago. 

John Quillinan (i), 514 S. Sacramento Blvd., Chicago. 

Michael L. Brennan, Sgt., 2443 Washburne Ave., Chi- 

LeRoy Houdek, Sgt., care Sejement, Richmond, Iowa. 

Stanley Szatkowski (i), 1338 Wicker Park Ave., Chi- 

Louis J. Candra, ils., Braidwood. 

Frank Kierstein, Mech., 1732 W. 22nd St., Chicago. 

John I. Johnson, 323 6th Ave., S. E., Minneapolis, 

Stanley Kwiatkowski, Cook, 2157 N. Claremont St., 

Ignatious Dembowski, Cook, 1956 Evergreen Ave., Chi- 

George N. Garrett, Sgt., Lee, Mich. 

Anthony G. Agin, 1509 Washburn Ave., Chicago. 

August L. Hinze (i), 2033 North Ave., Chicago. 

Frank H. Bowe, R. D. 7, Box 72, Chippewa Falls, 

Walter Kreshefske, Little Suamico, Wis. 

Marion Syrek, Bug., 39 W. Prescott St., Portland, Ore. 

John C. Bammann, 964 19th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Walter A. Felsmg, Sad., 123 West Ave,., Waukesha, 

Andrew Cutler (i), 181 1 W. Division St., Chicago. 

George Amos, Mech., Riverview Terrace, Dedham, 

LeRoy S. Swansen, Mech., 732 N. Harding Ave., Chi- 

Raymond M. Larsen (1), 509 S. Campbell Ave., Chi- 

William J. Shamlsers, Cook, Kerastare, Greece. 

Saverio Calderone, 158 E. Kensington Ave., Chicago. 

David B. Egan (i), R. D. 3, New London, Wis. 

James Novak (i), 1820 S. Laflin St., Chicago. 

Joseph L. Hofmann, 5454 University Ave,., Chicago. 

Nicholas W. Schmeider, Cuba City, Wis. 

John P. Irvin, Jr., Sgt., 360 E. 65th St., Chicago.^ 

Nels E. Erickson, 327 Morgan St., Rockford. 

Nels E. Erickson, Blair, Wis. 

Jesse M. Haseltine, 327 Morgan St., Rockford. 

John M. Lane, R. D. i, Bingham Lake, Minn. 


Thomas L. Marshall, Maj., Charleston. Arthur W. Smith, Bn. Sgt. Maj., 3816 Park Ave.', 

Roger T. Schenck, ist Lt., Glasford. Chicago. 

George W. Catts, ist Lt., 416 W. John St., Webb Harvey Kreitzer, Sup. Sgt., 3625 Grenshaw St., Chi- 

City, Mo. cago. 

Clarence A. Nelis, 2d Lt., 412 Home Ave., Oak Park. 


Thomas G. Wade, Capt., 4353 Kenmore Ave., Chicago. 

Edgar A. Miller, 1st Lt., Pataskala, Ohio. 

Olaf A. Larsen, ist Lt., 4425 Dover St., Chicago. 

Stanley Bates, 2d Lt., Greene, Maine. 

Inman Padgett, 2d Lt., 812 State St., Albany, Ga. 

Bert W. Stubbert, 2d Lt., Clinton, Wis. 

Edward Smith, ist Sgt., 1627 Hastings St., Chicago. 

Thomas E. McCarthy, Sgt., 1632 W. 13th St., Chicago. 

Robert Barlang (i), R. D. i. Rock Island. 

Mathod Duchon, Mech., 143 1 W. 17th St., Chicago. 

Carl F. Garbrecht (1), R. D. 3, Peshtigo, Wis. 

Carl J. Hanson (i), R. D. i, Cadott, Wis. 

Alvin L. Matteson, Cook, 609 Pacific Ave., Morris, 

Hugh D. Campbell, Corp., Sussex, Wis. 
Walter L. Nelson (i), 226 4Sth St., Rock Island. 

1 84 


Clare.nce E. Frederickson, Mech., 2419 24th St., Rock 
Island. _ 

Isadore Glick, Bug., 3325 Grenshaw St., Chicago. 

Jacob Gordon, Cook, 1330 S. Troy St., Chicago. 

Frank A. Lipson, Bug., 4021 W. i6th St., Chicago. 

Louis Stroner, Cook, 1600 S. Fisk St., Chicago. 

John W. P. Thornton,' Mech., Stanley, Wis. 

Benjamin Pinkus, Mess Sgt., 1341 W. 14th St., Chicago. 

Matt W. Purchla, Sgt., 1073 Fry St., Chicago. 

Joseph Diederich (i), Chilton, Wis. 

Tra A. Boetcher, R. D. 2, Box 56, Fairchild, Wis. 

James A. Jensen, Box 11, Clinton, Wis. 

William Koch, Corp., i8ts Clark St., Manitowoc, Wis. 

Harry Fine, 501 Harris Trust Bldg., Chicago. 

Bertram Kinsell (i), 82 Ophir Road, Portsmouth, Eng- 

John Budnick, 1305 N. 8th St., Superior, Wis. 

Max O. Neitzel, R. D. 2, Loyal, Wis. 

Albin N. Lind, R. D. i, Foley, Minn. 

Alex W. Lindberg, R. D. i. Box 79, Ronneby, Minn. 

Peter Biddle, R. D. i, Tjorp, Wis. 

William Schmidtke, Corp., R. D. i, Granton, Wis. 

Edward Eineichner, R. D. i. Box 25, Glidden, Wis. 

Carl M. Seipt (i), Bradford. 

Adam Lewansowski, Gilman, Minn. 

Martin Borgrud, Box B, Evansville, Minn. 

Harold J. Janna (i), 863 Holton Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 

Charles J. Williams, Cayuga, Wis. 

Joseph S. Zientara (i), 8358 Burley Ave., Chicago. 

Jerry A. Vitek, Corp., 2644 S. Springfield Ave., Chicago. 

Charles W. Campbell, R. D. i, Marengo, Wis. 

William W. Grommes (i), R. D. i, Aurora. 

Frank Stachowski, R. D. 3, Ronneby, Minn. 

Louis T. Rajdl, R. D. s, Box 31, Alexandria, Minn. 

Harry Copperstein, 727 9th St., Rock Island. 

Hammon Brown (i), Montrose, Iowa. 

Leslie Perkins (i). R. D. 4, Maple Park. 

William J. Kehl, Corp., 1225 N. Maplewood Ave., Chi- 

John W. McBride, Wyoming. 

Carl A. Johnson, Boyer, Iowa. 

Theodore Riedel. R. D. 2, Box 6, Granton, Wis. 

Stanley Szulczewski, 1097 ist Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Joseph Nowick, 3133 Emerald Ave., Chicago. 

Joseph Jaeger, 3055 Millard Ave., Chicago. 

George J. Carlson (i). Box 187, Evansville, Minn. 

Julius F. Herman, Corp., 33 Golding Ave., Buffalo, 
N. Y. 

Jake P. Haas (i), R. D. 3, Neillsville, Wis. 

Ernest Augustin, Owen, Wis. 

Carl O. Engelbert, 108 S. Broadway, New Ulm, Minn. 

Mike Serockey, 512 N. Chestnut St., Bana. 

Nils M. Bjonstad, Menomonee St., Eau Claire, Wis. 

Camiel T. DeBaets (i), 258 Bay St., Superior, Wis, 

Earnie D. Peterson (i), 73 3rd Ave., Colfax, Wis. ' 

Gustav W. Sanow, Corp., 3019 S. Karlov Ave., Chicago. 

George Gollwitzer, 105 Ann St., Waukesha, Wis. 

Carl R. Schuchardt, 1202 Chandler St., Madison, Wis. 

Charle.s E. Hender, Corp., 204 E. 22nd St., Chicago. 

Chester Marsh, Box 63, Brewster, Minn. 

Barney J. Wojtynek, Sgt., 3217 N. Monticello Ave., 

George A. Suchy, Sgt., 1003 W. 19th St., Chicago. 

George J. Moran, Sgt., 224 W. 23rd Place, Chicago. 

Palrick McNamara (i), R. D. i, Cylon, Wis. 

James N. Eagan (i), R. D. i, Boulder. 

Carl O. Anderson (i), 608 N. Grove St., Chippewa 
Falls, Wis. 

Christian Ginkel, R. D. 2, Nicolet, Minn. 

Joseph A. Schmidt, R. D. 2, Box 76, Murdock, Minn. 

Frank E. Gould, Corp., Box 28, Poplar Grove. 

Clyde H. Coates (i), 923 loth St., Beloit, Wis. 

Arthur Schmoller, 1084 White Rock Ave., Waukesha, 

Urban U. Smith (i), Fennimore, Wis. 

Earl C. Nichols (i), 2035 4th St., Salem, Ore. 

Joseph Wachpwski, 1602 Madison St., Manitowoc, Wis. 

Carl A. Fabisch, R. D. 2, Box 17, Beaver Dam, Wis. 

Fred Schumacher, Kent, Minn. 

William C. Bryant, Corp., 400 Ave. B., Rock Falls. 

Arthur B. Scarseth, Galesville, Wis. 

Francis Johnson, 50 Chestnut St., Florence, Mass. 

Theodore Drott, R. D. 3, Butternut, Wis. 

Harvey L. Helgerson, R. D. i, Box 20. Brandon, Minn. 

Carl Halvorson (i), R. D. 3, 64, Garfield, Minn. 

Charles Dambach, R. D. i. Box 22, Ontario, Wis. 

John Danneman, R. D. i, Foulda, Minn. 

Exlward J. Menges, Corp., 2054 W. 22nd St., Chicago. 

Robert R. Neumann, R. D. 1, Box 96, Fairchild, Wis. 

Arthur Sorenson, Box 206, Candiyohi, Minn. 

John Kanberg, R. D. 4, Parkers Prairie, Minn. 

Oliver Westgaard, Kirkhoven, Minn. 

Richard Berglund, 429 Forest St., Eau Claire, Wis. 

Barney Kipka (i), R. D. 2, Foley, Minn. 

Frank Kelasch (i), R. D. 3, Box 30, Foley, Minn. 

William PfeifTer, Corp., 657 George Ave., Aurora. 

Artis F. Harmon, R. D. 7, Black River Falls, Wis. 

John W. Seeley (i), R. D. i, Geneva. 

Ernest Appelen, R. D. 2, Convy, Minn. 

Arthur W. Siems, 10 Kickapoo St., Freeport. 

John W. Sattizahn, R. D. 2, Tipton, Iowa. 

Malvin Gilbertson, R. D. i, Box 55, Black River Falls, 

Walter E. Wallen (i), Atwater, Minn. 
Frank J. Lesak, Corp., 2532 S. Hamlin Ave., Chicago. 
Ernest Halverson, R. D. 2, Taylor, Wis. 
Frank J. Hrunek, Dorchester, Wis. 
Edward Koepp, 990 Forest Home Ave., Milwaukee, 

Andrew Broda, R. D. 2, Ronnebv, Minn. 
James P. Vladyka, Corp., 3007 S. Trumbull Ave., Chi- 
Frank A. Gnacinski, 1349 Holt St., Chicago. 
Steve R. Vician, Corp., 1227 N. Marion Ct., Chicago. 
Tames L'lman, Sgt., 1703 W. 15th St., Chicago. 
Michael Bryne, Sgt., 1317 S. Harding Ave., Chicago. 
Milton Altschul, Sgt., 4617 Dover St., Chicago. 
David L. Carlson, 502 Banana Ave., Fergus Falls, 

Albert E. Olson, R. D. 4, Box 43, Osseo, Wis. 
Hilbert Steinhauer (i). Box 73, Walters, Minn. 
Paul Schutte (i), Illinois City. 

Tulius B. Johnson, R. D. 2, Box 38, Taylor, Wis. 
Edward Miller (i). Box 31, Sejita, Texas. 
Tulius E. Kleinschmidt, Corp., Box 63, Greenwood, Wis. 
Theodore Bornholt, Neillsville, Wis. 
Olcott Matfhew, Jr., 205 Main St., Joplin, Mo. 
Ray R. Anderson (i), Morse, Wis. 
Arthur F. Plaster (i), 421 W. Willard St., Stillwater, 

Carl O. T^indecrantz, 3215 Wilton Ave., Chicago. 
Arthur Christopherson, Sheldon, Wis. 
I^eonard Moe, Corp., Box 3, Ronneby, Minn. 
Tohn A. Johnson (i), 356 Hanover St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
William J. Vogt, 208 S. We,st St., Wheaton. 
Frank E. Mausolf, R. D. 2, Millston, Wis. 
Henry T. Ongstad, R. D. i, Pelican Rapids, Minn. 
I^eo Zimmerman (i), R. D. 4, Grove City, Minn. 
Bennie Schreiber (i), R. D. 2, Box 36, Sauk Rapids, 

Charles Lipinski, R. D. 2, Box 74, Foley, Minn. 
.Alfred Berggren, Corp., Box 84, Melby, Minn. 
Emil E. Finner (i). Dodge, Wis. 

August F. Raddatz (i), 1728 Georgia St., Oshkosh, Wis. 
John W. Geroux, 601 Water St., Eau Claire, Wis. 
Timothy K. Connors, 316 River St., Eau Claire, Wis. 
William Stynowski, R. D. 2, Box 75, Laney, Wis. 
August DeWaele (i), R. D. 2, Prophetstown. 
Russell H. Clepper (i), R. D. 2, Box 57, Rice, Minn. 
Charles Vanourek, Corp., 3024 S. Avers Ave., Chicago. 
Ambrose D. O'Neill, R. D. i, Kandiyohi, Minn. 
William F. Porter (i), 1145 Park St., Beaumont, Tex. F. Collins, R. D. 5, Benson, Minn. 
Andrew Gossman, R. D. 2, Canton, Minn. 
Ralph R. Lenser (i), R. D. 3, Milan. 
Heberle Lawrence, 2717 6th Ave., Rock Island. 
Theodore I. Grina, 1022 Park St. N., Fergus Falls, 

l^aul S. Courounis, Corp., i^Vz Vine St., Nashua, N. H. 
John Lezer (i), Sauk Rapids, Minn. 
Paul H. Albrecht, 393 Nassau St., Menasha, Wis. 
Homer C. Wilson (i), Box 67, Irene. 
James J. Walsh, 1322 Washburne Ave., Chicago. 
Olaf Ystad, R. D. 3, Greenwood, Wis. 
Peter Kussman, R. D. 2, Box 26, Ronneby, Minn. 
Edwin Brodaczynski, Corp., 1038 2nd Ave., Milwaukee, 

Harry G. Goocher, Cornell, Wis. 

Jacob T. Thomalia, R. D. 2, Box 88, Royalton, Minn. 
Stephen (i), R. D. i, Belvidere. 
Theodore Bergan, R. D. 5, Forest City, la. 
Karl Zarter, Corp., 711 15th St., Oshkosh, Wis. 
Joseph Sirinek, Sgt., 1913 S. Fisk St., Chicago. 
Hugo HenikofT, Sgt., 1531 W. 14th St., Chicago. 
John T. Ryan, 834 E. 45th St., Chicago. 
Henry Johnson, Pidgeon Falls, Wis. 



Edwin C. Wellner, R. D. i, Nauvoo. 

Paul W. Lange, R. D. i, Box 100, Fairchild, Wis. 

Richard DeDobbelaere (i), 423 7th St., Rock Island. 

Fred C. DeBoer. R. D. 2, Wyoming. 

Basil P Wall, Corp., 6634 Stewart Ave., Chicago. 

John P. Froehlich (1), R. D. i, I'nderhill, Wis. 

Charles Plock, 1005 Palmyra Ave., Dixon. 

Albert Hendrickson, R. D. 3, Box 48, Alma Center, 

Edwin M. Tidmarsh, R. D. 2, Lacon. 
Charlie V. Pepin, R. D. 4, Box 70, Chippewa Falls, 

Joseph Ekstrom, Box 25, Roscoe. 
Clarence Strutz, 410 Milwaukee St., White Wat"r, 

Edward Han?on, Corp., Sacred Heart, Minn. 
Rov Flood (i), R. D. 4, Box 56, Black River Falls, 

■ Wis. 
Paul E. Schuppert (i), 1113 ist Ave., E., Klispell. 

Oliver Trenfield, Darian, Wis. 
Oscar Helle, R. D. i, Ashby, Minn. 
Victor Westermeyer, Gen. Del., Shell L.ike, Wis. 
Harold Solem, 420 Lincoln Ave., W., Fergus Falls, 

Leo H. Terwilliger (i), R. D. i. Defiance, Iowa. 
Lawrence Murphy, Corp., 2733 8i/^ Ave., Rock Island. 
John Thomas, Jr. (i), 1513 W. 2nd St., Dixon. 
Pete H. Olson. 1828 Pierre St., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Luther W. -Alvine, R. D. 3, Worthington, Minnesota. 
Gust A. Johnson, Fairchild, Wis. 
Julian A. Hanson, Rio, Wis. 

John Feimer, care Presbyterian Hospital, Chicago. 
Walter H. Lasco, Genoa Junction, Wis. 
Albert LaPerriere, Corp., 800 Carney Blvd., Marinette, 

Albert N. Kraemer (i), 19 Carpenter St., Fond du Lac, 

Carl G. Lundin (i), R. D. 2, Box 54, Ronneby, Minn. 
Calvin A. Phippins, R. D. i, Arco, Alinn. 
Henry L. Chandler (i), R. D. 4, Mapleton, Minn. 
William H. Hegman, R. D. i, Grandy, Minn. 

Louis P. Berglund (i), R. D. 2. Box 43, Spicer, Minn. 

Henry Edie, R. D. i. Box 13, Hixton, Wis. 

George Preucil, Corp., 2652 S. Harding .\ve., Chicago. 

Victor F. Krejci, R. D. 1, Granton, Wis. 

Charles Claessens (i), Waverley, Minn. 

Axe] Nelson (i). R. D. i, Ronnebj', Minn. 

Emil Kopping, Kimbrae, Minn. 

Emery G. Johnson, R. D. 3, Box 48, Blair, Wis. 

Edward J. Qreeler, R. D. 4, Neillsville, Wis. 

George H. Parsons, 1902 New York Ave., Superior, 

Milton G. Challes, Corp., Morrisville, Mo. 
George W. Lundahl, Corp., 311 N. Longwood St., 

Claus Hawkinson, Sgt., 1633 Hastings St., Chicago. 
William H. Almon, 1107 12th Ave., North Birmingham, 

Rufus Arnold, R. D. s, Mt. Vernon. 
Ned L. Cleveland, 113 Garrison Ave., Battle Creek, 

Genoius Cole, R. D. i, Greendrick, Tenn. 
Stanley E. Curtis, Potasi, Mo. 
Russell S. DePugh. R. D. 7, Chillicothe, Ohio. 
Samuel George, Odenville, Ala. 
James C. Gibbs, R. D. 6, Mt. Sterling, Ky. 
Roy L. Graves, 624 E. IJorkitt St., Sheridan, Wyo. 
Fred J. Hagen, 14 18 Roscoa St., LaCrosse, Wis. 
Roily R. Heise, 1.19 N. Monroe -Ave., Co!umbus, Ohio. 
John E. Hopper, R. D. 4, Belle Rive. 
James H. Huffman, R. D. 2, Wyoming, Iowa. 
Louis Hymel, 2214 Havanna St., New Orleans, La. 
Murphy Jaconne, Meraux, La. 
Buford F. Leach, R. D. 3, Ennis, Texas. 
Herschel D. 1 egg, Charleston, Wash. 
Coy Lindsey, R. D. i. Layette, Ala. 
Edward Monroe, 1124 Eagle St., Terre Haute, Ind. 
Fred Moore, R. D. 4, Adamsville, Tenn. 
Victor Nelson, R. D. i, Cordova. 

James J. Pappas, Corp., 6303 Wentworth Ave., Chicago. 
Frank R. Ryan, 232 S. Wood St., Chicago. 
Thomas P. Hosty, 3743 Lowe Ave., Chicago. 
William E. Luther, Marshall, Wis. 


Walter T. Gable, Capt., 1017 S. Broadway, Leaven- 
worth, Kans. 

Lewis C. Cobb, ist Lt., 11 15 W. 2nd St., Waterloo, la. 

Henry L. Webster, 416 Clay St., Woodstock. 

Richard W. Courts, 2d Lt., 800 Peachtree St., Atlanta, 

Charles L. High, 2d Lt., Cushing, Okla. 

James Thompson, ist Sgt., Box 130, Mt. Olive. 

John H. Muth, Jr., Sup. Sgt., 21 10 W. 22nd Place, 

Joseph S. Heath (i), Taylor Ridge. 

Herbert L. Buschkopf, Mech., Juneau, Wis. 

George E. Leigh (1), Box 85, Akeley, Minn. 

William Rehn, Cook, 1653 LoefFler Court, Chicago. 

Oscar E. Berglund (i), i'386 Breda St., St. Paul, Minn. 

Hugo Kastner, Cook, 2301 W. 20th St., Chicago. 

John T. Ke.egan, Corp., 2501 17th Ave., S. ; address un- 

William Brunner (i), Hamilton St., Mobile, Ala. 

Elmer J. Winslow, Mech., Box 381 Bayfield, Wis. 

I eo J. Walczak, Bug., 2142 W. i8th Place, Chicago. 

John Rugh, Cook, R. D. 1, Coal Valley. 

Ben R. Domach, Bug., Amherst Junction, Wis. 

Julius Wekony, Cook, 4905 W. Eddy St., Chicago. 

Constant Michael, Mech., Pyrgos, Samos, Greece. 

Harry A. Sorvik, Mech., Lake Park, Minn. 

Walter C. Willert, Mess Sgt., 2234 W. 20th St., Chi- 

Ludvik Vanecek, Sgt., 1847 S. Ashland Ave., Chicago. 

.Alfred Manson, R. D. i, Clarissa, Minn. 

Harry Cree, R. D. i, Toulon. 

George H. Chase, R. D. i, Bancroft, Wis. 

Theodore Frederick (i), R. D. i, Box 26, Juneau, Wis. 

John E. Tollefson, R. D. i, Box 52, Disco, Wis. 

.Archie L. Johnston, Corp., R. D. 2, Taylor Ridge. 

Hans Crosby, 1227 E. 23rd St., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Martin J. Johnson (i), R. D. i. Box 33, Disco, Wis. 

Edward Borg, R. D. i, Brantwood, Wis. 

George G. Gardner, care Beckley Ralston Co., Chicago. 

Oscar E. Peterson, R. D., Niawa Route, Park Rapids, 

Harry R. Foster, Corp., Nevis, Minn. 

Ely A. Pollak, R. D. 3, Box 49, Bowerville. Minn. 
Albert Schwartz (i), 2550 Emerald Ave., Chicago. 
Jim J. Nomeland, Grygla, Minn. 
.Alfred Mattson (i), Nevis, Minn. 
Otto P. Morstead (i), Montreal, Wis. 
Ferdinand C. Poitraschke, R. D. 2, Windom, Minn. 
Herman Vogt (i), R. D. 3, Parkers Prairie, Minn. 
Walter A. Dreher, Corp., 1135 Lincoln St., Klamath 

Falls, Ore. 
Albert Jensen, R. D. 2, Box 44, Nevis, Minn. 
Julius J. Stueber (i), R. D. i. Box 3, Juneau, Wis. 
George J. Benski, R. D. 2, Box 4, Plover, Wis. 
Carl J. Erickson, R. D. i, LaPorte, Minn. 
Carl J. Nelson, 51 10 38th .Ave. S., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Fred W. Haehnel, R. D. i. Box 96, Sauk Rapids, Minn. 
George T. Piquette, R. D. i. Box 38, Bertha, Minn. 
Elmer A. Roessler, Corp., 568 Dayton Ave., St. Paul, 

Emiel F". Peters, Melrose, Wis. 
Bert Ness, 78 Mt. Airy St., St. Paul, Minn. 
Charley Slovick, R. D. i, Browerville, Minn. 
Martin Larson (i), R. D. 3, Box 37, Fertile, Mipn. 
Edward M. Pecham (i), R. D. 4, Box 64, Browerville, 

Enock Gapinski, R. D. 3, Box 53, Folev, Minn. 
Oscar K. Wagner, R. D. 4, Osseo, Wis. 
Emil E. Krajic, Corp., 2626 W. 21st St., Chicago. 
Otto Minke (i). Long Prairie, Minn. 
Edward J. Williams (i), 2484 N. Clark St., Chicago. 
John H. Anderson, R. D. i, Orion. 
Glen Andrews, R. D. 5, Madelia, Minn. 
Torsten Slind, Box 95, Rooosevelt, Minn. 
Edwin R. McDermott (i), 606 N. Main St., Urbana, O. 
George J. Robertson, Mahtomedi, Minn. 
Charlie P. Goerndt, Corp., Dolliver, Iowa. 
Vincent Ostroski, 1412 4th St. N. E., Minneapolis, 

Albert O. Stengrim (i), R. D. i, Stephen, Minn. 
Oscar L. Larson, 2728 Longfellow Ave., Minneapolis, 

Ole G. Moy, R. D. i. Box 49, Fosston, Minn. 
Raynar Nordin, Nabbled, Genestorp, Sweden. 



Charley O. Liggett, Bradford. 

Coin M. Hamilton (i), R. D. i, Box 50, Currie, Minn. 

Anthony Leising, Corp., 1206 Cherry St., Milwaukee, 

Harry J. Seeger, Box 88, South Stillwater, Minn. 
George R. Barlow, Sgt., 21 11 S. St. Louis Ave., Chi- 
Basil Bennett, Sgt., Dudley. 

George T. Brown (i), R. D. 4, Swanville, Minn. 
Clarence T. Olson (i), R. D. i, Kensington, Minn. 
Maynard Wangen, R. D. 2, Box 47, Bricelyn, Minn. 
Louis Coon, Reserve, Wis. 

William Hemmerich (i), "L" Box 11, Orago, Minn. 
John Hess, Corp., 3153 S. Kedvale Ave., Chicago. 
Herbert L. Kuhl, R. D. 4, Box 83, Gerieseo. 
Gerritt Gerritson, 109 E. Jefferson St., Waupun, Wis. 
Peter Bloome (i), Box 147, Annawan. 
Oscar Greenwoldt (1), R. "D. 2, Box 48, Bertha, Minn. 
Lester W. Patterson (i), R. D. 3, Melrose, Minn. 
Alvin C. Westrum (i), 1007 Dunham St., Albe.rt Lea, 

Eugene Thrasher, 805 W. Conat St., Portage, Wis. 
Filip Simunjak, Corp., 1824 S. Fisk St., Chicago. 
Gustave Robenhorst, Shawano, Wis. 
Andrew R. Olson, R. D. i, LaPorte, Minn. 
Emil B. Josephson, 3069 Restormel St., Duluth, Minn. 
Olie Jurgenson, 876 Cottage St., St. Paul, Minn. 
Richard W. Gruetzmacher (i), 578 Bowen St., Osh- 

kosh. Wis. 
Guy F. Paulson (i), R. D. 2, Box 17 A, Manahga, 

Minn. . 
Edwin G. Weum, Box 24, Flom, Minn. 
Lloyd R. Roach, Corp., R. D. 2, Woodhull. 
Mike Pappenfus, Oilman, Minn. 
David I. Peterson, R. D. 2, Garfield, Minn. 
DeForrest Johnson (i), R. D. 5, Valley City, N. D. 
Axel Olson, 205 ist St. N. E., St. Cloud, Minn. 
Edmond Gibeau, R. D. i. Box 43, Brooks, Minn. 
Charles Corbine, Odnah, Wis. 

Antonio Martini (i), 221 E. ii6th St., . Chicago. 
Harry C. Forbes, Corp., 5859 Normal Blvd., Chicago. 
John E. Adamski, R. D. 7, Box 50, Stevens Point, 

Fridtjof Otteson, R. D. i. Box 10, Wolverton, Minn. 
Hugo C. Langdon, R. D. 5, Box 107, Baraboo, Wis. 
Albion Swenson, R. D. i. Box 51, Fairchild, Wis. 
Oliver A. Olson, R. D. 6, Black River Falls, Wis. 
Otto C. Hagedorn, R. D. 3, Box 60, Fall Creek, Wis. 
Louis Wimmer, R. D. 3, Litchfield, Minn. 
Edwin E. Thiele, Corp., Caroline, Wis. 
Charles Mitchell, Burtrum, Minn. 
Lars Christenson, R. D. i. Grove City, Minn. 
Ralph T. Thompson, Corp., Virgin Ave., Plattev'ille, 

Tony Brahmer, Interwald, Wis. 
Ulrich Gertsch, 343 Hazel St., Oshkosh, Wis. 
Otto A. Johnson, 417 Myrtle St., Sparta, Wis. 
Herman Koehler, Cecil, Wis. 
Sedolph Skutley, R. D. 2, Sachterville, Wis. 
Richard M. Trant, Corp., 2812 Hillock Ave., Chicago. 
Fred Frensel, R. D. 3, Box 20 A, Medford, Wis. 
Charles Bures, Sgt., 1706 S. Fisk St., Chicago. 
William J. Anderson, Sgt., 2619 Crystal St., Chicago. 
August C. Sitz (i), R. D. 3, Park Rapids, Minn. 
Tames H. Williams, R. D. i, Cuba, Wis. 
Bernard Brown (i), R. D. 4, Swanville, Minn. 
Alvin L. Heyerdahl, R. D. 27, Beloit, Wis. 
Thorpas J. Bronder (i), R. D. 3, Browerville, Minn. 
Louis Rapatz, R. D. 4, Box 41, Browerville,, Wis. 
Norman Pfefferkorn, Corp., R. D. 5, Manitowoc, Wis. 
Alfred Maidl (i), 516 N. Broadway, New Ulm, Minn. 
Lloyd F. Johnson, R. D. 2, Box 68, Balaton, Minn. 
Bert G. Sams, R. D. i. Bertha, Minn. 
Carl A. Erickson, R. D. i. Box 24, Dancy, Wis. 
Abel Jones, Box 82, Cambria, Wis. 
Hugh F. Geibel (i), 640 Berlin St., Menasha, Wis. 
John Labeeuw, 14S 6th Ave., Moline. 
Elmer R. Miller, Corp., R. D. 3, Box 87, Geneseo. 
Norman W. Fay (i), 52 N. Long Ave., Chicago. 
Swan E. Hokanson, 503 E. Belvidere St., St. Paul, 

Ernest E. Bleifuss, R. D. i, Reeseville, Wis. 
Albert Waterphul, R. D. i, Fairchild, Wis. 
David Miller, 118 W. lofh St., St. Paul, Minn. 
Harvey P. Olson, Box 274, St. James, Minn. 
George Grunnert, R. D. 5, Box 7, New Ulm, Minn. 
Nels T. Rasmussen, Corp., 417 Caroline St., Nee,nah, 

Carl J. Englund (i), R. D. 7, Alexandria, Minn. 

Irving T. Hansen (i), 514 N. Front St., Crookston, 

Henry J. Buysec, R. D. 2, Atkinson. 

John Dickerson, 211 Washington Ave. N., Minneapolis, 

Harry Breitzman, Clifford, Wis. 

Melvin Hendrickson, 1520 Banks Ave., Superior, Wis. 

George Kolb, 1810 Green Bay St., LaCrosse, Wis. 

Jack King, Corp., 3810 38th Place, Chicago. ■ 

Frederick Sonnick, R. D. i, Gladstone, Minn. J 

Steve JJalija (i), 1024 W. 19th St., Chicago. i 

Edward Engberg, R. D. i. Box 19, Slay ton, Minn. 

Adolph Gertsch, 343 Hazel St., Oshkosh, Wis. 

George Hann, R. D. 1, Hewitt, Minn. 

Nels Refsdal, R. D. i, Hayward, Wis. 

Frederick Anderson, Box 135, Dassel, Minn. 

Adolph Taussig, Corp., 3661 S. Wood St., Chicago. 

Frank Fay (i), 1449 W. i6th St., Chicago. 

Fraiik McKe.ver, R. D. 5, Yorkville. 

Louis L. Larson, R. D. 3, Box 55, Kennedy, Minn. 

Henry H. Stader (i), 1308 Lloyd St., Milwaukee, 

Leon N. Robideaux, R. D. i. Grey Eagle, Minn. 

Joseph A. Zaffrann (i), 849 5th Ave., Milwauke.e, Wis. 

Zack Greenwood (1), R. D. i, Hooppole. 

Jacob Loewen, Corp., R. D. 4, Mountain Lake, Minn. 

Robert E. Edgerly, R. D. 4, Savicka, Minn. 

Eugene J. LaVoie, R. D. i, Clarissa, Minn. 

John S. Kazmierczak (i), 400 Madison St., Beaver 
Dam. Wis. 

Carl Bartlet (i), Goodrich Star Route, Medford, Wis. 

Paul E. Golling, Trochu, Alberta, Canada. 

George, Kunferman, 611 Babcock St., Eau Claire, Wis. 

Herman G. Koehler, 2418 gth St., Rock Island. 

Paul D. Madden, Corp., 1514 Prairie St., Milwaukee, 

Edward A. Leitzke, R. D. i. Box 37, Burnett Junc- 
tion, Wis. 

Henry J. Kessenich, Sgt., R. D. 3, Waunakee, Wis. 

Arthur Johnson, Sgt., 2025 W. 23rd St., Chicago. 

Richard M. Popp, Sgt., 1239 Scott St., Milwaukee, 

Arthur O. Meslo, 516 Pearl St., Yankton, S. D. 

Harry A. Fein, 822 9th St., Beloit, Wis. 

Richard H. Modrok, 422 Calumet St., Laurium, Mich. 

Edward J. Lauer, R. D. 4, Cambridge, Minn. 

James McMahon, 540 Niagar St., Eau Claire, Wis. 

Stanley Deleski (i), 21 14 Front St., East Ashland, 

Albe.rt Kotenberg, Corp., 127 Carrington St., Wau- 
pun, Wis. 

Oscar R. Johnson, 402 Mill St., Eau Claire, Wis. 

Fred Anderson, Hayward, Wis. 

John Frank, R. D. i. Box 56, Beaver Dam, Wis. 

Harrison Skeen (i), Nevis, Minn. 

Julius Johnson, R. D. i. Box 49, Bagley, Minn. 

Christ Madsen, 718 W. Hickory St., Stillwater, Minn. 

Emil A. Lueders (i), 2223 Vine St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Philip J. Larkin, Corp., R. D. 2, Whitewater, Wis. 

Paul C. Young, R. D. i, Box 21, Black River Falls, 

Walter Gaudynski, 726 9tli Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Arnold Brooks, Forest Junction, Wis. 

Ernest L. Meyer, 1836 W. 23rd St., Chicago. 

Peter Swenson, R. D. 2, Randall, Iowa. 

Aleck Molzof, Preston, Wis. 

Thomas W. Reese (i), Colona. 

Edward Ritter, Corp., R. D. 4, Sauk Center, Minn. 

William M. Long, Box 71, Stark. 

Werner Stauffenecker, Foley, Minn. 

Pasquale Fantetti, 1317 W. Taylor St., Chicago. 

James Melik, 910 Maxwell St., Chicago. 

Myrle Cook, Box 84, Park Rapids, Minn. , 

Peter R. Knobel, Altoona, Wis. ) 

John Romanowski (i), Krakow, Wis. 

"Otto A. Milnor, Corp., Mankato, Minn. 

Mike Kozitka (i), Berndale, Minn. 

August J. Dana (i), R. D. 2, PhiUips, Wis. 

August Favia (i), 109 Union St., Neenah, Wis. 

Herman Demi, R. D. 3, Medford, Wis. 

Kendall Stone, R. D. s, Balaton, Minn. 

Emil Komorusk, R. D. i. Box 118, Sauk Rapids, Minn. 

Lewis N. Mergan, 1610 Ohio Ave., Superior, Wis. 

Anton Cmolik, Corp., 3216 S. Lawndale Ave., Chicago. 

Gust G. Karameplas, 600 W. 120th St., Chicago. 

John A. Ramagnano, 1517 Gough St., Baltimore, Md, 

Valentine Ewald, R. D. 34, Campbellsport, Wis. 



f-ouis Lorenz (i), 2621 W. 20th St., Chicago. 

Gottfried Linderoth, 1538 E. State St., Rockford. 

Joseph Schneider (i), 1327 S. Washtenaw Ave., Chi- 

Edward A. Friedrich (i), 407 Lincoln Ave., Peoria. 

Charles Dittxich, Corp., 7432 S. Champlain Ave., Chi- 

George Dominik, Corp., 11 18 W. 17th St., Chicago. 

Joseph Maurer, Corp., Box 185, Sleepy Eye, Minn. 

Stanley Huggett, Corp., North Spring St., Beaver 
Dam, Wis. 

Joseph T. Durant, Corp., Wittenberg, Wis. 

Michael Krystyniak, Corp., 1809 W. 19th St., Chicago. 

Fred J. Carter, Sgt., 1544 N. Claremont Ave., Chicago. 

Fred Maloun, Sgt., 2014 S. Throop St., Chicago. 

Martin R. Bazar, Montgomery, Ala. 

William C. Beck, DuBois, Ind. 

Gurley Carter, R. D. i, Box 50, Fouke, Ark. 

William Engelke, 916 Gever Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 

Eric L. Fairchild, Brookhaven, Miss. 

Louis Knight, Geiger, Ala. 

Forrest F. Kess'inger, Quitman, Ark. 

James R. Martindale., Edmond, Kan. 

Sam Rothenberg, 120 S. 36th St., Omaha, Neb. 

Lee E. Smith, Creighton, Mo. 

Leonard Kelley, R. D. i, Grady, Ala. 

Willmer J. McCullom, Bluflfs. 


Frank Lee, 1st Lt., North St., Gosport, England. 

Ronald V. Rike, ist Lt., LeRoy. 

Ray K. Kelly, 2d Lt., 857 Ainslee St., Chicago. 

Paul A. Poock, 2d Lt., 49 Patterson St., Dayton, O. 

John H. Bisset, ist Sgt., 1055 Wilson Ave^, Chicago. 

Valentine H. Rauber, Sgt., 758 Clinton Ave. N., Roch- 
ester, N. Y. 

Benjamin J. Krone (i), 527 i6th Ave., Moline. 

Joseph Breit, Jr. Mec, R. D. 12, Caledonia, Wis. 

Frederick Davies (i). Box 213, Fox Lake, Wis. 

Walter Platek, Cook, Blue Island. 

Harry W. Geib (i), 1747 N. Fairfield Ave., Chicago. 

Charles W. Aniol, Cook, 1624 W. :8th St., Chicago. 

Charles R. Parrott, Corp., 2418 i8th St., Moline. 

Matthew Higgins (i), 513^^ 30th St., Rock Island. 

Henry L. Nagel, Mech., 1527 loth St., East Moline. 

John A. Czekan, Bug., 2049 W. i8th St., Chicago. 

Norris Cornfeld, Cook, 415 Pike St., Youngstown, O. 

John E. Bonin, Bug., R. D. 5, Manitowoc, Wis. 

John C. Sladek, Cook, 1735 W. 19th St., Chicago. 

Emil I. Gilbert, Mech., 407 Prescotte St., St. Paul, 

Herman T. Gustafson, Mech., 2614 4th Ave., Moline, 

Paul A. Stevens, Mess Sgt., 720 Jones St., San Fran 
cisco, Cal. 

Meyer Bernstein, Sgt., 1910 Washburne Ave., Chicago 

Clarence Hengels, Corp., 1519 S. Kildare Ave^, Chi 

Henry Van Eperen (i), 120 Viola St., St. Paul, Minn 

Ewald A. Kuester (1), 12 Center St., New Ulm, Hinn 

Melvin E. Brenhaug, R. D. 3, Cambridge, Wis. 

Martin Benson, R. D. 3, Elroy, Wis. 

Oscar C. Johnson (1), Rice Lake, Wis. 

Peter Borregard, Corp., Kilkenny, Minn. 

Orley B. Lorensen, R. D. i, Catawba, Wis. 

Clarence^ Brennan (1), R. D. 2, Fort Byron. 

Simon Bondur (i), 914 W. i8th St. Place, Chicago. 

William S. West (i), Ontario, Wis. 

Elmer C. Miller, R. D., i. Box 248, Moline. 

Samuel J. Arnold, Cheyenne, Wyo. 

Bert D. Rodewald, Toluca. 

Mordecai Rosenberg, Corp., 1237 S. Avers Ave., Chi- 

John L. Mcintosh, 2514 Bloomington Ave. S., Minne- 
apolis, Minn. 

Axel C. Nystrotn, 420 6th Ave. W., Duluth, Minn. 

Joseph Nietupski, R. D. 2, Box 62, Thorp, Wis. 

Gustave P. Levin, R. D. i. Box 84, Ogema, Wis. 

Alfa Staffenhagen (i), R. D. i, Akley, Minn. 

Robert C. Holtz, 1445 Oregon St., Oshkosh, Wis. 

Ben M. Liss, 701 Union St., Stevens Point, Wis. 

LeRoy W. Lundahl, Corp., 514% 20th St., Moline. 

Cyril J. Kreft, Athens, Wis. 

Paul Allard, Spring St., Chippewa Falls, Wis. 

George B. Coe, R. D. i. Port Byron. 

Henry A. Loock, 983 Oak St., Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Fred H. Stewart, Box 53, Hillsdale. 

Frank Nave (i), R. D. i. Box 228, Moline. 

Frank F. Heise, R. D. i, Kennan, Wis. 

William J. Klein, Corp., R. D. 2, Bern, Wis. 

Olaf Oberg (i), Neponset. 

RoUo L., 2516 4th Ave., Moline. 

Gideon Johnson (i), 19 Reeves St., Worcester, Mass. 

Mathias Griemann, 759 W. Minnehaha St., St. Paul, 

Otto F. Weinert, 467 Teaple St., Oshkosh, Wis. 

David G. Funkey, R. D. i, Box 11, Ogema, Wis. 

John Balackes, 1818 S. Halsted St., Chicago. 

William Schmidt, Corp., Lomira, Wis. 

Thomas O. Johnson (i), Grandview, Wis. 

Fred W. Jagow, Lomira, Wis. 

Ben B. Burnett (i), R. D. i, Spencer, Wis. 
Clarence E. McGuire, R. D. i, Richwood, Wis. 
Hilmar S. Henke (i), 1320 Holton St., I\Iilwaukee, 

Sam J. Finkle (i), 1446 S. Hamlin Ave., Chicago. 
Otto Popelier, Corp., 844 20th Ave., Moline. 
Paul A. Hirth (i), 2328 W. 20th St., Chicago. 
William C. Gotz, R. D. i, Auburndale, Wis. 
Joe, Hyde (i), 548 15th Ave., East Moline. 
John Dziedziak, 1612 Keenan St.. Chicago. 
Edward L. Rohrbeck, 1200 4th St., Oshkosh, Wis. 
Harvey Harrison (i), R. D. i. Box 30, Metropolis. 
Joseph Raddis, 1909 Glamm St., Racine, Wis. 
Herbert J. Niemann, Corp., 237 William St., Milwau- 
kee, Wis. 
Justin H. Follebout, Huntley, Mont. 
Charles J. Janda, Sgt., 1856 W. 17th St., Chicago. 
Benjamin Delaney, Sgt., 323 Foreman Ave., Lexington, 

Patrick J. Healy, Sgt., 737 S. Webster Ave., Chicago. 
Hulbert R. Holland, R. D. 3, Box 204, Memphis, Tenn. 
Felix Murz, R. D. 4, Thorp, Wis. 
Julius Groshek, R. D. i, Stevens Point, Wis. 
John W. Winter, R. D. i, Poysippi, Wis. 
George Schuttrol, 618 Engelmann St., Manistee, Mich. 
Frank A. Kummer, R. D. 6, Beaver Dam, Wis. 
John P. Gleason, Corp., 1733 E. 20th St., Chicago. 
Arthur A. Drager (i). Box 115, Gray Eagle, Minn. 
Cornelius W. Burk (i), S. Washington St., New Ulm, 

William Ziegenhagen, 846 5th Ave., Oshkosh, Wis. 
Harry B. Alexander, West McHenry. 
Kamiel Huys, 922 Kilbourn Ave., Rockford. 
DeLester B. Lee, Hampton. 

George A. Bowitz (i), 2619 W. 3rd St., Duluth, Minn. 
Harold J. Newton, Corp., Chase., British Columbia, 

Bert S. Ekstrand, 3211 43rd Ave. S., Minneapolis, 

Cecil Brastad, Exeland, Wis. 
Everett F. Holder (i), Nevada, Iowa. 
Victor Janowski, 12151 Lowe Ave., Chicago. 
John Sukanen, R. D. 1, Box i, Marengo, Wis. 
Benjamin Leukuma, 816 9th St. S., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Carl A. Jahnke, Corp., Geddis, Mich. 
Emil Norman (i), 230 Aurora Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 
August F. Heisa, R. D. i, Kennan, Wis. 
August A. Haase, R. D. 1, Bertha, Minn. 
Anton Nitka, R. D. i, Custer, Wis. 
Omer M. Demarek, R. D. i, Moline. 
John Hean, Catawba, Wis. 
Adiel Saejens, R. D. i, Moline. 

Clarence Dinse, Corp., 3218 W. Division St., Chicago. 
Arthur Declercq, 1923 jith St., Moline. 
Henry B. Crandell, 1911 Iowa Ave., Superior, Wis. 
Joseph Underbill (1), 2429 Hohn Ave., Superior, Wis. 
Edward W. Gust, Mayville, Wis. 

Paul S. Henkel, 589 Milwaukee St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
John Visser (i), R. D. 2, Waupun, Wis. 
Louis V. Sullivan, Corp., 92 S. Main, Fond du Lac, 

John Lewandowsky, R. D. 3, Sheboygan, Wis. 
Benjamin Sachau, R. D. 2, Fort Byron. 
Ainar J. Fredericksmose, R. D. 4, Granada, Minn. 
Roman Mariefke, 1419 Michigan Ave. S., Milwaukee, 

Peter C. Hansen, R. D. 7, Box 18, Fairmont, Minn. 
Arnold J. Traxel, Butternut, Wis. 
Alfred Martell, Box 107, Goodman, Wis. 
John Schrober, Corp., R. D. 2, Royal, Wis. 
Harry Mueller (i), R. D. i. Box 206, Moline. 



Thomas W. Murphy (i), Loyal, Wis. 
Walter R. Stell (i), 1307 S. Ashland Ave., Chicago. 
Tames W. Higgins, 3428 Leavitt St., Chicago. 
Harvey L. Miller, Mt. Morris. 

Walter F. Frohrib, 106 Frankfort St., Oshkosh, Wis. 
Paul Jankiewicz, Corp., 1023 Greenbush St., Milwau- 
kee, Wis. 
John Raser (i), 406 5th Ave., Rock Island. 
Albert H. Wolf, Sgt., Arnold, Wis. 
Hymen M. Kramer, Sgt., 1846 W. 12th St., Chicago. 
Fred G. Evans, Sgt., 3622 W. Harrison St., Chicago. 
Oscar L. Peterson, R. D. 2, Spe.ncer, Iowa. 
Roman Kendhammer, R. D. 2, Box 39, LaCrosse, Wis. 
Anton Helminiak, R. D. 6, Box 43, Stevens Point, 

Oscar Herrmann, Medford, Wis. 
Gunnar Nelson, R. D. 7, Westboro, Wis. 
Clyde D. Jacobson, Corp., R. D. 3, Taylor, Texas. 
Frank J. Soda (i), 754 Church St. N., Watertown, 

Maurice J. Kuzenski, R. D. i. Box 37, Stetsonville, 

Sigurd O. Olson, R. D. 3, Benridge, Minn. 
Louis C. Eder, R. D. i, Box 11, Glidden, Wis. 
Peter W. Carlson, Waite Park, Alinn. 
Albert B. Calsen, 11 16 W. 2nd St., Davenport. Iowa. 
Elmer Johnson, Corp., iii E. Locust St., DeKalb. 
Earling B. Daniels, Elks City, Ore. 
William Powell (i), 1404 Pleasant St., DeJ'Calb. 
Stanley Kozelek, R. D. i, Polonia, Wis. 
John H. Mannikko, Brantwood, Wis. 
Vincent Przybylski, R. D. 4, Thorp, Wis. 
Clarence Berglund (i), 149 5th Ave., Moline. 
Herman B. Maslowski, R. D. i. Box gi, Bolognia, 

John Waitkov/icz, Corp., 903 3rd Ave., Wausau, Wis. 
George Niedercorn, R. D. i, LaCrosse, Wis. 
John B. Theisen, Box 85, Cold Springs, Wis. 
Byron James Todd, Box 55, Hinckley. 
William C. Wegner, R. D. 2, Box 10, Bertha, Minn. 
Herbert T. Syring, 5423 Tracy Ave., Superior, Wis. 
Nick Kosobuski, R. D. i, Rosholt, Wis. 
Herman (i), 2042 E. 22nd Place, Chicago. 
Joseph Hoher, Corp., 2308 6th St. S., Minneapolis, 

Howard Glasser, R. D. 4, Mountain Lake, Minn. 
John Katrych (i). Box 155, Cornell, Wis. 
Aubrey M. Leeman, R. D. i, Edgar, Wis. 
Walter Keen, R. D. 11, Knowlton, Wis. 
Anton F. Bedermann (i), 692 8th Ave., Milwaukee, Wis 
Arthur O. Albertz, R. D. 5, Box 92, Watertown, Wis. 
Albert J. Willms, Corp., 700 2nd Ave., Rock Island. 
Elno Byron Sperry, Box 93, Truman, Minn. 
William H. Hofmann, R. D. 2, Box 40, Dorchester, 

Benny Kantarovitz, 729 9th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Alestin Verbeke, 524 7th St., Moline. 
Anthony F. Lukmin, R. D., Baxter, Mich. 
Andrew McCrea, 2345 Levitt St., Chicago. 
Albert S. Coe, Corp., R. D. i, Port Byron. 
William F. Staege (i), 512 Spruce St., Wausau, Wis. 
Frank F. Maday, R. D. 6, Fairmont, Minn. 
Alpheus Savage, R. D. i. Port Byron. 
Carl Wellcome (i), Sherburn, Minn. 
Hilmer A. Sather (i), 1838 E. 26th St., Minneapolis, 

William Russell (i). Fond du Lac, Wis. 
Erick W. Mattson, Corp., 615 W. Main St., Merrill, 

Jame,s R. Condon, 3533 Emerald Ave., Chicago. 
Paul K. Domrose, Sgt., 2443 Washburn Ave., Chicago. 

Richard llanrahan, 2154 Washburn Ave., Chicago. 
Albert C. Ilaake, Corp., 31 16 S. Racine Ave., Chicago. 
John Torp (i), ^37 N. Wa.shington St., St. Paul, 

Joseph F. Clossey, 501 Clark St., Reedsburg, Wis. 
Simon A. Schram, R. D. i. Box 82, Glidden, Wis. 
Bror A. Johnson, Salol, Minn. 
Charles W. Lembcke, R. D. i, Burtrum, Minn. 
John W. Johnson, Corp., R. D. i. Unity, Wis. 
Herbert Zimmermtnn (i), R. D. i, Ilelenville, Wis. 
Andrew Syryczyk, 173 Como Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 
I lewelyn J. Jones, Box 143, Cambria, Wis. 
He,nry H. Eder. R. D. i. Box 113, Glidden, Wis. 
Otto Pacourek, Rib Lake, Wis. 
Henry Sveom, R. D. 5, Brodhead, Wis. 
Gunder Beck, Ardeville, Wis. 
Elmer Shaw, Corp., Holcombe, Wis. 
August J. Gerhardt (i), R. D. i, East Moline. 
John H. Ducat, R. D. 3, Box 102, Lena, Wis. 
Dave R. Peterson (i), 132 19th St., East Moline. 
Henry J. Nelson (i), R. D. 2, I5ox 114, Braham, 

Mauritz Martinson (i), R. D. i, DeKalb. 
James Martin (i), Reserve, Wis. 
Thomas Zeman, R. D. 3, Box 8, Friendship, Wis. 
Henry Selno, Corp., Albany, Wis. 
William Whittaker, 1511 N. sth St., Superior, Wis. 
Gordon H. Knoll, 526 7th St., Oshkosh, Wis. 
Edward Spuck, 1945 D. 21st St., Chicago. 
Edward H. Willms (i), 1533 12th St., Rock Island. 
George Geyter, 1502 44th St., Rock Island. 
Peter Matekaites, 9)6 Locust St., DeKalb. 
Forest F. Smith, Corp., Nevis, Minn. 
Sam D. IMargolis (1), Box 540, Dewitt, Iowa. 
Walter W. Born, R. D. i, Box 2, Loganville, Wis. 
John Obereine.r, 2124 W. 20th St., Chicago. 
Julius Staerkel, 127 7th Ave., Oshkosh, Wis. 
David C. Peterson (i), R. D. 2, Box 65, Garfield, 

Carl A. Nelson (i), R. D. 2, Ogema, Wis. 
.\ntonio Marini, Corp., 272 Ellen St., Milwaukee, 

Reuben Hendrickson, 1629 loth St., Moline. 
Joseph P. Lamers, R. D. 2, Junction City, Wis. 
lames A. Irwin, 219 ist St. ^f., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Clyde Faulkner, Camp Douglas, Wis. 
John A. Alford, 1541 Dickson St., Chicago. 
Alfreda Montironi (i), Mondovi, Prov., Pesais, Italy. 
Harold Axford, R. D. 4, Truman, Minn. 
Toseph Brady, Corp., 3836 Lowe Ave., Chicago. 
John C. Przonocwki, 756 25th Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Michael Doomas (i), 2315 W. 24th St., Chicago. 
Frank Walsh (i), 64 E. Geranium St., St. Paul, Minn. 
Hjalmar Sikdola, Box 178, Brantwood, Wis. 
George T. Ivers, R. D. 25, Mayville, N. Y. 
Harry Fann, Corp., 1251 S. Sawyer Ave., Chicago. 
Leon T. Walkowicz, Sgt., 1743 W. 18th St., Chicago. 
Alfred Klippel, 975 loth St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Stanley Gixycki, 1642 Dickson St., Chicago. 
Paul A. Carlson, R. D. i, Welch, Minn. 
Nathan J. Nudelman, Hoquiam, Wash. 
William G. Tetzlaff, 1813 N. i6th St., Minneapolis, 

Frank I^. Phillips, 209 E. Hunter St., Atlanta, Ga. 
Laverne i)anielson, 1810 13th Ave. S., Minneapolis, 

Max D. llymnn, 210 High St., Elmira, N. Y. 
Felix James, Wapanucka, Okla. 
William Frentzen, 525 Union Place, Union, N. J. 
Harry J. lleyman, 71 i6th Ave., Newark, N. J. 


Russell E. Ilartman, ist Lt., Kilbovn"n, Wis. 

Guthrie G. Hillix, ist Lt., 2705 Lafayette St., St. 
Joseph, Mo. 

Lee B. Morey, ist Lt., 453 S. 5th St., Clinton, Ind. 

Henry C. Ra.smussen, 2d Lt., Tajile Grove. 

John A. Kornak, ist Sgt., 2635 W. 20th St., Chicago. 

Andrew P. Cribben, Sup. Sgt., 2720 W. i6th St., Chi- 

Michael F. Bertonz, 2059 W. 23rd St., Chicago. 

Bennie Christiansen, Mech., 3320 i6th Ave,. S., Minne- 
apolis, Minn. 

Hubert R. Hamp (i), 1145 39th St., Rock Island. 

Theodore Buchinger, Cook, 2658 W. i8th St., Chicago. 

William Marquart (i). Box 82, Randolph, Wis. 

Lawrence O. Boyle, Cook, 211 5 W. 21st Place, Chi- 

Edward J. Tomenendal, Corp., 2834 W. 21st St., Chi- 

Edward J. Naker (i), R. D. 5, West Allis, Wis. 

Anton Siiwa, Mech., 2629 W. 17th St., Chicago. 

William E. Kreig, Bug., 2715 W. isth Place, Chicago. 

Charles A. Ford, Cook, 5717 Maryland Ave., Chicago. 

Edmund Swiercz, Bug., 21 11 Marshall Blvd., Chicago. 

Einar Berg, Cook, 910 29th Ave. S., Minneapolis, 

Joseph R. Tobin, Mech., Potosi, Wis. 



John A. Wallin, Mech., 4631 Lundal Ave. N., Minne- 
apolis, Minn. 

.Albert Boiris, Mess Sgt., 2715 W. istli St., Chicago. 

Frank P. Knipper, Sgt., 6635 S. Winchester Ave., 

Glen O. Tohnston, Cass Lake, Minn. 

Theodore 'Gerdes <i), 718 nth St., Rock Island. 

Donald E. Fitzgibbon, 9 N. Hancock St., Madison, 

Carl Bakkestue.n, R. D. 4, Mox 71, Westby, Wis. 

Oscar R. Kjos, Greenbush, Minn. 

Tames W. Plumb, R. 13, 9, Box 22. Avalon, Wis. 

.\xel II. Carlson, Corp., R. D. 3, Janesville, Wis. 

Honore.Vande Walle (1), Moline. 

Frank M. Grove, 621 N. Pearl St., Janesville, Wis. 

Earl L. Josselyn, R. D. i, Box 33, Bornum, Wis. 

Alexander D. Lang (i), 4327 S. Albany Ave., Chicago. 

Frank W. Skilling, Box 36, Bancroft, Wis. 

Thomas C. Zieloski, 1813 Elizabeth St., Menomonee, 

Otto J. Crawford (1), Prairie du Chien, Wis. 

Ferris M. Rea, Corp., 1021 Lake .'\ve,, Detroit, Minn. 

Frank Ladzinski, 2057 W. 23rd St., Chicago. 

Arnold R. Timm, R. D. 2, Box 23, Butternut, Wis. 

Joe W. Ramshick, R. D. 3, Box 8, Stevens Point, 

Clarence H. Richards (i), LaValle, Wis. 

Nick Stroik, R. D. i, Stevens Point, Wis. 

Alvah O. Elliott, Mescada, Wis. 

Joseph H. Evers, Corp., R. D. 9, Box 52, Little Chute, 

Arthur L. Vandoren (1), Farmington, Minn. 

Max Treml (i), 1000 Morrison St., Appleton, Wis. 

Karl O. Lindquist, R. D. i. Box 81, Mellen, Wis. 

Herbert Oliver (i), 715 Diversey Parkway, Chicago. 

Ted Lawver, R. D. 3, Box 41, Butternut, Wis. 

Hilmer E. Anderson (i), Box 35, Denham, Minn. 

Joseph C. Davis, 4614 Stephenson St., Freeport. 

John Kane, Corp., 2321 Arthington St., Chicago. 

Charlie F. Bahls, R. D. 3, Box 51, Ne.w York Mills, 

Stephen F. Szczesny, R. D. 3, Stevens Point, Wis. 

Ferdinand A. Jansen, R. D. 2, Elk River, Minn. 

Joseph McMillen, Wyoming. 

.'\rthur J. Remy (i), 1216 N. 17th St., Sheboygan, 

Thomas Katsulas, 2152 W. 22nd St., Chicago. 

John C. Schmidt, R. D. i, Ogema, Wis. 

Walter L. Montain, Corp., 2008 3rd Ave. S., Minne- 
apolis, Minn. 

John P. Sopcak (i), 4334 S Marshfield Ave., Chicago. 

Elmer Haglin (i), R. D. i. Box 24, Groningen, Minn. 

Joseph A. Soller, 1737 Pine St., LaCrosse. Wis. 

George Maier, Cross Plains, Wis. 

Samuel Danielson, Miland. 

Nicholas Golata, 20th & Marshall Sts., Manitowoc, 

Albert F. Blocklinger, 919 slh Ave., Rock Island. 

Joseph M. Wise, Corp., 2748 Oakland Ave. S., Minne- 
apolis, Minn. 

Edward .-\. Wilke, Corp., 646 Carpenter St., Milwau- 
kee, Wis. 

Clarence F. Cassady, R. D. 31, Box 14, Beloit, Wis. 

Frank Danelski, Box 73, Sturgeon Lake, Minn. 

Oscar Glover, Corp., Stewartville, Minn. 

.Arvid G. Johnson (i), R. D. 3, Gowrie, Iowa. 

Jerome McCarty, Sgt., l?ox 156, Minong, Wis. 

Morris Meyer, Sgt., 3134 W. 15th St., Chicago. 

Jacob Rolhstein, 65414 7th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Fred Bassler, Plainfield, Wis. 

Clarence R. Johnson (i), 13 12 Home Place, Rockford. 

Gus A. Wasserman, Medford, Wis. 

Anton Rathman, R. D. 3, Butterfield, Minn. 

John G. Schmidt, R. D. 3, Box 22, Phillips, Wis. 

Gotlieb Fladlein, Corp., 914 Pine St., LaCrosse, Wis. 

Harry W. Gordee (i), R. D. 2, Browntown, Wis. 

Peter Schinker, R. D. i. Box 55, Rib Lake, Wis. 

Olof Oakland, Manitou St., Northfield, Minn. 

Herbert Cramblit, 419 E. 2nd St., .Ashland, Wis. 

Harry C. Kemmer (i), 10 E. 103rd Place, Chicago. 

Elmer Champion, Raton, N. M. 

Theodore J. Cichy, 1317 Morrman .St., Chicago. 

Louis C. Rliode (i), R. D. 1, Box 68, Coleman, Wis. 

George. Zahn (i), Hoflfman House, Port Washington, 

Leonard C. Wiemer (i), Box 178, Waterford, Wis. 

Victor J. Pliska (i), R. D. 3, Stevens Point, Wis. 

Herman Klalt, 303 E. Churchill St., Stillwater, Minn. 

.\nton Tomazewski, Polonia, Wis. 

Harry H. Siff (i), 4915 Chaplain Ave., Chicago. 

Arthur O. Boxeth, Corp., 2901 2nd Ave. S., Minne- 
apolis, Minn. 

Clifton Bales, Mt. Horeb, Wis. 

John T. Damgaard, Box 1115, Trufont, Mich. 

Bernard Knutson, 206 Bellingus St., Eau Claire, Wis. 

Charles Werick, Manchester, N. H. 

Adolph Virum, care Week's Camp, Dancy, Wis. 

Roy E. Gustafson, Corp., 12 12 6th St., Rockford. 

Edwin R. Timm (i), R. R. 2, Box 23, Butternut, Wis. 

.-\lvin Olson (i), R. D. 9, Box 51, Franksville, Wis. 

Herman .Anderson (i), Shararrd. 

Carl J. Thorson, 1940 Railroad St., Madison, Wis. 

Albert E. Wargin, R. D. i. Box loi, Duluth, Minn. 

.Alex H. Scheidt, 919 LaFollette Ave., Madison, Wis. 

Walter H. Zemke, Corp., 2752 W. 43rd St., Chicago. 

.Marion Woodhouse, looi State St., LaCrosse,, Wis. 

George W. Dahl, R. D. i. Pine City, -Minn. 

Martin B. Fjar, 513 4th Ave., Two Harbors, Minn. 

Oscar VanGheluwe (i), 1404 17th Ave., Moline. 

Arthur L. Johnson (i), Mcintosh, Minn. 

William J. IBrandt, R. D. i, Box 20, Louisberg, Wis. 

Scott W. Dysart, Milroy, Minn. 

Sam Trachtenbarg, Corp., 322 3rd Ave., Moline. 

Nickolas Schumacher, St. Alichaels, . Minn. 

Fred J. Rose, Corp., Grafton, Wis. 

Albert H. Stahrke, Dover Star Route, Phillips, Wis. 

Gionni Battaglia, 531 N. Carpenter St., Chicago. 

Ole L. Ford (i). Box 65, Slayton, Minn. 

Robert J. Grogan, St. James, Minn. 

Fritz O. Christensen, Corp., 1016 9th St., Racine, Wis. 

Edward Bowen, 917 Swift Ave., Sheboygan, Wis. 

Claude C. Hanna, Sgt., 316 N. Johnson St., Macomb. 

Louis Jacobson, Sgt., 1903 S. Sawyer Ave., Chicago. 

Toseph Scheck, Sgt., 2829 Princeton Ave., Chicago. 

Mike Drusots. 68 N. 3rd St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Joseph Sharafiniski, R. D. i, Steve,ns Point, Wis. 

Alexander J. Vitktora, Box 28, Muscoda, Wis. 

Anton Marek, 2336 S. Sawyer Ave., Chicago. 

Simon Shulist, R. D. i. Box 52, Polonia, Wis. 

Paul P. Shilka, R. D. 3, Box 35, Stevens Point, Wis. 

Frank Cechner, Corp.', 21 16 Hastings St., Chicago. 

Jacob Stachura, R. D. i, Knowlton, Wis. 

Charles F. Ziegler, R. D. 2, Port Byron. 

Felix F. Przyblski, R. D. i. Box 57, Dancy, Wis. 

Emil S. Stenson, R. D. i, Roshalt, Wis. 

Dempsey C. Wells, R. D. 2, Hillsdale. 

Charles J. Osterholm, R. D. 2, Bassle, Minn. 

Homer C. Allgood, Corp., Box 36, Rock Creek, Minn. 

Oscar Parlow (i), 822 loth St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

-Anthony D. Panushes, 767 E. 39th St., Chicago. 

Henry J. Schaub, R. D. i, Catawba, Wis. 

Edward C. Carlson, 1428 43rd St., Rock Island. 

Philemon Buysse, R. D. i, Box 24, Jasper, Minn. 

Francis T. Reilly (i), C. Chestnut St., Plattville, Wis. 

Harold B. Clark, Corp., 13 12 S. Park Ave., Mead- 
ville. Pa. 

Joseph P. Schlagel, R. D. i, Lester Prairie, Minn. 

William A. Marten, R. D. 2, Box 119, Jefferson, Wis. 

Walter J. Jurgensen, Jasper, Minn. 

Frederick Schoenwetter, Resseville, Wis. 

William A. Gutzwiller (i), R. D. i, Albertville, Minn. 

James A. McGinn, R. D., Wyoming. 

Edward F. Konopacke, 831 Ellis St., Stevens Point, 

Alonzo L. Martin, Corp., 3322 F"remont Ave. N., Minne- 
apolis, Minn. 

Leslie A. Willard (i), R. D. i. Box 348, Moline. 

Harry L. Hamilton, R. D. 2, Pecatonica. 

Elmer O. Breiland (1), R. D. i, Bruno, Minn. 

Frank W. Zakrezewski, R. D. 2, Thorp, Wis. 

Joseph _R. Selatore, Ferdina, Rome, Italy. 

James F. Stotmeister (i). Box 32, Burston. 

Harry E. Oberley, Corp., 674 Edwards St., Kenosha. 

George Teel (i), 27th St. & isth Ave., Moline. 

Joseph A. Lenski (i), 3139 N. Bernard St., Chicago. 

Charles E. Mischler, R. D. 4, Medford, Wis. 

Frank P. Wittock, 643 15th Ave. E., Moline. 

Dionysios Sokas (1), Tzorvantz, Olympas, Greece. 

Remi VanLerberghe, 801 17th Ave., Moline, 

Jesse C. Forncrook, Motor Route A, Hinckley, Minn. 

George A. Hering, Corp., 336 W. 43rd St., Chicago. 

Vitil J. Chandoir (i), R. D. 2, Sawyer, Wis. 

Fred L. Guhl, Jr. Corp., 5935 S. Maplewood Ave., 

Charles A. Zvibus, 3033 W. 34th Place, Chicago. 



Carl A. Carlson (i), R. D. 2, Box 21, Moose Lake, 

Frank W. Cle.r, Box 292, N. Milwaukee, Wis. 

Gilbert A. Johnson, Corp., 810 loth St., Rockford. 

Henry Slotsve (i), R. D. 2, Ashby, Minn. 

Joseph D. Claus, Sgt., 1300 S. Troy St., Chicago. 

Frank Jando, Sgt., 2:31 S. Albany Ave., Chicago. 

Harvey Rechnitzer, Sgt., 5655 Michigan Ave., Chicago. 

Glen Blunt (i), Milan. 

Thomas J. Strieker, R. D. i, Otisco, Ind. 

Anton Gornick, Box 1206, Soudan, Minn. 

Clarence Olson (i), R. D. 3, Box 4, Elbow Lake, 

Paul H. Nowacki (i), 48 Center St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Fred Peche, Interwald, Wis. 

John E. Werner, Corp., 1814 nth Ave. S., Minne- 
apolis, Minn. 

Anton J. Pudzimiz, 4601 S. Paulina St., Chicago. 

Helmuth L. Dickau, 1630 S. 12th St., Sheboygan, Wis. 

Melvin A. Levy, Contl. & Com. Bank Bldg., Chicago. 

Alvin P. Krosemann, 2214 Chadbourne Ave., Madi- 
son, Wis. 

OHver S. Krebs, 1288 Huron St., Berlin, Wis. 

Albert Thierbach, Curtis, Wis. 

Charles Manser, 113 W. Milwaukee St., Janesville, 

John L. Davy, Corp., 2404 Garfield S., Minneapolis, 

Fred Campbell (1), 1209 Shawno Ave., Green Bay, 

John J. Frey, Henry. 

Frank J. Wilcenski, R. D. 4, Thorp, Wis. 

Daniel E. Richtmyre, R. D. i, Box 88, Bancroft, Wis. 

Charles Elke (i), 3149 Brood St., Chicago. 

Homer Miller, 509 Indian Terrace, Rockford. 

William W. Farkas, Corp., 552 W. 43rd St., Chicago. 

William P. Phillips, 321 Illinois Ave., Stevens Point, 

Nicola Testolin, Luga, Italy. 

William A. Sager, R. D. i, Kennan, Wis. 

John Giefer (i), 1124 N. 10th St., Sheboygan, Wis. 

Howard Dow (i), Box 120, Barnum, Minn. 

Edward Schultz (i), 1816 N. loth St., Sheboygan, Wis. 

Maurice DeSmet (i), 518 9th Ave., Rock Island. 

Clyde J. Remo, Corp., 406 Dahl St. E., Rhinelander, 

Ambrose HofTman, R. D. i, Hinckley, Minn. 

Nathan Troia, 634 Milton St., Madison, Wis. 

George Hanestad (i). Badger, Minn. 

Gunnar J. Ekblom, I?ox 121, Verde, Minn. 

Joseph Kloskowski, 305 i6th Ave. N., St. Cloud, Minn. 

Adolph Stabler, Jr., R. D. 4, Baraboo, Wis. 

William Hickey (i), 600 E. loth St., Muscatine, la. 

William Charles, 1904 3rd Ave., Rock Island. 

Bruce E. Beyer, Corp., 2423 Spruce St., Philadelphia, 

Albert M. Cholke (i), 1303 Jackson St., Rockford. 

John Lyons (i), 29141^ 5th ■ Ave., Rock Island. 

Edward W. Cleator, Charleston, Wash. 

Paul J. Schillinger, R. D. 2, Cold Valle. 

Bernard Sroka, 5019 S. Ada St., Chicago. 

Edwin W. Naumann, 1130 Ontario Ave., Sheboygan, 

Israel Fieldman, Corp., 314 Central Ave., Duluth, Minn. 

William E. Claflfy (i). Port Lyden, N. Y. 

Thomas O'Connor (i), 204 Glencoe St., St. Paul, Minn. 

Charles S. Hoffman, Lancaster, Wis. 

Thomas F. Rafery, Black Lake, Idaho. 

Louis J. Polivka (i), R. D. i. Box 87, Whitelaw, 

John Sarachiotes, 834 Indian Ave., Sheboygan, Wis. 

Herman Young, Corp., 920 W. State St., Chicago. 

Hugo W. Ideler, Corp., 3153 Ogden Ave., Chicago. 

John W. Bruhl, Sgt., 2102 W. 19th St., Chicago. 

Fred L. Greenberg, Sgt., 2143 N. Keystone Ave., Chi- 

Walter S. Carlton, 5335 Calumet Ave., Chicago. 

William A. Kavert, 3323 S. Artesian Ave., Chicago. 

Roy E. Kelsey, R. D. i, Faribault, Minn. 

John R. Kleeman, 2350 W. Lake St., Chicago. 

Alvin P. Marsh, 3603 Park Hill Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Eugene McCarthy, 1924 Trumbull Ave., Chicago. 

Harry G. Molm, Morristown, Minn. 

Donald A. Moore, 536 N. Hamlin Ave., Chicago. 

Thomas J. O'Neil, 675 Mineral St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Andrew Secher, Fennimore, Wis. 

Elroy J. VanHoek, R. D. i. Coal Valley. 

Martin L. Waldo, 615 Lowell Blvd., Denver, Colo. 

Frank D. Zelewski, Box 4, R. D. 6, Ste.vens Point, 

Walter J. Seek, 102 W. Buffalo St., Richmond, Mo. 


Neil P. Beall, Capt., Ben Lomond, W. Va. Arthur Shiverick, ist Lt., 1310 Madison Park, Chicago. 


Alanson Follansbee, Capt., 127 S. LaSalle St., Chicago. 

Herbert W. Read, ist Lt., 208 W. Main St., Kala- 
mazoo, Mich. 

Pobert Stary, ist Sgt., 2308 S. Homan Ave., Chicago. 

Joseph F. Bonek, Sup. Sgt., 2500 S. Clifton Park 
Ave., Chicago. 

William Mueller (i), 2909 Parnell Ave., Chicago. 

Peter C. Damrath, Mech., 2535 S. Whipple St., Chi- 

John Sublesky (i), 2638 W. 23rd Place, Chicago. 

Anton Svejkovsky, Cook, 2858 S. Hamlin Ave., Chi- 

Elmer J. Diedrich (i), 1316 Santee Ave., I-os Angeles, 

James W. Kus, Sgt., 2443 S. Millard Ave., Chicago. 

Kenneth M. Farley (t), La Grange.. 

Charles Lejcar, Mech., 2632 S. Troy St., Chicago. 

Walter Szdlowski, Bug., 261 1 W. 22nd St., Chicago. 

Josepli Vojdik, Cook, 3201 S. Harding Ave., Chicago. 

Joseph Koliha, Bug., 2756 S. Clifton Park Ave., Chi- 

Joseph J. Drabek, Cook, 469 W. 31st St., Chicago. 

Frank LaCoursiere, Mech., Gen. Del., Red Lake Falls, 

Joseph E. Pommerich, Mech., 34 S. Bell St., Fond du 
Lac, Wis. 

Rudolph Broch, Mess Sgt., 2710 Trumbull Ave., Chi- 

Joseph Karel, Sgt., 2439 S. Troy St,., Chicago. 

Fred J. Hanson, 1324 Woodruff Ave., Rockford. 

Anton W. Goszinski, Ripon, Wis. 

Gust A. Osberg, 1020 i8th Ave., Rockford. 

Alfred B. Solberg, R. D. 3, Box 6, Duluth, Minn. 

Charles J. Schreiber, Ladysmith, Wis. 

Joseph J. Strnad, Corp., 2429 S. Avers Ave., Chicago. 

William H. Kellogg, Lanse, Mich. 

Thomas Leaman, 23 11 Bloomington Ave., Minneapolis, 

Gullick H. Springen, R. D. 28, Box 57, Beloit. Wis. 
Albert B. Wold, Corp., 21 12 W. Huron St., Chicago. 
Joseph F. Hart, 97 nth St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Harry Dick, Corp., 2029 W. Polk St., Chicago. 
Theodore J. Inflat, R. D. 3, Box 62, Rice Lake, Wis. 
George O. Nelson, 525^/^ 64th Ave., West AUis, Wis. 
Carl S. Flink, R. D. i. Box 2, Unity, Wis. 
Otto L. Drescher, R. D. 2, Granton, Wis. 
Alfred W. Blixt, Corp., 800 40th Ave., Columbia 

Height, Minn. 
John V. Nilen, 1622 Oak Ave., Rockford. 
Romain Brunett, R. D. 3, Box 32, Thorpe. Wis. 
Hjalmer Swanson, St. Jernhult, Sundholm, Sweden. 
John Sanders, Burtin, Wis. 
George Frei, Jr., R. D. 2, Route, Wis. 
Arthur W. Wenborg, R. D. i. Sturgeon Lake, Minn. 
Raymond B. Zeiher, R. D. 3, Henderson, Minn. 
William C. Manthei, Corp., R. D. 2, Box 13, Danube, 

Flven Husebo, Box 417, Madison, Minn. 
William H. Krueger, 11 12 University Place, Beaver 

Dam, Wis. 
Frank R. Mokelke, 745 Grove St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Waslo Borakowski, 3326 S. Halste.d St., Chicago. 
Nicholas Rodes, Box 34, Orient. 
Knute S. Johnson, Deby, Sparreholm, Sweden. 
Christ Ivan, R. D. i, Poynette, Wis. 
Charles Deveikis, Saluk Koons, Lithuania, Russia. 



Andy T. Barnett, 27 Mondon St., Worcester, Mass. 

William T. Lavalier, E. Eau Claire St., Rice Lake, 

Gustave A. Carlson, R. D. 2, Box 27, Unity, Wis. 

Samuel L. Groom, Cassville, Wis. 

Patrick J. Heveron, Waterville, Minn. . 

Albert H. Keller, R. D. i. Box 12, Neilsville, Wis. 

Carl Peterson, Box 64, Wausa, Neb. 

Anders B. Neilsen, Box 122, Askov, Minn. 

Albert Hnetynka, Corp., 3019 S. Troy St., Chicago. 

Edward Kantor, Sgt., 2237 S. Clifton Park Ave., Chi- 

Kenry R. Ahrendt, Sgt., 2610 W. 26th St., Chicago. 

Ladislav J. Barnes, Sgt., 2663 W. 24th Place, Chicago. 

Fred Re.uer, R. D. i, Rutledge, Minn. 

Adolph Nelson, 234 Illinois St., Eau Claire, Wis. 

Patrick Bushaw, R. D. i, Rhinelander, Wis. 

Clark H. Johnson, R. D. i. Box 7, Prairie Farm, Wis. 

Andrew Feragen, R. D. i. Thief River Falls, Minn. 

Clarence M. Root, R. D. 2, Wyeville, Wis. 

Darius A. Beattie, Corp., Dawson, Minn. 

Axel J. Larson, R. D. i. Box 56. Two Harbors, Minn. 

Arthur Wenz, R. D. i, Box 4, Chaska, Minn. 

Walter Peterson, R. D. 2, Box 47, Mahtowa, Minn. 

Arthur B. Justmann, 810 Main St., Watertown, Wis. 

Fred G. Baber, 140 Bainster St., Fond du Lac, Wis. 

Eugene F. Deutsch, R. D. 2, Prairie Farm, Wis. 

James J. Sebesta, Corp., 2908 S. Union Ave., Chicago. 

Charles R. Cox, R. D. 2, Rice Lake, Wis. 

Joseph M. Johnson, R. D. 4, Box 54, Barron, Wis. 

Broney Flies, 1004 Weil St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Earl L. Proctor, 2128 E. 14th St., Des Moines, Iowa. 

James W. Jarboe, 1426 Washington Ave., Parsons, Kan. 

George Linsmeyer, Butternut, Wis. 

Joseph Crotteau, R. D. 5, Rice Lake, Wis. 

Ge.orge P. Markwiese, Corp., 809 Vliet St., Milwaukee, 

Carl Aasland, 140 3rd St., San Francisco, Cal. 

George Kosloski, Willow River, Minn. 

Ezra H. Carlton, 808 Lake Ave., Waseca, Minn. 

Lawrence J. Molden, Bird Island, Minn. 

Frank J. Hasheck, 2310 Adams St., Two Rivers, Wis. 

Albert A. Johnson, R. D. 4, Box 52, Barron, Wis. 

Christopher Nielseji, Box 284, Askov, Minn. 

Romas Kucik, Corp., 1624 W. i8th Place, Chicago. 

Giacomo Tappero, 500 Iron St., Negaunee, Mich. 

Mandus Knutson. R. D. 2, New Folden, Minn. 

Prokop Homenuk, Box 252, Park Falls, Wis. 

Mike Gedwill, 3203 Lime St., Chicago. 

Elmer Anderson, R. D. i. Box 84, Wash!rurn, Wis. 

Hagen H. M. Holian, Maynard, Minn. 

Herman B. Petry, Finlayson, Minn. 

Thomas J. Neville, Corp., 2700 I'nion Ave., Chicago. 

John Absetz, Michigan Ave., Gilbert, Minn. 

Adam Rulewicz, 925 S. 32nd Place, Chicago. 

Bohumil Cengr, 2002 S. Loomis St., Chicago. 

Paul W. Leu, 66 W. Scott St., Fond du Lac, Wis. 

August A. Kippenham, R. D. 2, Box 98, Greenwood, 

Jacob S. Holdmann, Corp., 461 23rd St., Milwaukee, 

Alva E. Nelson, R. D. 2, Box 100, Pine City, Minn. 

Carl J. Yock, Corp., R. D. 2, Raymond, Minn. 

Orville U. Gurley, Cedar St., Platteville, Wis. 

Benjamin W. Darrah, R. D. i, Barron, Wis. 

Robert Arbelus, Box 230, Eron Belt, Wis. 

Antonio Andricciolo, 923 Blue Island Ave., Chicago. 

LaFayette W. Evans, Vineland, Minn. 

Jacob Werer, Corp., 2254 S. California Ave., Chicago. 

Sven P. Magnusson, 1404 8th St., Rockford. 

August H. Nest, R. D. 3, Box 64, Edgar, Wis. 

Henry F. Heinze, Haugen, Wis. 

Douglas R. Foster, 15 Frederick St., Rhinelander, Wis. 

Bert Cole., Jr., Box 23, South Range, Wis. 

Fred A. Larson, 9 S. loth St., Cloquet, Minn. 

Timothy A. Murphy, Corp., 4842 W. Superior St., Chi- . 

John B. Forbes, Elroy, Wis. 

Clayton A. Porter, Anoka, Minn. 

Alex Kristynko, Gilman, Wis. 

Elmer W. Pearson, 2222 Quincy St., Minneapolis, Minn. - 

Raymond Gardewine, R. D. i. Twin Valley, Minn. 

James L. Thompson, Box 314, New Richland, Minn. 

Lawrence A. Kelm, 1326 S. 3rd St., Watertown, Wis. 

Everett Fuller, Corp., R. D. i. New Richland, Minn. 

George H. Klinko, R. D. i. Box 27, Appleton, Wis. 

James L. Stadther, R. D. 3, Box 25, Olivia, Minn. 

Ole A. Tangen, Box 23, Fosston, Minn. 

Carl C. Olson, 2217 loth St., Rockford. 

Andrew S. Neiss, St. Michaels, Minn. 

Arthur Funk, 413 Portage St., Fond du Lac, Wis. 

John Dahle, Box 15, Haugen, Wis. 

Charles L. Stoflfel, Corp., 4712 Ohio St., Chicago. 

Joseph Potempa, 2157 Long Ave., Chicago. 

George W. Jones, R. D. 3, Box 46, Racine, Wis. 

Henry A. Hansey, Stephen, Minn. 

William A. Janzig, R. D. 2, Box 65, Hermantown, 

Peter M. Melhus, 602 Barstow St., Eau Claire, Wis. 
Warner E. Pautsch, 1523 8th Ave., Rockford. 
John J. Meyers, Box 136, Pecatonica. 
Harry L. Beazle, Corp., Lakewood. 

Arthur W. Isaacson, R. D. 4, Box 2, Chetek, Wis. 
John S. Mollenhauer, 4218 33rd Ave., Minneapolis, 

William Michalski, Box 68, Kettle River, Minn. 
Arthur R. Johnson, 603 Gross St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Nicholas J. Yousten, R. D. i, Almena, Wis. 
Harold S. Cutting, 512 Walnut St., Rockford. 
Peter Klassen, 364 Forest Ave., Fond du Lac, Wis. 
Clarence E. Larson, Corp., Box 12, Hanlontown, la. 
Edward F. Moens, 2853 Emerald Ave., Chicago. 
John W. Hutchins, 2415 Harriet Ave., Minneapolis, 

Hagop Telloian, 1106 W. Erie St., Chicago. 
Edward D. Mortell, 631 N. Christiana Ave., Chicag:o. 
Edward M. Wolfsohn, 302 15th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Frank Naputano, 756 DeKoven, Chicago. 
Peter J. Staliunas, Box 2, So. Aberdeen, Wash. 
Edward Barbeau, Corp., 105 Walnut St., Fond du Lac, 

Hardy Wilson, R. D. 4, Box 78, Duluth, Minn. 
Lawrence O. Anderson, R. D. 4, Box 28 A, Greenwood, 

Augusto Di Pietro, Aielli P. Aquila, Italy. 
Michael J. Trainor, Lancaster, Wis. 
Oscar M. Peterson, 648 Eri^ St. S. E., Minneapolis, 

Waldemar C. Schmidt, R. D. i. North Redwood, Minn. 
John J. Gurtowski, Corp., 2449 S. Whipple St., Chi- 
Joseph J. Borka, Cologne, Minn. 

John L. Chodora, Sgt., 2430 S. Sawyer Ave., Chicago 
Edwin F. Hedin, Sgt., 2626 W. 23rd Ave., Chicago. 
Oscar Sivertson, Trego, Wis. 
John R. Weldon, mo Ridge Ave., Rockford. 
Spencer N. Hoxtell, R. D. i, Clinton, Minn. 
John F. Frisco, R. D. i, Ashland, Wis. 
Charlie Lundstrom, Big Falls, Minn. 
Leslie Doehle, Box 19, Cameron, Wis. 
Harold G. Carlson, Corp., R. D. 10, .Rockford. 
Andrew Fore, Lillo, Minn. 

Abraham Mallinen, Box 31, Thomson, Minn. 
William J. Grewe, Box 180, Alena, Wis. 
Peter F. Cunningham, 489 1^ Wabasha St., St. Paul, 

Moses E. Sutton, 4141 loth St. S., Cloquet, Minn. 
Rene Vanlanduyt, 527 Belvidere Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
Louis U. Isnard, Corp., 1517 S. Maple Ave., Green 

Bay, Wis. 
Michael Nieminen, Automba, Minn. 
Arthur F. Strot, 202 12th St., Rockford. 
Frank Boushon, R. D. 1, Box 51, Chili, Wis. 
Oscar S. Longberg, Colfax, Wis. 
William Michaelson, care Pan Motor Co., St. Cloud, 

Edwin B. Aase, Ross, Minn. 
William Carvala, Maple, Wis. 

Karl R. Haumann, Corp., 411 Hunter Ave., Joliet. 
Arthur M. Husie, Penn, N. D. 
Eldore Gunderson, Box 342, Barron, Wis. 
Myron J. Larson, Corp., Taylor, Wis. 
Arthur A. Prochnow, 1147 River Drive, Watertown, 

Anton B. Johanneck, Wabasso, Minn. 
Richard P. Brown, R. D. 3, Thorpe, Wis. 
John Kaushus, 721 Lincoln Ave., Rockford. 
Charles H. Nemitz, Corp., Redwood, Minn. 
James C. Everson, Mikana, Wis. 
Louis Frolik, R. D. 3, Box 23, Rice Lake, Wis. 
Joseph C. Strik, R. D. 4, Thorpe, Wis. 
Henry Westling, R. D. i, Milaca, Minn. 
Jalmer T. Skjei, R. D. 3, Madison, Minn. 
Joseph A. Viken, Sacred Heart, Minn. 
Diedrich P. Jenk, Box 41, Beardsley, Minn. 
John W. Smith, Corp., 1166 8th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 



William F. Mootiey, 604 4th Ave. W., Ashland, Wis. 
John Koch, 1318 Hawthorne Ave., Two Rivers, Wis. 
Otto Ande.rson, R. D. i, l?ox 84, Washburn, Wis. 
Otto P. Dresdow, R. D. 2, Box 50, Withee, Wis. 
Earl H. Burns, 75 W. Rees St., Fond du Lac, Wis. 
Reinhard E. Donis, Neshkoro, Wis. 
August Engelmann, Corp., 2337 S. E. 6th St., Des 

Moines, Iowa. 
Kalle Ranta, Box 25, Iverson, Minn. 
Louis Nowak, 205 Sarah St., Eau Claire, Wis. 
Joseph Zilinka, 501 5th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Alljert M. Carlson, R. D. i. Box 24, Badger, Minn. 
Erenio Di Salvo, 711 Hayne Ave., Chicago. 
Thomas M. Cantwell, 2143 Harrison St., Chicago. 
Arthur H. Siewert, Corp., Western Ave., Fond du 

Lac, Wis. 
Thomas E. Havelka, R. D. 23, Rice Lake, Wis. 
John A. Rowan, Corp., 2502 Archer Ave., Chicago. 
Anthony Jaglowski, Sgt., 2222 S. Sacramento Ave., 

Henry H. Steinert, 322 Lee St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Horace Brenning, Bertha, Minn. 
Edwin A. Bohnhack, Sauk City, Wis. 

Erdman G. Segebrecht, Box 173, Mazohaine, Wis. 

Anton J. Bonder, Cook, 2645 W. 23rd St., Chicago. 

Holton' Uracht, Sgt., Dry Ridge, Ky. 

Walter C. Newbauer (i), 586 California St., Milwau- 
kee, Wis. 
•Mike Bagley, 518 W. 4th St., Duluth, Minn. 

Emery W. Allbaugh, Box 60, Spencer, Wis. 

Elmer I)e Luca, 545 W. DeKoven St., Chicago. 

Adolph J. Faschingbauer (i), 571 Sherburn Ave., St. 
Paul, Minn. 

John Scully (i), 131 1 W. Taylor St., Chicago. 

Anthony Krollmann, Corp., 1055 . Lincoln Ave., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 

Robert Hoverson, R. D. i, Curtiss, Wis. 

Earl Good (i), R. D. 2, Chetek, Wis. 

Ray Johnson, Bondhart, Iowa. 

W. B. Gregg, Nursery, Texas. 

Dominic A. Gulfo, 116-A Palisade, Ave., Jersey City, 
N. J. 

Amos H. Hiveley, Eldora, Iowa. 

Cetteo Bozza, 107 Christopher St., New York, N. Y. 

Philip Hirsch, Corp., 1128 S. 8th St., Sheboygan, Wis. 

Joel L. Chandler, R. D., Box 48, Nashville, Ark. 


David B. Simpson, Capt., Dexter, N. M. 

Louis E. Cassidy, ist Lt., iioo N. Prospect St., Ke- 

Jay G. Neal, 2d Lt., Carter, S. D. 

Paul G. Kent, ist Sgt., 707 S. Sacramento Blvd., 

Edward C. Grattan, Sup. Sgt., 2928 Congress St., Chi- 

John TeSelle, R. D. 11, Box 127, Sheboygan Falls, 

Frank A. Milanowski, Mech., 1357 W. isth St., Chi- 

Peter A. Poh, Forrestville, Wis. 

Joseph Shellback, Cook, 1752 Walnut St., Chicago. 

Herman W. Pehl, 1573 ist St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

David E. Pauley, Cook, Royalton, Minn. 

Richard Grewatch, Corp., 7340 Union Ave., Chicago. 

Andre.w T. Albert, 524 Layton Ave., Cudahy, Wis. 

James E. Kelly, Bug., 3130 W. Congress St., Chicago. 

F"rank Karel, Cook, 7219 S. Wood St., Chicago. 

Theodore F. Meinke, Bug., Gen. Del., Dundas, Minn. 

Daniel P. Bolger, Cook, 2429 Polk St., Chicago. 

Herman E. Schwalbe, Mech., R. D. 2, Cologne, Minn. 

Herman G. Titus, Mech., 1221 W. 73rd St., Chicago. 

Joseph A. Keenan, Mess Sgt., 26 2nd St., Albany, N. Y. 

James Baar, Sgt., 7250 S. Morgan St., Chicago. 

Otto Woehlert, 402 2nd Ave. N., Wausau, Wis. 

George L. Cotton, Winner, Minn. 

Elmer Wedding, I3ox 21, Kasbee. 

Everett Randall, 206 S. River St., Eau Claire, Wis. 

Homer H. King, R. D. 14,. Box 31, Victoria. 

John O. Carlson, 11145 Parnell Ave., Chicago. 

Earl J. Furstenberg, Corp., 726 Murray Ave., Milwau- 
kee, Wis. 

Conrad Wiesler, Cedarburg, Wis. 

Carl E. Carlson, R. D. 2, Oneida. 

Harley W. Benjamin, R. D. 4, Iowa City, Iowa. 

Oscar Carlson, R. D. i. Grand Rapids, Wis. 

Vivian E. Main, 1013 N. Ridgeway Ave., Chicago. 

Frank T. Alexander, R. D. i, Carthage,. 

Edwin E. Clingman, R. D. 2, Box 79, Reedsburg, Wis. 

Elmer Johnson, Corp., R. D. 3, Sheffield. 

John J. McCann, R. D. 4, Box 31, Edgerton, Wis. 

Oliver I. Lane, Carthage. 

Arthur Miller, R. D. 5, Box 73, Eau Claire, Wis. 

Otto M. Kurkowski, 674 13th Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Arthur Mau, 681 13th Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Gust Berg, Ebbared, Mesbocka, Lauddry, Sweden. 

Carl R. Edgren, R. D. 4, Oskaloosa, Iowa. 

George F. Ehlen, Corp., Buchanan, Anoka, Minn. 

Earl L. Brown, Oneida. 

Frank Beu, R. D. i, Dundee. 

Tjomas Krieg, 723 W. B. St., Marshfield, Wis. 

Alfred P. Porath, R. D. 3, Box 39, Granton, Wis. 

Walter Evanowsky, 703 May St., Waukegan. 

Charles Hassinger, Milton Junction, Wis. 

George T. Walker, Maquon. 

Daniel F. Brannigan, Corp., 7443 S. May St., Chicago. 

Konstanto Hladyszewski, 1229 Jackson St., Chicago. 

Reinhold E. Krueger, Winneconne, Wis. 

Rene Van Geldor, 1002 Railroad Ave., Moline. 

Herman J. Uttech, 14 12 Cotter Ave., Merrill, Wis. 
Walter Truckenbrodt, Sauk City, Wis. 
Arthur H. Dutton, 719 Milton Ave., Janesville, Wis. 
Willie Meier, Box 52, Babcock, Wis. 
George W. Wangle,r, Corp., R. D. 41, Earlville. 
Bruni Derka, 3047 Kimball Ave., Chicago. 
James F. McCue, 1312 Josephine St., Janesville, Wis. 
Frank Bufano, Box 123, Wilmette. 
Edward L. Brechbill, Oquawaka. 
Tony Leon, 1442 Elburn Ave., Chicago. 
Harry Poppas, Pirgos, Greece. 

John Wimmer, Corp., 517 Jeflferson St., Topeka, Kan. 
Herbert A. Ernst, Corp., 1184 Richards St., Milwau- 
kee, Wis. 
William I. Benz, 1424 Burleigh St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Walter Albright, 654 Orange St., Elgin. 
Edward W. Bowen, Corp., 253 Watch St., Elgin. 
William H. Barde,ll, Silver Creek. 
Glenn W. Richardson, 775 Ella St., Galesburg. 
Clarence E. Barker, Orangeville. 
John C. Behrens, R. D. i, Wyanet. 
Charles Kasulke, 697 13th Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 
George Schneider, Sgt., 1021 22nd St., Rock Island 
William D. Murphy, Sgt., 3312 W. Madison St., Chi 

Thomas A. Quinn, Sgt., 31 10 W. Congress St., Chi- 

Marion D. Routt, Hodgenville, Ky. 

William F. Winkelman, Box 48, Irma Village,, Wis. 
John Lahti, R. D. i. Box 57, Brule, Wis. 

iVdolph Austin, 1204 Madison St., Eau Claire, Wis. 

Roliert T. Whitefoot, 217 3rd St., Neenah, Wis. 

Emil Rayhorn, R. D. 3, Marshfield, Wis. 

V^ictor Lindstrom, Corp., R. D. 13, Altoona. 

Frank Peterson, Box 50, Viola. 

Bernard L. Moore, R. D. 5, Box 26, Carthage. 

Frederick Tauggard, Paw Paw. 

Oscar B. Opheim, 14 14 Galloway St., Eau Claire, Wis. 

Harry Mindak, 1900 Grand Ave., Grand Rapids, Wis. 

Ben Tibma, 1436 W. 14th Place, Chicago. 

.\rthur J. Manz, Corp., 71 18 S. Sangamon St., Chi- 

Andrew Wicklund, Jr., R. D. i. Box 30, Moose Lake, 

Ludvig S. Peterson, 822 W. Main St., Albert Lea, 

.Archie O. Woodward, R. D. t. Box 18, Cass Lake, 

George Pappademetropoulos, 917 12th St., Sheboygan, 

John J. Slavitzke, R. D. s, Box 19, Merrill, Wis. 

Everett Moore, R. D. 3, Box 21, Sheffield. 

Hjalmer Roseberg, R. D. 4, Cambridge. 

Thos. H. Flarity, Corp., Edgerton, Wis. 

Charles H. Stott, Mt. Pelier, N. D. 

Tony Rzepinski, Crivitz, Wis. 

Edward Pearson, Cole & 7th St., Kewanee. 

Edwin Olson, 516 S. 9th St., LaCrosse, Wis. 

Leo Kronberger, R. D. i. Greenwood, Wis. 

David C. Wamsley, Cumberland, Wis. 

Frank Veire, R. D. 6, Box 53, Geneseo. 



Henry Przborouske, Corp., Sauk Rapids, Minn. 

Martin Anderson, 5938 S. Peoria St., Chicago. 

Alfred B. Oberre,ich, 315 Western Ave., Plymouth, Wis. 

iohn F. Cantiene, 235 Center St., Eau Claire, Wis. 
Lasmus Martensen, 3027 nth Ave., Moline. 
Joseph Schmidt, Box 93, Marshfield, Wis. 
Mike Schlehlein, 13 14 Richard St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Henry J. Sommer, R. D. ir, Larson, Wis. 
Robert D. Streckenbach, 344 N. Chestnut Ave., Green 

Bay, Wis. 
Edwin R. Bumphrey, Corp., R. D. 3, Box 15, Neponset. 
Peter R. Peterson, 929 Buffum St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Alvin J. Romang, 13 15 6th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Bernard J. Riley, Altoona, Wis. 

Frank Lonek, R. D. i. Box 17, Sheboygan, Wis. 
Harry L. Berg, 1936 Washington Blvd., Chicago. 
Albert Wauld, Strongfield, Sask., Canada. 
John L. Haag, Corp., 167 N. Sheridan Road, Kenosha, 

Tony Sierawski, Box 125, Necedah, Wis. 
Frank J. Thome,, R. D. 2, Rice Lake, Wis. 
James R. Doyle, Corp., Box 394, Howard. 
Anton Leskauskie, 1227 S. 2nd St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Paul L. Protine, Corp., Box 133, Forest Grove. 
Henry Mahe, R. D. 2, Hamilton. 
William Mc Mecum, R. D. 2, Bowen. 
Charlie A. Wentela, R. D. i. Box 3, prule. Wis. 
John W. Dungan, Sgt., 3619 N. Oakley Ave., Chicago. 
Mat Shank, Sgt., Valley Park, Mo. 
Carl V. Larson, Sgt., 2922 Lexington St., Chicago. 
Lawrence Cowell, R. D. i, Altoona. 
Carl O. Peterson, 515 W. Humbird St., Rice Lake, 

George Meihack, R. D. 5, Neillsville, Wis. 
William A. Eberly, R. D. 2, Shermandale, Pa. 
Henry V. Rooy, Grand Ave., Little Chute, Wis. 
Gunnar E. Pearson, 420 Walnut St. S. E., Minneapolis, 

Thomas R. Colfer, Corp., 1232 W. 72nd St., Chicago. 
Otto F. Willers, R. D. 2, Clayton, Wis. 
Edward J. Dvorak, 2835 S. Turner Ave,., Chicago. 
Oliver B. Wooge, Box 191, Jeffers, Minn. 
Bennie Otterholt, R. D. i, Box 35, Chetek, Minn. 
Glenn R. Darling, Hamilton. 
Charles L. Yarrington, R. D. 2, Tiskelwa. 
Ray_ Chambers, Nora. 
Louis O. Johnson, Corp., R. D. 2, Box 24, Little 

Scott T. Currier, R. D. 2, Box 73, Neponset. 
George E. Dillman, R. D. i, Buda. 
Paul F. Zinzer, Solon Springs, Wis. 
Carl C. Deeg, R. D. 2, Hauvoc. 
Frank H. Franzen, Box 133, Grand Ridge. 
Edwin L. Olson, R. D. 9, Rio. 
Joseph Kocherer, R. D. 3, Box 82, Thorp, Wis. 
Thos. F. McCabe, Corp., 1259 W. 73rd St., Chicago. 
Earl C. Esterbrook, 516 Cross St., Sycamore. 
Archie Dulian, R. D. 6, Streator. 
Harry Tische,ndorf, R. D. i, Dorchester, Minn. 
Raymond Daily, R. D. 30, Gibson. 
Andrew J. Krarup, Box 134, Wither, Wis. 
John T. Tymczyszyb, 640 Warren Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Edward H. Freier, 364 3rd St., West Dundee. 
Emmerson P. Coleman, Corp., 413 Douglass Ave., 

Clyde G. Crumrine, R. D. 17, Grand Ridge. 
Theodore Turczynski, 731 13th Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Howard Ferguson, R. D. i. Sandwich. 
Arthur J. Cavanaugh, R. D. s. Box 4, Marceillo. 
Gerhard Sorenson, R. D. 2, Box 140, Rice Lake, Wis. 
Felix Wozniak, R. D. 2, Box 6, Thorp, Wis. 
Louis A. Dumol.'n, Hampshire. 

Domenick Alsefski, Corp., 198 Franklin St., Plymouth. 
Archie F. Elmore, Merrillan, Wis. 
Seward R. Wolden, R. D. 2, Box 13, South Range, 

Walter A. Mildebrath, R. D. i, Box 61, Neillsville, Wis. 
Julius Lokken, R. D. 2, Box 39, Rice Lake, Wis. 
Herschell H. Fox, Triplett, Mo. 
Murel E. Cassidy, 327 W. iiith Place, Chicago. 
Willis Mathes, Mallard. 

Milton Daus, Corp., 1022 N. Francisco Ave., Chicago. 

Jerry Driscoll, Holcomb. 

Linus E. Zetterburg, R. D. 1, Box 42, Grantsburg, 

Walter O. Heise, Corp., R. D. 3, Box 32, Neponset. 

Roman Zaborwski, Bezolanski, Poland. 

Joseph F. Bublis, Corp., Seatonville. 

Sherman McBrayer, LaValle, Wis. 

Emil F. Zimdars, 912 Minnesota Ave., South Milwau- 
kee, Wis. 

Theopiel DeMarlie, Sheffield. 

Grover C. Campbell, Sgt., Lucasville, Ohio. 

Patrick Enright, Sgt., Tarbert, Kerr^ County, Ireland. 

John Zimmerman, Jr., Sgt., 15 16 Ring St., Milwaukee, 

Fred Heitle, R. D. 8, Box 10, Sheboygan, Wis. 

Louis Powell, Star Route, Annawan. 

Harry L. Rasmussen, R. D. 2, Box 83, Oshkosh, Wis. 

Fred L. Hempstead, Pine River, Miim. 

Arthur A. Roesner, R. D. 6, Geneseo. 

Levi Nelson, Poplar, Wis. 

Clifford C. Swanson, Corp., Marinette, Wis. 

Henry Flygstad, R. D. i, Barron, Wis. 

Reuben C. Jordan, 261 Milwaukee St., Elgin. 

Harry A. Jensen, R. D. 6, Box 18 D, Albert Lea, 

Frank A. Neuzil, R. D. 2, Algoma, Wis. 

Samuel C. Lorenz, R. D. i. Box i. Lake Nebagamon, 

Samuel T. Bant, 325 E. Argyle St., Jackson, Mich. 

Victor Stoneberg, R. D. 4, Box 3, Chetek, Wis. 

Otto C. Guenther, Corp., 1760 W. 19th St., Milwau- 
kee, Wis. 

Earl Hamrick, Box 34, Wyanet. 

William W. Freise, R. D. i, Bonfield. 

Ira C. Perry, Box 136, Humbird, Wis. 

Frank KHngbeil, 1417 2nd St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Henry Kemmerich, Leonore. 

Anton O. Roseniimd, 1032 13th Ave., Moline. 

Allen E. Goodale, R. D. 2, Bradford. 

Gust E. Eckstrom, R. D. i, Princeton. 

Henry E. Green, R. D. 61, Seneca. 

Fred Oriendi, Mont Fortino, Cornaiornia, Italy. 

John Lapiska, 605 N. 5th St., DeKalb. 

Frank A. Hanus, 1361 nth St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

William H. Kelly, R. D. 3, Carthage. 

Melvin W. Zinzer, Superior, Wis. 

Stanley W. Kutkowski, Corp., 512 N. Paulina St., 

Alex Karas, tzG Moore Ave., South Milwaukee, Wi's- 

Charles Linzmeier, R. D. i, Luxemburg, Wis. 

Paul J. McMahon, Sheffield. 

Alvin O. Mickejsen, 2837 14th Ave., Minneapolis, Minn 

Frank Wenskosky, 4628 S. Ashland Ave., Chicago. 

Edward F. Jacobs, R. D. 2, Ridott. 

Arlo I. Haynes, R. D. i. Box 80, DeLong. 

Dwight Morgan, Corp., 412 W. Jackson St., Carbon- 

Leo M. Grubber, R. D. i, Knowles, Wis. • 

Charles D. Grove, R. D. 3, Freeport. 

Walter E. Jacobs, 46 Nursery St., Freeport. 

John Gotowtis, 2005 String St., Chicago. 

Jervall Jensen, 491 15th Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Robert Houldsworth, 6-t Blaine Ave., Galesburg. 

Arthur J. Eckhoff, R. D. i, Henry. 

Stanley C. Budnick, Corp., 677 14th Ave., Milwaukee, 

Samuel E. Ebert, 883 BuflFum St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Verne C. German, R. D. 19, Box 49, Williamsfield. 

Walter T. Gedemer, Corp., 1935 Asylum Ave., Racine. 

John H. Goebel, R. D. 4, Lena. 

Carl Schecklman, R. D. 2, York, Wis. 

Harry D. Gloth, 64 East St., Holyoke,, Mass. 

Vahan Houg;isin, Carrollville, Wis. 

John P. Wise, Sgt., 338 Stanley Terrace, Chicago. 

Emmet-t C. Stevens, Sgt., 2637 N. California Ave., Chi- 

Charles Kroner, 341 Vermont St., Buffalo, N. Y. 

Walter H. Arnold, 22 Garden St., Auburn, N. Y. 

John M. Binner, Wabasha, Minn. 


Jack C. Sturtevant, ist Lt., 425 Briar Place, Chicago. 
James P. Seward, ist Sgt., 1603 E. Main St., Shawnee, 

William J. DeRoy, Sup. Sgt., 1143 S. Albany St., Chi- 
Felix Solomon (i), 3552 W. Polk St., Chicago. 



Earl E. Mitchell, Mech., R. D. i, Jims Falls, Wis. 

Charles Jirsa, Jr. (i), R. D. i, Glenville, Minn. 

Arthur G. Keitel, Cook, 918 Erie Ave., Sheboygan, Wis. 

Arthur B. Grettenberg (i), 192 Penn Ave., Aurora. 

George W. DeLaney, Cook, Gillespie. 

Lawrence V. Anderson, Corp., 3219 loth Ave., Rock 

Robert Novak (i), 1269 36th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

John W. Itzenhuiser, Mech., R. D. i. Box 130, Racine, 

Charles J. Lukey, Mech., 403% Madison St., Milwau- 
kee, Wis. 

Daniel P. Crowley, Cook, 4001 Jackson Blvd., Chicago. 

Martin Galvin (i), 43 nth St., S., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Philip H. Jones, Bug., 21st & Van Buren Sts., May- 

August Dassel, Mech., 3059 Lexington St., Chicago. 

Charles Stingl, Bug., 880 32nd St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

John J. Conole, Mess Sgt., 3929 W. Madison St., Chi- 

William J. Walsh, Sgt., 209 S. Albany Ave., Chicago. 

Samuel Peters, 371 Hanover St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Axel J. Jorstad, Ridgeland, Wis. 

Irve F. Masterson (i), Newlioke, Ky. 

Frederick Joyce, R. D. 4, Box 72, Antigo, Wis. 

John C. Blahnik, 11 14 4th Ave., Antigo, Wis. 

Erwin Ruderich, Corp., 717 26th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

John Madison, Jr. (i), R. D. 2, Box 48, Sheffield. 

James Baumgartne,r (i), 362 Jefferson St., Burlington, 

Norman D. King (i), R. D. i, Durand, Wis. 

Charles G. Nelson, R. D. 5, Galesburg. 

Maximilian Frankowsky, 214 Indiana Ave., N. E., 
Grand Rapids, Mien. 

Victor J. H. Nielson, Hancock, Wis. 

Noam L. Miller (i), Hampshire. 

Frank W. Leach, Corp., 74 S. Jackson St., Elgin. 

Ness C. Christensen, R. D. i, Moline. 

Earl E. Hammersley, 1332 Chandler St., Madison, Wis. 

Lester Wibsell, Dallas City. 

Walter W. Vanraalte (i), R. D. 2, Box 46, Pearl City. 

Peter J. Burke, 711 Clymer Place, Madison, Wis. 

Arnold Beiersdorf (i), R. D. 3, Antigo, Wis. 

Ira I. Bliss, Corp., Park Falls, Wis. 

Andrew Christensen, R. D. 3, Box 11, Lake Benton, 

William H. Mathiessen (i), 11 16 Galena St., Milwaukee, 

Harry W. Stellmaker (i), 615 S. Grove St., Ripon, Wis. 

Roy F. Myers, R. D. i, Dahinda. 

Jacob H. Beaber, R. D. 2, Ohio. 

Erick F. Juleen, R. D. i. Box 12, Grantsburg, Wis. 

Otis E. Hockensmith, Corp., R. D. i, Cameron. 

Ole T. Braadland, Luverne, Minn. 

Thomas Larson, Box 93, Brookston, Minn. 

Adolph A. Lueck (i), 258 Percy St., Elgin. 

Emil Abraham CO, 703 Clinton St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Anton W. Bloomgren, 513 ist St., N. E., Little Falls, 

Harry G. Fahlstrom, Fah n. Wis. 

Albert G. Doerfer, R. D. 7, Madison, Wis. 

Edward C. Raasch, Corp., 1107 2"th St., Milwaukee, 

Tames E. Moore, Corp., R. D. 6, Streator. 

Frank J. Belott, Bryant, Wis. 

William A. Barklow, R. D. 3, Pe^rl City. 

James R. Green, R. D. 4, Box 76, Streator. 

William A. Amundson, R. D. 3, Grantsburg, Wis. 

LeRoy L. Miche, R. D. 4, Box 51, Freeport. 

Leonard R. Meline, R. D. 2, Victoria. 

Bert Maas, Corp., ion High Ave., Sheboygan, Wis. 

Fred Mitchell, 2621 4th Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Edward C. Krahmer, R. D. 2, Freeport. 

Stanislaw Daryskiewicz (i), 9155 Oglesby Ave., Chi- 

Mariano Rossi (i), 830 Sibley St., Chicago. 

Will F. Olson, R. D. 8, Princeton. 

Elmer Hartwig, R. D. i, Whitewater, Wis. 

Walter Klever, Corp., 804 Wisconsin St., Fort Wash- 
ington, Wis. 

Martin L. Carlson, R. D. i. North Henderson. 

Roy H. Braun, Sgt., 874 39th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Louis Bacci, Sgt., 3022 Jackson Blvd., Chicago. 

Joseph A. Mazza, Sgt., 17 S. Albany Ave., Chicago. 

Fred F. Meyer (i), care Fred Schultz, R. D. 2, Mont- 
gomery, Minn. 

Henry H. Grunlke (i), Fairchild, Wis. 

Lyle F. Wood, Eau Galle, Wis. 

Andrew E. Zachariason, R. D. 2, Elmore, Minn. 
Earl Atkinson, Hertel, Wis. 

Vincent A. Fleming, 511 N. State St., Chicago. 
Ernst F. Jastrow, Corp., 1280 25th St., Milwaukee, 

Carl E. Schiefelbein, R. D. 3, Grand Rapids, Wis. 
Walter Reimer (i), 1415 N. nth St., Chicago. 
Arthur Sparks, 392 Plum St., Elgin. 
Raymond C. Boehmer, 4054 Lindell Blvd., St. Louis, 

Martin Wold, 1518 6th St., S., Minneapolis, Minn. 
John D. Brown (i), Fitchburg, Wis. 
Carl F. Carlson, R. D. i, Box 26, Frederic, Wis. 
Joseph G. Morris, Corp., Tiskilwa. 
Robert G. Mabis, R. D. i. Box 27, Argyle, Minn. 
George A. Fre.eman (i), 215 Main St., Savanna. 
Matthew J. Schmidt (i), R. D. 3, Box 4, Neponset. 
Henry Franson, R. D. 2, Joy. 

Edgar C. Holt, Corp., 12 13 Drake St., Madison, Wis. 
Jose H. Dolohanty, R. D. 2, Blue Mounds, Wis. 
John Leidheisl, R. D. 2, Box 13, Deerbrook, Wis. 
Walter A. Stolt, Corp., 262 N. College St., Elgin. 
Harvey L. Stephenson, R. D. i, Hillsdale. 
James R. Dent (i), R. D. i, Box 60, Mahnomen, Minn. 
Jacob Jouppe, R. D. 3, Box 23, Cokato, Minn. 
Charles W. Staff, R. D. i. Box 57, Loraine. 
William Baxter, Antigo, Wis. 
Frank J. Spurzem, Robbinsdale, Minn. 
Wilbert A. Campbell, Mazomanie, Wis. 
Elmer H. Bentson, Corp., R. D. i. Box 12, Franksville, 

Harold G. Miller (i), Sherburn, Minn. 
Louis Huebner (i), 11% S. Brown St., Rhinelander, 

Fred C. Jacob, 11 16 Willow Place, Milwaukee, Wis. 
Pe.rcy R. Sinnett, Liberty St., Dundee. 
William H. Fairbert, R. D. 28, Box 32, Beloit, Wis. 
Piote Woznicki (i), 8148 Grandon Ave., Chicago. 
Jim Goodbar (i). Box 123, Abingdon. 
Eldon G. Rayman, Corp., 165 Locust St., Freeport. 
Henry C. Hanson, Box 156, Tola, Wis. 
Vincent Dirienzo, 1425 Monroe St., Madison, Wis. 
Konstanty Woslowski, 1317 6th Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Floyd Steffa, R. D. 4, Box 10, Oregon. 
George Klingberg, R. D. 25, Box 94, Beloit, Wis. 
Guy Knicely, 108 S. nth St., Rochelle. 
Edward Neiderscheid, 508 W. Main St., Madison, Wis. 
Arthur H. Harms, Corp., 526 i8th St., Rock Island. 
John Risch (i), 133 W. 4Sth St., Chicago. 
Roland D. Shock (i), 3001 East St., Pittsburg, Pa. 
Carl V. Strum, R. D. 2, Knoxville. 
Walter Grenard, Waynetown, Ind. 
Alfred J. Briggs, R. D. 3, Antigo, Wis. 
William H. Treptow, 140 Elmhurst Ave., Elmhurst. 
Arthur S. Kennedy, Corp., 706 Levencoton St., Streator. 
Paul Walter, 2236 N. Racine Ave., Chicago. 
Adolph G. Polenz, Sgt., n79 27th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Joseph M. Lightbecker, Sgt., 20 S. California Ave., 

Charles C. Weber, Sgt., 114 S. Homan Ave., Chicago. 
Howard S. Cheney, Doering, Wis. 
William H. Theisen (i), R. D. 2, Sauk City, Wis. 
Otis J. Rosenstiel (i), R. D. 2, Galena. 
Emil Nelson, 1322 Home Place, Rockford. 
Harry E. Smith, Cullom. 
John P. Newman, Seneca. 
William M. Muenchow, Corp., 213 S. Hubbard St., 

Horican, Wis. 
Louis Welzant (i), 3421 S. Morgan St., Chicago. 
Nicholas Schultz (i), 18 16 N. loth St., Sheboygan, 

Tver N. Smeby (1), R. D. 4, Anatan, Minn. 
John Swanson, Box 633, Phillips, Wis. 
Edward A. Brummond (i), R. D. i, Janesville, Wis. 
Fl6yd F. Long (i), R. D. 2, Ridott. 
Ralph Kuhnly, R. D. 2, Webster, Wis. 
Joe Scurla, Corp., 2410 S. Wentworth Ave., Chicago. 
Francis B. Horan, 807 Grand Ave., E., Eau Claire, Wis. 
Leonard G. Gerlinger (i), 3433 Park Ave., Minneapolis, 

Emil H. Lorius, 710 Union St., Northfield, Minn. 
John M. Barczak, R. D. 2, Box 40, Antigo, Wis. 
Herbert S. Higby (i), 404 Park Ave., Sheboygan, Wis. 
Arthur Sundberg, 2901 Pillsbury Ave., Minneapolis, 

Stanley Nurlowski, 1043 Garden St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Albert J. KoUar, Corp., 901 Maple St., Streator. 
Alex M. Seguin, 925 Garfield Ave., Duluth, Minn. 



Herman Mickelson, Blackearth, Wis. 

Bjorn Ekstrand, 21 16 E. 22nd St., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Emil Gleich, Gen. Del., Deerbrook, Wis. 

Lawrence A. Welbaum, Plainville, Wis. 

George E. Bean, Stratford, Wis. 

Oscar Holm (i), R. D. 27, Beloit, Wis. 

William C. Wood, Cypress River, Manitoba, Canada. 

Charles J. Fortin (i), 3030 W. Congress St., Chicago. 

Raymond H. Woppert (i), 931 34th St., Milwaukee, 

Neil Nash, 222 2nd Ave., N., Grand Rapids, Wis. 

Joseph A. Wunderl, 3 S. Murray St., Madison, Wis. 

John Sayer, R. D. 2, Box 103, Glencoe, Minn. 

Robert H. Collins (i), 205 E. Washington Ave., Madi- 
son, Wis. 

Clarence W. Roberts, Corp., 164 N._ Jackson St., Elgin. 

Oscar G. Gilbert (i), Brodhead, Wis. 

Joseph Kelber, 943 35th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Walter Anderson, Wyanet. 

Elmer J. Lippert, 1288 Spencer Ave., Appleton, Wis. 

John W. Anderson, R. D. i, Neponset. 

Frank C. Gulbronson (i), Box 175, Racine, Wis. 

Jtrichael Dobrinska, R. D. i, Box 53, Antigo, Wis. 

Frank I. Fillinger, Corp., Wascott, Wis. 

Arthur H. Kopping (i), 413 N. Clifford St., Elgin. 

Edward J. Cerrits, 204 Oak St., Freemont, Mich. 

Barney Markus, Keewatin, Minn. 

Ferdinand Rank, Stoneham, Colo. 

James A. Perkins (i)j 12 Albert St.,. Boston, England. 

Leonard H. St. Dennis, Rudolph, Wis. 

Howard B. Ross, Corp., Albert Lea, Minn. 

Frank J. Sund, Corp., ist St., Dundee. 

Paul T. Karr, Sgt., 321 S. Homan Ave., Chicago. 

Williard H. Randorf, Sgt., loi Burton St., Buffalo, 
N. Y. 

Edgar H. Anderson, Sgt., 3017 Lexington St., Chicago. 

Charles W. Klaas, R. D. i, Kent. 

Frank Madison (i), R. D. 2, Buda. 

George E. Thompson, R. D. i. West Chicago. 

Herman Kunza (i). Summit Lake, Wis. 

Alex E. Olson, 620 Huron St., S. E., Minneapolis, 

Gustav Lilley, 1033 2Sth Ave., S. E., Minneapolis, Minn. 

George W. Rasmusse^i, Corp., R. D. i, Sheffield. 

Olof B. Bridley, R. D. i, Oakland, Minn. 

Charles C. Ott (i), R. D. 18, Box 60, Grand Ridge. 

Norbert Miller (i), R. D. i, Mazomanie, Wis. 

Melvin Byom (1), R. D. 2, Box 52, Galesville, Wis. 

Glen DeBrook (i). Parson, Wis. 

Melvin T. Johnson, Readlyn, Sask., Canada. 

George H. Stevens, R. D. 5, Grand Rapids, Wis. 

Clarence J. Weberg, Corp., 6000 Prairie Ave., Chicago. 

August C. Ball, Jr., 51 Auer Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Stanley Bocian (1), 8158 South Shore Drive, Chicago. 

Nels A. Smithback, R. D. 3. Stoughton, Wis. 

Sydney G. Bentley, R. D. s, Edgerton, Wis. 

William M. Bowe, 608 N. 2nd St., Mankato, Minn. 

Earl L. Marie, 246 Homer St., Freeport. 

William S. Brehmer, 1129 7th St., Antigo, Wis. 

Charles C. Bowman, Corp., North Park Ave., Warsaw, 

John F. Lueth, R. D. 2, Sauk City, Wis. 

Willie F. Colnick, Box 45, Myrtle, Minn. 

Justin P. Tonk, Box 84, Kennan, Wis. 

John S. Miller, R. D. 2, Prairie View. 

Oscar Hegge, R. D. 24, Box 22, Orfordville, Wis. 

Theodore W. Stolz, R. D. 3, New York Mills, Minn. 

William J. McLaughlin, Downing, Wis. 

Edward Heise, Corp., 932 Swift Ave., Sheboygan, Wis. 

Fred A. Lawrence (i), R. D. i, Wheeler, Wis. 

Chester A. Sandin, Box 43, Pillager, Minn. 

William J. Butzen (i), 2506 Lloyd St., Milwaukee, 

Frank C. Schumaker (i), 334 Gene,va St., Dundee. 

Edward Ralowicz, Lublin, Wis. 

John Aimonetti, Nashwauk, Minn. 

Carl O. Wagner, Leaf River. 

Leo Ernst, Corp., 356 N. Pleasant St., Kenosha, Wis. 

Alessandro Cola, 425 S. Buchana St., Minneapolis, 

Frank B. Schatzmann (1), 1275 29th St., Milwaukee, 

Herbert Anderson, Tampico. 

August J. Winkel (i), 1501 7th St., N., St. Cloud, 

Charles F. Roehl, R. D. i, Orangeville. 

Arthur H._ Frederickson (i), 4513 ist Ave., S., Min- 
neapolis, Minn. 

John Grygo, 21 14 Illinois St., Chicago. 

Louis S. Fortin, Corp., 3030 Congress St., Chicago. 

Lyle E. Mantor, Burt, Iowa. 

Adrin R. Plum, 12th Ave. C sth St., Sterling. 

Clyde H. Dye, Danbury, Wis. 

Vincenzo Fumusa, 717 E. Johnson St., Madison, Wis. 

Bernard J. Ahren, 3109 Pleasant Ave., Minneapolis, 

Ardivino Galleotti, Box 316, Hurley, Wis. 

Arthur J. Erickson, Corp., 150 Marion Ave., Kenosha, 

Walter G'owacki, Corp., 522 Kenwood Ave,., East Ham- 
mond, Ind. 

John W. Lawrence, Sgt., Waucoma, Iowa. 

James J. Flynn, Sgt., 3636 Lexington St., Chicago. 

Dilver R. Hallengren, R. D. i, Rosenville. 

Carl C. Klopfleisch, Brownton, Minn. 

Elmer Hobbs, Temple Hill. 


Fred T. W. Boswell, ist Lt., Anna. 

Walter E. Hunter, 1st Sgt., West Branch, Iowa. 

Frank C. Balles, Sup. Sgt., 115 N. Galena Ave., Free- 

Louis C. F. Hacker (1), R. D. $, Apple River. 

Fred H. Reichel, Mech., Brillion, Wis. 

Frank Starkey (i), 507 Sangamon St., Galena. 

Sam Werdejich, Cook, 4949 Bernice St., Chicago. 

William E. Hughes (1), R. D. 3, Dodgeville, Wis. 

LeRoy R. Meile, Cook, 3325 Walnut St., Chicago. 

Frank C. Mueller, Corp., 650 N. Spaulding Ave., Chi- 

Harley J. Benjamin (i), 347 Main St., Aurora. 

Clarence Holstrom, Mech., R. D. 5, Pierz, Minn. 

Walter H. Schleiden, Bug., 438 Newton Ave., East 
Milwaukee, Wis. 

Michael F. Heneghan, Cook, 7308 Indiana Ave., Chi- 

Frank Sokol, Cook, Wishkow, Russia. 

Raymond H. Tiffany, Mech., 3117 W. Lake St., Chicago. 

Mathew Ackermann, Mech., Star Route, Medford, 111. 

Edward E. Schumacker, Mess Sgt., 1750 Fle.tcher St., 

Erie H. Walters, Sgt., 209 Vine St., Kilbourn, Wis. 

Hans J. Wohlk, Almepa, Wis. 

Joseph Schutts (i), R. D. 1, Box 11, Antigo, Wis. 

Arthur O. Olson, Palun, Wis. 

Harry R. Gase, 413 1st St., Menasha, Wis. 

John A. Nelson, 119 May St., Waukegan. 

George W. Hansen, R. D. 3, Box 10, Sheffield. 

William A. Ralston, Corp., 1131 Charles St., Rockford. 

Levi Deverney, Camp No. 12, Phelps, Wis. 

Otto Johnson, R. D. 2, Bertrum, Minn. 

Benniq Crump, R. D. 2, Galesburg. 

Leonard Lyon, Halderman, Ky. 

Frank Strakt (i), 22 Burleigh St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Eli Pederson, R. D. 2, Grantsburg, Wis. 

Ferdinand Adermann, R. D. 2, Ramsey. 

John M. Bbtkin, Corp., Bentley. 

Paul Schramm, R. D. 1, Box 82, GHdden, Wis. 

Sylvester A. Heidhart (i), Box 135, Rice, Minn. 

Leon Preston, Pearson, Wis. 

Robert R. Nance, 718 College Ave., Dixon. 

Eric M. Linden, Box 108, Bryant, Wis. 

Reinhart Borchart, R. D. 1, Merrill, Wis. 

Paul Samek, 848 N. Ashland Ave., Chicago. 

Harold K. Henrich, Corp., 1610 E. Main St., Merrill, 

Lewis Seaverson, R. D. 35, Clinton, Wis. 
Peter Jansen, 132 S. LaSalle St., Aurora. 
Gustav W. Hulander, 23 N. Ann St., Chicago. 
George C. Trepter, R. D. 1, Danbury, Wis. 
Frank E. Lenz, 612 Oak St., Galena, Wis. 
Milton A. Fischer, Box 349, West Salem, Wis. 
Newton S. Schuette, Corp., 1786 Humbolt Ave., S., 

Minneapolis, Minn. 
John H. Reynolds, 547 N. Lincoln Ave., Aurora. 
August Koehler (1), R. D. 4, Galena. 
Steve J. Douvas (1), Trippolis, Greece. 
William Von Stojentin, R. D. 2, Box 56, Unity, Wis 
Joseph W. Poloney, 1514 N. Kankakee St., Lincoln. 
John I. Davis, Corp., Box 195, Earlville. 



Arthur Sundberg, Corp., R. D. 2, Fergus Falls, Minn. 

Lester Woodley, R. D. i, Waddmas Grove. 

fames F. Arnold (i), R. D. 3, Stockton. 

Peter J. .Boyer, 1122 E. 3rd St., Ashland, Wis. 

William F. Bradley (i), R. D. 2, Marrimas, Wis. 

Philip Schlichting (i), R. D. 4, Royalton, Minn. 

Clarence M. Bodner (i), 305 Forst St., Menasha, Wis. 

Calvin D. Wood, R. D. 4, Box 22, Oshkosh, Wis. 

Clyde J. Thomas, Corp., Dodgeville, Wis. 

Adolph F. Ryckiewicz, 1521 Lincoln St., North Chicago. 

John J. Lowe, 921 Asington Ct., Toledo, Ohio. 

Edward F. Peters, Box 32, Poplar, Wis. 

George W. Ervin, Crystal Springs, Miss. 

Ervin F. Erdmann, R. D. Box 51, Neenah, Wis. 

Walter J. Sukowski (i), R. D. s. North Milwaukee, 

Paul F. Gumz, Corp., Avoca, Wis. 

John Zelinski (i), Bowles, Minn. 

Saul B. Kramer, Sgt., 594s Prairie Ave., Chicago. 

Oscar Shapar, Sgt., 244 Central Ave., New York, N. Y. 

Wilham J. Rusch, Sgt., 510 Genessee St., Merrill, Wis. 

Frank Kovol (i), R. D. i. Box 65, Bowerville, Minn. 

Charles L. Erickson, R. D. 2, Grandy, Minn. 

Fred H. Brokhauser (i), Box 224, Ohio. 

Frank White (i), 1105 W. Main St., Streator. 

John L. Leglar (i), R. D. i. Box 1, Galena. 

Fred M. St. Clair, Lily, Wis. 

Vincent M. Newagon, 804 Vaughn Ave., Ashland, Wis. 

Walter F. Zirk, R. D. 3, Elgin. 

Ralph H. Wybourn, R. D. 3, Lena. 

Percy J. Reeve, Doran, Wis. 

Kenneth Stanford, Madison, S. D. 

John Lengerfeldt, 374 Pine St., Menasha, Wis. 

Lloyd Greenwood, Menasha, Minn. 

Peter Arndt, Corp., Mineral Point, Wis. 

Rudolph J. Spacil, R. D. i, Box 85, Bryant, Wis. 

Lyle W. Udell, 103 E. Merrill Ave., Beloit, Wis. 

Stance J. Cyert (i), 910 S. 6th St., Winona, Minn. 

Oscar Ween, R. D. 1, Box 62, Barron, Wis. 

Paul F. Eckland, Box 85, Stonington, Mich. 

Ervin Walters, R. D. 3, Oshkosh, Wis. 

James A. Weeks (i), R. D. 4, Chilton, Wis. 

Paul E. Madson, Corp., 1130 S. loth St., Sheboygan, 

Leo G. Fitzpatrick, Waukau, Wis. 

Edward Piper, Kempster, Wis. 

Helmuth G. Baermann (1), R. D. ^5, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Oscar A. Svedal, R. D. 2, Box 53, Clarissa, Minn. 

Earl C. Kissick, R. D. i, Ohio. 

Carl J. Stolberg, 168 N. Smith St., Aurora. 

John J. Smith, 205 Kingsburg Ave., Aurora. 

Glenn H. Poscoe, Corp., 626 Grand Ave., Milwaukee, 

William J. Murray, R. D. i. Box 27, Erhard, Minn. 

George L. Pearson, 4910 Cortez St., Chicago. 

Vincentos Raslavicius, 97 N. Lincoln Ave., Aurora. 

Stani Laurinis, 319 S. River St., Aurora. 

Alvin F. Sage, R. D. 3, Box 19, Antigo, Wis. 

Jerry F. Walter (i), R. D. 2, Mt. Vernon, Iowa. 

Philip Dingeldein, Corp., 2951 9th St., Rock Island. 

Jesse H. Frank, Corp., 539 Pearl St., Aurora. 

Bernard Grabpwski, 11 38 Weil St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Asher B. Portnoy (i), 2706 Haddon Ave., Chicago. 

Edmund F. McDonald (i), 13s W. Central Ave., St. 
Paul, Minn. 

Herman Bush, 2520 Cortez St., Chicago. 

Robert Anderson, R. D. 2, Becker, Minn.- 

Carl W. Losand (i), 740 5th St., Rock Island. 

Paul W. Tatro, R. D. i. Box 56, Antigo, Wis. 

Alvin J. Wright, Corp., New Bedford. 

Harry H. Donar (i). Galena. 

Henry L. Heit, Galena. 

August Burmeister, R. D. i. Time Ridge, Wis. 

John Blaskoski, R. D. 7, Stevens Point, Wis. 

Aime Schoutteet, R. D., Box 46, Annawan. 

John C. Lauterborn, 506 Appleton St., Menasha, Wis. 

Harry E. Harkey, Corp., 3221% W. 2nd St., Daven- 
port, Iowa. 

Peter Ziwisky, R. D. 2, Box 20, Clayton, Wis. 

Eugene Vassalio, Sgt., 12345 Prairie Ave., Chicago. 

William J. Hennessy, Sgt., 56 Norton Place, Buffalo, 
N. Y. 

John W. Traeger, Sgt., 927 Bonnie Brae St., Walla 
Walla, Wash. 

Herman Schultz, 475 Locust St., Elgin. 

Harold J. Hjerpe, 207 Olive St., Galesburg. 

Aran Sorgein (i), 1005 Madison Ave., South Milwau- 
kee, Wis. 

John M. Larson (i), Wataga. 

Forest J. Reid, R. D. 23, Box 26, Rushford, Wis. 

Ernest B. Schultz, 364 Wangor St., Oshkosh, Wis. 

Thomas S. Lowe, Corp., 520 Canal Ave., Ottawa. 

Leon C. McClaire, Glidden, Wis. 

Martin J. Carlson (i), R. D. i, Randall, Minn. 

I'red C. Balthaser, 297 Union St., Freeport. 

Thomas Wilmot, 36 E. 119th St., Chicago. 

Frank M. Prastil, 410 nth Ave., Ashland, Wis. 

Peter G. Burgess (i), Dundee. 

Waclaw .Barczek (i), 1322 Cornell St., Chicago. 

August C. Dettmann, Corp., 1712 Meinecke St., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 

Otto J. Dittmar, R. D. i, Massbeath. 

Victor Wozniak, 1318 N. Ashland Ave., Chicago. 

Alexander Rahza, 3655 S. Paulina St., Chicago. 

Bronislaus Musielewicz (i), 1337 Holt Ave., Chicago. 

Thomas Powlowski, 5601 Mitchell St., West AUis, Wis. 

Olaf H. Hanson, Mozart, Sask., Canada. 

Erick Martinson (i), R. D. 2, Sandwich. 

David A. Kurtz, Corp., 1201 S. Winnebago St., Rock- 

Ray V. Ramer (i), 495 Benton St., Aurora. 

Ray G. Hextell (i), R. D. 4, Newark. 

Fred A. Richardson (i), R. D. 3, Highland, Wis. 

Angelo Ferraro (i). Box 37, Marseilles. 

Ernest Bertolino, Box 369, Marseilles. 

Roman Jazdziewski, 1529 McHenry St., Chicago. 

Arthur A. Weber, Deerbrook, Wis. 

Garvey L. Miller, Corp., Box 31, Park Ridge. 

Louis F. Jablowski (i), 729 6th Ave,., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Robert P. Sanger, 1404 N. 3rd St., Mankato, Minn. 

Desire Dedobbelaere, R. D., Box 48, Tampico. 

George J. Marino (i), 2607 Market St., Peru. 

Elmer W. Snyder (i), 29 S. Highland Ave., Aurora. 

Harry Swerdlow, Corp., 2617 Augusta St., Chicago. 

Frank D. Baughman, Corp., 209 N. Garfield Ave., 

Rasmus Hiede, 901 3rd St., N., Fargo, N. D. 

Floyd H. Hoadley, R. D. 2, Pelican Rapids, Minn. 

Ferdinand Giebel, Delton, Wis. 

Maurice C. Parmeter, 5849 37th St., S., Minneapolis, 

Carl Marquardt, 543 Chestnut St., Neenah, Wis. 

Louis Lend (i), 2614 W. Huron St., Chicago. 

Frank H. Maahs, 102 Weix St., Antigo, Wis. 

John P. Heinz, Corp., 490 Liberty St., Aurora. 

Ernest O. Kuchenbe.cker (i), 623 19th Ave., Milwau- 
kee, Wis. 

George F. Schaaf (i), R. D. i. Mineral Point, Wis. 

George Strobel, Jr., Bavaria, Wis. 

Tom E. Murphy (i), 715 Green Lawn Ave., Peoria. 

James C. Czechalski, 4412 S. Honore St., Chicago. 

John Winckus, Sheridan Road, Waukegan. 

John Servi, Box 75, Polar, Wis. 

John I. Furr, Corp., Parkston, S. D. 

George Gromm (i), R. D. 33, Ottawa. 

Frank J. White, Sgt., 392 Palace St., Aurora. 

Eugene Early, Sgt., 1770 Arthur Ave., Chicago. 

William T. Weaver, Sgt., 115 W. 18th St., Erie, Pa. 

John W. Richardson (i), R. D. i. Box 28, Bertrand, 

William J. Gloden, R. D. i, Prairie View. 

Walter C. Lange, Corp., 915 N. Robey St., Chicago. 

Anton Nowak, 807 Milwaukee St., Menasha, Wis. 

Andrew Malitzky, 31 40th St., Milwauke.e, Wis. 

Joseph Magalski, 428 2nd St., Menasha, Wis. 

Arthur A. LaRue, Corp., River St. Garage, Aurora. 

Leon Dombrowski, 1827 Rice St., Chicago. 

Harry P. Long (i), 290 Center Ave., Aurora. 

Tony Perello (1), 2009 W. Emerson Ave., Chicago. 

Wilham Pfeiler, 917 N. 8th St., Sheboygan, Wis. 

Frank Brazzale (i), Dueville, Italy. 

Anton E. Druml, 460 N. 39th St., West Milwaukee, 

Olaf Frederickson (i), Mt. Horeb, Wis. 

Clarence Doyle, Corp., 218 DeSota St., St. Paul, Minn. 

Henry C. Wienand (i), 49 Crocker St., East Freeport. 

Ulysses Vivian (1), 18 S. Frances St., Madison, Wis. 

Walter H. Graue (i), R. D. 2, Hinsdale. 

Samuel Friedman (i), 26 Post St., Kalem, Russia. 

Edward C. Lisk, Star Route, Danbury, Wis. 

Paul F. Wheat, 152 N. Galena Ave., Freeport. 

Wenzel Rettinger, R. D. 3, Antigo, Wis. 

Arthur W. Naeser, Corp., 459 Western Ave., North 
Milwaukee, Wis. 

Edward J. Ederer, R. D. i. Box 38, Spring Green, Wis. 

Fred Kohl (i), 220 Claim St., Aurora. 



Swan T. Olson, 918 North Ave., Waukegan. 

Bernard Fink (i), R. D. 2, Hilbert, Wis. 

Stanislaw Ropelewski, 671 Mitchell St., Milwaukee, 

Louis H. Niemann (i), 1545 Cornelia St., Chicago. 
John C. Benditz (i), 189 Jackson St., Aurora. 
Frank Berdick, Corp., 1600 S. Fisk St., Chicago. 
Allen Allison, Harrisburg, Mo. 

Dominic Conenna (i), Slola, Gare Province, Italy. 
Harry Woodard, Elroy, Wis. 

V'ito Colli (i), Spadola, Cadensare Province, Italy. 
Edwin Miller, 229 2nd St., Ne.enah, Wis. 
James Virona, 510 W. Madison St., Ottawa. 
John F. Wunschel, R. D. 2, Rock City. 
Charley Bifany, Corp., 1132 Chestnut St., Ottawa. 
John C. Anderson, 2517 13th Ave., Moline. 
Sam Levenberg (i), 740 Commerce Ave., Clinton, Iowa. 
Eugenic Lillani, 310 Westcott St., Kenosha, Wis. 
Frederick E. Jackson, Gerald, Ind. 
Moe Jacobs, 4817 Champlain Ave., Chicago. 

Tony Woicehowicz, 415 Metal St., Kenosha, Wis. 

Harney Gibrich, Corp., 836 North Robey St., Chicago. 

Harry M. Biggs, Austin St., near Robey, Chicago. 

Chester M. Anthony, 512% E. 6th St., Muscatine, la. 

Albert L. Maxwell, Alhambra, Alberta, Can. 

Melvin H. Londahl, 5014 S. Prairie Ave., Chicago. 

Ewald Fuhlbohm, Reedsburg, Wis. 

Henry O. Hahn (i), 6323 Greenfield Ave., West Allis, 

Guy R. Askey, 827 W. State St., Rockford. 

Leon C. Lighthart, Corp., 1209 Elm St., Rockford. 

Gustave S. Stefanik, Bug., 2325 W. Superior St., Chi- 

Andrew W. Chesney, 587 Taylor St., Portland, Ore. 

George C. Kruse, Sgt., 1432 Kenilworth Ave., Chicago. 

Eugene H. Conser, Sgt., 3301 Mitchell Ave., St. Joseph, 

Edward Bittner, Bottineau, N. D. 

George F. Deligeorgeis, 6i6 3rd Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Daniel J. Curran, 19 Downing St., Newport, R. I. 


Tames H. Barnett, Capt., Jefferson City, Tenn. 

Roy R. Rutledge. ist Lt., Potwin, Kans. 

Louis I. Bredvold, ist Lt., Springfield, Minn. 

William J. Aplington, 2d Lt., 1522 LaHarpe St., La 

Ernest R. Steeg, 2d Lt., 59 Gilbert Ave., Terre Haute, 

Andrew J. Daly, 2d Lt., 3722 N. Clifton Ave., Chicago. 

Georee M. Gleason, ist Sgt., 1612 W. Grand Ave., 

Lester Vanderhook, Sup. Sgt., 3840 Ferdinand St., 

Henry B. Silver (i), R. D. 3, Richland Center, Wis. 

George D. Thomas (i), 129 N. Francisco Ave., Chicago. 

Ole Dvergedal (i), R. D. 3, Stoughton, Wis. 

Harry C. Hopp, Cook, 1053 W. 63rd St., Chicago. 

Nicholas Marinacci (i), i.=;43 Elburn Ave., Chicago. 

Henry J. Young, Cook, East Park Ave., Liberty ville. 

Harry F. Lindvall, Corp., 2327 30th Ave., S., Minne- 
apolis, Minn. 

Edward L. Rezanka, Mech., 520 S. California Ave., 

Frank Czarhurski, Mech., 4412 S. Wood St., Chicago. 

Albert M. Huhle, Bug.. 1260 W. 63rd St., Chicago. 

John Genelli. Bug., 138 S. Western Ave., Chicago. 

George M. Hotek, Cook, 2734 S. Lawndale Ave., Chi- 

Richard Sylvester, Mech., River Falls, Wis. 

Fred W. Samme. Mech., 1940 Emerson Ave., Chicago. 

Walter J. O'Malley, Mess Sgt., 6524 Yale Ave., Chi- 

Joseph B. She.rry, Sgt., 2108 W. Erie St., Chicago. 

ingwald Tallakson, R. D. i, Rosholt, Wis. 

Isaac Nelson (i), R. D. 2, Box 44, Whitehall, Wis. 

Frank H. Spaulding, Trempealeau, Wis. 

Oscar Michaelson, R. D. 2, Diaram, Wis. 

Louis Gaetz, Box 105, Riplinger, Wis. 

Ole Vick, R. D. 2, Box 48, Eleva, Wis. 

Fred A. Cottrell, Corp., 3340 Flourney St., Chicago. 

Albert Gunderson (i), 2546 Newcastle Ave,, Chicago. 

Irvine Wagner, Bloomfield, Mont. 

Oscar Severson, R. D. 5, Arcadia, Wis. 

William Schoenfeldt, 26 Boyd St., Oshkosh, Wis. 

Will E. Jones, R. D. 4, Beaver Dam, Wis. 

Claus Mulder, R. D. i, Onalaska, Wis. 

Nickles Rupp, Corp., 1251 N. Pleasant St., Kenosha, 

Anton Nokleby, R. D. 2, Box 28, Pige.on Falls, Wis. 

Selmer Severson, R. D. i, Galesburg, Wis. 

Edward Perkins (i), R. D. 3, Box 41, Galesburg, Wis. 

Rinerth J. Thompson (i), Box loi, Ettrick, Wis. 

John W. Benderling, 1130 10th St., Oshkosh, Wis. 

Fred Enger, R. D. 2, Amery, Wis. 

Henry W. Johnke, R. D. 2, Goodhue, Minn. 

Albert Reisewitz, Corp., 1927 4th Ave., S., Minneapolis, 

Alfred C. Strand, R. D. 5, Arcadia, Wis. 

Isadore Goldstein (i), 1433 N. Hoyne Ave., Chicago. 

Charles G. Niles, Beloit, Wis. 

Fred E. Mundstad, White Hall, Wis. 

Charle.s W. Boeker (i), 1125 S. Webster Ave., Chicago. 

Orville J. Thomas, 420 Locust St., Beloit, Wis. 

Joseph J. Nejedly (i), 2721 S. Hamlin Ave., Chicago. 

Peter Annen, Corp., Middleton, Wis. 

Edwin A. Butterbrodt, R. D. 6, Box 61, Beaver Dam, 

Walter C. Selle, 220 Jefferson St., Whitewater, Wis. 

Stall Rozek. 571 1 Oakes Ave.. Sunerior, Wis. 

William Wirhanowicz, New Britain, Pa. 

Bernard O. Stjernquist. 8817 Princeton Ave., Chicago. 

Herman A. Boy, 114 N. Allen St., Madison, Wis. 

Reinhold Weinert, Corp., 467 Ceape St.. Oshkosh, Wis. 

Elmer R. Erickson, R. D. 2, Cannon Falls, Minn. 

George Rc'ssig, 607 Broadway, Patterson, N. J. 

Glen H. Sharp (i), 829 Ella St., Galesburg. 

John Knanik, 1729 N. Lincoln St., Chicago. 

Giovanni Digangi (i), 720-722 S. Racine Ave., Chicago. 

Balesiow Sielewicz, 6 Racine Ave., Kenosha, Wis. 

i\tathias Wierl. Colgate, Wis. 

Tames R. Walsh, Corp., 753 S. California Ave., Chicago. 

Walter Szemray, Lublin, Wis. 

John P.. Fuchs, R. D. i, Roanoke. 

August A. Wodnick, R. D. i. Box i';9, O.watonna, Minn. 

Archie Ackerman (i), R. D. i, Curtis, Wis. _ 

Thomas Morano (i), 222 Milwaukee St., Milwaukee, 

Nick Costatino, 649 N. Hoyne Ave., Chicago. 

George O. Jager, Corp., 2537 S. Lawndale Ave., Chi- 

Salvatore Fortunnato, 31 S. Francis St., Madison, Wis. 

Frank K. Wesolek, Sgt., i93S W. Superior St., Chicago. 

Frank Kelly, Sgt., 3845 Park Ave., Chicago. 

Georee Lambesis, Sgt., Kalamati, Masenea Province, 

George G. Weeks, Corp., New Boston. 

Herbert H. Harvey (i), Monmouth. 

Thomas W. Leland, 73 Algoma St., Oshkosh, Wis. 

Ernest R. Carlson, 13:8 6th St., W., Ashland, Wis. 

Thomas L. Theodor (i), 30 N. Broadway, Aurora. 

Thomas P. Kiggens, Morrisonville, Wis. 

Russell Sherwood (i), R. D. 2, London Mills. 

Vern E. Showers, no S. Madison St., Stoughton, Wis. 

Carl T. Simpson (i), R. D. i, Knoxville. 

Charles Peterson (i). New Windsor. 

Otto Christopherson, R. D. 2, Kilbourn, Wis. 

John E. Erickson, Quincy, Mass. 

Daniel P. Crowe, Tipperary, Ireland. 

Cornelius Neufeldt, Corp., 2548 S. Marshall Blvd., Chi- 

Robert I. Coan (i), 805 W. Elm St., Olney. 

George E. Swanson (i), 353 Howard St., Detroit, Mich. 

Chester C. Helmke, 2215 Division St., Madison, Wis. 

John Myhre, R. D. 2, Box 61, DeForest, Wis. 

Peter A. Ze.ier, R. D. i, Waunakee, Wis. 

William Burtalo (i), 2676 S. Main St., Burlington, la. 

Alexander Flugum, 116 S. 5th St., Stoughton, Wis. 

John H. Doyle, Corp., 3017 28th St., S. Park, Port 
Huron, Mich. 

Percy Pratt, R. D. 2, Trempealeau, Wis. 

Henry W. Phalen (i), 756 Curtew Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 

Orrin Parkin (i), Gilson. 

Robert C. Skare, Box 73, McFarland, Wis. 

Frank N. Waldner (1), R. D. 3, Galena, Blvd., Aurora. 

Michael Augustyn, Corp., 1820 W. Huron St., Chicago. 

Ray Vaughn, 93 Summer St., Galesburg. 

Wesley C. Steele (i), Joy. 

Bjame Bjerkvold, R. D. 3, Cambridge, Wis. 

Paul C. riaas, 1222 W. 7th St., St. Paul, Minn. 

1 98 


Oscar L. Leeder, R. D. i6, Swansville, Wis. 
Edmund F. Bergholz, London, Wis. 

Sverre Peterson (i), 201 S. Page St., Stoughton, Wis. 
Harold Cummins, Corp., 4701 W. Monroe St., Chicago. 
William Zahrndt, Jr., R. D. i, Galena. 
John S. Brede.son, Box 66, R. D. 4, Lodi, Wis. 
Peter Verhaeghe, 2nd St., Molina. 
Victor N. Hauge, 234 N. Avon St., Rockford. 
Matthew Bielema, Box 30, Fultor. 
Parker I. Moe, 319 S. Page St., Stoughton, Wis. 
Rurick W. Mattson, R. D. i, Box 56, Luck, Wis. 
Henry Fritz, Corp., R. D. i. Galena. 
Herbert A. Held, 861 Raymond Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 
Bruno Pesecky (i), 4710 S. Laflin St., Chicago. 
Theodore Anderson, 619 i6th Ave., W., Ashland, Wis. 
Edgar D. Nicholls, R. D. 2, Morrisonville, Wis. 
I^ester C. Hussin, Main St., Stevens Point, Wis. 
Carl J. Hegseth, Box 75, Dennison, Minn. 
Arden A. Longcroft, 921 Oak St., Berlin, Wis. 
John C. Street, Corp., Viola. 

Harry R. Grace, Sgt., 534 W. 44th St., Chicago. 
Raymond J. Devereux, Sgt., 532 N. Paulina St., Chi- 
Norman R. Jamieson, Sgt., 5010 W. Winchester Ave., 

George Townsend (i), 742 Euclid St., St. Paul, Minn. 
Benedict Liebig, Box 74, Roanoke. 

Antwine Payette, 815 Arbustis St., Rhinelander, Wis. 
Alfred E. Fulmore, 889 Westminster St., St. Paul, 

Rudolph R. Fohler (i), Box 97, Owatonna, Minn. 
Arndt Anderson, 2702 W. 22nd St., Superior, Wis. 
Christ Papuchis, Corp., 1553 W. Division St., Chicago. 
Charles R. Cobb, 640 Indian Ave., Aurora. 
Tony Schapinska (i), 881 Komock St., Manasha, Wis. 
Frank Taylor (1), 1646 W. Park Ave., Chicago. 
William H. Wendorf, Corp., 11 14 S. 12th St. Manitowoc, 

Walter Roberts, 1027 E. Main St., Watertown, Wis. 
Diedrick Dirks, R. D. i. Round Lake, Minn. 
Joseph A. Szuminski, Three Lakes, Wis. 
James J. McManus, Corp., Nokomis. 
Thomas J. Coulthard, 107 McDowell St., Delavan, Wis. 
William Williams (i), R. D. 2, Matamora. 
John Melissaris (i). Golden Rule, Flower Dept., St., 

Paul, Minn. 
Nels B. Anderson (i), Box 52, Hawley, Minn. 
Gilbert S. Shover, Jackson, Minn. 
Francis Pendergast, Springfield, Wis. 
Pe.ter Mrozek, Dodge, Wis. 

John Carrubba, Corp., 2048 W. Erie St., Chicago. 
Gerald J. Cease (i), 194 Eaton Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 
Jesse J. Jacobs, Box 406, Lena. 
George Windjue, Star Route, Whitehall, Wis. 
John A. Rice, R. D. 2, Lyons, Wis. 
Arestotales Frangakes, 108 W. 5th Ave., Gary, Ind. 
Albin Bowman, 227 E. loth St., St. Paul, Minn. 
John D. Brynstad (1), R. D. 4, Ellendale, Minn. 
Henry Nicolosi, Corp., Fort Cobb, Okla. 
William J. Suick (i), 1216 5th Ave., S., Antigo, Wis. 
Peter Nysted, Box 48, Hazel Hurst, Wis. 
Thomas W. Sode,n, 2618 W. 36th Place, Chicago. 
Lawrence Clausen, R. D. i, Cushing, Wis. 
Sam J. Berry (i), 6412 S. Alder St., Tacoma, Wash. 
Tjark R. Harms, R. D. 4, Box 14, Minonk. 
Walter Thompson (i), 3542 S. Robey St., Chicago. 
Marshall Olson, Corp., Box 76, Marseilles. 
Charles L. Duell, Elizabetha. 
Guy R. Leiby, R. D. 3, Thorp, Wis. 
Roy R. Beaver, R. D. 5, Sun Prairie, Wis. 
David E. Anderson (i), 1601 Miller St., Worthington, 

Lionel Schwartz, 303 E. Fulton St., Edgerton, Wis. 
John S. Anderson (i), 2^ E. College Ave., St. Paul, 

Frank J. Smith, Corp., 1052 Florida St., Los Angeles, 

John H. Whisson, 224 Water St., Baraboo, Wis. 
Anthony Roessler, R. D. i, Sandusky, Wis. 
Fred A. Grier, 113 E. Lawton St., Edgerton, Wis. 

Hiram Masury, R. D. i. Box no, DePere, Wis. 

Tony Tasse.r, Box 22, Baraboo, Wis. 

John O. Johnson, 200 Academy St., Stoughton, Wis. 

Walter Hessel, Corp., 11 19 N. Main St., Rockford. 

Engelbert Schwartz, Box 131, Green Spring, Wis. 

Otto C. Wilshusen, Sgt., 319 N. Avers Ave., Chicago. 

Clarence Sharrow, Sgt., 515 S. Elson St., Kirksville, 

foseph Panegasser, Sgt., 459 N. Artesian Ave., Chicago. 

Charles Schuster, Box 74, Marshall, Wis. 

Edward Schroeder, R. D. i. Box 94, Deerfield, Wis. 

Paul M. Conley, Box 483, Reedsburg, Wis. 

Goldwin J. Opie, Galena. 

Richard Bryant, 129 E. Bunker St., St. Paul, Minn. 

.Albert J. Olson, R. D. 2, Rhinelander, Wis. 

Edward Duncanson, R. D. 6, Mondovi, Wis. 

Harry E. Gundlaff (i), 618 Olmstead St., Winona, 

George S. Hart (i), 631 N. Hamlin Ave., Chicago. 

Aaron H. Winslow, E. Milwaukee St., Oconomowoc, 

John A. Heen, Box 72, Dennison, Minn. 

I^ouis C. Sullivan (i). Box 152, Apple River. 

Lewis P. Schultz, Corp., R. D. 2, Sandwich. 

Theodore SchonhofF (i), R. D. i. East Dubuque. 

Elmer R. Hofer (i), Fountain City, Wis. 

Martin Seward, R. D. 49, Leland. 

Omeal N. Olson, R. D. 44, Earlville. 

Barney Michales, 62 Ratbone St., Aurora. 

Rudolph Strommen, 385 20th Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Timothy McDermott, 45 Van Riepen Ave., New Jersey, 
N. J. 

Charles Thomas, Corp., Marseilles. 

Carl F. Holmgren, Corp., Box 36, Bayfield, Wis. 

Harold C. Jolley, Corp., Black Rivex Falls, Minn. 

Herman Schuld, Corp., R. D. i, Sharon, Wis. 

Miles Strudevant, Corp., Phlox, Wis. 

John H. Lance, Corp., 419 Ogden Ave., Superior, Wis. 

Acel Vannocker, Corp., R. D. 7, Box 16, Black River 
Falls, Wis. 

Bernard Schonhofif (i), R. D. i, East Dubuque. 

Lawrence Covelli, Corp., 59 Ne.well St., Kenosha, Wis. 

Daniel Sullivan, Darlington, Wis. 

Amos E. Noren (i), Millington. 

Anton Stamatcpulos (i), 729 LaFayette St., Ottawa. 

.Mfred Brokke, Kenyon, Minn. 

Jacob Soppeland (i), R. D. 49, Box 26, Leland. 

Edward L. Robb, Afton, Wis. 

Salve Orbeck (i), R. D. 36, Sheridan. 

Walter J. Olson, Corp., 1626 Centennial Place, Chicago. 

Henry Granseth, R. D. 4, Box 68, Pine Island. 

Charles W. Helm, 1553 N. ist St., Geneva. 

Roman Lake, 98 Locust St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Charles Mandt, 369 17th Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Agibito Orlando, 182 Michigan St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Clyde H. Smith, 334 Ave., East St. Louis. 

Henry C. Schunk, R. D. 2, Scales Mound. 

Michael L. Gilmartin, Corp., 519 N. Drake Ave., Chi- 

John Dahle (i), Kenyon, Minn. 

Sefanias Bremseth (i), R. D. 4, Goodline, Minn. 

Emil Wenger, R. D. 3, Stockton. 

Louis J. Pelletier (i), 662 George Ave., Aurora. 

Emil Sommerfeldt, 303 E. Fulton St., Edgerton, Wis. 

William Pitcher (i). Sandwich. 

William McPartlin, Corp., 493 Washington St., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 

Joseph Kosinski, Hurley, Wis. 

John J. Chapek, Sgt., 2407 S. Harding Ave., Chicago. 

Tohn Eron, R. D. 3, Box 86, Stevens Point, Wis. 

Allen W. Holbrook, R. D. 2, Virgas, Ottertail Co., 

Otto Kremling, R. D. s, Halletsville, Texas. 

Michael L. Harding, Boyd, Wis. 

Bert A. Helderbrand, Whelen Springs, Ark. 

Ernest Petersen, 910 Wolfram St., Chicago. 

Tames T. Wildes, R. D. 2, Manassas, Ga. 

.Summie; Wilson, Jefferson, Ga. 

John J. Mullen, 1029 George St., Chicago. 


Cecil H. Gates, ist Lt., 845 Center St., Chicago. 
Carlyle H. Kussell, ist Lt., Buckley. 
Gustav Heineman, 2d Lt., 407 S. i6th St., LaCrosse, 

Russell K. Smith, ist Lt., Fredericktown, Ohio. 
Rupert Suffling, 2d Lt., S. i6th & Z St., Ft. Smith, 

Elmer T. Anderson (i), R. D. 3, Rush City, Minn. 



John Janushatis, ist Sgt., 66 Allen St., Bridgeport, 

David Ehrenberg, Sup. Sgt., 1208 N. Western Ave., 

Heritian A. Prahl (i), R. D. 3, Sleepy Eye, Minn. 
Frank ^^. Beyer (i), R. D. 5, New London, Wis. 
Ben C. Simonson, Corp., 3430 Lyndale Ave., N., Min- 
neapolis, Minn. 
Nicholas Lazorevich, Cook, 1710 W. Chicago Ave., Chi- 
Clarence Gardner, Mech., R. D. 4, Viroqua, Wis. 
Tohn M. Schmidt, Cook, 1249 Turner Ave., Chicago. 
John R. Flnig, R. D. 7, Sparta, Wis. 
Sam Fibe, Cook, 1645 Washburn Ave., Chicago. 
Tohn Grolla, Cook, 5040 Huron St., Chicago. 
John A. Johnson, Mech., 7218 Champlin Ave., Chicago. 
"Walter P. Kocher, Bug., 1513 W. 6ist St., Chicago. 
Adolph P. Jonas, Bug., R. D. 1, Box 84, Goodhue, 

Axel W. Pearson, Mech., R. D. i, Box 82, Red Wing, 

Karl Youngnuist, Mech., Copas, Minn. 
Joseph H. Shields, Mess Sgt., 5410 Dorchester Ave., 

Oluf Dalr, Sgt., 1317 N. California Ave., Chicago. 
Waldemar Von Ruden (i), R. D. 4, Box 16, Westby, 

Aerhart H. Brandt, R. D. i. Spring Valley, Minn. 
Abraham Applebaum (i), r379 Milwaukee Ave., Chicago. 
Carl Hanson, i~, E. College St., Algona, Iowa. 
Robert Archie Stinson, R. D. i, Dakota, Minn. 
Michael Krentz, 1420 3rd Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Julius M. Raymond, Corp., 17 13 West Ave,, S., La 

Crosse, Wis. 
Harry Bloom, Galva. 

Adolph A. Asp (i), R. D. 2, Genoa, Wis. 
William F. Beisel (t), 3000 S. Wells St., Chicago. 
Harris R. Selander, R. D. 2, Welch, Minn. 
Helmer Engelstad, Holman, Wis. 
Frederick Klehn, Star Route, Tomahawk, Wis. 
Samuel W. Cloutman, Corp., 7 Goodell St., Salem, 

Constantine Zukoski (i), Box 240, Divernon. 
Oscar Mottestad (i), Rockton, Wis. 
Max W. Bruske, R. D. 3, Plainview, Minn. 
Sander Jacobson (i), R. D. i, Genoa, Wis. 
Jesse A. Collins (i), R. D. 3, Westby, Wis. 
Louis T. Anderson, 512 17th Ave., S., Minneapolis, 

Arville T. Trostrud (1), R. D. 2, Box 3, Kenyon, Minn. 
Byron F. Pope, Corp., Wyacena, Wis. 
John E. Nulty, R. D. 5, Goodhue, Minn. 
Carl W. Meyer, R. D. i, Rockland, Wis. 
John Rodowca (i), 1326 Victoria St., Waukegan. 
Carl A. Hanson (i), Westby, Wis. 
Fred R. Wrobel, R. D. 3. Viroqua, Wis. 
John P. Collins, R. D. 5, Box 88, Benson, Minn. 
Frank Rudar, Corp., 2818 S. Turner St., Chicago. 
Irwin C. Tornow, 1115 Appleton St., Appleton, Wis. 
John Demas, goo Grand Ave., Chicago. 
Calvin Johnson, R. D. i. Box 69, Sparta, Wis. 
Reinhold Pasch, 947 Gilmore St., Apple.ton, Wis. 
Felix Omernik, R. D. i, Amherst, Wis. 
Morton A. Smith, 11 18 Gohres St., LaCrosse, Wis. 
George Skestos, Corp., 1314 Indiana Ave., Sheboygan, 

Helmuth Mantzke, R. D. i, Box 74, Cashton, Wis. 
Peter H. Stephan, R. D. i, LaCrosse, Wis. 
John Kooi, 1403 S. 12th Ave., Fulton. 
Stanie Vaiculie (i), 4518 S. Wood St., Chicago. 
Robert LeMieux (i), Seymour, Wis. 
Orlando Hegge, Westby, Wis. 
Lawrence VanRooy, Corp., 844 Fair St., Appleton, 

Enrico Rossini, 2111 Emerson Ave., Chicago. 
Albert Barmack, 1313 St. Louis Ave., S., Chicago. 
Nunzio Bentivegne, 450 W. Chicago Ave., Chicago. 
Joseph Toennessen (i), 690 24th St., Milwauke,e, Wis. 
Gaetano D'Anna, 55 Cortile Partosabvo St., Corleone 

Provinzio Palermo, Italy. 
Louis Amdahl, Mabel, Minn. 
Charles H. Foot-e, Corp., South Haven, Mich. 
August C. DeSutter, Box 10, Atkinson. 
James O'Hearn, Corp., 6125 S. Kildare Ave., Chicago. 
Samuel G. Roth, Sgt., Evergreen Ave., Chicago. 
Hyman L. Minkus, Sgt., 2345 Potomac Ave., Chicago. 
Luther Williams, Sgt., R. D. i. Box 2, Alma. 
Bert V. Haskel (i), 1828 Iowa Ave., Superior, Wis. 

Ray M. Russell, Box 85, Humbird, Wis. 

William F. Rohde, Juneau, Wis. 

Emil Christopherson, R. D. 2, Stanley, Wis. 

John H. Brand (i), Bangor, Wis. 

Martin Berg, R. D. 2, I5ox 83, Independence, Wis. 

Edward G. Ploetz, Corp., 1010 loth St., Milwaukee, 

Herman O. Zander, 624 6th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Edgar F. Grap (i), R. D. 3, Box 109, Neillsville, Wis. 
Bernard Elmendorf, Thorpe, Wis. 
William H. Brinkman (i), 429 Sherburne Ave., St. 

Paul, Minn. 
John T. Bartkowiak (i), 920 4th Ave., Stevens Point, 

Martin A. Kunde (i), R. D. 3, Zumbrota, Minn. 
Frank Chilla, 1016 2nd St., Stevens Point, Wis. 
Wallace S. Wooster, Corp., 173 E. King St., Winona, 

Walter E. Larson, 502 W. Davenport St., Rhinelander, 

Herbert Mauch (i), 1067 4th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Walter F. Kruger (i), Box 389, Hurley, Wis. 
Carl Kading (i), 913 N. Elm St., Owatonha, Minn. 
Eddie Young, Loyal, Wis. 

Otto W. Kopplin, R. D. 6, Janesville, Wis. 
Thomas W. Brown, 316 Convention St., Baton Rouge, 

Joseph H. Lobussen, Corp., Grand Ave., Little Chute, 

Elmer H. Koepke, R. D. 3, Box 42, Whitehall, Wis. 
Christian Ericksmoen, R. D. 2, Box 3, Blair, Wis. 
Otto Loesch, 2219 Vliet St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Frank Kryszewski, 585 1st St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Ernest W. Grulke, R. D. 35, Box 2, Clinton, Wis. 
Lawrence E. Hanan (i), Mondovi, Wis. 
Harry Fast, 1402 4th St., Beloit, Wis. 
Charles T. Krueger, Corp., R. D. 2, Appleton, Wis. 
Joseph Giacomino (i). Box 240, Iron Belt, Wis. 
Edwin Gunz, R. D. 2, Spencer, Wis. 
Emil O. Knecht,, Wis. 
Cornell Hagen, Box F, Strum, Wis. 
John W. Hughes, R. D. 2, Starbuck, Minn. 
August Fisher (1), 1315 S. 7th St., Duluth, Minn. 
Ernest Otto, Box 272, Butternut, Wis. 
Roman L. Springel, Corp., 1076 E. 8th St., Winona, 

Eddie Gilbertson, R. D. 4, Eleva, Wis. 
Alesander Smith (i), 206 Spruce St., Aurora. 
Rudolph Ortlieb, R. D. 2, Dorchester, Wis. 
Jonas Heggem, R. D. 3, ^Iorris. 

Percy RoUinger, Corp., 623 Winona St., Winona, Minn. 
Robert J. ^filler (i), 2626 W. 22nd Place, Chicago. 
Louis A. Lloyd (i), R. D. i, Columbia, Wis. 
Frank M. Linde, Afton, Wis. 
Toe F. Katarski (i). Three Lakes, Wis. 
George Kutcher, R. D. 3, Box 86, Blair, Wis. 
Peter Kina, 728 W. 2ist St., Chicago. 
Edward Konieczka, Corp., 118 Cudahy Ave., Cudahy, 

Walter A. Houle, S. Adam St., Green Bay, Wis. 
Jonas A. Berglund, Corp., North Branch, Minn. 
Byron P. Rublee, Sgt., 5439 Kenwood Ave., Chicago. 
Fred Smolowich, Sgrt., 2120 W. Division St., Chicago. 
Edward H. Spreine, Sgt., 2445 W. North Ave., Chicago. 
Ernest R. Kronke (i). R. D. 3, Tyler, Minn. 
Fred E. Lidtke (i), Fox Lake, Wis. 
Jesse D. Boomer, R. D. 5, Jerseyville. 
Christian Chrispensen, R. D. 26, Box 28, Beloit, Wis. 
Al M. Anderson, 612 N. sth St., DeKalb. 
August C. Ganger (i), R. D. i, Wheaton. 
William S. Doyle, Corp., 709 Hawthorne Ave., Min- 
neapolis, Minn. 
Fred Prazeau (i), Odanah,, Wis. 
Luther Kittleson (i). Box 158, Albany, Wis. 
Gustave E. Brandt, R. D. i. Cataract, Wis. 
Albert Stillson, 140 Rockford St., Forest Park. 
Roy L. Claflin (i), R. D. 2, Gardner, Wis. 
Ernest G. Johnson (i), R. E). i, Wayzata, Minn. 
Herman Blise, Iron Bejt, Wis. 
Barthel C. Pehrson, Corp., 535 Centennial St., Red 

Wing, Minn. 
Lucian Hunter, R. D. 2, Galesville, Wis. 
Peter DeCrane, Atkinson. 

Kristian S. Kvam (1), R. D. 3, Mcintosh, Minn. 
Gerhart O. Schultz (i), R. D. 2, Goodhue, Minn. 
Andrew Carlson, 522 N. Brown St., Rhinelander, Wis. 
Peter A. Berg, Arcadia, Wis. 
Arthur W. Shields (i), 6656 Woodlawn Ave., Chicago. 



Orville R. Sanfird, Corp., LaFarge, Wis. 
Walter C. Banasik, 1465 Redfield St., LaCrosse, Wis. 
Bernard H. Hoffman, R. D. i, Mosinee, Wis. 
Christian Lundberg (i), R. D. 2, Box 38, Rhinelander, 

Roy C. Chelstrom, R. D. 2, Orion. 
Russell L. Bryan, 411 State St., Ripon, Wis. 
Frank C. Gerholtz, R. D. 6, Box 86, Merrill, Wis. 
William S. Ekwall, Box 61, Andover. 
Jerome Davis, Corp., 727 N. 4th St., Sheboygan, Wis. 
Michael Silas, Box 23, Odanah, Wis. 
Henry Jentzer, 2029 W. 21st Place, Odanah, Wis. 
Delbert D. Shepard, 903 Cedar Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 
John J. Segneri (1), 206 Wall St., Sterling. 
Frederick Brummond, R. D. 1, Janesville, Wis. 
William Eckel, Box 24, Arcadia, Wis. 
Anton J. Schurrer, Corp., 1839 N. isth St., Sheboygan, 

William Breneman, 412 S. Belham, Rhinelander, Wis. 
Gervase S. Kane, Box 53, Fox Lake, Wis. 
Martin G. Gambsky, R. D. 12, Menasha, Wis. 
Henry Ulvi (i), Arthyde, Minn. 
Joseph Levine, R. D. i, Box 84, Ogema, Wis. 
Phillip Pohl, Jr., Glidden, Wis. 
John J. Bard, Corp., 20 E. Indiana Ave., St. Paul, 

William C. Keebler, 1006 6th Ave., Sterling. 
Lois Zauk, Pilagy Megye Felso Varcza, Hungary. 
James M. Johnson, Box 2, Onamia, Minn. 
Louis W. Neveaux, LaPoint, Ladeline Island, Wis. 
Louis J. Ecker, Tomahawk Lake, Wis. 
Bernard Broadbent, Appleton, Minn. 
Hamlet Johnson, Corp., R. D. i, Robbinsdale, Minn. 
Harry C. Stedman (i), 1924 Main St., Peru. 
Marvin H. Kilton, Corp., 707 Georgia Ave., Sheboygan, 

Charles Erickson, Sgt., 3401 LeMoine St., Chicago. 
George Snipan, Sgt., 1410 N. Taylor St., St. Louis, Mo. 
David H. Misroc, Sgt., 112 Crafton St., Brooklyn, N. 

William T. Sagler, Dakota, Minn. 
Edwin Danielson, R. D. 2, Box 50, Mabel, Minn. 
Hilmer Thoreson (i), Zumbrota, Minn. 
Edward J. Zuroff (i), 9th & Crevecove, La Salle. , 

Ben E. Bengston, R. D. 2, Linstrom, Minn. 
Alfred Christopherson, 808 13th Ave., S., Minneapolis, 

George F. Schubring, Corp., Kaukauna, Wis. 
Oscar Erickson, 1004 12th Ave., E., Duluth, Minn. 
Guy R. Bre,nt, Biggsville. 
Dan Hearty, Dorset, Minn. 
Alfred Spute, Glen Post Office, Minn. 
Claus G. Rustad,. R. D. i, Dennison, Minn. 
Francis A. Robinson (i), 59 E. Sanborn St., Winona, 

Fred A. Carlson, Corp., 1625 Ashland Ave., St. Paul, 


Steffen Thine, R. D. 4, Box 14, Zumbrota, Minn. 

John Hanson, 281 Fuller Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 

Cecil B. Lancaster (i), R. D. 2, Prophet'stown. 

RomwaJfl J. Ritter, 652 E. 4th St., Wmona, Minn. 

Fred E. Hundt (i), 2015 4th St., E., Peru. 

Clarence Goodwin (i), 15 13 10th St., Peru. 

Edwin E. Wilde, R. D. s, Markesan, Wis. 

Howard Bumgarner, Corp., Box 147, Spring Valley, 

August Pudrowski, 432 Normal Ave., Stevens Point, 

Gideon Gray (i), R. D. 3, Eyota, Minn. 
William Blum, 56 Lyndale Ave., S., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Eddie Bjork, R. D. 4, Box 82, North Branch, Minn. 
Paul Bateman, R. D. 3, LaPorte, City, Iowa. 
Anton J. Winczewski (i), 917 E. 6th St., Winona, 

Harry O. Carlson, R. D., Box 32, T^idstTom, Minn. 
Harry B. Lee, Corp., 425 W. Sanborn St., Winona, 

Addick A. Beckgren, R. D. 2, Northwood, N. D. 
Archie Newell, Box 102, Tyler, Minn. 
Harvey W. ,Allen, 625 73rd Ave., West Allis, Wis. 
William Bartlein, 87 40th St., Wauwautosa, Wis. 
Walter Galla (i), 1529 N. Claremont Ave., Chicago. 
Charles Knutson, Hebron. 

Rolland W. Arnold (i), R. D. 3, Preston, Minn. 
William Storm, Corp., 1193 Lawrence St., Appleton, 

Carl N. Isaacson, R. D. i, Scandinavia, Wis. 
Edward J. Knutsman, 1059 N. Wood St., Chicago. 
Harry H. Boyd, Mabel, Minn. 
John Suchomel, R. D. 4, Sun Prairie, Wis. 
Robert Flemming (i), Dayton. 
Richard Cherwenka, Merrill, Wis. 
Ray R. Hover, Corp., R. D. 3, Barron, Wis. 
John J. Machutt, 423 Chatiield St., Winona. 
James E. Kent (i), 1923 Ohio St., Chicago. 
Algot M. Westin (i), Myckilby Husby, Sweden. 
George Dietz, 2433 Vortez St., Chicago. 
Edward J. Klabel (i), Peru 
Leo Utterback, Clay City. 
Nathan Goldfein, Corp., 514 Hugitt Ave., Superior, 

Arrie A. Rubnitz (i), 583 nth St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Alael Erickson, Sgt., 5825 Roger Ave., Chicago. 
Frank J. Balke, Sgt., Allendale Farm School, Lake 

Villa, Wis. 
Paul Dominico, 219 E. 121st St., New York, N. Y. 
Fred L. StefTey, 611 W. loth St., Kansas City, Mo. 
Henry G. Laughren, R. D. 2, Clarksville, Tenn. 
Herman Sanders, R. D. i, Fullerton, N. D. 
Charles C. Hamilton, Tyner, Ky. 
Ingrahmal Kellermann, Elkton, Huron, Mich. 
Frank D. Dunlap, R. D. 2, Paducah, Ky. 
Clarence L. Mehornay, 20 E. 7th St., Cincinnati, Ohio. 


Robert D. Pittman, ist Lt., Mound City. 

Lyle W. Hines, ist Lt., 3 1 1 E. Blue Earth Ave., 

Fairmont, Minn. 
Alexander Golbus, 2d Lt., 1305 S. Fairfield Ave., Chi- 
Byrne A. Jackson, 2d Lt., looi Wilson Ave., Menomo- 

nee. Wis. 
Edward S. Axline, ist Lt., We^iona. 
Allan B. Dawson, ist Sgt., 3457 S. Western Blvd., 

Lawrence B. Sterling, Sup. Sgt., 1409 Vine Place, 

Minneapolis, Minn. 
Walter J. Herzog (i), 315 Holly Ave., Owatonna, 

Joseph Benzschawel, Mech., R. D. 3, Box 81, Thorp, 

Albert Borgen (i), R. D. 4, Box loi, Cumberland, 

John Huttel, Cook, R. D. 2, Box 3, Duluth, Minn. 
Charles H. Lind (i), 631 Erie St., S. E., Minneapolis, 

Paul G. Sommer, Cook, 3350 Lexington St., Chicago. 
Joseph Hammill, Corp., 530 13th Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Martin Sokoloski, Corp., 1016 W. Dunham St., South 

Bend, Ind. 
Einer M. Pearson, Mech., 613 8th St., Rockford. 
Leon R. Lucas, Cook, Wadsworth. 

Joseph M. Stevens, Bug., 716 Ottawa Ave., St. Paul, 

Erick P. Jern, .Bug., C. B. & Q. R. R. Ofiice, 373 
Marion Ave., Aurora. 

Tony Randich, Cook, 746 Wabash Ave., Chicago. 

Joseph Butrem, Mech., Box 4, Lincoln Ave., Two 
Rivers, Wis. 

Roy A. Larson, Mech., 3452 32nd Ave., S., Minne- 
apolis, Minn. 

Henry Appelbaum, Mess Sgt., 2255 W. Walton St., 

Frank R. Zareck, Sgt., 471 sist St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Joseph Baranowski (i), 5333 W. Eddy St., Chicago. 

Harry Belden (i). Box 198, Sheridan. 

Olaf Christiansen (i), R. D. i, Box 55, Ridgeland, Wis. 

Gust Bloomquist (i), 1712 8th St., Rockford. 

Raymond Gilbertson (i), R. D. i, Wahkon, Minn. 

Paolino Buchignani (i), 3214 K. Kostner Ave., Chi- 

Louis J. Trunde, Corp., 1311 Cherry St., Milwaukee, 

Waclow M. Weber (i), 5057 3oth Place, Cicero. 

Stanley Buretta (i), R. D. 6, Arlington, S. D. 

Anton Chatovich (i), 927 Market St., DeKalb. 

Jack Gottlieb (i), 6i Stagg St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Theodore Egeland (i), 1104 Chicago St., Lyons, Iowa. 

Napoleon Amans (i), R. D. i, Rice Lake, Wis. 



Godfrey Erickson, 2201 W. 2nd St., Duluth, Minn. 

George Stevens, Corp., 1003 Wakefield Ave., St. Paul, 

Harry Economos (i), 2912 W. Chicago Ave., Chicago. 

Oscar Bjugstad, R. D. 2, Box 132, Barron, Wis. 

Arnold W. Lent, Box .12, Stacy, Minn. 

Ervin W. Hemp, R. D. 5, Neillsville, Wis. 

Harry Banderob, Thorp, Wis. 

Carl E. Gustafson (i), R. D. i. Box 72,' Forest Lake, 

William G. Edens, R. D. i, Granton, Wis. 

Harley E. Pyle, Corp., 739 E. 90th Place, Chicago. 

Walter E. Colbert, R. D. 5, Box 22, Chetek, Wis. 

John A. Isaacson, Airdrie, Alberta, Can. 

Frederick Ruddick, Harmony, Minn. 

Oliver Beard, 1386 Curran St., Rhinelander, Wis. 

Axel H. Benson, R. D. 2, Box 72, Barron, Wis. 

James M. Hagstrom, Box 126, Chicago City, Minn. 

Benjamin Bodwin, R. D. 3, Neillsville, Wis. 

Frank Marcinkiewicz, Corp., 1326 4th Ave., Milwaukee, 

Henry Rappleye, 116 3rd St., South Orange, N. J. 

Elmer R. Olson (i), R. D. 2, Winter, Wis. 

Gerrit Kampstra, R. D., Harmony, Minn. 

Galen A. Anderson, 814 S. Main St., Rice Lake, Wis. 

Joseph Frederickson (1), R. D. i, Grandy, Minn. 

Frank Mrozek, 862 E. Zcmber St., Winona, Minn. 

Alfred L. Skoglund, R. D. i. Box 18, Amhej-st, Wis. 

Peter Tomaska, Corp., Zayugrocz, Trenscin, Hungary. 

Christ Schranz (1), R. D. 4, Box 48, Rice Lake, Wis. 

Harry A. Foss (i), R. D. 4, Box 72, Spring Grove, 

Beell Popkuwicz, 704 Wells St., St. Paul, Minn. 

Martin F. Hoist, Plainview, Minn. 

John Rutell, 1329 Jackson St., Waukegan. 

Russell McLamarrah, R. D. 4, Elizabeth. 

Melvin B. Christie, Corp., Box 154, Lanesboro, Minn. 

Fred L. Kohli (i), 323 N. Jefferson St., Monroe, Wis. 

Frank Valone, 4603 Patterson Ave., Chicago. 

Baldassare Gioppo, 1003 Sanford St., Rockford. 

William Hardies, 2231 Cortez St., Chicago. 

William J. Himmel, Curtiss, Wis. 

Arthur E. Hill (i), 307 9th St., S., Virginia, Minn. 

Steve Beczkowski, Corp., 829 Humbolt Ave., Milwau- 
kee, Wis. 

Peter W. Kropiskowski, R. D. i. Box 14, Amherst 
Junction, Wis. 

Frank Mikulski, Sgt., 819 Rockwejl St., Chicago. 

Joseph Samborsky, Sgt., Cholojow Palaw, Galicia, 

William Brannan, Sgt., 6313 Evans Ave., Chicago. 

Samuel Halvorson (i), R. D. 4, Barron, Wis. 

John M. Huiras (i), R. D. 5, care Frank Crotteau, 
Rice Lake, Wis. 

Alfred H. Johnson (i), 217 6ist Ave., W., West Duluth, 

John E. Forsell, R. D. 2, Cumberland, Wis. 

John I. Gustafson, 230 Sanders St., Rockford. 

Anthony Mitchka, Corp., Plank St., Kaukauna, Wis. 

Carl J. Gran (i), R. D. 2, New Albin, Iowa. 

Oscar Erickson (i), R. D. i, Box 36, Lindstrow, 

Arthur Anderson, R. D. 4, Eleva, Wis. 

Aimer G. Molum (i), Prairie Farm, Wis. 

Gustaf Erlandson (i), R. D. i. North Branch, Minn. 

Otto F. Goertz (i), Hammond, Minn. 

Carl A. Huecker (i), R. D. i, Brownsville, Minn. 

Frank J. Monahan, Corp., 482^/^ Murray Ave., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 

Joe Castrogiovanni, 1221 S. Court St., Rockford. 

Leo F. King, Wabasha, Minn. 

Olaf A. Larson, 1401 Washington Ave., S., Minneap- 
olis, Minn. 

Louis Rheingans, R. D. 2, Millville, Minn. 

Adolph Rudahl, 430 Banfil St., St. Paul, Minn. 

Arthur R. Lundeen, R. D. i. Box 113, Harris, Minn. 

Nicholas Maser, Corp., 3233 Nagle Ave., Chicago. 

John A. Awe, R. D. 4, Box 67, Greenwood, Wis. 

Thomas Huckstead, R. D. 4, Neillsville, Wis. 

Albert T. Moser, R. D. i. Moose Lake, Minn. 

Edwin Hanson (1), R. D. i. Harmony, Minn. 

Henry O. Taylor, 1413 Ashland Ave., Rockford. 

Edwin Gunde.rson, R. D. i, Cameron, Wis. 

Victor Kalinowski, 1350 Holt St., Chicago. 

Leonard J. Beck, Corp., 1250 Lawrence St., Appleton, 

Frank S. Bogucki, 2107 2nd St., N., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Oris C. Thorsen, Box 113, Newark. 

Edwin Niebeling, R. D. i. Box 37, Brownsville, Minn. 

Joseph E. Nelson, Box 92, Post Office, Center City, 

Joe H. Domer, R. D. i. Unity, Wis. 

Earl G. Hall, R. D. i, Box no, Mazeppa, Minn. 

Edmund Rogowski, Corp., 826 N. Marshfield Ave., 

Franklin Dibbles, R. D. 4. Barron, Wsi. 

Helmer Hallum, R. D. 2, Box 4, Whalan, Minn. 

Boleslaus Hejdak, no 7th Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Max T. Pickett (i), R. D. 46, Leland. 

Louis Janczewski, 1115 6th Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Ansel L. Hill (i), R. D. 3. Box 48, Elroy, Wis. 

Walter Skonieczny, 783 loth Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

John E. Harrison, Corp., Skaar, N. D. 

Albert Legrand, Jr., Station F, R. D. 3, Box 60, Minne- 
apolis, Minn. 

John E. Lundering, R. D. 3, Spring Grove, Minn. 

Martin Wrycza, 952 i6th Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Oliver J. Langjahr, Box 203, Colby, Wis. 

John P. Demuth, 583 High St., Aurora. 

Albert Weshetzky, 899 nth Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Jerome Grabara, Corp., 4822 Wegg Ave., East Chicago, 

Luigi Zanello, 1006 Indiana St., Chicago. 

George Wachholz, Sgt., 2240 Augusta St., Chicago. 

Francis Czernck, Sgt., 1818 Rice St., Chicago. 

Charles H. Martin, 'Sgt., 3260 N. California Ave., Chi- 

Emil Jorgenson (i), R. D. 2, Caledonia, Minn. 

Carl E. Nelson (i), 1422 James Ave., N., Minneapolis, 

William Magaski (i), 2843 W. Walton St., Chicago. 

Arthur A. Meyers (i), 369 Maple Ave., Aurora. 

Arthur O. Lukuma (i). Box 431, Hancock, Mich. 

Frank Palmauist (i), R. D. i, Taylors Falls, Minn. 

Joseph V. Tatur, Corp., Strickland, Wis. 

Walter Kilinsky (i), 910 Astor St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

George A. Muiar (i), 1005 Charles St.. Streator. 

Bernard Paul (i). Box 85, Wyoming. Minn. 

Louie Landskron, 402 Garfield Ave., Menasha, Wis. 

Joseph J. Yost, 80s 3rd Ave., S., Wausau, Wis. 

Arvid Ringstrom (r), R. D. i. Center City, Minn. 

Frank J. Losiniecki, Corp., 886 i6th Ave., Milwaukee, 

Christ T. Olson, 308 S. State St., Chippewa Falls, Wis. 

John A. Anderson, R. D. 2, Turtle Lake, Wis. 

John Af. Peterson (i), R. D. i. Box 34, Lindstrom, 

Reinhold Heuer, R. D. 2, Box 20, Cameron, Wis. 

Kanstanti Prozezinski, 2338 Blue Island Ave., Chicago. 

Tophilius F. Hoff, R. D. i, Madison, Minn. 

Edward Straka, Wauzeka, Wis. 

Julian Garstecki, Corp., 939 13th Ave.. Milwaukee. Wis. 

Harrv Vanderhyden (i), R. D. 3, Box 86A, Thorpe, 

Joseph Piasecki, 4906 32nd St., Cicero. 

Toseph Przyczkowski, 1041 ist Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Earl P. Martin (i), 587 E. 7th St., St. Paul, Minn. 

Henry F. Domer, R. D. 2, Box 81, Colby, Wis. 

Frank Link, 701 2nd Ave., Baraboo, Wis. 

James R. Hanley, Corp., 504 W. sth St., Rochester, 

Konrad Huhnstock, R. D. 4, Box 120, Neillsville, Wis. 

Henry Yanna, R. D. 5, Box 22, Muscoda, Wis. 

George Gingerich, Railroad St., West Brownsville, Pa. 

Harry Beecroft, R. D. 2, Turtle Lake, Wis. 

Harry Closernan, 311 6th St., Red Wing, Minn. 

Lee E. Frazier, Rice Lake, Wis. 

Frank Schneider, Corp., 946 N. Lincoln St., Chicago. 

Andre Agacki, Corp., 1083 2nd Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Peter E. Cantu, 910 W. Front St., Davenport, Iowa. 

Claude Catlin, R. D. i. Loyal, Wis. 

Nels C. Johnson, R. D. 2, Box 44, Stanley, Wis. 

Godfrey Isaacson, Box 2, Chetek, Wis. 

George E. Johnson, Box 44, Stanley, Wis. 

Peter Dalhoe, Barron, Wis. 

Arthur Blanchette, Corp., 45 Union St., Blue Island. 

William Donatelle, R. D. 4, Cumberland, Wis. 

Emilio Suraci, 281 St. John St., New Haven, Conn. 

Lwigi Critelli, 513% 3rd St., N., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Eddie A. Briesemeister (i), R. D. i, Almena, Wis. 

Herman R. Hofman, R. D. 2, Box 40, Dorchester, Wis. 

Anton F. Smogola, 1039 3rd St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

John D. Lompasean, Corp, 903 Shatto St., Chicago. 

Alfredo Ennocenti, Half Moore Bay, Cal. 

Gunnard Johnson, Sgt., 10637 Edbrooke Ave., Chicago. 

Charles Holtz, Sgt., 4826 Berteau Ave., Chicago. 



Alex Schwartz, Sgt., 1838 W. Superior St., Chicago. 

John M. Sorenson (i), 328 Sidney St., St. Paul, Minn. 

Walter Siems (i), 442 19th Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Robert F. Regan (i), 604 College Ave., Rockford. 

Frank Rundquist (i), R. D. i, Sturgeon Lake, Minn. 

Edward C. Wallner (i). Box 25, Plato, Minn. 

William Vanderhyd"'en, Thorp, Wis. 

Arthur M. Korsmo, Corp., R. D. i, Franklin, Minn. 

Boleslow Stankiewicz (i), North Chicago. 

Carl L. Ohrn, Box 6, Osco. 

Robert T. Ure, R. D. 2, Granton, Wis. 

Garthur G. Hillbloom, R. D. 4, Cambridge. 

John W. Morrison, R. D. 4, Box 17, Winneconne, Wis. 

Oscar Wohlfahrt, 141 7 2nd St., Wausau, Wis. 

Oscar R. Lewis, 1818 Oregon St., Oshkosh, Wis. 

Alfred L. Krueger, Corp., R. D. 3, Box 53, New Albin, 

Stanley Washburn (i), R. D. W, Granton, Wis. 
Nickolas H. Sendt, East Dubufiue. 
Wayne S. Seaton, R. D. 2, Stillwater, Minn. 
Emil F. Niemuth, R. D. 2, Box 57, Freemont, Wis. 
Chester H. Evenson, R. D. 1, Rice Lake, Wis. 
Harry E. Horkey, R. D. 26, Beloit, Wis. 
Edward H. Franklin, Corp., R. D. 3, Box 102, Antigo, 

Edwin V. Holte (1), R. D. i. New Auburn, Wis. 
Louis Levanetz, 2012 Washington St., Two Rivers, 

William C. Achade (i), 586 4th Ave., Aurora. 
Albert Worsfold, Stark. 

John' Moroza, 13 19 Victoria St., Waukegan. 
Paul Strutz, 84 Spruce St., Detroit, Mich. 
Otto C. Much, R. n. I, Box 10, Freemont, Wis. 
Wilton J. Frank, Corp., Athens, Wis. 
Carl Kamke, 1310 6th St., Merrill, Wis. 
Richard Hurtienne, Me.dford, Wis. 

Walter M. Lukir, Rush Lake, Wis. 

Walter E. Menke, R. D. 6, Merrill, Wis. 

Gust V. Westlund (i), 229 20th Ave. S., Minneapolis, 

John Spoolhoff, Weyerhouser, Wis. 

Nathan A. Smith, Corp., 306 . Oakwood Ave., Rock- 

Oliver L. Wood (i), R. D. 3, Milan. 

Albert Miles, Tola, Kan. 

Rudolph Rubringer, 4176 W. 24th Place, Chicago, 

William L. Rock, Corp., 163 S. Water St., Chambers- 
burg, Pa. 

Paul Rasiam, R. D. i, Blair, Wis. 

David L. Savage (i), R. D. 3 L, Box 23, Stacy, Minn. 

John G. Sandquist (i), 4322 N. Central Ave., Chicago. 

Joseph Congelosi, Corp., 4619 N. Waveland Ave., Chi- 

Michael E. Larkin, Box 48, R. D. 2, Darien, Wis. 

John F. Vetrovec (i), 7746 Greenwood Ave., Chicago. 

Walter Olkowski, Three Lakes, Wis. 

Joseph G. Block, 955 N. Lincoln St., Chicago. 

John Latkovic, Corp., 3220 S. Millard Ave., Chicago. 

I>awrence McDonough, Sgt., 2838 Harrison St., Chicago. 

William Manteufel, Sgt., 2721 Melrose St., Chicago. 

Frank J. Eagan, 7645 Dante Ave., Chicago. 

Joseph P. Dollard, 124 Baker Ave., Syracuse, N. Y. 

George Holian, 343 Auburn St., Manchester, N. H. 

George C. Shipp, R. D. 2, Putnam. 

Lafayette White, Lamar, Ark. 

Roe M. Stebbins, Box 47, Magnolia, Iowa. 

Earl F. Davey, I^oganville, Wis. 

Herman J. Rueger, Fennimore, Wis. 

Harry F. Morris, Rock Creek, Minn. 

William H. Crane, 7450 Sheridan Road, Chicago. 

Francis J. Wolfe, Superior St., Ottawa. 


Theodore H. Tapping, Capt., 11 09 Knowille Ave., 

Earl L. Spencer, 1st Lt., R. D. i, Pinua, Ohio. 

Frederick Marlow, ist Lt., 1125 Oakland Ave,., Mt. 

Harold F. Leahy, 2d Lt., 187 N. Dearborn St., Chi- 

Isaac Corkland, 2d Lt., 204 E. sth Ave., Knoxville, 

Ralph A. Freel, 2d Lt., 2020 W. Jackson St., Muncie, 

Bernard M. Rosen, 1st Sgt., 46 Upper Union St., Hull, 

Walter A. Krull, Sgt., 1623 Augusta St., Chicago. 

Ike Cohen (1), McClellan Paper Co., Minneapolis, 

John J.Kapala, Mech., 1321 3rd St. N. E., Minne- 
apolis, Minn. 

Othmar S. B. Gantert (1), 811 14th Ave. N., Minne- 
apolis, Minn. 

Henry Frenk, Cook, 1032 N. Wood St., Chicago. 

Melvin Olson (i), 1428 Adams St., LaCrosse, Wis. 

Herman Wittrock, Cook, Kiel, Wis. 

Ernest J. Schleck, Corp., 706 Monroe Ave. S., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 

Charlie Carr (i), 608 N. 9th St., LaCrosse, Wis. 

Thaddeus Krusze.wski, Mech., 746 sth Ave., Milwau- 
kee, Wis. 

Bennie A. Swenson, R. D. i. Box 57, Chetek, Wis. 

William Dwinnell, Cook, 2704 9th St. S., Minneapolis, 

Frank Krajecki, Bug., 1851 Hermitage Ave., Chicago. 

Luicano Mulletto, Cook, 821 Hartwell Ave., Waukesha, 

John M. Davis, Mech., R. D. 24, Mason City, Iowa. 

Carl R. Wandry, Mech., 400 Naymut St., Menasha, 

Steve J. Kaminski, Sgt., 1800 W. Armitage Ave., Chi- 

Robert E. Taylor, Sgt., 6144 Bishop St., Chicago. 

Will J. Lambert, R. D. i, Almena, Wis. 

Del O. Winters, 2225 Marquette Ave., Madison, Wis. 

John A. Andrews (i), Hamilton. 

Gust Anderson, R. D. 4, Cambridge, Minn. 

Otto Nelson, R. D. 1, Box 65, Stanchfield, Minn. 

Otto F. A. Scharlau (i), R. D. 2, Rice Lake, Wis. 

Joseph E. Kronhelm, 810 Arthur Ave., Milwaukee,, Wis. 

Hollis H. Peer (i), R. D. i, Comstock, Wis. 

Theodore A. Koster, R. D. 5, Sterling. 

Andy J. Simko, Corp., 1628 California St. N. E., 
Minneapolis, Minn. 

Fred H. Zink, Jr., R. D. 4, Spring Valley, Minn. 

Arthur A. LaGrebloom, Chisholm, Minn. D. Kerrott, Corp., 2722 W. 44th St., Minne- 
apolis. Minn. 

Ali Ben Hassen (1), 320 W. 34th St., New York, N. Y. 

Theodore A. Thronson (1). Box 104, Houston, Minn. 

Frank Kobek, R. D. 1, Polonia, Wis. 

Frank H. Stuhser, 728 2nd St., Menasha, Wis. 

Anton A. Pliska, R. D. i. Box 47, Russell,. Wis. 

Stephen H. I^askey (i), Kirkland. 

Carl F. Meding (1), 2900 DuPont Ave. N., Minne- 
apolis, Minn. 

Frank M. Palmer, Cumberland, Wis. 

Ca'l L. T.ouis, R. D. 3, Barron, Wis. 

William T^arson, R. D. i, Cumberland, Wis. 

John J. Hauer, R. D. 2, I5ox 48, Auburndale, Wis. 

Frank Hilgart, Box 94, Park Falls, Wis. 

Salmer Javner, Camerson, Wis. 

Archie McDonald, care Henrv Denffield, Sr., Wausau, 

Selmer J. Quam, R. D. 5, Box 73, Cannon Falls, Minn. 

fieorge A. Scharbius, 1900 1st St., Merrill, Wis. 

William G. Pitzrick, Bowning, Wis. 

Edward Plain (i). Rice Lake, Wis. 

Albert F. W. Lahn, R. D. 2, Fairchild, Wis. 

Emil H. Sabrowsky (i), R. D. 1, Albany, Wis. 

John Boniecki, 711 Van Buren St. Paul, Minn. 

Hugh McHugh, Corp., 541 E. 49th St., Chicago. 

Thomas C. Romme (1), 520% Bellinger St., Eau Claire, 

Joe Lapien (i), Dayton, Pa. 

Oscar L. Paulson, 108 3rd St., Eau Claire, Wis. 

Saba Assed, 307 Main St. N. E., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Sidney Snell, Matherville. 

Colonel H. Jones (i), Waunay, S. D. 

Colbon J. Saboe, Corp., R. D. 1, Box 14, Belgrade, 

William Mlejnek (1), R. D. 6, Box 26, Rice Lake, 

John F. Riskey, 924 Farrington Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 

John F. Syzmanski (i), Robins, Wis. 

John McDermott, Felts, Wis. 

Sam Suchon, R. D. 2, Albion, Wis. 

Ignatius S. Kapacius, 12120 S. Halsted St., Chicago. 

Walter Boettcher, Corp., 868 22nd St., Milwaukee, Wis. 



Vincent Rzepkowski, Corp., 96 Somner St., N. Tana- 
wanda, N. Y. 

Charles Wilkie, Sgt., 813 W. S3rd St., Chicago. 

Stanley J. Tarnecki, Sgt., 1425 Dickson St., Chicago. 

Emil K. Rodenberg, Sgt., 2831 Emerald Ave., Chicago. 

Wallace J. Shields, Corp., R. D. 22, Nashotah, Wis. 

WilHam G. Theese, R. D. i, Barronett, Wis. 

George I. Riedel (i), Mosinee, Wis. 

Leon L. Kahn, Bald Eagle Lake, Minn. 

Arthur Matlison, R. D. 3, Box 44, Eleva, Wis. 

George A. Amunson (i). Black River Falls, Wis. 

Leslie L. Rasmussen, Corp., R. D. 2, Belmont, Wis. 

Christ Jeffries, 1808 S. State St., Chicago. 

Daniel W. Sullivan, 2623 St. Paul Ave., Milwaukee, 

Henry Lynn L. Havens (i), R. D. 1, Welch, Minn. 

Edward M. Larson, R. D. i. Box 79, Rice Lake, Wis. 

John Danielson, 625 E. Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis, 

Dores D. Smith, Albany. 

Fred Woebkenberg, Corp., 624 12th Ave. N., St. Cloud, 

Otto W. We,ndorf, Schofield, Wis. 

Elmer H. Krier, R. D. i. Box 78, Cameron, Wis. 

George E. Stichter (i), Fenton. 

Rudolph Lemke, R. D. 2, Bethel, Minn. 

Fred J. Dezur, R. D. i, Ringle, Wis. 

Louis Yurkovetsky, 191 1 4th Ave. S., Minneapolis, 

Arthur A. Franke, 29 23rd Ave. N. E., Minneapolis, 

Walter Lampe, Corp., 66 W. 4th St., Winona, Minn. 

Joseph George, 721 Washington Ave. N., Minneapolis, 

Frank Leier (i), 1381 Hawley Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 

Martin Neby, R. D. i, Comstock, Wis. 

Mike J. Schultz (i), 739 Racine, Wis. 

John F. Jonas, R. D. i, Goodhue, Minn. 

George Schre.iner (i), 332 17th Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Edwin D. Siewert, R. D. 5, Box 53, Rice Lake, Wis. 

Andrew F. Schmitz, Corp., 6502 Marshfield Ave., Chi- 

Frank L. Kowalski, R. D. 4, Box 155, Thorpe, Wis. 

Stanley H. Carlson, 3615 Grand Ave. S., Minneapolis, 

Ben A. Andersen, 705 nth Ave. W., Ashland, Wis. 

Warren W. Assels, 305 3rd Ave. N., Wausau, Wis. 

Arthur F. Pankow (i), R. D. 6, Box 36, Merrill, Wis. 

Henry Wessels (i), R. D. 3, Baldwin, Wis. 

Alfred A. Odland, R. D. i, Belgrade, Minn. 

Bernard Tarlach, Corp., 1363 N. Ashland Ave., Chi- 

Joseph F. Kostick, 1328 2nd St. N. E., Minneapolis, 

Robert J. Tracy, 457 N. Paulina St., Chicago. 

Edward Joyce, R. D. i. Box 62, Greenwood, Wis. 

William Brown, R. D. i, Roseville. ' 

LeRoy G. Staber, Mineral Point, Wis. 

John Bartoloth (i), 468 39th Ave., Milwauke.e, Wis. 

Herman J. Laing, Freeport, Minn. 

Emil L. Hansen, Corp., R. D. 4, West Allis, Wis. 

Harry H. Huntley, 1003 Wyman St., New London, 

Arthur F. Brand, 1506 Chestnut St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
lis J. ' 


Louis J. Asche 

d, I S06 Cli 
r (i), 171 

5 5th St. N., Minneapolis, 

John A. Lineski, 1601 California St. N. E., Minne- 
apolis, Minn. 

George W. Carlson, R. D. i. Box 96, Center City, 

John Stankocwicz (i), 8.';7 May St., Chicago. 

Charles H. VanSickel, . Corp., Growing County, Cross 
Lake, Minn. 

Ernest F. Radtke, 612 17th St., Oshkosh, Wis. 

George W. Olson, Sgt., 3350 Lowe Ave., Chicago. 

John Feciura, Sgt., 1627 N. Gerard St., Chicago. 

John L. Burt, Sgt., 916 Grant St., Wausau, Wis. 

John A. Sederburg, R. D. i, Box 3, North Branch, 

Edwin E. Swanson, Box 131, Park Falls, Wis. 

William C. Lueck, R. D. i. Box 16, Stetsonville, Wis. 

Arthur L. Anderson, R. D. i, Rosholt, Wis. 

L. Frank Wine.tzki, 309 2nd St., Wausau, Wis. 

Herman A. Berg (i), Algoma, Wis. 

Steve C. Smith, Corp., 217 North E. St., Monmouth. 

Reuben Olson, R. D. 2, Cambridge, Minn. 

Alex G. Anderson, 328 4th Ave. N. W., Wausau, Wis. 

Sander Ness, 119 Mount Airy St., St. Paul, Minn. 

Thomas J. Joyce, 32 Rawson St., Dorchester, Mass. 

Earl F. Weaver, Box 36, Elcho, Wis. 

Joseph Hillinski, 306 2nd St. N. E., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Edward A. Burns, 401 E. 4th St., Merrill, Wis. 

Walter H. Ahrenkiel, Corp., Goodell, Iowa. 

Richard Crawford, 733 3rd St., Menasha, Wis. 

William E. Langrehr, R. D. 2, Box 65, Granton, Wis. 

John McCaghy (i), R. D. 9, Box 45, Chippewa Falls, 

Emil E. Kroth, R. D. 4, Box 112, Neillsville, Wis. 

Carl Potterud, Dorchester, Wis. 

Gust A. Fisse (i), R. D. 2, Box 12, Dorchester, Wis. 

Earl E. Stofflet, R. D. 4, Elba, Wis. 

Edwin G. Podewils, Corp., R. D. 13; 'Brookfield, Wis. 

Nicholas Kuchler, 714 24th St., Milwauke.e, Wis. 

Carl E. Johnson (i), R. D. 2, Box 109, Rudolph, Wis. 

Emil A. Larson, R. D. 4, Box 40, Chetek, Wis. 

Louis Pollnow (i), R. D. 5, Neillsville, Wis. 

Ernest Jackson, 524 W. Mifflit St., Madison, Wis. 

Gorman G. Leichtman ''i), Abbotsford, Wis. 

V^ito Santarseri, 766 Giipin Place, Chicago. 

Hans J. Thyregod, Corp., i Congress St., Westfield, 

Elmer J. Peterson, R. D. i, Box 9, LeRoy, Minn. 

Henry Nelson, R. D. 2, Thorpe, Wis. 

Henry E. Jebram, R. D. i. Box A, Red Wing, Minn. 

Henry Schaal, R. D. 4, Box 15, Barron, Wis. 

George Anderson, 2419 26th Ave., Migneapolis, Minn. 

Walter A. Phillips, Randolph, Wis. 

Walter E. Donovan (i), 8216 Green St., Chicago. 

Fred Krell, Corp., 3021 Southport Ave., Chicago. 

Max H. Schultze (i), R. D. 3, Box 62, Thorpe, Wis. 

Carl M. Brenner, 1412 S. 9tn St., LaCrosse, Wis. 

Hjalmar I. Lokken, 1226 Charles St., LaCrosse, Wis. 

Richard Selz, R. D. i, Humbird, Wis. 

William Sullivan, 314 VonMinden St., St. Paul, Minn. 

Edward A. McCormick, Corp., Gen. Del., Denver, Colo. 

Clarence J. Nelson, R. D. 4, Greenwood, Wis. 

Oscar Albitz, 928 S. 3rd St., LaCrosse, Wis. 

Anton Czewski, 703 Kinoikinnic Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Donald Wick, 1212 ist Ave., Sterling. 

Fred Buss (i), R. D. i, Oneons, Wis. 

Frank Gebbia, Corp., 1754 Gerard St., Chicago. 

Fred W. Siewert, R. D. 2, Barron, Wis. 

Henry L. Kruege.r, Sgt., 1706 Augusta St., Chicago. 

Fred M. Wennerberg, Sgt., 6048 S. Ashland Ave., Chi- 

Adam Gawrys, Sgt., 613 Bridge St., Holyoke, Mass. 

Kalmar L. Ness, R. D. 2, Clayton, Wis. 

Carl G. Swan, R. D. 2, Box 119, Barron, Wis. 

Albert R. Butzlaflf (i), looi 4th Ave. S., Wausau, 

.\nton Fredericks, R. D. 2, Box 381, Melrose, Minn. 

Gilbert A. Knutson, R. D. 3, Chetek, Wis. 

.\ndrew G. Anderson, 514 W. Water St., Neenah, Wis. 

Paul J. Thekan, Corp., 475 40th Ave., West Milwau- 
kee. Wis. 

Josefjh Wisinski, R. D. i, Custer, Wis. 

Ferdinand ButzlafT, 1005 Muskego Ave., Milwaukee, 

Ray M. Keran, 2100 Irving Ave. M., Minneapolis, 

Martin Shulist (i), R. D. i, Polonia, Wis. 

Max Silverstein, Corp., 1204 Emerson Ave. N., Minne- 
apolis, Minn. 

Ephriam C. Anderson, R. D. i. Bethel, Minn. 

Stanley Zwalharulzuki, R. D. 2, Wykoff, Minn. 

George Zluticky, Corp., R. D. i. Box 16, Brecken- 
ridge, Minn. 

Herman A. Williams, R. D. i. Box in, Taylors Falls, 

John C. Totoian (i), 11 700 Lowe Ave., Chicago. 

Roger A. Lewis, R. D. i, Stevens Point, Wis. 

John Haegerl, R. D. i, Box 77, Butternut, Wis. 

Ole Solhein, 209 2nd Ave. W., Ashland, Wis. 

Oscar E. Johnson, R. D. i. Box 15, L'nity, Wis. 

Gustaf E. Hoglund, R. D. i. Box 62, Onamia, Minn. 

Otto Willert, Corp., Muskego, Wis. 

Fred A. Ellis (i), 177 Pleasant Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 

Holljer E. Ross, Cedar, l\1inn. 

Stanley Jablonski (i), R. D. 2, Thorp, Wis. 

Ignatz W. Switalski, Cudahy, Wis. 

Alfred O. Kringle, Mikana, Wis. 

Harry Dadaen, 11 02 N. Main St., Racine, Wis. 

Herman I. Maki, Middle River, Minn. 

Friederich G. Vieths, Corp., Box 7, Goodhue, Minn. 

Adolph Wangen (i), R. D. i, Box 82, Whalan, Minn. 

William A. Suess, R. D. i. Box 56 A, Barron, Wis. 



Earl C. Bear (i), K D. 2, Joy. 
Uno H. Warner (i), R. D. 2, Harris, Minn. 
Reuben Vrieze, R. D. i. Lime Springs, Iowa. 
Kittel N. Letmolee (i), Princeville, Sask., Canada. 
Julius C. Spencer, Corp., 143 1 N. Washtenaw Ave., 

Harold R. Gilbert, R. D. 2, Sterling. 
George J. Stahl, R. D. i. WycofT, Minn. 
Walter J. Kaneiss, 2626 North Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Reuben A. Broin, R. D. 2, Nerstrand, Minn. 
Roland H. Danielson, R. D. 4, Box 44, New Lisbon, 

Hazar Barsamian, South Milwaukee, Wis. 
Jack Schmidt, Corp., 787!/^ 15th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Boyd J. Gammell (i). Box 52, Spring Valley, Minn. 
William Born (i), 2209 Elm St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Frank Ferrians, R. D. 2, Melrose, Minn. 

Elijah E. Brown (i), R. D, 6, Aledo. 

Alphofise Linster, R. D. s, Ncillsville, Wis. 

Wallace B. Taylor, Chaska, Minn. 

Sugvald G. Nelson, Corp., 421 ist St., Willmar, Minn. 

Otto F. Volker, Sgt., 1508 Broadway, Menomonee, Wis. 

Michael Nero, 7th Road, Limestone Co., Waukesha, 

Edward Schorr, Sgt., 1825 N. Lincoln St., Chicago. 
William P. Mulvey, 559 W. 42nd Place, Chicago. 
David W. Murray, Naples, S. D. 

Duane W.- Rockv^ell, 637 E. Main St.,, Reedsburg, Wis. 
Henry H. Peters, 98 Park Place, St. Paul, Minn. 
Edward H. Schara, 2838 Pine St., Dubuque, Iowa. 
Charles Levinson, 331 9th St.j Oshkosh, Wis. 
Robert A. Murphy, 943 Winnebago St., Rockford. 
Joseph Dvorak, Corp., 1908 Troy St., Chicago. 


Carl F. Hartmann, Maj., Wausech, Ohio. 

Ge.orge Hoffmeister, Capt., Imperial, Neb. 

Henry A. Rasmussen, ist Lt., 6840 Cornell Ave., Chi- 

Albert E. Mondrick, ist Lt., Cameron, Texas. 

Clive A. Moss, ist Lt., Lawrenceburg, Ky. 

Robert V. Murray, ist Lt., 4412 Avenue B, Austin, 

John S. Lommen, ist Lt., Caledonia, Minn. 

Frank B. Wilson, ist Lt. &_ Chap., 726 nth St., Mil- 

Albert G. Wicke, ist Lit. & Chap., Loocootee, Ind. 

Morris Wulbe.rt, Sgt., 3826 Greenshaw St., Chicago. 

William J. Friedl, Sgt. (i), 1925 S. Spaulding Ave., 

Claude E. Re,amer, Sgt., 317 E. sth St., Sedalia, Mo. 

Carl J. Goebel, 11 16 Francis St., Fort Wayne, Ind. 

Arthur C. Walton, 4129 N. Hermitage Ave., Chicago. 

Louis A. Uhlmann, 11 32 N. Mozart St., Chicago. 

John G. Hopkinson, 3602 Lexington St., Chicago. 

Ernest H. Conley (i), 80 Park Ave., Akron, Ohio. 

Edward H. Leider, 1636 Winnemac Ave., Chicago. 

Michael J. Doyle, 452 N. Leavitt St., Chicago. 

Raymond Wilhelm (i), Bryan, Ohio. 

Chester A. Tongen, Zumbrota, Minn. 

John H. Goodell, 477 Woodlawn Ave., Aurora. 

John A. Carter (i), 218 N. Campbell Ave., Chicago. 

William L. Larsen, 1206 N. Kedzie Ave., Chicago. 

Harry Levine (i), 423 S. 5th St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Arthur G. Fabbri, 36 Sutton Ave., Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Edward J. Hezoucky (i), 342 W. i8th St., Chicago. 

Charles H. Trotcky, Sgt., 1326 S. Troy St., Chicago. 

Verne G. Lake, R. D. 24, Princeville. 

James B. Lewis' (i), 317% W. 8th St., Chattanooga, 

Louis Sibal (i), 2530 S. Lawndale Ave., Chicago. 

Morton A. Gutteboe, Strong City, Iowa. 

Fay Davenport, Soldiers Grove, Wis. 

Carl A. Young, 928 Gurfield Ave,., Duluth, Minn. 

Fred Tebbent, Woodstock, Minn. 

Aaron J. Westberg, 1425 i8th Ave., Moline. 

Thomas M. Burns, 4214 W. Park Ave., Chicago. 

John W. Tomnitz, Delano, Minn. 

Herbert H. Rodau, R. D. 28, Beloit, Wis. 

Louis J. Vovesny, 1616 W. i8th St., Chicago. 

Jerry F. Sedlak, 2441 S. Albany Ave., Chicago. 

Hoy D. Williams (i), 400 Park Ave., Fulton, Ky. 

Nicholas Mienies, 3340 31st Ave. S., Minneapolis, Minn. 

George H. Dallman, 420 E. Fulton St., Edgerton, Wis. 

John R. Krahulec, 2650 S. Clifton Park Ave., Chicago. 

William L. Smith, Lost River, W. Va. 

Mitchell Krupinski, 11 18 N. Ashland Ave., Chicago. 

Ernest W. Luethe, Norwalk, Wis. 

John C. Markuson, 11 15 ist Ave. N., Faribault, Minn. 

Oscar A. Olson, Mt. Morris. 

Frederick Schulz, 1013 Hadley St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Paul Moline, Winstad, Minn. 

Joseph F. Kulawiak (i), 2x56 W. i8th St., Chicago. 

Robert H. Laue, River Falls, Wis. 

Nicholas Bollinger (i), 5648 S. Paulina St., Chicago. 

August Ze.iger (i), 8052 S. Loomis St., Chicago. 

Frank O. Thornton, 816 S. 3rd St., Monmouth. 

Wladas Gedwill, 3203 Lime St., Chicago. 

Leonard G. Litewski, Sgt., 3349 Evergreen Ave., Chi- 

DDf' ^ 




Henry A. Hanigan, Col., Ramona, Cal. 
Joel M. Bowlby, Capt., 3849 Lake Park Ave., Chicago. 
Carl V. Burger, Capt., Maryville, Tenn. 
Milton E. Carter, Capt., 327 ,N. Aydelotte St., Shawnee, 

Joan A. Grembowicz, ist Lt., 8026 S. Shore Drive, Chi- 
John H. Smale, Maj., 2042 Monroe St., Chicago. 
Maurice R. Preston, ist Lt., Surf Apart. Hotel, Chicago. 
George R. Bierman, 2d Lt., 2207 i6th St., Omaha, Neb. 


Kenneth H. Smith, Capt., 808 W. University Ave., Cham- 

Siegfried Maurer, 1st Lt., Eugene, Ore. 

Melville Griffiths, 1st Lt., 4403 Oaken wald Ave.. Chicago. 

Elliott S. Miller, 1st Lt., 175 N. Grove Ave., Oak Park. 

Norman Dietrich, 2d Lt., 3939 N. Kenneth Ave., Chi- 

Albert C. Spierling, Reg. Sgt. Maj., 482 2d Ave., Aurora. 

George H. Arnold, Sgt Maj.. 912 Sedgwick St., Chicago. 

Nino Marcelli, Bd. Ldr., 949 Elizabeth St., San Francisco, 

Hartwell T. Bynum, Bn. Sgt. Maj., Liberty, Tenn. 

William J. Call, Bn. Sgt. Maj., 16 S. Lincoln St., Chi- 

Francis C. Johns, 1st Sgt., 208 Ash Ave., Montreal, Can. 

Charles W. Hartel, Col. Sgt., 2236 Monroe St., Chicago. 

Charles Wilkens, Jr., Sgt., 18 Chalmers PL, Chicago. 

Arnold O. Anhalt, Asst. Bd. Ldr., 3536 N. Robey St., 

Stratford Colditz, Sgt. Bug., 320 loth St., Rochelle. 

Henry H. Schmidt, Sup. Sgt., Economy Hotel, Min- 
neapolis, Minn. 

Raymond Kirschner, Mess Sgt., 5547 N. Clark St., Chi- 

Charles Gardner, Sgt., Hodgenville, Ky. 

Clarence Anderson, Sgt., 948 Barry Ave., Chicago. 

Benjamin Zimmerman, Sgt., 1447 N. LaSalle St.,' Chi- 

William Fuhr, Corp., 1220 6th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Edwin W. Rettich, Sgt., 3934 N. Hamilton Ave., Chi- 

Walter E. Roos, Corp., 1214 Elmdale Ave., Chicago. 

Herbert Dittmar, Mech.. 516 56th St., Wauwatosa, Wis. 

Benjamin Jones, Corp., Humbolt, Kan. 

Reid O. Gruber, Corp., 1953 W. Monroe St., Chicago. 

James J. Van Braak, Corp., 3023 Garfield Ave., S., 
Minneapolis, Minn. 

Edward J. Schneider, Corp., 1907 Nelson St., Chicago. 

Gotfried Anderson, Mech., 3122 Clifton Ave., Chicago. 

Wallace Kennedy, Corp., 1934 Union Ave.. Chicago. 

Theo. A. Grueschow, Mech., R. D. 5, Box 52, West 
Bend, Wis. 

Frederick Erickson, Cook, 3324 Clifton Ave., Chicago. 

George I. Bartl, Cook; 72 Main St., Valparaiso, Ind. 

Nickolas Dinschel, Cook, 2435 Winnemac Ave., Chicago. 

Arthur W. Edstrand, Cook, 3620 S. Winchester Ave., 

Joseph Stellato, Cook, 6962 Ellwood Ave., Chicago. 

Frank W. Tyzak, Cook, 1137 Richmond St., Chicago. 

Emil Swansen, Mech., 5053 Kenmore Ave., Chicago. 

James J. King, Corp., 5448 Glenwood Ave., Chicago. 

Richard Poulton, Chauf., 419 Julian St., Belvidere. 

Carl J. Dittrich, Kiel, Wis. 

William M. Zink, 163 1 Wolfram St., Chicago. 

George W. Herbst, 104 N. Des Plaines St., Joliet. 

James Lightfoot, 341 12th St., Cloquet, Minn. 

Harold C. Anderson, 927 Grand Ave., E., Eau Claire, Wis. 

Jack F. Rissman, 418 S. sth Ave., Chicago. 

Elmer M. Wangen, 418 N. 60th Ave., W., Duluth, Minn. 

Frank Miller (i), Cicero, Ind. 

Linton H. Hall, 401 McFerrin Ave., Nashville, Tenn. 

Harold J. Hartman (1), 5200 Winthrop Ave., Chicago. 

Arthur Luttman (1), 1561 Clybourn Ave., Chicago. 

Emil F. Rusch, Reedsburg, Wis. 

William A. Stevens, 403 12th Ave., Sterling. 

Edward Robertson, Hs., 2070 W. Polk St., Chicago. 

Kai G. Peterson. 4402 Sheridan Rd., Chicago. 

Anthony J. McNulty, Sgt., 5809 Paulina St., Chicago. 

Curt W'ebber, 67 Condict St., Jersey City, N. J. 

Peter J. Felten (1), 4347 Wentworth Ave., Chicago. 

George F. Harkin, 2923 W. Adams St., Chicago. 

Jaccb Schriver, Horse Creek, Mont. 

Louis Schultz, Downsville. Wis. 

Arthur A. Calvin (1), Illinois Steel Co., Hospital, Chi- 

Louis T. Kersten, 235 S. Highland Ave., Aurora. 

John E. Murley, 1469 Gregory St., Chicago. 

Carl A. Theorin, R. D. 1, Bo.x 27, Fridley, Minn. 

William J. Surman, Corp., 535 Rush St., Chicago. 

Joseph W. Peterson, Court House, Hudson, Wis. 

Raymond Rietzler, 4535 N. Spaulding Ave., Chicago. 

Carl Huber, 811 Weed St., Chicago. 

Francis P. Brown (1), 2906 N. Racine Ave., Chicago. 

Edward Conley, Sgt., 2801 Hickory St., St. Louis, Mo. 

Israel Silbert, 3141 Lexington St., Chicago. 

Fred D. Wood, Owen, Wis. 

Ellison Haskins, Oxford, Wis. 

George H. Brown, Sgt., 1550 N. State Parkway, Chi 

Herman Reichman, 232 Williams St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Alvin W. Powell, R. D. i. Victory, Wis. 

.Stanley Griswold, 1410 Breda St., St. Paul, Minn. 

Sigurd Werner, 1213 9th St., S., Minneapolis, Minn. 

John P. Beahan, Sgt., 615 S. Halsted St., Chicago. 

Harry L. Geer, R. D. 3, Lamar, Colo. 

Walter Luck, 414 33d St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Frank W. Wells, 1216 2otli Ave., Rockford. 

Elmer J. Etta, Loyal, Wis. 

Augusta S. Newman, C901 Kenmore Ave.. Chicago. 

Robert Pacelli, Corp., 714 Bunker St., Chicago. 

Martin Adomaitia, Mus. (2), 618 W. i8th St., Chicago. 

William Valentine, Sgt., 1407 Harrison St.. Chicago. 

William Florian, 2451 S. Turner Ave., Chicago. 

Leland M. Forman, Neillsville, Wis. 

Lester W. Stimm, Ogden St., Medford, Wis. 

Charles E. Darby, Tampico. 

Carl F. Hoppe, 121 Walsh St., Joliet. 

Stanley Samborski, Corp., 1318 Wade St., Chicago. 

Otto F. Yahnke, 3048 N. Ashland Ave., Chicago. 

Don Austin, Mus. (1), 1526 W. Monroe St., Chicago. 

Ward W. Johnson, 433 Jackson St., Grand Rapids, Wis. 

Bert W. Hocking, 1159 N. Court St., Rockford. 

Harry Behrns, Chaska, Minn. 

Archie Haight, Medford, Wis. 

Joseph J. Moulis, 1616 S. loth St., LaCrosse, Wis. 

Lloyd Richardson, Mus. (3), 2351 Clarkson St., Den- 
ver, Colo. 

Frank Smerz, 4341 W. 20th St., Chicago. 

Salvatore Castiglione, Mus. (2), 737 W. Ohio St., Chi- 

Arthur J. Theiler, New Clarus, Wis. 

Russell McElfresh, Malta, Ohio. 

Frank C. Revenaugh, Malta, Ohio. 

Russell V. Morgan, 1355 Bryn Mawr Ave., Chicago. 

Stanley Pokorzynski, Mus. (3), 1055 N. Ashland Ave., 

Michael Dina, Corp., 472 W. Chicago Ave., Chicago. 

Otto R. Molzahn, 609 N. isfh St., LaCrosse, Wis. • 

Eone P. "Richey, Mus. (3), 3826 West End Ave., Chi- 
cago. ■ ' 

Victor Cole, Mus. (3), 513 E. Boone St., Marshaltown, 

Frank Locante, 831 Park St., Kenosha, Wis. 

Charles H. Karsch, Mus. (3), 1404 Sedgwick St., Chi- 

Angelo Brullo, Mus. (2), 607 N. Curtis St., Chicago. 

Pasquale Merra, 1031 S. Morgan St., Chicago. 

Frederick Bachrodt, Mus. (3), 1324 Otto St., Chicago. 

Le Roy E. Gray, Mus. (3), 507 W. Palm St., Medford, 

Anthony Caligur:, Mus. (3), 637 S. Morgan St., Chicago. 

Zdzislaw S. Boren, Mus. (3), 1238 Dixon St., Chicago. 





First commander of the 344th Infantry; later on duty with War Plans Division, General Staff, 

and then brigadier general commanding the Nineteenth Division at Camp Dodge. 



Michael Guerrieri, Mus. (2), 529 N. Carpenter St., 

Mike Robilotta, 3744 Grand Blvd., Chicago. 
Rudolph Kotlaba, R. D. 2, Bridgeport, Wis. 
Albert Martinson, Clinton, Minn. 
Roy C. Whitney, R. D. 4, Elk Mound, Wis. 
Charles Hill, Sgt., 319 Seminary St., Kalamazoo, Mich. 
Charles Bouschor, Appleton, Wis. 
Ernest Rosenberg, 1338 N. Cicero Ave., Chicago. 
Herbert Sackreiter, Bex 97, Lewiston, Minn. 
Axel P. Erickson, R. D. i, Braham, Minn. 
Walter H. Beiike, 507 4th Ave., N., Wausau, Wis. 
Henry Gabler, Highland, Wis. 
Lawrence Markey, Corp., 1605 E. Washington St., 

Charles Kirchner, Box 134, Lannon, Wis. 
John \V. Daly, 806 W. 14th PI., Chicago. 
Fred C. Michelsen, Milltown, Wis. 
John A. Scherer, Thawville. 

Frank G. Stahl, 1531 S. nth St., Sheboygan, Wis. 
Oscar Mattson, 4825 N. Leavitt St., Chicago. 
Chris Hendrickson, 3104 E. 24th St., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Arthur Oberg, Maple Plain, Minn. 
Albert Burgeson (i), 1505 Bryn Mawr Ave., Chicago. 
Buford J. Frye, Wyeville, Wis. 
Axel Kellstrom (i), 2657 Bosworth Ave., Chicago. 
William H. Slater, Burlington, Wash. 
Norman Forsland, R. D. i, Pelican Rapids, Minn. 
John A. Peterson, Morse, Wis. 
Eddie A. Swanson, 1019 6th St., Rockford. 
Oscar F. Anderson, Corp., 1729 Balmoral Ave., Chicago. 
Joseph J. Heimann, 844 Bellevue Ave., Elgin. 
Michael J. McGee, 1417 S. Court St., Rockford. 

'"' Minnehaha Ave., Minneapolis, 

Johafnnes Clausen, 19 19 

John Gregg, 318 Ball St., 
William Ekman, no W. 


ii2th St., Chicago. 

Elmer A. Sanders. Round Tree Ave., Platteville, Wis. 

John Jimason, 69 N. Anderson St., Aurora. 

Peter J. Annetti (i), 2646 Lincoln Ave., Chicago. 

Meade O. Good, Port Republic, Va. 

Frank A. Sowka, 2320 Armitage Ave., Chicago. 

Oscar Goodwinson, R. D. 6, Spring Valley, Minn. 

John Urban, Kewaskum, Wis. 

Eri R. Ingalls, R. D. 2, Pelican Rapids, Minn. 

William Lemke, R. D. i, Box 35, Menomonie, Wis. 

Anton Stanewich, 1733 S. Union Ave., Chicago. 

Michael Butler (i), 415 S. Ashland Ave., Chicago. 

Ever M. Olsen, 3332 34th Ave., S., Minneapolis, Minn. 

James H. Flint, River Falls, Wis. 

George C. Juslmann, 242 loth Ave., N., Minneapolis, 

George Wohlrabe, 408 N. Main St., Fairmont, Minn. 

Albert Columbus, 668 Bowdish Ave., Aurora. 

Alfred R. Haefele, Reynolds. 

Mark Cleveland, Sawyer, Wis. 

Jacob J. Mrohen, 1527 Haddon Ave., Chicago. 

Walter Meseberg, R. D. 1, North Milwaukee, Wis. 

James McGinley, 3539 N. Crawford Ave., Chicago. . 

Roy E. Williams (i), 144 S. Elmwood Ave., Buffalo, 
New York. 

John A. Klose (i), 1655 Burling St., Chicago. 

Edwin Lindquist, Corp., 1450 Berwyn Ave., Chicago. 

Jesse F. McHone, Sgt., Grumpier, W. Va. 

Clarence Taylor, Corp., 304 W. 71st St., Chicago. 

Arthur L. Ball, Hampshire. 

Simon C. Olson, Box 693, St. Jam's, Minn. 

August Peterson, 1927 Minnehaha Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 

Nicolai Gjengdal, R. D. 3, Ortonville, Minn. 

William J. Hollingsworth, E. St. Louis. 

Leopold Swager, Corp., 754 Bunker St., Chicago 

Frank Placek (i), 901 W. 20th St., Chicago. 

Lawrence Severson, Kandiyohi, Minn. 

Alexander Brewer, Wag., 1218 W. Monroe St., Chicago. 

Robert H. Stegen, 2628 4th St., Peru. 

Raymond Hennessy, 3032 Blaidsdell Ave., S., Minneapo- 
lis, Minn. 

Leo A. Frank, Roscoe, Minn. 

Grover P. Mitchell, 423 Herschel Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 

Thomas M. Chambers, Corp., 678 Orleans St., Chicago. 

Allan P. Risley, Senate Ave., and 7Sth St., Indianapolis, 

Howard F. Mass, R. D. 6, Princeton. 

Everett Borland, Box 81, Byron. 

Otto F. Harnish, 415 E. Howard St., Winona, Minn. 

Boline Olson, Tampico. 

Richard J. Maher, 2712 Banfield St., Chicago. 

Otto H. Rasmussen, 549 Ohio St., St. Paul, Minn. 

William C. Mulcahy, 6018 Prairie Ave., Chicago. 

Walter E. Lewis, Albany. 

Peter J. Rempel, 601 2d St., Bismark, N. D, 

Orville Hailing, Spring Valley, Minn. 

Gustave Johnson, 5755 Elizabeth St., Chicago. 

Thomas H. Hennessey, Wag., 337 Wisconsin St., Chi- 

Henry G. Dyer, 805 Laurel Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 

John C. Hoppe, 702 Bay St., Chippewa Falls, Wis. 

Pete W. Sherry, Corp., 2652 W. Van Buren St., Chicago. 

Herman E. Tanner, 714 2d St., S. E., Little Falls Minn. 

John P. McNulty, Wag., 5719 S. Clinton St., Chicago. 

.\ndrew J. Moog, R. D. 1, Sauk Rapids, Minn. 

Thomas Cody, Sgt., 19 15 Sheffield Ave., Chicago. 

James Flynn, Corp., Kilmustalla, Tipperary, Ireland. 

Joe Trnka, Beaulieu, Minn. 

Matthew H. Burg, Mendota. 

Joseph H. Dinke, Galena. 

Fred H. Sammann, R. D. i, Winona, Minn. 

Roy G. Ludvigson, R. D. i. Box 14 Madison, Minn. 

Edward J. Schultz, 333 Jewett St., Elgin. 

Andrew M. Perry (i), 204 Fall Ave., Nashville, Tenn. 

Joseph S. Riley, 202- Lewis St., Chicago. 

Elmer T. Linden, R. D. 2, Tiskilwa. 

Henry LeGard, R. D. 2, Clarissa, Minn. 

Oscar W. Morris, Tiskilwa. 

Thomas F. Doyle, 1835 Park Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Sulcer DeBolt. R. D. 2, Henry. 

Paul H. Jacobs, 319 Oakley Ave., Rockford. 

Herman R. Mueske, 509 7th St., Merrill, Wis. 

William S. Nelson, R. D. 7, Eau Claire, Wis. 

Michael C. Hettenberger, R. D. i. Kettle River, Minn. 

Walter H. Diedrich, 1306 Cold Spring Ave., Milwaukee, 

Frank L. Knabe, 655 Milwaukee St., Port Washington, 

Leslie Bongers, 616 Superior Ave., Tomah, Wis. 

Warren J. McEvoy, 114 31st St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

William R. Shill, Remer, Minn. 

Karnus Bertelsen, Box 117, Vibord, S. D. E. Lindstrom, R. D. 2, Box 75, Rush City, Minn. 

Arlie Hutchinson, Strum, Wis. 

Emil A. Hanson, Box 213, Northwood, la. 

Hugo F. Dreher, 596 51st St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Nicholas LaRock, 6317 Harper Ave., Chicago. 

Albert E. Zuehlke, 739 Main St., Oshkosh, Wis. 

Rowland R. Brotherhood, 2816 Vine St., Milwaukee, 

Truman Beane, 618 2d Ave., St. Cloud, Minn. 

John A. Dubuque, 702 6th Ave., N., Minneapolis, Minn, 
ohn Sertic, Mellen, Wis. 
Charles Williams, 1711 E. 2d St., Sterling. 
Herman Schonhoff, R. D. i. East Dubuque. 
Vernon Baer, Brainerd, Minn. 

Joseph P. Kries, 1202 Marshall St., Manitowoc, Wis. 
Raymond E. Jensen, Chilton, Wis. 

William Martineau, 4143 Fremont Ave., N., Minneapo- 
lis, Minn. 
John H. Jenkins, Cortland. 
John J. Veneres, Nesion, Mesines, Greece. 
James A. Rundt, 617 Walker St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Nels A. Pearson (i), Wanstadtorp, No. 2, Esperod, 

.Anthony S. Lang, Corp., 1424 Wolfram St., Chicago. 
Walter Jasper, Sgt., 3216 Sheffield Ave., Chicago. 
Leo J. Smith, Corp., 1800 Foster Ave., Chicago. 
William P. Bishop, Sauk Rapids, Minn. 
Nicholas Faustich, 931 S. 19th St., LaFayette, Ind. 
Charles~W. Ailie, R. D. 3, Box 90, Dassel, Minn. 
Emery W. Bouin Park Rapids, Minn. 
Joseph Floersch (i), 6332 S. Seeley Ave., Chicago. 
Otto Kraus, Corp., 850 i8th St., Chicago. 
Victor Naffziger, R. D. 2, Walnut. 
Emil Pagliai, Box 62, Keota, Mo. 
Reuben A. Rosa, 201 Superior Ave., Tomah, Wis. 
Albert J. Lassard, 2623 W. Railroad St., Duluth, Minn. 
Day J. Shandorf, 437 Dayton Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 
John A. McGonagle, 594 Carroll St., St. Paul, Minn. 
Paul J. Horn, Corp., 633 9th Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Michael .Sweeney, R. D. 2, Blue Mounds, Wis. 
Mark F. Martin, Caledonia. 
Robert W. Mavity, French Lick, Ind. 
Clayton Wightman, R. D. i, Hancock Wis. 
Walter L. Finder, R. D. 6, Box 54, Menomonie, Wis. 
Oscar J. Frisen, 1321 N. Mansfield Ave., Chicago. 
William Gilbertson no S. Lynn St., Stoughtcn, Wis. 
Frank Nessinger, Corp., 3519 S. sth Ave., Chicago. 
William Quednau, 1618 Prospect Ave., St. Joseph, Mo. 
Edward L. Healey, 211 Cedar Ave., St. Charles. 
Don E. Postier, 1009 W. Zumbro St., Rochester, Minn. 



Clark S. Miller, 724 4th St., S., Moorhead, Minn. 
Claude S. Moore, 3829 Clinton Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Paul Bohks, Box 238, St. Charles, Minn. 
Carl H. Andersoii, R. D. i, Kenneth, Minn. 
Julius H. Kobs, Corp., 1817 Hudson Ave., Chicago. 
Alfred F. Smith, Arlington, S. D. 
Arthur L. Adams, 305 5th St., Aurora. 
Isidore Schumacker, 2838 Fullerton Ave., Chicago. 
August J. Petzke, R. D. 2, Pound, Wis. 
Charles McCarthy, 119 Marion St., Oak Park. 
David T. Swanson, 2639 W. 23d PI., Chicago. 
Tames C. Babbitt, 604 High St., Oshkosh, Wis. 
Rudolph-Lindow, Corp., Elkhorn, Wis. 
John M. Beach, R. D. 4, Brooten, Minn. 
Arthur Parkison, 2055 Des Moines St., Des Moines, la. 
Waldemar E. Rhode, 191 S. Main St., Juneau, Wis. 
Eugene H. Warner, 1012 2d Ave., Eau Claire, Wis. 
Clarence A. Ball, Box 26, Orchard Lake, Mich. 
Victor E. Cole, Granton. Wis. 
Leon H. Burto, Corp., Olmsteadville, N. Y. 
Harold L. Walter, Hopkins, Mich. 

Richard J. McCann, 849 S. Pierce St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Percy R. Keough, 2621 Railroad St., Duluth, Minn. 
Henry F. Wilke, Union. 

Edmund J. Prondzinski, 320 ist St., S., St. Cloud, 

Glenn O. Fletcher, R. D. 3, Waukesha, Wis. 
Raymond A. Heisserer, 21 Highland Ave., N., Minneapo- 
lis, Minn. 
Ferdinand Wagner, Corp., 1509 Montrose Ave., Chicago. 
Samuel Greenburg, 1949 Crystal St., Chicago. 
Stephen P. Gregor, Kewanee, Wis. 
Edgar F. Buelow, S. Main St., Jefferson, Wis. 
Otbert Klitzke, Brownton, Minn. 

John C. Kullen, Boscobel, Wis. 
oseph A. Stocks, Lone Rock, Wis. 
Frank Papenfuss, 1301 S. nth St., LaCrosse, Wis. 
Albert J. Gabriel, Corp., 2650 S. Springfield Ave., Chi- 
George Gudridge, British Admiralty, London, Eng. 
Erick Forrest, Corp., Owens, Wis. 

Andrew F. Pruszka, 11 14 8th Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Frank W. Huber, 618 Broadway St., Menomonie, Wis. 
Edward E. Swing, Glenn, Minn. 
Louis F. Zelzer, Weyauwega, Wis. 
John L. LaDuke, 816 Maggie St., Marinette, Wis. 
William Overhage, Corp., 1717 Dayton St., Chicago. 
William Erickson, 507 7th St., Rockford. 
Herman Freundlich, Corp., 1837 Cornelia Ave., Chicago. 
Ellis C. Williams, Sgt., Bowling Green, Ky. 
Alvin E. Sweiberg (i), 6338 Magnolia Ave., Chicago. 
Wesley Cowles, R. D. 2, Downing, Wis. 


Richard H. Eanes, Capt., Mosleys Junction, Va. 

Louis O'Brien, ist Lt., 2401 Pledsant Plain Ave., R. D. 
6, Elkhart, Ind. 

Charles P. Benson, ist Lt., Travelers Rest, S. C. 

Leon Kozakiewicz, 1st Lt., 1353 Noble St., Chicago. 

Harry Smyth, Sgt. (i), 381 1 N. Springfield Ave., Chi- 

David L. Salomon, Sgt., Jonestown, Miss. 

Bruce B. Buchanan, 738 E. Boston Ave., Monmouth. 

Gustave C. Thieme, 1844 N. Sawyer Ave., Chicago. 

Francis M. Ackley (i). Winter, Wis. 

Jacob V. Lance (i), 1733 Adams St., Chicago. 

Jesse L. Rohm (i), R. D. 6, Rockville, Ind. 

Ben Broude, 1213 Washington Ave., N., Minneapolis, 

Louis Broude, 1213 Washington Ave., N., Minneapolis, 

Alvin J. D. Lenz (i), Bellevue, la. 

Arthur E. Erickson, Spirit, Wis. 
-Clarence Rieger, 6800 Sheridan Rd., Chicago. 

Walter N. Richards, 15 N. Allen St., Albany, N. Y. 

Edward Stahl, 19 16 Canalport Ave., Chicago. 

Lewis E. Wiener, 2318 Augusta St., Chicago. 

Frank F. Volbrecht, R. D. 5, North Milwaukee, Wis. 

Abe Mirotznik, 1521 S. Springfield Ave., Chicago. 

Harry W. Burton (1), Care Mrs. John Burton, 123 S. 
6th St., Burlington, la. 

Stewart Hughes, 1605 ist Ave., S., Minneapolis, Minn. 

William H. Ebbert (i), 1469 Winnemac Ave., Chicago. 

Peter Wiseman, 329 Richland Ave., San Francisco, Cal. 

Wesley L. Peterson, 2435 S. Clifton Park Ave., Chicago. 

Samuel J. Morris, 1250 Claremont Ave., Chicago. 

Walter Sinsheimer, 215 W. Monroe St., Chicago. 

Raymond J. Coolsen (i), 216 W. Lake St., Chicago. 

Frank O. Brunckhorst, ist Lt., Platteville, Wis. 

Cecil S. Campbell, ist Lt., 5506 Berlin Ave., St. Louis, 

Arlie G. Humphrey, Sgt., Eldorado. 

Fred A. Plath (1), 2338 Seminary Ave., Chicago. 

Joseph A. Petrus (i), Wadena, Minn. 

George Stulik, 1108 S. Winchester Ave., Chicago. 

Joseph W. Gabby, 419 N. 3d St., Monmouth. 

James W. Lee (i). Magnolia, Miss. 

Adolph Hegberg, 19 10 Bissell St., Chicago. 

Roman J. Ladzinski, 870 8th Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Stener T. Hoiland, R. D. 4, Box 8, Lucerne, Minn. 

William S. Ancoin, Belle Cote, Nova Scotia, Canada. 

Herbert R. Alden, North Platte, Neb. 

Howard P. Foley, Plymouth. 

Everett M. Myers, 152 E. Jessamine St., St. Paul, Minn. 

Fred H. Nystrom, 921 E. 24th St., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Charles M. Vitullo (i), 752 DeKoven St., Chicago. 

Carmen Tortorello, 1029 W. Taylor St., Chicago. 

Baba Jacob, 2219 Taylor St., Gary, Ind. 

John A. Johnson, Vining, Minn. 

Bill Zibilas (i). Care Crystal Shoe Shine Parlor, Blue- 
field, W. Va. 

Jacob Sarkin (i), Mohilev Province, Mohilev, Russia. 

Edward P. Horan, 467^ Murray Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Erwin J. Greuel, 1520 Wright St., Milwaukee, Wis. 


Augustus Van Wormer, Lt. Col., 47 Riverside Drive, 

Binghamton, N. Y. 
Samuel Burgess, ist Lt. and Chap., America, 111. 

Frank J. Malloy, 2d Lt., 19 Verona Apts., Walnut Hills, 
Cincinnati, O. 


David Mitchell, ist Lt., 2988 E. Grand Blvd., Detroit, 

Otis H. Lee, ist Lt., Aledo. 

Reuben Barkling, ist Sgt., 4848 N. Seeley Ave., Chicago. 

Edward B. King, Mess Sgt., 1631 Fargo Ave., Chicago. 

Edward F. Rippberger, Bug., 1848 Belle Plaine Ave., Chi- 
cago. , 

William Janeteas, Cook, 112 S. Halsted St., Chicago. 

Rudolph P. Jost, Bug., R. D. i, Cleveland, Wis. 

John Zuhoski, Cook, 6011 S. State St., Chicago. 

Simon McKenzie, Cook, Clam Falls. Wis. 

Herman J. Riemath, Corp., Box 84, Hutchinson, Minn. 

William G. Herr, R. D. 2, Pulaski, Wis. 

Walenty Kapelanski, 2237 Rice St., Chicago. 

Frederick Christoph (i), 1639 Sherwin Ave., Chicago. 

Eugene Weissgerber, 377 Idaho St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Arthur R. Lapin (i), 1109 N. Western Ave., Chicago. 

Victor Carlson, 426 jGarfield St., Hibbing, Minn. 

William Siessmann, 2639 W. i8th St., Chicago. 
John Luptak, Mech., 361 W. 7th Ave., Tarenton, Pa. 
Thomas Myhre, 1624 Chestnut St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
William_ H. Christoph, Sup. Sgt., 1639 Sherwin Ave., 

Knute S. Goranson, Sgt., 1713 Winnemax Ave., Chicago. 
Edmund W. May, R. D. 2, Stillwater, Minn. 
John Butterfield, Marek, Wis. 
Ed DeVriendt, R. D. 2, Waltham, Minn. 
Elmer Collies. R. D. i, Kilbourn, Wis. 
Robert P. Schmidt, 20 11 W. Chicago Ave., Chicago. 
William Selle, R. D. 2, Box 55, Clayton, Wis. 
Stanley Giersczwicz, Corp., 1159 Noble St., Chicago. 
August C. Flood, Box tt, Galesville, Wis. 
Clyde E. Miller, R. D. i, Erie, 
Paul A. Wendt, Kingston, Wis. 
Max Hecht, 2340 W. Diversey Ave., Chicago. 
John C. Bahrt, Hackensack, Minn. 



Anton Dahl, Box 84, Chippewa Falls, Wis. 

Charley Camfield, R. D. 2, Cadott, Wis. 

Walter Kryskow, Corp., P. O. Egmrynt, Alberta, Canada. 

Alfred N. Nelson, R. D. 4, Morris. 

Arthur Lotz, Cadott, Wis. 

Martin S. Olson, Boyd, Minn. 

Reuben Lannes, R. D. 7, Alexandria, Minn._ 

Lawrence Goodfellow, Box 213, Kenyon, Minn. 

William M. Feist, 2121 E. 3d St., Menomonie, Wis. 

John J. Milkent, 167 S. Pleasant St.. Kenosha, Wis. 

Fred A. Johnson, R. D. 5, Goodhue, Minn. 

John E. Marcion, 933 Greenbush St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
ohn P. Croal, Reedsburg, Wis. 
Sherman H. Cushman, Evansville, Wis. 

Herman F. Lubben, R. D. i, Box 92, Glenwood City, 

Carl E. Wieveg, 2422 W. ist St., Duluth. Minn. 

Kostandinos Ethopoulos, Box 14, Kettle River, Minn. 

Isaac Elmendorf, R. D. i, Box 53, Rock Falls. 

Carl O. Larson, 107 Garden Ave., Stoughton, Wis. 

John Dahl, R. D. 4, Eleva, Wis. 

George Smith, Peshtigo, Wis. 

Walter C. Gorecki, R. D. 36, Box 71, Seymour, Wis. 

Stearl J. Hartman, R. D. i, Shebbana Grove. 

Arne Birkrem, Vananda, Mont. 

Joseph Lerum, R. D. i, Oakland, Minn. 

Reeves Borchers, Nebraska City, Neb. 

Felix T. Kotz, Bowerville, Minn. 

Oscar Hottran, 4308 University Ave., N. E., Minneapo- 
lis, Minn. 

Howard Neil, Box 354, Hill City, Minn. 

Ralph L. Chartier, Box 446, Colquet, Minn. 

Frank Morel. 11345 Langley Ave., Chicago. 

James R. Mills, R. D. i, Stanton, Minn. 

Vivian Curtis, LaValle, Wis. 

Frank Schweiger, Box 93, Ely, Minn. 

Oscar Westberg, R. D. 2, Box 49, Pine City, Minn. 

Orvie Fagen, Pitt, Minn. 

Nikodemus Uukslainen, Max, Minn. 

Herman F. Below. R. D. 3, Spencer, Wis. 

Gust Swanson, Woodstock. 

Edwin I. Tiller, 301 Wilson St., Menomonie, Wis. 

Christian Hagen (i). Box 16, Black River Falls, Wis. 

Floyd R. Pike (i), R. D. i, Medford, Minn. 

Edward J. Hilgendorf, Sgt., 6041 N. Hermitage Ave., 

Jacob D. Kempowicz, Sgt., 1000 W. Chicago Ave., Chi- 

Joseph E. Kamys, Sgt., 681 Fay St., Chicago. 

Peter U. Johnson, R. D. i, Box 74, Hayfield, Minn. 

Carl Borcherding, R. D. 2, Belmont, Wis. 

Frederick A. Bund, R. D. i. Box 63, Friendship, Wis. 

Bernard Hoffberg, Robbinsdale, Minn. 

Wendell H. Ojala, Box 510, Ely, Minn. 

Bruno Herbert, R. D. i, Arcadia, Wis. 

Walter W. Jordt, Corp., Glidden, Wis. 

Oscar A. Espeseth, 1038 N. Chatsworth St., St. Paul, 

McKindrey Conley, Warba, Minn. 

Herman J. Hanson, R. D. 5, Eleva, Wis. 

Cornelius O'Connor, 5304 Breedshill St., Pittsburg, Pa. 

Frank G. Higgins, Gen. Del., Cleveland, O. 

William C. Wolf, 230 5th Ave., N., Wausau, Wis. 

Herbert Buss, R. D. 2, Curtiss, Wis. 

Frank C. Elmendorf (i), R. D. i. Rock Falls. 

Henry Friedrich, 474 High St., Oshkosh, Wis. 

Arthur "S. Akerson, 3845 nth Ave., S., Minneapolis, 

Tver Sonneson, 1619 Piedmont Ave., Duluth. Minn. 

Henry B. Schaefer, Box 238, McHenry. 

Ludwig Johnson, R. D. 4, Box 85, Blair, Wis. 

Ernest C. Schwartz, Box 145, Crystal Lake. 

Joe Barna, R. D. 4, Box 120, West Tampa, Fla. 

Calvin Abbot, 634 Jackson St., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Elmer Westerberg, 433 Exchange St., Sycamore. 

William Giertz, R. D. 2, Marengo. 

Duncan C. Sinclair, 5843 Winthrop Ave., Chicago. 

Oscar J. Thurlby, Kirland. 

Vincent J. Walosik, 71,1 Union St., Stevens Point, Wis. 

John Knutkowski, 2635 Randolph St., N. E., Minneapo- 
lis, Minn. 

Aleck Boviall, Athol, Idaho. 

Martin Hansen, 646 Pierce St., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Fred A. Bucknall, Edgerton, Wis. 

Michael J. McHale. 847 E. 64th PL, Chicago. 

Samuel Heal, R. D. i, Esmond. 

Charles Herter, 2103 Osgood St., Chicago. 

Melvin Huskelhus, R. D. s, Osseo, Wis. 

Stefano Pastorino, 2441 Superior St., Chicago. 

Theodore Hagen, Pigeon Falls, Wis. 

Charles T. Kells, Woosung. 

Loren Sheets, 57 Evaline St., Oshkosh, Wis. 

Royal A. Radtke, 178 Washington St., Manistee, Mich. 

Stanley Cairo, R. D. i, Ridgewood, Wis. 

Pineo Levine, 821 4th Ave., E., Duluth, Minn. 

Fabian Monfils, R. D. 2, Box 98, Casco, Wis. 

Arthur Rusdahl, 522 E. 8th St., Duluth, Minn. 

Edwin Olson, R. D. 8, Box 16, Viroqua, Wis. 

Edmund J. Roth, 1144 Milwaukee Ave., Chicago. 

Adolph J. Baumbach (i). Box 22, Leon, Wis. 

Harry Lamke, 18 10 W. Main St., Merrill, Wis. 

Guisippi Putti, 2512 S. Oakley Ave., Chicago. 

Wallace Berry, 702 9th Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Emil Johnson, 112 South B. St., Monmouth. 

John Di Grazia, 3108 sth Ave., Chicago. 

Floyd Reynolds, 233 N. Cross, Sycamore. 

Edgar Grupe, Corp., 469 Park Ave., Elgin. 

Bernard A. Neidhardt, Sgt., 1654 Pratt Blvd., Chicago. 

David R. Bain, Sgt., 1338 W. 9Sth St., Cleveland, O. 

Ashod N. Vartabedian, Sgt., 305 Beethoven PL, Chi- 

William Winchel, R. D. 3, Box 58, Cashton, Wis. 

Clarence Amundson, R. D. 18, Evansville, Wis. 

Shirley Kingrey, Wilgus, O. 

Otto J. Arndt, R. D. 12, Milton Junction, Wis. 

Raymond McAllister, Grand Rapids, Minn. 

William Borysiewicz, R. D. 4, Thorpe, Wis. 

Stanley Babicz, Corp., 856 N. May St., Chicago. 

Henry L. Waldorf, 159 Boyd St., Oshkosh, Wis. 

Martin E. Schindeldecker, 2515 30th Ave., S., Minneapo- 
lis, Minn. 

Roy H. Spear, Box 171, Plainfield, Wis. 

Henry T. Effertz, R. D. i. Box 72, Almona, Wis. 

Eddie Ringling, Fremont, Wis. 

Michael Weidner, R. D. 6, Woodstock. 

Lauritz Thue, R. D. 5, Madison, S. D. 

Harry A. Fandry (i), 742 Blackhawk St., Chicago. 

Russell Remington, 952 2d St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Toe Bagg, Care George Padden, R. D., St. Charles. 

Albert Newkirk, Station A, R. D. s, Marble Cliff, 
_ Columbus, O. 

Casimer Lesniewski, 537 Lincoln Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Ole C. Knutson, Independence, Wis. 

Mayson Craft, 1012 Aurora Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 
Giovanni Bertacchi, Franklin, Mich. 
Jacob Fried, 1350 N. Leavitt St., Chicago. 
Glen F. Bellows, R. D. 4, Baraboo, Wis. 
Alfred E. Holmes, Kaneville. 

Joseph L. Marsolek, R. D. 2, P. O. Box 93, Independ- 
ence, Wis. 
John W. Benton, Sandusky, Wis. 
John Best, Jr., 2200 Monroe St., Chicago. 
Gustav Oberei, 2124 W. 20th St., Chicago. 
William E. Morgan, R. D. 2, Box 73, Germantown, 

New York. 
Charles A. Jennings, R. D. 4, Woodstock. 
Theodore Johnson, R. D. 2, Box 28, Independence, Wis. 
Joseph Chimzar, Box 24,' Ely, Minn. 

Michael C. Mosiniak, R. D. 4. Box 131, Genesen, Minn. 
Edward F. Kaczor, R. D. 9, Box 33, Neenah, Wis. 
Morton Libakken, Ettrick, Wis. 
Fred A. Cisar, R. D. 2, Box 43, Oconto, Wis. 
Ernest Daskalopoulos, 254 Main St., Kenosha, Wis. 
Emanuel Heibler, 2222 Galena St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Carl Anderson, Box 18, Gays Mills, Wis. 
Eugene Wartmann, Bay City, Wis. 
Frederick Toms, Aitkins, Minn. 

Nikolaos Papademetrious, 3203 E. 92d St., South Chicago. 
Philip J. Anderson, Alden. 

Ross H. Reger, 680 W. Jefferson St., Springfield, O. 
Erwin M. Heymer, 109 S. Huron St., DePere, Wis. 
William H. Dicks, Mallard. 
Sivert Overvik, Tofte, Minn. 
Herman H. Strade, R. D. 2, Kiel, Wis. 
Stanley Olszewski, Pulaski, Wis. 
Benjamin Bernstein, 770 E. 41st St., Chicago. 
Lloyd G. Albert, Middlebury, Ind. 
Peter Kontos, 11 271 Stevenson Ave., Chicago. 
Henry Marine, 2536 Augusta St., Chicago. 
Gilbert Allen, Sgt., 1430 Olive Ave., Chicago. 
Max J. Marach, Sgt., 663 Fay St., Chicago. 
Frank Zolynski, 19:3 Fowler St., Chicago. 
George M. Hoefke, 955 W. i8th St., Chicago. 
Otis D. Gooch, R. D. i, Hanover, Wis. 
Leonard Swenberg, Box 79, Dunnell. Minn 
Einar P. Erickson, 124 W. Randolph St., Stoughton, Wis 
Harry L. Menke, T1344 Wentworth Ave., Chicago. 
Emanuel Odman, R. D. 1, Box 92 A, Princeton, Minn. 



Arthur C. Jordt, Corp., Glidden, Wis. 

Carl A. Lindstrom, R. D. 5, Grand Rapids, Wis. 

George Hoerler, R. D. 3, Erie. 

Edward Smith, R. D. 4, Verndale, Minn. 

Ferdinand Thurow, R. D. 2, Crystal Lake. 

Albert Omdahl, R. D. 2, Box 13, Eleva, Wis. 

Ole Matson, R. D. 4, Box 38, Eleva, Wis. 

Charles Bernitt, Medford, Wis. 

Paul G. Kramp, 2642 W. 23d St., Chicago. 

Casimir Kleczka, 1046 Midland Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Stanley E. Evans, R. D. 2, Box 84, New Lisbon, Wis. 

Andrew Myern, R. D. 5, Box 9, Eleva, Wis. 

Grant O. Swanson, R. D. 2, Elmore, Minn. 

Severn Olson, R. D. 4, Box 81, Duluth, Minn. 

Hjalmar Bergquist, 3d Ave., Two Harbors, Minn. 

Herman W. Gentz, R. D. 7, Box 100, Janesville, Wis. 

Peter J. Simon (i), 832 Roscoe St., Chicago. 

John N. Laushay, 2358 Indiana Ave., Chicago. 

William Wolfe, 890 26th Ave., S. E., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Frank E. Farrington, R. D. 7, Box 82, Janesville, Wis. 

Leopold Gebauer, Fair St., Sycamore. 

William A. Kartell, 131 5 W. ist St., Kewanee. 

Johan H. Magnusen, 1825 E. 8th St., Duluth, Minn. 

Lawrence Benton, R. D., Sandusky, Wis. 

John E. Schroeder, 592 21st St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Swan A. Noren, Box 54, New Brighton, Minn. 

Stanley Grabowski, 785 ist Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Anton Hilstad, R. D. 3, Hale, Wis. 

Alois Jaraczewski, 824 Garden St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

John Mansour, 307 Main St., N. L., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Azzan W. McKagan, R. D. 4, Box 37, Menomonie, Wis. 

Robert Kollmansberger, Box 851, Stratford, Wis. 

Fred F. Stuckert, 713 Delaware Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Arnold A. Gevers, Waterloo, Wis. 

George Zastrow, 877 Allis St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Bernie Skowron, 592^ 2d Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Stephen Molitor, 2531 Washington St., N., Minneapolis, 

George R. Saxton, Box 68, Sherburn, Minn. 
Frank J. Szydlowski, 1149 Hennepin St., LaSalle. 
John Paradise, 297 Wiscott St., Kenosha, Wis. 
Morris Fenichel (i), 974 Milwaukee Ave., Chicago. 
Perry E. Johnson Box 175, Tower, Minn. 
Martin Gonsolin, R. D. i, Sandusky, Wis. 
Joseph Keegan, 816 S. Lathrop Ave., Forest Park. 
Francisco Ferraro, 9640 Marshall Ave., Chicago. 
Carl A. Lundberg, R. D. 2, Sherburn, Minn. 
Peter Cappozzo, 1048 State St., Racine, Wis. 
Louis Kringas (i), 3192 Elston Ave., Chicago. 
George L. Lewis, 122 Seth St., Stevens Point, Wis. 
Ray L. Quinn, Sgt., 1520 Balmoral Ave., Chicago. 
Andrew Marach, Sgt.. 663 Fay St., Chicago. 


Abram J. Powelson, Capt., 552 N. Chamber St., Gales- 

Rollin L. Swindler, ist Lt., looi Oregon St., Urbana. 

Vito S. Valenzano, ist Sgt., 662 N. May St., Chicago. 

Otto C. Gilbo, Mess Sgt., 1052 California Ave., Chicago. 

Jack Czwakiel, Bug., 1444 Fry St., Chicago. 

John Kruty, Cook, 4316 Kilbourn Ave., Chicago. 

Arthur E. Speckmann, Bug., 518 Penn Ave., Sheboygan, 

Tver H. Hanson, Cook, Midway, Wis. 

Albert A. Schlaak, Cook, Winona, Minn. 

Bernard Arkush (i), 2541 Thomas St., Chicago. 

Boleslaw Borta, Cook, 1471 W. Erie St., Chicago. 

Frank Chapulis, Mech., 1056 1 Edbrook Ave., Chicago. 

Nicholas Haluta (i), 2438 W. Walton St., Chicago. 

Oscar Erickson, Mech., Becker, Minn. 

Earl E. Cole, Box 53, Townsend, Wis. 

Adam Petlak, Mech., 1355 Bradley St., Chicago. 

Ralph Miller, 144 N. Prospect Ave., Park Ridge. 

Leo E. Plaisance, Mech., Box 3, Brownton, Minn. 

Adolph Field, 323 E. Johnson St., Madison, Wis. 

John S. Danielson, Sup. Sgt., 2 Rowe St., New Haven, 

Frank H. Kermy, Sgt., 3243 Cortez St., Chicago. 

Henry Helland, 417 4th A»-e. S., St. Cloud, Minn. 

John AT Moely, R. D. i, Box 4, Prairie du Sac, Wis. 

Jay A. Keyes, Lancaster, Wis. 

Edwin I. Paulsen, Coon, Wis. 

William J. Latootzka, R. D. 4, Baraboo, Wis. 

Alfred Pearson, R. D. 3, Box 4, Red Wing, Minn. 

Frank Marnell (i), 1423 W. Ohio St., Chicago. 

Victor Robison, Hanover, Ind. 

Walter Johnson, R. D. i, Preempton. 

Henry H. Hansen, 365 Grand St., Fond du Lac, Wis. 

Frederick Buch, R. D. 7, Platteville, Wis. 

George Tidquist, R. D. 4, Box 96, ^vrcadia. Wis. 

John J. Jones, 1215 Preston St., Rockford. 

Turner G. Johnson, 972 S. Broad St., Galesburg. 

John P. Murphy, Corp., 1211 Emily St., Appleton, Wis. 

Edwin Knobel, R. D. 2, Erhard, Minn. 

Obert Rosholm, R. D. i, Box 5, Eleva, Wis. 

Walter J. Wolf gram, R. D. i. Lake Mills, Wis. 

Alfred O. Freng, R. D. 1, Bangor, Wis. 

Melvin B. Prestemon, R. D. 4, Box 76, Waukon, Iowa. 

Richard P. Meredith, R. D. 19, Box 83, Evansville, 

Walter A. Henseler, 399 24th St., Oshkosh, Wis. 

Thomas H. Babb (i). Greenwood, Wis. 

Melvin Thompson R. D. 2, Ettrick, Wis. 

John J. Borgen, Minnetonka Beach, Minn. 

Wladyslaw Nowakowski, 838 N. Winchester Ave., Chi- 

Prosper P. Cattrysse, Z-116 Armee, Belgium. 

Bernard Overlander, 394 i6th Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

John Murchie, Reiner, Wis. 

Burl L. Rew, R. D. 3, Box 21, Pine Island, Minn. 

Phillip Launhart, Corp., 1116 W. Huron St., Chicago. 

Walter Conrad, 910 Charles St., Streator. 

Andrew Carlson, 5714 Morgan St., Chicago. 

Jiles G. Pederson, Blair. Wis. 

Peter Kantowicz, 1847 N. Hoyne Ave., Chicago. 

Joe E. Landsinger, Wonewoc, Wis. 

Cecil Newell, R. D. 4, Kilbourn, Wis. 

John Kohler, R. D. i. Box 79, Pittsville, Wis. 

Louis Rubino (i), 515 N. Racine Ave., Chicago. 

Bernd Warnke, Washburn. 

Lee R. Irvine, R. D. i. Box 76-A, Ekeland, Wis. 

DeRoy Taylor, Box 28, Deer River, Minn. 

Herman C. Noel, R. D. 3, Metamora. 

Ernest G. Beyer, R. D. 4, Box 57, Duluth, Minn. 

George M. Rhyner, 2021 Doty St., Oshkosh, Wis. 

Vincenzo Belluomini, 10 S. Vine St., Hinsdale. 

James Devine, 850 Windom St., Pittsburg, Pa. 

Paul Belluomini, 10 S. Vine St., Hinsdale. 

Arthur Carlson Box 128, Embarrass, Minn. 

Carl H. Betz, Wataga. 

John W. Sielaff, R. D. 2, Box 11, Independence, Wis. 

Ralsa H. Morley, R. D. 2, Reedsburg, Wis. 

Carl E. G. Lindahl, Cannon Falls, Minn. 

John E. Sterchi, Medford, Wis. 

John Porebski, Corp., 718 N. Racine Ave., Chicago. 

Merl Francois, R. D. i, Lime Ridge, Wis. 

Thomas F. Hughes, Sgt., 4521 N. Whipple St., Chicago. 

Guy C. Leydig, Sgt., Formoso, Kansas. 

Howard J. Edmands, Sgt., 18 Devon Terrace, Newton 
Center, Mass. 

Schuyler C. Riggins, Kidd's Store, Ky. 

Charles A. Kenneson, Barnum, Wis. 

George W. Mattie, R. D. i, Eastman, Wis. 

Oscar G. Ewig, 5Sth and Grand Ave., Wauwatosa, Wis. 

Stacy Myers, 516 Bigelow St., Peoria. 

Alden Knudson, Box 6, St. James, Minn. 

Rudolph Stevenin, Corp., 2115 29th Ave. S., Minneapo- 
lis, Minn. 

Louis C. Lietz, Edgerton, Wis. 

Eldon A. Peetz, R. D. 3, Prairie du Sac, Wis. 

Willard G. Esterberg, Box 1064, Ely, Minn. 

Herman Goetzke, 1048 24th Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Wilhelm Eggert, R. D. 2, Hayfield, Minn. 

Elmer P. Gerpheide, 1122 S. i6th St., Manitowoc, Wis. 

John Dendor, Corp., 1518 W. Chicago Ave., Chicago. 

Arthur Tanglin, R. D. 2, Box 57, Hugo, Minn. 

Walter M. Gray, 552 Beecher St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

John E. Berhlin, 4408 47th Ave., S., Minneapolis, Minn. 

William Knuth, Ableman, Wis. 

Haven H. Smith, Box 64, Kasson, Minn. 

Bill Galvidis, 2340 S. Hoyne Ave., Chicago. 

Seymour Paulson, Strum, Wis. 

Lawrence Benson, 1062 W. Huron St., Chicago. 

Karl T. Jensen, R. D. 2, Hendricks, Minn. 

Andrew H. Tschample, Barnesville, Minn. 

Irving C. Anderson, Box 44, South Stillwater, Minn. 

Irving S. Buchanan, 1622 Oregon St., Oshkosh, Wis. 

Nicholas B. Peters, 930 Edmund St., St. Paul, Minn. 

Elmer Markin, Lime Ridge, Wis. 

Morris Flink, Tchula, Miss. 

John A. Fensterle, Corp., 2337 Cortez St., Chicago. 

Elmer E. Bayles, R. D. i, Carlock. 



Charles Matiask, 2204 Mongo St., North Chicago. 

Peter Fredrickson, Kasson, Minn. 

Gilbert A. Erickson, 2210 W. 8th St., Duluth, Minn. 

Ralph E. Hoyt, Greens Farrns, Conn. 

William Weisenberger, Arcadia, Wis. 

Steven Zahery, 1917 Fowler St., Chicago. 

Ernest Seidell, 1465 St. Clair St., St. Paul, Minn. 

Charles A. Bean, Elberta, Canada. 

Frank E. Schmudlach. R. D. 2, Coloma, Wis. 

August W. Schultz, R. D. 6. Box 16, Sterling. 

Arthur J. Hoff, 2019 LeMoyne St., Chicago. 

Floyd L. Weatherly, Kasson, Minn. 

Henry W. Clifford, R. D. i, Guckeen, Minn. 

Earl J. Collins, Box 613, South Kaukauna, Wis. 

William E. Ortmann, 3615 Costello Ave., Chicago. 

Charles H. Lawsing, 802 Ridge St., Baraboo, Wis. 

William E. Turnbull, R. D. 3, Toulon. 

Irvin T. Thompson, R. D. 2 Box 63, Blair, Wis. 

John Liltz, care of Aurora Brewing Co., Aurora. 

William H. Morrissey, 214 Center St., Janesville, Wis. 

Charles C. Sherzer, Corp., 5051 Ainslee Ave., Chicago. 

Oscar Schneider, R. D. 8. Hanover, Ind. 

George Wenz, Sgt., 443 Carroll St., Akron, Ohio. 

Michael S. Tenczer, Sgt., 617 N. Racine Ave., Chicago. 

Frank Ratay (i), 1452 W. Huron St.. Chicago. 

Albin F. Swing, Marinean, St. Crcix, Minn. 

Ray Jessop, LaValle, Wis. 

Stanislaus Jaworski, Stevens Point. Wis. 

Edwin Young, R. D. 6, Box 54, Hastings, Minn. 

Emil Lehman, R. D. 5, Reedsburg, Wis. 

Stephen Olson (i), Westby, Wis. 

Floyd H. Walker, 1708 E. 60th St., Cleveland, Ohio. 

Virgil H. Anderson, 43 E. ssth St.. Chicago. 

William F. Haensel, R. D. 4, Walnut Grove, Minn. 

Adolph H. Johnson, R. D. i, Wright, Minn. 

Charles Reinholm. Box 51, Blackberry, Minn. 

Ludwig Haas, Plain, Wis. 

Ernest A. Frank, R. D. 3, Spencer, Wis. 

Charles P. Heavey, Corp., 3007 Wilson Ave., Chicago. 

Fred Hrudka, 623 N. 9th St., Manitowoc, Wis. 

Elbert Johnson, Bond, Ky. 

Frank Riczek, 1047 nth Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Elmer A. Beard, R. D. i. Box 48, Pentwater. Mich. 

Arthur Gulbranson, 920 N. Washtenaw Ave., Chicago. 

John A. Olson, R. D. 2, Box 48, St. James, Minn. 

Charles McLaughlin, care of Cedarville Farm, Custer, 

N- J- 
Anderson Cornelius, R. D. 2, West DePere. Wis. 
Julius Weilep, 703 Arbutus St., Rhinelander, Wis. 
Roy Hanson, R. D. i. West Concord, Minn. 
Cornelius Yestenes, R. D. 3, Blair, Wis. 
Joe Hook. R. D. 2, Fulton. 
Joel R. Sanford, Dodge Center, Minn. 
George Kollman, R. D. i, Roscoe, Minn. 
Robert A. Schultz, R. D. 7, Sterling. 
Steve Zerko, 651 N. Paulina St., Chicago. 
Otto C. Johns, R. D. 7, Box 30, Janesville, Wis. 
Walter E. Holtz. Ableman, Wis. 
Henry T. Amundsen, R. D. i, Peterson, Minn. 
Andrew Jenson, Rockton, Wis. 
Max Drizner, 1437 Racine Ave., Chicago. 
Arthur W. Laible, R. D. 2, Washburn. 
Alois L. Zeier, 2204 Ohio Ave., Madison, Wis. 
George J. Calmes, R. D. 2, Athens, Wis. 
Oscar Nelson, 455 S. Chamber St., Galesburg. 
Fred E. House, 1314 N. Main St., Rockford. 
Herbert I. Johnson, R. D. i. Box 58, Sebeka, Minn. 
Joe Sazama, Box 51, Dent, Minn. 
Thomas McHugh, 718 Cedar St., Anaconda, Mont. 
Mathias J. Tungblut, 520 Monroe St., Janesville, Wis. 
Henry H. Voldsness, R. D. 4, Box 63, Whitehall, Wis. 
Edmund A. Schumacher, 868 State St., Appleton, Wis. 
Charles F. Lasch, 820 Grand Ave., Racine, Wis. 
Fred J. Schmall, Sutton, Neb. 

George P. Erickson, R. D. 2, Box 37, Pepin, Wis. 

Robert Hochmuth, LaValle, Wis. 

Everett Wilkins, R. D. 4, Hodgeville, Ky. 

Edward Bradley, Wonewoc, Wis. 

Nicholas Schmitz, Box 123, Solon Springs, Wis. 

William Francis, Pembine, Wis. 

Odilian Seguin, 925 Garfield Ave., Duluth, Minn. 

Nicholas Belsanti. Sgt., 1043 W. Grand Ave., Chicago, 

Albert G. Petzold, Sgt., 1511 Winter Ave., Louisville, 

Albert W. Aylesworth, Sgt., 4608 N. Kilpatrick St., 

Konstanty Janowski, 1627 Cherry St., South Milwau- 
kee, Wis. 

Frank H. Voss, 26 Shawnee St., Freeport. 

Christian Iverson, R. D. 2, Brooten, Minn. 

Lambert Musch, Garden Plain. 

Fred W. Pagel, Wonewac, Wis. 

Edward Kannenberg, R. D. i. Box 11, LaValle, Wis. 

Herbert E. Haslee, R. D. 31, Glen Beulah, Wis. 

Warren Poppe, Box 31, Marble, Minn. 

Charles Modschiedler, Oconto, Wis. 

John R. Moser, Gen. Del., Goodfield. 

Frederick Klett, LaV^alle, Wis. 

Oscar M. Oelerich, New Holstein, Wis. 

Clyde S. Mayfield, Abbotsford, Wis. 

Orville E. Key, Santa Fe, Mo. 

Matt P. Warchol, Corp., 1201 W. Chicago Ave., Chicago. 

.^dolph M. East, R. D. i. Box 122, Duluth, Minn. 

I^eo Kostka, 774 i6th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

.\lois J. Gruber, Plain, Wis. 

.\ugust H. Villnow, R. D. 2, Box 61, Aitkin, Minn. 

Maurice Skogstad, R. D. i, Blair, Wis. 

George Odward, 714 Republic Bldg., Chicago. 

Adolph E. Schubert, R. D. 3, Coloma, Wis. 

Otis Williams, Ontario, Wis. 

Alfred Scherwinka, 2519 Grand St. N. E., Minneapolis, 

Ervin Mosher, R. D. 15, Victoria. 

Alfred C. F. Bergman, R. D. i. Eland, Wis. 

John Zil, 2059 22nd St., Chicago. 

Nickclus M. Perry, Alborn, Minn. 

Henry Paulson, R. D. i, Holdingford, Minn. 

Anthony Loy, Mazomanie, Wis. 

Herman W. Uecker, 410 14th Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Guiseppe Triolo, Box 921, Hammond, La. 

John J. O'Brien, Murdock, Minn. 

Nels Pearson, 225 W. Front St., Wheaton. 

France L. Peterson, 407 Hatton Ave., Rice Lake, Wis. 

Louis Rose, Sharon, Wis. 

Frank H. Payne, 5223 W. Division St., Chicago. 

Stanley Ruffle, Box 52, Excelsior, Minn. 

William F. Clancy, Corp., West Side Y. M. C. A., Mon- 
roe St. and Ashland Ave., Chicago. 

Albert O'Connor, 180 Concord St., St. Paul, Minn. 

William J. Sullivan, 515 N. Marshfield Ave., Chicago. 

Stephen H. Wirtczak, 1224 S. 32nd St., Chicago. 

Percy Sherer, 1622 6th St. S. E., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Peter G. Gloudemans, Faribault, Minn. 

Raymond Burnmaster, 1629 St. Anthony Ave., St. Paul, 

Alfred Westegard, R. D. 3, Bruce, S. D. 

Joseph Yasilli, Corp., 453 N. Peoria St., Chicago. 

Frank L. Waltman, 418 Eldorado Ave., Appleton, Wis. 

Frank L. Bradley, 215 Myron St., Wausau, Wis. 

Salvatore Balachia, 906 Cambridge Ave., Chicago. 

Simon T. Kasza, 814 8th St., LaSalle. 

Edward T. LaChance, Donaldson, Wis. 

Anthony Lange, Corp., 1224 Sinnott Place, Chicago. 

Albin E. Wenstrom, Rio. 

Sigurd Hanson, Sgt., 309 Dwight St., Chippewa Falls, 

Harry A. Nelson, Sgt., 7735 Creigier Ave., Chicago. 


Edward J. Higgins, Capt., 188 Pleasant St., Lowell, 

Henry W. Howes, ist Lt., 7 W. 92nd St., New York, 
N. Y. 

Russell McDonald, 1st Sgt., 5610 Landsdowne Ave., St. 
Louis, Mo. 

George J. O'Brien, Mess Sgt., 119 Zabriskie St., Jer- 
sey City,_ N. J. 

Ray C. Cunningham, Bug., Palestine. 

Anton Geis, Cook, 2858 Taylor St., Chicago. 

Fred Seyfarth, Bug., 5642 S. Racine Ave., Chicago. 

Frank Bernier, Cook, 800 S. Main St., Kankakee. 

William F. Clancy, Cook, 154 N. LaCrosse Ave., Chi- 

Donald C. Marcy, 409 Clay St., Woodstock. 

Fred G. Clark, Cook, 153 Parkdale Ave., Ottawa, Can- 

Hugo S. Johnson, Post Master, Stockholm, Wis. 

Hilmer S. Aamoth. R. D. i. Twin Valley, Minn. 

Archie Prouty, Sandusky, Wis. 

Stanley Rybarczyk, mo N. Lincoln St., Chicago. 

Otto H. McCullick, Mt. Sterling, Wis. 



Charles H. Young, R. D. ii. Milton, Wis. 

Frank H. Cole, R. D. 2, Williamsfield. 

Joseph Yule, 3 118 VV. Taylor St., Chicago. 

William Schallhorn. Sup. Sgt., Grand Junction, Mich. 

Henry P. Evans, Sgt., Pekin. 

Fred A. Holt, Grand Ave., Schofield, Wis. 

Edward P. Nowak, 1544 Elston Ave., Chicago. 

Mathias Mihlbauer, R. D. i, LaValle, Wis. 

Kenneth A. Phillips, R. D. i. Lime Ridge, Wis. 

Frank Zaboroski, Fairmont, Minn. 

Herman W. Brandt, R. D. 4, Box 60, Polar, Wis. 

Fred L. Hagen, 3245 Bloomington Ave. S., Minneapolis, 

Corydon Shuman, R. D. 8, Box 87, Janesville, Wis. 

Charles W. Verkler, Cissna Park, Iroquois Co. 

Fred Clare Gibson, Cedar, Minn. 

Martin Ericson, Box 108, Sacred Heart, Minn. 

Walter I. Shultis, 305 Clark St., Reedsburg, Wis. 

Andrew W. Yanke Box 82, Honey Creek, Wis. 

Walter Smith, R. U. i. Box 62, Lone Rock, Wis. 

Gustav Hendrickson, 1628 N. Hancock St., Chicago. 

Godfrey John Schulz, R. D. 5, Faribault, Minn. 

John Aagmo, R. D. 4, Box 66, Colfax, Wis. 

Edward Scholl, Sandusky, Wis. 

Leslie L. Wolcott, 220 Linn St., Janesville, Wis. 

George J. Lee, Ferryville, Wis. 

Charley A. Gran, Erskine, Minn. 

Henry L. Schaub, R. D. i. Box 106, Porcupine, Wis. 

George H. Payne, 1328 Sherwood Ave., Chicago. 

Ernest T. Holmes, Fontana, Wis. 

Aloys J. Kuemper, R. D. i, Box 22, Wilmont, Minn. 

Walter F. Krueger, 646 N. Walnut St., Reedsburg, Wis. 

Nels A. Engstrom, Pencer, Minn. 

Arthur B. Koepp, R. D. 2, Box 80, North Freedom, Wis. 

Richard Kandall, Box 117, Ferryville, Wis. 

Arthur H. Haugen, R. D. 3, Box 37, Fosstin, Minn. 

John W. Meinke, Egg Harbor, N. J. 

Ivan S. White, R. D. 3, Forest Lake, Minn. 

Alfred S. Edwardson, R. D. i. Blaisdell, N. D. 

Ellis J. Kingery, R. D. i, LaValle, Wis. 

Joseph Sawatzki, 1075 N. Marshfield Ave., Chicago. 

George C. Valant. Box 721, Prairie du Chien, Wis. 

Albert Swanson, Viking, Minn. 

John A. Kubin, 3149 S. Canal St., Chicago. 

Earl L. Trutt, Athens, Wis. 

Peter N. Spoden, 738 23rd Ave., St. Cloud, Minn. 

John Evje, R. D. i. Gully, Minn. 

Harry H. Weiss, 377 S. Broaaway, Aurora. 

Henry Holt, R. D. 4, Box 6, Cokato, Minn. 

Bennie Mellesmoen, R. D. 2. Fosston, Minn. 

Archie B. Cragg, Mineral Point, Wis. 

Will Krohn, R. D. 4, Reedsburg. Wis. 

Nicholas Noll, R. D. i. Box 61, Pound, Wis. 

Lawrence T. Schwartz, Byron, Wis. 

Henry A. Rettke, Fairmont, Minn. 

Adolph R. Jaeger. 821 Eddy St., Watertown, Wis. 

Robert Pulvermacher, R. D. 2, Sauk City, Wis. 

Michael Serafin, 717 Techumsoh St., Toledo, Ohio. 

Louis J. Homsey, 307 W. Milwaukee St., Janesville, 

Charles F. Cooley, 1251 Ruthledge St., Madison, Wis. 

Oscar D. Murphy, Wyeville, Wis. 

Peter J. Gleason, Sgt., 728 W. Congress St., Chicago. 

Lawrence Maggard, Sgt., Tillie, Ky. 

Wayne S. Stone. Sgt., Dresden, Ohio. 

Otto Utterback, Clay City. 

Julius A. Spoon, R. D. i, LaFayette, Minn. 

Martin J. Schulz, R. D. 3, Box 56, Stuart, Minn. 

Melvin Hughes, R. D. 5, Box 42, Sparta, Wis. 

Stanley Sokolowski, 1608 Monroe Av'e., South Milwau- 
kee, Wis. 

Oscar A. Sandahl, R. D. 2, Clutherall, Minn. 

Frank Omahen, Corp., 1504 S. S7th St., Cicero. 

Charles Senkbeil, 711 Indiana Ave., Sheboygan, Wis. 

Axel E. Pelander, 22 S. 59th Ave., Duluth, Minn. 

William Yule, 909 VV. Division St., Faribault, Minn. 

James Rattray^ 105 N. Main St., Janesville, Wis. 

Arthur C. Seifert, 833 Sherman Ave., Evanston. Maple, R. D. 2, Gcnvick, Minn. 

John L. Conboy, 2527 i8th Ave. S., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Edward J. Stenzel, 1148 Latrobe Ave., Chicago. 

Carl H. Lucht, R. D. 2, Box 14, LaValle, Wis. 

Herbert Krueger, 217 Sumner St., Tomah, Wis. 

Peter F. Gortner, Mt. Lake Park, Maryland. 

Albert F. Bogda, Horicon, Wis. 

Malcolm A. Olofson, Box 77, Kimberly, Minn. 

Charles Halvensleben, R. D. 3, Reddsburg, Wis. 

Cyrus A. Forsberg, Fleming Lake, Minn. 

Helmer T. Larson, R. D. 3, Box 37, Fertile, Minn. 

William F. Rogge, 418 Western Ave., Janesville, Wis. 

Gerald G. Quigley, 15 Albion St., Edgerton, Wis. 

Fred J. Koch. Cross Plaines, Wis. 

Charles Bercher, 2536 Cortez St., Chicago. 

Warren L. Vipond, Box 407, Herman, Minn. 

Carl R. Lundberg, R. D. 3, Cokato, Minn. 

Arthur A. Kiefner, 3515 26th Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Arthur R. Schutt, R. D. 5. Janesville, Wis. 

Carl J. Johnson, R. D. 3, Box 86, Fosston, Minn. 

Edward Quade, R. D. 6, Janesville, Wis. 

lidward Schoenfeldt, 601 S. Main St., Edgerton, Wis. 

Harry Stewart, Edgerton, Wis. 

Arno Kolberg, 1308 S. 19th St., Sheboygan, Wis. 

Freemont D. West, Box 73, Eagle River, Wis. 

Clarence Decker, Eau Galle, Wis. 

Ivan Kolarich, Corp., 309 S. Loomis St., Chicago. 

Martin N. Nelson, R. D. 4, Box 10, Barron, Wis. 

Eddie Shaw, Delton, Wis. 

Herman E. Dahl, R. ]). 5, Box 43, Stoughton, Wis. 

Arthur Peters, 1608 30th St., Rock Island. 

Oscar Lindstrom, 3852 Bloomington Ave., Minneapolis, 

Elmer Maijala, Turtle Lake, Wis. 
Leonard Pierson, R. D. 3, Box 33, Clayton, Wis. 
Leo J. Wiley. 320 S. Main St., Chicago. 
William M. Sheehey, East High St., Morrison. 
John O. Swan, 3128 17th Ave. S., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Edward Price. 223 Glindale Ave., Tomah, Wis. 
Alfred O. Anderson, R. D. 3, Box 60, Fergus Falls, 

Leland Rose, Delton, Wis. 

Helmer Diagseth, 1521 8th St., Menomonie, Wis. 
Norman Vivian, 2854 Maplewood Ave., Chicago. 
Gilbert J. Rouse, 381 Nassau St., Menasha, Wis. 
Francis P. Kevil, Sgt., 1423 W. Congress St., Chicago. 
Erving Larson, New Orange Park, Kenilworth, N. J. 
Floyd Daniel, Sgt., Hillsdale, Ind. 

Leo M. Schultz, R. D. 5, Box 57 A, Baraboo, Wis. 
Stanley R. Bezdon, 1744 Brigham St., Chicago. 
Carl F. Olberg, 1031 N. Richmond St., Chicago. 
Albert Halverson, R. D. 5, Elbow Lake, Minn. 
Arthur E. Kron, 1305 W. Taylor St., Bloomington. 
John Johnson, 3455 Beach Ave., Chicago. 
Martin F. Kosola, 4850 S. Elizabeth St., Chicago. 
Albert Sikorsky, 647 Michigan Ave., Grand Rapids, 

John Billings, 652 Adams St., Gary, Ind. 
Ole Germundson, R. D. 5. Elbow Lake. Minn. 
Tcny S. Kruswicki, 1272 LaHarpe St., LaSalle. 
Robert R. Lindsay, 99 E. Main St., Knoxville. 
Leonard Scheibel, Jr., Prairie du Chien, Wis. 
Joseph Jacobowski, 544 Blackstone St., LaSalle. 
Elmer W. Grabowski, 4107 S. Artesian Ave., Chicago. 
Stanley N. Davenport, 923 Drake St., Madison, Wis. 
Anthony Smuhl, 740 N. Barstow St., liau Claire, Wis. 
Anastasios Athanasiou, 800 E. Lake St., Minneapolis, 

Carl Olscn, R. D. 3, Box 4, Elbow Lake, Minn. 
Mike Lipiecke. 710 St. James St., Peru. 
Kasimier Bonzell, 824 Minnesota S., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Joseph A. Moore, 2647 Park Ave., Chicago. 
Gustaf T. Hanson, 45 Division St., Newport, R. I. 
Edwin G. Neitzke, 796 20th Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Josepf Zwack, Freeport. Minn. 
Louis Marabello, 606 Taylor St., Chicago. 
Lloyd W. Knapp, Lancaster. Wis. 

Benjamin Thielke, 507 S. Foster St., Merrill, Wis. 
Emery W. Duval, 225 Lincoln Ave., Crookston, Minn. 
Clement Cozzi, 1023 W. Congress St., Chicago. 
Peter Hulstaert, 1731 i8th St. B, Moline. 
Joseph Leevack, 945 N. Western Ave., Chicago. 
Floyd Fearing, Eagle Bend, Minn. 
Alfred Olson, Holt, Minn. 
Leonard Callender, R. D. i. Box 59, South Haven, 

Arthur C. Larson, R. D. i. Thief River Falls, Minn. 
George E. Russ, R. D. 4, Box 17s, Aurora. 
Arthur T. Otos, 720 E. i6th St., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Seth Olson, Box 24, Salol, Minn. 
Phillip Salchenberger, R. D. 3, Wonewac, Wis. 
Burthron R. Wing, 818 28tli Ave. S., Minneapolis, 

Myron Z. Hovda, Clayton, Wis. 

Vernon M. Gilbert, 523 6th Ave., Eau Claire, Wis. 
Peder Jacobson, Nielsville, Minn. 
Peter H. Goiffon, Withrow, Minn. 
Julian Heyne, 5616 W. Madison St., Chicago. 
Harry W. Warren, R. D. 5, LaValle, Wis. 
Edward Lee, New Auburn, Wis. 



Peter G. Poterala, 850 N. Hoyne Ave.. Chicago. 

Alfred L. Selcliow, R. D. i, Box 40, Kilbourn, Wis. 

Edward Mancheski, 418 N. 2nd St., Stevens Point, Wis. 

X'ictor Parisien, R. D. 1, Waubun, Minn. 

William O'Flaherty, Sgt., 1025 W. Madison St., Chi- 

John Crider, Sgt., Harlantown, Ky. 

Heber D. Davis, Sgt., 16 10 Bellefountaine St., Indian- 
apolis, Ind. 

John W. Calkins, Coleta. 

Gabriel Villebrun, Bejou, Minn. 

Allie R. Hagen, 811 N. 2nd St., Mankato, Minn. 

George Hierl, 611 Union St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Charles E. Massey, Cr^pe, Mo. 

Henry Winkler, 375 Bowen, Oshkosh, Wis. 

Walter Novak, 1645 Julian St., Chicago. 

James Payne, 500 Buchanan St., Belvidere. 

John C. Baetz, 105 N. Winifred, St. Paul, Minn. 

Amunds Skinrek, R. I). 4, Stoughton, Wis. 

Olaf J. Helgestad, R. D. 2, Cambridge, Wis- 

Bernt Botolfson, Stoughton, Wis. 

George H. Johnson, Box 146, Oregon, Wis. 

Ray E. Fisher, Corp., 2732 Sheffield Ave., Chicago. 

George T. Ahrendt, R. D. i. Box 12, Luverne, Minn. 

Mark Johnson, R. D. 4, Battle Lake, Minn. 

Samuel Weisberg, 23 E. 4th St., Duluth, Minn. 

Frank Adams, Tre Weatha Liskeard, Cornwall, England. 

Fred A. Gatts, Adrian. 

Nels T. Lein, Box 87, Salol, Minn. 

Nicholia Fossberg, Winger, Minn. 

Nicholas Partheymuller, Corp., 160 Schermerhorn St., 
Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Charles J. Armstrong. 3333 W. 65th St., Chicago. 

Edward Tichy, 2408 S. Turner Ave., Chicago. 

Geoffrey W. Hanson. R. D. i, Bowles, Minn. 

Arthur O. Hicks, 2856 W. Madison St., Chicago. 

Louis R. Cole, Mech., 120 Highland Ave., Eau Claire, 

Walter M. Cobb, 550 Front St.. Aurora. 
Harry V. Eckd, R. D. 2, Forest Lake, Minn. 
Adolph Gylard, Deerfield. Wis. 
Alvin A. Luetscher, R. D. i. Plain, Wis. 
Joseph Wolowski, 2903 W. Division St., Chicago. 
Hugo H. Werblow, 122 Oak Grove St., Juneau, Wis. 
Joseph J. Goldfin, 1308 E. nth St., Duluth, Minn. 
William U. Groll, 463 Liberty St., Aurora. 
Perley McCarthy, 1 520 W. Congress St., Chicago. 
Fred Whited, Geneva, Nebr. 
Ludwig Anderson, R. D. 3, Balaton, Minn. 
Bernard Schmeling, 315 E. High St., Edgerton, Wis. 
Fred O. Anderson, Utica. 

Albert Carlucci, Corp., 808 S. I^eavitt St., Chicago. 
Max F. Cohen, 2607 W. Division St., Chicago. 
Peter Hill, Florence, S. D. 
Rudolph Teske, 120 Wend St., Antigo, Wis. 
Hoken Burg, Gen. Del., Dennison, Minn. 
Adolph Blaser, Beaulien, Minn. 

James P. Hurley, R. D. 3, Route s, Reedsburg, Wis. - 
Arthur W. Barott, R. D. 3, Forest Lake, Minn. 
William F. Frenk, R. D. 6, Harvard. 
Minton Hoard, 521 Riverside Ave., Thief River Falls, 

Henry G. Kyllo, 313 1 17th Ave. S., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Morris V. L. Miller, 88 Downer Place, Aurora. 
John J. Plesser, 609 2nd Ave., Appleton, Wis. 
Gaiteno Sorrentino, 557 Jenne St., Kenosha, Wis. 
Merl W. Steward, 3827 N. Sheridan Ave., Minneapolis, 

Edward J. St. Marie, 311 N. S4th Ave. W., Duluth, 

Albert Kunze, Sgt., 166 Heir Ave., Syracuse, N. Y. 
Louis Ponte, Sgt., 846 S. Halsted St., Chicago. 


Allan K. Roberts, Capt., 206 Buel Ave., Joliet. 

William D. Hudson, ist Lt., Galena, Mo. 

Porter Lockard, ist Sgt., Canyon Falls, Ky. 

Lewis D. Myles, Mess Sgt., 5435 Lakewood Ave., Chi- 

George Mies, Bug., 875 Kinnickinnic Ave., Milwaukee, 

Arthur Bonas, Cook, 1243 W. 32nd St., Chicago. _ 

Sam Randazzo, Cook, 19 S. I^ke St., Madison, Wis. 

Frederick Puetz, Cock, R. D. i, Box 39, Station D, Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 

Edwin Marshall. Corp., 1503 George St., Chicago. 

Cassiano G. Silla, Cook, 510 N. May St., Chicago. 

Peter M. Schwindt, Mech., 1429 George St., Chicago. 

Domenico, Angelo Red Granite, Wis. 

Fred W. Ewald, Mech., R. D. 18, Fairwater, Wis. 

John J. Nesch, Wheaton. 

Louis J. Makurat, Mech., 874 6th Ave., Milwaukee, 

Paul Fiebelkorn, Chaska, Minn. 

Tichon D. Guck, Mech, 1432 W. Huron St., Chicago. 

Edward W. Nelson, 3431 6th St. N., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Alfred Donnellan, Sup. Sgt., 4855 Fulton St., Chicago. 

David J. Warsaw, Sgt., 2065 Ogden Ave., Chicago. 

Charles B. Adlam, 487 66th Ave., West Allis, Wis. 

Herbert Anderson, 924 8th Ave., Rockford. 

Nels J. Asp_, Box 69, New Folden, Minn. 

Joe Boginski, Butternut, Wis. 

Kaspcr Braun, R. D. 3, Minneapolis, Minn. 

Steve Kaskav5tch, Blackwell, Wis. 

Victor Zell, Corp., 719 Reese St., Chicago. 

John Olson, Lowry, Minn. 

Gustav Bjorlin, 424 40th Ave. N., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Albert Block, 925 loth St. S., St. Cloud, Minn. _ 

Matt Graf, 1139 Greenfield Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Christian Brandt, R. D. i. Bacon, Wis. 

William Brendelson, 544 26th Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Stephen O. Lewis, 2912 S. Chicago Ave., South Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 

Arthur E. Linder, 918 isth Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Edward Burkhard, Lockhart, Minn. 

Ray E. Cole, R. D. i, Hillsdale. 

George Clausen, Erskine, Minn. _ 

Adolph Druckrey, Underbill, Wis. 

Richard Dunn, R. D. i. Box 12, Delano, Minn. 

Julius Jensen, Eleanor, S. D. 

August Quast, 551 Carrol Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 

John C. Bannach, 1507 Fry St., Chicago. 

"Fred C. Durr, R. D. i, Medford, Wis. 

Isaac J. Benson, East Grand Forks, Minn. 

Henry A. Drager, Fairwater, Wis. 

Herman Eickstadt, Box 785, Bemidji, Minn. 

Carl W. Swanson, R. D. 3, Mcintosh, Minn. 

Leonard Thompson, R. D. 9, Viroqua, Wis. 

Stanley Sobleski, 1636 N. Marshfield Ave., Chicago. 

Arthur N. Gostol, 365 Burgess St., St. Paul, Minn. 

Christopher Kuehl, Box 72, Sabin, Minn. 

Johnnie Evjen, R. D. 3, Starbuck, Minn. 

August Anderson, 219 Lincoln Ave., Crookston, Minn. 

Arthur Reber, Marshall, Minn. 

John Chuba, R. D. i, Holdongford, Minn. 

Carl Gschwender, 25 Oak St. Oshkosh, Wis. 

Oscar Knobloch, 424 S. Park Ave., Oshkosh, Wis. 

Toney J. Evans, 825 Madison St., Beaver Dam, Wis. 

Carl O. Schloerb, 40 Winnebago St., Oshkosh, Wis. 

Hilton Glasbrenner, Boscobel, Wis. 

Fred W. Apps, R. D. 3, Wild Rose, Wis. 

Robert Ahlers, 752 ssth St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Charles Bassler, Plainfield, Wis. 

William Broder, Markesan, Wis. 

Harry N. Brazee, R. D. 2, Berlin, Wis. 

Louis Landgraf, 1427 S. nth St., Sheboygan, Wis. 

Achile Cortier, 11 19 18th Ave., East Moline. 

George Duvick, 680 Lowry Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 

James S. Dean, 510 E. Washington St., Monroe, Wis. 

Clayton Kinney, 308 Cottage Ave., Goshen, Ind. 

Robert R. Hall, Balaton, Minn. 

William F. Nagle, Cadott, Wis. 

Wallace J. Stony, 4500 S. Carolina St., Chicago. 

Albert F. Lietz, 614 E. Main St., Madison, Wis. 

Harold R. Bixby, Sgt., 508 S. Robey St., Chicago. 

Ralph Talarico, Sgt., 913 Cypress St., Chicago. 

Patrick Clark, Sgt., 1916 Warren Ave., Chicago. 

Andrew Camastral, 104 Jefferson Ave., Chippewa Falls, 

Richard Lueth, Route i, Walworth, Wis. 
Richard Rupnow, 1214 S. Cherry St., Janesville, Wis. 
Paul A. Schmidt, Lowell, Wis. 
Lloyd Mclver, R. D. 6, Menomonie, Wis. 
John H. Sites, R. D. 2, Fairfield, Pa. 
Albert Schaedler, 915 6th Ave. N., St. Cloud, Minn. 
Jacob Huovinen, 1507 Norwood St., Brainerd, Minn. 
Myron O. Hyde, 203 Wallace St., Sterling. 
Bennie W. Jeska, 1105 Caledonia St., LaCrosse, Wis. 
Arthur O. Johnson, 804 22nd Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Ferdinand Bock, 664 22nd St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Frank Kazmierzak, 1805 17th Ave., South Milwaukee, 




Gerhard H. Klentz, R. D. 2, Reeseville, Wis. 

Ole T. Haugen, R. D. 2, Erksine, Minn. 

Earl L. Hodson, 226 Edward St., Kewanee. 

Massimigliano Taldone, 740 W. Ohio St., Chicago. 

Paul Hornfield, Baker St., Soest, Utrecht, Holland. 

Orine L. Trafka, 207 Rosendale St., Beaver Dam, Wis. 

Greger Knutson, R. D. i, Rosholt, Wis. 

William Bregholtz, 7668 S. Chicago Ave., Chicago. 

Frank F. Lahr, 527 20th Ave. N., St. Cloud, Minn. 

James V. Le Coco, 522 N. Curtis St., Chicago. 

Joe L. Schwartz, R. D. i, Holdingford, Minn. 

Otto J. Kreiger, R. D. i. Box 74, Ohio. 

Jul:::.! Jacobson, Tampico. 

Thomas V. Lehman, Ohio. 

Edward M. Johnson, Ohio. 

Claude R. Best, care of F. Byers, Excelsior, Minn. 

John Fanum, 382 Lookout Place, St. Paul, Minn. 

Virgil F. Foushee, 1623 27th Ave., Moline. 

Albert Johnson, 112^2 Broadway, Fargo, N. D. 

Abraham Horvitz, 343 E. Jefferson St., Louisville, Ky. 

Christian Jensen, Uvaa, Vcnsysel, Denmark. 

Bennie Martinson, R. D. i. Box 89, Grantsburg, Wis. 

Charles Juhlin, Nashwauk, Minn. 

William Hanigan, 517 S. Oakley Blvd., Chicago. 

Adolph G. Olson, R. D. i. Box 66, Plum City, Wis. 

Frank J. Rossler, 399 Front St., St. Paul, Minn. 

August H. Rocco, R. D. 4, Clintonville, Wis. 

Theodore Lolakos, 5455 S. Halsted St., Chicago. 

Albert Magnuson, Box 32, Rossburg, Minn. 

Rene Verbrigghe, Gladstone, Minn. 

Henry Patt, R. D. 2, Fond du Lac, Wis. 

George P. Brandenstein, Sun Prairie, Wis. 

Harold Jorgenson, 1106 Charles St., LaCrosse, Wis. 

Joseph Ambrose, 527 Gould St., LaCrosse, Wis. 

James M. Stech, 3048 Hamlin Ave., South Chicago. 

Joseph Motylinski, 1010 Badger St., LaCrosse, Wis. 

Jerry E. Bren, R. D. 2, Hopkins, Minn. 

Edward Flottmeyer, 1326 Rose St., LaCrosse, Wis. 

Olof A. Walstrom, R. D. i. Box 10, Hitterdal, Minn. 

John O. Cadieux, Sgt., 4051 W. Van Buren St., Chicago, 
ohn M. O'Dell, Sgt., 21 19 S. Ashland Ave,, Chicago. 
George T. Barnes, Sgt., 2062 W. Polk St., Chicago. 
Paul Brandenburg, Kingston, Wis. 
Albert Bleifuss, R. D. i, Reeseville, Wis. 
George A. Blank, R. D. i, Waterloo, Wis. 
John A. Berlowski, R. D. 4, Box 71, Berlin, Wis. 
Joe B. Chier, R. D. i, Green Lake, Wis. 
Elmer G. Bjelland, R. D. i, Menagha, Minn. 
Robert Stacey, 710 S. Hoyne Ave., Chicago. 
Alvin D. Wheeler, Winfield, Wis. 
Hartvig C. Folvig, R. D. i, Mentor, Minn. 
Ward C. Flansburg, R. D. 4, Box 55, Verndale, Minn. 
Norbert Fruth, R. D. i. Box 117. St. Joseph, Minn. 
Clarence Gilberts, Devils Lake, N. D. 
Frederick Gresbach, 608 39th St.. Milwaukee, Wis. 
Arthur Stutzman, 727 E. 7th St., St. Paul, Minn. 
Fingal G. Borgh, 3546 4th St. N., Minneapolis, Minn. 
William Fossum, R. D. 1, Passel, Minn. 
Harry C. Guenther, Box 126, Glenview. 
Carl F. Lidstrom, Richwood, Minn. 
Joseph Hajek, 1832 Allport St., Chicago. 
John E. Hallstrom, 4004 Snelling Ave., Minneapolis, 

Verdon E. Wells, Verdon, Minn. 

Joe Werderitch, 1375 Greenfield Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Leo P. Carr, 500 White St., McKeesport, Pa. 
Morris Hansen, Comfrey, Minn. 
Thomas E. Hensler, Lombard. 
Julius A. Henvit. Box 437, Warren, Minn. 
Oscar Hillestad. Norcross, Minn. 
Joseph Marcinkiewicz, 2059 Grand Ave., Chicago. 
William Hinz, R. D. 2, Markesan, Wis. 
John E. Holmquist, R. D. 2, Box 72, Cokato, Minn. 
John R. Dahl, 2118 DeKalb St., Chicago. 
Joseph H. Hubich, 1979 Canalport Ave., Chicago. 
Ole Tharaldson, R. D. i. Box 70, East Grand Forks, 

John Wold, Roros, Condre Thorndylems Ant., Norway. 
Casper Zencius. 830 14th Ave. S., St. Cloud. Minn. 
Nester H. Eichelberger, 248 Nectarine St., Harrisburg, 

Martin S. Johnson, Iron River. Wis. 
Fred A. Gerfen, R. D. 2, Box 84, Grantsburg, Wis. 
Laurence Hutchinson, R. D. s, Anoka, Minn. 

George Hafemeister, R. D. 4, Box 116, Antigo, Wis, 

Fred Ingalls, Box 54, Elmhurst, Wis. 

Thomas Ingalls, Box 54, Elmhurst, Wis. 

Mike Kohler, R. D. 4, Antigo, Wis. 

Emil J. Dahlke, Box 76, Marquette, Wis. 

Harley A. DeVoe, R. D. 4, Box 31, Plainfield, Wis. 

August G. Domes, Marquette, Wis. 

Wolfgang Roith, R. F. D., Bloomer, Wis. 

Theodore Elsasser, 600 S. University St., Beaver Dam, 

William F. Erdman, R. D. 18, Fairwater, Wis. 
William Schwederske, R. D. i, Box 19, Lyndon, Wis. 
Ralph Stinson, Buda. 

John E. Olson, R. D. i. Box 28, Sheffield. 
Calloway Morris, Whiterose, Ky. 
William Grabowski, Box 48, Mosinee, Wis. 
Achel W. Johnson, New Bedford. 

John J. Walsh, Sgt., 2029 N. Racine Ave., Chicago. 
Joseph R. Mann, Sgt., Wytheville, Va. 
Jerry G. Daly, Sgt., 1958 Ogden Ave., Chicago. 
Robert M. Gunning, R. D. 2, Box 52, Neponsett. 
George Burden, R. F. D., Tampico. 
Arnold Anderson, 350 Chestnut St., St. Paul, Minn. 
Mathevv A. Dopp, Almond, Wis. 

I'rank C. Hagemann, R. D. 4, Box 35, Berlin, Wis. 
Ray A. Yarrington, 105 S. 6th St., LaCrosse, Wis. 
Nartin A. Sakariason, R. D. 2, Webster, S. D. 
Arthur B. Tandberg, 401 W. Eau Claire St., Rice Lake, 

Vance W. Mechem, 217 Caswell Block, Milwaukee, Wis. 
Sam B. Kackman, R. D. i, Elk Mound, Wis. 
Daniel S. Mooers, 1048 Washington Ave. S., Detroit, 

Levi D. Morgan, 420 W. ist St., Ontario, Cal. 
Martin Knich, 1009 Madison St., Gary, Ind. 
Vonrad Larson, 34 Cliff St., Chippewa Falls, Wis. 
Samuel Dorrance, R. D. 5, Warrenville. 
John Neslund, Box 135, Kelliher, Minn. 
Marius Norrs, Garfield Twp., Fertile, Minn. 
]-^dward J. Fourre, 3501 Thomas Ave., Minneapolis, 

John V. Olin, Aitkin, Minn. 
Charles M. Kosak, Wonewac, Wis. 
John Zostantos, 2243 W. 23rd St., Chicago. 
Arthur E. Denning, 808 N. Center St., Beaver Dam. 

John H. Reed, Bricelyn, Minn. 
Emil H. Siebert, 511 W. Jackson St., Ottawa. 
Arthur J. Kassner, 606 Providence Ave., Winnetka. 
Goodwin C. Rude, McGregor, Minn. 
Joseph Zwara, 218 6th Ave., Stevens Point, Wis. 
Edward Slivinik, 814 8th Ave. N., St. Cloud, Minn. 
.■Mbert R. Lemke, Cameron, Wis. 

Axel J. Skoglund, R. D. i, Box 31 A, Grantsburg, Wis. 
Philip Moretti, 1054 W. Grand Ave., Chicago. 
Albert Ziglinski, R. D. 2, Box i^, Antigo, Wis. 
Arthur H. Fisher, Fox Lake, Wis. 
Henry J. Frank. 

Oscar R. Grams, Box 156, Markesan, Wis. 
Henry M. Groff, 209 Mille St., Beaver Dam, Wis. 
August H. Nelson, 1419 W. 3rd St., Red Wing, Minn. 
Edwin A. Jintz, 44 S. Bruner St., Hinsdale. 
James Coffenburg. 810 Cudahy Ave., Cudahy, Wis. 
James W. Hunter, R. D. i. Browning, Wis. 
John A. Jahns, R. D. 1, Markesan, Wis. 
Henry A. Sederska, 761 Sweeting St., Berlin, Wis. 
Oscar Peterson, R. D. i, Putnam, 
drover C. Lane, R. D. i. Box 24, Albany, Ohio. 
Albert Schultz, Lewis, Wis. 

Arthur C. Mahn, 317 N. Franklin St., Janesville, Wis. 
James Martin, 1442 E. S9th St., Chicago. 
"Robert D. Walker, 1420 Rock Island Road, Dixon. 
Joseph Zoromsky, 1122 Victoria St., North Chicago. 
Joseph Phillips, 5020 W. Ohio St., Chicago. 
Hugo Schuette, R. D. i, Unity, Wis. 
Elmer Reideling, Waseca, Wis. 
John D. Schmeckpeper, R. D. i, LaCrosse, Wis. 
Mark J. Real, R. D. 3, Beadford. _ 
Harry Volz, R. D. i, Ableman, Wis. 
Harry Zigahn, Sgt., 2931 Seminary Ave., Chicago. 
Cecil G. Anderson, Sgt., 1859 Warren Ave., Chicago. 
Julian Kaufenberg, Bug., Hubbard, Minn. 
Kaddeus Golnik, 1055 Ducklin St., LaSalle. 
Earl Jones, 403 N. Page St., Stoughton, Wis. 


Israel E. McLaren, Maj., Tucumcari, N. Mex. 
John J. McCormick, ist Lt., 10244 Longwood Drive, 

Leo C. McGee, 2d Lt., 817 N. Hazel St., Danville. 




John C. Diller, Capt., 312 S. Monumental St., San An- 
tonio, Texas. 
Charles McGonegal, ist Lt., 1626 Charles St., LaCrosse, 

Walter S. Dalton, ist Sgt., P. O. Lock Box 7, West- 

George P. Prasinos, Mess Sgt., 800 S. Halsted St., 

Joseph Schipferling, 708 Tayco St., Menasha, Wis. _ 
Frank B. Stark, Corp., 5357 Lakewood Ave., Chicago. 
Adam S. Zaucha, 2017 W. Superior St., Chicago. 
William Anderson, R. D. s, Box 29. Windom, Minn. 
Andrew E. Swanson, Cook, 1460 Balmoral Ave., Chicago. 
Frank Garrett, Corp., 1035 S. Seeley Ave., Chicago. 
Arthur A. Roeker, 730 W. Pleasant St., Portage, Wis. 
Julius Marks, Broadway St., Berlin, Wis. 
Paul L. Witte, 412 24th Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Walter Hartoin, 621 Addie St., Belleville. 
Joseph Sandin, 829 S. 29th AVe., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Carl L. Munson, 2428 E. 22nd St., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Frank J. Bloczynski, Athens, Wis. 
Irwon Handy, Box 530, Nashwauk, Minn. 
Thomas H. Tiller, Hendricks, Minn. 
Ferdinand Mengden, Sup. Sgt., 5962 Winthrop Ave., 

Panagiotis Retsinas, Sgt., 941 W. Polk St., Chicago. 
Peter Aggen, R. D. 7, Morrison. 
John A. Anderson, Box 18, Einlayson, Minn. 
George Hibbard, 905 4th St., Beloit, Wis. 
Judson Bemis, 315 N. Johnson Ave., Rockford. 
George Bessey, Star R. D. i, Tomahawk, Wis.. 
Oscar T. Anderson, 4614 Farimount Ave., Kansas City, 

Henry M. Catalano, Corp., 715 W. Polk St., Chicago. 
Axel G. Holsten, R. D. i, Copas, Minn. 
Patrick Burns, 402 Randolph St., Wausau, Wis. 
Lenas L. Norblom, 2400 9th St. S., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Walter H. Burnadt, R. D. 1, Gurnee. 
Thomas Shekleton, R. D. 2, Box 74, Murdock, Minn. 
Mathow Schibline, 308 Ruggles St., Fond du Lac, Wis. 
Nels J. Christenson, R. D. 4, Menomonie, Wis. 
Geodon Barnum, 5843 Winthrop Ave., Chicago. 
John K. Decker, 1007 13th Ave., Fulton. 
William H. Dahlgren, Finlayson, Minn. 
Ole Valde, Lanesboro, Minn. 
Harold W. Cole, Box 74, Eldron, Wis. 
Peter Kenidunuan, 219 Wisconsin St., Racine, Wis. 
Paul L. Dhaene, Meenenstraad St., Wevelghem, Belgium. 
Elmer F. Dickson, 523 East B St., Iron Mountain, Mich. 
Albert Edlund, 2213 22nd Ave. S., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Joseph Decker, 229 13th Ave., Fulton. 
Clarence Johnson, 418 S. Nicolett St., Blue Earth. Minn. 
William P. Thilgen, North 4th St., Mankato, Minn. 
John Dohmann, R. D. 3, Beaver Dam, Wis. 
Albert A. Duemke, 842 Higgins Ave., Neenah, Wis. 
Edward A. Drumm, 701 Garfield Ave., Wausau, Wis. 
Frank F. Goetz, 1141 Hayes Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Carlton J. Miller, Prentice, Wis. 
Albin E. Wallin, Box 8, Nisswa, Minn. 
Philip G. Carlson, Kalvrestrom Horgesos, Raukqvilla, 

Harry J. Perron, 1143 Charles St., St. Paul, Minn. 
Hans T. Gustafson, R. D. 5, Box 44, Merrill, Wis. 
Eugene J. McCahey, 772 Cherokee Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 
Oscar E. Hanson, Poplar Route, Staples, Minn. 
John Hastert, 359 Liberty St., Aurora. 
Harry E. Sasse, 203 S. Galvraith St., Blue Earth, Minn. 
Key Lungreen, West Indiana Ave., St. Charles. 
Eveld L. Nelson, 1310 30th Ave. N., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Philip C. Nehlig, Box 432, Sharon, Wis. 
Peter J. Tusing, 2857 Lowe Ave., Chicago. 
James Horak, 224 5th Ave. N., Wausau, Wis. 
Herman G. Hier, Galva. 
Frank Szumowski, 11 16 Columbia Ave., Wilmington, 

Max Berkman, 8t8 S. Paulina St., Chicago. 
Roy L. Jacobs Sterling. 
Charles T. Crowe, Corp., Vinland, Kansas. 
John C. Loehmann, R. D. 2, Hinsdale. 
Emil H. Jaeger, R. D. 2, Box 31, Merrill, Wis. 
Allie A. Kohnke, R. D. 4, Markesan, Wis. 
Rowland Johnson, R. D. 5, Markesan, Wis. 
Paul E. Dahl, R. D. i, Kerkhoven, Minn. 
Martin Christensen, Box 183, Askov, Minn. 
Lawrence B. Rossi, Sgt., 920 Sibley St., Chicago. 
Silas Van Winkle, Sgt., Grantsburg, Ind. 
Oscar Serlin, Sgt., 922 S. Marshfield Ave., Chicago. 

Maurice E. Roach, 198 E. Ohio St., St. Charles. 

Harry N. Walby, R. D. 2, Clear Lake, Wis. 

Frederick Hess, Bradley, Wis. 

Lester J. Kimble, R. D. 5, Markesan, Wis. 

Walter D. Johnson. R. D. i. Box 13, Pine River, Wis. 

Louis F. Klatt, Marquette, Wis. 

Patrick Condon, Corp., 6330 Drexel Ave., Chicago. 

Paul L. Capp, 1303 2nd Ave., Sterling. 

Emiel F. Gossel, R. D. 8, Sterling. 

Joseph Samuelson, R. D. 5, Willmar, Minn. 

Lawrence Kleindl, R. D. 3, Box 8-?. Beaver Dam, Wis. 

Elmer W. Koechell, R. D. 4, Plainfield, Wis. 

Elmer L. Kobernik, Green Lake, Wis. 

William F. Kohn, Marquette, Wis. 

Sabatino Fidanzo, Collarmel, Aquila, Italy. 

John R. Shippy, R. D. i, Bellaire, Mich. 

William Tetzloff, 301 Bronson Ave., Big Rapids, Mich. 

Adolph Holmgren, R._ D. 7, Atwater, Minn. 

Robert Krueger, Berlin, Wis. 

William A. Kugel, R. D. 2, Markesan, Wis. 

Theodore Zyweki, R. D. i. Box loi, Rosholt, Wis. 

Harry F. Lambert, 1334 Clifton Ave., Rockford. 

Charles N. Gille, 21 N. Adams St., Hinsdale. 

Frank E. Carnes, 191 1 sth Ave N... Minneapolis, Minn. 

John Iverson, R. D. i, Box 51, Whalan. Minn. 

John Snarskis, 814 22nd Ave., Melrose Park. 

Fred A. Lehman, R. D. i, Auroraville, Wis. 

Lawrence Leistikow, Green Lake, Wis. 

Alfred Enderson, Box 544, Breckenridge, Minn. 

James B. Leonard, R. F. D., Zumbro Falls, Minn. 

Louis Fry, 1038 S. Sangamon St., Chicago. 

William D. Martz, R. D. 1, Nemaha, Iowa. 

Edgar C. Mundt, 5519 Kenwood Ave., Chicago. 

Matthew H. McDonald, R. D. 2, Tara, Ontario, Can. 

Jacob Levine, 793 Cedar St., St. Paul, Minn. 

Emil Maas, 1019 4th Ave. S.. Wausau, Wis. 

Charles I. Donmoyer, Pine Grove, Pa. 

Richard Maggio, 530 N. Morgan St., Chicago. 

Charles Freerck, 562 17th Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Harold Jorgensen, Box 96, St. Louis Park, Minn. 

Anton F. Schukofski, 805 Appleton St., Menasha, Wis. 

Harry C. Utech, Box 787, West Chicago. 

Robert McClure, R. D. 2, Capron. ^ 

Daniel McMillan, 112 Pleasant St., Beaver Dam, Wis. 

Joseph McCuUough, R. D. 4, Berlin, Wis. 

Wilbur Shore, R. D. i, Rushmore, Minn. 

Axel G. Peterson, iioo 2nd St. W., Ashland, Wis. 

Edward F. Menke, R. D. i, Markesan, Wis. 

John T. Dov?, 138 Menomonee St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Victor E. Svendsen, Clarkfield. Minn. 

Henry E. Mielke, Box 26, Melvin. 

Frederick Milarch, Fox Lake, Wis. 

William Stillman, Star Route, Weyawega, Wis. 

John A. Jacobson, 201 8th St., S., Virginia, Minn. 

Frederick Moderow, R. D. 41, Box 32, Markesan, Wis. 

Harry A. Taggart, Box 254, Cleveland, Okla. 

Sam Armando, Sgt., 768 W. Taylor St., Chicago. 

Richard O'Donnell, 1504 W. Lake St., Chicago. 

Theodore Bullerman, Adrian, Minn. 

Edward C. Reinfeldt, Box 21, Ableman, Wis. 

Herman D. Marx, R. D. i. Box 51, Elkhart Lake, Wis. 

Rasmus M. Jorgensen, DeSmet, S. D. 

Jesse H. Oathout, R. D. 5, Box 42, Beaver Dam, Wis. 

Joseph J. Serres, 120 S. 6th St., LaCrosse, Wis. 

Albert Nonn, Cross Plains, Wis. 

Joe M. Kern, Box 115, Mosinee, Wis. 

Osro D. Baker, 941 Jackson St., St. Paul, Minn. 

Mons F. Baker, Box 122, Wanamingo, Minn. 

Alfred T. Harstad, R. D. i, Box 55, Louisburg, Minn. 

Ervin C. Lembke, Pine River, Minn. 

Isidore M. Kuemper, R. D. i. Box 22, Wilmont, Minn. 

Carl R. Julin, 21 19 22nd Ave. S., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Claude Lund, 2120 21st Ave. S., Minneapolis, Minn. 

William H. Wilson, R. D. 3, Rushmore, Minn. 

Rudolph Domjahn, New Germany, Minn. 

Edward E. Anderson, Lynn Center. 

Reverdon R. Oestrich, Hancock, Wis. 

Joseph Petlock, Princeton, Wis. 

Arthur W. Pagel, R. D. i. Box 35, Auroraville, Wis. 

Fred Pick, R. D. i, Berlin, Wis. 

Chester P. Pues, R. D. 31, Leeman, Wis. 

Fred Zuhlke, R. D. 1, Clarno, Wis. 

Walter J. Kimber, 732 Pryor Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Martin L. Schultz, 1516 Grand St., N. E., Minneapolis, 

Allan W. Riley, 6231 Magnolia Ave., Chicago. 
John Pal, 801 3rd St., Bethlehem, Pa. 



Leonard G. Roberts, Gen. Del., Jamestown, Ala. 

Frank Sires, R. D. 7, Northime, Wis. 

Anton J. Posta, Haugen, Wis. 

Camiel DeVriese, 825 N. Walnut St., Kewanee. 

Otto G. Korlin, North St. Paul, Minn. 

Edward Watermolen, 1236 Day St., Green Bay, Wis. 

George F. Staples, Box 234. Osceola, Wis. 

Felix J. Stoltman, 224 St. Charles St., Winona, Minn. 

Wallace R. Sten, R. D. i, Osco. 

Frank Mangnuson, Box 144, Tep Harbors, Minn. 

John G. Schneck, R. D. 4, Wausau, Wis. 

Vernie H. Larson, 3856 37th Ave. S., Minneapolis, 

Paul G. Boettcher, R. D. 7. Box 9, Merrill, Wis. 
George Twedt, Granite Falls, Minn. 
Joseph P. Szyperski, McNaughton, Wis. 
Frank A. Lentz, R. D. 4, Brodhead, Wis. 
Paul F. Wahlfahrt, 141 7 2nd St., Wausau, Wis. 
Ole Olson, R. D. 2, Box 65, Cambridge, Wis. 
Arthur H. Leutink, R. D. i, Preston, Minn. 
George F. Lindemann, Box 104, Lake Benton, Minn. 
Gottfred J. Pearson, 600 5th St., Willmar, Minn._ 
Olaf Westberg, 714 Winneconne Ave., Neenah, Wis. 
Reinhardt Gransee, R. D. 2, Box 112, Cambria, Wis. 
Edwin J. Stender, 643 Earl St., St. Paul, Minn. 
Andrew B. Wahl, Westboro,_ Wis. 
Wesley A. Keller, Corner High and Center Sts., West 

James J. Adduci, Sgt., 1428 W. Harrison St., Chicago. 
Michael Braffia, Sgt., R. D. 35, Box 146, Kenosha, Wis. 
Christ Madsen, Sgt., 3374 Wilhelm St., Cincinnati, Ohio. 
Joseph Fleischmann, R. D. s, Antigo, Wis. 
Judd Wise, Box 201, Akley, Minn. 
Ludwick Biedzycki, 2007 N. Oakley Ave., Chicago. 
Walter Anderson, R. D. i. Balsam Lake, Wis. 
Adolph Firner, 281 S. Cleveland Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 
Charles F. Marquardt, Hancock, Wis. 
Alvln W. Hertel, 5929 N. Clark St., Chicago. 
John M. Sederstrom, R. D. i, Box 55, Forest Lake, 

Earnest Tenhoff, Paris Hotel, Benson, Minn. 
George Standaert, R. D. 5, Box 87-A, Kewanee. 
Harold T. Crosby, 405 E. 3rd St., Wichita, Kansas. 
Tony Basciano, 765 Capitol Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 
Walter A. Scharr, 303 Dewey Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 

Arvid J. Carlson, Box 3, Osco. 

Emil Marek, 1620 19th St., Two Rivers, Wis. 

Everd Benson, 201 McKee St., Batavia. 

Edward B. Olson, 442 Garfield Ave., 2nd Fl., Chicago. 

Hugho Haken, R. D. 2, Rushmore, Minn. 

Ole K. Vier, R. D. i. Box 2. Burop, Minn. 

Christian Urdahl, Windsor, Wis. ; 

Albert Johnson, 2nd St. S., Renova, Pa. 

Henry Rokstid, R. D. i, Morrisonville, Wis. 

Carl E. Bierlein, Elmhurst. 

Rudolph Riemer, Collins, Wis. 

Reinhart T. Speigel, R. D. i. Box 46, Kewanee. 

Andrew Moe, Stoughton, Wis. 

Knut T. Tveit, R. D. 2, Windsoe, Wis. 

John Englein, Deerfield, Wis. 

Thomas M. Olson, R. D. 2, Sun Prairie, Wis. 

Alvin E. Koeppe, Sheboygan Falls. Wis. 

Thomas N. G. Johnson, Box 279, Benson, Minn. 

Alex Kempczynski, 975 Lapham St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

William H. Rohde, Coleta. 

Edward O. Moberg, 241 1 Elliot Ave., Minneapolis, 

Mike Mitros, Minneapolis Athletic Club, Minneapolis, 

Domenick Carollo, R. D. i. Box 2. Red Granite, Wis. 
Grenville Opsal, 213 5th St., S. E., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Aman Scheeler, Sparland. 

Knut A. Erickson, 703 20th Ave. N., Minneapolis, Minn. 
John A. Redeen, Box 213, Tower, Minn. 
John Perone, Tecanite, Minn. 

Jules Van Basselaere, R. D. 4. Box 3-F, Racine, Wis. 
Nelbert Pederson, Box 24, Mildred, Minn. 
William Umland, R. D. 4, Beaver Dam, Wis. 
Melvin E. Berg, R. D. 2, Kerkhoven, Minn. 
Louis F. Graff, 311 Pleasant Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 
Ola Olson, R. D. 4, Phrophetstown. 
Harry A. Diehl, 910 W. 2nd St., Rock Falls. 
Franklin B. Brady, Duane and Prospect Ave., Glenn 

Carlo Manze, Marblehead, Wis. 
George E. Shaw, 830 Lorel Ave., Chicago. 
Harold B. Hunt, Corp., 5822 Kenmore Ave., Chicago. 
Adolph Traskewich, Officers Club, Fort Sheridan. 
Peter M. Frederick, Sgt., 1518 Highland Ave., Chicago. 
Joseph R. Martoccio, Sgt., 901 S. Loomis St., Chicago. 


George H. Dovenmuehle, Capt., 616 Arlington Place, 

Harry Okin, ist Lt., 614 Pine St., Chattanooga, Tenn. 

Floyd Bargy, ist Sgt., Elk Rapids, Mich. 

Ernest C. Humes, Mess Sgt., 2045 Bradley Place, Chi- 

Ivar Lund, 1005 Carlton Ave.. Cloquet. Minn. 

James Peterka, Cook, 720 Bunker St., Chicago. 

Carl Johnson, R. D. i, Bojf 23, Elgin. 

Charles Braun, 2151 Clybourne Ave., Chicago. 

Frank Adamek, 1122 S. Des Plaines St., Chicago. 

Henry M. Steffes, 1501 Girard Ave. N., Minneapolis, 

Conrad Kurcach, 1404 S. Peoria St., Chicago. 

Otto F. Ziemer, Vesper, Wis. 

Edward P. Lassas, R. D. 3, Madelia, Minn. 

Erick T. Himley, R. D. 9, Montevideo, Minn. 

Henry W. Rowe, 6451 Marshfield Ave., Chicago. 

Sven A. Johnson, R. D. i, Ortonville, Minn. 

Andrew A. Miller, 220 E. Broadway St., Waukesha, 

Kino Shapiro, Corp., 79 Orchard St., New York City, 
N. Y. 

Casper Zawacki, 831 60th Ave., West AUis, Wis. 

Benjamin H. Smith, Sup. Sgt., 1510 S. 15th St., Chi- 

Max Goldman, Sgt., 1706 W. Chicago Ave., Chicago. 

John H. Linkeman, R. D. 2, Basko. 

Mike Power, R. D. i. Blue Mounds, Wis. 

Otto P. Wermter. R. D. i, Pequot, Minn. 

Edward A. Wetzel, R. D. 2, Reeseville, Wis. 

Glen A. Walrath, 115 S. Center St., Beaver_ Dam,_ Wis. 

Paul M. Rhode, 1009 Washington St., Berlin, Wis. 

Roy V. Cook (i), R. D. 10, Franksville, Wis. 

Frank Jungwirth, 1126 nth St., Oshkosh, Wis. 

Harley S. Haugen, Kimberly, Minn. 

David Dunn, R. D. i. Box 55, Neponset. 

Peter J. Keegan, R. D. i, Fenton. 

Oscar J. Wild, R. D. i, Knowles, Wis. 

Gustav W. Olg, Rochelle. 

Peter Amundson, R. D. 64, Menomonie, Wis. 

William N. Reed, 308 Gallatan St., Vandalia. 

John Ibelings, R. D. i. Mountain Lake, Minn. 

Gilbert Coleman, 440 9th St., Cloquet, Minn. 

Leo S. Giere, R. D. 2, Wheeler, Wis. 

William J. Walters, in Oregon St., Merrill, Wis. 

Charles Anderson. R. D. 2, Edmund, Wis. 

Thomas E. Hovey, White Salmon, Wash. 

George N. Jacobson, R. D. i. Box 36, Blanchardville, 

Walter McGaw, 1232 Revelle Ave., Rockford. 

Roy J. Waters, R. D. i. Box 72, Green Lake, Wis. 

Frank H. Knobel, 1206 North St., Waukesha, Wis. 

Frank G. Haskek, Elcho, Wis. 

Gotlieb Spagenske, 1446 St. Anthony St., St. Paul, 

John H. Michael, 2 Lake St., Neenah, Wis. 

Laurel Robillard, 538 Menomonee St., Eau Claire, Wis. 

Laurence Fordham, R. D. 2, Walnut. 

Leo A. Fenlcn, Corp., 5751 S. Honore St., Chicago. 

Carl O. Erickson, 450 Main St., New Britain, Conn. 

Anton Johnson, R. D. 1, Box 58, Toulon. 

August Schroeder, 700 Pier St., Merrill, Wis. 

Ole B. Peterson, R. D. 2, Arpin, Wis. 

Bennie O. Weeks, R. D. 3, Balaton, Wis. 

Triphow DeWaelshe, 405 17th Ave., Moline. 

Swen Dahl, Meridean, Wis. 

Carl J. Grady (i), 1091 Maryland Ave., East Milwau- 
kee, Wis. 

Charles B. Nelson, Box 34, Avoca, Minn. 

Alexander Antonouch (i), 928 W. 14th St., Chicago. 

Fred Zethner, 864 9th St., Milwaukee. Wis. 

Louis Van Waes, R. D. 6, Box 64, Geneseo. 

Herbert Hirschel, 826 W. 19th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Olaf Hagen, 1608 Hughitt Ave., Superior, Wis. 

Gilmond Thompson, R. D. 2, Box 88, Elk Mound, Wis. 

Clarence O'Connor, Corp., 3425 N. Seeley Ave., Chicago. 

Axel Carlson, Atkinson. 

Arnold Sponholz, 511 W. Maple Ave., Beaver Dam, Wis. 

George F. Hintz, R. D. 4, Elk Mound, Wis. 



Peter F. Pearson, 907 20th Ave., Rockford. 

Stencel Recheck, R. D. 2, Box 6, Fox Lake, Wis. 

Joseph C. Everson, R. D. i. Box 65, Colfax, Wis. 

Charles Kvacik, Corp., 1454 S. Hoyne Ave., Chicago. 

Frank W. Freeberg, 228 W. sth St., Mankato, Minn. 

John J. Crabala, Sgt., 11335 Langley Ave., Chicago. 

Patrick J. O'Donnell, Sgt., 1048 15th St., Chicago. 

Louis Albert, Sgt., 3556 W. 12th St., Chicago. 

Ole M. Larson, R. D. i, Meriden. 

Leo W. Strey, R. D. 3, Oshkosh, Wis. 

Fred W. Warmbier. R. D. i. Box 21, Princeton, Wis. 

Louie Torgensen, Box 351, Tomahawk, Wis. 

George" O. Heinlein, R. D. i. Box 28, Glidden, Wis. 

Fritzjof Arneson, R. D. i. Box 37, Breckenridge, Minn. 

E&tI J. Newberger, Herman, Minn. 

Emil G. Kleinschmidt, R. D. i. Box 31, Corning, Wis. 

Vernon C. Johnston, Bureau. 

Louis H. Lange, Winneconne, Wis. 

Edwin Seegert, R. D. i. Box 13, Juneau, Wis. 

Lawrence Perkins, R. D. 3, Erie- 
Albert F. Podawiltz, 446 2nd St. S., Grand Rapids, 

Andrew Gripp, Annivan. 

Nels E. Nelson, R. D. i, Winnebago. 

George Grzaske, Box 80, Kettle River, Minn. 

Louis Calvetti, Box 128, Cedar Point. 

Henry J. Soley, 809 Dodge St., Eau Claire, Wis. 

Edward J. Gubbin, R. D. i, Menomonie, Wis. 

Verghew Wadleigh, 917 N. Center St., Beaver Dam, 

Jalmer D. Larson, R. D. 3, Rothsay. Minn. 

Melvin Anderson, R. D. 3, Dallas, Wis. 

Orval Manning, Bowman, N. D. 

Michael Polus, R. D. i. Box 109, Princeton, Wis. 

Thomas Metakas, 410 Edison St., Antigo, Wis. 

Frank Gasteyer, R. D. i. Box 76, Eau Galle, Wis. 

William Grudis, 611 Union St., Rockford. 

Edwin H. Johnson, R. D. 15, Larsen, Wis. 

Edwin H. Schafer, R. D. 5, Merrill, Wis. 

William Schaefer R. D. 4, Box 85, Merrill, Wis. 

John E. Smith, R. D. 1, Box 62, Erie. 

Robert Schoenrock, 425 Western Ave., Blue Island. 

William Grueger, 27 Hamilton Ave., Cedarburg, Wis. 

Helge Horve. 427 Glencoe St., Rochester, Minn. 

Richard A. Ulery (i), Nokomis. 

William Johnson, 10824 Wentworth Ave., Chicago. 

William F. Franz, 2507 Center St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Carl G. Wiesener, 904 N. Franklin St., Rochester, Minn. 

Ira Cohen, Corp., 1304 S. Morgan St., Chicago. 

Jacob O. Johnson, R. D. 5, Box 13, Sisseton, S. D. 

Battista Hegro, Hurley, Wis. 

Henry P. Otto, 1802 nth St., Menomonie, Wis. 

Joseph P. Sletta, R. D. 5, Box 38, Madelia, Minn. 

Henry N. Simon, R. D. 3, Wild Rose, Wis. 

Erik A. Pearson, Box 105, Wright, Minn. 

Walter W. Ingold, 701 E. Washington St., Monroe, Wis. 

Richard E. Siebert (i). High St., Mineral Point, Wis. 

Edward Miller, 1430 7th Ave., Rockford. 

Alexander Fish, 316 W. 109 PL, Chicago. 

Axel W. Johnson, 2321 i8th Ave., Rockford. 

Bror A. Larson, 13 16 5th Ave., Rockford. 

William Zimmerman, Box 3, City Point, Wis. 

Harry Tegge (i), 613 Chicago St., Manitowoc, Wis. 

Carl E. Johnson, 616 Sth St., Rockford. 

Herman L. Neuman, Sgt., 3448 N. Robey St., Chicago. 

Jerome F. Stream, Sgt., 1450 Solon Ave., Chicago. 

William Thieme, Jr., Sgt., 1358 S. Sangamon St., Chi- 

Raymond C. Elm, Oneida, Wis. 

Curtis F. Inowers, 1927 loth St., Moline. 

George A. Samuelson, R. D. 105, Woodhull. 

Francis M. Dannenberg, 1628 Peach St., Rockford. 

Guiseppe Pedrini, 411 West St., Rockford. 

Edwin Schultz, Horicon, Wis. 

Benjamin Owens, 2605 W. Huron St., Duluth, Minn. 

Arthur O. Schmidt, R. D. 25, Waupon, Wis. 

James L. Arant, R. D. 6, Benton, Ky. 

Herman C. Fruvog, Colfax, Wis. 

Wilmer L. Houghtaling, Downsville, Wis. 

Orville Hedemark, R. D. 10, Menomonie, Wis. 

Anton P. Lindburg (i), 8737 Harvard Ave., Chicago. 

Charles L. Wadel, 752 9th St., S., Grand Rapids, Wis. 

Joseph P. Idstein, Corp., 13 14 Wellington Ave., Chicago. 

Theophiel De Fauw, 405 17th Ave., Moline. 

Robert Goranson, 244 5th Ave., S., St. Paul, Minn. 

Frederick Gegner, Box 97, Comfrey, Minn. 

Frank Dupre, R. D. Atkinson. 

Herman F. Zierk, 408 Jackson St., Dundee. 

William A. Rahn, R. D. 3, Box 4, Randolph, Wis. 

Clyde M. Coulter, Box 76, Orion. 

Stanley T. Mistalske, 2138 Thomas St., Chicago. 

Ernest LaBrache, 105 Pine St., Cloquet, Minn. 

Jacob Yonkman, 10850 Wentworth Ave., Chicago. 

John B. Fredericks, R. D. i. Box 45, Clyde. 

Leonard J. Linder, B. 256, Meadowlands, Minn. 

Herbert Wegner, 808 Lake St., Horicon, Wis. 

Ernest J. Besens, Marathon City, Wis. 

Adolph Anderson, R. D. i, Prophetstown. 

Charles M. Hicks, Anoka, Minn. 

Gustav A. Willie, R. D. 4, Markesan, Wis. 

Irving V. Wurst, 411 North Broadway, Rochester, Minn. 

Clinton Spondly, Augusta, Wis. 

Peter A. Rindall, R. D. 2, Osseo, Wis. 

Phillip J. Gasteyer, R. D. i, Eau Claire, Wis. 

Harry Ziebell, Berlin, Wis. 

Otto A. Schuett, R. D. i. Box 12, Lowell, Wis. 

Lester R. Thornton (i), 1838 6th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

John Anderson, 434 Barrington Ave., Dundee. 

William S. Gallagher, 514 Morgan St., Rockford. 

Jacob Williams, Box 35, Aurora, Minn. 

Harry W. Koehler, 963 7th S,t., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Chalmer Alters, 703 Lombard St., Galesburg. 

Edwin C. Pearson, 1333 4th Ave., Rockford. 

Frank Rozek, R. D. i, Princeton, Wis. 

Giovannia Fessia, Trossa, Pa. 

Paul Scherschel, 109 Radelcort St., Beaver Dam, Wis. 

Gordon G. Simon, R. D. 3, Box i. Wild Rose, Wis. 

Frank J. Bilek, R. D. 3, Box 129-A, North Judson, Ind. 

Charles Broslowsky, 911 Galena St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Berthold F. Kregel, R. D. 15, Larson, Wis. 

Carl G. Anderson, 538 W. 6oth PI., Chicago. 

William H. Nash, Fairfield, la. 

Reinhold Pick, R. D. 1, Aurora, Wis. 

Ernest G. Karth, Sgt., 2148 Grace St., Chicago. 

Carl H. Furcht, Sgt., 3033 Racine Ave., Chicago. 

Rufus D. Pasquale, Sgt., 701 Dekoven St., Chicago. 

Ray W. Nelson, Box i, Cambridge. 

Frank J. Enright, 502 W. 7th St., Sterling. 

Ingvald Ekker, R. D. i, Mable, Minn. 

Edward Nikorski, Hatley, Wis. 

Helmer Bakken, R. D. 2, Box 67-A, Prairie Farm, Wis. 

James A. Wisneski, Hatley, Wis. 

Edward A. Wendt, Green St., Box 214, Carpentersville, 

Hallen F. Potter, Monomo, Minn. 
Oscar J. Nelson, 1325 6th Ave., Rockford. 
Elof W. Sangren, R. D. 4, Box 51, Cambridge. 
Sever C. Rehol, 425 N. Grove St. , Chippewa Falls, Wis. 
Louis A. Yesse, R. D. 2, Freemont, Wis. 
William Schwenneker, 1915 3d Ave., E., Moline. 
Walter Wellner, Box 54, Hancock, Wis. 
Edwin R. Mullen, Corp., 2017 E. 72d St., Chicago. 
Dan J. Sommerfield, Markesan, Wis. 
John J. Bloom (i), 914 Fratney St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Albert Reich, R. D. 2, Toulon. 
Joseph Kollmer, 121 1 Cotter Ave., Merrill, Wis. 
Owen House, Delton, Wis. 

Theodore E. Timm, R. D. i. Box 10, Aurorav^Ue, Wis. 
Leo Finucane, 5031 S. Sangamon St., Chicago. 
Frank Acker, 1413 N. loth St., Sheboygan, Wis. 
John Hilmanowske, R. D. 4, Menomonie City, Wis. 
Raymond G. Nelson, 608 6th St., W., Crookston, Minn. 
Rudolph Zinthefer, R. D. 5, Box 76, Marshfield, Wis. 
Robert A. School, 798 20th Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Harry Rowe, Augusta, Wis. 
Arvel J. Johnson, R. D. 7, Merrill, Wis. 
Robert Seehafer, R. D. 2, Marathon, Wis. 

John A. Schuler, 6741 Michigan Ave., Chicago, 
ngebright Foss, R. D. 2, Box 14, Colfax, Wis. 
Michael Samborowski, 1701 S. Peoria St., Chicago. 
Vicco Hansen, Gen. Deliv., Syota, Minn. 
Henry Vogt., R. D. i, Fremont, Wis. 
Frank Golubchick, 1253 N. Rockwell St., Chicago. 
Thomas S. Richardson, 424 W. 6th St., Lexington, Ky. 
Walter Erickson, Lynn Center. 
Herbert Wilson, 9934 May St., Chicago. 
James W. Runkle, R. D. i, Dallas, Wis. 
Paul F. Raether, Clarno, Wis. 
Joe Stangl, R. D. 2, Marshfield, Wis. 
Otto Hageseth, R. D. 9, Box 76, Menomonie, Wis. 
Michael Schneck, 898 i6th St.. Milwaukee, Wis. 
William R. Schott, R. D. i. Box 95, Irma, Wis. 
Louis S. Larsen, R. D. 14, Box 70, Larsen, Wis. 
Samuel J. Gorgoglione, 728 W. Taylor St., Chicago. 
Edwin G. Schulz, R. D. 4, Markesan, Wis. 
Emil J. Kuschmann, 1148 23d St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
John Zullo, 2265 E. 105th St., Cleveland, O. 
Herbert Lagerstan, Pecatonica. 



Edward Isaacson, Box 9, Brantwood, Wis. 
Joseph W. Furrer, R. D. 1, Schellsberg, Wis. 
Paul G. Silas, 817 S. sth St., Rockford. 
Leo Powell, 1907 Evergreen Ave., Chicago. 

Frederick Kohlmeyer, Sgt., 1728 Putnam Ave., Brooklyn, 

N. Y. 
Adolph F. Gedeon, Sgt., 1023 W. 14th PI., Chicago. 


Palmer D. Edmunds, ist Lt., Chelan, Wash. 

Joseph D. Large, ist Lt., 6036 Stoney Island Ave., Chi- 

George J. Artus, ist Sgt., 1846 School St.. Chicago. 

Fred Mueller, Mess Sgt., 218 W. Elm St., Chicago. 

Benjamin H. Dickey, Bug., 1530 2d Ave., N., Fort Dodge, 

Louis Podkrivacky, Cook, 656 W. i8th St., Chicago. 

Ewald A. Deters, Bug., New Albin, la. 

John Abramowski, Cook, 631 Muskego Ave., Milwaukee, 

Fred G. Watz, Cook, 5041 W. Strong Ave., Chicago. 

Francis A. Daley, 4229 N. Monroe St., Chicago. 

Joseph Kostrezewski, Cook, Peshtigo, Wis. 

Frank Heimerl, Mech., R. D. 3, New Holstein. Wis. 

Peter Becker, 930 13th Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Guiseppe Stassi, Mech., Providence of Palmer, Sicily, 

Edward W. Rutz, 834 Island Ave., Rockford. 

Orville E. Reynolds, Mech., Boycevllle, Wis. 

Fred Kleinschmidt, 190 King St., Dundee. 

Walter C. Skole, Mech., 508 Otter St., Oshkosh, Wis. 

Jacob W. Burch, 499 S. Broadway. Aurora. 

Arthur H. Off, Sup. Sgt., 1840 Melrose St., Chicago. 

LeRoy Becker, Sgt., 1721 Roscoe St., Chicago. 

Frank Pitch, 13th St. and S. Water St., Manitowoc, Wis. 

Herman C. Stutzke, R. D. s. Sterling. 

Archie Gallery, Franklin, Minn. 

Carlton P. Waldron, Laurens, la. 

Victor Van Wonterghem, Moline. 

Byron Encisco, 1012 N. 7th St., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Emil Klinder, Corp., 1651 Melrose St., Chicago. 

Fred Anderson, 1839 Benson Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 

Clyde L. Smith, Cardova. 

Robert O. Manderfeld, 426 N. State St., New Ulni, 

August Holmberg, R. D. i, Danbury, Wis. 

John Sroka, R. D. i. Box 126, Sturgeon Lake, Minn. 

Albert L. Fanno, R. D. i. Box 64, Lakeville, Minn. 

Israel Cohen, 10 N. Broadway, Aurora. 

Christ Schultz, 53 Konstantinowska St., Saratow, Russia. 

Charles E. Kant, E. Washington St., Monroe, Wis. 

Oscar Lundin, R. D. i, Box 41, South Haven, Mmn. 

Christ A. Mo€, Beldenville, Wis. 

Ernest W. Forsberg, Kasota, Minn. 

Magnus Hage, R. D. i, Kelsey, Minn. 

Hans P. Grimm, 615 E. 19th St., Mmneapolis, Mmn. 

Raymond C. Fey, 601 W. Market St., Monroe, Wis. 

George M. Neumer, Corp., 3058 N. Hoyne Ave., Chi- 

Tames P. Olsen, 828 27th Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Robert E. Liddy, Elkader, la. 

Edwin J. Johnson, R. D. 2, Superior, Wis. 

Farl C. Kells, R. D. t. Box 31, Red Wing, Mmn. 

Martin A. Krumheuer, 502 Douglass St., Menomome, 

Arthur A. Martin, 2321 Roosevelt Ave., Two Rivers, Wis. 

Max Sussman, Title and Trust Bldg., Chicago. 

Ernest S. Peterson, 252 N. Farnham»St., Galesburg. 

Eilert Isakson, R. D. 2, Elk Mound, Wis. 

Arthur Wagnild, R. D. i. Care James Wald, Elk Mound, 

Fred W. O'Neil, 501 Sumner St., LaCrtsse, Wis. 

Jacob N. Anderson, Spirit Falls, Wis. 

Odin Paulson, R. D. 7, Menomonie, Wis. 

Paul Gosdeck, R. D. 4, Grand Rapids, Wis. 

Fred G. Janssen, R. D. 3, Barnesville, Minn. 

Howard J. Bennett, Corp., 1653 Melrose St., Chicago. 

Schiel Hoornaert, 1338 15th Ave., E., Moline. 

Rene Desmedt, 14th Ave. Moline. 

Tames Ambrosino, 1209 W. Harrison St., Chicago. 

trank J. Binder, R. D. 2, Marshfield, Wis. 

Ernest Boelter, Hutchinson, Minn. 

John A. Campbell, R. D. 2, Wild Rose, Wis. 

Louis Converse, Box 23, Janesville, Minn. 

Felix J. Berths, 1518 S. Kent St., Manitowoc, Wis. 

Charles J. Colberg, 521 14th St., Moline. 

Axel R. Klingborg, 334 5th Ave., Moline. 

Robert R. Stickney, 384 Rosewood Ave., Aurora. 

Leo T. Cemka, 1230 2d Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

John O. Rhude, R. D. 2, Box 23, Elk Mound. Wis. 

Glen Lemler. Corp., R. D. 4, Colfax, Wis. 

Harry W. Fat, 3230 Southport, Ave., Chicago. 

Paul A. Meyer, R. D. 3, Box 17, Fall Creek, Wis. 

Patrick J. Cronin, Sgt., 959 W. 19th St., Chicago. 

James W. Roberts, Sgt., 1921 S. Peoria St., Chicago. 

John P. Donegan, Sgt., 100 Crane St., Dayton, O. 

Elmer J. Pierson, Prophetstown. 

Murray^E. Cooper, Wilkinson, Ind. 

David P. Judge, 4109 S. Maplewood Ave., Chicago. 

Carl A. Lundahl, Box 186, Soudan, Minn. 

Louis Kesner, 858 S. Liberty St., Elgin. 

Andrew Trauboatowski, Box 152, Chaska, Minn. 

John J. Ranker, Corp., 1521 N. Park Ave., Chicago. 

William Jardine, 321 Boys St., Streator. 

Joseph H. Johnson, Joy. 

Carl O. Swenson, 1310 Parmalee St., Rockford. 

Joseph A. Dernbach, Merrill, Wis. 

Clifton C. Hamilton, 132 Dundee Ave., Elgin. 

Leo A. Galonska, 3302 Wall St., Chicago. 

Arthur P. Johnson, 1818 Sth St., S., Minneapolis. Minn. 

Frank Dobberstein, 951 nth Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Otto F. Schoenian, R. D. 9, Box 60, Neenah Wis. 

Otto M. Kalow, West 7th St., Faribault, Minn. 

Frithjof Davidson, 542 6th Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Edward J. Murphy, Calhoun, Wis. 

Emil C. Rabe, Winslow. 

Henning P. Johnson, Kimberly, Minn. 

Frank B. Woods. R. D. 3, Boyceville, Wis. 

Vernon Miller, Corp., 1019 Albany St., Los Angeles, 

Joseph J. Altenhofen, yyy Tayco St., Menasha, Wis. 

John F. Kingren, 755 N. Mayfield Ave., Chicago. 

Fred L. Miller, 344 Silver St., Elgin. 

Charles Luzaitis, 3247 Emerald Ave., Chicago. 

Teddy S. Colden. R. D. i, Blanchardville, Wis. 

Keith Denton Erie. 

Arthur E. Rosing, 483 17th Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

John J. Wawrzon, 642 Harrison Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Tver O. Johnson, Box 75, Bennett, Wis. 

Frank Rimmert, 135 S. 7th St., LaCrosse, Wis. 

Ewald A. Krueger, R. D. 2, Box 26, Colfax, Wis. 

Peter Sterud. R. D. 2, Edgerton, Wis. 

Gottlieb J. Kaiser, R. D. i, Wheeler, Wis. 

Axel Mitlying, R. D. 6, Menomonie, Wis. 

Edgar Annis, 242 Prospect Ave., Oshkosh, Wis. 

John Passo, Corp., 1253 W. Oregon Ave., Chicago. 

Harry Schilling, 738 21st Ave., E., Moline. 

Frank Hughes, 3800 Wallace St., Chicago. 

Toseph H. Tranel, R. D. i, Menomonee. 

Take Leick, 5th St., Marshfield, Wis. 

Daniel T. Laughnan, R. D. 6, Black River Falls, Wis. 

George J. Schilling Scanlon, Minn. 

Jens H. Jensen, Askov, Minn. 

William Peterson, 729 Broadway, Eau Claire, Wis. 

Paul K. Truchinski, R. D. i, Box 25, Pittsville, Wis. 

Michael Rindal, R. D. 2, Box 88, Oseo, Wis. 

William Gale, RoUa, Mo. 

Andrew Paul, R. D. 1, Milladore Wis. 

Emil Detaiye, St. Laureins, East Flanders, Belgium. 

Constandinos Giannopoulos, 521 9th St., S., Minneapolis, 

Hendricks DeKruiff, 516 W. 6th St., Mishawaka, Ind. 

Frank Belcik, 3300 S. Seeley Ave., Chicago. 

Raymond P. Scholler, Sgt., 1015 Railroad